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Dear Elena: 
My name is Chris Pettersen. I am 42 years old and live in Oregon. I stumbled across your web site while searching for the address for the Russian embassy in Washington, DC. I was very impressed with your information on Russian women and found it very gratifying. I don't really have anything particular to say just that what I read on your site was very accurate. You see I am one of the many thousand western men that was searching for someone special in my life and found it in Russia. Although I did not go through your service I did go through similar agency's and am happy to say that I found someone very special that I intend to marry. I spent two weeks with her in Voronezh and will return in April while awaiting our I129-F application to process. I must say that it has been very difficult to convince my peers and coworkers that I am making a wise decision. There appears to be a tremendous stereotyping of Russian women and your myths are so true. Most men in the States that I talk to agree that American women lack true commitment and determination for a permanent relationship and look at marriage as a conditional arrangement. The same men also tend to fall short of looking elsewhere to remedy this dilemma. I was married for 19 years and in that entire period of time could never make my wife happy. When I saw how hard life is in Russia my first thought was every American woman should spend two weeks over there so they could appreciate how good they have it. I am very much in love with this little lady that I can hardly contain myself and I am looking forward to giving her everything I possibly can. Perhaps she holds the ship in her palm as you suggest. Regardless she seems to possess an intuitive intelligence that can peer deep into my soul. This attribute is totally foreign to American Woman and I am convinced that I have found true happiness. I just wanted to say "keep up the good work." There are a lot of American men that need your assistance and helpful insight.

Chris Pettersen (OR, USA)


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Mugged in Ukraine - and I'd do it again!
True-life story of Alan and Aryna

People thrive on good news. We want happy endings. We seek, we dream of finding true and incredible love and compassion. We are addicted to movies of that genre: Pretty Woman. Dirty Dancing. The Sound of Music.

Your site ( provides a black list of internet romance scammers. Negative information perhaps, but positively motivated in its intent to expose dishonesty and prevent unwitting victims from falling into the scammers' love trap.

And now you have added 'happy ending' anecdotes to Great idea.

Why, and the other global giants in internet dating are not more efficient in publishing reports of the romances that they have initiated I am at a loss to say.

I met Aryna, my Ukrainian bride, through one of these big dating sites and asked the company to publish our story. However, while the site does carry 'true stories' and its service and profiles span the globe, the company's management views and perceptions appear to be parochially American. If the romance is not "N.Y., N.Y. meets Washington D.C." it isn't worthy of publication!

I am gratified to see that is interested in stories emanating from further afield.

I (Alan) am a publisher and journalist. I work primarily in the tourism field, am Zimbabwean by birth and British by descent. Aryna hails from Odessa, Ukraine - a designer, working in upmarket women's fashion. She creates leather skirts, tops and jackets as well as other garments in various fabrics.

I first emailed Aryna on 3 February 2001. I was fortunate in that I wrote a good letter. Aryna is lovely and had had a great deal of response to her profile. She wrote me back straight away and so began the transmission of more than a hundred A4 pages of letters and photographs.

Letters were then supplemented by phone calls and two months after our first contact I took my two children (Michael is 11 and Ashleigh is 6) from Zimbabwe, via London, to Odessa to meet Aryna and her son Zhenya (9).

We spent an incredible month in Ukraine. Love blossomed. Then we ran into some troubles: Ashleigh contracted bronchitis. Aryna and I were mugged at night in downtown Odessa! Michael got severe food poisoning (from the Odessa outlet of a major international hamburger chain) and was admitted to hospital. Aryna stayed with the other two children which left me dealing with non-English speaking health professionals in a fraut and emotional situation.

We came through the bad times strongly. Our love grew and the children took to each other fabulously well.

Aryna flew to Africa in June. She flew back again in August for a month. And in October she and Zhenya arrived for good. We were married on 15 January 2002. Aryna's mother and father flew out from Ukraine and were with us for the ceremony.

Zhenya had never travelled to an English speaking country before but he is already enrolled in school and keeping up with all subjects. I am now in the process of adopting him.

Originally, both Aryna and I were highly sceptical with regard to searching for a genuine relationship on the internet. In retrospect, writing letters for several months and building a relationship through phone calls and small but special gifts is a much more exciting and fulfilling way to fall in love than meeting a future spouse at a party, or in a club. And the moment when you do meet, touch, kiss is almost unbearably wonderful - an instant to be treasured for life.

We now have a loving family of five and a great future to look forward to, though the adversity of being in Zimbabwe over the last few months has been substantial. At the end of this year we will be emigrating to New Zealand.

Aryna treasures family, home, support, care and tenderness. She has style. She listens. She is gifted in her work. And she is utterly feminine. Aryna is a woman in a million. And there are more like her.

So don't be put off by the 'strangeness' of internet romance. If you are genuine, and prepared to persevere your 'Russian' bridal dream can, like mine, become reality.



Your information unlocked the process for me
Read the story of Frank and Ludmila

Russian women are real treasures, and I found mine
"After visiting with her, I realized that she was not in any need of any material items. Her family has own business, and live very good. She just had this desire that we as all humans have inside of us, to love and to be loved in return. In fact, if she had her way, we would probably be living in Russia right now..." 
Read a story of Nick and Julia

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Russian brides guide recommended
Russian brides guide recommended
Russian brides guide recommended
Russian brides guide recommended
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