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The reasons why I chose a Russian lady to fulfill my life are too numerous, but suffice it to say that I find Russian women educated, chic in their appearance ( no matter what their financial conditions - I saw a beautifully dressed woman operating a train between the center of town and the suburbs ) and want a husband to be her companion- to share whatever life gives them. As for me, I am waiting for her arrival this month, after 9 long months of waiting. She is 45 years old, a most interesting, genuine, warm lady I have ever met. I look forward to a wonderful life- not empty of problems, but with a solid base of understanding, communication, trust and genuine affection for each other, I am sure we will meet life's challenges. 

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Rodrigo de Brak (USA)

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Common Russian Words And Phrases

Tips on common Russian words and phrases - Russian dictionary for beginners


Here are some other helpful words and phrases which you will commonly use in most situations.  If you're like me, it's hard to remember them by their sound alone, therefore if you memorize their spelling in Latin letters below, it will help you recall them a lot.  It's best to have a Russian person say these out loud to you first so you can know how they are pronounced.  If you're unfamiliar with these words, it's best to print them out and memorize them before going to Russia.

  • Hello - "Zdrastochye" or "Privet" (I know the second is simpler to remember, so if you want, just use that one although it's more informal. They'll usually let you get away with it.)

  • What is your name? - "Kak vas zavut?" to unknown people or to "Kak tebyah zavut?" to friends

  • How are you? - "Kak dila?"

  • I'm good - "Harasho", but can also mean "ok" or "it's good".

  • I'm ok - "Narmani"

  • Bad or badly - "ploho"

  • Yes - "Da"

  • No - "Niet"

  • How much or How many? - "Skolkah" or "Skolkah stoit" (how much is the price?)

  • Can you speak English? - "Vi gavarite pa angliski?" to unknown people, "gavarish" to friends

  • A little - "Chu chu"

  • Small - "Mala" or "malinki"

  • Big - "Bolshoy"

  • I don't know - "Niez nayu" 

  • I don't understand - "Ya ni panimayu", but a female could say that or "Ya ni panila" 

  • Do you understand me? - "Panimayish?" or "Poinyal?" to a man, "Panila?" to a woman. 

  • I understand - "Ya panimayu" or "Ya poinyal" if you're a man, "Ya panila" if you're a woman. 

  • I see (as in "ok I get your point") - "Panyatna"

  • I'm pleased to meet you - "Ochen priatna" 

  • Thank you - "Spashiba"

  • Thank you very much - "Spashiba bolshoy" 

  • Your welcome or please - "Pajalsta" 

  • Sorry or excuse me - "Izvinichye" to unknown people or "Izvinit" to friends 

  • Good morning - "Dobre utra" 

  • Good afternoon - "Dobre den" 

  • Good evening - "Dobre viechir" 

  • Goodbye - "Do svi danya" 

  • Talk to you later - "Paka" or "schastliva" 

  • When? - "Kagdah?" 

  • Why? - "Pacheemoo?" (but don't use this too often for unnecessary things, because in Russia, it's strange to ask why too often, and pretty soon people will start saying "Patamooshtu" (just because) to you.) 

  • Because - "Patamooshtu" 

  • What for? - "Za chem?" 

  • Where? - "Gdeh?" 

  • There it is or That way - "Tom" or "Fwhat" 

  • Where do we go now? - "Koodah?" 

  • How long? or How far? - "Kak dolgah?" 

  • Who? - "Kto?" or "Kto eta" for "Who is this?" 

  • Hot - "Jarkah" if you're describing the weather or temperature inside, "gariechye" if you're describing food or an object. 

  • Cold - "Holodna" 

  • Work or job - "Raboteh" but also used to describe something that is functioning or operating. 

  • Broken or doesn't work - "Ni raboteh" and can be used with a wide range of things

  • Open - "okrit" 

  • Closed - "zakrit" 

  • Home - "Doma" or "Da moi" for "going home" 

  • Bank - "Bank" but say the "a" sound as the "au" in "auction". 

  • Only - "Tolkah" 

  • Girl - "Devushka" you can also use this to address a girl you don't know. 

  • Girlfriend - "Padrooga" can be used to refer to the girlfriend of a man or woman.

  • Friend - "drook" 

  • Old lady or grandmother - "Babushka" 

  • Toilet - same word as in English 

  • You - "Ti" to friends, "Vi" to uknown people 

  • Me or I - "Ya" or "Minya" 

  • Want - "Hachu" 

  • What? - "Shto?" or "Cheevoo?" 

  • What is this? - "Shto eta?" 

  • It is - "Eta ...." also used to introduce someone else or yourself. 

  • How was work (or something else) ? - "Kak raboteh (or something else)?" 

  • Let's do it - "Da vai" which also has many other usages, and is often a favorite expression of foreigners 

  • Very - "ochen" 

  • Beautiful - "kraseevah" (can be used to describe a man as well as a woman) 

  • Cute - "sympatichna" (can be used to describe a man as well as a woman) 

  • Attractive - "privlikatynaya" (can be used to describe a man as well as a woman) 

  • Pretty - "horoshenkaya" (can be used to describe a man as well as a woman) 

  • Wonderful or pretty - "prekrasnia" 

  • Today - "sevodnay" 

  • Tomorrow - "zaftra" 

  • Yesterday - "cheerah" 

  • What time is it? - "Katori chas?" 

  • Now - "See chas" 

  • Soon - "skorah"

  • Wait until later - "patome" 

  • Wait a minute or hold on - "shast" 

  • Where are you from? - "Akoodah-teh?"

  • What are you doing? - "Ti shto dalish?"

  • What are you doing today? - "Ti sevodnay shto dalish?"

  • May I speak to Irina? (over the phone) - There are many ways to say this, but the simplest way is "Hello.  Irina moznah?"

  • How old are you? - "Skolkah ti billiot?"

  • Expensive - "doragah" (but don't use that word too often or you could come across as a cheapskate!

  • Inexpensive - "ni doragah"

  • Money - "dengi"

  • Like as in "I like it" - "minraivitsa"

  • Love - "lu blue" but can also be substituted for "like" above.

  • I love you - "Ya ti biah lu blue" or "Ya lu blue ti biah"

  • I miss you - "Ya sku chai yo"

  • I will miss you - "Ya budu sku chai"

  • I can do that - "Magoo"

  • I can't do that - "Ni magoo"

  • Nothing - "Neecheevoo"

  • Train - "Poist"

  • Bus - "Aftobus" or for trolleybus just say the same in English.

  • Station - "Vozahl", so for train station, you would say "poist vozahl"

  • Hotel - "Gastinitsa"

  • Next stop please - "Astanovka pajalst", when necessary, used when in a bus, minivan bus, or taxi and you want to get off.

  • Can I? - "Moznah?" but this word can be used in many more ways than its English equivalent though such as "Is it possible?" or "Is it allowed?" or "Will you?"

  • Car - "machina"

  • shop or store - "magazine"

  • Remember? - "pomish?"

  • Straight ahead - "priama"

  • Right turn - "prava"

  • Left turn - "leva"

  • Ticket - "billet"

  • Ask - "Sprashavik"

  • Let me think or so... - "Tak" which is used while thinking before one answers.

  • Cool or excellent - "Class" or "Super"

  • Strange or weird - "straniyee"

  • Of course - "kanyeshna"

  • Street - "ulitsa"

  • City - "gorod"

*  Also, get acquainted with saying numbers in Russian.  It is very easy to learn and will come in handy a lot!  To get a crash course in the Russian alphabet and numbers, go to this site.  It's much easier than you think and will help you a lot.

As you get acquainted with these terms, you will learn to string them together into certain phrases.  Practice makes perfect.  By the way, when Russians ask you in English "What do you want?" don't get offended.  I know in America, it is informal and unprofessional to ask someone "what do you want" especially if it comes from a customer service person, and even rude in some situations.  But in Russia, it is normal to use that phrase and there is no bad intention associated with it.

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