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Dear Elena,
About two weeks ago, I stumbled upon your web sites ( and while surfing on the Internet and I'd like to let you know how EXTREMELY IMPRESSED I am with them. They are very well designed and easy to navigate, but more importantly the information shared on them is ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! I have never been to Russia or other countries of the former Soviet Union, but the information that you present appears to be the "real McCoy". It has also done me a world of good.

Despite the fact that by most people's measure I'm successful (degreed mechanical engineer at a large U.S. aerospace company), well off financially and (I'm told) reasonably good looking, six years ago I pretty much concluded that I was destined to live out my life alone. What a disappointment. After years and years of unsuccessful attempts to find a potential mate in my own country, I pretty much gave up on the idea. Frankly, discovering the secret to nuclear fusion seemed more likely. Happily, that has now changed however.

I have not read all of the information on your web sites, but I've read enough for me to realize that finding a potential mate may not be impossible after all. Pursuing a girl in Russia or other country of the former Soviet Union is something that is definitely outside of my normal "comfort zone" and not something that I'm ready to do just yet. I need several months to think it over and do more reading. In the end however, I think there's a reasonably good chance that I may try it. I've spent a fair amount of time lately looking at the girl's profiles and photos on your on-line catalogue and all I can say is, "Wow!" The vast majority of them are very well educated, seriously interested in finding a potential mate and, yes, drop-dead gorgeous. I understand that they are the best that Russia and the other countries of the former Soviet Union have to offer and boy does it show. What else could a guy ask for? It may take a lot of work, more than a little bit of money and even some luck, but I've got to believe that somewhere in that part of the world is the girl that I've been hoping to meet all my life.

Anyway, many thanks for dispelling the myths and cultural misunderstandings and for sharing factual and accurate information on this subject. Keep up the good work!

Todd, USA

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Is it true that all Russian Women
Want To Escape From Russia

By Marina Smiley

All Russian Women Want To Escape From Russia! 
Fact or Fiction?

When one searches the Internet for a Russian wife, he will be very surprised by the large number of Russian dating services. There are literally thousands of them on the Internet! Have you ever asked yourself; why that is?

From all appearances it seems that all women want to do is to escape from Russia because Russia is in a very difficult social, political and economic situation. I hate to disappoint you, but that type of thinking is just a stereotype.

Growing up, it seems that each generation has their own stereotypical idea about what Russia is and how her citizens respond. For almost seventy years, Russia was a very closed nation and outsiders (other nations), could not see or for that matter, interact with the Russian citizenry. From this action of closed borders, somehow, was born the stereotype of what Russian women looked like, peasant stock, with stern looks and aged appearances.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the opening of borders and the birth of the Internet, the whole world astonishingly discovered just how beautiful, feminine, slender and educated, Russian women are! Foreign men were finally allowed to travel to Russia, and they saw, with amazement, the beauty and grace of the Russian woman. They looked upon these women just like kids in a candy store. The typical stereotype disappeared as quickly as melting snow in spring!

Unfortunately, as quickly as the old stereotype of Russian females disappeared, a new stereotype emerged; "All Russian women want to escape from Russia" and because of this new labeling, the Internet has so many Russian Dating agencies.

The truth of the matter is, that the percentage of Russian women who are looking for their "soul mates" through the internet is no greater than the percentage of women from western countries such as England, Canada, Australia and the United States who are searching the Internet for their future spouse!!!! 

Here is an interesting tidbit: With the population of Russia at approximately 170 million people as compared to the United State's population of more than 250 million people, why is it that you don't see as many dating agencies from other countries? 

The answer, is a simple one... CHOICE!!!

Women, from the USA and most other Western Nations have choices to use or not to use the services of a dating agency. Almost all women from western countries have computers at home or at work. The Internet services in most of these countries are ridiculously low when compared with the cost of the same services in Russia.

Only a few very big Russian cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg have Internet services that are more or less affordable for an average person. Russia is a huge country, with its eleven time zones from East To West and is just now establishing Internet services. It is only within the last three or four years that the Internet service providers have begun to take hold within Russia and the fees for their monthly services are out of reach to most Russian citizens. It is not uncommon for most Internet services to cost $100.00 or more, a month. With the average salary, for example, for a Russian doctor being around a $100.00, it is a luxury few citizens can afford. But, we are talking about a single woman or a one-parent household.

Do you think that the average American single mother could afford this kind of money for Internet services? So, this is the reason why you see so many Russian dating agencies! Russian women HAVE TO USE their service! 

Another reason for these dating services is the language barrier. For a very long time, Russia was a closed border country and even when Russians learned English at school, without the ability to practice the use of the language on a daily basis, English basically became a dead language and these agencies also became translators.

Now that everything in Russia has changed. It is a country that is open to the world and people are now stimulated to learn English. Internet service providers are popping up all over Russia and Internet cafes are entrenching themselves in cities, big and small. 

In this situation more and more women can communicate with their soul mates through the Internet without any help of a marriage agency. They don't need translating services as they did in the past. Many women prefer to spend money on English lessons, than to pay very high prices for dating services.

People all over the world are generally the same. Nobody likes to show private letters to a stranger or to convey their most private thoughts and Internet conversations to a dating service employee for translation.

At the present time, Internet services are growing dramatically in Russia. Yes, it is a difficult time in this vast country but it is impossible to stop progress. Russians are beginning to communicate with the rest of the world with their own 
computers. In the very near future you will see a dramatic reduction of Russian dating services, the "Russian Women Eager to Escape" myth, and the typical stereotype about Russian women will totally disappear.

About the author: 

Marina Smiley is the author of "Your Russian Bride - The Shocking Truth", an e-book challenging the common view on Russian women as family oriented and sacrificing, and revealing facts that marriage agencies will never tell you about. One of a very few books written by somebody who is not involved with Russian dating industry, which makes this book a particularly valuable resource for men seeking Russian wives.

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