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Comments from readers:

Dear Elena Petrova, 

I want to take the time to thank you. Your website and "9 Simple Rules For Dating Russian Women" has helped me greatly. I have visited several sites on the Internet and your site is the best, hands down, no competition. You should be very proud of yourself for bringing such great knowledge to "ignorant" Americans like myself about your country and the woman that run it!! I do not thank people unless they are helpful. I truly am thankful to you.

Richard Hill (Homestead, Florida)

Thank you for all the excellent pointers you give about contacting and corresponding with Russian women in order to find a suitable partner. I was floundering until I started to follow your pointers. I have now received six replies in less than a week and have had two exchanges with three very eligible (and maybe compatible!) women. You do excellent work. I can't thank you enough.

Dave (Canada)

I would like to add some input to all of the guys who are trying to date Russian women and tell them that everything you say about them is true. I started searching on the Internet about a year ago and I thought it would be very easy to meet a Russian girl and bring her here to the USA... WRONG! The K-1 Visa is the easy part... finding a woman there and winning her heart is the hard part! I have met a wonderful woman now who is full of questions and ask for answers to things I have never even thought about and she does it with style and class and kind words... who could argue this? My point is that if you are going to write to a woman from Russia, be honest and sincere with her and above all do not play games with her because I assure you she is not playing. 

Bob E Hughes (USA)

Dear Ms. Petrova,

Thank you for your follow up and for the 9 Simple Rules. I have found these rules very helpful. Furthermore, I purchased both your book and your husband's book and am reading them as time allows.

I feel that you have given excellent advice in all of these publications and I shall make sure to remember the many helpful points you make.

David R.

Dear Elena,

Thank you for your wonderful " 9 Rules for Dating Russian Women". I have spent five months in the FSU dating many different women and I agree with everything that you have said. 

I have one more to make it "Ten Rules". Try not to joke with these ladies when writing to them. Many of the ladies, even the ones that speak some English use their computers to interpret the letters that you send to them. The inturpation does not always interpret your words the way that you meant them to be and that can get you in trouble. Also try not to use English words that have more than one meaning. Example, if you wish to tell her that she is "right", do not use this word, instead use "correct". "Right" can be interpreted by the computer as a direction. Another example. The word "up". This word can mean over head, or wake up, or shut up , get up, close up and many many more meanings. Choose your words carefully or they can turn on you and "bite you on the butt".

Again I thank you for your advice.

Bill (Baton Rouge, LA USA) 

Hello Elena,
I want to personally thank you for your services to any man searching for a Russian or other bride. You are insightful and up to date on assisting any man find a true love. A woman that will be his life partner. The information you provide will help the man find his partner for life without the hassles and problems of scammers or girls or ladies that are not really serious about finding a mate. I can recommend sites like yours to others who are searching for true love of a goo
d woman enough. I've been at this for over 5 years and have run into situations that were most embarrassing. If I had know of dating service similar to Elena's, I would have avoided several thousand's of dollars in expenses in trying to find the woman of my dreams.

Personally signed,
Randy Reynolds

P.S. I am well on my way to finding the WOMAN OF MY DREAMS!!


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