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Hello Elena!

I discovered your site a couple of weeks ago, and I think it is the best site I've found regarding Russian Marriage/Dating advice on the internet. I have gained a wealth of knowledge about Russian women, Russian culture, 'marriage scams', etc. that would have otherwise taken me many months to obtain. 

Your site has provided me information that I could not have obtained otherwise, without a great deal of research (and a lot of expense!)Thanks again for your very informative web site!


Harry Trusler (USA)


I just wanted to thank you for being a "Real Person". I have started my search for a future wife from across the ocean. Your site has been a Bible. Too many people do not know what happiness is all about and what measures some people will go to find it. I have met the most wonderful woman (her name is Elena). It is all about Love and feelings. Not trophies and housekeepers. Thank you for speaking the truth and putting out the word that Russian/Ukrainian, etc... women are not some kind of "show or attraction, or desperate old maids". They are people, period. They want affection and Love like any other person. They are not machines or some sort of Sex robots. They have feelings and good hearts. They are real people. And wonderful people I might add.

Thank You,

Rick Hollis (USA)

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Cute Russian Girl Anelya
Anelya, 22
Cute Russian Girl Anna
Anna, 24
Cute Russian Girl Natasha
Natasha, 24
Beautiful Women From Russia
Aliona, 38
Real Russian Women Irina
Irina, 28
Young Russian Bride Olga
Olga, 28
Young Russian Bride Katya
Katya, 27
Cute Russian Girl Anna
Anna, 24
Real Russian Women Lana
Lana, 33
Cute Russian Girl Juliya
Juliya, 21
Beautiful Women From Russia
Olesya, 34
Young Russian Bride Irina
Irina, 30
Real Russian Women Zhanna
Zhanna, 34
Young Russian Bride Elena
Elena, 25
Young Russian Bride Zofiia
Zofiia, 25
Young Russian Bride Sofia
Sofia, 25
Cute Russian Girl Olga
Olga, 23
Young Russian Bride Tatiana
Tatiana, 27
Beautiful Women From Russia
Victoria, 37
Cute Russian Girl Tanya
Tanya, 19
Young Russian Bride Viktoria
Viktoria, 28
Cute Russian Girl Kristina
Kristina, 18
Cute Russian Girl Tanya
Tanya, 24
Real Russian Women Lisa
Lisa, 31
Real Russian Women Angelina
Angelina, 34
Beautiful Women From Russia
Alyona, 35
Young Russian Bride Darya
Darya, 25
Real Russian Women Tanya
Tanya, 43
Cute Russian Girl Lesia
Lesia, 23
Real Russian Women Oksana
Oksana, 31
Young Russian Bride Anna
Anna, 27
Cute Russian Girl Polina
Polina, 21
Real Russian Women Svetlana
Svetlana, 37
Real Russian Women Irina
Irina, 38
Young Russian Bride Raisa
Raisa , 26
Beautiful Women From Russian Federation
Julia, 42
Young Russian Bride Polina
Polina, 25
Young Russian Bride Anna
Anna, 27
Cute Russian Girl Victoria
Victoria, 22
Real Russian Women Irina
Irina, 50
Cute Russian Girl Katya
Katya, 23
Young Russian Bride Kateryna
Kateryna, 25
Cute Russian Girl Yulianna
Yulianna, 21
Real Russian Women Olga
Olga, 44
Beautiful Women From Russia
Tatiana , 44
Young Russian Bride Anastasiya
Anastasiya, 29
Real Russian Women Olga
Olga, 28
Real Russian Women Oksana
Oksana, 45
Young Russian Bride Ekaterina
Ekaterina, 28
Young Russian Bride Veronika
Veronika, 26
Young Russian Bride Natasha
Natasha, 30
Young Russian Bride Olga
Olga, 28
Cute Russian Girl Marina
Marina, 23
Young Russian Bride Anna
Anna, 30
Young Russian Bride Aida
Aida, 30
Cute Russian Girl Vladislava
Vladislava, 22
Cute Russian Girl Valerie
Valerie, 20
Cute Russian Girl Julia
Julia, 20
Cute Russian Girl Ella
Ella, 24
Cute Russian Girl Marina
Marina , 20
Cute Russian Girl Viktoria
Viktoria, 24
Cute Russian Girl Tatyana
Tatyana, 19
Young Russian Bride Lili
Lili, 30
Young Russian Bride Angelika
Angelika, 27
Cute Russian Girl Valeria
Valeria, 20
Young Russian Bride Olga
Olga, 27
Young Russian Bride Kseniya
Kseniya, 27

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By Richard Lowe, Jr.
One of the frustrations of surfing Internet is having emails and postings written in languages which are not known to you. "I am sure that virtually everyone has felt the same frustration of seeing a wonderful web page and not being able to understand what the author was attempting to communicate". Find out how you can avoid this for free..

How to Survive International Travel (and Thrive)
By Susan Dunn
. Are you planning to travel around the world with your partner or just visiting your true love in Russia? Do this checklist before you go, then you'll be fine without any worries.

Are those Russians strange or just different?
By Natalia Konovalova
. Do you want to know more about your Russian Wife or Girlfriend? Learn a little more about Russian Culture and History. She'll be impressed.

Why Online-Dating is Better Than Dating in the Real World
By Marc De Jong
. An American man, Marc de Jong, married to a Russian Wife, reveals all the details of his love life and experiences. He says "More and more people find their love online. No wonder". He thinks that online dating is even better than dating in the real world. Read more

"Thousands of beautiful Russian women - which should I write?"
By Marc De Jong
. So many attractive Russian girls, so many possibilities, wondering where to start? Read more..

Defusing Family Anger: 3 Keys to Reducing Conflict
By Dr. Tony Fiore (Psychologist, and Anger Management Trainer)
. Lack of empathy leads to all kinds of problems in families. Follow these tips to learn how to improve family relationships.

Read to Your Children
By Latture Veloce
. No matter if you are single parent or not, you wonder how you can make your children happy. Find out how your kids can have fun and learn at the same time.

How To Write A Romantic Love Letter
By Renee Michaels
Does the thought of writing a love letter or poem automatically reduce your vocabulary to a 5-year-old's level? To impress your new Russian bride or your partner to fall in love with you, don't afraid to use the suggestions from Renee Michaels. You won't regret it.

Ukraine Women: What Is Special About Them? - How many times you've read in media that all that Russian and Ukrainian women want is to leave their country? Philip from UK shares his experience of meeting Ukrainian women, and what is special about them.


Featured Articles

Dating Scams
The real picture of international introduction industry. Typical symptoms of fraud - How to separate honest women from gold diggers - Police and matrimonial crooks - What to watch out for - Better still.

How safe is to travel to Russia?
After the recent bomb explosions in Moscow and the siege of Beslan school, many feel Russia is unsafe.
Is it still possible to date Russian girls? Fortunately, there is a solution...

Immigration scams: ARE YOU AT RISK? 
Is there possibilities of you being scammed?
Will the woman of your life marry you with the only purpose of gaining residence to your country, and divorce you soon after the marriage? How common are immigration scams in marriages with Russian brides? Step-by-Step guide and facts what to do in case and many more....

Myths and Reality  
Truth and lies about marrying a Russian woman. Are Russian brides REALLY so honest, faithful, reliable and make excellent wives? What about their family values? Is it true that Russian women are more beautiful, feminine and stylish? And more...

PERSONAL ADS: How to outperform 95% of men who place them
Step-by-step instructions how to ensure the best results when placing your personal ad and outperform 95% of men for Russian women to respond.

Russian dating agencies
This page explain the different processes of agencies from Western based agencies, Local Russian marriage agencies, etc.. and how they work.

Russian mail order brides do NOT exist!
"Marrying a Russian woman is routinely portrayed by the Media as the "mail order brides" process. Russian mail order brides do not exist! There is nothing "mail order" in the process of meeting and marrying a Russian woman."

Russian wedding customs
There are tradition, culture, and customs that need to be followed and respected which are really different from Western. Each of them are stated and do's and don'ts guide for Russian weddings.

Russian wedding protocol, Part 1
Russian wedding traditions and customs. Engagement and preparations for the wedding.
Find out what are do's and don'ts and guides for Wedding Day 1.

Russian wedding protocol, Part 2
Russian wedding traditions and customs. Engagement and preparations for the wedding.
Find out what are do's and don'ts and guides for Wedding Day 2.

Russian women secrets
Reveal the Russian women secrets. Do's and don'ts in your relationship with Russian ladies.

Sexy, beautiful, intelligent and educated women… Mail Order Brides!  
"There is no single man who would not want to meet a woman who is beautiful, intelligent, educated, fit, stylish and sexy." "All men want a girlfriend like this! The problem is there are not many girls possessing those qualities that are unattached and available. Want to know where to look for them? Click here

The Biggest Problem Of Russian Brides
So what's wrong with Russian brides? Elena Petrova reveals what their biggest problem is...

THE DECISIVE FACTOR: How To Meet Women of Better Quality
There is one moment in dating Russian women that the majority of western men overlook
- with grave consequences. It is something a man can hardly comprehend, a "girl thing". But for women, this is one of the most significant errors a man can make!

The Universal Crib On Finding A Russian Wife
101 tips for men seeking a young, beautiful Russian bride. In a hurry? Find the most compressed, step-by-step guidance on finding, courting and marrying a Russian woman.

Why Russian Women? 
When you find yourself a Russian wife, you would be overwhelmed with a question, "Why Russian Women?" from yourself, friends, family and the Russian girl that you are writing to. In that case, some ready-to-use answers can be easily found here.

All Russian Women Want To Escape From Russia! Fact or Fiction?
By Marina Smiley (the author of "The shocking truth about Russian Brides"): "Why there are literally thousands of Russian dating services on the Internet? From all appearances it seems that all women want to do is to escape from Russia because Russia is in a very difficult social, political and economic situation."

Ever wanted to be a movie star? Media and TV want YOU!  
If you are a western man that wants to meet a Eastern European woman, here is an opportunity of the lifetime! Date beautiful women
FREE, enjoy exciting adventure and become a MOVIE STAR! This is better than "Big Brother"...

Sex Between Older Man and Much Younger Women
by Marina Smiley: Older men usually have more control over the physical and mental state of their being and a much greater knowledge of what elicits pleasure for a woman." " It can be a very exciting surprise for a young woman, whose only sexual experience may have been young men her own age."



Personal Experiences and True Stories 
about Russian Women

Personal Experiences
Read the winning Personal Experiences articles about Russian wives and at the same time submit your article to contest:

  • Why Look for a Wife in Russia? - By Clinton Carey: "One day, over a beer with my brother, he suggested to me that I place an ad on the Internet with a matchmaking agency. I laughed, and dismissed the idea. As the weeks went on, I thought to myself, "Why not? I travel a lot. I don't have time to meet women normally, and I definitely don't like the bar scene with its' head games and lack of quality in both men and women. So, I placed an ad..."

  •  A "Fairy Tale" - By James Eisele: "Once upon a time, there was a woman named Leeah who lived in a very small town not too far from the top of the world. She was quite pretty, though she would not let anyone else know that she believed it, when they told her so..."

  • TONGUE IN CHEEK: The Dirty Lowdown on International Dating - by Dawk Ziti: "One day, Lisa and I were driving around, and she said, "I would very much like to get married." I did not stop to ask her whom she had in mind; instead, I zoomed into a church, perhaps a little too fast, as I barreled past the purvis, plowed through the ceiling-to-floor stained-glass window, and crashed into the first few rows of pews. No harm was done-to my car-as the savior was watching over me; I had chosen a good co-pilot..."

  • There's No Shipping Cost for True Love - By Jim Collins: "You should see Don's wife," said Vern, "I'm tellin' ya, she could be a model. He got her from Russia -- one of those mail order brides. He says she keeps the house spotless and hardly ever complains."

  • Trip Report - by Dave Fuller: "She seemed to lack a lot of self-confidence and was a sad person. Well, did I read her wrong from her letters. She was none of these. She was charming, cheerful, intelligent and friendly. Her English was not very good but we could communicate at a certain level. She was also very beautiful as well..."

  • My other half, my soul mate - by Warren D. Wheatle: "I remember a conversation I had with my Father one  day on the verandah. Saying to him that I really think the person I am to be with is not even here in Australia, but somewhere else in this big world. And the chances of us ever meeting were millions to one..."

  • Our lives changed in seconds... - By Ernesto Martinez: "My wife died, leaving me with three wonderful kids Bruno (6 years old), Monica (4 years old), and Erick (2 years old). Our hearts broken, but in god we trusted and we accepted real life. Time went by and I begun to understand how important a mother is at home. To find an answer to this situation I started looking for a partner, for myself and my children..."

  • In Search of the Russian Gem/ Russian rose - By Andrew Bishop: "For you who have experienced the crooks and crooked, you defiantly know what I am talking about. Many lost dollars earned in my dreaming youth, spent for an address that has little truth..."

  • Just a Start - A letter to My Family - by Rick Gilman: "From the beginning, I thought Irina was a bright girl, and sweet too. And of course I though she was very pretty - a brunette with lovely green eyes, very slim..."

  • I'm doing my homework - by Paul Bannon: "There is something appealing and very romantic about finding a Russian lady. Once you experience the sound of her voice and the  touch of her hand you will be caught in the grip of love. Russian ladies are sweet, intelligent, and beautiful women just waiting for a western man to sweep her off her feet or should I say she will sweep you off your feet. ..."

  • My personal experience of finding a Russian wife - by Greg Wilson: "My personal experience of finding a Russian wife began several years back. I was home one day watching a television program about several beautiful Russian women indicating that they were interested in marrying men from countries outside the former Soviet Union..."

  • I've just began - by Jared Stocksmith - "I remembered from my days in the university that I considered living for 2 months in Denmark to find a lovely, trustworthy wife. I figured that many Europeans do not have the heavily materialist expectations that Americans bring into a marriage."

  • E-groups: A Gold Mine of Information and Help - by Stephan Wanzek: "The fact you are reading this right now proves that you have found one of the best sources for information about FSUW available for men, the Russian Bride Cyber Guide..."

  • Strange way maybe the best way - by Steve Chapple: "It seems a rather unusual way to meet your wife, but maybe it's the best way  getting to know someone's personality via letters and conversations before  meeting in person and hormones start affecting thoughts and decisions..."

  • In Search of my Soulmate - By Charles Smith: "Since the break-up with my last American girl friend, I have been lonely and willing to try about anything. I contacted a Russian romantic tour company in the States and started to use their email service to correspond with various women..."

  • So many sites out there, so many women and so few men - By Randy Gates: "Many companies make promises, say things that aren't true or never live up to what they promise..."

  • My Experiences looking for a Russian Bride - by Norman W. Crenshaw: "I spent a wonderful, amazing week each with the two Russian beauties in Cyprus. My relationship with my first girlfriend advanced, and we had a great time together. But still, it moved slowly. But with the new girl, I had a totally awesome time! She was quite wonderful in a different way than I had expected. She spoke English fairly well, and her personality was fantastic! She was quite a kitten, and she made me feel like a king. ..."

Russian Wives
Men tell about their Russian wives: true life stories... "Even a cynical guy like me can find true love on the Internet!"



Tips and Tricks / Guides to Russian and Russian Women

10 simple anti-scam tips from a REAL Russian woman
By Maria Koshkarova. Ten step-by-step simple tips to avoid scammers.

Advice from a 27 y/o Russian woman engaged to an American about scams and scammers
By Katerina Stewart. "Hello, gentlemen! I am a 27 y/o Russian woman engaged to an American. We met each other on an interest group chat..."

About Russia
Your guide to the country and its people. Includes sub pages:  

  • Russia - geography, population, the state, statistics, world rankings, economy and history;

  • Russians - culture background, daily and family life, traditions, holidays;

  • Visiting Russia - when visiting Russia, what should you take with you, how to organize your trip, language, money, crime situation, food, services, attractions, tips for foreign travelers;

  • Russian visas - types of visas, requirements, costs, and list of Russian embassies and consulates.

  • English-Russian phrase-book - learn Russian hassle-free!

"Are you the American male looking for the Russian wife?"   
Article of Richard Blackwood about his experience in search for a Russian wife - must read for any man considering the idea of finding a Russian bride. You will know even more about Russian women than some men know after a few years of their search in less than 20 minutes.

Eight Reasons Why Russian Women Are NOT Desperate To Leave Their Country
Article by Winston Wu. If you are one of the many people who think that most or all Russian women are desperate to leave their country, please read my article and consider the eight points in it. They are based on my experiences of being 6 months in Russia, visiting nine cities, and meeting hundreds of people there.

Fiancee Visas
All you need to know about K-1 Fiancee Visas to the US. By the best immigration lawyers in the industry!

From Russia with Scam
By Anatoly Neverov. Anti-scam advice for Western men looking for Russian brides.

How To Check a USA Visa
Visa identification: how to examine American visas if they are fake.

How to find a Russian woman of your dreams
By Olga Sapp
: "You CAN find the Russian bride of your dreams. But you must just know how!"

Men, stop breeding Russian scammers!
By David Timmerman: "Any man that send money to a girl he meets on the Internet before they meet fact to fact deserves to get scammed!"

Russia and America, the quiet détente, Part I
By Michael Berglin. When a man marry a Russian girl, you have certain advantages in terms of background checks on the girl. How about when the girl wants to if you are single or a real person? Michael Berglin has showed us some options.

Through the eyes of Russian Brides
By Michael Berglin. Suggestions from a man married to a Russian woman for four and a half years. "Look through the eyes of her. She is going to leave everything that she has ever known in her entire life for you."

Why western women make bad wives?  
Some truth and opinion about Western women by Phil Bachmann.

Worth knowing about ladies from restricted towns...
Experiences and advices of Asgaut Bakke, a man who shares the truth about Russian Women and their lives from restricted area. "a gentleman corresponding with a lady from a "forbidden town" can expect the correspondence to run more fluid than with other ladies not with the same privilege - if only he can accept that their confidential correspondence is probably not 100% confidential."



Guides for Dating Online & How to Satisfy your Partner

5 Sexual Myths Destructive to Your Relationship
By Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed
. These myths perpetuate unhealthy patterns of relating, expectations and satisfaction and have the potential to destroy a relationship. "What are most important to a woman is what kind of lover you are, what kind of person you are, how you feel about her and how you treat her." You must nurture your relationship to keep passion alive. 

7 Keys to Better Relationships
By Patricia Wagner.
Would you like to enhance the quality of your life and increase your personal happiness? If you answered "yes," the information in this article could change your life!

Am I Weird If I Date Online?
Article by Devlyn Steele ("America's Leading Life-Coach"). The simple fact is that you are not weird if you use an online dating service.  We only feel weird when we think we are doing something outside the norm.

CRI Investigation into Internet Dating/Marriage Fraud
By Criminology Research Institute. Double-blind investigation into Internet Fraud: what you can expect looking for love on the Internet?

Getting The Most From Romantic Relationships - By Alan Detwiler. You can improve how good your relationship is. A few basic guidelines will make your relationship more enjoyable and beneficial for both of you.

How to Choose the Best Partner for Life; and Make Other Important Decisions
By Susan Dunn, How can you find the right soul mate and consider the other important things? According to Susan Dunn, there is a way. You will never make the same mistakes that ruin your life. You will find out what the mistake is and how to avoid it. Your life will be changed forever.

How To Laugh In The Face Of Rejection 
By Peter Murphy
. Don't let your awful experience of rejection scar you for life. Seek our
practical advice by Peter Murphy on how to take the sting out of rejection. Read more

Ideas For Fun: Where To Go And What To Do On A Date - By Alan Detwiler, Have you been on many dates and did the same thing every time and thought of doing something else this time? Or do you want your loved one to fall in love with you all over again? Then this is the must-read-article for you. Find out more.

It's a Gut Feeling - Finding love
By Steve Eyes. A must read article for all single men alive. Finding love is never the easiest thing to do but you can cheat the way from the professional without getting your heart broken. Increase your popularity among the Russian Bride and Filipino Woman and seek the love from "the one".

Listening is Sexy
By Susie Cortright. Active listening makes your mate feel worthy, appreciated, interesting, and respected. With practice, it will become easier for you to settle into the silence and to use those natural pauses to better understand your mate's point of view.

Make Time For Your Relationship
By Nisandeh Neta. Do you feel like your marriage has lost the heat and the passion there was before? Do you feel as if you can't attract your wife or your girlfriend anymore? Read what Nisandeh Neta has to say in situations like this. You won't regret it.

Questions For The Game Of Life
By Maureen Killoran. It’s a fun game, and a good relationship-builder. Try it and find out of what happens if you go a step farther.

Single for the Holidays?
By Daniel K. O'Leary. Are you single? Do one of your fear involves being alone at dinners and parties at Thanksgiving, Christmas and THE NEW YEAR? Find your self, what you should do and what you are actually missing. Survival Tips for Holidays even in Russia.

Soul Mate - A Pain in the Neck
By Nisandeh Neta. We were conditioned to believe that life was going to be a bed of roses... a piece of cake... a walk in the park. Of course, what 'they' forgot to mention when we were kids, was that roses have thorns, cakes contain calories, and a walk in the park significantly increases your odds of stepping in dog's you know what...

Ten Hot Tips to Light your Woman's Fire
By Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed. Tips to drive your woman crazy and she will never forget it. Satisfy your woman with our ten hot tips which include how to kiss, touch, connect emotionally, foreplay, after play, etc.

The #1 Tip for Great Sex
By Cynthia Perkins. No, it's not some new wild and kinky position or technique, it's just some good old fashioned simple communication! Unfortunately many couples find it very difficult to communicate with one another about their sexual needs .....

The Best Way to Pick Up A Girl
By Paul Kyriazi. In James Bond Movies, Bond always gets the girls. You can do the same too with some new and interesting suggestions that Paul has given us. Improve your techniques and your self to meet your dream Russian Bride.

The Five Worst Date Places
By Jason O'Connor. The best tips to avoid ruining your dates. This will help you impress your Russian Bride on your first date. Learn something new that you have never heard of before. Improve your Dateability....

The Key to a Great Relationship
Article by Susan Dunn.
Does your partner know that you love them? Do you think she/he loves you too? Then why there is still a fight? Sometimes they got mad at you for a reason that you can not understand. It is such a pity to waste a good time with your partner like this, just because you don't understand each other. The key is to avoid it all is to communicate.

The Path of Relationship
By Mark Susnow
How can you enhance the quality of your relationship and deepen your connection with your partner? Mark Susnow, a motivator, has shared his experience and thoughts on a love life to help yours. Read more

The Power of Foreplay I - By Vivianne Lazrampette. Are you the man who wants to improve your skills to satisfy your woman? This is the must article written just for you. Easy, effective and essential tips are included by experienced writer from "The Love Times".

The Stage of Love, Part 1. What is Love?
Article by Robert Elias Najemy. We ask ourselves everyday, "what is love?" and yet difficult to find the right answer to your definition of love. The truth is, we often confuse the definitions of "need" and "love"...

The Stage of Love, Part 2. Love or Need for Security?
Article by Robert Elias Najemy
. Our "love" is still mixed with a considerable amount of "need". Love wants to give. Need wants to take. Sometimes what we are seeking to take is very subtle and requires deep inner inquiry."

The Stage of Love, Part 3. Love, Pleasure or Affirmation?
Article by Robert Elias Najemy.
"We create relationships that give us pleasure and affirmation as well as security. We may be dependent upon the other for money, shelter, sex, travel, clothing, encouragement, compliments, humor, tasty food, a clean house, comforts, or even his or her beauty."

The Stage of Love, Part 4. Selfless Love for Specific Person?
Article by Robert Elias Najemy
. "An essential stage in the evolution of love is being able to love others regardless of their behavior. Probably the closest most of us have come to experiencing such love is towards our children" " Our love is more selfless but still specific and not universal."

There are no such things as Bad Dates!! - "Successful Dating"
By Devlyn Steele.
We all have heard about (or had) those "dates from hell"... Don't give up! Those three little tricks will turn eve
n the worst date into a great experience. Never "expect" your date to be "the one", no matter how cute or nice they are initially. 

Things To Avoid At Your First Date
By Oscar Walter. For the ladies who haven't been dating since the last relationship and think themselves as clueless about the topic, this is the must read article. Find out what you have missed out and prepare yourself for the new life with Oscar's help.

Top Ten Tips For Phenomenal Sex
By Cynthia Perkins.
Are you looking for "the" tips to fire up your bedroom? Help your self with these tips and start giving your lover some satisfactions that you never knew you could give. Sex should be the biggest priority in your life. The more you give time to it, the better your desire will grow.

What were you expecting?
By Susan Dunn, MA. "Disappointments happen to you when you can't live up to your expectations. One of the most important things to do is to remain positive. Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm."

You can't buy Love!
"Those who get scammed deserve to be scammed. These brain dead idiots go through life thinking that they can buy everything including love and affection. They fail to realize that love is something that evolves over time and it takes patience, honesty, dedication, sincerity and some hard work to build a worthwhile and meaningful relationship..."

Your Dateability Quotient: Seven Ways to Make Yourself Date (and Relationship) Worthy
By Roxanne McDonald. An author of many articles at 1st Dating Services reveals the secrets of gaining self-confidence and self-belief. "Avoid the negations of can't, won't, and impossible. Try the attitude of can, will and anything is possible. Anyone is worthy of happiness."

Your James Bond Fantasies Become Real
By Paul Kyriazi. Do you have the fantasies that you thought that can never become true? Do you want to be as lucky as The "James BOND" in the movies? Well think again after you read this article! Make your fantasies happen and find your dream Russian Woman in Special Agent 007 style.



Tips for Wedding Preparation and Successful Marriage

Be Prepared with A Bride's Emergency Kit
By Rose Smith.
A Bride's Emergency Kit contains items that may be needed on short notice, such as being able to repair a ripped hem or replacing a ripped pair of nylons. With "Kit" in hand, you'll be well prepared for these small "emergencies".

Bridal Shower - A Tradition of Sharing
By Helen Marakis. Help yourself with this article before your wedding and your bridal shower, to learn how important the bridal show is and what to do on the day. Even if you are not the bride, this article will help you with what gift be the most memorable and important to give on the day.

Bridal Fan Wedding Favors
By Maria Vowell. You can make wonderful and unique bridal fan wedding favors, quickly and easily using just your printer and a few basic supplies. These make wonderful and unique favors for any wedding ceremony. You can also make these for other occasions like Holidays, for baby showers, birthdays etc.

Bridal Shower Games
By S. Denise Hoyle. Break the ice at the Bridal shower with these fantastic games ideas to enjoy and at the same time cherish the important moment of your bridal shower or someone else's.

Honeymoon Ideas
By Professional Dating Coach Elena Solomon, Make sure that the word "honeymoon" reminds you just as much about the matters of the soul as about the heat of your bodies - this is especially important for women who are emotional in their nature. Here are some ideas for you to spice up your honeymoon and make it truly memorable.

How to choose a Wedding Florist, Floral Designer and - or Decorator - By Nily Glaser. Flowers are a central component of your wedding. Find out what you should know about flowers and make your wedding day from as in your dreams.

How to Choose and Work with Wedding Vendors, Professionals and Service Providers
By Nily Glaser of A-wedding Day. A wedding is a very time consuming process that needs professional planning and preparation and diversity of things to be done. Get yourself professional help and guides to make your most important day of your life as in your dreams.

How to Have a Dream Wedding on a Budget
By Rachel Greenberg
. Celebrating and Preparing for your wedding can be very expensive if you are on a tight budget. If you have the same problem, Rachel has listed out ways to eliminate extra cost and still have your ultimate dream wedding. Read more..

Marriage Proposals -- Why Doing It Right Will Make All the Difference - By Susan Daniel and Debbie Overstreet. Proposing marriage to your Russian Woman is a very big step. You get the ring, but then you don't know when, where, or how to actually pop the question and to be memorable at the same time. Find out how you can do it the perfect way!

Million Dollars Gift
By Nancy Twigg. Every time you turn around, it seems that another gift-giving occasion is looming on the horizon. Birthday, Weddings, Christmas and Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Graduations, etc.. The key to give a million dollar gift is to invest yourself: your effort, your energy, and your creativity. These gifts send a very clear message that the giver cares enough to give one of life's most precious commodities: your time.

So You're Planning an Outdoor Wedding?
By Susan Dunn, MA. "The best advice I can give you is to test your ideas in the actual location under realistic conditions to eliminate unpleasant surprises." Sunsan has listed 10 most disastrous things that could ruin your wedding. Must read for those who are planning or considering to have an outdoor wedding.

Symbolism Of Wedding Rings - By Peter Breslin. Have you ever wonder about the history, the meaning and the symbolism of wedding rings? Now you can find out in details...

The Basics of Planning A Beach Themed Wedding - Part II
By Rose Smith. Have your consider the theme of your wedding? If it is a beach theme, it is not as easy as it looks but it will surely be very romantic and memorable for both the wedding couple and the guests. Just make sure you can answer all the question listed in the article.

The Perfect Wedding Budget
By Gerry Huwaljik
. While the thought of planning a wedding within the boundaries of a budget can bring tears to a bride, knowing how to do some special planning can dry those tears and bring a joyous delight. Find out what and how you can prepare your wedding with and without to meet your budget.

Wedding Favor Creator
By Heather Diodati. Unique Wedding Favor Ideas.
Wedding favors have always been a nice, personal gesture to include in your wedding preparations. All the ideas for the Wedding favor are described and it includes small containers to use for candies, chocolates, small floating candles etc, sample sayings and poems to write or print onto a small note card along with your names and wedding date, and other unique ideas.

Wedding Planning I - Scheduling
By Nily Glaser. The steps given both ceremony steps and receptions steps will help you schedule the details involved with your wedding ceremony and reception.

Wedding planning so simple! Why didn't I think of it? - By Nily Glaser. Before you dream wedding day comes true, you have to go through a lot of exhausting details. Let us make your life a little bit easier. You'll be surprised.

Winter Theme Wedding
By  Nily Glaser.
Are you planning to get married in winter?
Read this!



Family Articles - Marriage, Children & Budget

5 Golden Rules to Successful Marriage
Article by Sayan Liyanage
. "A beautiful family life is one of the most remarkable things you can have in your life time. Determine to have the most blissful and happy marriage life. You will be happy for the rest of your life." If you want and wish to have a lasting marriage with true happiness, this article is an answer for you.

Baby Expenses: What To Do When Baby's On The Way And Money Is Tight - By Adriana Copaceanu. As you probably know, there is no cheap way to have and raise a baby: baby expense should be high on your list of things to plan for, before the baby comes. It takes sweat, work, lots of cash, patience, and more to have a happy, healthy baby.

Family Matters!
Article by Rosalyn Bronstein.
Having relationships is all about making emotional commitments to people we care about. One of the ways to find your happiness involves having a healthy family, friends, partners, etc. Appreciate the people who have touched our lives in positive ways. Studies have shown that those who are truly happiest are those with strong connections to the people they love.

Keeping A Marriage Romantic
By Alan Detwiler
A survivor guide to keeping your marriage alive and more romantic than ever. Surprise your partner with the new techniques that you learnt.

Marriage to a Foreigner
By John Gfoeller, Esq. "Marriage with a foreigner is the adventure of a lifetime with a twist. It is challenging and expensive, in time and emotion and thoughtfulness and commitment. However, it can be very rewarding too: in joy and in love and in a broader, deeper and richer appreciation for life."

Money Matters: Strengthen Your Marriage by Putting Finances in Order - By Cynthia Cooper, Ph.D. Did you know that 43% of all married couples argue over money issues, making it the major reason couples fight? If you and your spouse handle money differently, now is the time to talk, establish expectations, and draw up a financial plan!

Successful Marriages
By Mark Brandenburg MA. Do you want to have a successful marriage? Statistics tell us that the chances of failing is more than the success. These article will help you do the things that are necessary to have a successful relationship to get less chances of failing your marriage. You have to follow only three essential qualities... A little knowledge and a little effort can go a long way.

Why Anger is Essential to Healthy Relationships
By Kevin B. Burk
. Does anger always mean bad and violent? If there is a way to channel your anger for good, would you do it. Must learn to revive your relationship or marriage.



Other Useful Guides to Improve your Love Life or 
Funny Stories to Bright Up Your Day

5 Tips to Make the Right Decisions in the Midst of Chaos
By Beth A. Tabak
. The quality of decision making skills shrunk drastically in the midst of chaos. We make hundreds of decisions daily. They make or break us. Are we making good ones? Learn how

A 30% Chance That Statistics Never Lie!
David Leonhardt
has written a very smart and funny article on the statistics. It is likely that you are one of 97.3% of people who gets cancer or you might die tomorrow. This article really cracks me up..

Body Language
By Bud Smith. Body language is fascinating. People rarely recognize how much information they give off and how noticeable it is to the human eye. This article will help you understand another person by their behavior and body language in any cases such as with your partner, with your work mates, making negotiation or suggestion at your work, etc. You can also use this to avoid the weak and negative body language towards another.

"Busyness" is a Lie
By Theresa Gabriel.
We sometimes use the excuse of being "too busy" to get out of what we don't want to do. Life is what happens when we "waste" time. Don't be "too busy" to live. Let life question you.

Cross-Cultural Communication: Grin and Jump In!
By Judith Richardson. As you all know every country and culture have different customs and beliefs. Culture is not ethnic or racial. Develop your emotional intelligence so you can be more intuitive about how to communicate with, negotiate with, and provide services and products for people from cultural backgrounds other than your own. A lot of useful tips can be found here.

Don't Worry, Be Happy!
By Geetha S., Try out these 10 easy tips and see if you could transform your life.
These steps are simple and if you really want to be happy, you have to start changing yourself first. Satisfy with who you are, what you are and what you have now. Start changing your life and be happy today!

Happiness - the Ultimate Egoism?
By Joan Marques.
Is happiness made by romance, egoism, success, wealth or flexibility? Happiness is a moving target: as things and circumstances change in our lives, happiness becomes defined differently. If one goal turns out to be unachievable, most of us have the suppleness to redefine our desire and go for the newly formulated goal.

How To Read A Face Like A Book!
By Kathy Thompson
. What do features of your face tell about you? Face Reader, Kathy Thompson reveals it all. Find out more.

How to Stop Terrorism
By Dr. Noel Swanson. Why hasn't the Terrorism stop? Are they getting what they want? Do we have a solution to stop it? Maybe there is. Dr. Noel Swanson has stated a way that might just work. Should George Bush read this and follow his guide? Or is this just an article to read? Find out more..

How to tell what they meant - By Susan Dunn. Sometimes you feel like it is so hard to understand the next person. Or you don't have a clue what they meant when they say things. Do they really mean it or Is that a sarcasm or a joke? Learn the trick then you won't miss out anymore.

Inner game, leadership and confidence
By Badboy
. A must have/know guide for all men. Do you know what women really want? Do you know what attracts them the most? Why don't you let the experts teach you all to be naturally charming, confident and sexy? You won't even know who to choose from all the available girls for yourself after this.

Men and Women
Differences between Men and Women on every aspect: Eating Out, Arguments, Kids, etc. Must read hilarious article.

Nine Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Head To The Office Party
One thing you can count on during the holiday season is the obligatory office party. No matter which side of the issue you fall on, there are certain rules of behavior to follow at the office party if you want to have an office to go to when the party is over.

Running a Mom and Pop Online Dating Site (It's about Love)
By Steve Eyes. Ever wondered how on-line dating agencies work? Steve Eyes, an owner of "Mom and Pop" and many other Online Dating Sites has reveals all the insight details and has a different reason than others why he does this business. Find out more.

Surefire Conversation Starters
By Arlen Busenitz. Can you confidently walk up to someone and start a conversation?
Do you know how to evaporate a silent pause? Using a conversation starter with your co-worker or classmate can lead to several minutes of enjoyable conversation. Here are a few conversation starters which are proven to work for starting conversations. Memorize them and use them.

The Perils of Nonverbal Communication - By Susan Dunn. Do you know what other person think of you? Can you tell if he/she is listening while you were talking? Learn how to communicate nonverbally. 

Why Now Is The Perfect Moment For You To Succeed
Find out what the theory of author Peter Murphy, the best way of when and how to achieve your goals.




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