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I have been following the news in Russia, I read the Moscow Times several times a day. We were getting faster reports in America than what Russians were receiving. I must tell you that we were and are praying for Mother Russia. The crimes that were committed were terrible. I still shed tears when I read the stories and see the pictures. My heart breaks for what happened.

I also wondered about travel as President Putin is saying that he wants to restrict travel even for Russian citizens. I also know that where there's a will there's a way.

Best regards, Jesse 

Thanks for the very timely information. Obviously, travel to Russia is a big concern right now.

Ray Buckner

Thank you very much for you concern, I am touched. I have been communicating with a lady from Russia, and at this stage we am working through introduction process. Like the lady I have made contact with I have many questions and answers to work through, and I am happy to work through the process step by step, not rushing into anything. It is comforting to know there is service out there that caters for men like myself to provide a safe reliable environment for people to meet, and will keep your thoughts at hand for future thought.

Kind regards
Mike Mace- New Zealand

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How Safe Is To Travel To Russia?

Is is still possible to date Russian women?
How do you meet in person?

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How Safe Is To Travel To Russia?
By Elena Petrova

If you have a Russian girlfriend, you must be really worried.

After the recent bomb explosions in Moscow and the siege of Beslan school, many feel Russia is unsafe. Embassies of many countries warn against of visiting Russia. This is disturbing news for thousands men dating Russian women via Internet: the usual way is for a man to visit his girlfriend and then apply for a fiancee visa for her. Now this is deemed too risky.


But what about your special friend? Will the tragedy of her country turn into a personal tragedy for her?

And how about you?

  • Will YOU allow terrorists to rule YOUR life?

We at Russian Brides Cyber Guide were receiving dozens of requests from men that have a girlfriend in Russia. They were worried about their special friends and how they can meet them now. 

It is a well known fact that women from Eastern Europe have a hard time applying for visitor's visas to Europe, Northern America and Australia - a single girl has virtually no chances of receiving a tourist visa to the USA.

So how can you meet in person with a girl from Russia?

You can still travel to Russia. Statistics wise, there is very little chance you can get into any trouble. People still live their usual lives there, just as they were in the USA after 9/11.

But if you have any concerns and prefer not to travel to Russia at this stage, there Elena's Models offer a solution for you: you can meet your Russian girlfriend in a third country, where Russian citizens do not have problems with visas.

Elena's Models offer Romance Tours to three beautiful destinations: Kiev and Odessa (Ukraine) and Varna (Bulgaria) - all are thousand miles away from any problem zone with terrorist activities and are easily accessible for both Russians and westerners.

Elena's Models is the only agency that offers organized tours and also provides Personal Invitations to the ladies of your choice:

  • They will purchase her tickets and send them by courier to her home - you do NOT need to send her money for tickets;

  • They will book her accommodation;
  • They will meet her at the airport and bring to her hotel;
  • They will organize your meeting in a secure and pleasant environment;
  • They have translators, drivers, guides and any help you need;
  • They have an entertainment program for you to enjoy;
  • They are available 24/7 - your safety is our priority;

Of course, they also take care of YOUR travel arrangements and accommodation - this goes without saying!

I know you hate to think about it... but what if something does not work with the girl you meet?? 

When you are a participant of the Romance Tour, you have the back-up of their office - unlimited dates with the ladies of your choice, once you are there.

Some of Elena's Models tour participants already took advantage of Personal Invitations and met their Russian girlfriends in Kiev, Ukraine - and the ladies were delighted.

You can do it, too.

  • Russian citizens can visit Ukraine without visas and can easily get visas to Bulgaria. 
  • Citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia and European Union can travel to Bulgaria without visas and visa processing for Ukraine is very simple.

Elena's Models will be happy to organize your meeting with your Russian girlfriend in a safe and pleasant environment.

For more information, please see:

As sad as it is, we cannot change what already happened. Life's going on. All we can do is to try to rectify the problem in the way that there are no more tragedies in people's lives.


Donate to victims of Beslan School Siege: 


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