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I am not an expert, but I've lived in Moscow for the last two years... What you said about Russians being tolerant is so true - Americans complain about tiny, small problems, but a Russian doesn't complain at all when his hot water is shut off for three weeks. 
Your website is accurate, funny, insightful and honest.

M. G., USA

Russian women vs. American women

Top question - May

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Q: After thoroughly reading and reviewing about Russian women from your site, I've come to the conclusion that Russian women and American women are pretty much the same in their search for love and security. Men don't have that option in finding a woman that, lets say is rich. If a man is poor regardless of what country he is from, the chances of him finding a decent women are slim. If a man has a lot of money, he gets a pretty girl. Is Russia that much different than America? Only money wise.

A: That is a very straightforward and superficial interpretation. I believe there may be a few more men who think the same. Well, let's have a look at the situation from a different angle, and dig deeper.

The first thing that I cannot agree with is that you won't be able to find a decent woman in Russia if you are not wealthy. You will.

The question is: what you mean by "decent"?

If you are looking for an attractive slim educated loyal faithful woman of your own age or slightly younger (5-10 years gap), you will find plenty. Regardless your financial situation. (If only you are not homeless and jobless because you are principally against of working - but even then, there will be some women who will be willing to take care of you and can even offer you accommodation!)

Can this type of woman correspond the meaning of the word "decent"?

Let's say honestly: if one being ugly and poor is looking for a long-legged model 20-30 years younger than him, who is wrong? A woman who does not want to be involved with him, or a man who has unrealistic demands? One must not hope to get something for nothing. It's just as fair as some guys work hard in high school, and are accepted by Harvard, and the others who never did their homework are helping people at a garage with the petrol pump.

On the other hand, have a look at yourself, guys. You think it's fair that all man are looking for young beautiful women? What about the ones who are under the average appearance? Isn't it the same kind of thing as women looking for "financially secure" husbands? If a girl is ugly regardless of what country she is from, the chances of her finding a descent man are slim. If a woman was lucky to be born beautiful, she gets a good looking rich guy.

The most unfair thing about this is that if a man can make his fortune himself with hard work and wisdom, a woman can do very little about her appearance given to her by the Lord and her parents. By the time she earns enough money for expensive cosmetic surgery, if ever, she is out of age.

(Being a woman, I can tell you: this is VERY unfair. Luckily I inherited the right features from my parents ...)

And how can you state that there are no men looking for rich wives? There are quite a few young males who successfully tried their luck with older wealthy women. Another thing is, that there are much more wealthy men than women; I don't know if it may be considered as fair or not. :-) 

Russian women ARE different from American women. Just because it's two different cultures.

Many men who met somewhere on their life way a Russian woman married to American got swept off their feet, and went to search for a Russian bride. There must be some difference, if they are eager to undertake all this trouble and expenses and go to the end of the world to find a wife.


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