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Hi my name is Steve and i am a single father, contacted on my yahoo personel site by maria from armenia who shows also to be listed on blackpage267 as avyagyan. I did not send money but would like her listed under this name as well. She is very persuasive, does use form letters as well as personal letters. thanks.

The letters that i received on 23/12/2004 bear a striking similarity to Olga Tregubova (Archangelsk, Russia) that is in Russian Bride Cyber Guide Black list, with some minor cut and paste. I could not find these photos in any black list database. I did an IP search and learned that the e-mail originated from the Mari-el Republic. Cheboksary is the capital of Chuvash Republic. Beware, I think these are new photos, possibly stolen. The girl in photo may be real.


Black List - page 343: UPDATES
February 22, 2005 - page 1

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Alena Nikolaeva (Kazan, Russia)

Hello,....I am a 30 year old SWM who just found out he's being scammed. She is a beautiful russian (Kazan) woman, supposedly 30 going by Alena Nikolaeva. 

She's listed on this site under a different location. We have only been talking a week or so and she hasn't asked for money yet, but she's already supposedly in love with me. She found me through YAHOO personals.  She's sent several photos, including one of her cat "Murka". She claims to be a bookkeeper but has a degree in Ecology. Her letters were very convincing and sweet. She gave me an address but said she did not have a phone and had to rely on an internet cafe for access. I was heavily in denial about the possibility of being scammed, even after an exact name match came up on this site. It took seeing the photo
she sent me yesterday being posted on the site to realize the truth. 

Alena Nikolaeva
street Dekabristov 54 apartment 26
Kazan 467000

Anna (Brjansk, Russia)

I contacted Anna with the help of .Then I wrote her three time but suddenly I become suspicion from this hurry Falling Love.Then I contacted one more time.They said to me :we have a suspicion about this girl and they took her profil from their girls catalog.Since then I never received any E-Mails from her.Ps. I found almost just the same mail on your scammers list.


Dear Aziz, 
Hello! Best greetings from Russia!

How are you? I hope that everything is fine. Thank you very much for your letter, for the kind words and consideration. It was very pleasant and exciting for me to get your letter and get to know something about you, your life, aims and values. I like your letter and photo very much and I think you are a very interesting man and you are also very pleasant by appearance as well as inside and I am very happy that we got to know each other. I also want to know you better and build something special and strong.

I do not have a computer at home and so I have to use one of e-mail services in our town. It is rather expensive for me but sti! ll e-mail is the best, quickest and the most reliable way to communicate, because our regular post is not reliable at all and the letters may be lost. So sometimes it may take me some days to reply and I hope it is okey with you. I want to have a regular correspondence and connection with you, that will help us to develop our relations. I really wish that our relations will grow on and we can build something strong and special. I see that you have much to offer to the woman you choose to be your wife. And I am really happy to know that we have much in common and I am very happy that I come to your expectations too. 

I also would like to tell you about myself. 

I am new to all these ! sevices and marriage agencies on the Internet and I have heard about s uch an opportunity not long ago. Having been lonely for a long time, I decided to make a try and find my second half and life partner. I am glad that your friend married with a girl from Russia and they are very happy. I also have a girl friend who met with her future husband through the internet. They loved each other and she visited him in the UK and they spent a month together and he also visited her here in Russia. Now they are going to get married soon. I think they are also very happy together. I feel that I am not interested in russian men and I just felt that my destiny is not here. May be you had this feeling too, when you applied to this agency.

I have never been married and I have no children. I do not smoke and drink only on some special occasions. I live in a provincial town ! of Brjansk not far away from Moscow.It is near Ukraine.My town is not very large, there live for about 500 000 people,and the life here is rather quiet in comparison with Moscow for example.

I want to get married only once for my whole life and I will commit my life to my husband and I also will never want to go through the painful break up, so marriage for me is a very serious thing. I believe that husband and wife should be truly committed to their marriage and to each other. Then they will constantly work on making the marriage successful taking the time to enjoy one another and work through inevitable disagreements. I would love to commit my whole life to my husband.And he will be always surrounded by love, care, tenderness, understanding,affection, support and devotion.&nbs! p; 

My dreams for the relationship are that I want to be able to give of my heart and myself, unconditionally, I want to demonstrate my love to my man, I want to create a home based on old fashioned principles, a home that is happy, open, loving, trusting, a home that is built on commitment to give of one another to each other, a bond that will be forever, be strong, be true.I have a lot of love in my heart that I would like to share with my special man, hopefully-you. What I value most in a man is honesty, kindness, intelligence, loyality, understanding, thoughtfullness, sense of humour. 

I am mature in my thoughts and emotions, but I am also a woman that is young to love life, discovering new places and activities, love happy people ! and being happy. I like to listen and talk to wiser people than I, one can always learn from others, they do not have to be older to be wise.

Trust, care and understanding are a very important things for me too, and without it no strong and serious relations can be built. I am very serious and sincere in finding my soul mate too. Our life is too short and I do not want waste time. You seem to have these feelings too. I want to trust my partner and beloved man and to share my deepest feelings with him. 

As for my family, my parents got divorced 10 years ago so I live only with my mother, we have a two room flat in the center of our town. My parents tea! ch at the universities, my mother-philosophy and psychology and father -mathematics. Though they are professors we are not rich at all as teachers in our country are paid very little and may not be paid at all for a long time. Unfortunately Russia has so many problems.

I work in the Technical University and I teach English,so I can easily speak English, and I like my work even though it is not paid very well , in our country it is very difficult for ordinary people like me to find a good job. But I am very optimistic about my future, I know that one must have an aspiration and work hard to be successful in the life. 

I think that many of our interests are the same. I also live quietly, like cinema, art, nature, listening to any kinds! of music, if it is pleasant, I enjoy sport very much: running, swiming, tennis and other sports, and I try to be in a good form and health. I also like travelling, but I had only the opportunity to visit some cities in my country and Black Sea in the south. I am very fond of sea. I think this is due to my romantic nature.

I like doing all things about the house, I enjoy sewing and cooking very much and when I have time I always try to invent something new and tasty. May be some day I prepare something special for you? I am very fond of animals but I have none at home. I am also a very easy person to go along with, love to have fun and make people smile. My phylosophy is be kind to yourself and those around you. And my friends think I am open, kind, honest and reliable person. 

Though I have a lot of friends my life lacks someone special who will share my interests and ideas, who will share all my life time, who will love, understand and respect me and I in my turn will do my best to make his life more interesting and happier and fullfill all his emotional and physical needs. I want to find my true love and the only man. I have not met the right person yet and may be you can be him. I would like to build a solid family relationship based on mutual understanding, love and care, and to create a loving family. So such is my dream. I set much store by the word family, it is very important to me.

Dear Aziz, I got interested in you and I am very happy we got acquainted as you wrote to me. I hope you will like me too.I am for an open communication and for an open heart.I know I h! ave much to offer to the man I love. I want to know you better and I hope our communication will continue and grow into something special and we can meet someday because I think only meeting can show if we are meant for each other as we can spend some time together, talking,walking and simply enjoing each other company and get to know if we are meant for a life time.

Dear Aziz, before finishing, I would like to tell you that I am happy we have met each other so I hope we continue our correpondence and build special relations and finally meet one day.Ask me whatever you want to know about me. I will be looking forward to your letters. 

With Best wishes, Sincerely yours Anna.

Ekaterina Smirnova (Tomsk, Russia)

I am a Divorced american man 41yrs old father of 2 boys and this girl contacted me through and we had been corresponding for about a month until now. Thank you so much Elena for your website and blacklist. I did not have any suspicion until they started asking for money and that I must hurry. What really caught my eye was a letter you had from a phillipino in Manila who had a letter and the very last of it was word for word of the email I got. I have always been a skeptic and you should be to fellas. Fortunately I did not send any money and found out in time. I still think that there are better decent Russian women than American any day of the week. The few crooked make it look bad for the many but I will be buying your book and continue my search for Beautiful Decent good hearted Russian woman. Here are the latest letters and pics I was sent.



Letter #6
Hi my love Rich.
I have received from you letter and the life for me was filled with  sense. 
I begin understand that my life it is not meaningful without you,  because I love you! I always think of you. I think that all this is possible to explain by one word, this word -  LOVE! I think, that I have already found the male of the dream, and this is a  male - you!  Yes ! I love you!  I do not know how it explain, but you like me very much, also your  letters bring to me great pleasure. In your letters so many heat and cares, that it forces my heart to beat  faster and on this, my feelings to you grows many times over and if  further so will proceed my feelings will leave from under the control and  I can not live without you. When I read your letter, at me even have appeared of tear of pleasure.  When I began to correspond with you I had hope that at us with you all  will be good.  With each your letter I understood that I have found male which is  necessary for me.  I want to tell, that my feelings and the words in relation to you  always were sincerely  and I always understood that we put a lot of trust Now I am sure on all 100% that I can trust you  Sometimes just to hold the hand of that person you love can make all  the worldly troubles disappear.  A perfect evening for me is maybe taking a long walk with that special  man in my life I wrote this letter with so close love feelings, my dearest, I didn't  can to hide my love to you, my soul prompted me that I must to tell  about my love to you, because it is so difficult to hide a close feelings  I love you, Rich, and I want to say to you it always It is pity that only our letters connect us, I want to see you in  reality I dream, how you meet me at the airport, how we search each other by  eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other. I want to meet you very much! I know that you too want it I have found sense of my life, I love you and I miss you my darling.  My darling, on this I will finish my letter to you, I will wait for  your next mails with my great love desire, you must know how I feel so  happy myself when I read your letters my darling.  My sweetheart, please believe me when I tell you that I truly love you.  Maybe someday I will be able to find all the correct words, to be able  to tell you  But in the meantime I do hope that you know deep within your heart that  having you by my side is a gift more precious than gold.  You are such a valuable part of my life. You understand me when no one  else can.  You give me the hope to go on. And most important of all - you believe  in me.   Ok, I must go my dear, I will miss you, I LOVE YOU and I want to be  with you for ever  Thinking about you my love Rich.
Your and only your, Ekaterina

Letter #7
Hello my love Rich, Me overflow set of feelings and it is all due to you. Due to you I have understood, that is necessary for me from life. You are necessary for me, your attention, your love, my future only  near to you. In it I am sure on 1000000 %. I long thought and have dared to make a decisive step in my life.
I do not want to lose the happiness when it so is close. Tomorrow I'll get to agency, and I shall ascertain everything about the  visa. I shall inform you about the results later. I hope that I can learn the  details by myself. I have told about us to my girl-friends, they are very glad that I have  found happiness, and that I shall leave to you We should trust each other because we like each other and we soon  should meet.  Last night I felt that you are next to me lying on my bed.  I felt your warm body, your gentle hands and your soft breath...  I felt you everywhere around me.  It was a very sweet feeling I cannot even describe it. You know what  did we do.?  I had a desire to eat whole of you, to embrace whole of you...  I did not want to let you leave me...  we are passionately to kisses and you begin to teach me to all  pleasures of sex. I love you and begin to understand that love this such strong feeling.  I am glad that I could feel it due to you. It very much has liked me and I want to tell it to you. I just wanted you to be everytime next to me.  I love you and will love all my life! I at last want to arrive to you to carry out our dreams I shall wait for your answer with impatience

Yours Ekaterina

Letter #8
Hello my love Rich!  I have received your letter and I understand that I am only begin to  live.  At us with you still only begins. Now I find sense in life. I not represent any more life without you, my Angel!  I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again! Please, to not think poorly of me, simply it overflow my feelings  Today I talked to mum about us with you and about our future and that  probably I soon leave in other country.  You do not think that I solve it spontaneously, I very long think of  it.  I do not want to miss the happiness again.  I talked to mum and she is very happy for me, she even bless me.  It can is silly sounds, but today I represented our meeting. 
I think out very many interesting pictures.  In the street there is a fine weather and you stand and wait for me in  the airport and worry for my arrival.  Then you approach to the plane, we look around And we search eyes each  other in crowd, then with to become transfixed hearts we find each other and to rush into  strong embraces.  We stand having embraced, and all look at us. And for us as though  nothing exist. Only you and I!!! It was a great day when I received the first letter from you I thank  the God and I know that I found you and I love you.  I am pleased with an opportunity to meet you soon, and I want it very 
much  I think you want it too, your letters was the ray of light in my life.  At first I was not interested in moving to other country but I will do  it because I found my love and it's YOU!!!  We have firm in our city which makes the documents for people who want  to leave the country.  I went in agency, they have told me what documents I should make. I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need  the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for registration.  I have foreign passport and all necessary documents for this process Now necessary only to issue the visa. It cost 350 american dollars. It's make me suppressed and disappointed, you see I have only 50 $. I did not know that money is necessary so much I can make this visa if I had such sum, but I have no such sum I asked my friends about helping me and they said that have not at the present moment. I asked the advice my mother and she said that maybe you can help me because you loves me. I asked her how he can help me, because he is far from me. My mother said that you can send the money through company which make 
this service. I asked about it, on my work and I know now, that exists reliable and fast company which makes remittances in world and it's western union. I remember that I saw advertising this company on tv. I take a directory book and found the address of it and it's not far from me. 
I went there and I asked them about service. They said that sender must go to the western union, give them information: the name and last name of receiver, country they make transfer and bring the ten digits secret code to sender. 
The receiver must know ten digits for receiving money. They say that the branches of it must be everywhere worldwide. Here is the information about me: 
Country: Russia 
City: Tomsk
Name: Ekaterina 
Lastname Smirnova
Address of branch of western union: 
Tomsk, street. Voykova, 2a
I must know your full name, full address. 
You must know that I decide to ask you about it because I love you and 
trust you very much. I decide to come to you because I feel this way and you are very necessary to me, I decided to come to the unfamiliar country and I never be outside my country. But I decided to do it because now you are part of my life and I trust you in all. I think you trust me too and love me too. You must inform me the closest airport to you I'll ask the help with ticket from my relatives. Please don't forget to tell me the closest airport. My love I need 300 $ I think you will help me because we found our love and we want to meet closer. You must inform me ten digits and I can receive it. You must know we must hurry because I can receive the documents soon  and if we lost the time it is necessary for a long time. Now it's very difficultly to receive the visa to your country, and it's fact, but if I pay nowI think I do it. I think about sense of money, and I'm very sad if this paper can prevent people to meet each other.  In most cases the money play a main role in life but it's not right! I'm sure. And the quantity of money was and will not important to me I always not aspired to material enrichment and don't search specially for rich male. I appreciate human qualities and relations and I love you Rich!!! I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now. I want to be with  you forever. If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life. I think you love me too and we will meet very soon. 
You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours. I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon. Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny. 
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! 
Your love Ekaterina. 

Elena Lapteva (Mari-el, Russia)

My name is Jeff and I am 38 years old. I live in the United States. Back in January, I wrote you concerning a Russian girl by the name of Elena Lapteva. I started corresponding with her at the end of October 2004. She contacted me through Yahoo Personals. We wrote each other several times a week all through November, December, and January. All of her letters were very sincere and loving, and she said that she was moving to the United States so that we could be together. Back in November, I checked the black list, but could not find her. In January 2005, I checked again and did not find her picture, but parts of the letters she sent me were in letters she sent to another guy. Some parts were word for word.

She used an email address of She also mentions a friend by the name of "Anna Krupina". I have to shamefully admit that I sent "Elena" (and "Anna")THOUSANDS of dollars for a visa, plane ticket, and other things. I was and am a fool. I lost my money and my heart to this girl because I believed. I have attached some of the pictures that she sent me. I only have a printed copy of the letters (except for the last one), but if anyone wants to see them or the other pictures, you can email me at and I will GLADLY send you a scanned copy. PLEASE POST THIS ON YOUR WEBSITE to save other honest men like myself from getting financially and emotionally hurt. I want to thank you for your website and your efforts, and all those who have told their stories and shared their letters and pictures. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF THIS SCAMMER. SHE IS VERY CONVINCING. 

I also wanted to thank you for posting my previous stories. I received an email from one of your website visitors wanting verify that the pictures he received from a Russia girl (Elena Lapteva) were the same ones I received. They were identical. I find it strange how she can be captured by a gang (see letter below), but can email another guy requesting money for a visa and passport.

Following is the latest letter I received from her (Elena Lapteva) I DID NOT send her the requested money.




Hello my dear Jeff
It is not very a pity to me that I could write to you such long time. When I have arrived to Moscow and I was arranged in hotel has gone behind the ticket, I would take a taxi what to go, the person which sat at a rudder of the machine I have asked me what for has arrived here and then I have answered that I am waited by my husband in America and that we like each other. The person which was the driver has pricked me a syringe so I have understood nothing, and I have regained consciousness only in some hours. Me and two more girls hold captive and these people demand from us money. Last time, when I asked you money, me have forced to make it. At me a pain the head, but it was simply not the big headache which happens at each person, but operation was not necessary for me. These people demanded to pay or they have told that will kill me. To us give a meal and we are healthy, but with us address as with prisoners, these people very malicious, and at them are the weapon.
We would ask that have released us, but these malicious people only threaten us, it is a gangster grouping. I very strongly love you and I cannot live without you. I know that you worry also I know that you love me. Us hold in any apartment and I at all do not know where it to be. I do not know that will be farther also to me very terribly, we very much are afraid.  These people demand to pay 3000 more $ and they have told that if for me will pay this money me will release  and if is not present these like to kill me, they have told that they
will rape me if you will not send them money. I do not know what now to make, one girl have released because her parents have paid for her of money, I do not know that to me to make now. I can hope only for you, I very strongly love you and to me any more whom to ask the help. I ask you the help to me. If I am dear to you and if you love me I ask have gone to these people 3000 $, I only hope that you will help me,  I have nobody to hope more. My loved Jeff. I very strongly love you and you know that most of all in a life I want to be with you.
I ask you my loved Jeff there was him this money I do not want to remain more here, with us very badly address. I ask you only there was him this money, they would want that you have sent money as through the western union on my passport, I very much love you. Even if you will not send money, know that I very strongly love you. I shall always love you, to the death. Your dear wife Elena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I ask do not speak anything native and to the family, I would not want that our relatives worried now,  I hope that all will be good also me will release after you will send money.

Elena Slobodetskaya (Samara, Russia)

I'm a 40 years old man. I'm Danish and live in Copenhagen. I have never been married and I have no children. In the beginning of January 2005 I came into contact with this scammer on

Elena Slobodetskaya 
Lenina 14 - 270, Samara
No phone
Born February 15, 1979

Whereas my story in many respects is similar to most other stories there are also some new details I can add. And as I couldnt find "my Elena" on the black list I have decided to report my story. Besides the problem it gives me to recall events I wish I could erase completely from my memory writing my story also makes it necessary to confess one embarrassing fact:

Never did the world see a more naove and easy scammer victim than me! I have simply been a complete idiot. Elena started by writing some letters which obviously were standard letters. I didnt see this as a problem since I also have my standard letters which I during the last 2-3 years have updated and changed slightly. My great mistakes were as follows:

1) I very soon began to end my letters with such greeting as "hugs", "kisses", "yours" etc.

2) I very naively accepted when she told me that she doesnt have a phone at home.

3) I was the first of us to suggest a meeting, already after about 2 weeks correspondence.

4) I accepted that the meeting should be in Denmark, and not in Russia.

5) I even accepted that she should stay with me as long time as 28 days. I mean which normal young girl would agree to meet with a strange man in a foreign country and live in his home for such a long period? And even get her parents support! How could she know that I was not a complete psychopath?!

6) I accepted paying her flight ticket without asking for any kind of documentation of her real intentions. Not even such demands which would have been perfectly fair to make.

7) The next step was of course that she now  after having bought her flight ticket  desperately needed to show a big amount of money to the embassy before she could obtain the visa. An amount which she of course would return to me immediately after arriving to Copenhagen And yes: I accepted.

All in all I have lost about 5.500 American dollars. I dont want such a thing to happen to any other man. My 2 payments were made through Western Union, and sent to the above mentioned address.

First payment: January 22 2005, 6.000 Danish kroner

Second payment: January 27 2005, 22.000 Danish kroner

What made me believe in Elena? There are some reasons, and its not because I couldnt imagine the existence of a scammer but:

1) My yearning for love made it too easy for me to believe in her beautiful words.

2) She wrote many details of her life, details which couldnt be fabricated. Yes, I of course they could, but I believed the details to be real.

3) I have in fact had some serious contacts, and even one relationship, created on, and I have on this site been contacted by one scammer only, and she was so clumsy and untalented that even I was able to see what it was all about.

4) Elenas pictures seemed to be real. They are not professional model photos, the quality is no better than average, and they are in no way sexually explicit.

5) Her poor English gave a realistic impression of a young Russian girl with no high education.


First introductory letter, January 4, 2005

Greetings Karsten
It's pleasant for me to receive your letter.
In this is letter I would like to tell to you a little about myself
and about my life.

My name is Elena. My growth 168 sm. I have green eyes and I'm dark blonde. I was born on February, 15, 1979, in my lovely city - Samara(Russia) which situation on the Volga river. Here is I'm living now and I'm glad that i was born in this city.

I'm living with my parents. I love them very much and they are very dear for me. They gave me love and good education. My parents simple people, sometimes they are quarrel, but always reconciled, because they are love each other and respect each other. My family are ideal for me, and I would like to have the same good family as have my parents.

Now I'm working in shop of clothes as seller - adviser . I like my  work very much, from childhood I like to wear dolls in any clothes and I think, I had found a good work because in Samara very difficult to find work which you want to do.

I want to tell you, that I like to prepare. I think, that each girl should be able to prepare. i remember a good phrase that a way to men's heart passes through his stomach. I would be very glad to prepare for my lovely person tasty food each day. My favorite dish is a borsch and a vegetable ragout. I like to spend my free time with my friends. I have a lot of friends, which dear for me, they are like brothers and sisters for me. For me very easy to have a contact with
them because I'm open person and I always try to speak the truth in any situation. My friends count me a kind and sympathetic girl, and I'm always glad to support them in difficult minute and they are me too. I have a good sense of humor and I like a good jokes, but I can be serious and understanding person and i can listening and try to help person who asked for help. .

A lot of my free time I devote for sports because I like sports very much. I prefer skiing and swimming. I visit in swimming-pool at once in the week with my friends and we have good time there. Now in Russia the winter and we have a lot of snow. In the nearest week-end I want to go to ski.

I'm cheerful person and that's why I prefer to watch comedies and to listen good mobile music. I like a comedy very much and my favorite film is " Adventure of Shurika". This is movie did the famous Soviet director is Leonid Gajdaja. I hope, what you heard about him? I like this director very much, and his films looks all country with pleasure during many years. I prefer to listen modern Russian music. Also I like a foreign music and my favorite group is O-Zone.

I would like to tell you about my dream, and I think, that each person should to have own dream. I never was on the sea, my friends were there and they told me, that there is very good nature and very good air. I hope, that in next summer I will visit on the sea. I very hope.... I tried to find someone in Samara, but it was very difficultly because I couldn't find common language with Russian men. Recently, I looked program on TV. This is program was about girl from Samara who could find lovely person abroad thanking Internet. And I had decided to use Internet to find someone with whom I can to share my life. I
hope very much, that my time will come soon, and I will not alone.

I hope, that this is letter will be a beginning for our future dialogue. Elena 
Letter January 5, 2005, with a pitiful story

Hello Karsten
I am very glad to receive your letter. First of all I want to tell you about my past relations. I had loved person. I loved him and tried to make with him a serious relations. But he did not appreciate my love and counted that our relations are
game. he has found another girl and has thrown me. I knew that before to have relation with me he had a girlfriend but he spoke me that he loves only me and wants to be only with me. he spoke to me very gentle and beautiful words, and I trusted him. In one day I have seen his with first girl. They were went on park and embraced... After this Ido not trust him and I had to go through many sufferings. I think, that Russian men not able to make relation with girl . They do not show to women of due respect. I do not know why occurs so... I think,
that relations should is under construction first of all on the truth, trust and mutual understanding. It seems me that these three main things for any relation and even for friendship. Therefore first of all I want to find my best friend. i want to tell you something about person who i will be glad to find. I would like to find the person with whom I could have friendship and certainly I would be glad to have family with him. I would be glad to have children because
children make family full. I want to find person with whom I could communicate easily, I want find person with whom I could to share any secrets. Person who would concern to me well is necessary for me, loved me and appreciated. Person with whom I can spend a good time and maybe all my life. I want to find person with whom I can share difficult minutes and moments of pleasure. Person who can support me and I will be glad to support him too at difficult moments. I want to find partner in this is life with who I can to love a true love. I
will be very glad to prepare tasty food every and spend a lot of time with this person and enjoy it. Maybe i seems very exacting but it's only my ideas about my future loved person. And of course I am ready to do everything for my love person!!!!!!!! And what is your purpose? Yours faithfully Elena.

Letter about her parents, January 7, 2005

Hello I'm fine. Thank you for your letter to me. I am pleasant received your answer today , I hope that it will be interesting to you learn more about me and my family. I with pleasure shall tell to you many things about me. I think that all over again I will tell to you about my parents. My mother name is Olga Nikolaevna, and father name is Alexander Vasil'evich. My mother 48 years old . Father 51 years old .. My parents very good people, I like and I respect my parents very much . My father works in a civil engineering firm, and now he is on pension, but he is works still . Mother works as teacher at school, she teaches lessons of mathematics. And sometimes she is engaged in tutoring in-home with students . My mother prepare people for receipt in the higher schools. My parents have met in 1975 in city of Samara. In 1978 they to do wedding, in 1979 I was born. During 29 years my parents live happily. I am very much proud of my parents, and I would like have the same strong family as my family. I hope, that family of my parents will be my ideal in life. I very much love the parents, and they too love me. I want tell, that they gave me good education and their love. As I would like tell to you more about my city. Samara
have very beautiful and old city, my city many different sights. In this city there is a known confectionery factory Russia.. On this factory do chocolate and confectionery products which to be glorified on all Russia As my city has the biggest in Russia car factory " Auto Vaz ". At a factory make automobiles "Lada" and "Niva". To use these automobiles almost all Russia. In Samara it is a lot of parks, and we together with my parents like to go there on days off. I very much there am pleasant like with relatives to me people, there very good
conditions and fresh air. In this park there is a reservoir . I go there frequently together with mine daddy. We like evening walk together. I shall be finish this letter now. And I hope that to you to like to learn me more. If you that not understand that in my letter you can to ask me. I shall be glad answer you. I shall wait for your answer soon. Best regards Lena

Letter showing great interest, January 11, 2005

Hello dear Karsten I am very glad to receive your letter, and is especial glad it to read. I think I should tell concerning the ideas, I think, there is nothing better to find the half, the special person. I think that you very good person and all at us can turn out it will turn out, At me idea, that abroad is much better than in Russia, and moreover, there a good climate, the sea where I wanted to visit and the most important I never communicated with foreign people. I think
in comparison with Russian people your people much better, more kindly, gentlemen, and many other features of difference. Yes me is not simple to leave friends family, but I think if find the good, loving person it is possible leave from Russia. If to tell the truth I for a long time wanted leave from Russia for other country, but it is not possible only because of that that I do not have now money trip, and what to whom I shall leave, where I shall live that I  shall do there? I think, that when be I shall leave and I shall begin the fine life with the special person. I shall wait for your letter. with love Elena

Letter answering my question on a possible meeting, January 12, 2005, notice that she at first insists on a meeting in her home town Hi dear Karsten I am glad to receive from you the letter, me like as  you argue  on people, yes I really think of our meeting. You have asked where we can meet, I think that we can meet in any of these cities which you have named, but I hope that in Samara, that you think of it, I think that in Copenhagen to fail. I would be glad if you have visited me in Samara, and moreover we is healthy have spent. No, you do not think, very much to like me your city, and I would like to visit it, but I think that at me is not present so much money to visit your Country. I think, that it will be better if you to me arrive, I do not want c to lose you the attitude and I want you I shall inform that I to wait for this meeting. By the way, you have asked when, I think that in February, at me then holiday. I shall wait very much for your letter, tell, what you think of it? I with impatience shall wait for your letter. With love Elena

And now shes in love with me, January 13, 2005

Hi dear Karsten I am very glad to receive your letter, and I very much was  delighted,  when you have told that arrive me.  But there is one problem, my holiday in the beginning February, and I  then can not take holiday in any way. I want to tell, that, whether you  could arrive me faster, I want to lead with you all my holiday. I think, you can take holiday as early as possible? I think, that I am in love with you on the neck. I am glad with you to communicate though all the day, I think, that we  should meet necessarily. I want you to ask, that we in any way have met  in February.  I with impatience shall wait your letter, I think, that it will come  true, now it is my dream!!! You know Karsten me very much very much like, and moreover!!! YOUR LOVE ELENA.

Letter, January 14, 2005 

Hello dear Karsten I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I want to tell you, I very much think of you but why so there is not  enough time. You see at me holiday for the whole month and I very much want to lead it with you. I would like to inform you that I do not have house of the phone. But if you will leave me the number I shall call you from branch of communication. I think you it will
arrange? please answer my questions, I shall wait for your letter! I shall leave. While my beloved Karsten. Yours Elena

Letter, January 15, 2005 

Hello dear Karsten I am very glad to receive your letter, it is very a pity me, but you you see know at me February, 15 birt hday? I would like to lead it with you, what you think of it? If you can not arrive me in the beginning of February I can can arrive you? It will not be for me very big problem, I think that I can borrow money from my friends, I would be glad to visit your country to see you, and it is good to lead the unforgettable holiday, I think that to like you such idea? I think you is glad to this. I am very glad, that I can visit your country. I shall wait from you the letter With love, yours Elena 

Letter, January 17, 2005

Hello dear Karsten I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I want to tell you that I went to travel agency, they have told me that  the invitation is not so necessary for me, I can make the visa of travel, on such visa the invitation is not necessary, I shall be considered simply as having a rest in your country. I want to tell you that I am very glad that you search for outputs from this situation. I will be very glad if there all will turn out, there me have told that
can make this visa during several days, approximately 7-10 days, together with this visa it is required me the passport for travel abroad and the insurance. I simply want to tell that I have taken an interest. What you look at it? I think that it wonderfully. I very much want our meeting. With love Elena

Letter, January 19, 2005, first money letter

Hello dear Karsten I am very glad that you have written to me, excuse me that I so late I write. I would like to meet you. I precisely do not know where I can arrive, write me the airport. I will need to go in agency and to ask about cost. I am not sure precisely that I will have enough money, I hope that you will help me. I tomorrow shall go in agency and I shall find out about all that it to be necessary for me for this trip. I wait from you the letter. Your love Elena

Letter, January 20, 2005

Hello dear Karsten 
please that so late I write, simply I went to agency 
For 1 ticket: $ 648 + gathering, there and back

1 ticket (?) x (USD648,00 + USD98,44) = USD 746,44 There:
Airline: SAS Flight: SK735 
Departure: January, 30, 15:45, Sheremet"evo Arpt
Arrival: January, 30, 16:30, Copenhagen Arpt 
Places: econom a class, places are
Time in a way: 2 w. 45 m. 


Airline: SAS Flight: SK734 
Departure: February, 26, 10:20, Copenhagen Arpt 
Arrival: February, 26, 14:50, Sheremet"evo Arpt
Places: econom a class, places are
Time in a way: 2 w. 30 m. 

viza - 250 USD
pasport 127 USD
strahovka 46 USD

And that 1114.44 USD

It approaches us? It seems me that dearly, but is the most good flights.
You will help me? I shall wait your letter.  With love Elena

Letter, January 21, 2005

Hi dear Karsten I am very glad to receive your message, I am grateful that you want to  help me. I really want this meeting and I have already made some documents, I do  now information and the insurance. I asked the parents of money, but at  them only 300 USD and I think that at me all will be 300-350 USD, whether I do  not know you can help me, but I really want this meeting. I think of our  attitudes and I shall be grateful to you if you will send me other money if it is  difficult for you I ask them that the something have sold the parents and have sent  us this money to you to Copenhagen. I think that it is really big sum of money  and I simply did not expect for it. I think that you too want this meeting,  and I speak you that I simply do not know that to me to do, in fact I have  charged extra prepares for this trip. But I really believe that we shall be  together already on January, 30, and I am sure that we shall to enjoy it  together., and we shall think only about good Now I to you inform the  information which to you is necessary for this  transfer. 
My full name: Slobodetskaya Elena
My full address: Lenina 14 - 270, Samara, Russia.
Your love Elena

Letter, January 22, 2005, after I sent the full amount for the flight ticket

Hello my dear Karsten I am very glad to receive your message, many thanks that you have helped me, I very much am grateful you. I think that I have found 
which that person searched, it you!!! Our meeting becomes closer every day, I 
all more and think of you more, I want to tell you that you very good person, I 
think that you, most, now my head is hammered only by our meeting. I so am 
glad that you have helped me, I did not know where to take this money, but there is you, you are simple SUPER!!! I want to tell you that I very much wait for  this meeting, remained very little as we shall meet, I dream of it, and I  know that my dream will come true. I wanted you to tell thanks, I really did not 
know where to take this money. I want to tell you that I shall bring for you 
a special gift, but you about it learn at our meeting. My head cannot  think, and I shall speak up to fast!!! I wait from you for the letter, write  what plans at you about our meeting? I shall wait from you the letter my dear  Karsten!!!
With huge love Elena!!!

Some more of such letters expressing her love to me followed.

Letter January 27, 2005, after her visit at the Danish embassy

Hello my dear Karsten I am very glad to receive your letter, I have arrived to Moscow and this city very big, there it is a lot of people of machines, I never was in such big city, I feel here another's, I was nobody here. I have reached well, in a train all is normal, I thought only of you. When I have left a train and have come to city centre of me at once have surprised quantity of people, I seriou sly did not see so much to people going all for work, and the underground, it is simply continuous  fuse ... I want to inform you one problem, I have come to embassies to receive the visa, I thought that there will be no problems. But me there have told unpleasant news. When they me there have told that with my documents everything is all right I was glad, but the ambassador they to me have told that I should have the sum 2800 euros 100 euros on every day residing there, I should show this money at the airport and in embassy, I am very much upset, and I do not know that me to do, I ask your help because all documents are available and it are necessary to show only this money, only to show them at the airport... I allow you a guarantee of this money because with them happen nothing, because I shall  not spend not one cent from this money, I need only in display this money and all will be good. I shall give you this money at once as I shall leave from the plane!!! I simply can understand what for him it it is not necessary, I in fact explained them that I go on a visit. It is very a pity me that I you do such problems, my loved..... But whence I could know that so it will turn out, rise on my position, in fact I did not know!!! I think that you will help me with it because I have no place to take this money!!! My love I hope that you will understand me and trust me... I sit here in internet-cafe and I wait for your answer, I very much suffer for this situation, but I know one, that we should solve this problem, it is one problem prevents our meeting, but I think that we shall think up that that. I shall wait for your letter with experience. With big love Elena

No, scepticism from my part? Yes, but in the next hours she demonstrated her talents; she simply wrote letters with intervals of few minutes and gave thus a true expression of a lonely girl finding herself in a situation of despair and desperation. That was what convinced me. Alas

Hello dear Karsten
I wait for your letter, I very much hope that you will write to me. I am very glad that we have met you, and I think only of you, I very much want that you to me have written because to me very alone, I very much want to see your letter. I want to inform you that I simply miss. I do not overlook to think of you, my ideas about you is constant. I wait for your letter. With love Elena

Greetings I am very much upset with dear Karsten that you do not write me, I
very much want it, to see your letter, in fact to me is very lonely here. I want
to tell you that I I want you to lose, write me!!! I very much wait for your letter, with love Elena

Hello dear Karsten I on former wait for your letter, I sit here in Internet-cafe and I wait... I do not know that to you to write but I shall write, to me is lonely very much, I do not know that me to do, and I think only of you and it is constant!!! Write to me... With love Elena

Well here, I on former wait for your letter and I cannot to do to not write anything to you, I shall do it constantly. I want to inform you that I on former wait for your letter. Why you do not write to me, can you not at home? Can have left in shop? There can be you on work or simply look at home TV? I do not know I simply in a panic, I do not know that to you to write but I shall do it...
Write to me soon, Elena

Hi Karsten Here I again write to you the letter, let it small, but I do not know
about what to you to write, I am simple in a shock from such situation. I do not
know that to me to do to me it is necessary to write to you this letter, I am
upset, I think of you constantly why you do not write to me, I think that you
did not read my letter? I wait for it, your answer, write to me! With love Elena

Hello dear Karsten Here again I write this letter to you because me any more
whom to write. I think that you yet did not receive my mail, here I sit in  internet-cafe and I wait for your mail, to me becomes sad, I look in a window
and I see people, they go in pairs, I as want to go with you, to me it is very 
bad, I do not know city, me not where to go and I is simply upset, I think only 
about you and I do not know that to you to write, but I shall do it more and 
more because in this situation you the person closest to me, I do not know  that to write if I shall not receive from you that I shall write the letter to you
still. I very much wait from you the letter. With love Elena 

I again write you this letter, I simply wait for it with impatience, I believe
in the best, I cannot simply constrain the emotions, I do not know that to you
to write because you have already understood my feelings to you, but I very much want it that you knew, every day our meeting is closer and closer, and I simply miss with each hour, I only think of you and about us with you, I very much wait for it. With love Elena

And so I accepted to send the money to her.

Hello my loved Karsten I am glad to receive your letter, I am very glad that you
have helped me, big to you thanks for that that you have not left me one a
difficult minute, today I have not received this money because banks have been already closed, but tomorrow I shall receive them and as I shall make all to you I shall necessarily write, to my favorite person. Now I shall go to sleep,
because very heavy day today was and I was very much strain , and I want to
sleep, but I think that in in dream you to me too dream because have not passed 5 minutes as I did not think of you. You have very strongly helped us two I necessarily you I shall write as I shall make all!!! But while I do not write
to you it means that I think of you!!! With big love Elena

Her flight to Copenhagen became delayed two days, but February 1 she was supposed to arrive to Copenhagen, but the day before I got this choking message.

Letter January 31, 2005

Hello my dear Karsten
I do not know as it to start, I feel a full silly woman, I the truth do not know as to begin this letter, and I shall start from the very beginning. I today have woken up early, have washed, have had a drink tea and have gone to bank to receive money. I have come in bank early, I sat there approximately 15 minutes and then have received money, I have received money and at once was directed aside embassies that to me have given out the visa, I sat in the bus, embassies was not so far, but I wanted to make that you have told me,
I have not gone with this money on foot. When I have left the bus I there were aside embassies, I was in 10 minutes from that that to me have given out the visa, but two young people came to me and began me to threaten, they tried to take away at me valuable things, I have at all refused them that that to give and the beginnings to shout, but me have struck on a head than that heavy, and I have not for a long time lost consciousness. I do not know as you it to tell, but when I have regained consciousness at me there was no money and my passport, I feel a full silly woman because it with me happened. I want to tell you that I at once have addressed in militia, but criminals have not caught. I saw the first time of such people which have struck the woman, it was the most awful day in my life. In militia I have stayed all the day, to me have told that it there was a gang, I was told that in bank they too were and observed of me. Forgive me that so happened, I swear, I shall fulfill this money and I
shall give them to you, to me it is very bad that so have taken place, I did not think that such in general can take place, I can not tell it in a word as to me now poorly, please be not upset, I of you very much ask, do not leave me, me is very bad, I know as you poorly when you read this letter, I really did not want that it was possible, me is very a pity, I simply do not find to myself a place. You can speak that I am guilty, but in what? I wanted as better and I shall use the best efforts for this purpose that we began together. Karsten I want to ask to you that you have written to me, I shall sit in internet-cafe and to wait your letter, please can call me, but I of nothing could make, I as am put have addressed in militia, but there while it is not known, me have told that hardly
will find robbe rs. I the truth am very much upset, and to me it is very bad. I DID NOT WANT THAT IT HAPPENED!!! Loved, write to me. I very much ask you. I know that you now are very much upset, I want to tell you that I too
in the big shock, the truth, I could not assume that at all such happen, I do not know that you to speak, before I want to hear you. I the truth wait for your letter here, in internet-cafe. To me it is very bad because I have entered you into such situation, but I and itself have strongly suffered, I can not present that our meeting on it to be finished, but I am sure that we shall find an output, whether not so? Do not leave me one. To me spoke in agency if I shall not depart on this week my ticket will be gone, I the truth do not know that me to do, my aunt Olya searches for money because I do not know where them to take to give you, it can take place only when I shall be at home and when I shall work. To me it is bad, I do not want to speak about money, I feel the fault before you, but I the truth could not make anything. I want to tell that for all this history I very much have grown fond of you, and I can not present if I do not meet you, please do not leave me one here. I on former wait for your letter. With big love Elena

Dear Karsten I have received your letter, I have understood that you are very much upset, I very much want to you to Denmark but how I can do it without my visa? I you see have explained to you that have plundered me, you unless have not understood that this money is not present, I have not had time to receive the visa. I ask you do not think so, I was not mistaken, I have written you the truth and I can not arrive you to Denmark because money to receive the visa are necessary for me. Karsten I want to tell you that my aunt searches
for money, she tries to borrow them. But she has told that she hardly will find such sum up to tomorrow. I very much want to meet you, but me it now is not possible, I simply feel a full silly woman because I could not keep this money, but what I could make? I do not know that you to write, I want to arrive to you to Denmark. Please understand me, I do not want you to deceive. I shall
wait the answer soon because I on former sit in internet-caf?. Yours Elena

dear Karsten I understand that you write me, I am very much upset, I do not
know that it is possible to make, but there is a hope that my aunt will find
money. I do not want you to deceive and I want to be with you, I do not understand why it occurs to us, it simply is not possible, but why so it
happens? At me such sensation that I simply do not want to live in this world, I
do not know as you to overpersuade that you me trusted, yes I I know that
this sum very big, but it is not necessary to throw anything, I ask you, you see
we so waited for this meeting, you spoke that you want this meeting. PLEASE
do not leave me if I you not arrive on this week my ticket simply will be gone, I do not want that it happened, I ask you do not do it to not write to me, we should that that think up quickly, I do not see any ways to return this money soon, but my aunt searches we should hope for it, she me spoke that will come in this cafe and will tell to me as with money, how many she has found, please, is not necessary to throw all to what we aspired long time. I shall not forgive it to myself never, understand me. You see you want this meeting as well as I!!! I ask you write to me, do not throw it. My ideas love... I understand not time about it to speak, but we should make it, you see you understood me. Elena

Dear Karsten Excuse that I write you hardly later than promised. I want to
tell you that I sit here with my aunt, she speaks that she can find money 1900 euros. I do not know as us to be I do not want that all vanished, our trip and your money, I want to tell you that my aunt has taken this money from the chief on former work, but at him was only such sum 1800 euros. And she will give 100 euros me from the money that at it is, I do notwant to ask you money more, but I do not know as us to be, you could not send 900 euros, I shall receive them tomorrow in the morning and I shall arrive to you, only it is necessary to make it, I do not want that tickets were gone and our trip, I want this meeting, and certainly I shall give you this money tomorrow at the airport, believe me last time, I did not deceive you, please trust me, I ask you, I shall give you this money was cancelled, and my aunt has told that I can to it give then when shall arrive to Russia. My parents do not know about this situation, whether I do not know to speak them it, they are sure that I there at you, I simply do not know that me to do, I very much want it. Karsten, lovely, forgive me for that that it has taken place, but I want to trust in the best, I do not know as it at you to ask again but so you can return the money, and we at last that shall meet, you see we so dreamed of it. I understand that for us is the big money but what to me for you to make, that you have believed me? I ask you write that you think of it. I wait for your letter, my loved.

Dear Kardten
I want to tell you that I understand that it is very big sum of money, but what us to do, I can not go to Samara, what I shall tell to the parents? You see we very much waited for this meeting, I understand that for you is very big money, but I speak, you could borrow them up to tomorrow? Answer me, I do not want that all so was finished. I understand that to you very hardly to speak it, but I shall give you yours 900 euros, and 1900 euros directly at the airport, you see this money are necessary for you, I understand, probably you at someone took them? I do not know as you to overpersuade in it. You do not trust me? I do not understand that occurs, we with each other have started to talk so, as if we enemies, I feel it, you that any more do not want that I came? I very much want to explain all to you in words. I can can call you overpersuade? Please write me. Elena!

I refused to send more money. Next time I heard from her was when she wrote to me pretending to be her best friend Marina, but the letter was sent from Elenas e-mail address and the writing style tells that "Elena" and "Marina" are the same person. 

Letter from "Marina", February 2, 2005

Hello Karsten
My name is Marina, I want to take an interest that at you has taken place with Elena? I do not understand you you wanted will meet whether or not? She has called me last night and has told that she comes back to Samara, she asked me money, but at me was not so much how many she asked, today in the morning she has arrived to Samara, I have met her, but she was very much afflicted, and when I have asked her that there is she she has simply burst into tears and shouted that is guilty, but she to me of nothing has told, what with you has taken place why she has not arrived you? I carried out her home and asked that happened, but she of nothing spoke, today in dinner its mum has come running to us home and has told that Elena have put in hospital, at it that that with heart. Mum has told that doctors speak that it very seriously, they speak that she too very nervous. Please that at you has taken place? I am
not able to use Internet, and that I could look your letters, to me only have told as to send the letter, I the first time here. Please explain to me that has taken place? I very much suffer for Elena. Marina

Well, that was my story. I hope I now have contributed to warn against scammers. Im extremely embarrassed and ashamed about my own stupidity, and for this reason I have not told anything to my family, friends and colleagues. 

Best wishes from,


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