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Thank you for a wonderful site, you have saved me from any financial loss. I received letters from Katya Maslov from Surgut and from your site I found the exact same letters but with a different womens picture on your blacklist update for March. Thank you very much !

Black List - page 169: UPDATES
March 20, 2003 - page 1

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Marina Alexei Michailova

I am a 44 year old divorced mail from Texas, USA. I have been alone for 4 years and Marina was the first women that I had had such communication with that had caused my heart to overrule my brain. The contact originated from Marina and I had an address ( to reply to. Seeing as I was not a paid member of any dating service, I found this to be a great opportunity to communicate with someone in another country. The communication began in November 2002 and is now abouy to end (March 19, 2003). Marinas letters began just as you listed (boy that hurt) but of course developed slowly over the past 5 months to a much further point. I believed we fell in love and as much as my logic said "not possible", my lonliness allowed my heart to make bad decisions. I sent her $500.00 towards visa and airfare and was to send more. Started my search as my logic caught up finally (read about visas etc. and things did not ad up). Other clues included trying to get responses at times and specific questions addressed. Could not get a phone number to make personal contact as well. 

The money was handled via Western Union to Guta Bank in Ekaterinburg. She received money as I confirmed with service and she also let me know. The money was sent under Alexei Michailova's name (which I guess is her actual Husband?).

Seeing as I just now found out how foolish I was, I have not notified any agency. Absolute Agency is where she found me but I am not a paying member so do not know if I should do anything. I have photos (one you have and others) and some letters only (got new computer and lost some earlier ones). Would be glad to help in any other way if you request. I am not a well off person at all and this makes my error even more ridiculous but glad to know now.

Nadezhda aka Lubov Bazhenova

Thanks for your site! I am a 43 yr.old man from California. Lubov has a new alias. Nadezhda. She is using She emailed me first and will not tell me where she found me. Only that she saw me on an "aquaintances" computer. 4 letters and she want to have my baby!!!! I was sure it was a scam and am just waiting for her to ask for money. She does not say what city she is in now or tell anything about her family. Except now she only has a mother. Again, thank you!!!! Jeff Robertson

Olga Nizovtseva (Samara Russia)

I just received this email from a woman named 'Olga' whom I had received previous emails during my trip to Russia. When I got back from there and read her emails I wrote back to her and informed her that I had found the woman of my dreams and that I wished her luck in finding someone else for her. I then received this letter today. I thought that you might want to put her on the scammers alert pages that you have.
Once again I also wish to thank you for the services that you and your web sites have provided me in my search for the love of my life. Thank you.


Hello love George!!!!! I all this time what to not write to you to go to receive the information concerning my documents. At me good news. I have found out all that is required to me to arrive to you. I went to the transport company. With me my mum went. At it her a lot of familiar in our administration of city. She it the deserved worker of Russia. She it also has a rank and the award of the hero of social work. So, that to us is necessary to do all precisely as my mum speaks. Ok? For my arrival it is required to legalize papers the following. The passport for travel abroad, the visa for the period of one month both medical and social information (inquiries), my documents will be ready during three weeks after payment. For this purpose it is required to me 375 $, at me is now 80 $, me to not suffice 295 more $. I hope, that you to help me in it, that as we should operate together. To me have appointed reception in the transport company on Monday, by this day I should pay cost of my documents. Send me please 295 $ today that I might pay my documents tomorrow. A deadline of payment Monday. I to go to bank, to me have told that the fastest and reliable way to transfer money, it is system monetary transfer Western Union. You simply should go in the bank where are present Western Union and to do make translation of money resources. I to give you the address and the name of mine Western Union where you may transfer money quickly. Alfabank 443001, Russia, Samara city, Street Molodogvardeiskaya, 151, the case. 1 Ph.: +7 8462 42-06-24, 42-06-17  Fax: +7 8462 42-06-25  E-mail: The following information is necessary for this purpose for you: my full name, Olga Nizovtseva, My home Adress: Russia, Samara city, Sovetskaya street, home 37 apartment 14. You should as inform me the exact full name, the home address and the nearest airport where it is convenient for you to meet me. Ok? Also to you will give in branch Western Union while translating money control number of translation consisting of 10 figures (MTSN.) I now need to go on my work to make out mine to holiday from work by March, 10. Very much I wait for the letter and ours with you of a meeting, it Is a lot of kisses and respect. Yours Olga. 


This is a woman named Olga. She comes on very genuine and sweet..then I got this emergency need money now deadline is coming up and Then I will be able to come and see you….visa and passport. I told her I did not feel comfortable sending money for some emergency and didn't think she could obtain a V isa so easily. Then, the question…who is going to pay the Air Fair? Never heard from her again..

Regina Podgornova (Surgut, Russia)

I have here what I believe to be a scammer. Thiswoman or whoever goes by the name of Regina Podgornova. Apparently she lives in Surgut Russia. I have been recieveing all kinds of letters describing how much she feels that she wants to come to the states. She has told me how much the Visa will cost (Tourist B1/B2) and how she can not wait to be in my arms. I have sent no money to date. The reason I believe this to be a scam is if she lives in Surgut Russia; The time difference is 10 hours between Central New York and Surgut Russia. The letters I have recieved have only a 6 hour difference. These letters are written at all times when you would think most people would be in bed. I send along the letters I have recieved along with many pictures for your awarness.The other thing I would like to mention is when I revealed to this person that I know what goes on in Russia with these scams she became very indignant as stated in one of her letters.  Please look into this matter and beware. I will forward the saved letters that I have recieved. I have more but I didn't save them because at the time I thought this all to be real. I will forward all I have saved. Thank you Sincerely Tom

Regina Podgornova (Belyy yar khanty- mansi Russia)

Hello I am Kevin Storey, I was sent a email from the above person from a ad on and after reading your info,I bought  the guide and confronted her or him they sent me a virus i suppose in hopes of ruining my computer. So that I could not report it to you. The emails went on for about 3 weeks, she sounded to good to be true and so I started searching around and found this site, using the search engine google. Thank You for your help and saving me who knows what. 


Hi my dear and the far friend Kevin! (Privet, moy dorogoy i dalekiy drug Kevin!) Today I went for work, admired the nature and thought of you. I very romantic lady. I like to search for romanticism in everything, even in simple both ordinary things and situations. I very much love the nature. I love all seasons. I love autumn. I like yellow leaves, gold trees. I like to go in the park when the fallen leaves rustle under the feet, when the wind brings the smell of arriving winter and  the leaves rise upwards and slowly fall, dancing a waltz above the people. It is wonderful when the clouds are floating in the sky and there are birds which depart to the warm countries. And at night the sky starts to cry. The rain knocks on windows and roofs. The lightning in shares of second illuminate the empty streets. It is fine. In such weather it would be desirable to appear in a small room with a warm fireplace. Weak light and singing of a cricket. And if there will be a favourite person near, it will be similar to paradise. I love winter though sometimes it happens very coldly. I as everything, wait summer in the winter. But anyway it is  beautiful in winter. Especially when there is snow on trees. All the world around - white. Only fur-trees with the green clothes heat a look and brings the difference to the white color. And when the snow falls, it bewitches, especially in the evening when light flows from a windows, and  on a background of the black sky - small snowflakes are similar to stars. If you look at the sky for a long time - it seems that you flies through these wonderful snowflakes towards to something unknown. I love spring. It seems that the world is born again. All comes to life. Air is filled with freshness. The snow melts and all troubles and failures melt with it. There is a desire to throw off from itself all weariness and all griefs. The streamlets are singing cheerfully everywhere. The Earth becomes covered by a  grass and flowers. In Russia we say - the love was born in the spring. The summer is a fine mood, the desire to learn the world, to have a rest and enjoy a life. The summer is a wood, a night fire, the river, stars, a warm wind, a long-awaited rain, the beautiful blue sky and the sun which gives pleasure.  I like the sea foodstuffs Many thanks I love a flower. Kisses, Regina. Celuyu, Regina(Russian).

Hi, Kevin (English) Privet, Kevin (Russia) I'm very glad to see your letter and I think you will glad to see my too. I had a dreams about you Kevin I really want to know you, speak with you, take your hand and see your eyes. Maybe it's very frankly now but it's true and I don't want to hide it. I always say the true and don't like when the people are lie. I hate it. I like to dream very much. I do not know well if it is good or bad. But I am a dreamer. Since the childhood I have dreamt very much. I remember my teacher in the kindergarten told us: "Forget about your dreams!" She said that dreams do not bring happiness. She said that dreams bring only a pain and disappointment. May be she was right. In fact dreams don't always come true. It happens that you put all forces and all aspiration to achieve the purposes. But often it is not enough. Not all in this life depends on us. There is still a Destiny! Its strong and invisible hands easily reshuffle lives and hearts of people. And then the dream stops to be desirable star, when it doesn't come true for a long time. But anyway, I think that it is impossible to live not having the dreams and hopes. When you have a dream, the life is filled with sense. When there is a dream, the life becomes more interesting and more various. You start to think, analyze, choose and to make the decision. And each small victory, each defeated obstacle in a way to your dream, each next step to your dream brings you great pleasure. Your heart is filled with belief and hope. And you are inspired by the fact which waits for you in the end. You remember the pleasure of victories and defeated aims better than pain of losses and disappointments. For this reason I like to dream, though my dreams come true very seldom. I am surprised, that I am writing you all this. I have never had the person with whom I could share the ideas. But now I have found you, Kevin, and I am very glad. You are a part of my life now. And I appreciate it very much. Kevin, you became very important for me. And being frank, I am afraid to lose you. Forgive me for my frankness. If I have offended you somehow, or have caused inconveniences forgive me please. Do not cease to write to me. Write to me every day. Even if I cannot answer every day. Your letters betray to me of forces and my day is filled with pleasure. I hope that you do not become angry. I will wait for your letter with impatience. And now I want to ask to you some questions: I heard that in the USA many tornado, is it the truth? Do you believe in love? Love at first sight?  Poka moy dorogoy drug. (Russia) By my dear friend. (English) P.S. This picture has been taken on my last birthday. 

Hi my beloved Kevin.Today I went to my work and smiled. I smiled because I knew that I would get a letter fro you. People passed near me and looked back after me. In Russia ladies smile rarely, because lifi is filled with different problems, cares, difficulties and obstacles. All tih prevails under little fortunes which the lady has in her life. In Russia the lady stands on the same stage as the man already for a long time. She can do the same work as the man can. Very often In Russia the lady does the work which the man has to do. In 19 century one Russia poet wrote about Russian woman: She can enter a burning house and stop a running horse. The only thing she lacks is simple warm and caress, which she are to get from man. This is the problem of Russian men. The Russian lady does everything for the man but she doesn't get anything from him. All she needs is at least a couple of tender words and touching of his hands. If it isn't so difficult? If it isn't difficult to present your lady a romantic evening and a  supper with candles. In Russia as a rule a woman makes such a present but not a man.  When a woman carry heavy bags in the street no man will help her, he will only turn his look away and go farther. That's why the Russian lady never feels happy at her heart.  You say that I am beautiful. In Russia I am not considered like a beautiful lady, Russian men usually treat ladies disrespectfully. They consider that woman only have to work, cook, wash cloths and entertain the man when he wants. For the Russian man it is a usual thing to offed a woman. I like to cook and wash cloths but sometimes I would like to get simple caress, love and attention. I don't want to offend all the men, there good men but there are few of them. We had good time together. He was kind. But he liked to drink. When he was drunked he became an absolutely other person. He talked with me with bad words. With the time his love to alcohol becama a habbit. He  became alien person- rude and evil. He even several times beat me and next day he smiled and talked with me as if nothing happened. I began to be afraid of him and I have to part with him. My soul was wounded very much. After this I couldn't make me get acquainted with another man. Now I don't trust Russian men. I am afraid to give my love to somebody and get rudeness back.  Many thanks I love a flower. You could strike the woman?  Much love from Regina!!! Get many kisses!!! God Bless and Protect Us. P.S. This picture has been taken the last year, in my village.

Hi(English), Kevin!!!!!!! Privet(Russian), Kevin!!!!!!! I beg you please forgive me, that I didn't answer your letter earlier. As you know, I don't have a computer at home and that's why I am writing you from my job. My job is in Surgut(it's a 25 km by the bus from Belyy Yar). But it is not easy too, because my boss doesn't let use the computer with private purposes. There is only one computer at my job. Therefore it's always occupied with someone on work. We do not have unlimited Internet access on a work, because we don't need in it. I use computer secretly to write you(when my boss is not at the office). Internet is expensive in Russia. Some months ago, when I was looking for my relatives with the help of Internet, my boss has subtracted from my salary all the expenses for the Internet. Unfortunately I haven't found anybody. I work from Monday till Friday. Therefore I cannot write you on a weekend. Sometimes I feel very lonely in a weekend, being one at home. I have few friends. But now I have found you, Kevin! I am very glad and I shall think of you. For my life I look for a person, who can become for me a husband, friend, lover and protector. I need in man, who will fill emptiness in my soul, and I will fill emptiness in his soul. I want him to support me in a difficult minute and I can support him. To tell the truth, a person needs few things to become happy. It takes much more time to find an appropriate man. Likely the main thing that does not suffice me now is love. Without love of persons it may not be happy. But when near there is a close person whom you love, life becomes fine irrespective of where you live and that you have. I try to be afflicted never. But the loneliness frequently forces to sadly. I tried to find love and happiness here, but I have tested man's roughness and disrespect. It has wounded me. I want to find the partner in life, together to enjoy life and to go in the future. I want to find the man, with whom we shall create the world of love, kindness and honesty. In the guy I want to see honesty and kindness. This main thing because the lie and a rage spoil any relations. I like cheerful people. I do not love men who do not have self-respect. I want to find the guy who in reply to my love will present me his love. The heart of the man is most important. I want to be honest and frank with you, that's why I ask you not to deceive me. There is a proverb in Russia: Bitter truth is better than sweet lie. I am sure that you are an honest man and you can't lie. Am I right? After all my stories you may think, that everything is bad, but it is not true. When I lived in orphanage one elderely person came to us. Her name was Masha and she brought us different cloths and gave money to the orphanage. We were great friends with her. When I have grown up and have left the orphanage, our friendship became bigger. Now I helped her: I went shopping for products, I lead her to the hospital ( she was an old and sick person), I kept her house and looked after her. Two years ago when she was 79 years old she died. She was a Great person. Masha was a very intellectual and educated woman. She taught me many things: how to lay the table correctly, how to behave at the table, to put the tablewears, to behave in mundane society and many other things. She taught me manner be dressed and go correct and beautifully. Also she taught me to sew and kneet, how people do it in Russia long ago. All her knowledge she has got from her ancestors. She loved me like a daughter and I loved her like my mother. She didn't have her own children and her husband died during Second World War. After his death she didn't married again, because she has loved only him. Masha has bequeathed me everything that she had: this is an apartment and old-time jewelry which she has got from her great-grandmother. This is a very beautiful necklace ring set with a stone and bracelet. This is a historical value, and I cherish it very much. It is very offensive for Russia. When Russia loses such people such as Masha, it's loses the particle of its great culture. Thank you for a beautiful picture. I loved it. I would like to see other your pictures. Dogs really very much funny. Now I must finish my letter. I wait anxiously for your answer. Also I want to ask, have you ever had a friend from the other country? Yours friend Regina.

Hi, my dear friend Kevin I waited for this minute with impatience to answer you.  Your letters have become so close to my heart that I am glad to them like a baby. you write so beautiful letteres, I have never heard such words in Russia. I think that Russian men don't know such words at all. Your words are so pleasant that I feel myself on the heavens. Please, write me every day at least two words, then I will know that everything is OK. I will be calm for you and won't worry.  Yesterday I talked with my boss, I asked him to use Internet at least 10-15 minutes a day. He promised to think about it. I cant let him deprive me my private live how much it cost me. The dearest I have is you Kevin I understood it clearly yesterday when I was walking in the park and thinking about you. I was tired and sat down on the bench. I closed my eyes and thought about you. A wind was blowing, it scutched my hairs and enveloped my body by its chilly freshness. I don't know why, but I thought that you changed in wind, and you tenderly touched my hairs with you invisible hands. It seemed to me that I am situated somewhere there with you. And my heart began beating as never before. I was so pleasant that I was ready to yell from happiness. People who were passing near me probably thought that I am crazy wnen they saw me sitting on the bench with closed eye and smiling. But I didn't think about their opinion. I not for a long time sat, it was very cold. But I so would not like to leave. I consider that all peple in love are a little mad.  Love is such intoxicating narcotic, which makes do mad, but sometimes funny actions.  Only person in love can fill the whole bath with champaign, only person in love can present the million of scarlet roses or stand whole night under balcony of the loved woman singing serenades. I should finish the letter. I having not enough time. Answer me one question. You the quick-tempered person? Many thanks I love a flower.I would like to visit the USA once. . I hope you have a nice weekend also  P.S. Unfortunately in my work the scanner has broken. I shall wait when will repair the scanner and I shall send again pictures. I am shy, but hotly kiss Kevin. Regina. 

Privet moya lyubov. (Russia) Hi my love. (English) How are you, my love Kevin? When I see your letter, my heart is similar to a bird in a cage. Wants to depart a breast and to fly to you. I never experience before similar. I want to tell a history which I had yesterday. I have the big soft toy, a young lion. It is my unique and the toy is favourite. I very much love her. This toy at me 2 years. And all this time I as could  not think up a name for her. I tried many names. I do not know why, but any  name was not pleasant to me. But yesterday when I went to bed as usually  I have put her near to me. I have looked at her and have casually made  your name Kevin. It has very much approached a young lion.  Now I call him Kevin and constantly I think of you. I'm missing you. When I go to bed I'm thinking about you. I'm thinking about your letters. I think how it's good that I have met you in the Internet. If I was told before, that I will meet my love in the Internet, I would not believe this man. I would think, that this man is crazy or joker. But it has happened. It has happened not to somebody but to me. And I'm glad that the people invented the Internet. I didn't think that it's possible to find my only love in the Internet. But I have found. Please, don't give me up. It will be a strong pain for me. I won't simply go through it. But I believe that you won't do it.  Excuse me for this short letter. But today I have hardly found an opportunity to write even slightly. With all my love. (English) So vsey moey lyubov`yu. (Russia) Many thanks I love a flower. ( I Love Kevin ) ( With all my heart) ( And all my soul )  P.S. This picture has been taken in 2000 year. Near me, my friend Sveta. Now she married, and lives in the other city. We on a background of church in Surgut.  

Hi Kevin! I am very glad that I have chosen you from all the others who were at the site. I had no a lot of time to look all profiles on a site. I have chosen the first profile which has liked me. Probably my hand was directed with success. It was experiment. I have caught fortune for its tail. Smile!!! I work as a bookkeeper in Surgut in firm of household chemical goods. I'm a bookkeeper and I communicate with different people of different age.  I noticed that I better speak with the people who older than me. They are more polite, intelligent and suave, so it is possible to hear bad words from young people, they are louts and boors. I never have been married and I want to marry the men who is older than I. I am sure that men of this age are good husbands and fathers. I have no children but I would like to have many of them. I think that I would be a good mother. I have never seen my parents. I grew in the orphanage where there was lack of warm of parents. I know, how it is difficult to not have a close people. I am ready to give everything for my future husband and children. They won't be lonely, because I will encircle them with warm and love. Living in orphanage I understood the real values of the life: do kindness to people and it will come back to you doubled. There are a lot of problems in Russia. People became evil and closed. That's why I decided to find a friend abroad Russia. So I have told you my dreams. May be they will not come true but these are my dreams. And what about your dreams? I like my job; I spend much time in the gymnasium, doing aerobics and shaping. I often walk in the forest; I like to listen to classical music. All it distract me from everyday problems. So what do you do, when you have problems and when you are sad? I would like to see your own picture. I wait for your Kevin letter. GOOD LUCK!!! Yours friend Regina. P.S.In this picture, I on coast of river Ob '. 

Hi my heart and my soul Kevin! My working day has finished and I'm hurrying to write you a letter. It's so nice to get letters from you. This morning I didn't go to my job, because this morning I flew to my job. Today I came to my job beforehand. And I was first who came to the office. And I was happy all the day. My colleagues were surprised. They have asked me why I'm so happy. And I have simply answered, that I have good mood. When I read your letter, my heart sang. You my heart, you my soul, you my love and you my life. We can correspond years any letters cannot replace pleasure of a meeting face to face. In Russia speak: to understand cold water whether or not, it is necessary enter the river. It means that If not to check up feelings, never find out that it was. I need you; I want to be near you. I want to feel your breath. I want to embrace you. I want to kiss you. My lips will touch yours and your lips will touch mine. I don't know, what's happened with me. It didn't happen to me before. I do not want to waste time. Now I have time vacation and a little money. I have found the necessary documents and went to the company that deals with making the visas in our town. I asked how long time it will take to make the visa. I was answered that it will take about one week. May be 2 weeks if there will be some troubles. I have asked, whether there will be troubles with visa, because there were the terrible terrorist actions in USA. I was answered that they will ask information about me in the police. And if in the police they will be answered that I the law-abiding citizen, I shall get the visa. I have never outraged the law. And I have never done anything unlawful. So I must get the visa. To me advised to use tourist visa B1/B2. My visa will allow me to be in the USA 6 months. It will cost to me 335 USD. It is certainly expensive, but any money of will not replace you to me. Many thanks I love a flower. ( I Love Kevin ) ( With all my heart) ( And all my soul ) Our love will overcome any distances. Live for LOVE! When you Love, do it with all your might, all your Devotion  and for all eternity! I really think it's better to love and fail and not having fallen in love at all.  Since I started talking to you, I just can't stop thinking of you Kevin. 

Hi Kevin! I have got your letter. Thank you, that you have found time for the reply. First of all I want to apologize for non-answering sooner. Past time I have been really busy, also I do not have computer at home. But now I have some free time and we can talk. OK, let's go. My full name is Regina Podgornova. I have brown eyes and dark-brown hair. My height is 168 cm (probably it's about 5 feet and 6 inches). I was born on January 2 (Astrological sign is Capricorn) 1976 in village called Belyy Yar, Khanty-Mansi, Russia. Belyy Yar is located in 25 km from city called Surgut. I have lived here all my life and I never was outside Russia. But I like the USA because it is the great and beautiful state. I want to find out more about this country and about people who live there. Though I never visited the USA, but I much watched TV about this country. Americans are Great Nation. I was familiar with group of the American students, who have trained for one month in Russia, at the university where I studied. I liked American people. One American girl from this group has helped me to register a profile on a Dating Site. I was not able to do it myself, because I know a computer at the lowest level. Yesterday she has left for the Great Britain to continue her training. And I would like, to find new friend, but now I would like to find the boyfriend (smile). For this reason I began to study the English language strenuously. But I still know English not so superb. Nevertheless I study it constantly. Also I almost do not know American slang(sleng?). I'm dated through the Internet for the first time, therefore I apologize, if I have made something incorrectly. If you have any questions, you can ask me. I will try to answer them. I thank you beforehand. I wait with impatience for your reply. Sincerely,  Regina. P.S. I have attached my pic as I promised. 

Ruclanu Abbvacov (Volgograd, Russia)

I am a single white American, 30 years old, x-ray tech Contacted through FriendFinder, she responded to my ad No money sent, it seemed odd. E-mail from 1-24-03 after I returned her note on FriendFinder:


Hi my nice Mark. thank You for letter, - is vastly pleased. Hope that near by us with You all will well. I will arrive in America february 27 as mercenary worker. It will do on work in dry-cleaner's or deprives the supermarkets. This will be known when I will arrive in America. Its flight route and in what city I must shall arrive I shall write later.  Itself I work at infant hospitals, trained nurse. Also I show the voluntary member of Red cross, I like to help the people and do it good. Work to me like and I much like children, but delivery vastly small earnings, at month I get 25 dollars. This vastly little, and whole hope on be earned in America. Alive I with father, more near by us nobody No sisters no no brother, ma from us remain when I there was 4 year. This vastly sad, but I hope that whole in the future will well. Itself I very faithfull and dedicated person. Like in the whole probity and only probity. Do Not Do to like the fraud and treachery. MUCH LIKE to prepare the food. The A great deal knows the recipes a cue prepare the food. I have no children. But I much like the children. The Play of Pit in piano, like ski. Like the classicist a music, Bah, List, Vagner.  From fate I old-fashioned, like The Beatles. Like to read the books Lion Thick. My birth day on july 28. I 24 year. I from Russia. My growing 1 metre 63 centimetres. In America, which I must inhere 180 afterwards I must prolong its visa for 180 days else, for this I must hire the attorney, but I think that this will easy. The Hope on meeting with You. I vastly this wants. I must expect the answer with hope on majority to the best advantage. Always Your Ruclanu. 

--a few e-mails, starts to mention father's illness--


Hi nice Mark. Last night in building to die my father. I all time to weeping and bewildered. I can not itself to believe that my father more no on land. My father to base in morgue and burial in three days. I much terribly and I much am afraid to see my father a dead. Forgive me for my audacity. You could help and send 230 dollars. I search for and ask beside all their own colleague on work that I help. I nor when itself this did not allow, but my situation cross out Whole my pride. I came with funereal agency. And has heard what price that bury my father. Casket cost (stand)s 170 dollars. grave Cost (stand)s 95 dollars. The Catafalque cost (stand)s 58 dollars. I You do not write, how much me will cost other expenses. Me burial of my father will cost beside 390 dollars. I had their own money beside 74 dollars. But so much for little. Forgive me, but I more write You can not, beside me much powerfully pain heads and all time to weeping. If You dare me help, that send me on system western union. Russia city Volgograd a street Kirova 31 apartments 23. Abbvacov Ruclanu To regret I can not immediately, when will arrive , return You money. For this me will necessary time. I think that under first salary in America, I You all return. Once again forgive me, and please do not take offence on me. With thanks to You, Your Ruclanu.  

At this point I broke off contact


Ruclanu Abbvacov

last month I got a letter from Ruclanu.after several weeks of corresponding she sent me the flight info. as you can tell by her letters she had me fooled. she ask me on 2/6/03 she ask me to send her 230 dollars for her fathers funeral, I sent her $310.00 in good faith that she was truthful. then on 2/12/03 she ask me to send her $210.00. at that time I was unable to send it. on 2/21.03 she then ask me to send her $410.00 or her company would not be able to send her to America. all these times she ask me to send it western union. I went to the nearest western union and sent her $410.00 and when I went home I noticed I had misspelled her last name. I called western union and the operator told me of the scams that's been going on.  I went to the Internet and went surfing and found this site. I found some letters that was on it from a girl named Ruslanu and they said just about the same thing as my letters said to me. I started thinking my God how many times does a person's father die? luckily I saved each and every letter she had wrote me, even the first on she wrote me on I am a divorced white male, 36 years old, 3 kids by my last wife, and work as a trucker. Please put my story in your black list so others might be saved like I was. Thanks to black list I was saved $410.00 

1st letter

Hello unacquainted friend. I read Your message and You me much like. I want with You to write to each other. My name Ruclanu, live I city Volgograd, this small city. In february 27 numbers us send in America in Georgia. I hope that we with You are met. In the following letter I shall write You much all in detail,  With hope on meeting Your Ruclanu. The Photo I shall send as soon as I shall get Your answer. Write me on my emal address:  

2nd letter

Hi my nice Alton. thank You for letter, - is vastly pleased. Hope that near by us with You all will well. I will arrive in America february 27 as mercenary worker. It will do on work in dry-cleaner's or deprives the supermarkets. This will be known when I will arrive in America. Its flight route and in what city I must shall arrive I shall write later.  Itself I work at infant hospitals, trained nurse. Also I show the voluntary member of Red cross, I like to help the people and do it good. Work to me like and I much like children, but delivery vastly small earnings, at month I get 25 dollars. This vastly little, and whole hope on be earned in America. Alive I with father, more near by us nobody No sisters no no brother, ma from us remain when I there was 4 year. This vastly sad, but I hope that whole in the future will  well. Itself I very faithfull and dedicated person. Like in the whole probity and only probity. Do Not Do to like the fraud and treachery. MUCH LIKE to prepare the food. The A great deal knows the recipes a cue prepare the food. I have no children. But I much like the children. The Play of Pit in piano, like ski. Like the classicist a music, Bah, List, Vagner. From fate I old-fashioned, like The Beatles. Like to read the books Lion Thick. My birth day on july 28. I 24 year. I from Russia. My growing 1 metre 63 centimetres. In America, which I must inhere 180 afterwards I must prolong its visa for 180 days else, for this I must hire the attorney, but I think that this will easy. The Hope on meeting with You. I vastly this wants. I must expect the answer with hope on majority to the best advantage. Always Your Ruclanu.

3rd letter

Hi my nice Alton. Thank you for letter, much with Your sides prettily. I shall arrive in America one, in country which I nearly do not know. But I bold girl. I shall work in dry-cleaner's or in supermarket. This will is known when I shall be in America. I will owe itself find itself home, hope that this will not difficult. I in first once meal in such country as America and much worry that beside me all well be. But I much want to work beside You and look at Your life. Can I will find its happiness and love. I so on this hope and faith. But I much worry that beside me there nobody no and I shall absolutely be one, no friends and familiar. At The Beginning Initially me will difficult but I hope on most best.I go on courses of english, but speak else bad. But hope that when we with You are met, I shall speak well. I to like Your country, I like Your people. To us from with Your country arrive the physicians, this there were remarkable people. They us speak about its country, as there well. I met with young people to surrender in its country, except sex and narcotics to it nothing not is necessary. I well-mannered much by strictly its father, and for me this unacceptable. The Main, this relations. The Confidence to each other, dedicated person and faithfulness. Like each other, enjoy and present happiness, its husband. Can You are shown the strange, but I else virgin girl. Beside me no time not there was men. I all time about this think, but surrender this impossible. I want to meet the man, and conduct with him first night that we like to each other. Forgive me for frank. Can I hurry, having said You about their own feminine secrets. I want to between you and me always probity in all. But the main, this certainly, our meeting with You. I its wait and hope on most best. About arrival, exact time and aeroport and name I shall write later. With hope on  fast meeting, Your Ruclanu. r.s. If you want that I can send You its video tape, I think that this will better than simply photo. I shall arrive in city Atlanta. 

4th letter Subj: 

Hi my nice Alton. Thank you for letter. Is it Much pleased. Hope that we can become the greater friends. I much this want and hope that so this and will. I search for its happiness but nor as can not its find. Surrender in Russia much mans plenty of drink the wine and vodka and me this much dislike. Much narcotics and criminals. I want to find its love and will present him all that I have, return all that I have. I much want to like and be loved. I very well-mannered person and on good always answer good. Itself I much modest and calm, much like the children, like to do good and good. Live I only with its father more from relatives beside us nobody no. This much sad. The Father education me and taught me in this lifes very many. It taught me to like the people to pertain to him with love and respect. Never look rich it or no, main its internal world its soul. I really not important rich You or no, this absolutely not important, for me important YOUR internal WORLD, I think that this main for me. I think as for You be the main criterion in our with You relations - my internal world. I think that You agree with me. I think that on this foundation and be built the love a relations. Hope on Your answer, I shall wait Your letter with hope that beside us all will well. Respectfully yours to You Your Ruclanu. r.s. regrettably I have no telephone. its flight route and where I shall stop I shall write You later. 

5th letter

Hi my nice Alton. Thank you for letter, is much pleased and lucky. I write You letter with internet cafe, regrettably I have no building of computer. Regrettably I have no building of telephone. But I think that this not so important, main that I write You letter and want be met with You. Itself I very merry and witty person, like the funs and laughter. Much well step cantoes, and can sing on english. Hope that when we with You are met that I can sing for You, me will much pleasantly. In winter I ski, like to go in cinema and in library. I plenty of read and beside me very big outlook.  Write You, and present our meeting itself mentally with You. I am beginning to prepare the documents and soon I anymore shall go on work. I give assistant that I its taught, and prepare to work. When I shall be discharged with work that it knew that do without me. Beside us in hospital much not good situation. My colleague on work, trained nurse smoke and drink the wine, our doctor concern with the sex to surrender in hospital with their own trained nurses. This much bad and terribly, I this simply contempt and can not understand, as possible do such on work. The Doctor beside us plenty of drink vodka on work and much often be drunk. This wildly and not understandable. I all time spoke it that this much bad, but they gave me answer that go in its America and account there american doctors of morality. I has tired to fight with them and hope quicker to leave Russia. Hope on best and hope that I will have there all well. Hope that can see You and speak only of good and pleasing things.  Think that our with You meeting will be gentile and touching.I hope that I You shall like. I think that we find general language. I in this faith and hope that You too so think. Before fast appointment my nice, Always Your Ruclanu. 

6th letter

Hi my nice Alton. As I am pleased and lucky to get Your letters. On work plenty , do not have time to peacefully to sit and write You letter. Beside me else no time not there was such men as You. I so pleasantly, and so well from Your letters, from Your words. Such feeling that we introduce;make familiar with one hundred years. I like me, more and more. I is simply surprised that such man as You, do not notice the american women (woman)s. You open and mellow person. The Whole Your internal world shows, whole depth of Your kindness. I all time think about You. For me ,with each daytime, become all clear my purpose. This meeting with You, want with You to speak and speak, You very interesting collocutor. For me to write You letters, so pleasantly and so with joy that beside me always good mood. Beside I can be such sensation of joy only then when I play on piano. I much like classical music and much often play. My father likes when I play him on evenings. It too big admirer musics and with pleasure listens any music although will be fate or jazz, it perceive all positively. It me all time asks that I play him jazz, particularly Amstrong, it its much likes and respects as musician. Yes I want You to say that I for You have prepared the gift, I its has done their own own hands. I think that it You will like. But this surprise and I You until shall speak what it is. I like to do the good surprises. I grow without ma and I understand that signifies not to have the ma. But my father to me to seem the most best pope (pa) on all globe. And I its much powerfully like. I want to like so its husband as I like its father and be him before the end of their own days dedicated always and loved. Hope that meeting our with You will be good and light. I wait it with such hope and faith in most best. Before fast meeting. Always Your dedicated Ruclanu. r.s. thank you for photo, much beautifully. 

7th letter 

Hi my nice Alton. Greater thank you You for letter. MUCH And is MUCH PLEASED. My father much disease and lie in hospital. I much worry and worry for my father. All be my thoughts about its health only. Forgive me that can not much write. Hope that You understand me. Please write me although two word, I shall know that You remember me. Always Your Ruclanu.

8th letter

Hi my nice Alton. thank You for letter. I am a great deal pleasantly gets the letters from You. thank You For troubling you my father. I You very grateful. My father became better and it feels good. Once again thank you You. My father wants You good luck everywhere and in all. It thanks You and sends You their own embrace. I pleasantly understand that sometime far off for by sea, lives the remarkable person, which expects me. I vastly pleasantly, and I want to speak You, its good friend,You I much like. I feel that I pull You. And I expect its meeting, as fate. Soon for me to begin the new life and me much interesting as all this will occur. I much lucky in the most begin its inhere in America I meeting the remarkable person as You, this much important for me. I think that good attitude begins in friendship. With confidence, time and attitude, friendship grows in love. Then, when there is love, must then be an obligation. The Man for women (woman) only... and woman for person only... no others. Together, their 2 lifes become 1 life passing single way. And they support of constant each other. They are dared together, they cry together. They spread the joy a children together. They help each other with home problems. They are interested each other when ill. They are prayed together God! They surprise each other with small grants (the gift) to show the love. They each other helps realizes the hopes and dreams of lifes. Love is built on happiness. Respect, open communications, support, and love are a necessity for a strong relationship. Money, and all the other tangible items are not important. Two people need to be soulfully connected and understand each other. I search for this, a connected soul. I so think and hope that You with me agree. This formula of family for my consciousness. Beside us with You all will much and much well. Happiness You and whole Its Family. Before fast appointment my nice, before fast meeting. Always Your dedicated You Ruclanu. 

9th letter

Hi my nice Alton. Yesterday in organizations I have reported the flight route. Such feeling that I once again was born. Moscow (SVO) - Frankfurt (FRA) 0700 - 27 february 2003 - Lufthansa 3221 M  Frankfurt (FRA) - Atlanta GA (ATL) - 1450 - 27 february 2003 Lufthansa 0444 M  Hope that You understood me well, my nice. I so wait first meeting and first kiss. Hope that it will the most debt and hot. Always Your dedicated Ruclanu. Hope that You meet me in aeroport, I much this want. R.S. Forgive me that so little write, but my father once again much disease and its lie in hospital and I much outlive for it. Shall write much and all in the following letter. 

10th letter 

Hi nice Alton. Last night in building to die my father. I all time to weeping and bewildered. I can not itself to believe that my father more no on land. My father to base in morgue and burial in three days. I much terribly and I much am afraid to see my father a dead. Forgive me for my audacity. You could help and send 230 dollars. I search for and ask beside all their own colleague on work that I help. I nor when itself this did not allow, but my situation cross out Whole my pride.  I came with funereal agency. And has heard what price that bury my father. Casket cost (stand)s 170 dollars. grave Cost (stand)s 95 dollars. The Catafalque cost (stand)s 58 dollars. I You do not write, how much me will cost other expenses. Me burial of my father will cost beside 390 dollars. I had their own money beside 74 dollars.  But so much for little. Forgive me, but I more write You can not, beside me much powerfully pain heads and all time to weeping. If You dare me help, that send me on system western union. Russia. city Volgograd a street Kirova 31 apartments 23. Abbvacov Ruclanu To regret I can not immediately, when will arrive , return You money. For this me will necessary time. I think that under first salary in America, I You all return. Once again forgive me, and please do not take offence on me.With thanks to You, Your Ruclanu. 

11th letter

Hi my nice Alton. Thank you you for help and support, I shall remember this always in its heart. Forgive me, but write me much gravely, I all time a weeping. Hope that You understand me. Your and only Your Ruclanu. 

12th letter

Hi my nice Alton.Thank you You for all, You most remarkable person on land. I so distressed that my father You did not have time to to see. Thank you You that In I understand, I simply can not write much, I have no power. I am plenty of weeping and I much and much unnerved. Thank you You for help, I You so grateful. Forgive me, I much has tired, I nearly did not rescue all nights. Always Your Ruclanu. 

13th letter

Hi my nice Alton. I write You much little, I have no time. The Burial of my father in two days. I went in Bank, but money did not get. You should send me code from ten (10) number. Once again forgive me. You always in my heart Your Ruclanu. 

14th letter

Hi my nice Alton. I am money has got, thank you and once again thank you. You now beside I remain in my lifes one. More beside me nobody no, except You. You are my fate. The Burial tomorrow, I shall write after bury. Your for ever Ruclanu.

15th letter

Hi my nice Alton. I has buried its father and me much gravely I all time a weeping. I can not believe that my father more no near by me. I much sad.Yesterday I went on grave of its father and much weeping. I much outlive the death of its father. Before arrival in america remain much little time and me necessary, plenty of do the deals. I want to sell its apartment and begin to collect the documents. Hope that all will well. Before fast meeting my nice, Your and only Your Ruclanu. R.S. You wrote in russian much well. I shall be in America february 27.

16th letter

Hi my nice Alton. Thank you You for such warm and sincere letter. You are remarkable person and for me will be big will honor to see You. You are person with open shower and good heart. I am pleased that beside me in lifes to appear the person, which I can denote whole its life. I pleasantly to write You and I feel through Your letters, with what noble person I push the fate. That nor there was between you and me I always before the end of their own days shall You reliable other, but if we like each other, that verne and dedicateded wife, I You never betray, in no case. I much sad that my father did not see You, but my father was aware of You and knew that You remarkable person. I want to like, I much want to like the person, and give him all its heat and tenderness. I well-mannered and fine person, and know that signifies to be near by loved person. Today and I shall concern with cleaning the building. I still much and much bad and I by a narrow margin write You letter. You are single person with which I dialect all that think. I You completely entrust. You my dedicated person and I admire before You. Tomorrow to I will homeward add the neighbours, I shall regale their vodka, we shall recall my father, this beside us in Russia such tradition. Before fast meeting my nice, with love to You Your Ruclanu. r.s. money for arrival in Atlanta no need, I already paid the money to company which I send in America. My father when else there was alive, has sold its library, the most valuable of their own book to pay my trip in America. This trip a memory about my father, it so much has done for me in its lifes. Beside me to You one request if You may send me 210 dollars. I want to sell its apartment, where I vein with will wreathe the father. To prepare all documents, need the money, but I spent all their own money on burial. If this possible. I shall You grateful. 

17th letter

Hi my nice Alton. Thank you You for letter. I much high price You and the price Your attitude to me. You very good person, and I think that beside us with You all will well. The Life last and I get busy their own deals. I begin to collect the documents for sale of its apartment. I want to sell for 17000 thousands of dollars. Hope that I have time to this do, before leave in America. The Buildings became much coldly and terribly, I all time think about its father and outlive. I want quicker to leave in America and forget this terrible grief. Tomorrow I shall go on grave of its father and talk with him. Forgive me that I write You such boring letters, but me really much bad. And I hope that You understand me. Before fast meeting my nice, before fast appointment Always Your Ruclanu. R.S. Thank you You for help as soon as, I shall sell its apartment, I shall all You return, all Your money. With daytime Valentina my nice, I feel most gentile feelings to You. You are ideal a men. Remain always such. Regrettably I could not get photo. 

18th letter

Hi my nice nice Alton. Thank you for letter, I am pleased and lucky. I am last days much occupied, I prepare documents on apartment, and I to wonder as much surrender bureaucracy. Each reference I must obtain and spend plenty of time. Time goes quickly and soon we are met, me this much pleases and add power and confidence.I all time think about You and beside me on person to appear the smile. After death and burial of father, only thoughts about You present me good mood. Thank you You that You appear on my life of way. Thank you sky that fate to me so favorable. Before fast meeting my nice, With love to You Always Your and only Your Ruclanu. r.s. thank you for photo, much beautifully.

19th letter

Hi my nice Alton. Remain so little time before our meeting, I consider each days, and prepare in the first place emotional to new lifes. For me this will be heavy exam in lifes, but I think that I all bear with value, I shall always know that You near by me and never and nobody does not give me to offend. I You completely faith and entrust. This morning I went in park. I long sat and thought about its father, about You, about its future. My future is connected with Your refer to as, and I shall so lucky and is pleased, talk with You, go, hear new line in Your nature. This so splendid. Beside me heart pain only about recollection about my father. But my heart and knocks quicker about recollection about You. Soon I see You and I think that this will be most lucky minute in my lifes. Before fast meeting my nice, before fast appointment my native. Always Your and only Your Ruclanu. r.s. thank you You for photo, You very beautiful and I hope that beside us all will well. Thank you You for Your care.

20th letter

Hi my nice nice Alton. Thank you You for all. I so lucky. I to seem that days an organized together with You will be most lucky days my lifes. I all time introduce our with You meeting in America, I much excited and is pleased as child. You have forced me to dream of get prettier. You have presented me hope on happiness. This so much. Thank you You. In future I review with hope and faith. You remarkable and sparkling a person. As there was well on land if all there were such as You. Before fast meeting my nice, remain much little before meeting, before our love. The Thousand of kisses. With love and to You Your dedicated Ruclanu. 

21st letter

Hi my nice Alton.  I just want you to know wherever I not I will always continue to be there for you. I also want you to know that in my heart things will be great, and we will be great together. Happiness is a wonderful thing, and I will always do everything in my power to put a beautiful smile on your face. I will be so happy when, I can see you face to face, with a big smile, and a warm hug. If it is okay with you, I would love to see you at the airport, and go from there. Okay I have said enough, I could go on and on.. You have a wonderful day, and remember you are in my heart and on my mind. Take Care, Your and only Your Ruclanu. 

22nd letter

Hi nice nice Alton. Nice I such is pleased that You feel same way, which I do that all I want, for us to be lucky together. I know that I am able to do You lucky and I know for sure with you will definitley to do I lucky. Yes soon we can really peer into each other eye and keep each other and know that waiting made sense its. Any time I get the letter from, which You this even better then last. Nice I should like to know, - there something special that You should like to do when we together for the first time. I simply want that You lucky. You must not worry about liked , I love You with all my heart if You give me chance. I hope that when You get this letter, which you have the big smile. Kiss with Tender Embrace, Always Your Ruclanu. r.s. The Big regard and embrace Your ma and father. 

23rd letter

Hi my nice nice Alton. I prepare all their own belongings, most beautiful gown. Forgive me for my not modesty, but I very beautiful girl. And my heart will dedicated and verne to its husband. I want that all that I have good belong to You and only You. I hope that You meet me in aeroport. I prepare You so much warm and gentile words. As will splendid go on lifes two. You please do not think that this only word, no, You wake to see and feel on itself whole my faithfulness and the whole my kindness to You and Your family. I like to do good. I so well-mannered, I such was born. FORGIVE ME BUT I CAN NOT In LETTER to SAY YOU THAT I LIKE YOU. I will SAY YOU THESE WORD IN THE MORNING, WHEN WE SHALL TOGETHER AWAKE. I wait our meeting, and remain much little to pronounce these word, look You in eye. Your for ever Ruclanu. Happiness to You and the whole Your family.

24th letter

Hi my nice Alton. Thank you for letter. Today surrender in Volgograd very good weather, everywhere sun and much heat.Tomorrow I shall arrive in city Moscow plane. I completely was going to in America, prepare all their own belongings and is ready morally to abandon its country. Tomorrow morning I must arrive in Moscow, remain one day to live in this city, but I nor for minute not to feel sorry that abandon this city, I want the new life, new happiness. If I arrive in this city, only on grave to its father to be with him. Regrettably I could not sell its apartment, the money 210 dollars, me to send no need. I not to have time to. I shall write warrant through notary its girlfriend, Natali that it sell my apartment and all money has sent in America, but this will be in medium of march. Time approach me to big change in my lifes and I duma that all that we do not do, do to best. Before fast meeting my nice, before fast appointment, my native. Always Your and only Your Ruclanu. R.S. Shall write with Moscow.  

25th letter

Hi my nice Alton. Today in 7:00 mornings arrive in Moscow, in aeroport Domadedova. In aeroport I met the representative of my company. I have made in hotel Alfa. I much has tired and has rescued in its number before 9 hours. Afterwards I went on company and there I spoke the strange belongings. Regrettably I must it to )pay the extra else 700 dollars, since beside company appear the financial difficulties with dispatch in America. And I must pay this amount before february 24. I am weeping and spoke that beside me moderate;temper my father and that money no, but they did not want me to listen, and speak that this my problems. If I shall not pay that they do not send me in America. This simply mockery, I so spoil. Beside me their own money 190 dollars, I immediately has sold in jewelry shop their own earrings for 100 dollars. I else necessary 410 dollars. I simply can not recover from shock. Forgive me my nice if you may me help and send me these 410 dollars, that I You very grateful. My apartment will sell in medium of march only, and I can return Your money at march only. Forgive me once again for my effrontery, ask the money beside You. Hope that You not insult on me. Simply You beside me one to who I can address with such request. I itself much outlive for mated and hope that all will well. Once again forgive me. Before fast meeting and respectfully yours to You Your dedicated Ruclanu. If You solve to send me money through western union that Here is my address: Moscow. 105613. hotel Alfa. Izmailovskoye Shosse, 71. telephone (095)-166-01-45. Abbvacov Ruclanu.  

After I found out what was going on I sent her/him this letter.

My dearest Ruclanu, today I went to western union and sent 410 dollars to you. I regret to tell you that I did not spell your name right, so I called western union and a woman there ask me if I had met you on the Internet. I told her yes and she told me of a scam that was going on in Russia. I did not think you would do such thing. I trusted you. but then I started surfing the net and found something I would like for you to see. Now I send you link to what I have found. Dating scams on the Internet  click this link look at the letters down near the bottom. the picture is different but the words in the letters are the same as what you send to me. I wait for your answer before I send you the code for money. If no answer, then no code. Alton  

Alena Fedorovskaya (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Hello everyone, Well, here she is again! Apparently still alive and well and continues to work her scams.  Most recently now (with one of her original photos) back again on and she is using the screen name of "shimm37" from Ekaterinburg, Russia.  As I have mentioned in other letters which I have written to the antiscam sites I find it noteworthy to mention it again. She and her ring of scammers are currently being investigated by the police. If any of you out there have been scammed by her (she has many aliases) please contact me ASAP. I will help you to file a claim with the police in Ekaterinburg. ( I have recently returned from a trip over there) The police desperately need our help. They can NOT prosecute successfully without real claims. My email address is Good luck to you all! Paul K.

Svetlana Vedernikova (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

She contacted me thru yahoo personals. The letters began on1/25/2003 until 3/15/2003. After a few get to know me letters she stated an interest of coming to the US and the possibility of us getting together. There were 26 letters in all plus 10 photos. The story ended when she stated she came up $213 short for airfare so I sent her $300.00. After that ,she stated she needed $250.00 more for travel insurance. When I questioned that, she did not respond and has since closed her email account. sincerely, Raymond 

Svetlana Vedernikova (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

I recently ordered your document on how to avoid scams...Fantastic!!!!!!! Could you help me please.. I posted an ad on Yahoo personals and a Russian woman just answered my ad out of the blue.  We corresponded for about two months.  She told me how much she loved me and wanted to be with me.  She asked me for $187 for her Labor Visa.  Regretfully I gave it to her because I really thought in my heart she loved me.  I was very brokenhearted.  She just simply stopped emailing me. I think it's justified that I give her name and address: 

Beware of this one……….
Svetlana Vedernikova                <----SCAMMER
7-16 Pushkin Str.,
Chelyabinsk, 454091, Russia
I just thought other men should even know about certain women.
Thanks, Aaron

Vera Tokareva (Perm, Russia)

Sorry I deleted the last letter which asked for money ($300.00) for a visa. she wanted it sent to her bank in Perm by western union to her name 'Vera Tokareva'.  She contacted me first and how she got my name I do not know. she was in love with me by the 3rd letter and wanted to come to the US by the 4th.  

World of Love Agency, Anna Perova

I am attaching letters and photos,,with address and name information of a recent scam. The nature of the scam is a little different. I am aware of scams and have received a number of them from individuals..but this was kind of a team effort. The letter comes from a girl named Olga…she sends five or six photo's to start. The Intro-letter is very innocent and sweet. She states she is interested in only a nice husband to love and not interested in money. After a few letters and more than a dozen photo's that will knock your eyes out…she is nothing but a perfect beautiful woman. She is in love and sends some very provocative letters, photo's and poetry. In the mean time the "Marriage Agency" she is supposedly with let's you know they are able and willing to provide you with services that will get your beautiful girl at your side quickly. They will take care of all the paper work for Visa, Pass Port, Air Fair and all you need to do is pay the fee and costs…$1,300…sounds good…unless you already realize that no Marriage Agency would be able to do what they claim. No one can get a passport, Visa,,in three days…and no one can get a single, attractive Russian woman a Visa to the US…they don't do it. So I knew this was a Scam but I let it play out….and sure enough "Olga" let me know she could come to me if I would send the money…….in all the letters…she never answered pertinent questions…like Where in Russia did she live…..What was her last name? and nothing about her family. So, I finally receive a strange letter about how Olga is raking leaves and is hot..and the color of the leaves are so bright and, orange etc..etc….I quess the scammers pulled the wrong letter from the wrong pile and sent it….It is Winter in Russia and I get a love letter about my sweetie is raking leaves in the Fall…Opps…So I informed the Agency that the game was up. Then I receive a lame letter stating that poor Olga owed $90. and if I wished to continue writing to her I would need to pay the bill. How nuts can people get? Anyway I have a feeling these people or person has scammed a lot of innocent men….and they need to be blacklisted and hopefully busted and jailed…I did not send any money because the red flags went off and even though I felt it would be worth any amount to meet and have a romance with this beautiful woman…I knew it was bullshit….she sends over twenty photo's and the last is the killer …her in a bathroom on the counter with her legs spread…her fingers touching herself with a very seductive look….." here I am just for you"…thanks Ray


Hello Dear Ray !!! Thank you very much for your letter, you are first man who seriously enterested with me. I was very glad to get your letter in our marriage agency. I am admired with you !!! Where are you from and what is your full name ? Let me write you my biography. I was born in Russia. I have finished school 11 classes, then has arrived in university, I have got the diploma. But my trade became unnecessary, I could not find long time work. I did not require money, but it was interesting to me to work, to communicate with the people and to be typed of vital experience. I have found work in one half-year, I worked the waitress in the Korean restaurant, it was interesting, but heavy work... I received good money in comparison with general earnings in our country in that time. But I have understood, that when will pass youth, I can not work in such place and I have decided(solved) to continue my education. As in that time the training in our country became paid, it was difficult. But I do not see my life here, as I search for the husband, I shall follow him, where he will wish. Dear Ray, i intend to meet serious man for relation.It don't mean for me nation or age. Just a little love, and happy future of my children. I intend that you has serious intentions... Sorry for my bad english. Take my pic. Waiting your answer, Olga. P.S. DEAR DON'T SEND ME LARGE IMAGES PLEASE,HERE ARE MANY PROBLEMS WITH GETTING IMAGES MORE THAN 50Kb WITH OUR SLOW INTERNET !!! 

My dear angel Ray, how are you today ? i did clean up the fallen leaves  yesterday and today too, and tired again, the sun here is very angry, it  make so many fireings here. And it make leaves yellow in our garden, but apples are so sweet, but you much more sweety my sweety, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  ! I love you and only you, you are my sun, you made fireing in my heart :-),  and nobody will be able to stop this fireing !!! Just bring me to you asap  !!! When will it happen ??????  All my truest love, your Olga. 

Hello my dear and sweet Ray, how are you today ???  Today its good day and the sun is shining bright outside.  Especially on such a day, I wish would wake up together with my husband and lover. I imagine that I whisper? Good  morning! In my sweet darling ears. My sweet -heart reach out for my hand and move very close to my body. I can still feel the scent from our passionate night. I put my arms around his body. Hi presses his sensual lips against mine and whisper that heloves me. I tell him that I love him too and that he is the most fantastic and beautiful man in this world. Later I will make healthy brekfast and tea for two. I bring the tray from the kitchen into our sleeping room with juice, tea, jam, etc., He smiles to me and tell me that I am the most wonderful woman in this world. I feel so happy inside, as I (just as he) like to be reminded again and again that I am his best girlfriends, loyal wife and most sexy and hot lover in bed. We always put much attention to each others well - being. After breakfast, hi gives me so much joy and good feeligns. Our love is so romantic and beautiful, the only thing I can not live without. We really understand how to please each other and make the other person very happy. All the time, we are extremely close together, after a while our bodies become like one. Your soft hands always in mine, your sensual lips belong to me only, your eyes will be the mirror of our eternal love. I am an incurable romantic. Actually love is the only thing that matter in life. I know about love and erotic. I am sad when you are sad, I can not smile without you, I am only happy  when you are happy. I have only one wich. That you, my sweet darling will be the man in my dream. I can't wait when we will be together !!! When it will happen ???????? Lots of love, Olga.  p.s. A lyric from a nice song: 

You said some winds blow forever 
And I didn't understand 
But you saw my eyes were asking 
And smiling you took my hands 

So we walked along the seaside 
Where trees grow just one way 
Finding out the one direction 
That the wind blows day after day 

One way wind, one way wind 
Are you trying to blow my mind 
One way wind, one way wind 
Is she her that I hope to find 
Why you blow the colds everyday 
Tell me what are you trying to say 

No I don't know all about you 
And maybe I never will 
But I do know every word of 
Our talking upon the hill 
And whenever I will see you 
For maybe one more time 
I'm sure I'll get the answer that the wind has still in mind 

Hello Dear Ray, I was very glad to get the letter. Thank you much for your enteresting letter ! I shall hurry to answer thy letter. I want to write to you the detailed definition of my nature and mine throttle. Ray, i am not looking for rich man there with you, i only want kind and loving man with me to create a happy family !!! Here is not mans for marriage because most of them drink much alcohol and making drugs !!! And now i found you there, you are so kind and heart-loving man !!! Man of my dreams !!! I like romantic intentions, a considerable lobe of my kindness I donate to the people. Mine throttle can embody pictures of the nature and all that seizes me in travel. I can discuss with you in friendly spirit different subjects. I can discuss with you issues of our time and native born problems of human life. I want to find in you the adherent, friend and husband. By the kindness and tenderness I can make your life fine. My numerous and miscellaneous concerns can easily surprise you. I do not like enthusiastic phrases, I do not like flattery, false people. I abhor egoism. The people using an another's transactions invoke in me hurricane of indignation. I want, that all people on ground lived happily. In miscellaneous time of my life I met the good and poor people. And I always appreciated ympatheticand kind, off-the shelf to go on a victim for the friend. This value is very difficult for saving up, it is even more difficult to search for it on a zoetic path. I receive a sheer pleasure in dialogue with the friends and interesting, fascinating people. However, I like to sit at home, I like a domestic cosiness, I like calmness. At this time I listen to music, quiet and quiet music, which one brings in mine I throttle a delightful reconciliation. I am resulted in delight by Russian romances. I like Russian romances in processing List, I like Chaykovsky. I hope, that our fine dialogue will be proceeded. I with steep respect am referred to you and I want to learn about you more and more. I hope, that you the very sincere man. I wait for your answer with  huge impatience !!!  Olga. 

Dear sir,  your girl Olga need to pay 90$ for 3 monthesof unlimit internet service,  dear sir, if you are not interested you can stop writing letters and hurt  your girl... we not compel you to pay for her ! you can make your own choice  ! Thank you, secretary Anna Perova. 

Yulia Soboleva (Omsk, Russia)

I am a 58 year old white American, retired military. Yulya contacted me on 02/03/03. Her third letter requested money for a tourist visa. I informed her that the only way to come to the states was a K-1 visa. She accepted that and thanked me for the information. She informed me of the importance of Valentines Day. Yep! I did it 50 bucks. Than Womans day another 50. She had trouble picking up the money because her passport was not up to date. She got it updated in 5 days. She sent this address Russia Omsk city Suvorov street 156-28 Soboleva Yulya. She claimed to be a Captain of Police. I am attaching her photos and here is her new e-mail address along with her last and first letters. I recieved your notice that her old e-mail was closed. Thanks for the warning. Larry 


Hello my distant friend.My name is Yulya Soboleva.Or Julia in english variant. I live in Russia.I have mother,father and brother.I have never been married. I found your e-mail on "1st international".I'm interested in you.I'm looking forward for serious relations. I'm rather beautiful girl.I look very good.If you're interested in me,I'll send you my photos. I have dark short hair,shape figure,beautiful features of face. My e-mail is: I'm really interested in you and wait or your answer with impatience. Yulya Soboleva ----------------------------------- This message has been sent to you from 1st International Marriage Network "Men's Profiles" service. You can find us at  If you have any problems with this message please email us at  

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