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Perfect Wedding Budget

Copyright 2005 Gerry Huwaljik
Feel Wedding <>

The traditional wedding! Often the dream of every little girl, the traditional wedding fills one's imagination with long flowing lace, yards of white satin, the fragrance of a thousand white flowers tied with pink bows, and a wedding cake with at least five tiers of iced heaven. And along with such a vision comes a financial picture that staggers the imagination of those who pay the bills. While the thought of planning a wedding within the boundaries of a budget can bring tears to a bride, knowing how to do some special planning can dry those tears and bring a joyous delight.

The budget will always remain one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. Working with the budget at this point gives wonderful life-time experience to the bride, for all lives are influenced by a budget and now is the time to really get a handle on them. Where years ago the bride's family always paid for the wedding, now-a-days this expense is often shared by all concerned - the working bride, the working groom - and all parents.

Regardless of who picks up the cost, budgeting allocates an exact amount of money to each expense and there are no financial surprises that can ruin the wedding itself. Books expound upon the dozens of ways to create wedding budgets. Read them all over. Each will offer you some wise pockets of knowledge.

The rehearsal dinner allows for a tremendous celebration of the event. All can gather together to share memories and laughs and hopes and dreams. The bride and groom show their loving appreciation to all who gathered to help them celebrate. The dinner can be privately catered in one's home or garden, or held in a number of places: from an upscale restaurant to a potluck in the church basement. To help keep the costs down, many couples only have the main course catered and ask the guests to bring the desserts or drinks. Having arrangements for someone else to do the serving and cleanup removes a big burden and stress from the families and wedding party.

When a wedding becomes a financial nightmare, then the true meaning of the wedding gets watered down. Five years from now the couple will probably not remember what the ice sculpture looked like that cost thousands, or whether all the extra flowers really added to the event. What they will probably remember the most are the photographs that captured their treasured moments so they could be relived down through the years.



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