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I know that many scams are out there and everyone needs to be very careful! Just never send money. But.........I met and married a beautiful Russian lady that is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I went to Vladivostok last October after emailing and talking on the telephone for several months.  She came here on 12/23/01 and we were married on 2/27/02. She is  intelligent, hard working, sexy, gorgeous and we are very happy together. 


Black List - page 115: UPDATES
August 01, 2002 - page 2

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Hello, My name is Troy and I am a 34 year old single man. I began correspondence  with a woman named Margo back in April, 2002. I stopped corresponding with  her after she asked for money in the second letter. I have seen the same  photo of a woman named Irina on adult singles. Apparently, she has become a  pediatrician in 3 months!!! This is quite an accomplishment for a 23 year old woman!   

Letter #1

Hi, Troy! It was so nice to get your letter!!! (and your photo in it - what a surprise! Believe me or not, but I was  imagining you just like in your photo!!! :-) You are very handsome!) Your letter is like a ray of sunlight for me! Wile riding it I could feel  that you are interesting, reliable, kind man. I see that we have much in  common! :-)) Not, really! You are very much look like my ideal! I'll try to explain you what I search in a man. It's not simple, I want all:  a friend, a lover, a husband, I want a partner with whom we'll make all the  things and decisions in TWO. I am looking for the man with whom I can  complete my life. My ideal man is intelligent, sincere, emotionally mature,  fun, open-minded, sophisticated, cultured, sensual, romantic, sociable, warm-hearted, with sense of humor, easy going  and family oriented. Imagine, I have been writing these characteristics and  features with you in my mind all long! :-)) That will be person with whom  I'll explore the world, create a family, be best friends and become one with. My dream is for us to enjoy every  living moment together. Sharing experiences and jokes...secrets and  intimacies...dreams and goals.... fantasies... Wherever life takes us, it is  always wonderful to have someone special to share these times with along the way. Maybe the destinations aren't the same, but the path exciting, nevertheless. Maybe you are a potential match for me...what do you  think? As for me, I am confident that I can meet or exceed your expectations  (intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically & sexually), as I am  sure you will do the same for me. Dare to hope that I am an excellent communicator, spontaneous, fun to be with, a sense of  humor that will always put a smile on your face :-)) , strong but  sensitive, kind and giving, compassionate and forgiving, reliable and  stable, faithful. My dream is for us to enjoy every living moment together.  As you probably understood, I am very interested in our correspondence :-)  (you see, what a long letter I wrote you :-) Hope I haven't bored with any of that. But that is how I view things in life.) I'd like you to tell me  more about yourself, about your life,country, about your family, leisure. Share with me what do you think about my dreams and if you have one of your own? (if it's not a secrete, of cause) Tell me are you romantic? By the way, what do you expecting from our correspondence? You also can be free in asking me different questions. So I'll be eagerly waiting for your warm letters!!! with tender kiss on your cheek, Margo

Letter #2

Dear sir, We would like to inform you that Margo uses our translation and computer services Agency "Rings", ringsco@fromru.comPlease, visit our web site: 

Hi, dear Troy! I was so happy to receive your letter (it is, like always, full of pleasant energy! And you photos either :-))))and to learn more  about you! I am so happy to hear from you again! You know, I think you are  really the type of the man I have been searching for. It would be great to  meet you in person and to know more about you. I know that I will do  everything for the sake of my beloved. I'll be with him (you, maybe YOU?) in happy and sad times. I can't love a little. If I am in love my beloved will be the center of the Universe for me. I want to build the family only  with a such man that I can rely entirely and be sure that he'll never betray  me. But dear, I have something unpleasant to say to you. You know, I don't  know English well. I have studied It at school but I was not work hard. Now I am sorry about It! Because I have to use translator's services to translate your and my letters. And It's very expensive. You know I don't work still, I take my mother's money. But now she has some problems at her work. I don't know what to do! I am really in difficult situation write now and only you can help. You became so important for me and I don't want to loose contact with you. Will you help me? Yes, I didn't confess you in It from the very beginning in the first letter but only from one reason: as soon as I tell  man that i don't know English, they all(!) stop sending me letters! I didn't  want this to happen with you to. You became so important for me! And now I  have problems not only with language, but with money to... It's a big shock  for you, I understand. And also I will understand If you stop writing me just like other. Maybe since that I will be disappointed in all men... Well, It's up to you to decide. Please let me know that do you think about all this! I hope for your understanding. I'll be happy to hear from you again because it seems to me that we are the part of the whole and our relationship can grow into something special and serious. I'll be waiting very much for your decision. Kiss you, Margo

Letter #3

Dear sir, We would like to inform you that Margo uses our translation and computer  services. Agency "Rings" , our web site address: 

Hi, my dear Troy! I miss your letters so much! They are always like a  sunlight for me! But now only darkness surrounds me... Dear , I have  something important to say to you. I've confessed you that I hope to find  with the help of Internet a native soul, my second part without which I'll  not even to breath. I'm ready to develop strong and candid relationships  with dignified man. I don't want to built castles in the ear but I really  wanna hope that you will be that man who will make me happy. I don't know  for sure what happens in my heart (it is felled with feelings and  emotions!), but I can tell you, there happens something unusual and  beautiful, something that can change my life... Oh, I wish you could share  this feelings with me! Well this is all I wanted to say to you for now. (it's not little, I think: to open your heart to man through Internet. I can not imagine how could I dare for such a braveaction...) I hope I touched something somewhere inside your heartbecause I gave you a piece of my one. I'll be looking forward for yourletter!!! (And I do hope that I won't have to pay for it's translation bymyself, because I am really in difficult situation now. I am searching for ajob now, but till find it I must restrict myself in everything! I am like in deadlock: on one hand I need your letters and your love, on another hand, Ican not afford myself to correspond with you. I bag you, help me! Give us achance to love! I promise to be careful with your heart. I will pray for yourmutual feelings and understanding!) with tender kiss on your cheek,Margo

Natasha Yanagaeva

Dear sirs, I wrote a girl her name is Natasha. Already with her third letter she was fallen in love with me. it's a great joke! I found her ad in But please see for yourselfe the attached letters.


Letter 1:

Greetings, Mathias Hello! I very much to want to know about you it is more and to want to see your photo! You can send me the photo? I would be very glad it to see... I to think that you not against if I shall set to you some questions... If you something to want to learn about me that I shall set to me questions to try to answer to you them. I to write that my name is Natasha. I have grown and was born in city Kirov. This city to be near Moscow to be exact 700 kms. You to know where it? Now I to teach children to mathematics... To me to like this job I to like to communicate with children. I never to be married and never to have children. I very much to want to find the true love. I not know can be you to be which that man I very much will grow fond?!?!:) You were sometime married? You to have children? I shall be with impatience to wait for your answer! Yours Natasha! 

Letter 2:

Greetings my dear Mathians! I am very glad to receive your letter with your photos! Your photos very much to like me.... I am glad that I to meet you! I to not think that at me so will be under the Internet.I never to think that I a meeting of someone who to like me.I am  very glad that you have appeared at me.You very much to like me.I to understand that at you good character! I not  like to deceive and I shall not play with you!I to know that if I shall deceive someone that then to me all this will return  also to me in it will be some times worse.I to think that you to understand it?To me I was very a pity but to not have a  home telephone  number!I as would be glad to hear your voice...I to write to you from Internet - cafe.I as shall be very  glad if our attitudes(relations) will develop...I shall send you my photo.What you to think of my photos?They to like  you?:)I to not want to lose you and I to want to continue to correspond with you!I with impatience shall wait for your  letter!Yours forever Natasha!  

Letter 3:

Greetings my love Mathias! I am very glad to receive your letter! I as to like to kiss you! I am glad that I to find you! I as to think that when we to meet each other our relations to be even better! But as we shall meet if us to divide such big distance!?!? I to speak my mum concerning you and she to tell me that we should meet! I to speak her that I to like you and she to tell that she is very glad that I am happy and that I to find you! I very much to want to meet you! What we should do for our meeting? I today to learn that shall be necessary for me for this purpose! I shall write to you later about it! But while I shall wait for your letter! Yours forever Natasha! 

Letter 4:

Greetings my love Mathias! I am glad that you to write to me! To me always to like to read your letters. They always warm and emotional. I very much to love you... I to not want to lose you and to want to be with you as soon as possible! Today I to go and find out concerning trip to you. And to me to tell that to come to you to me the invitation is unnecessary. To me to tell that the visa is necessary for me. it to cost 350 $. As I to learn concerning cost of tickets and to me to tell that they to cost 960 $. I to not have such money as my salary makes only 50 $ per one month. I can not pay this trip! In general me it to be necessary 1310 $. Nobody will give me here this money as they will not trust me. I to speak today with the aunt and she tells me that she can to help me with the visa. She tells me that she may to make the visa for 6-7 days. This very short time. I to speak her that she to begin to do her! I to not want to ask this money you, but I actually to want to be with you! You may help me with the visa and the ticket?!?!? I to ask my mum as you may send me this money and she to tell me that the most reliable way it through system  Western Union. If you to send me this money today that tomorrow I may go to order tickets and by a weekend in me there will be tickets  and the visa. And the next week we can be together! I very much to worry concerning our meeting. I to want to be with you as soon as possible! And i need you fool informations : You full name and you full adress! To me to tell what information to you to be necessary to send money. This information: The country: Russia seety: Kirov Adress: Bulvar Chavaina Fist name: Natasha Last name: Yanagaeva I very much to want to be with you!I actually to grow fond of you!And I to think when we to meet that our love to grow!I  to not want to lose you!I with impatience shall wait for your letter!Yours forever Natasha!  

North Brides - Russian Ladies Personals 
North Brides - Russian Ladies Personals
This whole agency is s scam
Davis Miles

Olga Bagaeva (St Petersburg, Russia) 

Hi, in late June of this year I ordered an address from "APRETTYWOMAN.COM". I have dealt with them before (as has my brother) and we have ALWAYS had good results. However, I received OLGA BAGAEVA'S (#8554) address and wrote to her immediately. I never received a response until yesterday. I have enclosed it for your reference: 


Letter 1:

Hello Dear! I am very glad to get your letter, but unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to communicate with you, because I have temporary  financial hardships. If you wold like to connect with me by net, you can send money to my account. I will send you the number of account . SAVINGS BANK OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION SEVERO ZAPADNY OFFICE ST. PETERSBURG CITY OFC BRANCH 8074   KRASNOGVARDEYSKY SWIFT   SABRRU2PXXX 42301 840 8 5513 2903277 BAGAEVA OLGA ANATOLIEVNA  Best regards, Hope to meet you.

As a first response this note just does not seem right! In any event, I will NOT be sending any money and have written to APRETTYWOMAN.COM to let them be aware and take whatever action they deemappropriate. I am just sending this note to you so perhaps you can give me your opinion and if my fear is justified, add her info to your site. I realize that many of the ladies can not afford email but this impersonal "form letter" asking for money immediately without ANY relationship just "smells" of a possible scam! I have her telephone number and address if you need it. Thank you for taking the time to read this - I hope I have "saved" someone else from having a problem. 

P.S. I LOVE your site!!!

Roza Pavlovskaya (Sochi, Russia)

I am a single, white american, 42. Someone has been adding profiles for me on various Internet dating sites, including Roza began a correspondence with me on the basis of a nearly empty profile on fellowshiplive, although it would take about a week for me to actually see that profile. Roza's notes are nearly verbatim copies of notes to someone named John from a previously noted scammer named Marina Moskvicheva (Barnaul, Russia). There are slight differences and insertions to give token answers to some of our individual questions. The physical data (height and weight) and photos are different, but the letters are the same. In her last note to me (#9) she speaks of money troubles and gives her full name and address: ROZA PAVLOVSKAYA Russia, 354000, Sochi, Chernomorskaya 158 - 35.  I sent her what I thought was the next note in her series, but with names and genders reversed, as appropriate. Too subtle for her! So I sent another note giving her the URL of her letters (as Marina), and taking her to task for her deception. I will also contact her ISP, No money was sent. The entire correspondence took place from July 5 through July 24. Below are some of her notes. Note the correspondence with Marina's notes, found at

Letter #2 : Introduction 

Hi, my dearest friend David! I am writing you from Russia, from my city called Sochi. I saw your profile in and I decided to use my chance to get acquainted with you. I know that somewhere in this world lives my second half. And Internet is a good way to find him. So why not to try to get to know each another? I believe that I need to tell you more about myself. My name is Roza. My height is for about 170 cm and weight is for about 54 kg. I was born on July 1,1974, i.e 28 y.o. I become a Christian (Russian Orthodox) in my childhood. So, and you? As I told, I have blond hair now, my own hair is a little darker, and my eyes are green. Well, to have a better idea of my appearance you can look at my picture attached to this letter. I want to apologize for some mistakes in my letter. You see, I am not very good in English, I think, but I am studying it hard myself and hope to prove my knowledge someday. As for my family, I am an only child in my family. I have no sisters and brothers. I have cousins. My parents are divorced for long time already. My father left us when I was still a little girl and I haven't seen him since that time. It is really very sad and I am always very upset thinking about it. So I am looking for the person who will be a reliable husband, friend, lover for me, who loves children because I adore children and would like to have a happy, friendly family and our children to live in the atmosphere of joy and happiness. It is my dream to create my own family and to present all my love, care and tenderness to my future husband and children. I have many interests and I will tell you about it in brief. Well, I can't imagine my life without music. I get up with music and go to bed with it. I always listen to music when I do something at home and it helps me to be in a high spirit. I like everything from classical to modern music. Usually it depends on my mood. From modern foreign music, I prefer Elton John, Madonna, Joe Cocker, Shakira, Houston, etc. I always try to find some time during the day to read a book. Usually I do it before going to bed. I prefer Russian classics, such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevski and many others. I have re-read them many times already and every time I take one of these books, it is like I am reading it for the first time. I am sure you have heard about these writers. Sometimes I don't mind to read something from the modern literature, detective stories or novels. I do it just for fun. Sport is a great part of my life. I go to the gym twice a week and also do aerobics. It helps me to be in a good shape and in a high spirit. When I am training, I forget about all problems and hardships in my life. I love my friends a lot and I have many of them. They are all very different and it is always a great pleasure to see them. Sometimes we go to the nightclubs but do it seldom because it is rather expensive for me. We like just to walk around the town and talk about different things. We often go to visit each another, it so nice to sit at home with a cup of hot tea in the cold winter evening. We often go to the cinema and enjoy our time there. When I watch a movie, it is like I am getting to that unusual for me world full of emotions, passion, love and tenderness. You see I am very romantic and I like Romantic dinners with the candles, surprises, night walks under the stars and many, many another things and some day I hope to experience all these with my beloved man. I want to say some words about my city, as you now it is located on the Black sea on the south of Russia. So we have good weather in summer, we go to swim, to lying on the sun, play beach volleyball etc. So, we have guests from other cities in our city in summer. Well, please if you can tell me about your city? What interesting you have in your city? Well, I will close here for today and leave something for tomorrow I am waiting impatiently for your reply and hope to get to know as much as possible about you. I really like you and have very serious intentions. So feel free to ask me everything you are interested in. Take care and have a good day! Hope to hear from you very soon. See ya! Roza. 

Letter #3 : Happy in the Internet cafe

Hi, my dear David! I was so happy to get a letter from you today! I had the feeling inside that I will get a reply from you. So when I went to the Internet cafe I was in a high spirit. You see, I don't have telephone and my own computer at home, so I have to go to the Internet cafe to check if there is a mail from you. It was so amazing to get a letter from you, that I was smiling all the time and people looked at me like I was crazy. After getting a letter from you I went to work. I think that you are interested to know where I work. So I work as a nurse in the kindergarten. I like my profession and job very much. You already know that I adore children and when I look at them, I feel that I will be a very good mother. But at the same time I understand that it is a great responsibility and I will do my best to give everything to my baby. By the way, may be I do not say you that I am not married and I do not have any children. You know, it is a very beautiful time of the year here. It is my favorite season! So, just imagine for yourself, I am walking down the street, and I am thinking about you. Of course, I don't know you well and you don't know me. After some letters it may be strange for you to hear these words. The meeting will decide everything but I have the feeling that everything will work for us. I am sure that everything will be fine and that we could be happy together. You know, I am going to the church not so often, usually I am going every Saturday, so and now I will be pray for us!!! The time will just show everything to us. As soon as we see each another we will understand it. It is just the matter of time and we need to be patient. I want to say you what are my favorites, my favorite color is green, but sometime I like red and my favorite figure is 3. And what about you? Ok, I will send this letter to you and will go home. It is already late and the Internet cafe is rather far from my place. At this time of the day it is very difficult with the transport. I must going on city transport, because I do not have my own car, but I can drive, I learn it earlier. So, and you can spend an hour at the bus stop to get a bus or trolley bus. But the thoughts about you help me to spend that time! All my thoughts are with you, do you feel it? See you later. Warm hugs, Roza.

Letter #5 : Mom

Hi, sunshine David! How are you there? You are the best what I have in my life and I am not alone any more. Every time I go to the Internet cafe, it is a date with you. It is the greatest even for me during the day. I even can't find the words to describe what feelings I have when I get a message from you. It is like a storm. I forget about the world around me- only you and I in the whole world. But every fairy-tale has the end -sometimes sad, sometimes happy. I hope that we will have the happy end, what do you think???????? Thank you very much for your beautiful and very funny photo! I must say to you that I pick you up because I feel it in my heart that you are interesting to me and I do not mistake! Now I want to tell you about our church. I go with my mom to the church every week, usually in Saturdays. I can tell you that our God help us to live in this hard world, because my soul is crying so often when these tragedies happened in all over the world. And in our church we pray for us and for all people in the world. I think that it is help all of us! Do you think so? Well, I decided to talk to my mom about you yesterday. I was a little bit afraid to do it. The reason is that she loves very much and of course, like every mother she worries about me. It is not an easy step to leave everything you have and move to the strange country for you. The country, you know nothing about. But I am sure that with you I would be feel safe and secure and that I have nothing to be afraid of. I told this to my Mom and read some points from your letter. She told me that she trusts me. And if I am happy, she is happy too. She thinks that you are a good, reliable, honest, kind and caring person. And she wishes us only happiness and good luck. But of course, only the meeting will show us if we really were made for each another. I am sure already that you are my second half. We really have much in common and I admire and respect you. Tomorrow we are going to visit my aunt (my mother's elder sister). She is the only one left in our family. My grandparents died and I miss them very much. I loved them very much. My aunt, her name is Katya, lives in the countryside not far from our city. She is 56 years old and she is often ill. So we often go to visit her and to help with everything we can. She loves me like her own daughter and always very glad to see me. I will write you after that. So I will close here, dear. I can't write you long letters because the services of the internet-cafe are very expensive. Take care. Kisses and hugs. You are always with me in my heart. Yours, Roza.

Letter #8 : Fantasy

Hi, my honey David! It is already a tradition for me to go to the Internet cafe. But frankly speaking, it is the best what is going on during my day. I enjoy every letter I get from you and I re-read them several times. I want to share my life with you; I want to be always with you, to feel your warmth and care. I am a very emotional, passionate, hot-tempered woman and it is usual for me to show my feelings. May be it seems strange for you, we haven't met with you in the real life, we have only letters which I cherish but I have the feeling that we know each another for ages. Hope you are not scared with all these and you understand me. The most important in the relations between two people, man and woman, love, of course, mutual understanding, respect. Two people should trust each other at first, understand, and care about each another. His life will be my life and I will give him all my love, care and tenderness. Let's fantasy a little bit. Imagine:^^^^^.. night, romance, we are alone in the room, we turn on the music and dance slowly. I look into your eyes, they are so deep and you look in mine, they are full of emotions. I see your lips, so soft and I want to kiss them. We love each another and the minute is an eternity^.. Or so^.. you are coming back from work. I am waiting for you. I have cooked a very tasty dinner and we are sitting at the table, you tell me the news, about your work and I am just listening to you. I don't need anything else. I just enjoy the moments I spend with you. Then we go to the living room and watch the movie. We are sitting on the sofa, hugging and kissing. Just the calm evening^. Or so ^.. weekend, we are cooking breakfast for our children, they are running near us - a boy and a girl. After breakfast we are going to walk, we are having picnic, then we are going to see our friends and we come back home tired but so happy. We spent a day with our family. Children are sleeping already and we are alone. We are making love and the whole night is not enough for us. Tomorrow one more week will begin and it will be even better^^^^. We have on camping a lot of fun, we play deferent games we go to swim and we are lying on the sun. Basically, everything was all right! That photo was not from this camping, and unfortunately we forget photo camera to this camping. Well, enough with my dreams^ Write me, please, your thoughts about it. I am waiting impatiently for your reply, sunshine. Hot kisses for you. Your baby Roza. 

Letter #9 : Money problems

Hello, David!!!!!!! How are you there? Ok? One more day without you, my dear! Only your letters help me not to be sad. Today I am going to visit aunt Katya. Mom can't go with me, she need to work. And after I finish my work, I will go to see her. She still didn't recover and I worry about her a lot. She is not a young girl and she needs my care. The weather is bad today, the sky is so gray, cloudy and the cold wind is blowing. I am in a low spirit today, you are far from me and there are so many problems. There is one more thing, which upsets me, I already told you that the service of the Internet cafe is rather expensive and I can't write you so often, but I will be try to do it, Ok? And you write me as often as you want. It is Ok! You know, I still haven't got my salary. It upsets me very much. I  hate this situation. Money is nothing; it's simply a piece of paper! But at the same time we can't live without it. I wish I could have much money to write as much as I can and as often as I wish. But alas! Ok, let's close this sad topic. I really need to go, dear. I miss you badly. By the way I want to give you my full name is ROZA PAVLOVSKAYA and my home address is Russia, 354000, Sochi, Chernomorskaya 158 - 35. So, you know this now. Tomorrow I will go to the church and will pray for you and for us. And I will thank the God that I have you in my life now. Thank you. Kisses and hugs!!!! Your one and only, Roza.

Oksana Bocharnykova (Lviv, Ukraine)

This letter is such an obvious scam, I think you will enjoy my reply.  I
received this email and reply within hours.  I do not know any Angelika.
The picture is a scammer from the blacklist.

Kevin Bachman

First letter:

I'm sorry for disturbing, but I have a very urgent sad news for you about Angelika.
I'm Oksana, her sister, you should know me. Angelika is in hospital now, reanimation department.

She was on duty (because of her profession - medician) at the airplane show in Lviv on the 27th of July when an avia-catastrophe has happened. I guess you've heart about that Ukrainian national tragedy, where 80 peoples was killed, and over 200 peoples seriously wounded. Detailed about that you may read on

Angelika lost too much blood and has concussion of brain. Fortunately her body was not destroyed but she needs a very urgent medical treatement because her health is under serious risk.

Our mother is staying in hospital all the time since Sunday. It was very difficult to find Angelika because she was after crash unconscious. 

As I know you are a very special friend of Angelika I thought you should know about this terrible situation. Angelika needs special medical treatment which is expensive. We have founded some resourses but not enough. The problem is to find the money in such hurry. If you could help us in this critical moment, all our family will always gratefull to you. We need 300 dollars else and we will pay back this debt in two weeks. 

We hope our Angelika will servive thanks you.

Angelika's sister Oksana.

My last name is not Filippova, but Bocharnykova after marriage. The address for western union is Shahterskaya str. 28, room 12. This is address of hostel in Lviv where we are staying temporary. As soon as you'll make a money transfer, please, send me the information about that. Every minute is very important.

My reply:


I was very sorry to hear about Angelika.  She was such a wonderful person. I would very much like to send money, unfortunately, she sounds like she will not survive.  I am sure the doctors are keeping her comfortable and will not allow linger in a vegatative state.  Hopefully, she will not suffer long. 

My sympathies to her family.


Second letter:

Thank you very much for the fast reply and warm words.
The information you need for the Western Union is just
my name and address.
That is Oksana Bocharnykova
Shahterskaya str. 28, room 12,
49002 Lviv
You may get an information how to send the money at
I really hope you'll help Angelika.
Any how, thanks and sorry for disturbing...

Swietlana Andreyevna Pitulko (Kremenchug, Ukraine)

Address: 39625
15A Shkolnaya St.
Flat 13
Poltva region
email:,, (maybe others)
date of birth: 20/07/1981
friends : sasha, natasha, julia

The story: I met her through absoluteagency but she was sending emal from another  agency in Kremenchug which She did not tell me the name. She always say it  is a friend of hers by the name of Julia. I am reporting this lady. Her name  is Swietlana Pitulko, she lives so far as I know in Kremenchug, Ukraine.  There was a phone number in one of her letters, I have called it once and a  female answered, saying Nataly was out for a few hours. She has referred to  her agency many times in her letters, but has never named it. She has  written to me every month or so and agreed to visit me in the USA. She has  asked in her last letter for $1200 for her expenses for the "visit" but I  have declined to forward this money to her via Western Union. I had already  sent her #500 previously for learning english and passport. This letter was received by myself on June 02, in which she said she would be able to fly to USA on June 24 but needed money for her visa, passport. She had not at that time applied for documents and I doubt very much whether she would have been able to obtain them in such a short space of time (less than 3 weeks). The BUS Embassy in Kiev states on its website that summer applications for visas by Ukraine nationals can take more than a month! They also require a letter from the host (ie myself) confirming the visitor will be supported/accommodated during her stay. No such letter has been requested from me by Nataly. I believe she did not intend to visit me and fear that  the $1200 she requested would have gone into her pocket - end of story! 

First letter

Hello my dear Bill. You brought a great smile to my Heart and face when I received your mail. Let me know. I great smile already thinking of what you to me said.I very happy that you consider me may be your special lady, that means lot to me. Now a little bit about myself . I often go to the gim to go in for shaping and aerobiks. On my weekends I like go to the swiming-pool. As for my English it is very poor and now I use the service of Marriage Agency to translate and send the  letters. I live in a very beautiful town .It is situated on the both banks of the river and it is very nice here esspersialy in spring and summer. I cannot say we have anough level of life here but anyway it is my  motherland. I want to learn english more good.  

Letter 2

Hi. I am very pleased so soon to receive from you the letter. I would like  to receive new photos from you. To Me very much to similar, that you to  understand mine not so good English language Language. I want to speak, that  I has learned it in school, and behind of it in College. I have growth of  168 centimeters and weights of 48 kg, I have Formation technical. I work in  in a plant. And I look behind of behaviour of children. I live in city  Kremenchug. It to Be approximately in 300 kilometers from cities Kiev. I  want to speak you, That I very much love of children. I had experience of  dialogue in me directly in Ukraine with the people. But they were not serious also we owed Part. And they very much frequently to drink alcohol and in set, and It not so is pleasant to me. I think, that in you - not a gift such habit. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink  strong spirits drinks of spirit..

Last letter

Hi my dear Bill! I can not today much write to you as I only to end my work today in morning. I to work yesterday in night change and very much  weariness, but Ivery much to miss for you and after work I has come in to write to you this letter. I hope, what at you all am good? What you will do today by evening after work? You to look TV or will go for a walk with the  friends? But, only do not go for a walk with other ladies. Well? How you to like my nickname? "Sveta" is translated as light and pur. Me so frequently to name in childhood. My grandmother and mum to transfer you large hi. I am very good to carry out time at mine the grandmother. We with it to go in a wood and to collect berries. Then we with it to do pies with various stuffings. Mine are favourite a pie consists of a raspberry. Also we to do a pie of meat and egg. When I shall be together with you, I shall do to you various pies and other tasty food. I very much love to prepare as meat under white sauce. I do not love meat. I am more to prefer fruit and fish. Well, I  to think, that now I shall go home and to have some dream. Darling, as in my last letter, I again ask you for the money,$1200 to come to you. I already book the plane. I want to with you now. I hope, that you to write to me is very speed! I very much to require your letters. Kiss much. Yours 

Hope others do not get scammed!

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