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I'd like to thank you for the quality of information contained on your website; your direct and candid discussion of issues and perceptions
was a welcome change from the plethora of sales pitches otherwise available.

Also, I just recently purchased your Anti-Scam guide (about a week ago) and found it to be very enlightening and helpful.  Easily worth the small price you charge, and you have my gratitude for providing it.  Given that my efforts are still in the exploratory phase, I can count myself lucky to have found you when I did.

Black List - page 94: UPDATES
May 16, 2002 - page 2

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Natasha/Natalya (Tymen, Russia)

Hello, This is a recent letter. I just thought I'd pass it on. Maybe it will keep someone from getting scammed. Thanks, Bruce E.

I was so glad to receive your quick answer on my email to you.I want to say to you, that your answer was so large surprise for me, I didn't thinkthat I will can see your answer so quickly. Thank you for your writing. Ok, let me to tellyou about myself more information ok? As I said to you earlier, my name is Natasha. But I want to say to you that my friends call me as Natasha, Nata in more cases. My dad and mum like to call me as Nata, basically. It is so tenderly in theis opinion. Ok, I want to tell to you too that I'm a lady of the age 28, I was born in February, 27, 1974. Also I want to say to you about my parameters. My height is 173 cm(5'8''). My weight is 52 kg (115 lbs.).I live in Russia, Tyumen City which is situated in a Western Siberia. Here is exact coordinates of a geographical position of Tyumen City: a northern breadth is 57?11' and an east longitude is 65?29'. I hope that you will can to find my city on the map without any problems too. I want to say to you that the population of my city is approximately 555,000 people, in my opinion my city is not large in comparison, for example, with Capital-Moscow. A distance between Moscow and Tyumen is approximately 2000 kilometers. Also I want to tell about time zone of Tyumen. It is +2 hour to Moscow time. For example, if in Moscow is 9:00 am, in our city will be 11:00 am. Also I want to tell to you about our weather. Today is -7 degrees on the street, it is snowly too, there is a large quantity of the snow, and what about your weather? I want to say to you that our city is one of the beatifulest cities of Russia, I think. Our city is a large industrial centre, city of a science and any cultures. I like my city very much. Also I want to say to you that I have graduated from Tyumen StateUniversity, I have finished this University in 1999. I have a Diploma of speciality " The Organization of a leisure of outside educational activity of the schoolchilds". Also I want to say to you that I have learned English language in the Universtiy too, I hope that you understand my English, also I want to say that I can speak on English freely. Please, tell me about it, ok? Also I want to say to you that I use a computer, here in my job in the college, at our boss's cabinet, he has permitted me to use an Internet when we have a free time. Ok, I  must finish my email to you, I hope to hear from you your email soon, please, tell me about you, about your life, ok? I would glad to know about you more. Waiting for your next email,Sincerely,Natasha 

Hi my friend, Bruce!!! I have received your answer on my last email. I want to tell you that your letters are so very interesting for me. Also I want to tell that I like that you say about you in your letters very much. Bruce, may be you will interest to learn about our correspondence, about its essence too, really? I want to tell that when I have seen your profile, it has liked to me among others profiles of other men. As I want to tell that I have decided to get acquainted through  an Internet due of my girlfriend Natasha which two years back has got acquainted with the foreigner. His name is Martin. He is from Denmark, from Kopengagen City. They live here, in Tyumen now. Martin has arrived to Natasha through some time after their acquaintance and now they are very happy together. Natasha and Martin have a child, she is a small girl. Her name is Carolina. Natasha is real mother of Karolina and I am God mother at this so nice Karolina. I want to tell you that Natasha has advised me to use the Internet for my acquaintance and I am very glad to correspond with you, Bruce. Also I want to say to you that I chosen you in USA, because I know English not bad, as I said you earlier, I have learned English when I have studied in University, I speak on English freely, but I want to say to you that I write on English with many spelling mistakes as you can see. Also I can use the interpreter. It is very conveniently, I hope that you understand my English too. Bruce, I want to notice, that may be you have a question about our writing, I want to say you, may be in future we will be together, but I think that for that we must to know each other a lot of, really, Bruce? I consider that it is very important to know each other a lot of information when people want to be together. Ok, Bruce, allow me to tell about my parents too. My parents are brought up people and they have gave me a good education also. My fathers name is Pavel, and my mother's name is Marina. I want to tell you that my father works at a factory as a mechanic, and my mother Marina works as the seamstress. I want to tell that I have consulted with my parents about the account my acquaintances with you through the Internet, they have estimated it as positively because they care about my future life. My parents would want that I have a happy life and would want that I will find my man. As I told you earlier I never have been married. Of course I had my last boyfriend in the last time, but I want to tell that we have part with him, because he has found other girl. Now they are very happy together as I heard. But now I don't want to remember about so boring history. Also I want to tell you about my job. As I told you earlier, I work in a college. I have a very interesting job there in colledge. My job include to carry out various competitions for the students. I want to say to you that recently I have carried out a New Year's competition too. It was so interesting. I want to congratulate you with last Happy New Year, though it is so late to congratulate now:) I want to ask you, how you spent this Happy New Year? I hope that you have met Happy New Year well. I have met this New Year very well, together with my parents and friends too. It was very cheerful. There were many gifts, a lot of congratulations and other happy things. Please, tell me how you have met New Year, ??? Excuse me, but I must to finish my letter to you. Oh, sorry, my parents and Marina and Martin ask me to say to you a very hot hi too :) I hope to see your letters soon.  Faithfully, Your new friend from Russia, Natasha

Oksana Veselskaya (Lugansk International marriage agency)/Nataly Sokolova

Report on Scammer Oksana Veselskaya from Lugansk, International Marriage Agency and Nataly Sokolova:

I am a white male living in the USA and I would like to make a report to you about a scammer named Oksana Veselskaya from Lugansk. She claims to be 19yo., Date of birth is September 5th, 1982 and lives at:Oksana Veselskaya, Solnechniy block 15a - 33,Lugansk, Ukraine, 91050  The reason why I say claims is that in trying to send her flowers, the delivery agency stated to me that there was no such address? Here is the report from the delivery agency :Veselskaya Oksana 91050 Lugansk Solnechniy block 15a-33 March 23 Residents of that apartment told our agent that they never heard about Veselskaya Oksana My suspicions were now confirmed as she had earlier tried to get me to send her money ($200) for a passport to meet with her in Cuba or Hungry. When this did not work, she tried to get me to send her money ( $400 ) for English lessons at this scammer agency called international marriage agency (see letter below). 

Letter from International Marriage Agency:

Dear Sir We should tell you we offer English courses. It's more intensive course that you lady can learn the basis of English and will be able to speak a little. If you want to help Oksana to start learning it. We think she'll be very glad to attend it at the other days. Hope you are pleased your correspondence with our Lady. We'll be glad to help you in any questions. If you are ready to pay for courses, we give you our information. For the quicker transferring money to our account, would you send it on the following version of payment. Version of the payment: We prefer only Western Union to remit the payment for the translations to LUGANSK CITY, UKRAINE in favor of Elena Andrievskaya. We should also pay your attention that we can't accept credit cards,so as we haven't the such system here and we don't use post mail for this, because it's not reliable. Please send your information about the payment to Our E-mail: our telephone number is: (0642)535421(from 9AM till 5PM Kiev time accept weekend) After transferring money you should write us about the control number of the transfer, your full name, the fund according our price-list for which of our services. At any time You wish, You may get (receive) the report of the use (utilization) of your prepayment (money). Also You may always get back your prepayment ( with the exception of the for the translation). We'll be also glad to do You the services on your choice. Best wishes. We wish you love and every happiness. Nataly Sokolova account manager.

I even offered to send her to another place to get English lessons in her town but she wound not agree to this even though I was willing to pay for the lessons. As a matter of fact the agency sent me a nasty letter and to go elsewhere. After all attempts to get money from me and to send it to this agency failed, she can no longer write to me because of financial difficulties and she can not pay for the translation and sending of letters. It is funny how she was always able to send and get letters before when she was trying to get money from me.   She has several profiles listed at under KsushaVes, v_eselshaya8, and veselskaya2 . She also has profiles at Friendfinder, Matchdoctor, a pretty women, 1st International Marriage agency and probably many others. I would like to report to you also that somehow this International Marriage agency is associated with the agency "Meeting crossroads" The accounts manager of this international marriage agency is: Nataly Sokolova account manager International marriage agency
. There is something not right with this agency as they have several reported scammers on their site and they should be included in your blacklist of agencies as they are scam agency from what I can gather. 

Dear Sir We are glad that you are so much interested in Oksana Veselskaya. She is interested in you too and wants to continue your correspondence. The only one problem is her financial situation. You probably know that the economical situation in our country is very difficult nowadays. And it's difficult for her to pay for our services unfortunately. Oksana doesn't speak English, and the letters are to be translated. She is very sad, she wishes to pay, she paid for letters beforehand, but now she is lacking money. We like Oksana, but can't provide her with our services free. We have her letter translated and wish to send it. Could you be so kind to inform us what we should do in this situation. Shall we give her letter back to her? Are you interested in this correspondence? We are looking forward for your reply. Faithfully yours,Nataly Sokolova account manager
International marriage agency.

Hello my dear Thank you very much for your congratulations. I'm so happy.I'm so happy you want to help me. But I trust only those places where I can be sure about the results, you know there is so much lie in my country. And if you don't mind I would like to take courses here in my checked place. Could you be so kind to trust me too? I know what I'm saying. I really value our relations and would like to continue in spite of any problems we will have. I know we are very close to each other now and should thank God who helps us. Don't you think so? My dear,  I need your help and your trust. If people can not believe each other they should not use Internet. I wish we were together during all days, and I think of you all the time, I imagine us together as well sweetheart, having romantic times together,laying next to each other in bed, holding one another, laughing, and having fun, waking up together and doing things in our everyday life together  I dream of kissing you all over, making you happy with as well as the sensuous touching, the pleasure of our bodies touching each other, I need you, only you, your the woman in my life, and who wants to be with you, to experience the pleasure of love making together, the whole experience of life together as a family and yes what is mine, is yours as well. I want to meet you soon, I think   it would be romantic time when we'll meet, would like for us to share a room together, I just dream of you and I laying next to each other on the beach, and at the room, just makes feel so good inside, to know that you do care for me, my dreams of you sure makes me sleep so sound, I just can imagine your arms holding around me, and the touch that you have, just makes me feel so good, as well as our legs wrapped around each other ... My imagination of us together is so wonderful.... it will be a reality I hope you believe me, I want our dreams to come true for us. I truly care for you, its you I want to be with... You're special to me always.... and I want to be with you. I'm sending you warm and long kisses, I'm waiting for your soon decisions, Your Oksana. 

WILL YOU SEND ME YOUR NEW AND RECENT PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL TO HAVE THEM ALWAYS WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hello I can only say I'm happy to have such tender person like you. I would like to take courses in my agency and to be here, because my friends who took it earlier were very satisfied with them and I hope I'll be happy too. These courses were checked before by my friend and I trust them, and if you don't mind could I learn English in my agency, please, please, please, please........... I hope for you. You are my dream and my hope. I trust you, you'll never hurt me.  I need you in my life.  Let me know about your thoughts. Your loving woman, Oksana. 

Hello Today I came to my agency and could not wait such beautiful letter.You'll make my dream come true. You are the best man in the world. Thank you for your attention to me. I can start my course as soon as you'll help me. The group can be complicated maybe even from two people. I promise you to be a good student. I'll be good for you, all I do is to be with you and not to lose any connection with you, so I decided I must take these course and you, my tender man, agreed with me. I'm so happy. I'll be waiting for your help. You can send money right to my agency's manager. The course are here, there are so many high qualified teachers. I'm so happy to take it I'm so exited. You are my rescuer. I need you in my life. I'll ask my agency to send you information.  Thank you again. I'm going home and will tell my mother that I'll take these courses at last and you'll help me. I'm leaving my agency now and we'll be waiting for your soon decisions.Your Oksana.

Hello My dear, you are so kind person and I've never met such tender man like you. You are the best. Now I see you are very serious to me. I would like to meet you as soon as possible. I dream about us walking in romantic places and only we are together without any interpreters. Only you and I. I miss you so much. I'll be a good student, if you permit me to take these courses. You know I dreamed about it from my childhood to learn English, but my mother could not give money to me. It's only you who can help me now. You are so close to me, we should trust each other and be together near forever.Thank you again that you want to make my dream come true. Of course I want to be with you and I know that I should learn English for us. But it's expensive. I'm afraid to tell you the price, you'll leave me immediately. But you can help me with only part of it, and after that we'll see. It cost $400.00 UDS. It's very good ones all my friends are exited to learn English here. OK?Your loving woman here,Oksana.

Hello I'm very glad that we become close to each other with our meet.I'll be waiting for your soon coming to my city in summer, but I should prepare to it I think to learn some basis of English till your coming. What do you think about my thoughts????????? It'll be great to speak with you during our me t. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, I found myself thinking about you all the time. I can't wait for the day I could see you, speak with you, touch your hand. I tried to imagine our meeting, but it doesn't work. I mean, I know that it will be in a totally different way then I imagine. But anyway, it will be wonderful. It also seems to me we will spend all the time just speaking and telling each other about our lives. Ups, I forgot, I don't speak your language enough for to speak with you. Seriously saying, I would like to change the situation. Last week I check the price for English courses, the most suitable thing I found is the courses in the agency I use an interpreter service. But anyway, it is still very expansive for me. I did try to learn it by myself. I couldn't even imagine that it would be so hard. My Mom always says: Don't do things you can't do, it is better to apply to the professionals. You know, she is absolutely right. I still want to take these courses for to be able to speak with you without interpreter help, even sometimes when we could stay alone. Could you advice me something?  I'll be waiting for your so nice thoughts as always, your loving and waiting woman, Oksana. 

Hello I think I'll be able to leave anything to be together with you and spend some time somewhere on the beach of the sea. No, I have no international passport, I've never been abroad. But I would like to visit Boston to meet with you. March is nice time to meet, but you know, I should make passport till that time. Will you be so kind to help me. I know my friends made passport quicker way it cost $200 USA. I know it's bad to talk with you about money, but I have very poor situation in financial plan. And my family can not help me now. And I have another problem, I have to pay for my letters to you, and it cost too much for me now. Would you be so kind to help me???????? Please, please, please don't leave me in need. I'll be praying for you and your help!!!!!!!!!! I really need it,  Your Oksana, I need you in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello I'm so happy to receive your letter all the time. It brings me more light and I can be proud of our relationships. I hope we'll continue our lettering. I hope when we'll meet we'll be a good couple. When I read your new letters every time I feel you are real gentleman and the only one man I need. I've been looking for someone who just like you. I've been searching for someone to give my mind. And no  I understand you are such person. I don't need anybody anymore. I found you through all my trying. I want to be only with you and hope you do the same.  ou know many men have wrote to me and it was not something I really need. They sent me many nice words and I felt I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. But when I read you letter I understand they are nothing in comparing with you. Now I've become mad from your attention to me and had a great idea to see you as soon as it can happen. I don't want to wait anymore and actually I'll leave everything to be only with you. My all existence can not wait to see you. My dear, when will be the day of our meeting? Could you come to me. I understand it's difficult over many problems and you have to work but would you pick out some time to visit me and my beautiful city. I'll show you some interesting places. I hope you'll like it. If you have many troubles now I can wait but not so long ti e. Now I'll try to restrain and while I should tolerate all this time. But I should hear your voice. Just to delight your presenting here and feel that you are real. Hope you are. Would you call me as soon as possible, but as you know I can not speak English, but an interpreter will help me to understand your word. Frankly speaking I need not your words(I see them on my computer) I need to hear your sweet voice. I'll be waiting for your ringing me up. My agency's phone +380642 535421. Your Oksana. I'll be waiting for your decisions.

Hello How are you? Hope fine. I was very happy to come to my agency and see your letter. It's wonderful to know that someone on another part of the world are thinking of me care and always with me. I feel the most beautiful woman in the world. You are so kind to me and I like you very much. When I applied to the agency I haven't any hope to find somebody. I thought it was just a joke. Now I understand my mistake. I was looking for someone special to give my heart and soul and everything I only can. I was looking for someone who could show me what love is. Now I know this feeling. The love is something special for every person. Somebody believe it, somebody not. The love love should be like a gift from heaven not for everybody only for special people who will deserve it. Most of people even can not imagine what love is. They just think they know, but it's wrong. Now I know what love is. You showed it to me with your care and tender attention and I know you are so far from me. But I feel connection I feel you next to me. I understand you are far and lonely and need somebody near you right now, because you are a man. And as man can not live without woman as vise versa. But I hope you have much passion now and you should collect your forces and wait for me. I'm always be waiting for only one man in the world(for you). I hope it's you. Always waiting for you. Your Oksana.

Hello My postal address is :Oksana Veselskaya Solnechniy block 15a - 33 Lugansk Ukraine 91050 Would you like to write there? What do you want to know about me? How is your work? I saw your photos on your work. It's horrible. Imean you are handsome there but I don't like dentists. Hope to hear from you very soon. Your Oksana.

Hello Thank you are with me. I really appreciate a lot. As for English it's not mine. I don't speak English I use the translation of my agency. It's my interpreter's. Ukrainian guy are very spoiled with good attitude forward them,there are too many beautiful women in Ukraine ,who are ready to share their love with them, that they stopped value it. They don't consider they have to be polite and caring with woman and might think,"O.K this girl doesn't like my attitude forward her,but here are a lot of other who will be happy if I look at them".As a matter of fact,if you tell to a guy that you love him and care about him,he doesn't appreciate it and considers that this "castle has been already conquered"(do you understand what I mean?) Actually,I'm very tired of it.I'd like to be sincere ,I don't want to play games with the person I love and want him to answer me the same. I think that sincerity and honesty is the main criteria of people's relationship. I hope I will succeed in my search and will find a Man of my life. I do wish it! Also I beli  e that if somebody wants something very much,he/she will reach and get it.  The main thing is to believe that everything will be O.K. My hope is the last thing that will die! That's why I'm looking abroad!!!!!!!Will you be my friend.
Your Oksana.My birthday by the way is on the 5th of September.You are late with congratulation 

Dear, Life is great, and it's great to live, I feel so easy in my soul, it's so good to be given every support by close to my heart people, there is only one thing I need, and maybe it is you. I believe there are so many interesting and exciting things to do in this life.In my 19 I'm one of the leading spirits in a parachute Jumping group. Every time it's like a challenge. When I'm up there in the sky in free air I feel free as a bird. My hobby doesn't interfere much with my profession. I graduated from the Banking faculty at the Commercial college. Also it doesn't interfere with my sensitive womanly Virgoan nature either. I am very proud of my family. They are real friends to me. My mom has much success for a firm "Style". It is a great responsibility to work there, and she does the right way I am sure. My grandma is a great help to us. She does gardening, housekeeping, she just cares about us. My lovely elder sister has found happiness with her husband. And I would like to find mine with a nice man who would share my dreams to feel the light breeze at the moment of the sunset on the seaside, and would share the streamline of my life that it's good to be important, but it is more important to be nice. What about you? What is more important for you in your life? You know, though I am not with you physically, I am with you in spirit. Tell me, please, about your dreams as soon as you can so to make me feel the happiest lady in the world! Take care and keep smiling, Oksana. P.S. Send me your photo, please!

Dear Sir  If our agency is not suitable for you. You can use another way. Sincerely, Nataly Sokolova, manager.

Olesya 363 (Chita, Russia)

Hello again-I'm back with another story, different name and pictures of a blonde this time-uses They first emailed me from, which I understand requires the use of a credit card in order to write to other members-but the reply address was the .ru  one given above, and "her" profile had already been removed when I tried to  access it, which seems to be pretty standard procedure with these guys...I wrote last year about Elena Kruglova from Tyumen, Russia-I see you still have my story on here with some of the photos-but the index one is of a different  woman than the ones I received, so I'm assuming they have kept the name and are  using different photos with it... The 1st and 2nd emails received asked for the apparently 'quite standard' $320.00 for a "B-2 tourist visa". The  scammer  evidently read my very first letter because in it I had mentioned that I had  been approached by scammers twice before but thanks to your site I sent no  money. They wrote back saying they were sorry I had had that experience, then used nearly the identical M.O.!! I'm not sure if that takes balls or all my replies but the first one I have made increasingly  sarcastic remarks, wondering when the request for money would come, expressing disappointment that there were no lingerie photos, etc-and twice I simply hit  "Reply" without writing a word-so I know they only read the first letter...I'm  planning to scan some Monopoly money and email that to them...  A poem in the last email contained perfect grammar and syntax-this poem is  posted on other stories here as well-must be as standard as the $320.00  visa/plane fare...

Hope this helps someone else, Dean Malkowski

Olga Toktasheva/Krasnoyarsk/Russia

I am a 35 year old single male. I was contacted through One& . I knew something was up from the beginning, as the ad was just a placeholder. It was just full of random words. So the scammers never even read it, they just used the address it generated for them. The person claimed to be Olga Toktasheva but I have seem similar stories under the name Ingra Akanaeva. She had a story of her husband being killed in a car crash, and some time later claimed that a business associate got her to sign away her late husbands business leaving her broke and living with her mother and father. When I suggested that I travel to her, she claimed that it was very dangerous and it would be better if she came to me. She hinted several times about not making much money, then when I didn't seem to catch on, she came right out and wrote: 

I spoke with the friend and she has advised me to take the visa of the tourist,this visa B-2, it is valid during 90 days. It costs 350 dollars. But I have not such money. If you can then send them to me through Western Union, address of branch:  ALFA BANK  Lenin street,  121 Krasnoyarsk RUSSIA Olga Toktasheva When you send money you necessarily will write ten numbers of a remittance. It is necessary that I could receive money in bank. I am very glad that you want to see me. Unfortunately, to meet are necessary money, but money is only paper, main is that that we are going to meet. We should trust each other because we love each other and we are going to meet soon. Still I talked to my friend which works in travel agency .She has told me that the visa B-2 was the best variant for us to meet. She speaks when we meet we will able to discuss how we are going to live together further. I love you. I kiss you and wait your letter.Always your Olga. 

It seemed strange to me that in her first letter she could barley speak English and now it was damn near perfect. I also noticed the letters seemed to be cut and pasted together. There was no flow from one thought to another. Until the matter of money would come up.

Olga Toktasheva (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

I knew from the first letter this lady was scamming me thanks to your website. The same old story...falls in love by the third or fourth letter. Wants me to send money by Western Union for Visa Cost. I played her game until she sent the money letter. The only thing different was she sent me a sound file of her voice..but of course she did not address me by name only "Darling" evidently that way she can use it again. Tim

Hello my sweet Tim. I spoke with the friend and she has advised me to take the visa of the tourist, this visa B-2, it is valid during 90 days. It costs 350 dollars.But I have not such money. If you can then send them to me through Western Union, address of branch: ALFA BANK Lenin Street, 121 Krasnoyarsk RUSSIA Olga Toktasheva 

When you send money you necessarily will write ten numbers of a remittance. It is necessary that I could receive money in bank. I am very glad that you want to see me. Unfortunately, to meet are necessary money, but money is only paper, main is that that we are going to meet. We should trust each other because we love each other and we are going to meet soon. Still I talked to my friend which works in travel agency .She has told me that  the visa B-2 was the best variant for us to meet. She speaks when we meet we will able to discuss how we are going to live together further. I love you and I begin to understand that love is such strong feeling, I am glad  that I could test it due to you. I kiss you and wait your letter. Always your Olga.

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