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Hi my name is Steve and i am a single father, contacted on my yahoo personel site by maria from armenia who shows also to be listed on blackpage267 as avyagyan. I did not send money but would like her listed under this name as well. She is very persuasive, does use form letters as well as personal letters. thanks.

The letters that i received on 23/12/2004 bear a striking similarity to Olga Tregubova (Archangelsk, Russia) that is in Russian Bride Cyber Guide Black list, with some minor cut and paste. I could not find these photos in any black list database. I did an IP search and learned that the e-mail originated from the Mari-el Republic. Cheboksary is the capital of Chuvash Republic. Beware, I think these are new photos, possibly stolen. The girl in photo may be real.


Black List - page 356: UPDATES
March 09, 2005 - page 6

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Alena/Evgeniya (Yoshkar - Ola, Russia)

I am a 46 year old, white American, I was contacted by Alena, aka Evgeniya through the Yahoo personals.. we exchanged several emails.. She never got round to asking for money but I could tell she was leading up to it.. I will post 4 emails she sent me so you will know what was said on her end and where it was headed.. He or She got no money.. his or her I.P.  was traced to a city where she stated she was not... that being the city of Yoshkar - Ola famous for such scamms..  that got my attention when I found the I.P. number was from that city... I really should post the I.P too because it came from there.. the I.P number is so if any law enforcment people in Russia wishes  to catch this person..  theres their front door address....I AM PAINTING A BIG  BULLSEYE ON THE IP FOR YOU..... below are the letters she or he sent... thank you...  

1st email:

Hi Ralph!
I am glad, that today I have received news from you, thank you that have written to me. The truth I never in the life communicated with the person who does not live in Russia, and talks on not my native language. But I well  understand everything that you write to me. When I went to school, and then at university I had very good teachers on the English language and consequently I can read your letters without assistance and write to you. And I hope, you  understand, everything that I write you. as we with you only get acquainted, I  should tell about myself more. To me now 27 years, and my birthday July, 25,  1978. My growth of 170 cntimeters, weight of 57 kgs. I now work in one of Fitness the enters of our city as the instructor on Fitness. And me it is work very much it is pleasant. I very much like walks on fresh air, I very   much love a nature. I like the sea and am pleasant to float, in the  summer I frequently bathe and I sunbathe on a coast of our remarkable  river Volga. At us in city  Vladimir in which I was born and a lot of water has grown. Inhabitants of our  city name his Volga Venice. There  is in Vladimir one unusual street which  name "Blue Street", is a ship canal with sluices. The channel passes directly  on city. On it go court from Caspian Sea and Baltic, from the White and Black  seas.   I love life - I am an optimist, and I believe, that the majority beautiful a thing expects us in the future. I believe in the God and destiny, and I expect  my unique person. I believe in family and love, and I search for persons to the  one whom I shall give all high temperature of my heart and with that whom I  shall be always together..., I want to divide with it all things - good and sad, all which we shall meet in our life. My person, clever also has strong spirit, it is  kind and magnanimous and generous, it will do that - be for me, and will know, that I shall do that - be for him. Unique my person who requires love and may  give love. It is a person who requires reliable family and fair attitudes. I to want,  that you would send me the photo. I do not know, why, but it is pleasant  for me to write to you the letter. I to want, that you would answer me more soon. Write to me about itself, than you are engaged what to like, I all to want to know about you. Questions which you want to me also will be interesting to  me to set, I with pleasure on them shall answer! I do not know, that I will be  valid happened, but looking in the future with hope and a smile. Your friend  from Russia Alena!!!  P.S. I want to ask you some questions, I hope you will answer them. How do you release anger? 
Do you trust others easily?

2nd email:

HI my new friend Ralph.
Again it is pleasant for me to receive the letter from you probably, that our correspondence will give rise than the attitude between us is more white serious. It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you. And to you, I hope, it was pleasant to learn about me more. Under your letter I see, that people everywhere identical, and there is no distinction of what country there will be my future person. The god who created this world, it did not create geographic border so I do not see any distinction. I know that when at me will appear my unique loved persons then I shall move to him in any place in this world. I sure, that good peoples may live in any place, is especial when they like together. I shall try to write something about me which might be interesting to you, and only to a thing which I want to inform you. And if you will want to ask me something, be not afraid to ask. I always have only two choices, when whom - that asking me something: Answer fairly or to not answer. I never shall be to you Lie; I shall answer you always your questions sincerely.  As I already wrote to you that for me the age of the person has no what value, it is important  for me that the person was good. I do not know why I you have chosen you, I so think that has prompted me my heart.  I shall try to inform you about my qualities also. Only, to warn you, that you might at expectation  from me:-) the Hope to not frighten off you with it. I - the kind good woman,  definitely a kind, a good sight, care and fair. Sounds it is similar to a poem in mine name:-) I am some dreamer... One of my dreams and hopes - to live in  full family somewhere in a good place, have good friends instead of to disturb  us strange things it is similar to a political, economic situation and etc:-). I  want family there all members only life the friend for the friend. I love open  inclined peoples who prefer to speak sad things, instead of it hiding it - even on  behalf of care. I am rather patient person, and I can at realization in my  feelings while I do not understand a situation completely but if something does me angry - I - very much character. Similarly to my friends informs «very  difficultly to wake a good sleeping bear, but if you made it you would be better  to escape» :-). If address to the facts, I - very much and become very rare angry; may remember only pairs a situation - my lie of former my young man to me when it spoke me one, and actually deceived me. But about it I shall write to you later. And if to inform about attitudes with other world... There are only two parties - me both my family, and rest of the world. I like to prepare, and I like to create a cosines in the house. I always try to create a sweet home, and I really want to have the family :-) to finish family! I really live for whom - the one who will divide with me all pleasures of life and might be favorable in any situation.  I very much like to travel. I earlier very much with mum went on Russia when some more the prices for tickets were not dear. Now I can afford  to go with friends not far from city on lakes. We go to campaigns in the summer. It is very fine, at us very beautiful edge. All year I wait for a summer  when I again can take the knapsack and I shall go on lake. A wood, a guitar, tent, unless it is not fine? I like to look cinema. I like to listen to classical  music, am especial to me to like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. What music is  listened by you? Still I like modern music, she cheers up.   Now we live with  mum. My mum call Veronika Nikolaeva, he/she is very interesting person. I  always share the pleasures and griefs with it. She never will give up to me in  advice. I do not know, that I did, if I did not have such fine mum. If you saw, how she learns children. At its lessons the atmosphere of understanding  always reigns. My daddy was the good person, I very much like and I miss on it. I think that you understand me.  To I regret have no at home the phone and  consequently to write to you to me it is necessary to go in the Internet of cafe.  On it I think to finish the letter, it and so it has turned out little bit big, and I  hope, that have not tired you with him. And I was more about myself to you I  shall write in the following letter, you see we only begin to learn each other.  I  would like to ask you some questions, and I hope, that you will answer them as  I want to learn about you more. How you live, at you it is a lot of friends?  How you like to carry out your free time?  The hope not frightened you with big letter. If you have closely read all, write to me again. I with impatience shall  wait for your answer Ralph. Anna! 

(Notice the Anna at the end of this email.. I noticed it when it was written the first time.. turns out it was probably another alias..) asked about this slip up on names..... the person Alena/Anna never answered.....

email 3:

Hello my loved friend Ralph. Thank for your new letter if it is fair I to wait for him all the day. I to be afraid, that you to not write to me. It is very pleasant for me to receive from you letters, and with each letter to find out more and more about you. With each new letter we to become closely and closely each other. All of us it is more to find out each other. I hope that you feel it. I today hurried up in the Internet the centre to see your new letter, and to write to you about myself. I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I shall try to answer all your questions. If I shall not answer your question mean I could not to understand him, do not take offence at me and write him once again. I think, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life is to find that only thing, my second part of me with which I can go through all difficulties of life. Together to meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to grow them, to surround with care, to present them the happy childhood, I so to dream of it!!! I think, that you to understand me, and your vital purposes are similar to mine, and I in soul hope, that when - that our hearts to meet. So residing at other country it will not be difficult for me If near to me there will be which person I there will be a love.

I have ended institute 4 years back. When I studied it, fine student's it was time. Sessions, you know, that this such, do not sleep at night, worry, and when there comes day of examination, heart simply jumps out from a breast. I think, that you too have gone through it. I very much liked to study. When I studied, I was engaged Fitness. And now after the ending of institute I work as the trainer on Fitness_. This work helps me always to be in the good form. But, likely the most positive result in my work is her result. It is pleasant to see, how the client changes. The person in the good physical form feels like is more sure, and it is joyful to realize, that you are involved in this success also. This work gives me enough income for my life. Yes, I know, that Russia in a bad economic situation, but it only with am compared to other countries. My income here as approximately 100-200 $ per one month, It depends on that, how many clients are visited by ours Fitness - centre. We live with mum not richly, but is amicable. I not so small, but frequently to address for council to mum. It is very fine, when in family there is a mutual understanding. I always to dream to create such family. Only I to want to have three or two children. I in family one, parents have presented all love to me. I very much love honesty and decency. If I shall create the family, I think, that the main thing in relations with the husband will be full trust to each other. I think that it is a pledge of strong family.

I want to inform you a little more on my life. I to rise morning at 7 o'clock in the morning, I prepare myself for breakfast. In the mornings I eat a sandwich and I drink coffee. Then I go on work. I go by the bus. Sometimes it happens that at a stop it is a lot of people, and I can not get in the bus and me to have to go on foot. Generally, I love walks, but I love slow walks when it is not necessary where to hurry up, pass on familiar streets, to go to girlfriends on a visit, to sit to drink tea, to talk. To me to like to be in a society of good friends. With them it is possible to solve any problems to share pleasures. It is always pleasant to surprise friends to look at their reaction. How I shall live without friends?

I work since 8 mornings and till 5 evenings. But occupations go through the certain interval of time and consequently in working hours I have sometimes many free times. I always liked to work and irrespective of my mood I should be given on 100 to work. Work made with love brings pleasure to people. It is always pleasant for me to see smiles on persons of our visitors. In the evening I go in the Internet of cafe to look a mail, but it sometimes does not work, therefore if I shall not write to you during one - two days do not worry, I necessarily shall write to you as there will be an opportunity.

Day off at me Saturday and Sunday. In day off I to like to read books to go to walk on city to visit a cinema. Besides in days off I spend a lot of time on homework's. I like to prepare for houses, me to like to please close preparing them any tasty things. And my loved dish is a jellied pike perch, it very much is pleasant to me, and if we with you shall have, when be a meeting I necessarily shall feed you this dish. As it is impossible to explain in a word as it is tasty, it needs to be tried. In the afternoon in days off I am cleaned at home, I like, when the order of a house. I do not like when things are scattered, the dust lays on shelf's, in a basket the dirty linen, in a bowl not washed utensils lays, you agree with me?

Now, when we with you find out each other. We should trust each other because without trust it is impossible to live. I earlier too have trusted in the person, and he has deceived me. I to want to tell to you about it. I was madly in love with persons, and he only pretended, that loves me. Actually he scoffed at my feelings. Was such that he appointed to me meetings, promised to come to me, I waited for him, and he did not occur. I sometimes cried, because he did not come in the evening, at us in city in the evening not so quietly, and I worried for him. And he, the bad person, came in day or through two and spoke, that he had affairs and that he loves me. And then I have learned through his friends, that at this time he had a good time with what that maidens. he did not like to work, he frequently borrowed from me money, promised to give, but never repaid. And I forgave him because liked. I even hid it from mum. Has passed some time, and I have seen him in the street with other woman. They kissed. I did not remember, how have come home. I cried all night. I had depression very long. I began to work much, and began to forget this villain. After that case I have decided, that I shall never deceive in love people, I shall never scoff and play feelings of other people, and I to decide, that all this not for me. I shall not take out some more such moment in life. I any more will not entrust to Russian men. As at them only one ideas how to take a walk on the side, and all of them the big amateurs to drink. I to not want so to risk and break to myself life more. I to want to be simply happy and to live as the normal person. After that I to decide to find the second half with the help the Internet, and I to find you, and we to write each other. And it very much to like me. I to want to be happy with the man and to lead with him all life. This person should be more senior than me that he might learn me and my future children. I to wait from the man of understanding, I to think, that this most important and, certainly, big love and care of me and of our future family. I shall try to make the man happy. But without his help, without his love and understanding it will make difficultly. I once again to want to test such feeling as love. I very much to hope for it. Therefore I to write to you. I to think, that you to understand my words. I to want to find out your opinion on all this.
I shall ask to tell you about how you will spend the day, than you are engaged, how will spend days off? Tell to me about the friends, about the relatives.
I with impatience wait for your letter. Your letters for me as a beam of the sun among dark day.
Your friend from Russia Alena.

email 4:

Hello Ralph, mine LOVE the friend! I shall be possible to name you so? I already for a long time did not speak such words to anybody. I was more and more and began to be convinced more, that I have already attachment to you and already I wait your letters with impatience. Your letters heat to me soul :-) May be, I present fairytale for me, but I feel very good about you and I, that you feel the same about me, I think, that you place in words less than you really think, only because words may not transfer all our ideas.

Certainly, I knew, that I shall be the Course for love to any place in it world :-), but I eventually thought Found out, that there is almost nothing in Russia which may connect me with this country urgently. Really, if to think. It usually connects peoples and the Countries. Friends, but real friends will be happy for their friend if she will find true love. The family, yes, but moving to other country does not make the Means breaking all communication. Work, maybe, but not for me. I do not think that it might be the problem with detection of work with my specialization and education. I really live for the person who will enjoy things which I creation and who might surprise me something too :-) I dreamed how we might at session all together sometime, and only at pleasure to be together! I really wish I shall live for my which unique person will like to love about he of me. 

Today since morning bad weather blows strong, mood bad and only an idea that I shall see your letter warms me this day. I want to tell to you about the childhood slightly. Mother and father of me very much liked and brought up me rather strictly. But then my father has died, and cares, in my opinion to education have remained to my mum. And I am grateful to her for how she has brought up me. I had many friends, and we with them played in a court yard of our house. It was carefree years, we lived and we did not have those problems which have appeared when I have grown. I went to school on good and excellent. I always remember my first teacher (Tatiana Andreevna), she has opened for us a door in knowledge and due to her I can communicate with people freely. I am indefinitely grateful to her for that feeling of human kindness that she to all of us has imparted. And we till now are friends of girlfriends and sometimes we meet, we talk, we listen to music. And today I send you a photo with the girlfriend, her name Katya. To like me various music sometimes when at me I listen to good mood dancing music and when to me I am sad like to listen to slow music.

It seems to me, that with each letter between us there is something the greater, than friendship. We begin to trust each other more, we become more frank, you agree with me? I think that our souls approach. But while I one also search the partner in life. I want to continue with you relations, and I to trust, that all may be very good. I wish you good mood for these days, and do not forget me (the Smile!!!).  I shall wait about impatience your letter and to miss the close friend on you!!!!
Yours Alena!!!!!

I wont bore you with the rest of the story but I will forward all the pictures I have of this person to you so you can update your website.. and scamm artists can be indentified better.. I am not sure how you would format these photos anyway... but I am giving them to you as I have them.. thank you.. I would like to know who this person is and if this person was actually in on this scamm.. because if she was.. I hope she pays for it in time spent in an uncomfortable russian jail... 

Ekaterina Novoselova (Samara, Russia) 

Hello my name is S.F. and I am a 40 year old male from the US that was recently on Yahoo personals. I was contacted by someone named Ekaterina from Samara Russia and now that I see the black list and have pulled up other scammers I see that there is a common thread in most of them and they mostly have the same old story! Here is her email if you are experiencing any contact with her.


Here is the last letter when she was looking for some cash, I am now reporting her/him or couple to the Russian police. At the end I will list her first letter which seems to have a lot in common with other scammers, right down to the same situations and same names!


Hello my love man, my dearest Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm really happy so much to receive your lovely answer again and again my darling!!! I love you, I cann't without you, dearest love Scott!!!  I can't be apart from you, it's so hard! My Scott, you are my life, Scott, I want to hug you so much, to feel your warmth, to look into your kind and tender eyes, to feel myself happy and safe near you, dear. I'm sure everything will be well and the destiny will work for us and we will be happy together my Scott. I often think about us and try to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel you so near and  close to me. I even feel you on the distance. I feel when you are in a high spirit and when you are sad. I am happy when you are happy, my love Scott. I know that our hearts will together always, because our love is eternal, this great feeling connects the another people and us through a continents. My dear, my love Scott, as it seems, this feeling great love which includes a three basic feelings. These feelings are a trust, careful attitude to each other, and  complete understanding to each other, sometimes even understanding without words,do you agree with me my darling? But not looking on that the love is very strong great feeling, it also is very fragile, realy my dear, because only one word or an not right action can destroy it and already anybody willn't can to  restore this great feeling. Probably, you will think that a purpose of all my correspondence with you it's only desire to leave for USA.  Believe me my love Scott, it's not so my love, the fact in that when I began to write to you, I couldn't believe what it is possible to fall in love through the Internet. I thank God and an Internet that we found each other in this so large world my darling. Only I have decided to try to do it and that from this it has turned out. We are me and you love each other very much and we should be together, because we can't withoiut each other my darling. I have learned much in the searches as we want to meet each other very much.

Scott, my dearest love man!!! I have a good great happy news for us my darling Scott!!! My girlfriend Sveta have connected with her aunt Marina to Moscow at last. Marina has said to Sveta that she has learned how much cost a visa and a foreign passport too. Marina have called in embassy and there have said to her that it will be better for us with you, Scott, if I will have the visa of a tourist. This tourist visa B-2, the visitor visa will valid during six months. On this type of visa I'll can travel till USA without any restrictions. The price of this visa, as Marina was informed in embassy, is 130 US dollars. Besides the process of the registration of the visa costs 75 US dollars. By the way Sveta 's aunt Marina as has taken an interest about other kinds of the visas too, as to her have said, that there is a set of kinds of the visas. For example, visa of a bride. Marina has thought that this visa of bride approaches to us, but her in Embassy have said that this visa costs more expensively and visa's registration costs a lot of money. It's around 700 dollars US and the registration of the visa will during seven months, it is very long and expensive! From it because the tourist visa B-2 is the betterest variant than visa of bride now for us my love Scott! My love Scott, I want to ask you one thing my Scott, I will  need to ask your help with a financial charges for the getting all necessary documents for my coming to you, Scott. As probably, may be you know an economic situation in our country, simply it's awful, and at our bar don't give the  salary to work personal during a long time. Our government explains it to  those that simply they don't have a money, it's a difficult financial situation, and  they don't have a recourses on the salary for the any kind of the job in total. My dearest, my love Scott, I have a great desire to come to you, to see  you at last and only recourses separate us from each another. I love you so much, honey, and I don't want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it.

Of course, I asked my parents and friends Sveta and Oliver too to help me with this charges on the necessary documents for my coming, but my mother and father doesn't have such money though they would like to help us, Scott.

My dearest Scott, in general I'll need for 400 US dollars. It's certainly large money, you probably have thought what is it more than the total price of the visa and visa's registration, but I will must to get the foreign passport too of course the price of which is 70 US dollars. Also I will need to pay for medical exams too, it will be 50 dollars. And of course I will need to pay for the coming from Samara to Moscow City, I have learned about the price of the airplane ticket Samara - Moscow, it will be 1080.00 russian rubles or it is around
35 US dollars.

By the way Sveta 's aunt Marina will try to find the cheaper prices of the air ticket for the fling to you. I want to ask you, Scott, what is the nearest airport (name of the airport) from your city?

Also, please, tell me about the approximate price of the airplane ticket too, ok? Please, Marina will need this datas as she said to Sveta . As Sveta said me, Marina will try to find a cheaper airticket! I so happy from this so happy news!

But now, at first, my Scott, I will must to begin a process of the registration of all necessary documents, in total I will need 400 US dollars as I said, Scott. My dearest Scott, if you will send me this so necessary recourses for this documents, it will be better to do through a system of Western Union, I have interested about this at my friends Sveta with Oliver . Scott, I want to say to you that when Oliver asked Sveta to come to him in Germany, and he helped to Sveta with the necessary Sveta 's charges for her coming, Oliver have sent the necessary recourses on the documents and airplane ticket to Sveta through the sistem of Western Union too. Oliver trust to this sistem Western Union, as Oliver have said me, Western Union is the beterest and fast transfer system in the world. Also my love Scott, as Oliver said me, you will need in some datas from me, you will need my full name, if you remember, Novoselova Ekaterina , also here is an address of the nearest bank where is situated the sistem of Western Union in Samara :

SAMARA , 443030
Novoselova Ekaterina

My dearest Scott, I want to ask you, when you will sent this recourses 400 dollars, it will be necessary for me, that you must to send me an important information which required at a parcel of money.

As Oliver said me, it is the control number which consist of 10 digits (Money Transfer Control Number-MTCN). This number you will have in the receipt which work operator will give you. My dearest Scott, you will must to send me this so important data in e-mail. Without this data MTCN I willn't can to get the recourses which are necessary for my coming to you my dear Scott. My love Scott, I understand completely that it's a large money, but to me any more on whom I can to rely and on this I ask you about your help with this charges. My love Scott, we are me and you love each other very much and we will together, simply, I sure in it my darling Scott!!! I'm waiting and I'm dreaming for a moment of our meeting in your airport my Scott.

I will cry in this moment, when I will leave from an air gangway and when I will see you my Scott, because it will from our happiness my dear Scott. I close my eyes and I am imagining about this so happy picture. My love, I dream as we will live together my darling, to go for a walk, keeping for our hands my love Scott. I want that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and where you like to spend a more of your time, also I want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends so much! I want to be with you very much, so much my love Scott! I love you Scott, and I miss you my dearest love Scott! My dear Scott, I want to say to you that I have spoke with my mom and dad, also with my sisters about us again and again, especially about my coming to you. I want to say to you that my family have so many happy smiles for us and they approve our close love feelings with you my Scott, they are so happy because we love each other very much, simply they have said me that we will happy with you and they wish us a large happiness together! They see my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and they understand me that we with you can't without each other and wish us a great love in this time and our future life too! Simply great greetings from my family to you, Scott, please, accept the love from my parents, they love you as a relative son! Also hi from Sveta and Oliver to you too! I so thank Sveta and Oliver , because they are my closest friends and because thanking to them, especially to Sveta , we have found each other, Scott.

Well, my love Scott,
let me to end my e-mail my dearest Scott, I'm waiting for your messages so much my love man Scott!!!

P.S. I want to thank you behind a photo which you to me has sent. It very much was pleasant to me please send to me still!!!
I love you Scott, hugs and kisses, Truly, your love lady for ever....Ekaterina.

And now this is how innocently it started out...

Hi, Scott!

How are you doing? Probably, if you have guessed, this is Ekaterina :) I'm very glad to get your answer! I'm happy so much that you have written me, believe me, Scott! Also, I'm hoping that my e-mail was so big surprise for you too, really? But most important, I would like to say to you that I have decided to write you through the Internet thanking to my best girlfriend Sveta . My girlfriend Sveta have met a good man from Germany, Frankfurt City, by the the Internet too. Her boyfriend is  Oliver . Sveta and Oliver are very happy together. I see  that they are  happy so much together, and I have decided to find a man from other country too, as Sveta did it :) Possible, you can ask me, why I didn't find a russian man? I will be very serious, I will answer to you, that I had a boyfriend from Russia from my City, I loved him very much, but he has thrown me in last  time. He found an other girl, as I have understood. Also I have seen that he liked to drink an alcohol very very much, as many men in Russia do it, may be you know about it. I don't like this when men like to drink so much as my last boyfriend did it! I am non-drinking and non-smoking girl. Simply, I don't have a harmful habits! Also I want to say that on the words of my girlfriend Sveta , the men from other countries, especially from Germany and USA, are very good,  and they can to appreciate and to respect women as considerable men too. It's the opinion of Sveta , and I want to agree with Sveta completely. Sveta has chosen her boyfriend Oliver from Germany because she know German language a little. I don't speak German language, I can speak and write English language, and I have decided to find the man from USA, and I have decided to write you, Scott. Well, Scott, let me to tell to you about me more. As I said you earlier, I'm 29 years old, I am "Cancer" on Zodiac, I was born on July, 22, 1974, if you can see I'll 31 y.o. soon :) And when you was born? What's an exact date of your Happy Birthday? Tell me, ok?

I'm White Russian girl on nationality. On religion, I'm Christian( Russian Ortodox), and I believe in God Jesus. As I said earlier, I HAVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED AND I DON"T HAVE A KIDS. I'm a sensitive, a kind-hearted, a thoughtful and easily amused. On opinion of my close friends and relatives, I'm a kind, jolly, clever and intelligent, purposeful, sociable.

About my City where am I live? :) I would like to tell to you that I live in Samara City here in Russia. Samara is situated around 1,100 kilometers from Moscow City. The time zone of Samara is GMT+4 too. Our City Samara is one of the largest industrial, scientific and cultural centres of Russia which is situated on the coast of the one of the largest rivers in the world, Volga River. I like my wonderful City very much, though the population of our Samara is around 1,200 thousand people. There are many beautiful streets, squares and other sights in our Samara.

Also I would like to tell to you about my education. I have studied in a Samara State University. I have ended the university in 1995. Also I want to say to you that I have learned the English Language when I have studied in the university, I can speak English without any problems, I think so. But I can see that I'm making many orthographic mistakes, I think so, I hope that you'll can to understand my English without any problems? Really? Please, tell me about this in your next e-mails, ok? Also I would like to tell to you that after the finishing of the university, I have gotten a Diploma of a Speciality "The Book Keeping And Audit". But unfortunately I didn't need my education yet, because here in Russia, as in many other countries, it's very difficult to find a good job on a good speciality.

Now I'm working as a waiter in the bar. I like to work here in our bar, and our visitors are a good clients. Also I want to say to you, that I have an access to Internet by the computer which is situated in an cabinet of our director here in our bar, because I don't have a computer in my home, and I have asked the sanction at our director for my using of the Internet, and he permitted me to use the computer in a free time from my job.

Wow, I have written so much! I didn't think that I can to write about myself so much, really. Probably, I'll finish my e-mail to you.

Scott, I'll be grateful so much, if you'll write me about yourself so much, as I did it. I would like, if you'll tell me, for example, about your city where are you living, about the weather, is there a hot summer? I have never been in USA, and I'll be glad to know about your country. Ok, let me to finish my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon! I hope that you'll like to look on my photo too. Oh, sorry, I forgot, my friends Sveta , Oliver , and my parents asked me to say to you a greetings from them! Ok, good bye, Scott, hoping to see your message soon!
Sincerely, Your friend from Russia, 

This lasted for about 8 emails over two months and never once did "she?" answer any personal questions about specifics that I asked her but things were sent in form letters with my name in place.Now, a few of the pictures these scammers that were trying to pass off as this Ekaterina...

Pretty nice but how does a poor girl like her take professional shots like these I ask?

Here is my last response to her...
Katy is it? Or should I call you Olga? Or maybe it is Lyudmila? Maybe you are Sveta...Are you even a woman? I have seen your emails to many men on the internet, sometimes you use different pictures of models and different names from different cities. I see how you use the same form letters and then change the names to say who is your current love of the day or week. I a sure it is a good scam sometimes but the police in Russia are very familiar with it and how people like you do it as you move from city to city. It is generally known as a passport and visa scam to charge men in the U.S. or foreign countries to try and send their love to their country when all they are buying is dry air, no one ever shows up and the money is gone. I am not a desperate man for love, I have many girls here that want to be with me and I am not some big overweight, ugly loser looking for love in a mail order bride, I do just fine as I am. Do you prey yourselves on men that do not know any better? If they really checked into it, they would know that it is impossible for a Russian woman to get a visa to come to the USA on her own. If men really want to see their mail order bride, they have to fly to Russia and go through a lot of money and hassle to even see their girl. Well, now that I have played this out long enough for you to ask for money, now the police will be trying to find you since you like to change names and cities and go on international dating sites to look for easy money, well I am not easy money, I am educated and successful while you are probably a desperate man or couple working together looking to scam money. Have fun running from the police again, I hope this time they catch you and put you in jail, whatever your name is...

Alive and well in the USA!

Ludmila Skulkina/Olga Bronnikova (Syktyvkar Russia) 

I am a single man 38 year old American, Self Employed and this began in the middle of January continuing until now. 

Here is what I've tried to report about Olga Bronnikova to other complaint sights, which is the same story for Ludmila Skulkina: Olga sent me what became readily apparent to be an elaborate seductive letter template, in which "she" plugged in her name and my name. She sent about eight photos along with it. Olga didn't answer any of my detailed questions which is when I grew suspicious, then I received an identical overture from another "woman" in Syktyvkar named Ludmila (another gorgeous blonde) with the same exact letter template only with Ludmila's name and my name plugged in. I did a search and learned that they had sent the same letters to other men on (with whom later I exchanged photos, letters and etc., for confirmation of this) and they were the exact same template and sob story ultimately asking for money for Visa, passport and plane ticket etc., to come to the US -for $ 460 western Union. Fortunately we didn't bite! But I'd be surprised if they didn't have some success at some point. I haven't reported them to the dating service. 

Address for both "individuals": 

20 Stavrapolskogo, 320a
Syktyvkar, 167610
The Russian Federation

Olga Bronnikova: 
Ludmilla Skulkina:


First Letter: 

Hi, Land!
How - you? It is probable, if you have assumed, it - Ludmila:) I - very much pleased to receive your answer, Land! First of all, please let me to apologize for  a delay of my answer on you, Land, but I were borrowed last time. I am happy so much that you have written to me, trust me, Land!  Also, I hope, that my E-Mail was so the big surprise for you also,  Really? But the most important, I would like to speak you, that I have  resolute to write you through gratitude of the Internet to my best girlfriend  Victoria. My girlfriend Victoria has met the good person through the Internet  from Australia, the Internet also. Her friend Martin. Victoria and Martin it  is very happy together! I see that they are happy so much together, and I have  decided to find persons from other country also as Victoria did it possible,  you may ask me why I did not find the Russian person? I shall be very serious,  I shall answer you, that I had the friend from Russia from my City, I loved it  very much, but it has thrown me in last time. It has found other girl as I have  understood. Also I saw, that it liked  to drink alcohol very much very much, as it is a lot of people in Russia do it,  there may be you, know about it. I do not love it when people like to drink so  much as my last friend did it! I teetotal and the  girl for non-smokers! Simply, I have no harmful habits! Also I want to speak  that concerning words of my  girlfriend Victoria, people from other countries, it is especial from USA and  Australia are very good, and they may to estimate and respect women as  significant people also. You agree with me? It - opinion be relative Victoria, and  I want to agree with Victoria completely.  Victoria has chosen its friend Martin from Australia because she knows the  English language also slightly.  Language, I can speak and write the English language, and I have decided to  find  persons from USA and I has decided to write to you, Land.  

Well, Land,  let me to inform you me more... As I have told you earlier, I - 28  years of age, I - "Aries" on the Zodiac, April, 3 1976. And when you  Was given birth? What is  - exact date of your Happy Birthday? Inform me, well? I - the White Russian  girl on a nationality. On religion, I am a Christian ( the Russian Conformist),  and I believe in God Jesus. I never was married and I have no any children, I -  the unique girl. I - a sensitive, kind, thoughtful  and easily surprised. On opinion  from my close friends and relatives, I - a kind, cheerful, clever and  intellectual, purposeful, sociable.  About my City, where I alive?:) I would like to inform you that me alive in City  Syktyvkar here in Russia. Syktyvkar it is located around 1600 kilometers from  our  Russian Capital the Moscow City.  Our City Syktyvkar - one of beautiful cities from Russia, I love my remarkable  City very much. There are many beautiful  streets, squares and other sights in our city. But it - so cold here, frosts compel  people to  continue streets in warm clothes, also what concerning your weather? It for a cold or is warm? Most of all I want to speak you, that my loved season  summer! I like, when the sun shines in streets, it - is a lot of voices Birds, it -  is romantic so much. And you love summer?:) Also I would like to inform you  about my formation. I studied in Pedagogical  university. I have finished university in 1996. Also I want to speak you, that I  have learned Englishmen  Language when I studied at university, I may speak the English language  without any problems, I think so... But I can see, that I do  many spelling  mistakes, I think so, I hope, that you will may to understand my  English  language without any problems? Really, Land? Please, inform me about it in your  following electronic mails, well? Also I would like to inform to you, that  after the termination of university, I received the diploma of a speciality " The  teacher of initial classes ".  Now I work as teacher of initial classes. I like to  work here in ours school. Also  i want to speak you, that I have access to the  Internet the computer which is located in study computer science because I  have no the Computer in my house,  and I have asked the sanction in ours the  director for my use of the Internet,  and it has allowed to use to me the  computer in a free time from my work.  Wowww, I have written so much! I did  not think, that I can to write about me  it is direct so much, really. Probably, I  finish my E-Mail to you. Land, I  shall be grateful so much if you will write to me  about independently so it is a lot of, as I did it. I would like, if you inform me, for example, about your family, whether really your family big? About your  city where - you residing,  I never was in other countries and in USA also, and I  shall be pleased to know about your country. Well, let me to finish my E-Mail, I  hopes to see your answer  soon! I put my photo, me the hope you will find my  photo good. Well, good bye,  Land, hoping to see your message is fast! Care,  Sincerely, Your new Russian friend,

E-mail Asking for money: 

Greetings my person of love, my dear  Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am really happy so much to receive your fine answer again and again my loved!!! I love you, I cann't without you, dear loveb Morgan!!! I  cann't - except for you, it am so firm ! Mine Morgan, you are my life,  Morgan, I want to embrace you so much to feel your heat, to study your  kind and sensitive eyes,  to feel me happy and safe about you, road. I   am sure, that all will be  good, and the destiny will be work for us and we  shall be happy together mine  Morgan. I frequently think about us and  attempt to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel you so about and   it is close to me. I even feel you on distance. I feel when you are in   high  spirit and when you are sad. I am happy, when you happy, my love   Morgan.  I know, that our hearts will be together always, because our love is  eternal, this big feeling connects another people  and us through   continents.  My dear, my love Morgan, as it it seems, this  feeling big love which includes three basic feelings. These feelings - the cautious attitude   to each other, and full understanding to each other,  sometimes even   understanding  without words, you agree with me my loved ? But not observing it Love -  very strong big feeling, it also is very fragile, realy my dear because  only one word or not correct action may destroy it and  already anyone willn't may to restore this big feeling. Probably, you will think  that  the  purpose of my correspondence you it - only desire to leave For USA. Trust me my love Morgan, it - not so my love, the fact in what when I  began to write to you, I might not trust that it is possible to fall in  love through the Internet. I thank the God and the Internet it we have  found each other in it so  the big world my loved . Only I have decided  to try to do it and that from it it gathered. We i and you we like each  other very much, and we should be together, because we may not withoiut  the friend the friend my loved . I have  learned much in researches as   we  want to meet each other very much. Morgan, the my dear person of   love!!! I have good big happy news to us my  dear Morgan!!! My girlfriend   Victoria has incorporated to it Sister Natahsa to  Moscow at last. Natasha has   told Victoria that her Has learned , how many  cost the visa and the foreign  passport also. Natasha has caused embassy  and there has told it, that   it will be better for us with you, Morgan if I shall  have the visa a the  tourist. This tourist visa B-2, the visa of the visitor will be at   valid  during six months. On this type of the visa I shall I can travel up to   USA without anyone Restrictions. The price of this visa as Natasha it was  informed in the embassy, is 170 AMERICAN dollars. Besides process of  registration the visa costs 85 AMERICAN dollars. By the way sister   Natasha  Victoria as has the accepted interest about other kinds of visas also,  concerning it has has told, that there is a set of kinds of visas. For  example, the visa the bride. Natasha thought, that this visa of the  bride  comes nearer to us, but her in Embassy have told, that this visa costs   more dearly and  registration of the visa costs many money. It - around of   USA for 650 dollars  and registration of the visa will be within seven   months,  it - very much long  and road! From it, because tourist visa B-2- most  the  best variant than the  visa of the bride now for us my love Morgan! Mine like Morgan, I want to ask you one thing mine Morgan, I shall require to ask your help with financial  accusations for reception all necessary  documents for my arrival to you, Morgan. As probably, may be you, know  economic situation in our country, it  is simple is awful, and in ours  the school does not give earnings to work the  personnel during long   time.  Ours the government explains it to that is simple they have no money,  it - a difficult financial situation, and they have no  references   behind the help on earnings for any kind of work only. My dear, my  like  Morgan,  I have the big desire to arrive to you to see you in last and only  references  behind the help separate us from each another. I love you so  it is a   lot  of, honey, and I do not want to lose you. Nobody may help me with it.  Certainly, I have asked my parents and friends Victoria and Martin also   to  help me with, it charges on necessary documents for my arrival, but my mother  and father have no such money though they would be like to help   us,  Morgan. My dear Morgan, in the general I shall require for 460 AMERICAN dollars. It certainly the big money, you probably thought, that is it   more  than  all-round price of the visa and registration of the visa, but I  should  to receive the foreign passport, too certainly which price - 120 USA  dollars. Also I should pay medical examinations also, it will be 60  dollars. And certainly I should pay  arrival from Syktyvkar To the Moscow City, I have learned about the price of  the ticket of the   plane Syktyvkar - Moscow, it will be 2430.00 Russian roubles, or it -   around  85 AMERICAN dollars. By the way sister Natasha Victoria will try to    find cheaper prices from the air ticket for rushing to you. I  want to ask   you,  Morgan, what closest airport (the name (a name) airport)  from your   city?  Also, please, inform me about the approximate price of the  plane the   ticket  also, well? Please, Natasha will require it datas as she has  told on   Victoria.  As Victoria has told me, Natasha will try to find cheaper airticket! I   so  happy from it so happy news!  But now, first, mine Morgan, I  should to start process registration of  all necessary documents, all I shall  require to 460 USA dollars as I   have told, Morgan. My dear Morgan if you will  send to me it so necessary references behind the help for these documents, it  will be better to do  through system of the Western Union, I have interested about it in my  friends  Victoria and Martin. Morgan, I want to speak you it when Martin asked Natasha to arrive to him in Australia, and it has helped to Victoria   with  necessary Victoria charges for its arrival, Martin have sent  necessary  references behind the help on the ticket of the plane and documents  Victoria through sistem the Western Union also. Frank trust to this   sistem  the Western Union as Martin has told me, the Western Union beterest and  quickly transfer system in the world. Also my love Morgan, as  Martin   has   told me, you will require some datas from me, you will require my full  name if you remember, Olga Bronnikova , also here- the address of the  closest bank where is located sistem Western Union 

Syktyvkar: GUTA BANK
LENINA, 47 a.

My dear Morgan, I want to ask you when you will send it 460 dollars of references behind the help, it will be necessary for me to which you   should  send to me the important information which demanded in a package of   money.  As Martin has told me, it - number of the control which consist of 10   figures  ( Number-MTCN the Control (management) Transfers (moving) Money).  This number you will have in the receipt which work the operator, will  give you. My dear Morgan, you should to send me it so the important   data  in  a E-Mail. Without it data MTCN I, willn't may to receive references behind the  help which are necessary for my arrival to you my dear   Morgan.  My love Morgan, I understand completely that it includes the big money,  but to me is  more on whom I can to rely and on it, I ask you about your help with, it  charges. Mine love Morgan, we - me, and you like each  other very much, and  we shall be together, simply, I sure in it my dear  Morgan!!! I expect and i  dream for one instant of our meeting at your  airport mine Morgan. I shall shout  in this moment when I shall leave  from air pass and when I shall see to you  mine Morgan because it will   be  with our happiness mine dear Morgan. I close  my eyes, and I imagine  about it so happy picture. My love, I dream, as we shall live together   my  loved to go on the walk, storing for our hands my love Morgan. I want   it  you will show me your native ground, places where you  like to go for a Walk and where you like to spend a lot of your time, also I  wants to   get acquainted with your relatives and the close friends so much! I  want to   be with you very much, so a lot of my love Morgan! I love you Morgan,  and I grieve without you my dear love Morgan! My dear Morgan, I want to  speak you, that I have, spoke with my mum and daddy, also with mine   sisters  about us again and again, it is especial about my arrival to you. I  want  to speak you, that my family has so many happy smiles for us and they  approve our close  feelings of love with you mine Morgan, they - so   happily, because we like each other very much, is simple they have told me that   we  shall be happy  with you, and they wish us the big happiness together!  They  see my feelings  and my happiness from our love with you, and they  understand  me, that we with you may not without each other also wish us the big   love in this time and  our future life also! Simply the big congratulations  from  my family up to you,  Morgan, please, accept Love from my parents, they love you as the relative son! Also hi from Victoria and Martin to you  also! I so thank Victoria and  Martin, because they - my close friends and consequently that gratitude him ,  especially Victoria, we have found   each  other, Morgan. Well, my love Morgan,  let me to finish my dear Morgan my E-Mail, I expect yours messages  so a lot of my person of love   Morgan!!!    

Desire to be with you so a lot of my love Morgan, Truly, your lady of love for  ever.... Olga. Thanks for letting others know about this.  
For Olga:

Oksana Franchuzova (Nizhny Novrogod, Russia)

I am seperated father of 2 boys, white American male age 41, I work   fulltime. I  was contacted via Yahoo Personals by Oksana Franchuzova. I  then wrote to  her only then to find out she is from Russia. On Tuesday  December 7th.  2004, she sent me the letter below aking me for funds for  her trip to America. We had only been writing since November 22nd. of   2004. I even got a letter from her dated Friday, January, 10th. 2003 later   during our correspondence. She then wrote this to me in letter below,   about 2 weeks after our first letter  she was already in Love. I never   sent any money because I was not in position to, but I told her I was   selling car for $5000.00 to try and get funds, so she kept writing. 

Her   Name is Oksana Franchuzova, Address is Gorky St., 65-A, apt. 89, Nizhny   Novrogod, Russia. Well that is adddress she gave me. We were still in  touch and writing daily as of February 25th. 2005. When I  found your  website, I got curious. So I started looking for women with her  name hoping I would not find Oksana, but I did. So I wrote to her asking   what  her picture was doing on your website. As of now February 28th I  have not heard from her. I am sending new pictures and one old picture  that you already have to help prove she is scammer... 


My love Mike!
Now I absolutely have no doubts, that my intentions are very serious. Thank you for taking the time to write me, If you only knew how happy  your letters make me. Thank you for being so sweet. Every day I find  myself, spending more time thinking of you. Every day, before go sleep, I imagine our first  meeting. How I come from airport, and I see you at the first time. I really can't imagine how many emotions I'll  feel, because even thinking about it, my heart beating is becoming  faster and faster. It seems to me, that I did not want  anything in my life, as to meet you. My dear Prince, your letters are pure  inspiration to me. I want to see you, and tell you, that I miss you more and  more as the days pass. I want you to be my happiness for  ever. A lot of time  has passed, I feel nervous, because I think that love has finally found me, can  this be Love? Yes. My inner feelings  never lie.    I think of the future, many years from now and I see you and me,  together, married, our family, I know it  may sound a kind of silly, but it is my dream, you are my dream, a life by your  side. My dear  Mike, I wonder how will it feel to have you in my arms, to kiss  you,  to love you. It makes me crazy, no, YOU make me crazy!   I can stay  with you 4 months, then if I won't want to come back (or if  we'll be married), I'll be able to stay with you, and do everything  for new visa or something else  from USA. I already got a passport, so  I have it, and I need only to buy ticket and visa. I need 350 $ for  visa, and exams for getting it. And I need about  1000 - 1100 $ for  tickets, it depends on a date of my arrival. I think, that we  have to divide charges, because my mother saved some money (400 $), and  she  told me, that she wants to give me a present: to help me to come to  you,  because she knows, how much I want it. My dear, so, I need 1000 $  now, may be I have to pay more, but for getting visa, I have to  pre-pay for tickets 1050  $. I hope, that it'll be a good news for you, as for me, because nothing can  prevent us to be together.   Forever yours Oksana     

Kristina Pavlova (Bryansk, Russia)

My name is Richard I am a single male from USA and Kristina first contacted me on February 26, 2005. The site she saw me in is the Gimeney dating Agency. With a 30 plus year age difference I became suspect from the first, but I thought about seeing where this is all going. With her looks she should be getting just about anybody in the world.... why me???:


Hi dear Richard
I have seen your profile on the site and I like you. My name is Kristina, I am 24 y.o.  I want to meet you. You very attractive man.  If you are interesting, write  me please. I will be wait your letter.
Kiss, Kristina.

Then came the next letter on the same day, February 26th, same photos from her profile, and now written in a lavender colored type:

Hi dear Richard
Thank you for your nice letter and very nice photo. I like it! Bryansk it is little town in the 300 km from Moscow on the south.  As you know I work as agent of travel in agency of travel.  I love travel very much and I love my job. I have  been in many countries. More that others I like USA. I think it is very beautiful  and interesting countrie. About my family: I have younger brother. I have no father, he dead when I was children.  My mother work economist. I live with my mother and brother. I think that internet helper to meet new people.  But you know, internet cannot give full dialog. I think, that best way it is real meet. I  hope, you agree with me. I want to ask you: have you meet russian girls early from internet?  I hope to hear you soon. Will be wait your letter. Kiss, Kristina 

Then came the real "letter of intent" on March 4th, she wanted to see if I would take the bait and literally fall all over myself to meet her:

Hi dear Richard
Thank you for your letter. I want to know you better. Can we speak on the phone? My number is +7 905 1778850 Give me your number. I will be wait your letter. Kiss, Kristina

I sent her my phone number to see what might happen. Well, it didn't take long for HER to call me on March 5th, and at about 2 in the morning Moscow time. All of the following letters were written very early in the morning, what is a woman like this doing out at 2 or 3 AM?? Her English was not very good and we only talked for about 3 minutes, I was busy and I couldn't believe that she called. The first thing I noticed when she did call was her voice did not seem to match her age. She sounded like someone about 10 to 15 years older and not as petite as her profile stated. She told me to write her another letter, which I did later that day and said it was so nice for her to call. She wrote back on March 5th:

Hi darling Richard
It is was very nice to speak with you. I like your voice. Now I am sure, I really want to meet. It is will be great time for us. You know, in the march I have holliday. So, I can come to you in this month. I am waiting your letter. Kiss, Kristina

I proceeded to ask her for more photos so I could see her in different poses, she sent this letter on March 5th also. I wanted to see if these photos she has are really her and since she could call me I figured she could afford to send different photos of herself.:

Hi darling Richard
Today I was in agency of travel. I booking tickits to you. But it is was very  expensive for me. Tickets cost 1129 USD. But I have just 800 USD. Darling, if you can, send me 400 USD. I am really want to see you. But you mus  understand me, I am not so rich. I am sure, we shall have good time together.  I am send to you copy of my passport, do not worry about money. I am real and simple, kind girl. I will be wait your letter darling.  Gentle kiss, your Kristina

After receiving the above letter and her passport photo I noticed her birthday was different from her profile by 8 days. I mentioned this to her and the fact that I would not send any money for her to come to America. I told her I have been scammed by two other Russian ladies and was not about to go that way again. I reminded her that her profile and second letter stated that she worked in a travel agency and she should get a loan from them and I would pay her back when she arrived in America. She wrote this letter on March 6th, who knows if the photo is really the same girl?? :

Hi darling
It is so pity, that you do not interesting in me more. When I read your letter, I am was sure, that you are real man, my destiny. You has write me beautiful letter.   like you, I like your body, I like your voice. I really want to meet you. You know, I am was ready to fall in love with you. As you know, the 8 of march will be womans day. And the 11 of march I have birthday. I will be happy to spend this days with you. I miss you. I think that we have real chans to meet. Maybe it is destiny for us. Write me please.  I am wait. Kiss my darling

This was the last letter I received from Kristina, I guess she did not like my idea that she should send me the money necessary to change my travel plans to Moscow so I could see her in March. I informed the website and they should be posting her as a scammer who is asking for money. They expressly ask for the report on people like this.

Richard M. USA


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