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Hi my name is Steve and i am a single father, contacted on my yahoo personel site by maria from armenia who shows also to be listed on blackpage267 as avyagyan. I did not send money but would like her listed under this name as well. She is very persuasive, does use form letters as well as personal letters. thanks.

The letters that i received on 23/12/2004 bear a striking similarity to Olga Tregubova (Archangelsk, Russia) that is in Russian Bride Cyber Guide Black list, with some minor cut and paste. I could not find these photos in any black list database. I did an IP search and learned that the e-mail originated from the Mari-el Republic. Cheboksary is the capital of Chuvash Republic. Beware, I think these are new photos, possibly stolen. The girl in photo may be real.


Black List - page 359: UPDATES
March 10, 2005 - page 2

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Alena Nikolaeva (Vladimir, Russia)

As I sit here in shock knowing that I have been had! I have been in contact with a Russian girl who claims to be Alena Nikolaeva, works as fitness instructor in center of Vladimir. She said her income is $200.00 a month. We started getting deep after about 4 responses, something told me to watch out because I recall somewhere I saw about online scams. So I accused in one letter and she didnt have much to say on that except some kind of excuses( She didnt stop writing, first sign right!). So I said sorry because I'm thinking I'm in love? She is honest with me and I am just being too cautious. A few more letters go by after a week and a half and we are talking about marriage. So I asked what will it take to get you to me? She replys $400.00 for visa and to western union it, she gave address of western union. So I asked why I havent been able to hear her vioce from a public payphone and she tells me because she doesn't own a phone, of course! So I told her I would send her $100.00 dollars just to talk on the phone because I am good at questioning and listening and feeling what they are all about. Thank GOD I forgot to put the 10 ditig western union tracker so she/he wasn't able to get it. I went on Google because something inside told me to check if over the years she has been in her local news paper for any good deeds she had done in her helping other people to get in better physical and mental health, so she/he said? That was definetly my spirit giudes helping me out!! Call it a coincidese or an accident, I dont think so I call it a synchronicity from my higher source! I was so so soooooooooo sad!!!!! When I saw what came after I got info on her name. I wepped like a baby! Please senser that part about me crying but it hurt so bad that I openned up myself to a fraud!! I have to admit that I needed that taste of reality and I'm lucky she/he didn't get anything as a matter of fact she will be answering the questoins I had in order for her/him to get wire transfer. I'm going to have fun with this one!! Hehehe!!! LOL, LOL thank you again for this service. It has been about 14hrs. since I found out the truth about Russian women and scammers. So I have gotten a great lesson in all of this (2 weeks). I have the love and the light that a relationship needs and it took a scammer to have me realize this! Ironic that I am greatful also because I discovered parts of me that I never knew about and they will always be there for me to use. I got real poetic, and I'll send you the 3rd poem I ever wrote in my life not to mention they were all to her/he. So the lesson is life is beautiful even alone because I was actually under a placiebo affect and it helped get me out of my darkest days of loneliness. I now know that I am a great guy and there will be a very true and happy relationship with my future soulmate and that this also lead me to Russian women! I love the what they say in testimonials about Russian women! I think I might continue to try now to get a Russian wife. Or maybe this was just to open my eyes so I can get out of my depressing house to go meet new girls what ever it was, all I see is good coming out of this. I feel so passionate about this that if I had the money I would do the samething you folks are doing! To help good guys & women like me not to get discouraged and crawl back into thier dark cave. Just me sharing my story with you folks. I feel much better now and I dont know if you guys are even going to care about this but I will send you my some of my intimate stuff to show you what I was feeling, I know you folks already know what I am going through in this realization proccess but if it can help some other souls out there from going through this, then use it please. I'm not religiuos but GOD BLESS YOU FOLKS!! From the heart, and thank you for your time.

P.S. My last peom to her, I am not boasting but I know that I can continue with this talent, I simply wanted to share it with you for my healing process of myself and others aswell. It has been 6 years since I had a girlfriend so I am being open because that was part of my experience, to always keep it real and the truth will show itself. It did!!! Saved me a lot of time money and most importantly my sanity! Even though I have had my moments since last night and I know I will have some more after shocks but I am informed and enlighted with the knowledge to not let this happen again. Also very important, I will be able to help any friends that might be thinking about doing this. Thank you again I cant tell you enuff what you guys mean to me. I want to believe you will understand me, I will give you all my love and light

Please do what is needed for you and I to take flight
If you do not, then I knew it was worth the fight
For allowing myself to feel that eternal love in the night
I believe I found true happiness, so God please let her be my wife
But when looking for the truth, I found it, it's in the love I give in this life

Olga Bronnikova (Vorkuta, Russia)

Russian Federation
Vorkuta 169912
Street Sadovay hause 9

I was casually contacted by Olga on As we became acquainted I sent her money via Western Union@Vortuka, zipcode 169912,  Gagarina,6A, Ukhtabank Sum of $500.00 for her trip to Moscow, Visa fees (she  asked for $420) I sent $500.00 for her to visit me. Her writing are totally believable and precise. Her mother, brother, deceased father, her work, her  friends. Vorkuta being a God forsaken city she was lonely! Before she returned  from Moscow she needed $1257.00 for tickets she would order at the American Embassy in Moscow. I sent her $1500.00 to Alfa Bank 1-St Tverskaya-  Tamskaya,32  She returned home to Vorkuta to wait for her visa approval.  She prepared to go back to Moscow and gave me exact accurate airline flight on  which she would arrive. I checked them out. At first everything was fine until  she went to pick up her visa and she was told she must have $3000.00 ($1000.00 per month) to afford 3 months in America by the officials at the  Embassy. She had $500.00, I sent $2500.00 Western Union to Alfa Bank. She  did not just take the money and run but contacted me to give me the exact  flight #s. She made her first mistake by giving me the wrong arrival city. I was worried she would be lost if she arrived and I was not there to meet her. I went  to my airport to correct her final destination and Delta did not have her on there  manifest. She was also to arrive on her birthday Feb.23, 1977 Making her 28 yrs old. Total scam $4500.00 plus all I spent for her to buy food, birthday  presents, & to fix up her room with new linen, etc, etc. She is detailed in her letters and has many pictures to back up her life style. Pictures are attached to  my profile of her.  

Olga Frolova (Izevsk, Russia)

I am a single white male 47 years old.American. Self Employed. I was contacted through Yahoo personals. The scammer had no picture or profile. An email address was left in there response where I could respond if interested.  This smelled of a scam right there so I played along to see what would happen. This started on January 28th 2005 and ended March 3rd with the scammer  requesting that I wire $1500 USD via Western Union to Olga Frolova at the Bank of Moscow so she can buy here plane ticket.   

The scammer appears on  the blacklist as AKA: Alena Demidova, Bratsk Russia, blacklist page 281 update September 16th 2004 page 1. The address she gave me is Olga  Fralova, Street:Vyshnevolotskaya, House: 6, Apartment: 2, Izevsk, Zip(postal)  Code: 174408

Hopefully this will keep  someone from being scammed. Sincerely, Jon 


First one at Yahoo personals 1/28/2005

Hello, I like your ad and I'll very glad have correspondence with you If you like me, please write to my direct email address is   Thank you  
I'm waiting answer from you

3 emails followed unfortunetly they were deleted by me. They contained the same photos that are posted on the blacklist page mentioned above for Alena Demidova. Basically they were chit chat.

4th email 2/19/2005

Hello dear Jon.
In this letter I'll tell you about my town and want to give you presentations about our future relations. Our town is not very big,  but very comfortable. In our town there are 2 theatre, 3 movie-theatres, park, near with which I live, and like all  usual towns, in our town there are bars, cafes, shops. Our town is very  good, but there are not worthy men in my town. All russian men don't  respect women and consider that woman doesn't have any rights, and all  russian men,  basically, are alcoholics. I have gone to Internet-agency to get acquainted with you, because I know that you are quite other  man. European men respect women. Am I right? I'm 26 years old and I  consider that it is time for me to  create my own family. I have been  postponing money for a long time, and now  I have enough to arrive to you. I do not want to hurry events, but I consider that  it is    necessary to meet each other in person to know well each other. If you, as well as me, have intentions to create the family, let's get to  know each  other better, and if we decide, then I'll arrive to you, and if we love each other, I'll stay with you. I consider, that in relations no love is important, but  trust and understanding are important. Man have to be head of family, but he  has to consult with  woman. I can completely take all homeworks in my hands.  I like to cook  very much, I'll cook for you so tasty, that you'll forget about  McDonalds. Also I'll work to support our budget. If you want, we'll  have child,  but if you don't want, I don't mind. I hope that I do not scare you, asking these  questions so quickly. I am sure, that you are,  Jon, that man, who I need, I  hope to your reciprocity. Your Olga !!!

5th email 2/21/2005

Hello my dear Jon!!!
Finally I have an opportunity to come to Internet-agency to talk with you. I am very happy that I have you.I  have told to my girlfriends about you, they tell you  hello. My parents are glad that finally I met man and want to create family. My  parents  tell you hello. Today at us remarkable winter weather, it is snowing also blows a cold wind, But I am happy also to me not that cannot  spoil mood because I have you .I send you photo, where I am with my parents. Before  departing to you, I'll buy computer for my parents to  have an opportunity to talk  with them via email. How are you doing? I  hope everything is fine. I had  success in my work. I have not noticed  how time have gone and I need to go  home, it is already late. When I  go to bed, I'll think of you to see you in my  sleep. Good bye, my love Jon!!!  PS. You should give me your address. Mine:  

Russia  Zip(postal) Code: 174408 
City: Izevsk  Street: Vyshnevolotskaya, House: 6, Apartment: 2,
Surname: Frolova
Name: Olga.

You can write the letter to me.
Your Olga!

6th email 2/24/2005

I love you!!! I love you!!! Hello my dear Jon!!!! I am glad to get your letter. Your letters give me the confidence about the development of our relations. I want to tell you today, that I have made all documents for getting foreign passport and to begin to  make the visa. I have money for the visa and for ticket, but this is because it is very difficult to receive the visa to the Europe, more so after the  terrorist actions on 11 September. But I have an opportunity to receive the work visa. I write you through the tourist  Internet-agency, which give a such opportunity. Agency works more than  1 year and many girls went to the Europe with the help of this agency. Agency will find work for me with the help of their employees who is  working in the Europe, and then agency will send me there as worker. After my arrival to you, we'll get acquainted and if we decide we'll make all documents to make fiance visa for me, whereupon I'll be able to  stay with you forever. If all will go as is planned, we with you already is very very  fast!!!  It for me dream!!!  I shall give you all my love!!! It will be the best trip and not   forgotten time to my and your life!! I know you want to know how I  pertain to sex?!?! I didn't have a sex for a long time. But I'll do everything for  you what you want, because woman have to do all possible for her man. I send  you my  photo, showing beauty of my body. I hope that I do not scare away you of my frankness, but It seems to me that I begin to fall in love with  you. Now I  stop on this. I'll wait for your answer. I love you!!!! Forever your Olga!!!! 

7th email 2/25/2005

I have only good news for you!!! Hello my sweetheart Jon!!!  Today I'll write you a short letter because I am writing you in my dinner brake in my work. I have only good news for you. First, I love you, I feel it, I can't explain this, after all I even did not meet  you in person. I feel this for the first time. But it is really so.  I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!! You'll be sure in this soon!!! Secondly, I want to tell you, that my foreign passport is ready, it  will be remain  in agency until my visa will be made. I was said, that little time remain, and I  will need to go to embassy to Moscow where I'll receive the visa, whereupon I'll  be able to buy tickets and I'll fly to you in the closest flight from Moscow  airport. I hope you as  happy as me. Today it is cool wet weather here. The rain  is drizzling and the cool  north wind is blowing, but it isn't important for me, because very soon I'll be in your warm hugs. We will enjoy each instant of  our lives. We'll go for a walk together and hold our hands. I'll cook  supper for you, candles will be on the table. We'll have unforgettable  night after the  supper. I will dream of it for long time, but I need to go to my work. I love  you and I hope that you don't take offence that sometimes I don't have  time to  answer your questions. Soon I'll arrive to you and we'll have an opportunity to  get know each other. I wait for your letter. Kiss you where you want.  Your  Olga!!! 

PS very nice photo! 

8th email 2/25/2005

Hello my sweetheart Jon!!!
Today we have many snow. It is wonderful freezing weather on the street. I am very happy, because little time remained when I'll be in   your hugs. In agency I was said that probably, by the end of next week I'll  go to Moscow to embassy  for conversation, whereupon I'll receive a visa and will buy tickets for arrival to  you. I am very happy. I didn't think, that the documents will go so quickly. This  is because  agency works directly with Moscow embassy. When I arrive to you,  I'll  be the happiest woman in the world, because I'll be near my loved  man. Jon, I am in love with you so much. You live on other end of our  Planet, but I feel that you are my soul mate, I have to be with you  till the end of our lives. When I go out of the board of the plane and   see  you, I'll fall into your  hugs immediately. Then we'll go home, I'll have a rest from the trip, then we'll  have a supper, and then I'll  fondle you for a long time, I'll kiss you and all of  your body, I'll give you all my tenderness, which was saved in me so long time. My love, I have to go. I am fine, I succeed in my work, I have good mood  everyday, because I have you. Tell me, how are you??? I hope  everything is fine. I love you!!!!  PS. Photos, which I send you, was made by my girlfriend, I  did these  photos for you to be able see beauty of my body, which soon will be  in your hugs.  Forever your .... 

9th email 2/28/2005

 Hello my Loved Jon!!!  First  of all I want to tell you, that I love you so much. Every day I  live with thoughts   bout you, with dreams of our first date and our  future life. My parents tell you  huge hello. I much talk with them about you, my parents are very happy as me,  that I'm in love with  you. I talked with my friends about you, they are very  happy, too,  they even a little envy me. I talked with them about that, I leave  them forever and we'll not see each other for a long time, I'll miss them, but,  after all, we'll be able to talk via email. And someday, in  many years, you and  me will have a travel to Russia you to be  able get  acquainted with my parents,  and I will introduce my friends to you. What do you think of this??? Today it is delicious weather, everything is covered with snow, and it is weak frost (-10 degrees Celsius), sun is shining, it  is no any wind. Today I went in for aerobics and I  understood, that I have to go  in for aerobics more often to be graceful for you always. After aerobics I  went to the agency and I was said there, that on 2 March I'll have to go to  Moscow to receive the  visa. So, it is little time before our meeting, soon we'll be  together. Every night I see dreams how we make love, we are on the big bed, and you kiss all of my body, the I'll begin to do the massage to  
you with aromatic butter. Then the massage slowly move over to to the ndearment with tongue, I begin to lick your neck, bosom, then I take a  lower, I begin to kiss your belly, and then I take more lower, and I  begin to fondle you with my mouth. I'll fondle you until you reach  orgasm. Then you take me with your strong hands and begin to fondle me  until your power is restored. Then  you'll execute your the most bold erotic fantasies and do with me all what you  want until you get orgasm again. I love you, with you I'll be able personify all my  erotic  fantasies, you will be able to do all you dreamed of. I'll stop on it.  I love you, soon we'll be together.
Your Olga!!! 

10th email 3/03/2005
Now the scammer asks for money for a plane ticket!

Hello my beloved Jon!!
It is already late, I write you from day and night Internet-cafe. I have for you not very good news. Everything id fine, but one  obstacle has appeared, about which I didn't know early. I came to the  embassy and I was said there that visa is ready, but to I'll be given  it, I have to buy 2 tickets and show them in the embassy to arrive to  you and return back. I went to the airport, 2 tickets will  cost 1680 dollars. I have to insure my life because without insurance I'll not  be serviced in hospitals. I have been insured, insurance costs 500  dollars. And I  have to have in my hands not less than 1500 dollars and  the documents, confirming this. Validity of the visa is 90 days and this money confirms that I'll  be able to contain myself for that time.  I get the work visa, in the document it  is not said that I arrive to  you, so I'll not be released out of country without these money. Without your help I'll not be able to come to you. If you send me  1500  dollars via Western Union, I'll be able get quickly your money and in  2 days you'll meet me in the airport. You lose nothing Jon!  Because when I  arrive you, I'll give you this money. I know that, probably, you don't trust me. I  heard that there is many russian women, who ask for money, and then do not  arrive, but I hope that you  will trust me for the sake of our future happiness. I  did not want to  ask for you about money, but I really did not know that it will  be required extra money. If I would know, I would discuss first with you  this,  after all I don't have any extra money. My love, I'm in Moscow only in two days  from you; if you believe me and want me to come to you, then send me 1500  dollars via Western Union for 
my name Olga Frolova.
Bank of Moskow

and in two days I'll arrive to you and we'll be the happiest mate in the world. I love you and hope in our soon meeting. I'll stay  at night in hotel, tomorrow I'll look the answer from you. I love you.  Your Olga!!! 

Olga Sergeeva (Zvenigovo, Russia)

Hello. I am a single white america, no children. I went to a website called American Singles(I am going to contact them) and after being a member for about 5-6 days, I was contacted by an Olga Sergeeva. Here is the first letter:

My name Olga.  To me of 28 years.  I live in Russia. In city Zvenigovo.   I the cheerful, romantic girl. Which could not find the love in Russia and now I search  for the second half in the Internet.  If you want will get acquainted to me  write to me on mine email: 

About 25 emails were sent to me(I sent much more) and they started off real nice and friendly and then played on my emotions like a guitarist on strings. Anyway, this girl kept saying she wanted to marry me and but didn't ask for any money. Almost all of the questions I asked were answered in detail. Well, they got my cell phone number and called me(yes, a woman actually called me. The place echoed though) and then things progressed even further. I sent a letter to the address of Post Office: 424037 Zvenigovo  Street Lenina the house  78 apartment 60., I sent a letter, two actually though not enough time has elapsed at this point in time for them to have reached their destination.I was falling big time for this girl and she knew it and played it real smart like, kept  telling me how careful I was and planned everything. Too bad that was "her" downfall. "She started giving me different stories about wanting to do things and she wanted to meet. All of these letters seemed to be real, I thought I was talking to a real girl and then when the details of coming over here started  coming in, I started doing extensive research(I found some extremely useful information on this site!) and started feeding it to "her" in bits and pieces watching the reactions. I sent a cost estimate of getting Olga over here and then she said she went to a travel agency and needed some money(darn prices  seemed right too) 


Here is what I am talking about with the prices.   

Hello my dear Sean. How are you? 
The very first that I want to tell you this that that I do not want to live in hotel  when I shall come to you, I would like to live with you in your house, and  anything that at you a small room, the main thing that I shall be with you my  dear Sean! Today I have taken day of holiday! I have just arrived from Yoshkar-Ola (it only 80 kilometers from me)  and came into travel agency! My dear Sean, I have learned all about my possible trip to you,  and what package Documents it is required to me. On the one hand I am madly glad, that all  Appeared, not so it is difficult as I assumed. On the other hand I am slightly upset. On all my charges, without air tickets it is required to me $  1028.41 cents. I have counted it at the rate a currency exchange of the  Central Bank of   ussia. Also has transferred in dollars. I, certainly, assumed, that all costs  dearly, but what so it is expensive! And I even was upset slightly. I in detail  want to describe to you all charges: The most amusing, that the tourist visa costs all $ 20. But  all other charges, very serious. It seems, I of nothing have  confused,  and all have written down correctly. First of all, for reception standard not the immigration visa and departure limits of the Russian  Federation, the foreign passport is necessary for me. I and without agency  knew it. I shall receive it in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian  Federation. If I shall take advantage, services of  travel agency it will borrow about 10 days, and will cost to me $  141.13 cents. If I shall be, itself to receive the foreign passport,  without the help of travel agency it will borrow about 30  days, and may be more. But also will cost more cheaply on 36 %. As soon as I shall receive the foreign passport, I can begin reception of the visa. Of travel  agency of me have assured, that for six - eight days I can receive the visa. Cost  of the tourist, unitary visa for approximately.  for one month $ 20. There are visas on longer term, but they are more  dear. And then it is necessary to pass a medical board and to receive   he document, Confirming my health. I  shall receive medical Inspection in my polyclinic for $ 31.12 cents. As, me It is  necessary to receive an insurance policy. In Moscow is large The insurance  company " Spasskie the Gate " she makes the insurance of citizens Leaving  abroad. It is necessary if with me will take place Accident, or I shall be ill in  territory of other state. The insurance company will pay all medical services  and all others Charges in case of misfortune. This insurance policy costs $ 276.00 cents. But it yet most expensive  clause of charges. The travel agency  asks to pay for reception of the visa and work $ 341.75 cents. My interests in embassy will be represented with the immigration lawyer, it will be given by  agency. The lawyer and tourist the operator will prepare a full package of  documents for interview to the officer of the State Department. I will  need different documents confirming that I shall arrive back home to  Russia. Instead  of I shall stay the illegal emigrant abroad. As acknowledgement of it  documents on the real estate, in which I the  proprietor should serve. And still my related communications in  Russia. And the last when I shall go to Moscow  on interview with the officer of embassy, I shall require means for  residing at hotel and on road up to Moscow and back. Hotels in Moscow very  expensive. And in the centre of Moscow it is impossible to remove cheap  number in hotel.  These are smart five-stars hotels. It seems to me, that it is very expensive even for the western businessman. But I want to stop in  inexpensive hotel on surburb of Moscow, or in the nearest suburb of capital.  Where cost does not exceed residing $ 28-40 per day for number and $ 8 for a  feed. By my calculations I shall be in hotel  approximately 4 days and 3 night. The hotel will have two, and  probably three stars and two single feed, breakfast  and supper. It still in addition $ 120-140 on hotel and approximately  $ 32 on a feed.  Though I both have not got used to luxury, and I live modestly  enough, but very much I hope, that in hotel there will be no cockroaches. I  awfully am afraid of them. And still I shall spend $ 47.16 cents on road up to  Moscow and back. Well, I seem nothing have overlooked. I  hope, that our meeting will cost it. I have counted all charges  without the ticket aboard the plane. And certainly with impatience I  wait for the answer. And still Sean I  understand, that it is serious  and the purpose and certainly the sum too. And  the more so for you.  And I want to tell, that I there is nothing you I do not  oblige. And there is nothing I do not ask. If you are valid think, that you and I  can become good pair then it is necessary to conceive our meeting. I  want to hope, that our meeting will change our life in the best party. And this step is  very serious for both of us. And your answer for me  very much much means.  
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Your loved Olga

Next came the request for the funds:

Hello my dear Sean!
I for one minute have run in Internet - cafe, whether to look there is  no from you a letter.   I want to tell that to you is not necessary for me for arrival all  funds at once.  First funds to make documents as I to you already wrote for this   purpose to me are necessary for me is required approximately $1030.    And when I shall make all documents then I already will need all other   funds  on tickets.    I CAN NOT WAIT WHEN WE SHALL BE TOGETHER!!!    Well... I have run home.   Kiss, yours Olga   

So then was the western union  transfer information:

Hello my dear Sean!
Thanks you for your kind words, you the remarkable person!  I think that I  really love you! If it was not so I would think I was  not solved on this serious step.  I think that when we shall meet we really we shall understand that we  sincerely like each other! It will be wonderful!   You asked me concerning that  that I wrote about wedding.  I really thought of wedding, but all over againcertainly to us some   time is necessary to stay with each other!  But if  you did not think while of wedding we shall wait with it!  I think to us yet it is not  necessary to think of it, all over again we     should meet!!    I want to ask  you, you can learn precisely when you will have day of   holiday, that I would  calculate in what day to me it is necessary to take  off!     I have found out the  information concerning the Western Union,  There is it very simply works. You  only should find point of the  Western Union at you in city and to know the  information on me.   That that to you needs to be known:   

Russia  Ioshkar Ola  
Proletarian 6 
And my full name: Olga Sergeeva!! 

And everything, appears it so simply.
And to receive your translation to me it will be necessary to know  The code as far as I remember it refers to MTCN. Both your full name and a surname.

Like I would answer all your questions.  I with impatience wait for your answer! 
Your loved Olga! 

I want to ask you what weather you in city, I do not know what things  to me to take with myself.

I never sent any money as I started researching visas when she said she could get a travel visa and when I evidenced this to her and she ignored what I had said entirely, I knew something for sure was up.

Needless to say I did not send her any money and I am curious as to the response I shall get to my last two letters. I blatantly asked in my very last letter if she was scamming me...probably won't get a reply. 

Here is the last letter I received:

Hello my dear Sean!
I have closely read your letter.  I want to tell you that you from the very beginning have not understood   me. I at all did not gather to receive fiancee visa.   Because I knew that it very long and difficultly!  I want to receive the  usual tourist visa!!  It is much easier and faster!   If I have received the tourist visa, I could arrive in USA  Without problems.   And then we would meet you. And if we have wanted to get married, I think we could make  It in USA!   I think if we have got married, I could receive Citizenship of yours   are strange!  I heard about it, that when the woman marries persons of other country   she may accept his citizenship!    My dear, I think it not so difficultly to receive the  tourist visa, it  is a lot of persons constantly arrive in USA as tourists!   I think that at me it too to learn! I wait for your answer!! 
Yours Olga!!

Ah well, the price of love eh? But actually, I am not bitter or upset, I am driven to find a girl that will fit the bill, just a little more cynical now.


Dilyara Sagdeeva (Dubovka, Russia)

I am a single 41 year old white Americal electrical engineer. I communicated with a woman named "Olga" from February 16-23, 2005. "Olga", whose profile in Yahoo Personals was pictureless, sent me an e-mail in  Yahoo Personals. Her profile said she was from New York City, and sent mee-mail #1 below. She  told me to contact her at her personal e-mail address "". I responded to her, and a few days later she sent me  the 2nd e-mail with a picture. I didn't think too much of her-- that is, until I  opened the picture, and it was of a beautiful blonde-haired  woman. In her 2nd e-mail she gave her age, height, weight, birthday and  occupation. I in turn  responded to her likewise, and even gave her my address and phone number (very dumb for my part). She said she was from  Dubovka, so I went on Google  to find out about Dubovka. This is where I   found the Russian Women  Blacklist. I looked at all the pictures, and for a woman named Olga, and did not  find anyone who resembled her the first time.  Then I got a third letter from her with a second picture. She would not  give me her mailing address because  of "Chechnyan rebels". So I looked on the Russian Women Blacklist  again, and the second time I found pictures  that closely resembled a women like her whose name was "Dilyara Sagdeeva".  I opened the two anecdotes at  that location, and sure enough the first two letters were almost exactly identical  to the ones I received, only my name  and her name, town and birthday were different. I obviously ceased to  contact her after that, and I was  afraid that I had already given her too  much information about me already. I  also noticed that during the time I was corresponding with her her profile  disappeared from Yahoo Personals. We didn't get to the point where she started to ask for money. I have informed Yahoo Personals of the incident. I am not aware that anything has been done.



Message 1

Hi! My name is Olga.
I am a lonely young woman and I search for the soulmate because I am tired
from loneliness. If you the same and if you liked my profile on "Yahoo Personals" then write me to my personal e-mail: I was not  able to put my picture to WebSite, I will send you my picture by email. It's not a joke. If the dating only a joke for you, then don't write to me please. I did  not use dating service before. So, I apologize, if I have acted not well.  Hope to hear from you soon,  Olga. 

Message 2

Hi, my new friend Ed! I am very  glad that you have answered my letter. First of all I want to apologize for non-answering  sooner. I haven't computer at home. It is difficult for me to answer your letter at once. Thank you that you have found  time for answer. I think that you have many questions about myself. I will try to  answer them. I don't know what to begin with to tell you about myself. OK, I will  try to begin. My full name is Olga . How your full name? I am 28 years old. My birthday is on the 21th of April 1976. My height is 5 feet 6 inches. My weight  is 115 pounds. I live in the city Dubovka.Volgograd area. Dubovka is located in 60  kilometers from the city of Volgograd, Russia.   In Russia Volgograd the big and known city located on The river Volga. I began to get education  in the secondary comprehensive school, in Dubovka. After I finished it I  entered the Pedagogical college. I finished it with excellent results and entered Pedagogical University  faculty of Russian. Now I work at school, I the teacher of Russian. I teach Russian, to  children of initial classes. We  have a small collective, but very friendly .Ed, I shall have an opportunity to  send you letters only from Monday till Friday, and sometimes on Saturday,  because I  haven't got a computer at home. I use a computer at my work. On  work I can use a computer almost freely. So it is more convenient for me  to write you from my work. Though it too depends not from me. With a  computer works another employee. I have not bad relations with her, but she can give me  a computer only when she has a free time.For this  reason I hope that you  understand me. Tell me a little more about yourself. I also shall tell about myself  more in the following letter.I send you my picture. I hope to you it is  pleasant.  I will waiting for your letter with impatience.

Message 3

Hi Ed!
I am very glad that I have chosen you from all the others who were at the site. I had no a lot of time to look all profiles on a site. I have  chosen the first profile which I like. Probably my hand was directed  with success. It was experiment. I have caught fortune for its tail. Smile!!! My girlfriend Anna has helped me to  register my profile and I am very grateful to her for it. Anna worked as the  programmer and she has  a speciality the translator of the English language. I  did not know how to do it and Anna has made all. I am surprised, that she has  written the American city, instead of my Russian city. Probably it is a mistake,  or it is joke of Anna. But yesterday she has left for the city of  Krasnoyarsk. Her grandmother  lives in Krasnoyarsk. Now her grandmother ill she very old to her 87лет  and she  needed Anna's help. I communicate with different people of  different age. I noticed that I better speak with the people who older than me.  They are  more polite, intelligent and suave, so it is possible to hear bad words  from young  people, they are louts and boors. I never have been married and I  want to marry the men who is older than I. I am sure that men of this age are  good  husbands and fathers. What I am looking for in a man especially is  friendship, long term  friendship. But, I dislike arguing, bickering and that type  of stuff, someone easy going is good. I want someone who wants to have fun,  but understands life is not always fun. I need someone who is honest  and  caring,warm and sexy. I believe there needs to be a good attraction between the two people too. I want to have a boyfriend for a while who later if  everything  is right could be more. The most important parts of a relationship is love,  trust and communication. But, without trust the other two do not matter. You cannot communicate with someone, no matter how much you love him or her, without trusting them. Love is important, but you have to trust the other person  implicitly to truly love them, because you need to know they love you back for it to be real. You have a question ??Why Russian women look for  their husbands abroad?. I think there are a lot of reasons and I will start with  an economic level  of Russia. Our country is not rich and it?s very difficult to  find a good job. Russian men can?t earn enough money to keep their family.  They begin to  drink alcohol and become angry. It gets on divorce. Even if they get much  money, they also begin to waste them on alcohol or other women.  They are all ?the  ladies? men?. In our country a number of women is more than men. So men try to low women, though a woman is stronger physically and   sychologically . She manages a household, brings up children and has a   onstant work in the same time. There is  opinion that Russian men in degradation now. I want to get married  abroad as I?m concerned about my future. I want to have an ordinary, calm life though I must leave my friends and  change culture. It?s very difficult.  There are many men here that would like to be a part of my life but a lot  of them have been married before and have kids  and are bitter about marriage all  together. Some of them have trouble opening up and showing there true feelings and  there are the ones who lie, cheat and  disrespect any man they get involved with.These are only a few reasons why I   m still single, I think it is better to be lonely than  to be with someone and be  miserable. So, my search for that perfect man continues, maybe my searching  will end with you.I want to tell you about my opportunities to write  letters to you.I hadn't time to say about it in my last letter, because I write letters to you on my job as I have no a personal computer. Lady  who works with a computer will allow me to use a computer sometimes in  my interests, but only when she has a free time. It depends not on me unfortunately. I work five days in a week - from Monday till Friday. It  is the standard established in Russia. On this I shall not be capable  to write to you and to receive your  letters on Saturday and on Sunday. But sometimes I work on Saturday and even on Sunday. It is called - maintenance standby. I like my job; I spend much time in the school, I  visit a sports hall doing aerobics and shaping.I have no children but I would like to have  them.I think that I would be a good     ther. I have never seen my parents. I grew in the orphanage where there was a lack of parent's warm. I know, how it is  hard to not have relatives. So I am ready to give my future husband and children everything. They won't be lonely,  because I will encircle them with warm and love. Living in orphanage I've  understood the real values of the life: do kindness to people and it will come back to you doubled. There are a lot of problems in Russia. People became evil and  closed. That's why I decided to find a friend abroad Russia. So I have told you my dreams. May be they will not come true but these are my dreams.   And what about your dreams? I like to listen to classical music: Chajkovsky.I like to listen simply instrumental music. Such music allows  to relax and have a rest. Under such music I like to think. I like to  listen to guitar masterpieces  of Joe Satriani. And my favourite movies - Siberian Barber and Tired by the  Sun. They are masterpieces of the Russian cinema. The  American movies in Russia have a huge popularity. They are considered  to be the greatest. I like very much the American movies and I like  many American actors. I often walk  in the forest, I like to go camping or by bicycle on Summer. In Winter I go  skiing and skating. All these distract me from everyday problems. So what  do you do, when you have problems and when you are sad? My hobby, if it's  possible to tell so is  the English language. I have loved English long ago, when I studied at school.  In Russia the program of training necessarily includes foreign language,  as a rule - English, German or French. I entered in group of the English  language and I am still happy that I've made it. I like very  much your  language.  After school, I continued studying of English language in the institute. It  is a very soft and easily-memorized language for me. Now I  attend courses of the  English language. I've been studing your language for 16 years. I want  to learn this language perfectly. I know that now I admit  mistakes, but I hope you won't angry. I have spent all my working day what to  write this  letter.(Smale) Ed, I can give you my address, but you should not  send anything with the exception of letters. Please do not send any parcels.  Our Territory - the center of terrorism where concentrated a lot of terrorists from  Northern  Caucasus and Chechen Republic, and their supporters, and getting of mail  from other country is unsafely for Russian people. I will be very  grateful to you if you will send me your picture. I simply wanted to have your  picture in a computer to have an opportunity  to see it at any moment. I am  waiting your response Ed.I have many ideas, but I do not want to rush this  precious moment when two souls are looking towards each other across  the  continents for an everlasting friendship. Yours friend Olga.    P.S. In the  summer of 2004, I travelled to the city of Kaunas it is located in Lithuania.  In  Russia Lithuania is considered near abroad. But earlier, Lithuania was part of  Russia. I travelled only in Russia and to Kaunas, unfortunately, more I not  where  was not. I send you a picture which have been made this summer in  Kaunas. 


Elena Osipova (Ioshkar Ola, Russia)

street Petrova

Osipova Elena ....... This came from, she had a 
pay membership. I was not looking for a Russian woman. I am 41, employed and  own a business, divorced. I'm so glad I found this site in time. Timeline was  28 days till the money came up.  


Greetings, my new friend Ken! 
I was very glad to see your answer!!! I hope,  What is the acquaintance will bring to us a lot of new and useful.  For the beginning we should closer learn each other. I shall try  to tell as much as possible about the life. I was born on March, 15 1976.  in small but very cosy city under the name Ioshkar Ola. It about 800 kms from Moscow. In the childhood I very much   loved sports I to him was accustomed by my father, I am very grateful to it{him} for it,  because now  I have the good physical form. As well as all children I have gone to school   in seven years.  Except for school I went to musical school where I carried out the majority  Time. After leaving school I have acted in university., Where I studied at medical faculty, but I always dreamed to become the  teacher, Because I very much love children, but I could not be acted on  pedagogical free-of-charge.  Now I work in hospital to nurseries the doctor, I help sick children and I  think, that I do A lot of useful to the city. During free  time from work I like to read Russian classics to play on a piano and to go in  for sports. I had big and amicable family, but two years ago there was an awful   accident,  Where my mum and my senior brother were lost. I could not find to  myself a place, to me it was very bad, I could not  reconcile  to loss.  On the Earth I still had only two native persons father and the younger   brother. My  brother has left in army and I have remained with the father in a small  apartment. I have remained absolutely alone, it is nobody I was to address  behind the  help,  Only rare letters from the brother warmed to me soul. Father Could not help me because itself has been very much afflicted. But I do not blame him, because I very much love him,  In fact up to this tragedy we had very good and happy family. Recently my brother has come from army, I very  much waited for him. he very  much  loves me and Always wished me it is kind. I to him have told, about that to me I am very  lonely also cannot find The  person to whom I could trust whom could love all heart. And he to me has  advised to get acquainted on the Internet. I have listened to him also I already I  write to you the first letter.  If you will want to continue with me friendship I was necessary  I shall introduce you to my brother and the father, They to like  you, they very good people.. I very cheerful person, I like to be good for people.  But I cannot find that person to which in any way I could open all ideas  And feelings. To me 28 years and I would like to have the big strong family.  I want many children because in my family there was three children I and my   two brothers.. In my opinion, it so is healthy when on the house run  small kiddies.  I dream that I shall find the person with which I could to carry  out all  dreams. I very much want, that we with you have made friends. I shall  ry to write to you more often, but I not so well understand in computers, Because the house at me is not present it, but I shall necessarily study and  I  shall try to write You have more than letter. I hope, that you will answer my  letter. I shall be glad, if you will want to have  Serious the relation with me.  I shall try to answer all your questions.  While, my friend!!!
Sincerely yours new friend Elena!

Now after a few emails she loves me and will not reply to questions about 
sending anything to her address or details about my calling her. She says 
she wants to use her work phone, she is a Doctor. 

Hi,my unique Love Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You well enough know Russian?! I all burn down from happiness because any other woman has no an opportunity  with you to communicate. In my soul roses  when I think of you blossom. My life is sated with bright paints because  you are present at it. I can be pleased to each day because this day brings to  me your feelings and   words from which at me the head  is turned. Yes I liked  your cat I in general love pets.  I want to feel your smell, to kiss your lips and to feel, that you love me.  I want, that you knew, that I do not like to shout, swear. I very appeasable  person. I never shall tell to the man which I love  insulting words.  I so want to be for you the best.  Your letters, as a drop of water after long road in desert. I love you.  If I was the writer, I would devote to  you all verses if I would be the  singer I  would sing only for you if I was the  dancer, I would dance only for you I live for you. Ken, you my love. I am sure in   it. I never tested such heat    in  the heart. My breast is broken off on  pieces because a beside there is no you.  I expect our meeting and if I had  such opportunity I would arrive to you on wings of love. As it is a pity, that the  person is not able to fly. Every night I present our meeting, our smile, our  happiness. I want to give  you everything, that at me is.  Our love will be a part of me and you. I believe in our feelings. I am   grateful  to the brother, that he has directed  me to get acquainted on the Internet. I am glad, that we were reduced with  destiny. I want to hear your voice always.  I am very happy. Thanks you. You - my life and I is glad to this.  Now I write the letter I fly with   happiness, that you at me are. Thanks you.  I am ready to thank you every  minute, because you my happiness. I love you. You hear?
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While, my love!!!! Now comes the pitch.... I said I was going to Russia in 9 months to start   the process of bringing her here. Then I  get this.......

Greetings, my love  Ken!  Your pictures please my sight, large thank for it.  To me very much to like to look at them, you are beautiful internally  and you are very beautiful externally. You probably can not to yourselves present at all as I am glad to that that we together.  I am glad, that we have decided to meet you and these pleasant efforts  on the account of documents only encourage me and I feel, that soon we  can look each other in eyes and tell many pleasant words. Today I was in visa agency which to be near to my house. To me have  told,  that  that I could arrive to you I should have some documents. The  passport for  travel abroad, registration, the visa, the ticket, the medical  insurance. I do not  have these documents, this should wait some months that  these documents at me  have appeared. I have been very much upset,  because the visa and the medical insurance cost very dearly. I do not have  such money. I saved for a cooker and I have some savings, but it makes only  25 Dollars, and the visa costs 400 dollars. And  still honey the insurance 200  more. But I shall try through familiar to make the insurance, I the doctor. Still I  have learned, that I should go through  Moscow. Moscow very big and  expensive city. From this day I shall save money, that I could eat normally during a way to you. To us sometimes detain money not   month or a little and  on this to me long time for 4.000 roubles, it approximately  150 Dollars is necessary to live. To me it is very awkward before you because I cannot arrive to you but if  you could help me with money. I would not ask you money if at  me they were. Unfortunately, I do not have rich friends and I cannot borrow. If it  is difficult for you, I can save up and give you then when I shall come in your  country. I do not know much about your incomes and it is very a shame to me,  that I ask you so big sum of money. I shall be not afflicted, if it will not bring to you inconvenience. I do not want to be to you not convenient. I   shall be very glad, if 400 dollars for you will be a trifle.  If all of you will help me with  the visa, we need to solve as you can  transfer  them to me. I badly know this system. But my father has told, that there are  many ways to transfer money.  It is possible through bank. I think, that it is reliable enough, but  probably  it is necessary to have any bank account, I shall try to make it, I shall   ask the  help for bank workers. Or it is possible through any organizations which  are  engaged in translations. To me have told, that if such organization which is engaged in remittances it refers to " the western union ". But I to it have mistrust because I heard a lot of bad about it. That through him{it} people  can  deceive and take easy money, therefore I in confusion. I do not think, that  it  approaches us. I think bank reliable in sense of remittance. You too try to  learn about it, I think at us all to turn out. For love there   are   o barrier, we  hearts together and this main thing.  My brother and father are afraid to release  me so far from a house, they  speak,  that road very long by the plane,  and I never on it flied also I of them is  tired to calm. He wanted even to go with me and to get acquainted with you,  but I have explained, that it is very expensive also we cannot pay for him. I very much want to arrive to you. I shall  try to find somewhere money, but I do not think, that it will be  very  successful. I hope only for you, my love. Why in the world all is constructed on money? Why two loving persons cannot  be  together? I wait for the moment when I can see you. I wait your answer, my love.  I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  While, my lovely Elena!

Too bad, I had grown very fond of who ever I thought this person was. She 
would have got some money if it weren't for an internet search of Mari-el, 
and this site came up and caught my eye.

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