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Ekaterina Derkach - Samara, Russia

Dear Sirs,

I would like to warn everybody about Ekaterina Alexsandrovna Derkach also known as Katya. She found me on a dating site and sent me an e-mail. She described herself as a good honored girl from a modest background in SAMARA. She said that she had alraedy applied for a tourist visa and was travelling to Moscow to get the visa. We chatted on-line for about two weeks. She proffesed her love for me after only a few days. When in Moscow she called me saying she needed US$420 before customs would let her leave, this was to be funds to cover her stay. I thought I would risk it and sent her US$350 via Western Union. The day she recieved the money I got a further call and e-mail asking for another US$165, unfortunatley I fell for the floods of tears over the phone and the very real looking visa document so I duly sent the money again by Western Union. Two days later I recieved an e-mail asking for a further US$1400. At last the penny dropped on my side and I refused. I have not heard from her since.

Letter 1

Hello my friend Guy!!! Wow, I am glad to receive from you the letter. To me it is very pleasant, that you not Has left my the message without the answer. Many thanks for attention, I very much I hope, that our acquaintance will develop further and we shall learn It is more about each other. About me you could read through a small part in mine profile on saite. I think, it will be interesting to you to learn new about me. As you already You know, I live in Russia small city Samara, Samarskay oblast '. It very much Cosy and beautiful city which has given me very much much in a life. Tell to me, please, more about a place in which you live? In Samara I was born, have left school, and have received the supreme economic Education by a trade manager. I not badly know English language. And I think, it will be easy to us to understand each other. But sometimes nevertheless I I use the translator. Now I work in firm, manager on To sale. I gave a lot of time to work, and by 28 years I I realize, that it is time to me to reflect on creation of family. While I could not To find the person suitable me. Therefore I have decided to find in internet That only thing the man with which I could create serious Relations. Also there can be in the future it has passed in strong reliable Pair - family! And what you search? Since the childhood my parents brought up Me, as decent and fair person. I always showed Respect for seniors also cared of relatives to me people! Since early years I went to school of a choreography. And consequently even now I I have a fine figure and appearance. And usually everyone put I have Morning run. I think, you can see it in my photos. And as You care of the health? I shall be glad to see more than your pictures. I very persistently worked all year to give myself a gift, and To visit in United Kingdom. I know about your country, as about strong and free The state, with the developed culture and good traditions. It was mine Old dream to visit your country. But the most important my dream was To find the person close to me. And probably our acquaintance has appeared not Simple concurrence. And I would like that you have more told about yourself.. I very much hope, that you will be that person about whom to me will be Interestingly and easily! Still one month ago I have submitted documents to embassy for registration The tourist visa. Several days ago to me should inform The answer but while I did not receive from them the notice in writing. Mine The trip to your country, it would be a good opportunity for ours Meetings, more a close acquaintance and development of relations. I very much I hope, that we in the future use this chance. I shall finish on this my letter and I wish to wish you good day and Fine mood. I hope tomorrow to receive from you reciprocal The letter. With kind wishes, Katya!

First money request

Hello my dear Guy, I was very glad to speak by with you to phone, To me so it has liked, I have felt you, on much closer, Than when or, and you? Lovely many thanks to you for the supports to me, that you calm me, I am very grateful to this, Every day our hearts, our souls, our bodies, everyone become closer and closer, and already remained to very few time, that it would happen as I have called with at once has gone to the Internet of cafe, To write to you the letter. Now I to you shall try to explain my problem. Today I have received the visa. Now I have the complete set of documents for flight in the England, but I have troubles with customs house. As I have received the tourist visa for travel I need to have the ticket! I have gone to lear cost of the ticket of the plane, but to me have told that I cannot fly in the England because I should have with myself 1000 $ on pocket expenses. This money is necessary for having only with itself and only so I can pass through customs house. It is a pity to me to inform you, but because of this problem my flight in the England can not take place. All problem in that that after purchase of the ticket of the plane also I shall have with myself only 580 $ and through customs house it is necessary for me for transition more 420 $. I need in your advice. I can fly in the England only if I shall have with myself 1000 $. After purchase of the ticket at me remain 580 $, but I shall require still in 420 $. I tried to find money, but all efforts were ineffectual. It is a pity to me to inform you about it, but I cannot fly in the England without your help. To fly in the England to me it is necessary more 420 $ and I do not know that to do now?! Whether I do not know you can help me whether or not, but it only your decision. If you can help me I canfly to you and I shall return your expenses back. I very much wish to be with you, to meet in this holiday, to be close with you my angel. My love my most treasured desire for to be with you, I hope it to be executed and we shall be together! I should have this money only with myself and if you can help me as soon as we shall meet I shall return this money. Please write to me what to do in this situation. I could not provide all nuances of my flight in the England, but I hope, that have not changed your plans. You should not help me but as I have already told to you, I can fly in the England only if you can help with this problem. I do not know what to do, but inform that to me to do in this situation. If you cannot help me I shall be to go home. At the airport there is branch Western Union and if you can help me I can receive money very quickly and then I can buy the ticket of the plane. Then I shall give the full information of my flight. If you can help me, that send 420 $ to me through the Western Union and I can receive money during short time. As in department Western union to me have informed and all have explained, For send money through Western Union you will need know my full name: Last name and First name - DERKACH EKATERINA adress: Russia, Moskowskaya Oblast ', Airport "Sheremetyevo", 141425 ok? For reception of money I will need know your full name, and MTCN of remittance. In western union have told, that mtcn it is a unique code which is given at departure transfer. Lovely I very much ŮŤŽŁŪÓmiss you on you, I shall be glad with impatience to look forward to hearing from you, or conversation with you. Yours the future wife Ekaterina Your lovely Katya Final money request. Good morning my love Guy. My darling everything is all right I have received money, the darling but I have still an ode a problemin which I am guilty, When I did the visa, to me have told that is necessary 1000 $, a minimum, and I have told ok. And anymore did not read it, But when today I have gone to book a ticketÍ to you. But The ambassador Reception of money I has left in the airport to buy the ticket The plane, but on the customs control, to me has told which department, that I can not fly In England because as the visitor I should have with me directly 3000 $. They have told, that to pass customs house the house to me it is necessary To have with itself in pocket 3000 $.. I did not understand that them Speak and has left in administration of the airport. In administration From the airport to me has told to pass the customs house, necessary to have This money. They speak me, with which it is necessary only to have Directly and then to me it will be possible, pass customs house the house. To Me have told, that it operates, and they may not allow to enter to me in England if I Will not have this money. I have some tens free dollars, and now I do Do not know what to do. These are laws of the visa. And laws of congress of many countries of leaders. Stay in England is, requires in 1000 $ every month. in pocket money, my visa was ready on May, 10th, validity of the visa has begun with May, 10th. And comes to an end on August, 7th! Now at us on May, 19th, the visa still 79 day means is valid, at me is 1000 $. It to leave to pay month. It means at me still remains two months for payment under the visa. I would require in 1670 that I was completely valid and without not what problems! The darling it very much a big sum. And I do not know what to do. I have thought at me there are two gold rings and a gold circuit! The weight of these products makes 21 gram of gold. And it nearby 180200 euro, is more I not what money I can not find! It means there is I require in 1370-1400 $. I do not know what to do. These are laws of the eight strongest of powers. Guy I need to be shown only this money at customs and I shall give all of them to you, with them not that to not happen. That I have all of money what to pay validity of the visa. Lovely first stage of reception of the visa, you go to Moscow, and there they look to pass you or not! And me have passed. Believe not everyone can fly to England. Guy, your help is necessary for me because it Is very difficult situation, and I do not know that does. The justification, that I Have such problems, but England very difficult country for visitors And I might not provide it earlier. I never flied while might Expect these problems. Please inform me what to do? It is necessary For me 1400 $ and then I can fly to you. I do not know, that you have it Money, whether it is valid, but this money it is necessary to have only with Directly in a pocket. If you may help me, I shall be, arrive to you And I shall give this money to you back. I should have it only with Independently in a pocket. Please write me, as soon as possible what to do. I Hope, that you - are not annoyed about me. I have never collided these problems, But I, parents spoke, that there may be problems because England, have Difficult laws. I have everything to fly to you, but it is necessary For me this money and then I can arrive to you, and I shall give itMoney back. It is a pity to me, that was Problems, but I hope, that you will not throw me in such situation and We shall be together. I am in the Internet of cafe now, and I shall be Wait your letter. Write to me as soon as possible. My love I do not know that such, why the world such difficult piece why all cannot be simple. If want there will be two very favourite persons. I think that it is the god so judges, that if we love each other, we shall be together. And to us what handicapes will be not terrible not. I madly want I wish to be with you. I LOVE YOU MY PRINCE GUY! 


Elena Nagieva - Cheboksary/ Moscow, Russia 

I am a 40 years old single man from Wales in UK. I was scammed by this seemingly innocent and good looking 27 year old girl from City of Cheboksary, Russia. She contacted me through an Indian Matrimonial paid site where I had posted my profile. I responded to her initial interest and soon we were exchanging emails literally very day. Our communication went on uninterrupted for just over three weeks. All in all we wrote 17 emails each between 10/04/2006 ( her first email ) and 04/05/2006 the day when the money was sent. Sometime in the second week of our acquaintance, she requested for money for visa and travel purpose, to visit me in the UK. Her story was that her parents died in tragic road traffic accident few years back and she has one elder brother serving in Army. She says that she is a teacher in City of Cheboksary and that she was staying in Moscow temporary for a break and to meet her brother who is stationed in Moscow. 

I took her and all her emails as very genuine and agreed to send her money in USD currency. She asked me to transfer 435 USD through the Western Union. At no point I had any suspicion ( only because I was not aware of any such scam tactics). However, the Western Union did warn me about the risk and suggested that i check the google site to verify about this girls history but I still went ahead with the transfer and sent the payment ( partly because she didn't fit a profile of a scammer and partly because I was too embarrassed to look fool by admitting misjudgement of a Russian girl )

The money was picked up on 05/05/2006 and to be fair to her, she sent me 4 more letters over the next ten days - thanking me and telling me about the progress of her visa and travel papers. Her last letter was on 14/05/2006 and she failed to reply to my further 2 emails. I have been since reading the scam info and reports n the relevant websites and having this inkling feeling that I too have been scammed in a very similar fashion and lot of other guys have been, by the eastern European girls looking for a foreign husband. 

I hope my story and her pictures will help other potential 'victims' from being scammed of their money. I wish I had seen and read contents on the scam sites. Following are some of her letters, hope it helps you to avoid being lured.

Letter 1
Hello xxxxxx! I am very glad that you have written to me the answer to my message. I shall be very glad to get acquainted with you if you will get acquainted not against too with me. I do not love big words and probably therefore I prefer simple dialogue between people. I want to smile and tell you again: " Hi xxxxxx! " Because I very much hope that you too will be very glad to receive my letter. It is very pleasant for me that you have written to me the answer to my message. xxxxxx you already know my name, but in my message I have not written to you how many years to me. At present time to me of 27 years. With huge interest I want to tell to you slightly about myself. I know that the first impression about the person remains on long. Therefore I hope that you remember me the lovely and good woman. (I want to smile). Whether xxxxxx I do not know my photo is pleasant to you. But I shall send to you my photo that you had more full representation as I look. I think that appearance of the person should not have the big value... I have one character trait which it is pleasant to many people is sociability. Probably it because I find common language with people easily and easy. I very much like to see on the person of the person a smile and laughter. Nevertheless I have very big lack - I'm afraid very much to quarrel or swear. At such moments I usually test fear... xxxxxx you probably will agree with me that quarrels do not result to good in dialogue between people. I think that the most important is the mutual understanding... Now I write this letter and I am interested very much with one question. xxxxxx at present time you have any loved woman? If you want, you may not answer this question, but I very much hope to read the truth. I too shall answer this question. Now I do not have which man I would like. That in the future I very would be desirable to trust me a meeting the love. Through letters certainly it is very difficult to test love to which person never saw, but I think that ordinary friendship will suffice me even. Sometimes the friendship between people may mean very much much for two people and I sincerely believe in it. xxxxxx now we are on very big distance from each other. At present time I am in city of Moscow. I am sure that you know that the city of Moscow is capital of our country. Actually I was born and I live in city of Cheboksary. The city of Cheboksary is approximately on distance of 800 kilometers from city of Moscow. It not the big distance. My city certainly small, but very beautiful. xxxxx with this letter I shall send you a photo of my city. May be to you will very pleasantly and I shall be very glad. In city of Moscow I shall be not long because I have arrived to this city only to have rest some time. I hope that at you impressions about our acquaintance will stay very pleasant and I want I shall tell you that I am very glad to learn you better. Only with very pleasant impressions about our first acquaintance, Elena.

Letter 2
Hi! I am very glad to receive your letter again dear xxxxxxx! I very much hoped for your answer and I very much would like to tell you about it. I at all do not regret that I have sent you my message for the first time when I have decided to get acquainted with you. If fairly to admit, I at all did not read your structure at that moment because it seemed to me that only you can tell to me about yourself when you will write to me the letter. I always very much liked to read letters and I am sure that accidents make persons by happier. (I want to smile). I always very much liked to read letters but to write letters slightly difficultly. It probably because we never saw with each other before. Though now it is very easy for me to write to you the letter. I very much would like to present you as the man to realities. xxxxx I want to tell you that to me always was very interesting to get acquainted with new people and to learn something new. Once I have read in the newspaper about that that each month very many women marry men which live in other countries. The last year one my familiar woman has married and now she lives in Estonia. I read some articles about that that men abroad very much want to have acquaintance to the woman from Russia. It seemed to me is very interesting. As I read that education of men in other countries very much differs from education of people in Russia. I thought of it much and I necessarily to get acquainted have decided to try with somebody through the Internet. Now I at all do not regret about it. It is very interesting to me to have dialogue with you xxxxx. There may be it destiny. I very much hope to meet the man which will steal my heart and the love will present me... I live one and I frequently think of it. I want to ask you. xxxxxx you like women which like to sing? I not casually want to set this question. I always very much loved music and many my familiar speak that at me very beautiful voice. When to me I was boring frequently I include music and sometimes I sing a melody of music which I listen. I am able to play on a guitar and on the piano. Very much it is pleasant to me when men concern to the loved woman with understanding and yours faithfully. Sometimes very much there is no it in daily life, but I always try to smile and I can forgive mistakes to people. My some character traits are such. xxxxxx there may be it will interesting to you. xxxxxx may be at you there are still any questions. I not against answer all may to arise at you. I love sincerity... In the following letter I shall try to tell to you about my work and that I search in life. Now I want to smile and tell you: " Bye xxxxxx! ", but I shall recollect your letters and I shall THINK of you. Elena.

Letter 3

Hi again my lovely xxxxx!!! My lovely xxxxx I am very happy to see your letter today. I have not waited your letter on Wednesday and I have decided to return to my city of Cheboksary. I have bought the ticket on a train in the afternoon on Wednesday and I have decided to leave because on Wednesday I spoke about it with my brother. he has told me that it will be better if I shall leave... Last night I have arrived to my city. I very much missed under your letter. You may not worry lovely xxxxxx. I have seriously decided to start to legalize papers and I have very seriously decided to meet you in the near future. At the end of this letter I shall write to you my full name and my full home address that you might send me 345 $ on registration of my documents. I too will need your full name and your full home address my lovely xxxxxx. Today I need to be in time to take away all information and all documents from my work that I might start to legalize papers. It will be better if you will send this money to my home address
because I shall be in my city of Cheboksary some days. You know the Western Union about bank system? My brother sent me money through the Western Union before New Year on my gift. I have received money next day after he has sent money. I think that this system is very convenient. When I shall receive money I at once I can return to Moscow lovely xxxxx... I will need to collect things before my travel. What weather reigns now in your country lovely xxxxxx? I want to set to you one very serious question. xxxxx I should understand something about life in your country. We are far apart in the given period of time. Today in the morning of me has visited one idea and I want to share with you my ideas. xxxxxx I never had travel to your country and I do not have familiar people from your country. I know that it is necessary for me to know about principles of dialogue between people in your country. xxxxxx I know that probably will be difficult to answer you this question, but I very much hope that you will help me with it. It is very interesting to me because I think that when we I am combinable our destinies to find new life. I think that I am ready to changes in my life, but your help will be very necessary for me. I am sure that you will help me and I very much hope that you will be near to me always a difficult and happy minute. I want to find happiness near to you lovely xxxxxx. During several years I feel that I live monotonous life. When I meet my girlfriends I in increasing frequency I notice that our themes of conversation are declined to themes of marriage and to themes of serious relations. Some my girlfriends have already married. Some my girlfriends have already divorced. My best girlfriend has divorced from the husband and there was one with the child. It is very difficult for her, but I understand that the destiny gives beautiful gifts not frequently. My best girlfriend brings up the son to which now only 3 years. I think that at her very beautiful and very good son grows. I very much hope that she will meet the man of the dream in the future. And I sincerely wish her happiness. But I know that I need to build the life. I dream of family because now I feel very alone. I think that to the woman very difficultly to live without the man. I very much want to feel care and attention on the part of my loved men. xxxxxx I prefer a constancy in my life. Now I do not know that waits for me tomorrow. Each morning I wake up and sometimes I am pursued very much with strong feeling of loneliness. Therefore I am very happy that I have got acquainted with you xxxxxx. You have presented me hope and very many pleasant emotions after our acquaintance. Therefore I want to admit to you that I want to be with you and you should know that you are very necessary for me. I do not want to lose my feelings... Your Elena only. 

Letter 4

Hi xxxxx! I am very happy to see your letter again my lovely and fine xxxxx. I very much missed under your letter. Today in the morning I have woken up with ideas on you. I long laid on my bed and I thought of you... Any dream which I any more dreamed me do not remember completely. (I smile). But I remember that in this dream I saw green and beautiful trees. Now I understand that spring dreamed me. (again smile). Spring gives to people of a smile and warmly is usual after long winter. Probably each person here in Russia during winter thinks that winter lasts not 3 months, and the whole eternity. Probably it is not so important, but I am simple thought of it today too... I know that we never met before, but I feel that my feelings to you are very strong. I am very happy always that you will understand to care of me when we are combinable our destinies. Especially in first time of our meeting we will need to be with each other as it is possible more often and as it is possible closely more to each other because your attention and your care will be for me the most necessary for my life in your country. I think that you understand me. (I smile). I am very glad that you have understood my joke concerning other woman. I hope that I shall be your unique woman in it the world after our meeting. I very much hope that you too not against to open to me your heart. I know that we already spoke about it in our last letters, but I want to tell you again that I very much want to open to you my heart. My lovely xxxxx I want to present myself your future wife and I have very many ideas. (I smile). I know that now it is not meaningful to speak about all aspects of home life... xxxxxx but I want that you promised me that you always will concern validly to my ideas and to my desires. It is very important for me and I am sure that you understand it. I am sure that we understand each other and probably therefore my feelings to you become stronger. xxxxxx I want to feel your love and I want that you knew about it. I know that it is not meaningful to speak now about different problems because the most important is our desire to meet with each other. After our meeting we very much can solve much concerning our further relations. I think that I very much want to meet you xxxxx. xxxxxx it will be very good if you can send money today because on Saturday Western Union work approximately till 14:00. On Sunday Western Union does not work. If you will send money today I can receive them tomorrow and on Saturday I can go to Moscow. It is required to me approximately 345 $ on documents. You will need to specify my address and my full name. Yes, I have overlooked to write to you my home address and my full name yesterday. (I smile). I shall write my data now at the end of this letter. xxxxxx I present as now I shall go along the street. Each day when I come back home I see in streets of city the in love pairs. Usually it brings pleasant emotions and an emotional smile in my heart. At such moments I recollect your letters. But today to me it will be slightly sad because when I think of you I want that you appeared near to me. I very much want to feel your heat, your love and your care. Now I understand that time flies imperceptibly and I want to tell you that I very much am afraid of loneliness... Your Elena. p/s: Dear xxxxxxx now I shall write to you my home address and my full name... My full name: Elena Nagieva. My home address: Russia 425210. Republic Chuvashia. City of Cheboksary. Street Lenina, 3-17. 

Letter 5

Hi my lovely and my vary nice xxxxxx!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. (I smile). Thank you my lovely Roshan for your very beautiful words and for your very pleasant emotions. I was very pleasant for me also want that you knew about it necessarily... I am very happy. I want to tell you that tomorrow I leave to Moscow. I have received money through the Western Union and I want to tell thank you again for your help. I am very glad that you have helped me because I feel your care of me and my heart am very much pleased... (I smile). It sounds very lovely and I very much would like to tell you about it my lovely xxxxxxx. I am very happy that soon I can to start to legalize papers and I am very happy that I shall see you soon. I am very happy that you have appeared in my life... I am very happy my lovely xxxxxx... My lovely xxxxxx. (I smile). You will take me in your wife? You will present me your surname? (I present as me will name Elena Shailendra! What you think of it xxxxxx? smile). I think that it sounds very beautifully. I very much hope that you will love me and I too very much want to love you in the future. I know that our fine and very pleasant emotions necessarily will develop in love after our meeting and consequently I am very happy that we have met in this very big world. I am very happy that I have got acquainted with you and probably I never to get tired to speak it. (again smile). I am very glad to understand that I am the reason of yours of pleasure. Each person deserves love and each person deserves to be happy in this world!!! I understand it and I know it! I am sure in it on 100 %! I am very happy my lovely xxxxxxx and it is very pleasant for me to write to you about it because I very much want that you too were happy.... I very much want to love you. I know as to give heat and a smile to people, but I want to give my emotional heat and my love only to you and I very much dream of your love... My lovely xxxxxx tomorrow in the evening I leave to Moscow. Therefore I very much hope that you will not worry about me if tomorrow I can not write to you my letter. I shall come to Moscow on Sunday in the evening, but I will be not sure that at me time to come in the Internet of cafe. But I necessarily shall write to you my letter on Monday. I shall be very much, very much, very much to miss under your letter and I shall wait very much for this moment when I can see your letter and when I can read your very lovely words... My lovely xxxxxxx for your heat which you give thank you to me after your letters. This most fine probably in this world! (I smile). xxxxxxx I am very glad to see your photos. You very beautiful the man. I constantly represented yours face all time of our acquaintance. I am very glad to see your photo today. You very beautiful the man really. I shall legalize papers through agency. I think that this money will suffice me to issue medical inspection, medical insurance, the passport for travel abroad and the visa certainly. I learned in this occasion when I was in Moscow. The agency works with the person personally directly which submits the application on registration of the visa. When I learned in this occasion to me spoke that to me will guarantee reception of the tourist visa. When to pass medical inspection when I shall make medical insurance and when I shall make the passport for travel abroad I can submit the application on registration of the visa. I think that when we shall meet in your country to us it will be really necessary to think of registration of my constant visa. I shall be very happy xxxxx. I can submit the application to Monday on my documents. On Tuesday will be May, 9. This day is very great holiday in our country. It is day of a victory during great domestic war. Therefore I can meet my brother again. I am very glad my lovely xxxxxxx and I want that you knew about it. I shall miss very much on you. Tomorrow I shall not come any more in the Internet of cafe. Tomorrow I shall collect all necessary things before my trip again. I will need to meet my girlfriend that she spent me on a train. I shall think of you my lovely xxxxxxx... I shall write to you on Monday necessarily if I can not write to you on Sunday. I shall miss very much under your letter. Your Elena. 

Larisa Kudryaceva - Vjatskie Poliany, Russia

I met this person on the website iMatchUp. The user name is lar36rus and listed as from Topeka Kansas. The letters received were very convincing. Enclosed is the one asking for money. I have contacted imatchup and to this date they have not done anything.

Letter 1

Ronald From: Larisa
Date: 05/22/06 07:49:13
Subject: I love you!!!

Greetings my loved Ron!

It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter today!!! Also it is very pleasant for me to hear from you, that my love to you is mutual. Today, I with impatience waited for that moment when I shall write to you this letter. Unfortunately my love, at me for you is two news: one good, and another bad. I think, that I shall tell for the beginning good news. In last mine the letter, I spoke you, that my father has left in Moscow and that I asked him find out how I can arrive to you. Today at night he has returned from Moscow. Since the morning at me conversation in this occasion has taken place with him. He has told to me, that has found out, everything, that it is necessary for me that I have arrived to you. In embassy to him have told, that for me visa K-1 (it is the visa of the groom and the bride) is better. On registration of this visa leaves from 2 months and even till one year. Unfortunately the main thing of a condition of this the visa is an our meeting and consequently this visa at once disappears for me as we did not see you yet. In that case, for me visa B-2 visa of the tourist is better is. Validity of this the visa from 90 till 180 days. Registrations of this visa are engaged many travel agencies in Moscow and consequently it not so difficultly to receive as K-1. Through travel agency, on registration of this visa usually there leave some days. After I shall come to you under the visa b-2 I can receive K-1 or a green card which to me will allow to be with you for ever and never abandon you. To my father have told, that for 90-180 days, I can easily renew my visa B-2 in America on k-1 or a green card and we can be together for ever. And now I shall speak bad news. I have counted up and have come to that on registration visa B-2 415 dollars are necessary for me. Into this cost enters:
The visa b-2 - 150 dollars;
It is dear up to Moscow - 120 dollars;
Residing at Moscow and hotel, travel on Moscow, with the account for 4 days - 145 dollars. Lovely, I do not have such money. Unfortunately I work in my still more few time and now I have test time during which I receive about 150 dollars a month. For me is not present the slightest chance to find such sum of money. For me 415 dollars very big sum of money. After conversation with my father I asked money him and mum, but they have told, that at them now very heavy financial position and that they now I can not help me. They have suggested me - And what if I shall ask the help you? I thought of it much. Loved, it is very a shame to me, but I do not have other output how to ask this money you. Ron, I ask you that you have sent me this money as it is necessary for an our meeting. I ask you that did not think, that it is necessary to me from you only money, as it not so. To me are indifferent money as all that is necessary to me from you it is your mutual love to me. But unfortunately at my financial position, I am compelled to ask money you for an our meeting. If it is possible, I ask that you have sent me of money today or tomorrow and I promise, that for my part I shall make everything to be with you as it is possible more soon. My love, I promise you, that after I shall come to you I when I shall not abandon you and we shall work together above visa K-1 or a green card. Today I went to bank and to me have told, that the most good translation system of money from one country in another is the Western Union. They have told, that if you will send to me of money through the Western Union I can already receive your money in some minutes. I have asked them, whether I should you give the address or any coordinates of bank where you should send money - they have told, that are not present. To send money through the Western Union it is not necessary to have neither bank accounts and nor what coordinates of bank.
You should send money for my full name LARISA KUDRYAVCEVA, the city of VJATSKIE GLADE, RUSSIA and I can receive your money in any bank of my city where there is a Western Union. Also they have told to me still, that it is very safe translation system of money and that except for me who cannot receive your money which you have sent me. When you will send me of money, to you should give MTCN (these are 10 control figures of a remittance). With the help of yours mtcn (which you should give me) I can receive your money.

Ron, my loved, I with impatience shall wait your answer to this letter. I really hope, on your understanding and on a fast our meeting.

Your love for ever.


Tatiana Borichevskaia - Sanchursk, Russia 

I am a white male 53, divorced and widower. I am self employed mortgage banker. Tatiana found my on My Space in February of 2006. We communicated for 3 months before she asked for money. Money ($869) was sent via Western Union to the same name as above for her to process the necessary papers to come to the United States. Three to four weeks later she was to go to Moscow on a Friday and spend the night and board a flight to the US. The week before the flight she asked for more money ($1800) this was to show immigration she had money and was able to board and handles her expenses in America.

There were at least 40-50 letters. Iíll only post the last three

Letter 1
Her last ditch effort for money

Hi mine lovely Alan!!! I am sorry, that I have overlooked(forgotten) to you to write the flight flight to you. With this travel I on has overlooked all. I once again am sorry about you mine dear Alan. As to money for which I wrote to you. It requires the emigrant the control. I explained them, that when I to you shall arrive you me will provide completely, but they have told me, the law is the law and we have not the right it to break. I owe only before landing aboard the plane show this money and all mine by a road. I shall return them to you at once at the airport. Mine favourite I was very much broken when has learned(found out) about these rules. Mine lovely Alan, please write to me. Can you to me help. My grandmother can not to me help therefore as she(it) has paid my tickets to you and at it(her) is not present more. I am broken from it and is very sad. I send you my flight flight once again forgive me, that I have not sent you at once it. I love you and I very much would like to meet you in the man and to embrace. I shall be with impatience to wait from you the letter. My kisses to you my love. Always yours Tatyana.

Flight: Moscow (MOW) - > Nashville (BNA)
Airline: Air France Flight: AF2145
Departure: March 08 2006, 13:05, Sheremetevo
Arrival: March 08 2006, 15:00, Charles De Gaulle Intl 
Places: an economical class, 
< < < < - city of change Paris (PAR) - > > > >
Airline: Air France Flight: AF304
Departure: March 08 2006, 15:55, Charles De Gaulle Intl
Arrival: March 08 2006, 19:35, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Places: an economical class,
< < < < - city of change Atlanta (ATL) - > > > >
Airline: Air France Flight: AF9126
Departure: March 08 2006, 21:45, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Arrival: March 08 2006, 21:52, Nashville Metro Arpt 
Places: an economical class, 

Letter 2
Here is the letter asking for the $1800

Hi mine dear Alan! I now have received from you the letter. Me have told that should have money with itself that I could pay to arrive in America, because there were cases when the people from Russia arrived there and were engaged the prostitute and tramp. And now to avoid it they began to require that the people had at itself money when they leave for other countries approximately $ 400 for one week. I shall be at you month. Therefore, I should show to the workers of customs house about 1800 $. On this money I owe I can pay my hotel, feed and not the large unforeseen situations. My heart I by him to explain that I meal to you, but they speak that it is necessary have money differently they can to not start up me on flight. Lovely I do not I shall be to spend this money, but I need to show them that it at me is, I I shall give back you this money, when I shall stay in the airport. My love only for you, always yours Tatyana.

Letter 3
Her letter for the $869 is below

Hi lovely Alan! I have received your letter and now I respond you. Do not worry concerning the tickets aboard the plane with their purchase to me my grandmother will help. Simply 869 dollars for the foreign passport are necessary to me, the visas and other documents they will prepare somewhere 2 weeks. Then I shall visit(attend) Moscow for this purpose what to take away my visa. Yes I was mine dear(expensive) Alan in other agencies and all of them speak almost equally, is like. As soon as it is all I will be paid I can to go in Moscow for reception of my visa. I have discussed with it(him) a question concerning my payment for the documents. I thought what to pay services of the company of travels it will be possible through a credit map, but the agent has said that is necessary to pay only in cash account. The agent has advised me will address to bank that you have translated this sum to my bill. I went in bank, but me have said that the standard translation of money can borrow(occupy) about 3 weeks. I have advised to use services of western union, because it is a fast and convenient way of translation of money from one country in another after some hours. The branch of western union is directly in our bank and I can in time pay services of the company of travels. Perfect mine find time to go in western union and to send to me money in nearest some days. As I can select money in western union, at once to you I shall write that you would not worry. Mine perfect Alan, I finish this letter and I wait for your answer concerning all it. I like you.
A kiss you.
Yours Tatyana.

P.S.My address: Borichevskaia Tat'iana, russia, Sanchursk, Stroiteley str. 38. zip code 612370. It is my data on which you can send money.

Valentina Dudina - Saratov, Russia

Hi I saw your website today and want to let you know that might be the latest victim of a money scam involving a russian woman. About myself. My name is Bharat and I am a 40 year old canadian citizen and I first met valentina dudina or Valaya as she called herself on This is an indian matrimonial site . i was not seeking a russian woman but "Valya' responed to my profile and our correspondence began. This was a month and a half ago. There was nothing in her initial emails to indicate that she was a scammer. she would send photograph with every letter and looking at herr letters and her pictures, is till find it hard to believe that she might be a scammer. She looks like the "girl next door" Just two weeks ago Valya claimed she was in Moscow and needed $1250 U.S as an exit fee to come to see me in my country. She claimed she would be there in two days. At first i told her that I dindnt have the money she needed. (This was true). The next day she sent me another asking for just $600.00U.S This led me to believe she was genuine and I din't want to lose what seemed like a chance of a reationship for a few hundred dollars. Well to make a long story short I sent her $600.00 last week and have not heard from her since. I have contacted shaadi and they h ve offered to help. ima attaching pictures of her including a copy of a passport id below are some her emails ( she was in Moscow at the 
time I transferred the money.)

Letter 1

Date: 08 Apr-2006
Profile ID: krosava
Subject: I wish good day
Message: Greetings.
I am glad. That you have answered me. I want to have correspondence with you. For this purpose I want to give you mine e-mail: I shall be glad to see your letter. I shall tell about me. Also I want to find out about you. I ask will write you on mine e-mail it more convenient, for us.I once again ask you, write to me on e-mail. Then I can quickly answer your message. 
Yours Valya.

Letter 2

Greetings Bharat.
I as always am glad to see your letter. Bharat today I had visiting church. I went on christening of the son of my girlfriend. This big event, for my girlfriend. Bharat I was glad, in church there were many people. Small children were afraid and cried. Them dipped into a tub with sacred water. Sacred father read prays. I worried. After christening I asked the sacred father to listen to me. Bharat I have told to him about our correspondence. He has listened to me very attentively, and has told, that there is no distinction as our feelings even if they came from the Internet have arisen. Bharat I have met with approval for my trip. I am very glad to this fact. Bharat I so am afraid to lose you. I do not know why I am attended with such ideas. Probably it is simple excitement. Bharat it is my first big trip. I shall fly through all world to you. It is very interesting. Bharat I worry the new place, new people a little. But I seem to me due to you can quickly will accustom in a new place. Bharat I not bad speak on the English language therefore to me it will be easier. Also you will teach a little me. Bharat I the good pupil. It seems to me, that in a month I can speak in English very well. Bharat at me so much new feelings. The sea of emotion. I cannot well write the letter. I am ready to fly to you, even now. Bharat I was simply impossible to transfer it words, the happiest woman on light. I have found the person, and this person you. Bharat I want to proceed to my trip to you. Bharat I can receive my visa. I want to fly to you in the near future after reception of the visa. I think, it will be healthy. We can walk together. Bharat tomorrow early in the morning I want to go in the company of travel and to look cost of tickets aboard the plane. Bharat I saved long time of money. I think to me this money for purchase of the ticket will suffice. I worry very strongly. Bharat wait for my information concerning trip to you. Bharat I want to be with you. You my dream.I wish you good day.
Yours Valya.

Letter 3

Hello my beloved Bharat!!!
Bharat I had visiting customs service. To put it more exactly, bad news, it is unpleasant news for us. They have told me, that when I'll go to the board of the airplane, I'll need to have no less than 1250 dollars in pocket and document, confirmatory this. Because I'll arrive to you with the visitor visa and I'll go as a visitor. And this money is needed for a life in the for 90 days (since validity of the visa is 90 days). You lose nothing Bharat! Because when I arrive you, I'll give you this money. Without this money I'll not be released outside of Russia. I have money for tickets, but I do not know where to take 1250 thousand dollars. They has told me that we need to buy round-trip ticket. I was very wondered, when she has said this since I was going to buy one-way-ticket, because it is cheaper than round-trip ticket. But she has told me, that with visitor visa I'll not be released from Russia with one-way ticket. This is explained that now there are too many emigres, wishing to leave our country, who do not return to Russia, and live with illegal rights. With ticket round-trip there are determined warranties that person will be back into his country. Especially, this is wide-spread for young women, not having children and relatives outside of Russia. Also she has said that I'll need to to make the insurance. I have to pay for my ticket here because if you will buy ticket, I shall have to buy insurance, which costs 460 dollars. But if I shall buy ticket here, then cost of insurance will be included in price of ticket. I went to the airport, 2 tickets will cost 890 dollars. Bharat, now I am very upset after these news. I know Bharat, that money is much not only for me, but for you, too.I did not want to ask for you about money, but I really did not know that it will be required extra money. If I would know, I would discuss first with you this, after all I don't have any extra money. My love, I'm in Moscow only in two days from you; if you believe me and want me to come to you, then send me 1250 dollars through MoneyGram, or a Western a union for my name Valentina Dudina and in two days I'll arrive to you and we'll be the happiest mate in the world. I even begin to think that our meeting in person is impossible. I begin to feel myself worse Bharat. Now Bharat, we need to pass the last step and we'll be together. I love you Bharat and want to be only with you!
Your Valentina!!!

Letter 4

Greetings Bharat.
I would come to Internet - cafe for that what to write to you the letter. I have good, and bad news. Bharat I want to tell to you bad news. I cannot pay all my expenses itself. My girlfriend will transfer me 650 dollar the USA. I cannot find more. Bharat it is huge money in Russia. My girlfriend saved them many years. I she know, that I shall not spend them therefore she gives them to us. Bharat I do not know, that to me to do. It is necessary me again, to address for the help to you. Bharat I need in 600 dollar the USA. It is money which I cannot find itself. Bharat tell, that to me to do. I do not want to go home. I do not want to stop on a floor of a way to you. I want to be with you. Bharat it is hard for me from idea. That we can not meet. I am afraid of it. Bharat you the man, and in a complex situation you should be able to make true decisions. I ask you, to make the true decision. And to take away me to itself. Bharat you
know, that I test to you. These are good feelings which came to us from our correspondence. People should value feelings. It is impossible to be scattered by them. Bharat I dreamed, that a meeting of the good person, and this moment have come. I have met you, Bharat I have feeling, that all will be good. I ask you think and make the decision. If you want to see me in the life, you should take away me. I want to you. I want to begin my life with a new sheet. And this sheet for me you. I do not present, with what person I can come back home. To me will ask, why you not at Bharat. Also that I shall tell us have separated money. The most bad thing in a life is money. I do not love money, they can destroy my happiness. Bharat I ask you to trust me. I the good person. I not a deceit of you. I shall be always true to you. Bharat you my dream, and I want to be with you.
I ask you to write to me.
Yours Valya.

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