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I know that many scams are out there and everyone needs to be very careful! Just never send money. But.........I met and married a beautiful Russian lady that is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I went to Vladivostok last October after emailing and talking on the telephone for several months.  She came here on 12/23/01 and we were married on 2/27/02. She is  intelligent, hard working, sexy, gorgeous and we are very happy together. 


Black List - page 116: UPDATES
August 08, 2002 - page 1

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Agency PEARL and Michael Macheret (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Dear Sir,  I was scammed from " agency PEARL " apparently from Novosibirsk second this sistem. 1st letter, from 2 different girls :Julia S.

Hello Marcello I got your letter, thank you very much. For me it was a big surprise. You're very interesting young man. I'd like to know more about you, may be you also want to know more about me. You may ask me any question concerning my life. I'll answer them honestly. Now we have time to know each other better. I'm "lively" girl, loving all natural, I love nature. I appreciate honesty, seriously, decency in people, because I'm of this kind. As I feel myself as kind-hearted man. I like joking, smiling, I have a good sense of humor. I understand, there is not any ideal man and may be I have some defects. may be you'll like my defects. Now I'm fond of sports, learning English. What are you fond of? What do you like? I want to know all of you. I like meeting my friends, some of them live abroad (USA, Germany). I communicate with all them. Tell about your family, friends, people around you. Now I depend on my own. I have my own flat. It is not big, but light and cozy. I like order don't like dust. I think I have told something about myself. It's interesting to tell about myself but I left something for future to say later. I'm waiting for your answer. Julia  

Best regards, Julia 

2nd girl, Julia G.

Hi,Marcello! Thank you for letter. I read your letter with enjoy. I want to say a little about myself. I was born and live in a south-west of Siberia in the city Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk is a large important center of Siberia. Our city is young. In 2001 it turned 108 y.o. Winter here is cold. The temperature Drooped at - 20 degrees Celsius. However summer here is hot. The temperature happens to be 35 degrees Celsius above zero. I live with my parents and young sister. I study at the University on last course. It's my second education. I am studding Drawing and Painting. I combine my study with work. I'm a designer. I like my job very much. Thanks to it I have many happy minutes because I have found my satisfaction in it. But for my complete happiness in life I miss meeting with my second half. I want to meet a man who could become a faithful, reliable partner. I want the beautiful, romantic relationship based on love, confidence, sincerity, mutual understanding. I want to love and be loved. I want to give all my endearment caress to the only man in the world. I want to have firm friendly family and children by loved man. I consider it is possible meet a man with whom I'll be happy. For this we should treat each therewith great love, trust and understandings. Share with each other all the secrets and support in difficult minutes. I hope your frame of mind is like mine. In reality I am a sociable girl. I reach after something new and interesting all the time. I like to spend my free time in the circle of my friends. They are various I often go to the cinema stereo-halls. I happen to be there with my friends and work-colleges. I am very fond of sports activity. I go in for acerbic dancing and go to the sports ground. I do skateboard in summer. I like books. I read the classic and entertaining literature. I draw. I like to have video-seeing at home. On days-off I prefer to go out - visiting the cinema, theatre, night clubs. But sometimes I like to be at home to read a book, to listen to music, to watch TV. That's a short story about me for the present. I'll be glad to tell you about myself much more in the next letter. I will answer all your questions as well. So long Julia 

best regards, Julia

After this first contact arrived me other two letters ( the letters are always send together and about 2 - 3 in the night ) 

Hi,Marcello! I liked your letter and I'd like to correspond with you. You may think which I liked in you? That's my answer. Firstly, you are young and tall as I myself is not short and it's important for me that the man should be taller than me. Though it's more important for me to know the inward world of a person. I have many interests. My main hobby is to grow plants. I have 32indoor plants! About my smoking I don't smoke. As to the hard drinking I prefer beer and a good wine. And which drinks do you like? By the way as for  cuisine I like it very much when a man cooks. Though I like cookingmyself too and my preferable food is vegetarian. However recently I  have no time to cook. I have to have meals at the pizza-cafe or at the canteen because I work as an accountant and now I am working at my accounting report to give it the taxation inspection at the end of July. There is no time to have a rest at all as I am engaged in accounting at the seven firms to have a comfortable life is necessary to work a lot though it's impossible to tell that it's good to live in Russia. This country has everything but there no a real master for it. And do you know anything about Russia? about its people? By the way I live in Novosibirsk. There is one name more for it. That's "The capital of Siberia" as it stands on the river Ob. From it to the East there is the very Siberia stretching and all the tracks of trade and lines of industry run through that city. I entered Novosibirsk's Institute of Economy and I graduated from it. I was established at work here . There are many rest-places here. Those are beaches cafe, parks, restaurants bars. I like it very much to go to the restaurants but my financial position doesn't afford to do it too frequently. I also visit theatres, museums, cinemas. And generally I prefer to spend my spare time with my friends. We get together on weekends to go the country for making the barbecue, walking along the beach. We can go together to the disco too. Generally I am very fond of music, dancing, singing. There is a night beach "Niocom" here where we can bathe or dance at summer night. I like to be at nature very much. Also I like travelling. I am in luck as sometimes I have opportunities at work to be on business trips. I have already been to Minusinsk, Altai. In Altai the nature is very beautiful. I can say about myself in addition I'm serious modest at the same time I'm merry cheerful tender and adventurous. I like to give surprises and get them too. I don't like the monotonous life and I'd like to find the man of my dream being close to my interests and views on life. Wherever he lives the important thing is that I should feel easy and comfortable being next to him. I wish we would have the true love, children and a friendly family. Marcello, can ask you to pay our correspondence? I have placed my at in the Internet through Marriage Agency  (number 027, Photo Gallery 4) and the e-mail address what you use writing to me is an address of their computer. I paid for placing my ad in the Internet and I also pay for the correspondence with you. And presently it's expensive for me. International Marriage Agency "Pearl"  In our country not everyone can afford to have a computer at all. That's why the girls address Marriage Agencies where there is a computer and a translator's service. We place their pictures and profiles in the Internet and provide them with translating. The services provided by us to be paid for are: 1) Translation, to ensure that the meaning of your words, as well as our  clients words are accurate in expressing your meaning, as well as hers.  2) To provide access to a computer, that some of our clients do not have.  3) To assist some of our clients in the use of computer technology.  4) To help us recover the expenses of our efforts in assisting our clients  reach as many perspective life partners as possible.  As Julia can read you letters by herself then the translation and sending her letter out to you cost $9. The payment for 5 letters (5 letters from you and 5 answering letters from her to you) cost $40 (forty dollars USA) . The payment for 10 letters (10 letters from you to her and 10 answering letters from her to you) cost $70 (seventy dollars USA).  And if you prefer to use the regular mail, you can get an address and a telephone number of girl cost $10 (ten dollars USA). We know about some cheat occurring on the Internet. But we are reputed as honest workers and it's unpleasant for us to listen to reproaches like these.  There are some ways of transfer of money to us. 1. You can transfer the money to our bank account:  SAVINGS BANK OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION MOSCOW, RUSSIA SWIFT: SABRRUMMNH1 NOVOSIBIRSK OFFICE BRACH 6695/0243 BO A/C 42301840444087400482/01 SURNAME: MACHERET NAME: MIHAIL  and you should inform as about it in your e-mail to as:  2. Or you can transfer the money by Western Union office to the part of Mihail Macheret, Novosibirsk, Russia. Would you be kind to tell us the control number of the transfer, your full name without reductions, city where you live after your sending it?  3. You can use your credit card for transferring the money to us through web site Western Union to the part of Mihail Macheret, Novosibirsk, Russia. Would you be kind to tell us the control number of the transfer,your full name without reductions, city  where you live after your sending it?  4. You can send the bank check by usual mail (registered letter) to part Mihail Macheret on the address:  Mihail Macheret, a/ya 167, Novosibirsk 630073, Russia. In this case your transfer should be increased by $5. It is the bank taxes at reception of money by the check. We can receive your check in two weeks after his sending by you.  If you wish to send the large sum of money for girl or to present flowers to her, other any gift we shall do it on your behalf.  All our service of the Agency is presented at the net address: Tatiana Perlashkevich Mihail Macheret International Marriage Agency "Pearl" Will you write back me soon! Waiting Julia

best regards, Julia

I send the money but after women disappear :((( If I must contact other places and site please write me about I will be very happy to block this scam organization !!!  best regards Marcello

Galina (Moscow, Russia)

I am a white male from the USA and would like to report to you about a scammer named Galina from Moscow. Her e-mail address is and she is listed at as "galinchik" and is 23 years old. She wrote to me only three times and asked for money in her second letter. I did not hear back from her and was unable to get anymore information on her but she is an obvious scammer and should have her photos placed on the wall of shame ( Please see her letters below ). Sincerely, S. H. (Scam Hunter)

1st Letter:

Hi! I am very glad, that you have written to me and my questionnaire has not remained without attention. It is very pleasant, that you have rendered me attention by the letter. I shall be brief and I hope, that I shall interest you. I live in city Moscow, Russia. I the student and future journalist. At me a christmas vacation in my university soon will begin and I would like, that it was the veryunforgettable vacation in my life. I the very interesting and cheerful man, my close friends speak, that I beautiful. I natural brunette, at me a long direct hair and light-blue eyes. I perfectly prepare, there can be a good friend and interlocutor. Unique(sole) my lack (I consider(count)) - not absolutely good knowledge the English language, but I to study it(him) and now, when I write you this letter, only occasionally I use the electronic interpreter ... I have dream, for the sake of which I have placed the announcement in the computer. I very muchwant, that on this vacation in my life there was a unforgettable travel. You  can me invite in the visitors to yourselves in the country? It would be perfect timefor us of a two? The truth, is a condition: we should test sympathy to each  other (and consequently we need to exchange some more photo), and also you should pay to me the ticket on tourist visa. In general(common), if you my offer, step behind you ... Has not frightened In life there should be a romanticism, you see I am right? My kiss to you and wish of good luck. Galina  

2nd Letter:  

Hi! I am very glad, that you have written to me and my questionnaire has not remained without attention. It is very pleasant, that you have rendered me attention by the letter. I shall be brief and I hope, that I shall interest you. I live in city Moscow, Russia. I the student and future journalist. At me a christmasvacation in my university soon will begin and I would like, that it was the very unforgettable vacation in my life. I the very interesting and cheerful man, my close friends speak, that I beautiful. I natural brunette, at me a long direct hair  and light-blue eyes. I perfectly prepare, there can be a good friend and interlocutor. Unique(sole) my lack (I consider(count)) - not absolutely good knowledge the English language, but I to study it(him) and now, when I write you this letter, only occasionally I use the electronic interpreter ... I have dream, for the sake of which I have placed the announcement in the computer. I very much want, that on this vacation in my life there was a unforgettable travel. You can me invite in the visitors to yourselves in the country? It would be perfect time for us of a two? The truth, is a condition: we should test sympathy to each other (and consequently we need to exchange some more photo), and also you should pay to me the ticket on tourist visa. In general(common), if you my offer, step behind you ... Has not frightened In life there should be a romanticism, you see I am right? My kiss to you and wish of good luck. Galina  

3rd Letter:  

Hi,! I write you from the new address of electronic mail, because old mail sometimes poorly works also disappears (vanishes) and does not come. It is very sad. I want to you at first to tell about me and my family, that you learned(found out) better me and you had few questions. I the simple Russian girl, which wasborn in very beautiful and perfect city St.-Petersburg. I here studied at school, and when has finished 10 classes of training, I have gone to capital Russia - city  Moscow to act(arrive) to study in university Here I has acted(arrived) to study as faculty of the journalist the Moscow state university, де I now study - already on last, fifth, rate. In one year I shall receive the diploma about my maximum formation(education) - I there will be a professional television journalist. I live on окраина Moscow. I take off one room in a municipal apartment. Here, in the apartment removes a room my girlfriend, which studies in one institute with me. Here again in an apartment with us the owners арендодатели - husband with the wife and child live. So you can present, what life at the Russian student. The boy of the friend at me is not present. Time for personal life too. But it would be very desirable to find understanding and friendship. It can be simple those people, which surround me, me not interesting? I always wanted to have the friends in the beautiful and interesting countries - such, as yours. I can therefore and has thought: suddenly miracles exist on this planet? If I shall place the announcement in a site of a network, can be there will be a man, which will become interested in me.I романтик also believe in miracles. You can invite me in  December. I to have an opportunity to make student's visa through university is will be $quickly(fast) and is cheap. If you pay to me of visa and cost of the tickets, I shall come to you to any convenient number in December: in any Saturday - 8, 15 or 22 numbers. You can choose convenient time, if you really want to see me. Please, I very much believe, that our meeting is held. If youwant, that I have arrived, you should inform me the name city, airport, number - that I  have made the order the ticket and still you should cover the expenses on a road. What will tell? A course behind you. Yours faithfully, Galina 

Irina Dmitrieva (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

ID: Irina hn 1694
Irina Vyaceslavovna Dmitrieva
ul. Lenina, 75-86
Sverdlovskaya obl. 620075
Ekateringburg Tel 007 3432 70 65 44
Moscow Tel 007 095 94682 44

I am a 56 year old widower who runs his own business with homes in London and Barcelona Spain. I have been looking for someone to share my life with after the loss of my wife. I originally asked for details of this lady from Anna Barmina Agency, and received the contact details from the charges were charged by World Digital Network, Inc. I corresponded with this lady for a period of six month sending all letters to Ekateringburg and then she invited me to visit her in Russia. I thought she lived and worked in Ekaterinburg and was in Moscow doing a course. On her details she says she will meet men from 27- 55 years old, this alone should have rung alarm bells. As she does not care whom it is as long as she gets visitors to scam. From the first night she took me to a restaurant and run up a bill of over 200 USD, this went on every night. I soon noticed that she would order the most expensive thing on the menu irrespective of what it was. Some times two starter, two main courses and up to three deserts, and the most expensive wine and cocktails. It soon became obvious to me that she was on a commission from the owners of the restaurants. All during the evening she would be receiving calls from internet contacts, whom she openly called her next victims. She would receive local calls and although I do not speak Russia I would understand the name of top hotel and bars within them where she would make later appointment. She would then continuously look at her watch, rush me through the meal, dump me at my hotel while she went on the next appointment. Things eventually came to a head when I confronted her and she admitted that she was not interested in a relationship with me or anyone. This is her way of surviving in Moscow and receiving nice present and visiting all the nice places and getting paid for it.  This girl is just a heartless ringer. I am publishing this to protect other innocent client from falling prey to this cold calculating bitter person. I discovered that she has already done this to at least three other people. A Belgium an Italian and a Frenchman. I contacted and informed them that this girl is running a scam, They immediately withdrew this lady from their server. I also contacted Antonio@one and they have also removed this ladies details. But 'A pretty woman' did not respond so I can only assume they are not reputable. All in all this has cost me a total of 2500 USD in Air fare, Hotel, and all her scams. I hope someone puts a stop to this lady before she does anyone else.

Natalia Kharkovskaya, Valeriy Kachalov Agency Nadin (Ukraine)

I just met a Ukrainian woman who I believe is a con. I cooresponded with her from July 17-July 23rd 2002. My name is James, a 26 year old man. I responded to a woman whose profile was listed on as living in Los Angeles. I'm pretty sure she's a con because in the 5th letter she asked for money and immediately sent me information about sending it to her. These are her two addresses I know of. I'm also sending her picture. Who knows, maybe she does have good intentions, but she never really answered any of the questions I asked her. Svetlana Chepiga" <  svetlanka"

Hello, dear James!  Thank you for writing me. I read your profile and think that you are very interesting person and I would like to get to know you closer. May be we'll find out that we are meant to be with you? If you are interested write me please  Svetlana   

Letter 2: 

I am so happy to receive your letter. You know I have never had such an experience to communicate with someone through the Internet. And it is so exiting. I am interested in knowing more about you. You intrigued me with your personality. I'd like to tell you more about me and my inner world.  I am 22 years old. I live in Ukraine. Svetlana is my first name. I live with my parents. I don't have neither brother nor sister. I study at the Pedagogical University. My future profession is teacher of mathematics. I love children and dream of becoming a good  teacher. I attend Orthodox Christian church.  I like to communicate with people and to have fun. I also like to  travel. Though I have not been to many places but every time I go to another city it is like holiday for me. You know it seems sometimes that when you come to another city where nobody knows you change and some new thoughts came to your mind. I like this feeling of somet   

Letter 3: 

Hello dear James! I am so happy to hear from you again. You sound like a nice and intelligent person. I would like to know more about you.  Unfortunately I don't know English and I use the translation service. I study English on my own. It is rather difficult to do without the help of professional teacher but I try my best.  I have some questions for you. What are your dreams? As for me I like to dream very much and hope my dreams will come  true some day.  I am optimistic and believe in good things. I believe that I'll find my soul mate that the God created for me. I am sure that when you want something very much you'll certainly get it. Sooner or later but you'll be success. I have been searching for the special man for all my life. You know it is not easy to find your second half. You can do some mistakes before you'll finally get you happiness. One should deserve his happiness and you'll appreciate it more if it has been given to you after you passed a long way of mistakes.You know love gives us sense to live and without it we and our life is empty. Love makes us better and opens for us a new world of wonders. Love can make miracles. There are no people who don't dream to find a true love, love that you can sacrifice everything, love that lights a fire inside you and gives you strength. I know that I will do everything for the sake of my  beloved. I'll be with him in happy and sad times. I can't  love a little. If I am in love my beloved will be the center of the Universe for me. I want to build the family  only with a such man that I can rely entirely and be sure that he'll never betray me. I'll be happy to hear from you again. I hope that we are the part of the whole and our relationship can grow into something special and serious. With love Svetlana

Letter 4:

Hello, dear James! I am so happy to hear from you. I really like you more and more after each your letter. You know I would be so happy if you find out I am the woman you are searching for. I really like your letters and feel that you can make the woman of your dreams happy. Thank you for your photos. I like them very much. I live in Lugansk. This is not very big town. The population of it is about 400 thousand people. It was built more then 200 years ago. It used to be an industrial city but after all this changes in our economy when Ukraine become an independent state practically all the factories were closed and now the majority of people work at the market selling things. The life is really difficult here. There are a lot of unemployed people and those who work don't get a salary or get such a small payment is not enough to buy food sometimes. Excuse me that I tell you such sad things but I can't lie. I don't like to complain and I like my country all the same. I hope that soon the situation will change and we'll have a better life here. I am disappointed with Russian men and that's why I am searching for Western husband. I have some questions for you too. What things do you regret about in your life? What would you like to change in yourself? What is happiness for you? What is the weather like in your country? It was raining all the day yesterday and today morning. I even didn't want to wake up and go to University. I just couldn't concentrate. I felt relaxing and in my head there were no thoughts about studies or things I should do. Do you know what I think about when it is raining? I would like to spend such day near the fair place or near the window with a cap of coffee or tea, reading some good book and waiting for  the end of working day when my beloved man come back from job. I would open the door and say: "Hi sweet, I was missing you so much all the day" Then we would have nice and tasty dinner I cooked. He would tell me about his day, about everything. I would listen to him and maybe sometimes ( if he'd ask ) I would advice something. Then, after washing the dish we would have a coffee and relax. Before to go sleep  I would help him to take a bath:) and then we would see the sweetest dreams all the night.  I don't know why do this thoughts visit my head now. Maybe it is because of rain? Or maybe everybody in this life sometimes want to feel themselves needed?  It would be interesting for me to know what you think about it and what you think when it is raining. What are you dream about? Maybe our dreams are the same? My dear, I want to ask you about one thing. You know I use the translation service and because of the financial difficulties it is difficult for me to pay for it. Will you be able to help me with it? I would really appreciate it, my dear. So, I close this letter with a kiss, Svetlana

Letter 5:

Hello dear James! I am so happy to hear from you. You are such a wonderful person. I really enjoyed your letter and you answers to my questions. I would be so happy to answer all your questions but I have been allowed to write you only a short letter without payment today.  I would be really grateful to you if you help me with keeping our correspondence. I am so sorry that I have to ask you about help. But I am not able to do it because of the difficult financial situation now. I really don't know English at all and that's why I can't communicate with you without the help of translator. I use the Internet service at the agency as well. But I am not the part of the agency. I just use their service. I'll ask the director of the agency to send you an information about their services and prises. I want to tell you that you have become so important for me already and I really don't want to lose contact with you. We could write letters to each other by mail but you know that Internet is the fastest way of getting letters and more reliable because letter can be lost.  My dear, I'll be waiting for your letter impatiently. With love Your Svetlana

Letter 6 (Western Union Information):

Dear Sir, Thank you for using our service. We send you an information which includes our services and prices: Translation service: * to translate one letter - 5$ * to translate 10 letters - 50$ * to translate 20 letters - 90$ * to translate 10 min of phone conversation - 4$ * scan. photo - 1$  If you wish we can to arrange English language courses for your  lady: * basic course: 3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 2 month - 420$ * basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 1 month - 225$  Terms of payment *transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars. The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Lugansk Bank Aval. You have: *to send your money, indicating the manager's name as a receiver (Kharkovskaya Natalia) *to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control  number ( send an e-mail with information)  Sincerely Yours Valeriy Kachalov agency "Nadin" 

Natalia Vedenko Koffman (Zhaporozhie, Ukraine)

I am a 36 year old male from the USA. I developed a 4 month relationship with the lady in question. daily emails, phone calls,ect. I fell in love with her, and planed a trip to her home town. We planed to meet in Odessa, Ukraine. I EVEN TOOK MY MOTHER TO MEET HER. I was going to get a visa for her. Her scam was not for much money. About 400.00 over the time of we corresponded. I sent train fare for her, and when I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey. Natalia Koffmann informed me that she had her purse stolen on a trolley bus, and the ticket was inside. she asked for air fare this time. I sent it. Now, this evil person only took me for 100.00 more. But my trip overseas to meet her cost me well over 3,000.00. After I sent the money Western Union, I never heard from her again. I arrived in Odessa, and she was not there at are planed meeting local. I was crushed. I was hurt beyond measure. This just happened August 1st, and I have been home for only two days now. Heart broken, broke, and mad as hell at this person. I found her posting on Absolute Agency, though it has now been removed. She even sent me her passport as you can see below. I am going to do all I can to see this person goes to jail. Scamming is one thing, but to say you love them have them travel 1,0000 of miles and hit them for 100.00 more in just plain evil. I am going to use all my power to see she is prosecuted. Todd

Some letters from her: 

Hi again and again honey!!!!!!! I've received your money!! Thank you very much. You wanted to know how i will spend it. First of all I will buy some sexy underwear for you to like me when you come and some present for you, to meet you with. I'm kissing you honey I love you Bye Till tomorrow 

Hi again my love from the first sight!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy when I see so many letters from you. And I'm happy when you make so many plannings. Honey, I must say that my town is not very civilized. I must say that we have no a good hotel here. I will try to get more detailed information about this till tomorrow. Now I can say that it would be much cheaper and easier for you to rent the appartment for definite time. To live in a hotel will cost you about 100$ per night for one person. To live in the appartment will cost you 400$ per MONTH, in condition that both variants are with all the comforts. We could obtain even the document that you will rent this appartment to show it in the Ambassy. But if you still need a hotel, let me know and I will give you all the information I will obtain. As for the driver's licence, I have one. I hope it will give me some advantages. But I have no experience in driving since I have no car. I'm dreaming of our meeting and I imagine the happiness we will feel when we see each other in real. It is like a dream like a mystery. I also could not imagine that it would be possible for me to love a man I have never seen befoer. But I see now that we really have found each other, may be it is a destiny that brought us together???? I thionk that we diserve each other, we will be the great couple. I'm kissing you very very hot!!!!!!! I want you and love you very much!!!! Yours

Hi Todd! Thanks for your letter. It's very pleasant to receive it. You know I don't wanna have a pen-pall, that's why I was so glad to see that your intentions towards me are so serious. It is difficult to write about myself but I will try to. I live in Ukraine. It's a low developed country, you probably know about it. But I like our people. They are intelligent, clever, kind, not cruel and not arrogant. The place I live is not that picturesque as it is situated in an industrial region. But my childhood was happy here, I grew in a good,friendly family. I like: nature,especially sea, animals, children, reading books,English language, cinemas, go shopping, cooking, making love, almost  most of all, I like live. I dislike: lie, unfaithfulness, unsincerity, playing games with feelings, quarrels, cruelty. I don't wanna live in this country, we have no future here. The terrible situation in the economy of our country makes our men cruel, inattentive to their wives; they just think about how to earn money. They treat women bad, they don't respect us, they think that women want only some advantage of them. But this is not true. Any woman just wants to be happy, to have a beloved and loving husband. And me too. I wanna have children and be sure in their future. Is it so bad. I'm really interested in you and I wanna know you better. Ask me any questions you want. Without questions it is difficult to choose what to write first. One can't describe all the life in one letter. How do you like to spend your free time? Do you meet your friends often? Did you have many girlfriends in your past? These questions will be enough for today. Or my curiosity can frighten you. I just wanna know more about you. I'm waiting for your answer. kisses. Natalia 


Hi Todd! Thanks for the letter and for your photo. You are a very handsome man. I think we could establish good relations. I would like to know you better. I will be always glad to hear from you. Kissing you Your Natalia

Letter 3

Hi dear Todd! Honey I was surprised with the great understanding and kindness you talked about your intentions to make your woman happy. I really think that you are the man who may make my dreams come true. I see that you will understand my desires my problems. And in my turn I promise that I will not be indifferent to yours. I hope to meet your friend's wife some day, Marina. She mustbe a good woman. Dear I really want to see you and try to establish serious relations with you. I hope we will love each other. You know I'm sure we should meet and feel if we have some true feeling to each other. How could we do this, honey? I'm waiting your further mails I'm kissing you strongly Your Natalia  

Letter 4

Hi Todd! You are something!!! I was shocked by your letter. You are reading my thoughts. How could you guess my dreams about how I want to spend time? With my beloved? You almost gave me the wings I will fly on. To you of course. Now honey, I have never been to America, but it would be great. I always dreamt to see this country. It must be something different and interesting. You are a gentleman, I feel that. But I think that everything will not be accepted as obligations. We would have great time together! I promise you will not regret about it! Bye honey! I'm so disappointed that I will have no access to the computer till Monday, because I already want to receive your exciting letter again! Do not forget about me!!! I'll be back soon. Have a good weekend. Think of me! I'm kissing you Bye!

Letter 5

Hi my dear! Todd I was so much disappointed! I didn't know that it is so difficult for people who want to see each other to meet!!!!!!! It's not right and not fair! Honey, you are my only hope and I hope you will find some way out of this situation and we will be able to see each other. Please, if you know something, I beg you to write me all the news, even bad. But I hope everything will be OK. The conditions of the Fiancйe visa are strange and not wise but you are right the love from the first sight sounds very tempt ting and seducing. You know dear I'm optimistic and I think we will find some way out and very very soon!!!!!! I have some colour photos. I do not like them very much, they are not professional. But I will send you two, one with my father and one with my friend and with my younger sister. I hope you will like me looking as a simple girl, not a model. By the way on one of the photos I have my hair cut But now it is long. Just some insignificant information. Honey, I hope you are OK. Do you have any news? |I hope to hear from you soon! What's going on in your life, I wonder?! I wish I were with you and saw every day of your life. I hope this will be able some day. I'm saying you bye for the moment but I hope to hear from you soon Kissing you many many times Your Natalia 

Letter 6

Hi Todd!!! Thanks for remembering about me and for finding time to write me. It's pleasant for me to know that when I'm sleepinmg someone is thinking about me and dreaming about our meeting. Honey, I'm so happy that I will be able to see you so soon I really could not believe first that it is possible in real though I hoped that would happen some day. Dear, I will be waiting for your messages and for any news from your life. Bye, my honey I'm kissing you I miss you very much. Yours 

Hi again dear!!! My full name is Vedenko Natalia My address is 69000 Ukraine Zhaporozhie Lenina avenue 133/ 24 Honey, the closest Western Union Department is in my town, just near my house, in Zaporozhie. Bye again dear Waiting for your reply!!! Kisses 

Letter 7

hI DEAR!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR LETTER ,YOUR SWEET CARE. I WILL GO TO WESTERN UNION TOMORROW AND GET THE MONEY. I WILL INFORM YOU TOMORROW ABOUT IT. HONEY, YOU KNOW I DIDN'T EXPECT IT. IT WAS SO PLEASANT. I HAVE NEVER FELT SUCH CARE ABOUT ME FROM THE SIDE OF A MAN. YOU ARE VERY SWEET, THANKS. I'VE GOT SOME INFORMATION ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT. FOR THE INHABITANTS OF KIEV THE PRICE IS ONLY 100$ AND THE PASSPORT WILL BE READY IN TWO WEEKS. FOR THE INHABITANTS OF OTHER CITIES AND TOWNS THE PRICES ARE HIGHER THOUGH I DO NOT KNOW WHY. FOR ME IT WILL COST 230$ IF I WANT TO HAVE IT IN TWO WEEKS AND 180$ IF I NEED IT BE READY IN A MONTH, AND 300$ IF i WANT IT IN A WEEK. THESE ARE THE PRICES. HONEY, YOU KNOW I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL COME TO SEE ME SO SOON. AND YOU RELLY WANT TO MEET MY PARENTS, IT IS SO TOUCHING,. IT MEANS THAT YOU ARE NOT INDIFFERENT TO ME. I HOPE YOU WILL LIKE MY PARENTS, THEY ARE VERY KIND WITH A SENSE OF HUMOUR. I'M SURE YOU WILL MAKE FRIENDS. I TOLD THEM TODAY ABOUT YUR POSSIBLE ARRIVAL, THEY THINK IT WILL BE GREAT THAT YOU COME FIRST. THEY SAY THAT THEY WANT TO SEE THAT YOU ARE REALLY A RELIABLE MAN. THEY DO NOT DOUBT BUT THEY ARE PARENTS. MY MOM STILL THINKS THAT I'M A LITTLE CHILD. SHE WORRIES WHEN I COME HOME LATE WHETHER IT HAPPENS VERY VERY SELDOM. SHE IS VERY SENTIMENTAL, AND I'M TOO A LITTLE. HONEY, I HAVE SOME PERSONAL AND ROMANTIC QUESTION TO YOU. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE AND what maKes it so attractive to you? I will tell you about mine. THE BEST PLACE FOR ME is IN MY town. We have a river here and the old bridge that is almost broken. It is far from the center of the town and there are very few people there and very seldom you may find someone in the place I like. I love staying on the bridge and looking down at the river. I like water and it helps to think about personal and to find the right decision. I think that the water is the alien world for human, it is like a mystery. I wish I could spend many days at the seaside and watch the waves coming, washing your feet and disappearing, leaving the tears on my skin. The noise of the waves is the best music for me, looking at the water especially sea, I realise how short the life is and how many things I will miss after death and how few time I have for happiness... Honey, I'm waiting for your mails Do not disappear Bye Yours 

She said her last name was Vendenko, then told me her passport said Koffmann. That was her step-father's name. She needed me to send the money in the name of Koffmann. That is what it said on her passport. I sent you a picture of it.

Natalya Smirnova (Surgut, Russia)

Listed on this site under at least these two aliases as well: Oksana/Masha Kuklina (Surgut, Russia) and Oksana Rybakova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) I was first contatced by her through an email through This is the name and info she used when she hit me up for money. Natalya Smirnova, Lenina st. 127 - 73 Murmansk, Russia, 183014  She rushed her growing feelings and attachment which made me rather suspicious. By the fifth email (the fourth one listed here) she had already started to value our friendship and by the fifth and sixth, she was closing with "Love Natalya" and expressing her passion for me. It took no more than her eight email to start asking for money. So I did a search for her name on the net, and after just the second site of Russian Scammers, I found her picture. Hopefully by submitting her info here - the next guy will find it on the first try.  As of this date, 08-05-02, I have not contacted NeoDate yet. I jumped straight to putting her info out and will contact NeoDate shortly.  Natalya Smirnova, Lenina st. 127 - 73 Murmansk, Russia, 183014  

Email #1: Neodate: From: kapitoshka [profile] Reply Delete Block User  Subject: Hi. 

Hi. I think you good man and I want to get acquainted with you. It is a little about myself. My name is Natalya. I shall send you a photo if you want to see me. Tell me more about you, than in your structure. Tell me your real name, it will be very pleasant for me. I wait for your answer with impatience. Natalya. P.S. my e-mail:   Unrestricted members have the added benefit of being able to reply to their messages.  

Email #2:

Hi XXXXX!!! It's me Natalya from the Russia. I like you name. I so excited that you have answered my letter. I am very glad. At all I do not know from what to begin the letter. Probably, you will want to learn(find out) something about me directly? Well I shall tell in brief about myself. I the ordinary Russian girl, practically am distinguished by nothing from the others. Probably to describe itself it was easier, if I did not do(make) it for the first time Е Excuse me for mess of words, it because I worry a little, you see this my first acquaintance through internet. It is time to continue the story about itself. My growth of 168 centimeters, and weight of 54 kg. These are normal proportions for the girl who keeps up itself and goes in for sports. I very much love occupations by sports, without it I feel not so well. I go in for sports from the childhood, I participated in competitions on track and field athletics, and  repeatedly won first place. My age of 26 years, it can seem at first sight unnaturally, but it is the truth because I very much care of the health. And you go in for sports? However, it has no for me the big value. Important that we have found with you mutual understanding. I live and I work in city Murmansk, here I was born and have grown, very much to like me my city. On the nature I the cheerful person, try to enjoy each moment of my life and to transfer with a smile all difficulties of my lonely life. I live one in a small apartment some years. First I liked such life, but in due course I have understood, that in my life there is no man, on this I have taken advantage of services of service of acquaintances. You see you have answered my letter. I shall tell about the work: I work as the dancing-master at school. To me to like to be engaged in dances. And you are fond of dances? If you are fond, with which? I dance a waltz, a tango and variety dances. Do not pay attention to mine not absolutely correct English because I use the program the translator for a spelling of letters. But I well understand the English language and constantly I study in new words, soon I shall seize it in perfection. Do not leave my letter without the answer. I wait for your fast reply with impatience. Sincerely Natalya. P.S. I send you my photo. 

Email 3:

Hi my new friend XXXXX! I like you photo. You are pretty man. I am very glad, that you have not disregarded my letter. It is pleasant for me of that I have liked you. I shall continue the story about myself. As I already spoke you, I live one without parents. I provide myself with all necessary. I have no children because it was never married, and without a marriage I do not want to have children. I like to listen to various music, the direction of music is not of great importance for me. The main thing that music was good though I give the greater preference to tool music. To me delivers great pleasure to go to theatres. I like sometimes remaining a house in loneliness to dance under quiet music, ah if at this moment near to me there was my favourite person, I all time dream of it. And now I in search of the man with which I could connect all my stayed life. Our correspondence will develop in something the greater sometime can??? How you think??? I very much would like, that our letters were not mere words. Tell me more about you. Than you are engaged at leisure? Tell about the work. It is very interesting to me to learn(find out) about it. Still I like to read love novels before going to bed. Now at us it is hot. And what weather at you? It is very interesting to me to learn(find out) about it because I never was outside the country. Though I very much like to travel. When to me was only 20 years, I actively was engaged in the pedestrian tourism and a camping. It was fine time when we gathered with friends at a fire at night and listened to songs with a guitar. We could stay at a fire all night, it so perfectly look at a flame of a fire. And you were fond earlier or now of a camping? When at us winter, I like to ski. I heard, that at you to ski, it is necessary to go highly in mountains where there is a snow. It is the truth, what you have not enough snow? Tell more about the city, your city big? My city not so small. Once again many thanks for that that you have not disregarded my letter. I shall wait for your new letter with impatience. It became interesting to me to correspond with you. Your new friend from Russia Natalya. P.S. I have made this photo this winter. In the winter we have a lot of snow. 

Email 4:

Hi XXXXX. It's me again - Natalya. How are you? To me each time pleasantly because, that you write me letters and that to you with me is pleasant to correspond. I am glad, that have found to myself the friend in America. It so is interesting to correspond with you through such big distance. And letters come so quickly, what even it is possible to have time to state each other ideas which have just arisen in your head. I have now thought of that as we have got acquainted with you. Then I did not think at all that you will answer my letter, but I trusted in that that you will answer my letter and it happened. Here in Russia I long searched for myself worthy for the man, but and have not found, and you to seem to me good the man. I want to tell to you a little about the work. As I already spoke you, that I work as the dancing-master at school. I have group of children which I train and bring up. We prepare for various stages with children and we act at various competitions. More recently my group has won first place on dances in our city. For me it is such pride. To my children very much to like to be engaged at me. If you want I also could to learn you to dances though for this purpose it will be necessary for us to meet face to face. And between us such distance though in our life all can happen once. I yet did not tell to you about the relatives? Then I shall tell. Except for my parents who live in my city, I have still grandmother and the grandfather who live in a village, I sometimes visit them. Unfortunately I to not have the brother or the sister. And you live with the parents? And where they live? I wait for your letter. Kiss Kiss Kiss. Natalya.  

Email 5:

Hi my lovely friend XXXXX. Thank you for fine letters. I'm so sorry, that I to not write to you recently. I'm sure in that that you do not forget me for one minute, I think of you all time too. You at all do not imagine, as to me to like to receive from you letters. To me to not be trusted, that I could find to myself the friend through such big distance, moreover and such good. What at you now weather? At us today it is hot, certainly not as at you. I present myself, that at you almost never it happens coldly. I am right? I like this season -summer. You see it is possible to go to sunbathe on a beach in the summer and to bathe in the river. Near to our city there is a river. We with friends at leisure go there to bathe. I very much love walks on a wood. I in general very much love a nature, and you love a nature? Tell about the nature. What trees grow at you? At us grow: the maple, a birch, a linden, an aspen, an oak, a pine and still is a lot of only. Today I have dared to tell about you to the parents. They to react well to it. Mum has told that I already for a long time adult and that itself should solve, that to me to do(make) with the life. Still she asked to transfer you Hi Е and has wished us all good in our friendship. I already very strongly value our friendship. And how you treat to our friendship? I wait from you for the letter. Hugs and kisses. Natalya. 

Email 6:

Hi XXXXX. Today I was released earlier than usually to write to you the letter. For me each time it is very pleasant to receive your letters. It heats my heart. For this time I have understood that you very good the man, it is simple happiness, that I could meet you. I have understood under your stories, that your country very good place. I would like to visit your country sometime. Now I am interested in your society much. I read books, I watch TV to become closer to you. I want to fully comply with you that between us there were no disagreements. You see culture in my country and in your country, very strongly differ from each other. And that that can seem to me ridiculous, can offend you. As though I wanted to appear near to you and to talk about all face to face. You see in all letters it is impossible to express emotions which fill me. Prevents our full understanding that I use the program - translator, for a spelling of letters a little more. Though I was very good to speak the English language. Simply I have enough experience in a spelling of the English words. It would be good if we once have met also you has learned me to write in English. You at all do not imagine as I to you have become attached for this short time. Now I very much value our friendship. Though I not each day have time to write to you letters, but I want to receive your letters each day. Sometimes I even think, that could leave the work only arrive to you and look in your eyes. But while all this only dreams. Though can be sometime to these dreams and it is necessary to come true. Sometimes to me to become terribly from ideas, that our correspondence and will be finished by anything. And I do not want, that our correspondence was finished by emptiness!!!! You hear? I do not want!!! I very much want you to see. If such way to appear near to you I would give everything that it happened was. I very much value our friendship, and I shall try, that it did not stop never. Love and kissesssssssssssssssssss. Natalya.  P.S. Inform me your home address. I want sent to you the letter written by my hand. 

Email 7:

Hi XXXXX. I soooooo love you. Now I am completely sure, that have found in you the man of the dream. You probably will ask me, " why so is fast? " I shall hasten to answer you, that I simply not could hold in myself these feelings more, and they have escaped outside. I simply did not know, how to you to tell about it at once, you see then you would not understand me. I never tested such feelings to anybody to another. I think, that you are created specially for me and I want to be created only for you my love. Your letters always bring heat and a cosiness in my heart though we and far apart, I all the same feel you as though you are with me in one room. I so want to nestle and feel to you heat of your breath, I feel, that with you to me will be always warm, even in the coldest weather. I believe that you that the man which I searched for all life. I am very lonely here without you. I store all your letters at myself and when me to become alone I read them again and me to become little bit better. Sometimes I think, and that if we would meet and have remained alone even for some minutes then it would be the happiest day in my life. Interestingly, and there is any way for our meeting? I so would like, that it was possible. Tomorrow I shall go for the sake of my interest to any travel agency and I shall ask them concerning an opportunity of travel to USA. I hope, what you not against it? Please, tell me, that you think of it. I shall wait for your answer. With all my love Natalya.  P.S. In my dancing group of 15 children their age approximately 8 years.  

Email 8:

Hi my love XXXXX, I am very happy to read your letter, as always. Many thanks for your good letter was interested. Your Russian very well. Today I went in one travel agency about an opportunity of travel to USA. And then to me have told, that with it there are no problems and I can arrive to you. Only for this purpose all over again it is necessary for me to issue for myself the visa and the passport. Also that for this purpose I was necessary for following in the American embassy. In embassy to me have told, that it is necessary for me to do(make) the visa of the visitor because I never was in USA and outside the country too earlier. The given visa of the visitor to cost 65 dollars. The given visa entitles on stay to territories of USA during 90 days (the visa of the visitor). For this time we very well can learn(find out) each other and if necessary we shall prolong the visa. Still working passport is necessary for my travel for me, and it at me is not present, it is necessary for me to pay 143 more dollars for this plus of 30 dollars for registration of documents necessary for the visa. Still, in travel agency to me have explained, that for travel to USA it is necessary for me to pass immunization and full medical inspection, it is all to cost 85 dollars. In general(common) me it is necessary 323 dollars. I have already paid 30 dollars for necessary documents and started process of reception of the visa. But it is necessary for me to pay other part of money for reception of the visa and an opportunity there will be you my love. It is awkward to me to ask you about it but if you have helped me to pay other part of cost of the visa I could finish process of reception of the visa very soon and to arrive to you. I would pay all this, but unfortunately I to not have such money. I have found out as you can send me money. You can send it through the Western Union. Unfortunately other system of remittances in our city is not present. Besides in bank to me have told that it is the most reliable system of remittances in the world and that money reach very quickly. To send the money, my address is necessary for you. It is my address: Natalya Smirnova, Lenina st. 127 - 73 Murmansk, Russia, 183014 After you will send me money you should inform me control number of translation (MTCN) it consists of 10 figures. And still the full name and a home address, only after that I can receive this money. Such information to me have informed in bank which to be near to my house. You at all do not imagine as I want to see you to nestle on you and to speak words of love. I sleep and I see day of ours with you meetings. I so would like that this day has come as soon as possible. That we have met face to face and long looked in the face each other. I am capable to overcome any difficulties for the sake of ours with you meetings. I very strongly love you and I send you HUGS and KISSES. With all my love Natalya.

Oksana Demina (Cheboksary, Russia)

I'm a divorced 34 year old white male from New York, USA. I'm also an ex cop and ex private investigator. Which in my case is probably a good thing. This scammer didn't even wait 72 hours before trying to talk me into spending over a thousand on "her." "Oksana" used the following method of operation: Alleged to be a product of divorced parents. Claims the mother and father to be poor but want her to have a better life overseas. Claims to be graduating on March 25th of 2003. None of this would be abnormal, other than the fact that her statements are contradictory. I checked with the only University local to her, and no such female attends or has attended. I also checked with the Sevorgnya bank in her alleged home city, and they verified they are the only authorized Western Union location there. (I did send her a $40.00 money transfer to "test the water". Naturally she claimed she needed the transfer number to receive said monies. However, I contacted WU and they did verify that, as with here in the US, she need only produce photo ID verifying her identity. Needless to say I've already written Western Union and called them and had that money held without hope of receipt. I'll be getting it back as planned.) (New money saving idea: Send a money order to a Russian Con-apprentice (not artist) knowing that they'll never get it.)  To continue: "She" also contradicted herself by telling me in another mail that she had already graduated with "highest marks". Her mother apparently changes jobs as well, going from a chocolate factory to a textile job. There were numerous other key factors. I gave her credit for a few things, because she claims to speak English and write it, but not to type it well, which is certainly understandable. She alleged that the translation software made some of the errors. She further claimed to be using a internet cafe, but upon checking up on her e-mail routing a bit, I discovered she was using an anonymous remailer, which the only two internet cafes' located in Cheboksary (who are on the net anyway) claim that they have their e-mail software set up with heavy restrictions. Unless "she" is a good hacker, there's no way she's using a remailer from a 'net cafe. She sent duplicates of her first five mails to three separate e-mail addresses of mine. (Yes, I'm crafty, thank you)  Note she also attempted the standard "Visa/Passport/Ticket" scam. I checked up on her pricing as well, and it fell quite short. Good luck to all of you out there! (Oh, by the way, some of the "scammer reports" I've seen here show absolutely no reasons why they are claiming the woman to be a scam artist. In fact a few of them appear to be innocent completely, in that all they did was become upset that they were accused of being con-artists when they hadn't even asked for a dime. Let's not let holding a grudge against a woman you are intimidated by be a motive here guys. Thanks) Following are the first three mails she sent. These are enough in my opinion. 

MAIL from "Oksana":

No. 1:

Hello How are you? I hope my letter will reach you in very good mood. I has see your profile and very want to write you. This is photos for you, but they is not best, soon I will have more photos. I also single person which want to find sincere love, I believe that in our big world be a person for you and me, simply we are take a chance from our fate and begin to hear each other. I am a young, attractive, graceful ledi, I have a long blonde hair and blue eyes. I live in the central part of Russia, in Cheboksary city. I was a student of university and now I finished my university with a high degree. I was studyed all sides of law, property, crime and the another. I hope to find a man with which I shall conduct the whole my life, have a happy family. I want to do my loved person the most happy on the Land, if my man will happy signifies I too shall very happy. I believe in the sincere love and relations and hope that my searching will be successful. In the world so much single people but love always comes suddenly, when we don't wait it, possible this love sometime far off from us, in other country, so us need simply to give a hand for each other and possible we both searched for each other the whole life. Let's take a chance and try, possible you searching me the whole life, but I searchesfor you? I hope soon to get your answer and photo. Have a nice day. Oksana    

No. 2 

Hello, Randall Thank you for the letter.  I want find a soul person for who more important a soul condition than material. I not material person, so I searches for a person which has a rich soul! I am 23 yo, I will 24 yo on 22 august. I have a graceful body of 167 sm (5.6) heigh and 54 kg (near 115 - 120) weigh. I like to take care of myself, my appearance, my face, my body. And, I believe, that a woman should always look very nice and attractive. I also to keep my body in shape as sport gives people not only health, but much energy and strength, when doing sports you are always in good mood and don`t concentrate negative emotions on yourself. I very love children, children - our future. Do You love children? I like people who have goals in their life and strive for them. As for my goals, at present I want to find my heartmate, the man who will be my best friend and best husband. Perhaps, you will ask me: "Why don`t you find your love in your country?" And my answer will be the following: I want my husband to be a foreigner, because, I don`t like Russian men, because they drinking much vodka and less romantic. A lot of women married and moved abroad for good and they are very happy, they say, Don`t doubt. I have got serious intentions to find a long term relationship with a mature gentleman. I want have relations with the older person than I because young men not serious about family and do not know what they want from the life, so I wrote you. I think, the most important things in the relationship between two loving hearts is honesty, trust, respest, faithfulness and love... There are many people who differ greatly from each other but all of them want to be happy. I think we should strive for being happy,  because very often it is useless just sit and wait for your love. We should act but not wait something unreal!  Do you have any photo? Send me please. I hope you got interested in me and want have really a sincere realationships, if so e mail me please. I hope you have a nice day and I will happy if my letter add little warm in your day.  Sincerly Oksana

No. 3 

Hello my sweetie Randall. How are you today? Today I has heard how much cost a flight to you, it cost $980USD, in this cost enters a passport, visa and tickets of plane, but this dearly for me, I have no such money, do you will help me to pay for the flight to you? I will very happy to meet you!!! To get tourist documents need wait approximately 5-6 weeks and I can reach you in 5-6 weeks after a day when to pay in the company. In the tourist company to take cash only, so you can simply send me money through the bank and I shall immediately pay for the flight to you. When I receive your letter, on my face always come a smile and I feel a heat in my soul, thank you for this.Thank you for filling my soul a joy, thank you for filling my heart of the most pleasing feelings!! I can not now visualize a day without your message, I very very love receiving your messages. Hope soon we will still better hear each other and maybe at one beautiful day we meeting and will speak:) You like this? I am very much! I never think, that be such men as you! Me never spoke pleasing words.  I not even know that you will write presently, I simply delighted with you! I wrote you, I like a poetry so now come time to write you some of my poems. Having read a poem, possible understand more what in soul of person, what he feel, so I has write this poem myself, without translator, to not to lose good sense these words, (I think you can able to see small difference how I write myself and how I write through translator) So, this words from my soul and heart only to you: Someone will always be thankful for you.Someone will always cherish the warmth of your smile and the happiness in your heart.Someone wants to always be close enough to care in every way and to treasure each and every day spent together.Someone will always keep you lovingly in mind and will welcome every opportunilty to find you in happy thoughts. Someone will always know that life is good because of you,and that tomorrow has a bright and shining hope that wouldn't be there if you weren't here today.Someone will always try to find the words to thank you for filling life with dreams come true and with beautiful memories.Someone will always be thankful for you.....And that someone will always be me!  Anxiously wait your message. Gentile kisses for you. You always in my thoughts and dreams. Your Oksana

And of course the photos she is using, haven't seen them anywhere else yet, let me know if you do, thanks 

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