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Alphabetical archive of reported scammers

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All Names starting with D

PLEASE NOTE: Photos used in most scams belong to other people. The same set of photos is often used under many names, or the same name can be used with different photos. Most of featured listings are NOT real people.

Darina Izmailova Visa and tickets scam
Darya Kryukova Requests money for visa and airfare.
Darya Lebedeva Contact through personal profile and asked money for a visa.


Darya/Dasha Miheeva Use picture of a woman from a US soft porn site and mentioned internet is expensive.
Daria Mikhailovna Sapichevaa Visa and ticket scam
Daria Moroshkina/
Elena Moroz/Northers Ladies International Dating Club
Request money  for correspondence
Daria Polyanina Visa and ticket scam
Daria Salnikowa Visa and ticket scam
Daria Sapecheva Requested money to buy plane tickets.
Darya Taranenko Visa and ticket scam
Daryana Request money because she took her mother's money for correspondence.


Dasha Request money for visa and tickets to visit.


Dasha Versionova Visa and air-fares scam.
Denis/Deny Beloozersk Visa and tickets scam



Denis Demidov Asks money for visa and tickets pretending to be a single gay man looking for a partner abroad


Dezeni Krylou Visa and tickets scam
Dezenis Krylou Visa and tickets scam No photo.
Diana Requests money for translation and computer service; the woman and agency are most likely non-existent


Diana Arbenina / Ekaterina Belch Requests money for visa and airfare
Diana Horwell Visa and ticket scam
Diana Ivanova Requests money for visa and airfare


Diana Shmigun Visa and tickets scam
Dilyara Sagdeeva Visa and tickets scam



Dilyara Sagdeeva Visa and tickets scam

Dina Visa and tickets scam



Dina Visa and tickets scam No photo available


Dina Dosaeva Visa and tickets scam
Dzenis Krylou Visa and tickets scam


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