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Thank you, I saw the woman I was writing on your site, and you saved me from sending that scammer money! Her name is Lidiya, and she sent me the exact letters sent to a guy named Kevin. It was on you page 174 updates 23 April 2003 page 2. When she was so brazen to ask for so much money, I thought I would check it out! I am glad I did! Thank you so much, I hope this person is put behind bars and soon!  Thanks again, Les 

Black List - page 201: UPDATES
October 17, 2003 - page 1

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Mariya (Odessa, Ukraine)

A Ukrainian woman has been writing to me. She is somewhat convincing, although the first thing that raised my suspicions was that her email address is from the U.K. Thanks to a search that led me to your site, I found her picture listed under the name Rita Falikova of Kherson Ukraine. I will likely use your services in appreciation for your efforts. Here is the information in the format you requested. I am a divorced 35 year old white American male with no children Mariya originated the contact, claiming to respond to my ad on She has written me three emails. The most recent alluded to the fact that she wanted to visit me at my expense, prompting me to visit this site. She is listed here on your site as Rita Falikova. Fortunately, I have not sent her a dime. Her email address is 


Though it is difficult to write blindfold to that Stranger, whom I do not know at all, but I faith that in this case prospect of acquaintanceship with You serve me sufficient an apology. While I thought about prospect to get acquainted and thought about writing of this letter, it has wafted some thoughts on me. Can You remember, turning your glance in the past, when you felt well with someone, when you has felt unexpected attraction to the person, when you realized that you value and save the same values both . This really rare, but bringing satisfaction feeling, requiring something particular.Personally for me it is not to hard to recall what feelings you outlive in such rare moments, when you feel your magic relationship with other person. While you reading this letter and begin to understand all our resemblance, it is possible that you begin to conceive. That, if you really has met one of that rare people, who really not only understands your feelings, but who value and answer on sensitivity and probity, who knows not only how to take, but how to make presents. If you really presented such possibility, may you present how you will be felt itself after you has know her? While you think over these words - I want you ask: how you will be surprise to understood that you anxiously wait possibility to contact me? Maybe you can present our meeting, how we feel merrily and well, how you simply begin to get a deep pleasure from this. And if you think on this in this way, will be it logistical to start writing each other, openning how much general valuables between us. you can see my photos here:

Mariya from

Hi I so pleased that has got your letter. It is so many things that I want to tell you, I think I start with history of my life:I was born at 10of december in Odessa on south of Ukraine. Ukrainian people are very good. But our country is poor and corruption. I have no brother or sister. I have mother and father I love them very very much. It is the best people for me in the world. I finished university. Some times ego I wanted to became a fashion model. But it is very hard. And here for this is pay not too much. But my friends think that I have all ability to become a good model. I think I must have time to myself and for my future family but this work take all my free time. Now I work in not big firma as a secretary but I do not know yet whom I want to be. My friends tell me that I beautiful but I do not know, I not always complacent of as I look. I like reading books about love. I like forest, mountains, seaside. I want to walk with my lovely man by the forest. I want to see sunrising on seaside with my love. I want to wake up in your arms. I want that we will be two part of one. I see √ you are good man. I like you very much. I want to know more about you √ for me inside world of man is more important that how he is looks. I believe that you will love me as much as I will love you. I understand that you want to know more about me. But I know nglish  bad. It is very hard for me to write. It is much for one letter for me I of course will write more about me in next letter. I use translation program and program that show me my mistakes. Now I searching for English teacher but that I found it is cost too much for me. I send you some of my pics (there is one more in my ad but I do not remember the number of my ad), I want to send you more but I have no scanner. I will be waiting for your letter. Your Mariya. 

Hi You want to know more about me. Ok. I have university degrees I am an economist. I was finished Kherson economical university. Odessa is big city (near 1500000. people) it situated near Black Sea side. So there is an international seaport, (but there is no international airport there, the closer airport only in capital of Ukraine) I like to cook and prepare small surprises to my relatives and friends. I think that woman should "keep home soul". I like cinema; I like since fiction, comedies, love story. I likes pets, a specially cats and dogs. I have a cat. Cat has said myau - he greets you. My cat such cunning and clever. At home he calm but on the street beats not only cats but dogs too. My loved color is blue and red. In the cloth of this color I looks more beautiful then in other. I have no money to buy an expensive cloth but I always look beautifully. My favorite meal. Mmmm I do not know I like everything, most of all I like chocolate and sweetnesses. I have no computer, I use computer and internet in internet cafe but it is cost too much for me. So I can't use it very often. But I think it is the best way to communicate. I even have no telephone because this expensive too. It is not easy to quarrel with me, but if I will offend it will be for long. Sometimes, people quarrel because of trivialities. I think that in this case that is better to do small concessions than spoil a mood. The most important for my - is family and that people good thinking about me. I have no boyfriend. All my boyfriends that I have had no serious feelings to me. But this filling and relation between man and woman is very serious for me and for this I can to move to you, to move out from my country. I want to visit you because we must to know each other closer before me will marry. I only afraid if we will do not like each other do you give me money for air ticket to come back?(I hope it is never happen It's not problem that you older than me. I like you much. Love mariya.   

I have yet to inform They will likely not be interested as she does not actually have an ad on their site. Three photos are attached. Sam

Dzeni Krylou (Minsk, Belarus)

My name is Michael, I am single, 36 yrs. old. The original contact came  from Lavalife, where her handle was Luck4. Her messages were all about moving to Chicago on Oct. 26th and she even had right information on  flights from moscow to chicago for that day. She wrote 15 email messages and I called her 2 times before she then  asked for $800. At this point I went online to check out as much of her  information as possible and found your site. Attached is a copy of her  first and last email message to me, and 2 photos of her. 


I sent message at lavalife to you. First of all I want say sorry for  long silence , I was very busy and had not time to check my e-mail box.  ow, let me introduce  myself. My name is Dzenis , but all my friends  call me Dzeni , so you can call me Dzeni too. I am from Belarus ( It is small country in Eroupe ), but at the end of october I will come to  Chicago for a very long time and I hope I will stay at USA for all my  future life.(I will write more about it at the end of my letter) I live  in Minsk , it is a capitol of Belarus. It is very beautiful and old city, and I like it very much. Have you know something about my country  and about Minsk? I rent small one-room flat at the center of Minsk, it  is small (one room,kitchen and bathroom) but very convinient and I like  it very much. And it is not far from my work. I am proffessional  photographer , and I work at good photo-studio .Sometimes I work at studio,where I make portrait photos , but very often I work at weddings,presentations, at hollydays of different firms and at many  other placeses. I like my work very much, I like make photos, and I like  say that life is a photos , sometime happy photo , sometime not.(I hope  you understud what I mean). Also I like drawing very much and most of  all I like draw people portraits.I like drawing , but past time I am  very busy and have not time for it. When I was little girl I wanted be  artist , but at 17 I decided to be photographer , because it is more  interesting for me. And that is why I finished Minsk Art Academy , it  was very interesting time for me and I will never forget it. Also I like  sport very much. My favorite kind of sport is tennis. I like watch tennis championships on TV, and I like all about tennis. Do you like tennis?What is your favourite kind of sport? I like be in a good form , that is why 3 times in a week I visit swimingpool , I like swiming very much. I have only one close human in my life - my grandma. I love her very much, I love her more then my life. She is very good, kind and  interesting person.I trust her on 100% and I can talk with her about all , she always understand me.She is my mother and my father in one face , because my parents died when I was 2 years old and I did not remember them , all I have is photos. My grandma live in Brest (5 hours from Minsk by train) , I was born there and I lived there till I came to Minsk. I visit my grandma every weekend , because she need my care now and I miss her very much. Soon I will be in USA , and it will be very hard for me without her, but life is life..... I like movie very much ,  and most of all I like comedy films and romantic films. Last film I watched was "Gangs of New York" and "Hulk", I liked it very much. I like go to cinema , but now I have not time for it , because I am very busy with my trip. What kind of films do you like? What is your favorite film? What is your favorit actor and actriss ? As about me , my favorite actors are Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins and Al Pachino, and my favorite actriss is Julia Roberst , Demi Moor. As about music , I like different kinds of music . I like pop music , I like classic music , I like rock ,  jazz , and better say "I like all what I like". For example I like some  songs of Metallika , Ramshtein , Scorpions , and I like some songs of  Eminem , Madonna , Jenifer Lopez , and I like some songs of Miles Davis,  Frank Sinatra and B.B.King. I hope you understand what I mean. What kind  of music do you like ? I decided to sent message to you , because I like  your photo when I looked thougth men profiles.Soon I will come to USA  and I will live there all my future life and that is why I decide to  meet a friend.And that is why I sent message to you. Now , about my trip to Chicago. I will come to Chicago at the end of october (25-30) , now I do not know when , but at october I will know the date of my arrival. So at the end of october I will come to Chicago. I will work as babysitter  in russian families at first time,it will be easy for me because I like  children very much , but after I will try to find job of photogtapher, I  hope I will find it and all will be good. So, I want finish my letter at  this time. I hope you will answer me ,I will be glad and I will wait for  your answer . If you still interesting , please write about you and your  life in your letter and send photo. As about me I will write more about  me in my next letter ,if you will answer me, and I will send many of my  photos and my telephone number(we can talk by phone if you can call  me.),and my adress. I am waiting for your answer. Dzeni. P.S. It is my  photo from lavalife , I will send many of my photos at my next letter.  Please write me to , because I have some problems with  my email at

How are you ? I am not very good now , because of problems with my director. First of all I want say sorry that I did not write you at weekend, I was  very busy and internet club was closed at sunday. I hope you understand it. My weekend was terrible , because all weekend I tried to solve my  problem. At saturday I tried to talk with director at studio again , but  he said the same to me, he will pay me at 22 of october. He is bad  human. When I started work at that studio he wanted have relations with  me , but I said NO and he was very angry. That is why I wrote in my  letter that I do not like him. He know that I must go to US soon , and I  think that he did not pay me ,because at past I did not want have  relation with him. He is very bad human and I hate him. Today at morning I was at agency. It was very hard meeting for me. I  asked them about my trip and what if I will pay at next week. That said  that they cant wait till next week , they give me time to pay till  friday. I tried to explain my situation ,but they said that it is my  problems and they cant help me.It is a pity. I tried to find money to  pay to agency all weekend. I asked to borrow money to me all people whom  I know , but they only say that they have not money or that they cant  borrow it to me now . It is a pity because I helped to many of them many  times. And my friend from Moscow is in St.Peterburg now and I cant talk  with her.Every time I thougth abou my trip and it was very terrible when  I think that I will not go . I waited for this trip for a 9 months,and  it is great chance of my life, and now I meet you. I did not sleep this  night , because I thougth about agency and what to say to them. I  thougth about how to write about it to you, I thougth about you and me.  I did not say about it to my grandma, because I dodnot want she worry  about me. I thougth about how to write this letter and what to write all night , and I decided to ask for help from you. It was not easy for me but I have not other way . I want ask you to help me and borrow me 800 us dollars to pay to agency for servise and ticket, I will give it back to you, I swear. It was very hard for me to write about it. When I was work at Germany, I use "western-union" to send money to my grandma . And we can use it too, it is very easy and fast. As about me I will send it  back to you at 22 of october or I can give it back to you when we will  meet, how you will say. My dear sorry me that I ask you for it , but I  have not other way, and I have not other people who can help me,but now  I need help ,because if I do not go now , it take very long time to go there again. I will give all money back , I swear!To send money by  western-union you need my full name and country where I live.So my full name is Dzenis Krylou and country Belarus. My adress is : ul.Necrasowa,  d35/2 , kw.92, g.Minsk. Phone number is #375-29-7782812. And I need your full name and adress to get money from western-union ,  so please send it to me without errors, if you will help me. And  western-uniom will give you 10 numbers , and you must send it to me ,  because I need it to get money from them. Sorry me that I ask you for help , but I hope you will understand me.I  asked you because I have time to pay till friday ,but if I will not pay  it will take long time to get to US again ,but I cant wait , because I  lost my work and I cant go back to studio, and I do not know what to do.  But I will give all money back to you as I wrote in my letter. I hope  you undersatand me... Now I must go home to sleep 2-3 hours because I tired very much and did  not sleep all night.I will check my mail soon , so please answer me as  soon as possible. I am thinking about you...and waiting for our meet with impatience... With tender kisses to you , your Dzeni.

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