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Hi my name is Steve and i am a single father, contacted on my yahoo personel site by maria from armenia who shows also to be listed on blackpage267 as avyagyan. I did not send money but would like her listed under this name as well. She is very persuasive, does use form letters as well as personal letters. thanks.

The letters that i received on 23/12/2004 bear a striking similarity to Olga Tregubova (Archangelsk, Russia) that is in Russian Bride Cyber Guide Black list, with some minor cut and paste. I could not find these photos in any black list database. I did an IP search and learned that the e-mail originated from the Mari-el Republic. Cheboksary is the capital of Chuvash Republic. Beware, I think these are new photos, possibly stolen. The girl in photo may be real.


Black List - page 360: UPDATES
March 10, 2005 - page 3

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Svetlana (Zvenigovo, Russia)

I was also writing to this woman for about 3 months but I knew her as Marina. Though I asked, she never did provide a last name.She almost stopped talking to me for a while until I slipped and mentioned that I was a published author, then she started writing more. This should have been an early clue. Communication broke off with her after I cought her in a fib and was told by a friend of hers that she had been hit by vehicle and needed an operation to save her life (asking me for money, of course). Her friends name was Irena and I have come to suspect that Marina is actually a known scammer from Zvenigovo named Irena. When I informed her that I knew that there was a scammer in her area by that name, she promptly sent me a photo of her and her friend at a zoo. This seemed a little suspicious to me. This one is good, she actually reads the letters that you send her and responds to them (no form letter responses). She had told me that she was 30, a teacher and that her mother had died when she was 2 and her father when she was 15, spending the remainder of her youth in an orphanage. She later sent me a photo of her mother whick i believe to be "Marina" before dying the hair blonde. Upon close examination I found that they have the exact same mole on the upper left lip. For a child to share this kind of thing with a parent is extremely rare. She sent me 9 photos of her and 3 of her parents. Two of them are all ready posted under "Svetlana" along with the exact same letters that I originaly recieved. I am sending more photos so that others can recognized her different looks. The last photo sent is the one of her "Mother", which as I said, I believe to be "Marina" in reality. Be careful of this one. 
sincerly,  Nick 


Tanya (Kazan, Russia)

I'm a 26/male/Straight Single Canadian Non-Smoker/Non-Drinker which they 
tried to target, but was unsuccessful, thanks to a girl which I had met on 
the "Hot or Not" site who had inspired me to open my eyes. I did not find 
love, but instead found happiness from her intellect and was fascinated with 
her unique character. Up to this point in my life I had never met a girl 
that entertainingly stimulated my mind as she. School started and we had a 
miscommunication and we don't talk to each other anymore. Because nobody's  neuronal brain patterns has ever matched and satisfied me, I have never been  able to love anyone truly. I get a kick out of these sites dating sites  and  there is always something new and is somewhat semi-entertaining,  but the   real fun is girls from my University. I guess that's why I love school so   much. That same month I got a message from a girl that just signed up  1/20/2005 on the "RateMyBody" site and the email are chronologically below.   This fake person with the name, Tanya, talked about the soul and tried to   touch my heart with these fake letters and didn't realize that I was  adamantine about falling in love so easily. I'm glad that I don't have a   weak mind so no harm has been done to me and I'm just trying to help the   next person not to  lose hope in finding their "true love" because she does  exit and she is out   there. I have met a lot of wonderful girls in my life  and it's just so hard to pick out one from a tree fruited with angles. The sun is setting and I must settle up  my horse and try my luck with the angles   of the wind. Best regards to  everyone.   


Hello my name is Tanya. I 28 years. I have much interested your profile, you 
to look on 10 points. If you want to get acquainted with me write me on box . I from Russia city kazan.

Email #1 January 30, 2005

Hi, my dearest friend NAME!
I am writing you from Russia. I have seen your picture and decided to use my chance to get acquainted with you. I know that somewhere in this world lives  my second half . And Internet is a good way to find  him. So why not to try to get to know each another? I believe that I need to tell you more about myself.  My name is Tatyana. I live in  Russia, city called Kazan. So, my height is for about 172 cm and weight is for about 52 kg I was born on July 10,1976. I am a  christian. I do not want to speak about the appearance. As I can not estimate myself. I send you my photo. And I hope that you will make it. To  have a better idea of my appearance you can look at my picture, which is attached to this  letter. And what about you? Do you have any photo? I also want to saw it.  I want to apologize for some mistakes in my letter. You see, I am not very good at English but I am studying it hard myself and hope to   prove my knowledge someday. As for my family, I am an only child in my  family. I have neither sisters no brothers. My parents are divorced for long time already. My father left us when I was still a little  girl and I haven't seen him since that time. It is really very sad and I am always very upset thinking about   it. So I am looking for the person who will be a reliable husband, friend, lover  for me and who loves children because I adore children and would like to have a happy, friendly family and our children to live in the  atmosphere of joy and  happiness. It is my dream to create my own family and to present all my love,  care and tenderness to my future husband and children. I have many interests  and I will tell you about it in brief. Well, I can't imagine my life without music. I get up  with music and go to bed with it! I always listen to music when I do something at home and it helps me to be in a high spirit. I like everything from classical to modern music. Usually it depends on my  mood. From modern foreign music, I prefer Moby, Madonna, Jamiroquaer, Wanessa May, and Dido etc. My favorite song is: "In This World" -  MOBY. If you want to have a good rest you must put this CD in you Stereo system and just take some fun.  I always try to find some time during the day to read a book. Usually   I do it before going to bed. I prefer Russian classics, such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevski and many others. I have re-read them many  times already and every time I take one of  these books, it is like I am reading it for the first time. I am sure  you have heard about these writers. Sometimes I don't mind to read  something from the modern literature, detective stories or novels. I do it just for fun. Sport is a great part of my life. I go to the gym twice a week and also do aerobics. It helps me to be in a good shape  and in a high spirit. When I am training, I forget about all problems and hardships in my life.  I love my friends a lot and I have many of  them. They are all very different and it is always a great pleasure to see  them. Sometimes we go to the  nightclubs but do it seldom because it is rather expensive for me. We like just to walk around the town and talk about different things. We often go to visit  each another, it so nice to sit at home with a cup of hot tea in the cold winter evening. We  often go to the cinema and enjoy our time there. When I watch a movie, it is like I am getting to that unusual for me world full of emotions,  passion, love and tenderness. You see I am very romantic and I like   romantic  dinners with the candles, surprises, night walks under the stars and  many, many another things and some day I hope to experience  all these with  my beloved man. Well, I will close here for today and leave something for  tomorrow! I am waiting impatiently for your reply and hope to get to know as  much as possible about you. For me, as a woman, I need a man next to me,  cause... "What's a woman when a man don't stand by her side... " You know  the song I guess man that I want  to have next to me must be very strong, intelligent, with sense of humor, very romantic but motivated in the same time. He must love me and   protect me, make me feel like a woman and share  I really like you and have very serious intentions. So feel free to  ask me  everything you are interested in. Take care and have a good day! Hope   to  hear from you very soon. Now bye NAME!  Tanya.   

February 07, 2005     

Hello  my new friend! I was very glad to receive your letter, I like what you wrote and I  find oyu very interesting, but you did not write your name. It must be a big  secret? Joke... That was really pleasant for me to receive it. I'm very new in this type of correspondence and that's why I would like to ask you to excuse  me for some probable mistakes, but I hope that through our correspondence  we will get to know each other well and, maybe, find love. I hope...I saw your  foto, who is with you on it? Now little more about me. My name is Tanya and I  live in beautiful Rassia in city Kazan. Have you ever been here? What do you  know  about my country? I do not know about your country a lot. I live alone  in flat in the suburbs of the city which I rent. I have a lot of  hobbies. I like reading, listening to the music, dances, playing    tennis, planting flowers. I like  dogs very much! As for my chracter  I`m very easy-going, kind, reliable  and frank, I despising lie and betraying. I want to create my family and meet a  loving, caring man who will love me and whom I will love too. Let's begin our correspondence and find out if we are made for each other.I want to be  honest  with you... I am very serious person and I am not looking for a pen-pal.  I need a faithful, devoted to me man which want to become my  husband, friend and beloved. I would like to know more about you, when  is your birthday? Do you live alone? Tell me more about your life and  work. I`m really interested! And I want us become friends! If you  interested in knowing me better please ask what would you like to  know. I will answer honestly.I`m waiting for your email with your more  photos. I wish you good day! I will wait for  your reply, Tanya.   

Email #3 February 17, 2005  

Hello darling NAME !!!
When I am involved in a relationship I don't give love, I don't give passion, I don't give trust, I don't give respect...I GIVE EVERYTHING  ! That's me ... All or nothing. I am a very romantic person, cause for me the soul is the most  important...the beauty is given to you by the nature or by the age, but the soul  is given to you by God, and that is  the most important thing a human being posses. In a relationship I am  totally dedicated and I always treat the man next to me the same how I  want to be treated. I love romantic walks, holding  hands and talk for hours, I love romantic dinners and I love the classical  values. I am a   very shy girl, I like very much to read poetry and philosophy
(Aristotle, Kant, etc.) and I would love to meet a good man who can change 
my life. Sincerely I don t trust man because until now I don t find a man who can love me ,and respect me for what I am , now only for my body. All  man  look at me like to a sex machine, and I want to find a man who can  look to my soul not only to my body! I want to start a new life, a  better life I want to have  a family to have a home of my own and a man  near me who can give me all the love in the world! I like my country, but I want leave it because lawyers here  are bad played and you don't  have any future in this country. Sincerely I trust more strangers then  romantic people. I want to meet a stranger man who can respect for  what I am not for how I look, and accept me the way I am, and  who can  make me happy, and with whom I can make a family. I want a true love  in my life, and if I meet a man I will go anywhere in the word with  him...   If you think that you can love and respect me for what I am and if you  think that you can never lie to me then you are perfect for me and I would to meet you as soon as possible because I can feel that you are the   right men   for me.  I want to be recognized to you, that as soon as I have received your  maiden letter it gave hope to me, that you are real. The alone person, to whom I can talk frankly and to start new relationship. And now,  when I receive each   our new letter I is very happy. That we find out one another better. I have  conducted a lot of time thinking about you  and now I want to inform it to you.  Now I do not know as I can think   of you and who you for me. At first I  thought, that you it is simple penfriend. But now I think differently. Now you  have taken a large place in my life. Earlier I felt any vacuum in mine douche. But since  we have begun to write one another this vacuum began to peter.  And now there there are only my thoughts about you and my hope for our love. I hope it does not shock you and I think, what is it letter will help you to    find out my feelings.  I wait for your e-mail and I very happy that you write me I think  that  you are a good man and I would love to meet you and to be  together. I am looking forward for your reply... I wish you a perfect day.
Always yours, Tanya

Email #4 February 24, 2005

Hi my dear NAME !
What a happiness it is to hear from you. Thank you so much for the warm letters and for the card. Sometimes it happens, when you wake up  in the morning and then things seem to take some crazy direction. But it passes,  one just needs to be patient, till the sun comes our from  behind the clouds.  You know, before, when things went wrong at work, I  use to come home and  just take a hot bath, have a cup of hot chocolate  and watch some good old comedy for the hundred and first time. And now I have so much more to take comfort from, I have you in my life, I can  reread your letters. Just knowing that there are you on the other end  of the world, thinking of me too, makes my life  so much happier. You know, I've been watching my fish, it's such a peaceful  sight. And the  sweethearts are still trying to distance themselves from the rest  of my fish gang. : -) By the way, I noticed that fish are as curious as  people, they tend to show too much interest in the life of my sweet couple.  I mean that lately, since we started writing, I've been sleeping such a sound  sleep I haven't slept in years. In fact, I don't think I've  had such a good sleep ever since I was a child. I dream such magical,  such colorful dreams, that it's so hard to wake up in the morning,  returning back to the real world. And I've begun to see you often in  my dreams. Name , in my dreams you're so close to  me, that I can feel the warmth of your body and the strength of your hands,  the softness or your lips? Seem as if our hearts are being as one and  there's no such force that could become an obstacle between us. Like  last night I dreamt a wonderful dream. In that dream we were walking  together, hand in  hand, along the ocean shore. And the ocean, playful as a kitten, nipping at our bare feet, licking our footprints off the wet sand. Milky pink dawn was just  being born in the cloudless sky,  sprinkling the waves with its golden sparkles, light breeze played with our hair. And then all of the sudden it began to rain, in  a second it was pouring heavily, and there's wasn't a single soul in  sight, and no place, not even a tree, to seek shelter from. In an  instant our clothes became soaking wet, and useless. So, we took it  off, and plunged into the  warm and gentle ocean waters. Myriad of  raindrops, just like little pearls, hit the water surface, of the  color of rising sun. We messed around in the water like two kids, yet  I could feel your strong hands holding me, and I felt so safe, as I  never had felt. We laughed, it was the most genuine laughter. As I  woke  up I thought that I wouldn't be fair any more to say I'd never  seen the ocean. Because I had. It was Our ocean. It can't be found on  the world map, but if there's a map of our lives, I'm sure it's there.   And it's called? The Ocean of NAME and Tanya?? Thinking of you, Tanya.

Irina Alekseeva (Astrakhan Russia) 

I am a 45 year old single white male self employed. I this Russian girl sent me a e-mail through over a year ago. We talked for a long time and then she started in asking for money for a visa and flight fare to come and spend some time with me. Like a fool I fell for it and I just found your scam sight and want all to know about this women so they do not fall pray to her.  The money was sent through Western Union and picked up the same day. I  don't have all the letters but I do have a couple of her letter to show you.   


Hello  dear Chris!!! 
I always very much wait for your letters, our correspondence  becomes very important for me. Your letters cheer me up when I read it, I understand that there is a person close to me. I very much  hope, that our friendship is mutual!!! You probably surprises, that in the 32 years I have no husband and children. But I a lot of time was engaged work  and training and had no time to create family. Now I have generated the career  and began to think of search of the husband. This question becomes very  important  for me. My characteristic of the husband is kind and tender, sympathetic the man. Children not the most important in my life, the most  important is the husband. If we with the future husband shall decide to have  children then I shall be glad a birth of the child. If we shall decide, that we shall  live without children, I also agree. I want to tell to you as I spend a free  time. It basically in the day off. We meet with girlfriends and we carry out cheerfully time. For  example we listen to music and we prepare for some tasty dishes.  Sometimes we visiting of cinema and theatre, but it is very expensive  on the small salary. I very much love walks on the nature, employment by  sports is volleyball, gymnastics. But the rigid schedule of work, not always  allows to do it. I also would like to learn more about your  free and the working  days? How you carry out them? How you conduct  cleaning a house? I have  been given birth on August, 29 and now to me  32 years. 

My full name Irina    Alekseeva. 
my address is Dvorak's 1/1 street, settlement Novolesnoe, the city  of Astrakhan, Russia, 414044. 

our post system works very badly, therefore be cautious sending me of   the letter. I shall be glad to write to you the letter in   correct   mail!!! Today I shall finish the letter!!!!  With impatience I wait for your answer!!! Yours Irina.

Hello my boyfriend Chris!!!
I am very much excited during those moments when I look mail. I am afraid to not find the letter from you. When I receive your letter, I re-read it some times.  I am very happy, that our attitudes grow. I very much hope, that your feelings also present and sincere as mine. I would like to create family with such person as you. The Russian conditions education of me is very good. I have learned to appreciate much. I have learned to respect people because in a heavy, complex life it is very necessary. Also I very  strongly appreciate and I respect our attitudes and very much I do not  want to lose it. Our correspondence has given me hope, that I shall create family with you. And I very much protect it!!!!   I conversation on our attitudes with girlfriends  yesterday. They were pleased about our feelings, but they are  afflicted that we  far apart. I think of you and about our correspondence on work and houses, everywhere. It very much pleases  me!!! I want to tell to you about things which I like: I very much  like the cook for someone. I love ice-cream. I love warm weather and a beach. I like to look at stars at night. I love walks in park. I love  honesty and kindness. I love you. Also I want tell you about my dislikes: I hate furs. I hate boiled onion. I hate cold and rainy weather. I hate lies and unfaithfulness. I hate that I'm so far from     you. What I like in a man: faithfulness, honesty. He have be   open-minded and open-hearted, also easy-going. Tell me more please  about your habits, your desires. I want to know about you as much as  possible. I love you!!! Your Irina.     

Marat Kuznecov (Mumansk oblast, Russia)

My name is Phil. This woman I was in contact with from "Cherry Blossoms" web site. She is listed on your black list under a few names. Here is all the letters she wrote to me, and some of the nunerous photos (note: 1 is in what appears to be a wax museum) Her Name used there is

 Marat Kuznecov,  
Mumansk oblast, 
Kovdor ul.Sludganaja 7 "A" kv 63 
Russia 184140. 

Her e-mail is She is listed on your site as Alena (Chelyabinsk, Russia)   I will send emails seperately, as I do not know how to attach them here 
Sincerely, Phil 

Julia (Samara, Russia)

I am a 32 year old man living in the U.S. and was contacted by this woman.   This is actually an update on "Evgeniya (Samara, Russia)" listed as a January  2, 2005 update. She is using the name "Julia" and contacted me through  Yahoo  Personals as well. I received identical letters to  those of the original  poster.

She uses this address for her profile:

She uses this email:


Here is the letter she sent requesting money:

"Hello my XXXX!!!
Today I had fine day. I have woken up early with good mood and thought so will pass all the day long   But in the evening I have come to the Internet of cafe to  receive letters from you and me have afflicted.   Unfortunately I cannot write the  big letter now,  because I Owe some sum of money to the manager the  Internet of cafe from which I write to you. The manager the Internet of cafe is  the woman and she(it)  has told to me That the input(entrance) in the   Internet  of cafe for me is closed, as I not solvent   client and I cannot pay for services by own forces. To  me very much It is a pity to leave you, I very much  like and  I hope for the further Chat with you to me   also have told that I owe 160 dollars for services The Internet of cafe. If I shall find this sum of money that for me an input(entrance) will be It is open. Now I shall search money. As soon  as I shall  find 160 US dollars so you at once and I shall write. I ask you to help me. as I do not want to begin our attitudes(relations) with money. At Me   the opportunity  will come once again to the Internet of cafe in two   days,  That I could receive from you the answer. If you  half-summer this money, We   shall learn(shall find out)  each other further

Elena Sergeeva (Cheboksary, Russia)

I'm glad yet sad I found the Scam site. Maybe a few hundred dollars would have been better than a hurt and  used heart. I'm 50 yr old, Caucasian male. I wascontacted through Yahoo Personals from the name  Lenochka424, which didn't have a profile. (I contacted Yahoo Personals by phone but they said they couldn't release any information about "Lenochka424".) I was told to contact "". Her letters are similar to the ones I've seen posted here.  Even her sister's names are the same as in these other letters. What raised my suspicion was that her 4th letter was signed "Tatyana" instead of "Elena".  Hmm...maybe they forgot who they were writing to or who they were supposed to be. Her full info is:

Elena Sergeeva
Birthday: 10/10/62
The Russian Federation
City of Cheboksary 428006
St. Yubileynaya 58 Apt. 49

I learned how to say "---- YOU!" in Russian and sent that as my last e-mail. I'm pretty bummed. 

Elena Sharnina (Kazan, Russia)

hi my name is steve stribley,im a cop in dallas texas and was contacted by a scammer wanting money to come  see me in texas,she fell in love really quickly,shes  been sending me emails almost daily. shes also listed on your  site as i  will also attach 2 pics and emails ive copied and  pasted to notebook.shes very good at  what she  does,understands and responds to letters,not preformatted. thank you steve 


Hello Steve! I am happy, that you have written to me the answer. My name is Elena. To me of 28 years , Growth 168 cm. I live in Russia,  in small city  Kazan. Our city Very beautiful: here the fine nature, is theatres, museums,  Monuments of architecture. I live with my parents.  They already for a long time  on Pensions. At me the maximum economic  formation. But at us in Russia It is very hard to find work on a  speciality, therefore I work The teacher  in a kindergarten. But I do not regret about it. To me very much To  like to communicate with children. I should help parents, because in parents, pension very  small . I have come in The Internet - cafe to get acquainted with the man from other country. In Russia men very rough, they at all do not appreciate Russian women. And me It is necessary present the man! I  think, that in other countries of the man much more Better concern to  women. To get   acquainted through the Internet to me My girlfriend has  advised. One year ago she has left for Canada and till now Lives there with the favourite husband  very happily. She also Has got acquainted  with it through the Internet and does   not regret about it. I for a  long time Looked a site and suddenly my  eyes have stopped. It were  you. You to me At once have liked, I have read your structure and at  once have decided to write To you. I with impatience waited your   answer and you have written to me. I very much It is glad to your  letter. It is very interesting to me to learn about you little bit  more , Because  you have interested me. I want to set some questions .  Where exactly you live,    what your city where work? Tell about To your  family, it is more about  itself. I hope, that you were interested with  my letter . And if it so I shall wait from you for the following letter.

Hi my dear Steve!!! How you today? I am always glad to receive from you the letter. Your letters bring a lot of pleasure during my life  and I every day with  impatience wait to read your letters. My lovely,  today I have decided to contact  embassy and to find out that to me it is required to arrive to you. I can arrive to  you under the visa of   the tourist for 90 days, such validity of the visa of tourist  B-2. To receive the visa I should go to Moscow, only in Moscow I can  receive   the visa and I from Moscow shall fly to you. To me have told that I the visa will not be problems, I can receive the visa during two  weeks. But there is  one small problem, all this very dearly costs also  I have no all money for  travel to you. The visa costs 200 dollars, I have found out also how many there   is a ticket, I have found out that  the ticket to you costs 1100 dollars, I  was in a shock, I was so is upset that I have begun to cry. Also to me 10 days  is necessary to be  in Moscow in current approximately. I have found out that in  Moscow   hotel very dear and to live in Moscow in hotel of 10 days and to  eat  to me 800 dollars is required still approximately. I have combined all  these sums of money and it has turned out, that that to arrive to you  to me 2100   dollars are necessary. It is simply huge sum, I have my  personal savings only  400 dollars, but this sum is very small. Whether  I have gone to my parents  and have decided they can find out to help   me, they also have been surprised  that all this so dearly stands. Mine mum and the daddy have told   that can give me 700 dollars, but it also  is not enough, whether they tried find out at familiar they can to  give them in a duty of money but nobody can give  me 1000 dollars more.  I have 1100 dollars, but this money to me does not  suffice to arrive  to you. My mum to me has told to me that I have written to you   the letter and have asked 1000 dollars for you, but I have told to her that  as you can help me, that you even if want to help me that as you will  send to  me of money. Mum to me has told that I our city am Western  Union, it is  system of remittances worldwide. I have gone to the  nearest bank and to me  have told that such system really is also they have explained to me as this  system works. They have told to me that   you can send money to me for my name Sharnina Elena, to you in your  bank will give code MTCN from ten figures and you should inform it a  code to me that I could receive your money. I also should know your full name and your full address. The address of bank in our city where  you can send me 1000 dollars: Russia, the city of Kazan,  street Korolenko 58A, AK BARS BANK. To me have told that it is the most reliable system of remittances. Lovely mine, whether I do not know you  agree  to help me and whether you will send to me of money which to meare  necessary that I could arrive to you, but I have written all  beforehand that you  knew the information on that as you can the help  to me if you want that I have  arrived to you. I hope for you, I very much want to arrive to you and to be glad  with you. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. I love and kisses yours  Elena!!!


Dina (Zelenodolsk, Russia)

Just last week, I started receiving email from a woman claiming to be in Russia. While looking up information about her, I came across your site! Thank  goodness I did, because I found letters that were identical to the ones I was receiving. Following is  he information.   

Name: dinochka devochka (She goes by Dina) 
City: Zelenodolsk City, Russia Agency: 

Came to my Yahoo  mail address email:   Attatched is the only picture she would send.  Thank You for your site and service!


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Dating Russian women

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