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I later found out that she was a fake. Luckily I researched your website and found out about these scams before I sent anymore money. I also found her profile on other sites. Thank You.

Michael B. (USA)


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March 28, 2006 - Page 1

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Anastasiya Romanova (Kazan, Russia)

Iím a single 45 year old Native American that is on myspace to talk with friends and anyone else that would like to talk.  Not really looking for any ties but if it happened then great!  Before doing anything I look into deeply.  I read what I could on this site before she e-mailed me because I was thinking about.  So I received an e-mail from Anastasiya on  but she didnít want to communicate that way so ok.  I talked to this person in Kazan for a bit and she was interesting but never answered my questions.  She wanted $200 send to Western Union for a visa after I tried to tell her that she couldnít receive a visitor visa being single and again she didnít listen.  I responded back to her you canít get a visitor visa and I would never send money to someone that Iíve never meet in person.  I wasnít born yesterday.  The length of time from when she started to the time I called it was from 3/8/2006 - 3/23/2006. 

Good Luck; Lee and watch out for him/her/it or whatever.  

Letter 1  

Hi xxxx,

I was very glad, when have found your letter! I did not expect, that you will answer so quickly! I want to study about you and to learn about you more. What you would want to learn about me? Ask also I shall tell to you with pleasure. I shall tell to you a little about myself. As you already know to me 27 years and I live in Russia in city Kazan .  It approximately 650 miles from Moscow . My birthday on begins not so soon, but I would like to inform you this date. It will be on September, 20 and to me 28 years will be executed. I never was for the husband but is ready to marry soon and to create family with the correct and fair person. I want to find the correct person who will love and care of me and I shall hope that our relations which else such fragile will grow every day and at us all will turn out. Family happiness are everything that so it is necessary for the lonely girl as I! I already adult girl and am necessary for me my family! I already spoke that I work as the bookkeeper in small firm. I worked in many establishments and in many firms I worked as the operator in the telephone company before my girlfriend has helped me to be arranged by a trade with the bookkeeper. Very much to like me my work. Also I am very good cook! I am able to prepare a lot of the various foodstuffs! To this I was learned by my mother to be the good wife! My favourite kitchen is the Russian kitchen !

I eat very little. I eat 2 times per day and I eat various salads. What food is preferred by you? I well enough know the English language. I studied the English language at school then at university of 5 years. The English language was my favourite lesson. Certainly I not so well speak English as you but I try to be improved constantly. Now I live one. My mum has given birth to me when to her there were many years. Parents very much wanted the child, but children at them were not long. They to me told that wanted to adopt the girl. But then I was born. I think that to their happiness there was no limit. Now they are not present with me they were very old and have died a natural death. I frequently recollect about them all in the house reminds of their presence. Unfortunately I have no neither sisters nor the brother. I feel lonely in this difficult world because I have no the person who will love and care of me. It is difficult to live without man's support without a strong man's shoulder against which always it is possible to lean. Fortunately I have good and true friends who always were with me and helped me. I am very much interested in you our relations.

I wanted that you too have sent me your loved by a photo! On it I finish the letter and I shall go to sleep home. I shall think what to write to you tomorrow. Yours Anastasiya.  

Letter 2  

Hi dear,

I am very pleased to your answer. Thank you for your interesting letter! Your letters bring to me a lot of pleasure and happiness. When I read your letter I feel, that you the correct and good person, and you will not cause me a pain! My heart starts to beat more often when I read your letter, and I think, that you that person whom I waited long time, and I shall hope, that at us all will turn out. I am pleased, that we are copied, and it is wonderful to feel it, that you are interested in me! I shall try to do everything that at us all has turned out! I promise you, that I shall be sincere in my letters! Last night I visited my aunt. She my godmother and at us with her very confidential relations. After my mum has died, she to me became even closer.  My aunt even was happy, that I shall be in good hands because she did not want that I married the Russian person. I have told to her, that you the good person, and she has given me blessing with our relations and has told, that she will pray, that at us all has turned out! She has told, that if my parents were alive, they would be pleased for me. Yesterday I had good evening and thought together with the aunt, that to you to write about me in the following letter. I hope, that it is pleasant to you! I am the careful girl! I have good character, and I never looked at married men because to destroy family it very bad! I want to inform you at once, that if we shall be together, and at us all will turn out, I shall be the good wife and I shall never deceive to you with another the man! I think what to betray the husband it is the biggest sin and I am not capable of this act as many women! I want to be the good wife and I even read set the book in which key rules of the good wife and these rules I are written know very well! I do not aspire to money! For me the main thing is family! I do not want to tell, that if at us all will turn out that I shall sit at home and to watch the house but if you will be not against I could work! As to my education I have good school of knowledge! I studied as the bookkeeper approximately 6 years and I well am able messages of an affair with papers! I have good work, but as to my earnings that it small and me constantly is necessary to save money. It can even be good that I have no big money because money do not do people happy! I earn certainly more than many people but this money suffices me only on a meal and some clothes. I think that we should not speak about the incomes because it not the main thing. I yet did not speak you, that I write you from Internet cafe. And it works since Monday till Saturday and on Sunday the day off so I cannot write to you on Sundays. I hope that there is no in it not that terrible. In an apartment I do not have phone and the computer, it is now expensive for me. I shall look forward to hearing from you! Yours Anastasiya.  

Letter 3  

Hi my dear Lee,

It is pleasant to receive your letter again! You fill my life by new feeling, I for a long time did not test anything similar! After work I hasten more soon to receive your answer and to learn how are you doing. I would like to come more often to receive your letters, but alas work takes away a lot of time. I have told to my girlfriends about you. They were very surprised, that I have dared to write in the Internet to find the man. They heard, that it is a lot of women in Russia get acquainted through the Internet and leave for limits of Russia to the future to the husband, and they hope, that at us all will turn out. It became very interesting to them to hear about our letters, but I have told, that I shall not tell much about our relations and I they were told only, that by you good the man! All my girlfriends already married for the Russian person and all of them do not feel like happy because is it is a lot of reasons of their misfortune and they even envy me that at us all can be to turn out! My girlfriends too as well as my aunt have wished good luck us happiness! I am valid it is very happy that our relations develop well! I want to learn about your happiest day in your life. That you tested then, that you felt. Now I have gone home. I shall think of you all evening. I wait for your letter. Yours Anastasiya.  

Letter 4  

Hello dear Lee!!!

I am very glad to receive news from you again. I feel how with each letter you become closer for me. I am tired from life here without the person whom I can grow fond, and you - unique who are necessary for me, and give me force to live. You see, that we became much closer, than ever before. You can not imagine at all that you mean for me. You mean much. You can ask it is possible: why. I do not know. But I really know - that you for me became very much the close person. I never knew such beautiful soul as yours. You have opened it once for me and never closed. Now I open my soul for you. I give you my heart and my offer. I thought of you last night. I think, you unbiased and are fair to me. Now I completely trust you, and you began for me to relatives and the native person to whom I can open the heart. I speak you all this sincerely, I am not going to deceive you and to play with your feelings, and I hope, that you too will be fair under the relation to me. I like to read letters from you. My heart always skipping when I see the message from you in my letter box. I become the seized aspiration from you. I do not want that you were put forward with my feelings. Excuse me if I am too expressive. Probably, you did not expect it from me? But something has changed a way of my life recently, and I believe, that it - you. I think of you each hour and each minute. It is a pity to me, that we not friends for a long time. I know, that there can be, I - hopeless romantic, but I believe, that our Meeting through the Internet - the best thing which could take place with us. I wish you remarkable day! Anastasiya.  

Letter 5  

Hi my love Lee. I have not understood your first question. And than to you to not like my name? Russian eat much that all I to list salads pel'menis different soups meat it can not is much possible to name dishes. I have received yours email. I loved it. Honourly, I completely use Reception of your characters. That I use most of all, which you very much open, and It does it very simple for me to open my basis also. That I really loved, was your three sources of love. It - silent understanding, Mutual privacy, trust, sharing sights and pardon. It - loyalty in good times. The love is pleased existing, it hopes during the future, and it does not reflect the past. It - chronicle " day per day from " Irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, large victories and General purposes. If you have love in your resource, it can fill very many things you in absence. By and large, which can slightly also " to be juicy " for the man, but it Something, that to close by me within the limits of the last several years. Successful opencast but it is honour, they really do not mean much, because their things do not help the basis. I am pleased, that you can trust me, and you can name me the love. I hope it of a Leg that path. If there is any time, where you doubt rather concerning me or if I speak something, that the infringements you, please inform me. I think, that is very simple, be Honourly, when we speak concerning good subjects, however, I find difficult to be completely honour, when we speak concerning the negative editions. At least it - for me. I hope, sometime, that you feel, that you can trust me sufficient to inform me "Poor" things also. Especially, if you - infringement with me. I shall try to do Same. However, I should emphasize, I have no any any reason to doubt rather concerning you. Honourly, your characters were filled so with the large soul and basis, which it me to feel really good. It was long time, as I felt warm feeling Inside my basic principles. I love to receive yours e-mails. You, seem, very pleasant person, it seems, really for knowing, that you search in the Attitude, and does not wish to agree about less than it, you search, It seems, really for using a resource, and to have the strong basis. Gratitude for opening your basis to me. I wish to study much more concerning you. I shall finish on this letter, I shall be with impatience to wait for your letter, love mine, please, write to me faster, I very much to miss without you. Know, that far in Russia , the girl lives which loves you and the letter waits from you. To not overlook me. Your love Anastasiya!!!  

Letter 6  

Hi my unique and lovely love Lee!!! My most remarkable man on this Earth. I have received your letter and was very glad to read it. When I to read your letter, at me on soul it became easier, it is very pleasant to me to feel, that somewhere at the other edge of ground there is a man, which loves me and waits, to which I am not indifferent. This very pleasant feeling. I thank the God, that I have found you, mine lovely. You would know what this happiness, to find in the life of that unique and unique man, with which in the future are going for ever to connect the life. I also seems has found such man is you my love. I to feel, that I very strongly to grow fond of you. Know, mine lovely, I frequently dream of us with you, I present as we with you to meet. Our first minutes of meeting. When I to dream about on with you, on me the poetry finds. And sometimes I even to write poems. Last night I to write one about us with you. Listen:  

The handle is taken by I in hands,

The letter I write to you.

The handle does not write mine,

The hand mine shivers,

And heart mine feels,

Forever to us to be friends.  

The cat loves the cat,

Birdy - nightingale,

The boy loves the girl,

And I love you!  

Let life yours flows the river

Among high coast

And let always live with you:

Hope To trust and Love.  

Sometime, among papers,

Covered by a layer of a dust,

To find a card you mine

Also will recollect, how we with you each other loved.  

Tell me please, that you think of it, it would be very interesting to me to know. It was pleasant to you whether or not. I am not sure, that at me it is absolutely good to turn out. But I to try to express you the feelings in this poem, and I hope, that it was pleasant to you. I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Always your love Anastsiya!!!  

Letter 7  

Hello my precious, loved, unique Lee!!!

Today I had to test such, that you cannot present yourselves at all. When I to go to the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter I became the eyewitness of accident on road. I went along the street and have suddenly heard sharp squeal of brakes of the automobile. I at once have paid the attention to a motorway. I saw as this road the dog ran across and is direct on this animal on the big speed the automobile went. The person sitting for this automobile has seen this dog and has turned aside to not drive into an animal. And on fault of this dog the person managing this automobile ran directly into a column. This person from impact in a column has thrown out on street through a windshield, but fortunately the man has got off only the broken hand. It was very hard for me to look at such show. I still all cannot come in myself and at me hands from seen are a little shaked. I at once have recollected you and I think, that with you everything is all right and that has not taken place with you. I very much suffer for you and your health. I love you and always I ask the god that he stored you in any way. Every day, when I to come home after work I always expect to see you on the threshold. I so to want to go to bed near to you and to enjoy love together. I know, that my dreams when be will come true, but I want to share all this it now. I know, that it is not possible, but even it is pleasant to dream of it even. I so to want to sit in the bus and to arrive to you, to capture you the gentle hands and to show you all love. My passion grows to you every new day and it very much raises me when I think of you and our future. I love you.

Today I visited the aunt and we with her prepared for very tasty pie. I so wanted, that you have joined our table and have divided this food together with us. My aunt it is very tasty prepares, but when we are engaged in it together it turns out is even more tasty and is more graceful. We always put all love and soul when we start to prepare together. I think, that food the aunt prepared by mine, will not concede to any food at restaurant. I also very much like to prepare for a meal the hands. When I shall arrive to you I shall prepare you for very tasty dish from which you will be in delight. I promise you, that it very much is pleasant to you my love. It is a pity, that I again should close this letter, but you will be always all the same in my ideas. I for one second do not let off you from the ideas. I want to meet as soon as possible you and to express you all feelings which I cannot transfer through this letter. I ask the god that our meeting has taken place shortly. And I am ready to wait eternally and I know, that I to wait this moment and I can fall in your embraces and kiss your gentle body. I love you. Set of kisses for my loved!!! Always your Anastasiya.  

Letter 8  

Hello my love lee!!!

I was happier today when to see your precious letter. I even sometimes to speak the internal voice, that this letter from my favourite person. Every time when I start to read your letter I to do it with admiration and love to you. Also I cannot wait, when I can capture you the gentle hands and give you a sweet kiss. And I am sure, that it to force us to enjoy both. It would be unforgettable pleasure. Each time when I start to write to you the letter all my words which you receive from me leave the heart. In my heart there are deep feelings for my favourite person who also dreams to capture me in the embraces. I so strongly love you!!! I know, that we with you for all this time which we communicate through the Internet, have found out about the friend the friend very much much. But you also should agree with me, that it is not enough of it and it is necessary for us to meet you.

I for a long time thought of it, but it always is in my ideas and I cannot hide from you the desires concerning our meeting any more. And I am sure, that to you will seem the serious decision to meet in the person, but we should have together with you the common decision and it seems to me, that for this purpose also it is necessary to meet. I am completely ready to go on this step, but it costs it how we can meet you and you completely to feel all feelings which are stored in my heart for you my love.

To regret today I do not have time more to write this letter and it is necessary to close it. And I cannot wait when to see your following letter concerning an our meeting. I hope, that you will be glad it and we can solve what to do further. And I cannot simply wait, when you will speak for the first time to me words of love. I very much miss you lovely!!! Always your love Anastasiya.  

Letter 9  

Hello my love Lee! I have received your letter, it is full of emotions of heat and sympathy to me. I start to understand, that my life is not meaningful without you because I love you. I think, that during that time, that we with you write, each other we have much gone through together and between us the feeling has appeared. I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you. I spoke with the aunt about that that, probably, I shall leave, she only were glad for me, she thinks, that it and is my happiness. I to tell the aunt about you much, she knows, that you the good person and will care of me when I shall arrive to you. My aunt trust to you completely and consequently she not against that I visited you in your country and releases me to you with quiet soul. The aunt knows, that near to you I shall be in safety. Besides my aunt sees all, how I love you strongly and as I always with alarm go to Internet - cafe to see your letters, and what happy I come after perusal of your message as I all to be pleased with happiness, that you at me are my lovely. The aunt knows, that I shall be happy only with you, she truly wishs us with you of good luck. Today I all the day long thought only of you, how we shall meet you. I to represent it to myself as you meet me at the airport a bouquet of scarlet roses as we search, each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other. Now I went to embassy and at once have decided to write to you that to me there have told. To me have told, that I cannot receive the visa of the bride (K-1) because for reception of this visa it is necessary for us, all over again to meet. As in a condition reception of this visa, it is told, that the groom and the bride should meet though once within the last two years. To me have told, that all over again it is better to me to issue the tourist visa (B-1/B-2). The visa of category B-2 - only tourist visa to the persons planning exclusively rest in the USA . This visa is given out for the period of 3 months. Unfortunately, I cannot arrive to you some time because for application for registration of the visa and registration of some documents, such as the passport for travel abroad, the medical information and other documents, are necessary money in the sum $ 200 which now at me are not present. Also in our city there is no embassy and it will be necessary for me to visit for reception of all these documents Moscow how there is no more other choice. I to not know, that to me to do now, I very much to want to arrive to you my love, but I to not have savings in the sum of 200 dollars to pay the visa independently and from it to me is very sad on soul and my heart suffers. And consequently it is necessary to wait not much when I can find this money, but I am not sure, that I can find such sum. Those who follows in the USA as the tourist, should specify, where they are going to stop. As I am going to visit you I need to know your exact home address, your full name and a surname, the address of the airport nearest to you where I should arrive. I very much you ask to send me this information. When I shall come to you we with you together can start to make out for me the visa of the bride, and I still shall stay for some time, and then when we with you shall get married, I shall stay with you for ever always to be near to you. I really want to become your wife. Also I hope, that we can create the happiest family together. Today fine day, but me it is sad, because we with you so far apart. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I with you and you - always in my heart.. I to love you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter it important for me. Forever yours Anastasiya!  

Letter 10  

Hello my most favourite person in this world Lee!!!

Today my heart began to beat in more often rhythms. And all this of that we can shortly meet you. I still never was such happy, as today. You will not believe, but even sometimes it seems to me, that you to be present where that beside. I know, that it only my imagination, but with this feeling to me it becomes easier. Each time I to try to feel your presence, but I do not have not enough it and I cannot wait, when I can appear near to you my love. And I am completely sure, that you also cannot wait, when the first day of ours with you of a meeting will arrive. It will be especial date in ours with you of a life which I would like to remember all life. Also I had an opportunity to tell familiar, that shortly I should visit USA where there is my beloved. I also informed the friends, that I to not represent any more a life without you. All my familiar are very glad for me, in fact after our acquaintance, my life as if has changed. And in my opinion now there is only your image. I to not notice more any man how my heart belongs only to you. All my familiar already for a long time have noticed, that all my conversations to develop only about you. I am madly happy, that on light still there are such men. I LOVE YOU!!! Today I went to agency of travel once again to make sure, that my visiting of your country will be easier and convenient. I had an opportunity to take an interest at the agent of travel how me to receive money from you. He informed me, that there is a convenient system of transfer of money from for borders. You should go in any bank in your country which has system ď Western Union Ē. You also should have at yourselves your personal passport which will prove your identity. It is necessary for you to send money for the address of bank which I to specify at the end of the letter. Please to not forget still very important information. When you will send to me of money you should send in the following letter 10-place confidential number (on another it refers to MTCN).

I to not want, that you had difficulties with me. And if will arise what or problems please inform me at once. Well? Your letters have filled in my intimate pleasure and happiness. You have shown me, that I can love again, I know it because I miss you. I to love you and I start to understand, which love this such strong feeling, I am pleased, that I could check it because of you. Forever your love Anastasiya.  

P.S. The address of bank:

ZIP CODE: 420133.  

Darina Izmailova (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia) - 1

I was contacted by this woman through in December 2005. This is one of three or four emails that directly mention a money request.  A background check March 17 2006 by a local Yoshkar-Ola agency revealed her to be a notorious scammer.  I hope this helps put a stop to her and her acomplices, if any.  I actually spoke to her, as it mentions in the email, but only after a I sent a MoneyGram, and she doesn't like those.  Only one spot in Yoshkar-Ola does MoneyGram from what I could find on their site, and that is too easy for a scammer to get caught.  Western Union is too hard to track, too many pick up points, obviously huh?

Letter 1

Subject: Today female day!!!!I accept from you congratulations

Hello my dear XXXX!!! How are you? At me remarkable mood. Because today day of women in our country. We today do not work, today in our country week-end.. So I thought, that I shall write today to you the big letter. But here too only a short working day. So the Internet - cafe will be closed soon. I too late came here. I have decided houses to lay. You see I usually rise very much early to do physical exercises. But today to me was very much laziness to rise so early, especially I should not go anywhere. I laid in bed before dinner and only have then decided to rise. I looked different female magazines, read about a style and so forth. Only then I rose, (smile) prepared itself breakfast at 12 o'clock in the afternoon and has decided to go to write to you the letter. But unfortunately here it will be closed soon. So I have a little time to write the letter. Today likely I shall go to the grandmother to congratulate on this day. But all over again I should go in shop that something her to buy. Today in streets big Boom!! Everyone go shopping. The majority certainly men, but is women who buys gifts of the to mums or relatives. I very much would like to receive from you flowers. But once again I speak, that I do not like when flowers give under the Internet or by mail. As before me there should be that person who gives flowers. I think, that it is not beautiful, when flowers give through the Internet or a mail. I think, that the man in such a way wants to show the authority or power. I do not like it. It seems to me, that so want to buy me for these flowers. So I ask you that you did not think at all about it. As I shall take offence. Better you will give me flowers when we shall meet. It will be more beautiful and better.

You have celebrated money on western union. yes, my grandmother sent me money so when I studied at university earlier. It was convenient and fast. Mine the second name Michailovna? Darina Michailovna Izmailova. my address by mail. Russia, Marii-El, Medvedevo, PO Box 56, zipcod 425200. I with pleasure shall wait from you gifts.It was very pleasant for me to speak with you by the phone. It was extremely. Your Russian very good. I shall teach you still it and then you will know it very well. 

Tomorrow we receive the salary, this salary for March, 8. XXXX, and you know that for a holiday March, 8? This day we celebrate the international female day. To women give flowers, congratulate, men are ready on all what their women felt like unique women on light, for the men! But you are now far from me. I would like to be your woman in this (certainly and the next days too) day. I would like to be this day with you to feel like the present woman.

The last year our heads applied to our salary of 100 roubles. It only to women, that on this money it would be possible to buy a pie. Interestingly, how many will give today? Certainly the figure first of all, but this day the women has the right to a holiday. XXXX you agree with me? Though the big pie on this money you will not buy, but all the same it is slightly pleasant, when of you care. Especially the small pie will influence not strongly a figure. I too would like, that you cared of me, but you are still far from me. So it is a pity to me. But hope all of us soon we shall together and you then can give me happiness and tenderness for all these days. I shall give too to you all love, tenderness, I shall care of you, I shall do by that happy the man in the world. I shall try to do it. Well, it is time to me to finish the letter. I wrote, that I have only few time today as the cafe - Internet has a small working day. I put today to you my new photos. The first photo is made on my workplace. Such flowers our chief today has presented all working women. And flowers I have presented mum at my girlfriend. Behind colors the small cat has come. Probably they will give him to me. He such lovely. Though. After loss of mine Barsik I would not like to get more anybody.  So I still think of it. Likely nevertheless I shall not get a cat. As it  is very difficult to reconcile then to his loss.

oh, everything, me is time to go...
My time was finished.
Bye Bye.
I shall wait from you for the letter.

Yours Darina

Darina Izmailova (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia) - 2

Hello Wayne,

She is a notorious scammer. Several men have already asked us about her. Some lost a lot of money. Her photos are attached. And here is her typical letter to one of the men:

Subject:  It again I. With past you week-end!!!

Hello my dear Josu! How are you? At me today remarkable mood. You know why? Because I write the letter to you, my angel Josu from the far country. As it is a pity, that we are far from each other. I would like to kiss you in the morning and to speak: " good morning, my lovely Josu! " Though to write to you the letter delivers to me too the big pleasure. But as it would be more pleasant kiss early in the morning from the loved person. You agree with me? Yes, it would be much better. Today at us again remarkable weather. Though in the street there is no sun, but weather warm. Only the wind slightly blows. But in comparison with weather that week - today it seems warmly. In the morning I even did jog, then did physical exercises to support the figure in the good form. Then I had breakfast, came into a bath. And at last went on work. All the day I thought that I shall go tonight in Internet - cafe and to write to you the letter. But at once I could not write how in the afternoon here there came young guys and they played games, is usual in shooting. They at once all together played one game (they played all day and even it will seems to play al night. I frequently here see them). I looked at them, they were joyful and happy. As it is necessary few person to become happy. I too thought of happiness much. The world such huge, but it is necessary to me a little only you. But you are on such huge distance from me almost half of world shares us from each other. Though we can meet within 2 day, you see planes very quickly fly. But the states have thought up different documents and it is necessary to pay for all such huge money. All seems against in love. I would think up the law on which in love it is authorized to travel free-of-charge. Likely then all would like each other if only to go to the different countries (smile). But you see the God has created the ground for people. Means they everywhere should go without problems. You like my reasonings? Though they very simple, but what for to complicate, if it is possible to make all on simple? How it would be fine?! At work of anything especial has not
> taken place. Though to us have brought the new goods. Today bought from me some goods. I would like to find other work. Though I like this work, but I feel, that it not my place. Here I can communicate with people to prompt what it is possible to buy, that may him better approaches in their room. May be to me it is necessary to go to study as the designer of apartments. I would like to build a cosiness in houses... I would give pleasure to people. I shall think above it. Now main my task is better to find out you, I want to see you to meet you, to chat about all. Nevertheless real conversation gives the best representation about the person. Though through letters we find out a private world each other. It is much better. In realities, the majority of men after some minutes of dialogue everyone look at my figure and it seems, that they want only one sex. I want, that you all over again have found out my private world, have found out my feelings. You with it well cope. It is
> very pleasant for me "to talk" to you. Your letters fill me with hope for the best, you see we shall see each other once. Suddenly we searched each other for all life, suddenly we a single whole? You see it is possible. You see always the happiness is in unexpected places. Yes?! 

Yesterday my cat has not come back home from walk. There may be he has found the love. He at me very independent. May not come 2 days home and I then should wash him in a bath as he comes all dirty, sometimes even in blood. There may be he struggled for the love? (SMILE). You are capable to struggle for
>> >the girl? As it is a pity, that have passed times of knights when men battled for the ladylove. I would like to meet the knight who can struggle for me to which oceans, distance will be not terrible neither the seas, nor.. You will be my knight. Then write to me faster the letter, do not overlook about queen Darina. they very much misses on you and it happens malicious when does not receive from you the letter. You want, that I became a devil? (Smile). Then you nobody can rescue, I shall be malicious and I shall put you in my dungeon (smile).... And you will be forever mine!!! May to me it is necessary write fairy tales??? It seems at me well it turns out? (Laughter).

My dear try to send that gift on my box. ok? Real and I do not know that address why you could not send me it. Try to send me on my box: This full address: Russia, republic Mari-El, Medvedevo, PO box 56, zipcode: 425200.
Darina Izmailova

Well, I send you my photos. Look as I embrace a cat at my girlfriend.... You too want? Then let's meet??!!! It I at lessons of driving of the automobile. You may see me in a mirror of a back kind. It again I at the same lessons. The automobile on which I studied refers to as: "Tavria." this seems the most bad automobile which is in our country. Yes, to pupils always give all bad. I once  would like to be rolled on BMW or Mersedes Benz or for any the foreign automobile. You will give me the automobile? It I in cafe in this summer. The truth I do not remember the name of it cafe. But there there was such huge aquarium. There there were wonderful fishes. I love aquariums. Speak, that fishes in an aquarium very much calm nervous system. I too should buy an aquarium and to look at him when you do not write me the letter that I was not malicious (smile).

Bye Bye my lovely Josu. With the big impatience I shall wait from you for the letter.... Very much I miss I send gentle kisses. So it is a lot of them, that they cover all your body.
They even cannot be counted....

Darina-Your queen... Waits for the knight and dreams of a meeting with you...

Attached are four photos out of many that I have been sent by Darina. I hope these help you to complete your investigation. I anxiously await your findings. Thank you,

Eketerina Zharkova (Cheboksary, Russia)

I am a single father of 3 living in Australia. I was contacted through We corresponded for around 8 weeks by e-mail. We  then decided we should meet as Katya as she is also known had  been expressing her love for me and my children for 6 of those 8  weeks. I sent the first lot of money US $1900 for air fares, visas and passport. All seemed to go well with me being supplied with travel dates and flight numbers. I was also given all the details of the final family farewell and the travel to Moscow for the first time to leave her home town. On the date of departure, I was informed that she  was stopped by immigration for not having money to prove she could support herself during her stay on a visitors visa. She needed US $ 3150 to prove this to immigration which was promised to be returned to me on her arrival. Again I sent the money. The next date of departure, I received another e-mail telling of the Customs seizure of a family heirloom which was not declared and found in her luggage. It was claimed that a US $3000 fine be paid of face 2 years in prison. The fine was paid. On the final day of departure I received an e-mail stating that all of a sudden something very bad had happened to her mother and she had to return to help. She  would not specify the problem. This was the last e-mail I received. I was suspicious after the fine claim from Customs, but thought it would be ok when she arrived. I feel foolish and have learnt an expensive lesson. So everyone should watch out for Eketerina  (Katya) Zharkova. I did a search on this site and have found her in a 2002 report, but it was too late for me. I hope this will stop others from being caught. Below is a copy of her letter when she tried to leave Moscow the first time and also the customs problems.

Letter 1

My darling Mike. 
I write to you from the Internet-cafe shivering. Everyone should be good, but it not so. In me very much a greater problem, my fine. All seems to me grey and dim. I now at all do not know, it to me to make. I am simple in impact! 
I have arrived to Moscow still yesterday. Mike and today as I also promised you, have gone early in the morning to the airport. I have made sure from time of the beginning of the plane. Then I have started to transfer the customs control. All again also were again good. But after I have shown them the visa, me began to ask to show them of money. Mike I have not understood about what there is a speech. But to me have told, that I should have 35 American dollars within each day of stay in Australia. Also to me have told, that I should define time of stay in Australia. I have written, that I shall be in Australia three months then, 3150 American dollars have asked to show me. But I have no such money! I even never held such money in hands. Mike I have told, that I in Australia am am waited by the favourite person and I fly to it. I have told, that you completely will provide to me, my fine. But to me did not wish to listen. In customs to me have informed, that to Australia it is a lot of stay of emigrants, and therefore each person who wishes to go to Australia, should have in itself of money to prove, that it can provide itself. 
Your authorities are interested concerned) by tourists, they want it, the tourist had means for an accommodation fee, for foodstuff, etc., they speak that an internal Department of safety of Australia It is interested concerned) by that there was no stream of immigrants! As it is the law. All my inquiries seem useless. Mike, I write to you, and I have tears on eyes. My dear Mike, everyone to which we aspired, goes opposite. If I had such money, I with pleasure would find them, or borrowed, but as you you know, I have no any means. They simply want it in me 3150 dollars for an input in me simply them, it was necessary for them to show and they me will allow on this flight of the plane when I shall leave from the plane, I at once shall give To you these 3150 dollars!!! Mike, up to our meeting there was hours! I was, so are surprised, when have learned it, I could not spend some tears when an idea for which we cannot meet, but Love - the Barrier, and I very much hope, that we can overcome it! Mike, you so have very much made for our meeting, and I am very grateful to you, to me I hope, that you now will help me!!! I all in frustration, and very much worry. All have appeared so difficultly as I did not think in general. You should understand, that 3150 dollars are the minimal sum of money, that to me It is required. Dear I still had money only on food!!! Mike if it you can possibly send me this money? I to you them ioaai when I I shall arrive to you!!! As soon as I shall arrive to you, I shall give All of you this money!!! This law works for all countries. Today in me explosion of emotions about happens, and in me the raised condition. Mike, everything, that is up to our meeting these are 3150 dollars which will come back to To you with my arrival. My dear Mike, you the unique person, I am assured, that I can Rely all on you. Everything, that I only wish to be it with you together, with good prince Mike. Remember road, What happiness in yours Hands, and all depends on you. I wait your letter!!!!! I love, I love, I love you

I now sit in computer club in Moscow, and I cry, I have more, than now it was not necessary to do something. Except for you, my fine Mike, more nobody can help me. I here one, in unfamiliar someone's city. I here do not know anybody. I have no anybody to address for the help. I cry, and more I do not see the letter because of tears. 
I earlier could not present at all which so can be. I did not expect it, nobody has warned me. 
I have taken with me directly to Moscow some money. This money were sufficient only at the order of accommodation in hotel during a maximum of 2-3 days and to have food. It - is more in me there is no money. 

My fine Mike, you now the unique person who can help me. Please, Mike, do not throw me now. I only wished to be close to you if it is not a lot of from? It now my unique desire. I now was more than anything, I want, only to be close to you, my fine Mike. 
I only should show this money in customs. I return them to you at once as soon as I shall arrive to you, my fine. Directly at the airport. This money are necessary to show only to them in customs. 
I knew, that money, it is angry. But the world, in which we live to not change. Money here solve all. Therefore they now are necessary for me 3150 dollars, that I could arrive to you, and we could be together, my fine. 
Mike, you my unique hope. Do not throw me. You the unique person for whom I now can hope. I am More not, to help any. And all, which I now want, it, to be close to you, my fine. 
Mike my flight will be tomorrow for evening time. Mike and me it is necessary to have till tomorrow's time of 3150 dollars USA. Mike in most аэропорт there is a branch the Western Union. Mike I at once have gone there. They to me have told, that система the same and I can receive money at them also. Enough my full name and my country. 
Mike at me simply heart is broken off. Mike I of anything about it also could not think. Mike I began to shout at them. Mike I began to cry. You do not represent, that there occured. Mike I shouted it, that I shall live at you and you to me will pay all. 
Mike but they did not begin to listen to me. Mike they wish me to listen to nothing. Mike I begged and shouted at them. They to me have told, that if I shall not cease to shout, will call protection and will show the door me from the airport. Mike I felt awfully. Mike this money are necessary to me to show them. 
Mike please I do not know, that to me to do. Mike try to borrow in long from someone this money till Wednesday. Mike as soon as I to you shall arrive and I shall leave the airport I at once shall give of this money to you personally in charge. I need to be shown them in customs. I have already written to declarations that there will be 3 months at you and соответственно it is necessary for me to have 3150 dollars USA. Mike my God to me simply would be desirable to die now. Mike I wish to die!!!
Mike I feel the most unfortunate girl in the world. Mike I would not like to live. Mike why I such unhappy? Mike why it has occured to us???!!! Mike why, why, why?!!! Mike when remains it is not enough. Already all nothing could stop us and here such has occured. Mike I do not trust in all this till now. Mike already all also has occured such. 
Mike you mine and I am ready on all. Mike 
I shall wait for your letter, favourite. Mike please write to me as soon as you will receive my letter. Mike at once as soon as you will receive my letter write to me. Mike I shall go now to hotel, to wash and a little to have a rest from all it. Mike and then again in the Internet-cafe also I shall wait from you for the letter. Mike please I wait for the letter. 
Sincerely yours Katya. 

Letter 2

My darling Mike. 
I at all do not know, how now to me it to speak. 
I have received your money. I have gone to transfer customs inspection. I in myself had all necessary sum. Everyone should be good. 
I was filled in all declarations, have, has shown money. 
Then in customs have started to investigate my luggage. Mike remember I to you говрила about an ancient icon which has given me the grandmother. This relic was transferred from our family from generation to generation. And so, this of icons represents a greater historical value. I did not know it, I thought, that it обычноя an icon, которыя can be in each person. I did not define this icon in the customs declaration. I knew nothing about value of this icon. 
But to me have told, that I have broken the federal law. Me have accused of illegal export of values from the country. To me have told, that I am obliged to pay the penalty of 85000 roubles. They - 3000 American dollars. In another way I am under threat of 2 years of prison. 
Mike, I am guilty, which has not defined an icon in the customs declaration. But Mike I do not want in prison. Mike forgive but I have been compelled to pay this penalty from that money which you have sent me. Please favourite forgive me I did not know rules on export of export from our country. 
I now have ordered accommodation in hotel within several days. I has transferred air tickets. I have paid in hotel, I have chosen the cheapest place. 
I now cannot fly up without these 3000 dollars somewhere. 
I do not understand, why I such unsuccessful. I so was glad, that to me have received chance to find, that you, but now to me are very bad and very sad, I am constant to shout. 
Mike I began to shout and cry there. But they when have found this icon all send simply in furiousness. Mike I explained to them, that is not guilty in what. I it explained, that this icon a relic of our family and it pass from father to son, but they wish to listen to nothing about it. Mike if I not has paid it this penalty I was threatened really with prison 2 years of deprivation freedom. Mike I nothing knew about it. Mike I began all of them to explain and prove. Mike I in what it is not guilty, I and could not think, that this icon can something mean. Mike from me have taken away this icon. Mike to me have told, what not the knowledge of laws does not release from the responsibility. Mike my God I do not have any forces more. 

Mike at the airport have understood my situation. Mike they have transferred my flight. Mike at me have subtracted nothing, any money from the air ticket, to me have simply transferred my flight. Mike at the airport with understanding have concerned to my situation and have given to me two flights to a choice. Also have told, that I can tell about the choice even on Monday in the morning. 

Mike to me have given on a choice 2 рейча:

1 flight:

Airline and flight Aeroflot SU 575. My liner Boeing 767-300/300ER. 
Start on March, 6th on Monday from Moscow - Sheremetevo - 2 in 19 : 20, an arrival to Japan in the airport of Tokyo - Narita - 2 in March, 10th: 55 7 on Tuesday
Further my flight and my airline will be Japan Airlines JL 761. My Liner Boeing 747-400.
Start from Japan the airport of Tokyo - Narita - 2 in 21 : 35 + 1 on the same Tuesday on March, 7th, and an arrival on March, 8th on Wednesday in 07 : 15 + 2 in the airport - 1

2 flight:
Airline and flight Transairo UN 529. My liner Boeing 767-300/300ER.
Start on March, 7th on Tuesday from Moscow - Domodedovo d 22 : 25, an arrival in Singapure-Changi-1, on March, 8th environment in 14 : 00
Further my flight and my airline will be Srilankan Airlines UL2432. My liner Boeing 777-300. 
The start from Singapure-Changi-1 already will be on March, 9th on Thursday in 21 : 05, an arrival on March, 10th on Friday in 06:30+2 in the airport - 1. 

Mike here I can choose any flight. Mike I do not know, that to me now to do. Mike I know, that already soon there arrives your wife and from it to me is even more sick. Mike I now simply would like to die, I in despair. Mike I know, you have taken in a duty of money from the friend. And I had to give all of money. Mike but if I would not pay these 3000 dollars me simply would plant in prison. Mike I did not know, that to me to do. Mike I in a shock from all event. Mike as all this has already bothered me. Mike I did not know, that the grandmother the icon will represent such greater value and what to take out it illegally and so strictly. Mike at me simply heart is broken off. With these the last events I have been simply crushed and here have still occured such, that at me even now will not sustain heart, but I do not know, that to me to do. Mike I already almost entered into the plane. Mike but they have taken from me this icon, then send any experts, began all this to estimate. Mike I now so am am hurted with heart, that I do not know, that to me to do. Mike if less to eat and save, I will have enough money till Monday edge till Tuesday. 
Mike to me have given on a choice two flights. I change already 2 times and from me have not taken money because of it. Mike to me have told, that more I cannot change flight. Mike I am am hurted with heart, a head, all hurts me. I am simple in despair. I do not know, that to me to do. Mike I and in a terrible dream could not present, that such to me will occur. Mike I know this letter will kill you. To me to live it would not be desirable. Mike my God I do not know, that now there will be to speak your friend. Mike I had to give its and your money. 
Mike I feel awfully. Mike I yet did not write about all this to my girlfriend and mum. My mum will not sustain it. Mike my God I simply wish to be with you why so all develops. Mike all hurts me. And it is very heavy to breathe and heart hurts. Mike to me there after that it became bad. Mike even wished to go to the doctor, but has changed the mind. Mike I shall go now to hotel. Mike I love you and more you nobody is necessary to me. And I simply wish to meet you at last. Mike but why it occurs to me. Mike I люлблю you am more than life also I do not know, that to me to do. 
Sincerely yours Katya. 

Elena Slyunyaeva (Samara, Russia)

I was contacted by this person on I was immediately suspicious because a month earlier I had been contacted by another women on Nerve who also claimed to be from Russia, using the same domain for her webmail ( but  listed her location as New York/New York in her Nerve profile. After replying to her I checked my inbox later that day and saw they had changed their location to Samara Russia. After a couple of days and no reply I logged into Nerve and saw her profile was deleted by Nerve for reasons of abuse of policy. A month later I was contacted again on Nerve by Elena. We began corresponding but I was dubious of her intentions. I discovered your website after randomly searching the Internet for dating scams and read dozens of scam reports. Nevertheless I played along to see where it went. Her presentation of herself was similar to many introductions I had read on your site: She was good natured, optimistic, nature loving, child loving 29 year old single women who still lived at home and who worked as a kindergarten tutor in Samara. She also claimed to have a law degree but could not find work in her profession! She  had fallen in love with me after about a weeks worth of emails.  Calling her was out of the question because she didn't have a phone (?) and she thought it improper to use a friends phone for such a purpose even on my dime. She did call me once and spoke for a minute then rang off quickly. She avoided giving me her full name and address after a couple of requests but on the third request she relented. I searched it and found her name listed on a related site,, claiming to live in Tula Russia, because of a failed flower delivery to that address. She began hinting at meeting in person fairly early, like after a month of emails, and although she didn't right out say that I couldn't visit her in Russia nor did she concoct some typical excuse "like my mother is ill" or something, she always stated her preference was to visit me instead. I decided to push ahead and get as much info about this person as possible. When I agreed to a date for us to meet she replied that she had gone to a travel agent and had been informed that it would cost 1113 USD for a ticket and a visa but she only had 200. She asked me if I would help her out with the money and suggested I contact her travel agent ( to work out the details of using Western Union for the money transfer. When I countered that I would prefer to transfer the money directly into her bank account she said she didn't have one. After getting bored with the games, I was trying to get her to send me sexual photos of herself before I sent the money, I finally decided to call her bluff, send her on a wild goose chase for the never-sent money and end it. I no longer have her first email to me since I've cancelled my Nerve account but here's where it starts after my short reply to her introductory email. Our correspondence lasted 21/2 months so this is a cross section with the key emails included.

Letter 1

Hello dear Claudio!!!
First of all I want to tell to you thanks for your letter, and
for interest in me. Also it will be very interesting to me to learn
you, and to speak with you more. If fairly that it that that new to me 
because I never get acquainted on internet. But the truth it will be
very interesting to me to learn you, and to speak with you. In the 
first I should tell little bit more to you about myself. My name is
Elena, I was born in 12 may 1979 in the city of Samara, I live with my parents and I have also brother, he is more senior than me for one year. I want to tell that at us amicable family, and we really spend good time together. I like my city but if that is fairly I not a lot
of time spend in city. I like the nature, woods more, it is very good. 
But also it is very interesting to me to learn new places. I never travelled to other countries, and I can because of it a little know about other cultures much. I want to tell that I cheerful and the cheerful girl, and to me it is always very good when to other people 
well. I like to carry out a free time with friends, but now I have not enough of them near to me. Everyone go on different cities, and I 
practically one, but nevertheless am good familiar. Yes, I very much
like to spend time, having a good time. I love skiing, but I want to 
visit when be in mountains! It for me much. Also I very much like to float, I love driving on rollers, and also it is pleasant to me simply 
campaigns! At leisure I like to spend on the nature, to go to park,
and other good places. Also I like to listen music and to look cinema. 
For my hobby probably, I am pleasant like on the house I very much
more love when cleanliness in the house, and I like to make this 
cleanliness. Also, I like to prepare, and I very much, very much love
children. Even my work corresponds to this because I work as the tutor in a kindergarten. I work with children. And very much it is pleasant to me.... Yes, I at all do not know what to speak now, I think that I can add, that I to not drink alcohol, to not smoke and never to accept a drug... I speak this was NOT PRESENT. , like now everything, but I shall be glad if you to me also told about yourself, and can be spoke me about yourself more. You also can ask me that that, and I shall answer you with pleasure. I hope that this letter becomes continuation of that that. I shall hope... Sincerely, Elena! 

Letter 2

Hello dear Claudio!
Today Sunday and the first day when I can have a rest from work.
Yesterday I had a lot of work and consequently today twice pleasantly to have a rest:-)! I came to look the letter from you, but probably you have some work, or you are borrowed also I hope that you can write to me when will have time! As today the day off I can well have a rest and enjoy a life. Today we have good winter weather. I think that it more similar on a fairy tale. I for a long time dreamed of similar weather. It beautifully falls a snow, and there is no wind. I think that you could like also similar weather! After I shall write to you the letter, we with Katya want to go in our grove and to ski. I think that it is very good weather for walk on a ski. And it is a pity to me that you are not present beside now with me because together we could have the big entertainment! I have the big plans for today. Also I hope that I can embody them! After we shall come from walk on a ski I shall go in souls, and a field of it I want to go to Katya and probably we with her shall do a pie. We wanted to call our familiar, and we want to arrange hen-party! It will be the big entertainment! I should go now, but I hope to receive the letter from you very soon. How passes your week-end? Probably you have what or plans? I would like find out it! For me it is very interesting to know as there passes your life, for me all this is curious very much!!! I cannot see your life and it is not a pity to me that now we can have a cup of hot chocolate, I think that we could tell much each other. Well all I should go now!!! Good day and mine kiss!!!
Yours faithfully Elena

Letter 3

Hello my love Claudio!!!! I very much, am very glad to receive from 
you the letter! First of all I want to tell to you many thanks for your congratulations!!! I the truth am much glad that you to me speak! I want to tell that it is the truth much pleasantly for me! Yes, I feel well, I am happy that my brother has daughter! And I to want when be children! Dear Claudio, my parents also are happy also they now only and speak about it, and think also!:-)) Dear Claudio, I want to 
answer your question. I do not think that I religious women Yes, you
are right, I think that schools do not lead to very good, but for whom 
as.. That is who that trusts and has chosen such way, and for him it
is correct. I think that I to trust in the god. But I to not go to church constantly. At everyone he is in soul, that is sometimes I think of it. But strongly to not betray to this value... 

Also, dear Claudio, I to see that you to me speak that you think...
Yes, it is the truth very big distance between us.. It is real so.. But, I also want to tell that if to not aspire to this it will not be.. It is the truth. But if 2 person, feel sympathy to everyone, and would want that they were together or that they could spend good time, and it for them will be good. Why they cannot make it? I do not know, but I think, that we to live one life. And if that that we want it it is necessary to achieve. And if to sustain losses it also will be correct because you make it for yourself, and for the sake of the happiness. Dear Claudio, I do not know the truth what to tell now. But I the truth think of you, and I would like when be to meet you. If you cannot arrive in Russia I shall make it because I want to see you in a real life! I think of it! Well, I shall wait from you the letter.
Sincerely, your loving Elena! 

Letter 4

Hello my dear Claudio!
I very much, am very glad to receive from you the letter, really it is very pleasant for me that you to me speak! I want to tell that for me it really very well when I to receive from you the letter, and thanks for your picture that you to send me! I want to tell that for me it very pleasantly! Yes, I want to tell that I think of you much and when I now to read your letter, to me becomes very much, it is very pleasant! Because you really very pleasant person and I the truth would like to find out you more! Yes, I want to tell that I really would like now it, to be near to you! It is valid very pleasantly for me that I can speak with you! I think of it much! Yes, I would like to arrive the truth to you, even if not to you very much I want to meet you. That is if we cannot meets in Ottawa we can in Moscow, I only once to be in Moscow... But I never to be in Canada... I the truth want to speak with you more much! Yes, I also want to tell that for me really much that you to me speak! Yes, dear Claudio, I do not know how many it could cost for me what to arrive to you. If you would want the truth that I arrived to you I could go and learn in agency of travel.. If certainly you want it dear Claudio. I the truth want it, but I do not know your opinion. I the truth to not have it is a lot of money, but I to have the small salary, it only 300 USD. But I saved money, and I shall receive in the beginning of February. So I could have 500-600 USD. I think that it will be not so expensive? Please, if you really would want that I arrived, speak me when I could visit you? I can make it in February on my vacation? Or what? Also tell to me in detail, I should see what airport? I shall go, but I should tell that I think of you much, and I really very much want to see you soon!
I think of you much! You very good person! I shall wait! 
Sincerely Elena!

Letter 5

Hello my dear Claudio!
Thank for your letter. My dear Claudio, I just to arrive from travel company... Dear Claudio, I the truth think of you much, and it would be pleasant for me to arrive to you much. I really would be very 
glad! Yes, I to find out that will be necessary for me, to me spoke that I should make the visa, the passport, documents, and the ticket. But when to me have told that it costs... I am a little sad.. Because it very much expensive for me.. My dear Claudio. to me have told that all trip and all documents will make approximately 1113 USD... But I did not think that it so expensive. I the truth very much want to arrive to you, but I to not have so much many money.. Please, my love, understand, that I very much want to visit you. But I to not have many money.. I have 200 USD now and could ask parents. But such plenty, for Russia it is a lot of.. Please. Do not take offence at me.. I the truth very much want to arrive to you. But I have no so much money.. I do not want to ask you, I understand it it is very a shame. But what you think of it? You do not annoy on me? My dear Claudio. I the truth very much want to see you, I would be happy, but it very much expensive for me.. You could help me? Excuse for such question. But can that you know that as to make on another? I very much want to be with you and to waste time, especially your birthday! I think that it would be healthy to be together and to enjoy together our time! I think of you much!
Please, write me! I think of you much! 
With love Elena!

Letter 6

Hello my dear Claudio!
Thanks big for your letter! Thanks big for your letter mine dear Claudio! I the truth am much glad to receive from you the letter, and really it is pleasant for me much that you have written to me my love!!!! Dear Claudio, I really am glad much that you have written to
me and that you to me speak! It is the truth well, I waited your letter! Dear Claudio, I want to tell, that I to not send you sexual a picture, only because in internet-cafe is to many people who can see it, and to me will be not so dexterously.. You understand? Dear Claudio, I not against that that would share than that with you, and there is nothing we really could find out more in each of us. And I not against I could show you the body. I understand it important. But understand me, that I am not one. Also there are many people who see my letter who sees my pictures. And it would be a little a shame to me before it.. You understand? I do not want to reject your questions on pictures. And it is good, I shall necessarily show you the body, and I promise you it. But it is simple now difficultly for me.. And who will make such picture? My girlfriend? My love, I promise that I shall be that be to think of it and to send. 

Yes, also thanks you my love, that you to me speak about a meeting! I really very much want to arrive to you, and I want to tell to you many thanks for your help to me. I to trust you and I the truth want to be with you! I think that it will be very good what to spend time and spend time and find out you more! Also to make it is a lot 
of for entertainment! I think that it will be very good!

My love,

My information.

Slyunyaeva Elena
Russia. Samara
Street. VORONEZH, h.206 ap. 31

It will be necessary for that what you made transfer. But also you 
should give to me the information. Well? Or you want not so? My love, please, write to me soon, I shall wait your letter!!! 

With the big love, your Elena!

Letter 7

Hello my dear Claudio!!!!

I very much, am very glad to receive from you the letter! Mine dear
Claudio, please, excuse me for the last letter.. I the truth am guilty in it... But I simply experienced from for you. Also worried.. But I understand now you. And I agree with that that you speak. I understand this feeling. And I am glad that you now explained me that it is necessary. I the truth understand it. 

Yes, dear Claudio, this agency of travel, and
there is travel the adviser who is responsible for my flight in Canada 
to you.

My love, I really very much want to arrive to you, and I would want 
that we were together. And I think of you much, and I think of this
meeting. Yes, mine dear Claudio, I understand you. And I would want that you have understood me now. That it is necessary for me to make all documents in this agency, not separately, but all together. That is documents, the visa, and the ticket, it should be all together.

My love, I the truth want to be with you, and I think of you! BUT my
love, I to not have the account in bank... To me never to send money... And it was not necessary for me... Because the salary always to yield to us... But not in bank... And I to not have it my love... 

I the truth want to be with you, and I really think of our meeting.

And I thought, that if will be so if I could ask the bank account in travel agency, and you could pay at once it, but I also to put the money to them. And I could inform that you will to send money. And it could be good? Or what? 

I simply the truth have no bank account. But also, my love, you could
use Western Union? It is at you?

For this purpose you need my full information, that is the address,
and a full name. Also, I could remove money only to come and show the passport. To me have told that this translation is made quickly, and money to go to the addressee only for 20 minutes. It is good?

My love, please, tell to me that you think? I also should send you a
copy of mine ID, and I to make it now and I shall send to you. Well?

My love, I really want to be with you and I think of you much! I shall write to you soon, I shall make only a copy of my passport. 

I the truth wait from you the letter much!
Yes, also, I shall send you a picture of me. 

I the truth think of you much!
With love, your Elena!!!! 

Letter 8

My dear Claudio...
I want to tell to you that I some times to try to cause by phone....
But you did not take a tube. Also I wrote to you the letter, but also you have not answered. In bank to me have told that such order was not also sent nobody of money for my name.. I do not know what to tell to you. If you simply joke above I it is not so successful joke.... If 
you simply use me it is not correct with your position... Though make as you you think necessary... 
I really to grow fond of you, and concerns to you with love and with
heart.. If you simply would want that I suffered well. But I do not 
know, and I do not understand as I can react to your acts... Write to
me and tell that you decide.... If you simply do not want to be with 
me, this your decision.. I shall wait all the same.

Sincerely Elena.

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