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I am just writing a short note to thank you for all of your help you have given me, it is much more than you know. There are about a 1000 marriage sites on the Internet and of them all, yours is the only one I trust. I have been an avid follower of your scam pages since their conception. And I thank you not only for the info but also for the entertainment. I have sent more money to more women than I can think about, and it does not bother me in the least because I understand that if I ever do find the right woman, well, money is nothing. In your letters and your website you stress over and over not to send money, well Elena, I have been to Ukraine many times and Moldova a few times and believe me, I cannot imagine living like some of the people do. I met a woman who road a bus for 8 hours with her son on her knee because she did not want me to spend an extra 9 dollars. And remember this - western men break a lot more hopes and dreams and hearts than the eastern women do. Most of the men think it is a game, most of the women think it is life. But once again I must thank you for your help in everything. You are a good woman!!


Black List - page 101: UPDATES
June 13, 2002 - page 1

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Anna Chuprkova/Russian Girls Marriage Agency (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

I was about to send money to the above agency and girl when I came upon this site. I have checked many times the balck list of girls and have not found Anna Chuprakova until I notice the same city, Etaterinberg, and descriptions of the photos of Alena Fedorovskaya. She is the same girl as Anna Chuprkova whom I have been corresponding with the past 4 months. The scammers are very determined, I counted over 70 letters that they have wrote to me and many appear unscripted. I did become concerned when I noticed the man answering the phone at the agency had exceptionally good English language skills and then noticed phrases in letters that just did not seem to come from a girl with a limited command of the English language. I even spoke 2 or 3 times on the phone to "Anna" and she seemed very sweet. She even sang russian songs to me on the phone. She did seem to speak fairly good English for a relatively poor Russian girl but when asked about a story she told me of an old women in one of her letters she did not seem to understand. That made me wonder. Attached are some other photos she sent me. Anna claims to be 23 years old have a father who is in the police force and works in a video store. Her home address was given as Russia, Ekaterinburg, Gurzuvskaya 15-79. The scam agency's web site is WWW.RG.TELENET.RU  and they request email be sent direct to: I even asked the for an American reference and they had someone in the US send me an email reference including a US phone number and return email address. The "American reference" used British phrases that also made me suspicious.  


Olena Slepova / Donbass Translation Center, Victor Apov (alias Alena Fedorovskaya aka Kathy Kissska Yalena) 

I have been writing to a beautiful your lady from Mariupol in the Ukraine for about 6 months now, her name is Olena Slepova; the Agency is Donbass Translation Center; the manager there is Victor Apov. I received an email today the 13th September regarding Scams and a photo caught my eye .......... Yes the same girl I was writing to........... alias Alena Fedorovskaya also known as Kathy Kissska Yalena And Victor also known as Vladimir Osipov I attach photos


Letter 1:

Where are you? I miss you very much! Best regards, Elena.

Letter 2:

Hi! How are you? I am OK. You know the center was closed during the whole week as they had a fire here and I can't check my e-mail. You know, I felt that I had a letter from you and that's why I came twice a day to the center but I wasn't in as they had some troubles and let nobody to come in. I worried much as I wanted to answer your letter and I couldn't. They said to come on Monday but I thought that it is too late but they still didn't want to let me in. I came here on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and I was heard the same that the center was closed and nobody could be in. I was afraid that the fire could destroy the computers here and I could loose your letters to me, you and our relationships. I wish I had a bit money to buy a mobile telephone and tell you that I am fine, that I miss you and want to be with you. But I had no opportunity to get in touch with. I felt terrible realizing it. I think we should have some more connection and shouldn't be depending upon this center. It's not reliable. So today is Friday and I am here and hurry to answer your letter. As I felt you wrote me a letter and as you know I am always glad to receive a letter from you my dear ! You know, I was worrying that I couldn't answer your letter immediately and I was pity that I don't have a telephone to talk to you and say you that I am OK and miss you very much. And I thought again about a mobile telephone. I wish I could have it and you can call me and we can talk and not depend upon the center with their problems!!! Honey, I miss you very much. I want to hear your nice voice. You know it comforts me very much, I think you sound like a strong and kind man, very honest and smart. I think you are a real man. You know when I was a girl, I didn't know the difference between a real man and a simple man. But now after knowing you I am sure that you are a real man, a reliable and very interesting, kind and smart and you know how to treat a woman. Honey, the only thing I want now is to meet you in real life.I am sure, a real man never hurts his woman, he never will have more than one beloved woman.As for my trip to you, it will cost about $1350 for the tickets to and back, $150 for my passport to get it in one week and $70 for visa. I called at the travel agency and they said me that I can obtain visa only if I buy the tickets to and back. To make reservation I have to pay 10% from the whole sum. So how are you? What you do without me? I miss you very much and I am dreaming of our first metting. Your Elena.

Letter 3:

Hil! I am glad to receive a letter from you. How are you? I am OK but I miss you very much! What you do without me? Why you write me so seldom? Are you very busy? You know, honey, I am going to have some vacation soon. I was offered to have vacation starting with 25th of April. I agreed. So what about you? Can you meet me when I am free? Why you don't want to call here in the center and talk to manager Tanya? Or write here and ask her and she will tell you about everything. You know, the price in our office is cheaper than preces in other travel agency. You want to call them, but how can you speak to them if you don't know Russian? As I asked them whether they speak English or some other language and they said "NO". So I think you better write here in the center as it deals with travelling also. Here is the address Dear, I miss you very much and want to be with you!!!!

Letter 4:

Dear! I am so glad you write me! I thought you have already forgot me and I was very upset honey. But I am very happy now! You remember me! You like me! I am out of words!!!!! I miss you so much and I didn't know what to think about your silence. But now I see everything is OK and you are with me! I am thinking of you every day! I wish we were together at this holiday as it is very important for me to be with you this holly day. Do you believe in God? I do.  Honey, I asked manager Tanya for my trip to you and she said it will cost about 900$-1200$. If you are still interested you should write her at the Office. Here is the address Honey, I miss you very much! I am so glad we are together now! Forever yours, Elena.

Letter 5

Hi! I an glad to wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you'll have a great day and enjoy the holiday very much. The only thing that upsets me is the fact that you are so long from me! You know, honey, I envy all girls which you meet today in the streets of your city. They don't know you but they are more closer to you than I am. THEY CAN SEE YOU! AND I CAN'T! I wish i was with you every minute of my life! I wish I celebrated all holidays together with you only! I miss you so much...

Letter 6:

Dear Sir! You are welcome to Center "USPEH".We are glad to answer your message. Answering the request of Elena, we are ready to help with the meeting. Our Center provides a wide spectrum of services for the people not owning any foreign language and modern computer technology. So, we are glad to help your desire to meet Elena, we are able to assist with the official registration of papers and the organization of your meeting. You may find us, e-mail: We have made the primary pack of papers for a trip to America, Massachussets. We also have the necessary information in order to form a passport. We are ready to book a ticket on the name of Elena Glazkova. You may pickup at Western Union for Elena Glazkova or for a name of the president of our Center Politaev Victor. If you are ready to pay a trip for Elena, we provide a list of cost for our service: passport: 250$ visa with the necessary papers: 80$ a trip to and back: 900$-1400$ a way to Kiev: 20$ The sum total for you is: 1250$-1750$ After receiving the money, we'll send you a copy of documents. If you have a desire you may to ask for an additional complex of service to accompany Elena to an airport. If you have a desire to make any present for her you may also order it with the help of our Center. Click here to send e-mail :  If you have any questions or requests, please send to  Did you receive a letter from Elena? 

Letter 7:

Hi! I was permitted to write you only a few words. Honey, why you think I don't like you? I wish I was with you every minute of my life. I didn't say it before, as you never asked. 

Letter 8:

Dear Victor, I am sorry to hear about Elena and the money that she owes you. I really is too bad as I am very interested in writing many more letters to her. I would be happy to pay for her services if I only knew that she was also interested in me also as I have not heard back from her in quite some time also. I have no idea if she is still interested in me or not. It would be crazy to send money only to find out later that she is not interested in me would you not agree. If there was only was a way for me to know for sure that she is interested in me? It would be so nice to hear back from her telling me she is still interested and if she could also send me more photos of herself that would be great. I do hope to hear back from her as I am very interested in getting to know her better. 

Letter 9:

DEAR MR. SCOTT! Unfortunately I have to tell you bad news. You lady Elena Glazkova owes our center some money. She had to pay a week ago but she didn't. She promised to pay in a week but unfortunately I can't wait so long. You know I have strict instructions: if a person hasn't paid during 3 days we shouldn't permit him visiting our center. Probably I shouldn't do this, but we are interested in our clients. So you are the only person Elena corresponds with. Will you be so kind to pay for her. She doesn't know that I write to you and it's up to you to decide whether to tell her or not. If you don't trust me you may ask her. My urgent request for you is to do this as soon as possible. Otherwise we won't permit her using our e-mail and she won't visit our English lessons. Price concerning our services is attached. Truly yours Politaev Victor, The Director of the center "Uspeh".

Letter 10:

Hello! I'm glad to receive a letter from you. Probably I'm mistaken, but it seems to me that you are exactly the person I'm looking for. I would like serious relations which may lead to marriage. I dream about a strong family with some kids and plenty of love. I would like to be not just a wife, but also a reliable friend and passionate mistress. Only in such a way an ideal marriage is possible. I am ready to listen to all problems, to all troubles and happy things of my future husband. And I hope he will do the same with me. When I am happy I am eager to get all love of my husband, the more the better. I wish to visit some countries. You see I never traveled. I've heard much about Italy I send you a photo and hope you do the same. Big kisses

Letter 11:

Hello, Tuesday, February 05, 2002, 12:05:22 AM, you wrote: Hello my beautiful Elena, I am so happy to hear from you again as it brings me great joy to get your
letters. It has been a very busy and crazy week as we had a dental convention here in the city of Boston. Dentists from all over the world fly here to Boston to take part in it to see all of The latest equipment, new dental materials and to take some classes. Every year at this event my dental school has a little party for all of the dentists who have graduated, like a reunion. It was great to see so many of my old classmates and friends once again and I had a lot of fun. This week we also had our first basketball game of the season in the new league. I am the captain and coach of the team that I put together as a lot of my friends that I have played with for a long time are on the team. We won very easily by almost 30 points( the team we played, is not that good). There are many other very good teams in the league and we will face them soon as the league goes on. I have been very good and healthy as there seems to be a Flu that many people over here have gotten, hopefully it will not catch up with me as I hate being sick so much. I am not a great sick person or patient as I just want to be left alone in my bed to suffer and to get better. Tell me what you have been doing for fun as my life is back into it's normal everyday life of too much work and sports, not enough sleep and never enough time to do everything that you want to do. Write soon and as always please send more photos if you can as I enjoy seeing you very much. I will be happy to see your photos next time With a kiss.
What is your full name and birthday by the way? Can you also please give me your handle for your profile as I can not seem to find it? 

Letter 12:

Hello dear!  I am glad to much receiving your letter, I have reading it with much attention. I do not have any doubt in that you do not have difficulties to find a pair, you are a very attractive man, any woman must feeling with being to your side. You may asked yourself because I look for a man outside my country, I want give you an explanations of because I look for a man abroad . I don't think that the men abroad are more intelligent, but we have so many problems in our country, that they simply don't look at wonderful women surround them. But every woman wants to be wonderful, beautiful. She dreams to find her only man, her friend who has much love and care in his heart only for her. She needs his strong shoulder, every time, every minute. As for me, I have much love in my heart to create good family, I am able to have it. It will be the happiest family in the world, I believe in it. I do not understand the life without love in an ample sense and literal to everything: to my parents, my family, my friends,the animals. Love to life and in general to everything what surrounds me, I could not live without loving nor being loved. I've never been married and have no children, but I dream to have everything someday! I think you understand everything I wanted to tell you . I have to admit that I am just glad to have you as my friend and really hope that we will be able. 

Letter 13:

Hi, my sweet! Oh, I'm so sorry I'm not wrote you for a long time. I've got a lot of work in our school and my kids (in my class)didn't want to give a peace out. Phew! It's really difficult to be teacher. Anyway, I try to do my best, I'm thinking children need me, they need love and attention, the same like with me. I really need it... I'm sorry I'm in a big stress now, you see... I'm 28, and I'm still single. During last months I going to a shaping section, but it doesn't help to get my loneliness away. Two day ago was a Valentine's day I was dreaming about a dozen roses, but... You should understand me I'm really lovely person, but I'm thinking something wrong with me now. If to be honest it seems like I had a crush on you... Sorry. You are man who knows what he wants to get. So what's about me? I'm going at evenings out, I'm trying. "Oh, come on, Elena, stop crying!" This is such a beautiful life. Be happy! Be happy, my wonderful stranger! Go well! 

Letter 14:

Hello dear! I am glad to much receiving your letter, I have reading it with much attention. I do not have any doubt in that you do not have difficulties to find a pair, you are a very  attractive man, any woman must feeling with being to your side.  You may asked yourself because I look for a man outside my country, I want give you an explanations of because I look for a man abroad . I don't think that the men  abroad are more intelligent, but we have so many problems in our country, that they simply don't look at wonderful women surround them. But every woman wants to be  wonderful, beautiful. She dreams to find her only man, her friend who has much love  and care in his heart only for her. She needs his strong shoulder, every time, every  minute. As for me, I have much love in my heart to create good family, I am able to  have it. It will be the happiest family in the world, I believe in it.  I do not understand the life without love in an amplesense and literal to everything: to my parents, my family, my friends,the animals. Love to life and in  general to everything what surrounds me, I could not live without loving nor being  loved. I've never been married and have no children, but I dream to have everything someday! I think you understand everything I wanted to tell you . I have to admit that I am just glad to have you as my friend and really hope that we will be able to become  more than only friends in future... P.S. It was technical problems with a computer, I'll scan the photos next time.

Letter 15:

Hello! Thank you for your letter. I was waiting for it with great interest and was very happy to receive. So, dear you decided to tease me! You tell me about beach, about ocean.... Do you know how cold here now?! It's so unpleasant to be out of doors, but ok, I can't change anything. But I decided also to tease you a little and I will send you my picture at at a beach.... Hope you will like it! Have a nice day and I am waiting for your answer. 

Letter 16:

Hello, dear! I am happy that you and your family are ok and in a good health. It is a pity that we haven't met each other earlier, because this way we would decide to spend it together, i am sure of this! But, we have a plenty of time and I am sure we will figure something out! In the meantime, I would like to tell you more about myself. Okay, here we go. I am fun, honest, loving, intelligent, I have a sense of humor and I am not afraid to laugh at myself. I always feel it is very hard to write about myself, knowing that you see yourself differently than others do, but I will do my best(smile). I feel that two people should always be able to talk or discuss things even if you differ in opinion, be able to agree to disagree. It is never about where you are but who you are there with that makes the difference. I love the sound of the sea and walks on the beach. I like working out, movies, music, reading, and I love art. I can be very happy just cuddling up with that special someone and watching a movie or just enjoying each others company. I believe ones past is the past and that a new relationship would be the sunshine in my life. You should be intelligent and sensual, like flowers, animals all the beautiful nature of our world, like going to the theatres, loving music, dances. Dreaming to find mutuality, eternal love. Dreaming about a woman, pretty, kind, with balanced character, tall, sportive, who wants a strong family. I would appreciate if you could find the time for a date with me. As for my full name and address: Elena Glazkova Dimitrova street 17, Gorlovka 84621 Ukraine.I will close for now and wait for your letter. Always, Helen. I liked your pictures!!! You are something!

Letter 17: 

Hi, dear!  Thanks for your letter, I like it very much. I have no access to the computer and I will be very grateful if you could send me a picture. My English is not very good, so I had to render to the center of translation services for help. They help me to translate my letters into English, but I hope it won't be any problem for us. I live in Gorlovka, a small town in Donetsk region. I live alone with my cat Kiesha. I have a younger brother who is 15. My family is very friendly, we like to go for walks together, to travel. This year we have been to Crimea together. As I have already written in my letter, I am a sales manager. I work in a small enterprise. I have a very changeable personality. That means that there live many women inside me. So my future partner will be glad to have a perfect lover, a caring wife, a loving mother all in one person. I have many hobbies, I like to be in shape, so I always go in for sports. I like swimming, jogging, playing tennis and so on. I have many friends, I like to spend my free time with them. On weekends we like to go to the theatres, to the cafes, we like to go for picnics. I like reading very much. Sometimes I spend days and nights at the library. I think one cannot stop perfecting oneself, because this way life becomes boring, you have nothing to discuss, nothing to say. I like cooking, sometimes I invite my parents or friends and cook for them something delicious. We have fun together, take video cassettes and watch some old films, eating pop-corn and discussing every moment of the movie. I like new impressions in everything. Life is so wonderful that we cannot miss not any moment of it! That is why I try to get up early in the morning and watch the Sun rising. Then I go for a morning jogging, take a shower and go to my office. It's a pity I haven't met my partner yet because I have so much love and tenderness in my soul, but I want to give it to my only man prepared for me by my destiny. Well,  have to say my good-by now, I hope I didn't miss anything. If you want to ask me something, go ahead, I will try to answer all your questions. Please send me your picture and tell about yourself, your life. I send you a kiss and look forward to earing from you soon, Helen.

Elena Abramova (Cheboksary, Russia)

I am a white male from the USA and would like to report to about a scammer by the name of Elena Abramova. Her full name and address is Elena Alekseevna Abramova, Volkov street 84 ap.31,City: Cheboksary. Her E-mail address is  She is listed at Friendfinder under the profile name of angel_5678us . She first tried to get me to send her money ($65) for her internet service initially and then she tried to get me to send her money ($830) for her passport, visa and airline tickets to come visit me. This supposed travel company who will get her the visa and airline tickets is Roubin Tour Agency (telephone #- 79023256230. I never did send her any money and I never heard back from her again. Please add this scammer to your list. Sincerely, S. H. (Scam Hunter) 


Letter 1:

Greetings my dear!!!! I very much to get tired today, though at us even morning. I to go in the airport to learn about tickets in June, to me to tell that to me will pick up the most successful flight. But in the beginning I need to reserve tickets. Because places may appear by the plane to appear. To reserve tickets to me soon it is necessary to pay half of cost of tickets it approximately 435 $ U.S. If I to not reserve the ticket that my trip to be postponed for longer term. And as I need to give money for the visa, she will be done long approximately 2 - 3 weeks. She will be for the period of 3 months. I to think for this time we am strong to like each other, what you to think, my dear???  Write to me soon!!! Yours Elena

Letter 2:

Greetings my dear!!! I am very glad that you to me so quickly to write, I very much to mountain that our meeting to be postponed!!! But I to think that she soon to be held??? I will learn later what flights in June. But to me to tell that tickets aboard the plane should be reserved earlier for one month. Tickets will cost 825 $ U.S. I do not have visa, and she will cost 210 $ U. S. I very much to be afflicted that with our love a problem - money. But I to think that if we to love each other you of ours love there is no barrier as money???  I to think that when we to see each other we to grow fond even more strongly and long to not be together, we shall live with you all life!!! I to think that you to want it??? I to talk to girlfriends and they are very glad for me, they to speak that you very good person, and that I with you to be happy!!! I so am glad!!!  But I to think you to not throw me from for that that I to not have money??? I may be arranged on work when I to arrive to you, I shall look after our children, I shall be cleaning of a house. I to plant beautiful flowers before our house, and I behind them shall look after, water them. That our house would have good nature. It only dream, but I to think that it shortly to come true???  Write to me soon!!! I am strong to wait!!!!!! Yours Elena. 

Letter 3:

Greetings my dear!!!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter!!!! I so strongly to wait for him, I may not fall asleep not having read though one your letter!!! Because I so am strong to you to get used during our correspondence, and now I to not want to lose you, my dear!!! I so to want to see and strongly to embrace, I to think that it will be very fast?? I to think you too me to grow fond and to not want to lose touch with me??? If you to not grow fond of me I to not know what now to do, I should whom another!!! I am very glad that I have you.  I to dream about our meeting with you slightly. To dream me dreams as we with you to walk on city, and we are very glad to see each other!!! Yesterday to dream me dream that you to write to me that you to find other girl, I am very strong to cry, at this moment of me to wake mum, she to calm me and to wipe to me tear and will tell that all well!!! I too so to think. I to learn(find out) a direction of flights and to write it(him) to you: I to take off from airport Sheremet'evo 2, March, 2, company DELTA AIRLINES, flight DL 030, then I change on flight DL 6293, I to arrive to airport LOGAN INTL APT C, I to arrive to you at 15 20 minutes. As I will learn that the ticket to cost to you and back 825 $ U.S. My lovely I is strong to miss on you and to wait from you for the letter!!! Yours Elena. 

Letter 3:

Hi my lovely! Already has passed a lot of time from that as I did not receive from you the letter!!  I am very much upset, you have deceived me and do not write me more. You havefound other girl??? If it so inform me please that I did not write to you more, I am very strongly upset, I sit in the Internet the centre and I have tear on eyes as the child!!! You spoke that love me and itself even have ceased to me to write!!! You promised me that we shall be together... My lovely I shall wait for your letter, please inform me the letter in any case. Still in hope yours Elena!!!  

Letter 4:

Mine lovely! I have come in the Internet the centre to check up the letters from you, and again it has not found out, to me is very sad, I shall come here to check up the letters from you already tomorrow, and with hope I shall expect it!!! And now I went in shop behind bread and for one has decided to run to check up mail from you!! :)) I am now directed home to have dream, write to me very soon, about the large love, yours Elena!!!    

Letter 5:

Mine lovely!!! Already third time I come in the Internet the centre with hope to see your letter and I do not find it, why you do not write me??? You do not want that I have arrived???? Mine lovely inform me please if something happened, I with impatience shall wait, your love Elena!!! 

Letter 6:

Hi mine lovely!!  Excuse that I was not capable to write to you, I had some problems of a house with my parents. My dear my surname Abramova. Mine lovely transport agency in which I all learned refers to as Roubin Tours, the telephone number it agency is +79023256230, I talked to the man, I do not know as him call,he has shown me the prices sheets and all has explained. Mine lovely I so am happy that we soon shall together and we shall have a lot of perfect time together, I so am strong it I want, answer to me very soon please, I with impatience wait, yours Elena!!! P.S.  I have overlooked to you to inform that I have no a home telephone number, as it is expensive for our family. Came to me please in the answer more photos, I it want to do a calendar where there will be an image you and me, that I could give it at our meeting to you!!!:) Write to me very soon!!!   

Letter 7:

Hi mine lovely!! Excuse me for my check you, whether I thought seriously you speak about our attitudes, both has decided to not write to you and expected your letter. Mine lovely now I see that you are serious to me and I am very glad to this, I did not want to be mistaken in search somebody, and is glad that you are very serious. Mine dear I it have made because very much many search for an entertainment in the Internet, but I do not want any entertainment, I to want the serious attitudes, I begin to fall in love with you. Now my lovely our following step will be in our meeting, I very strongly want it, I to want be with you very soon and to have a lot of perfect time together, what you think in this occasion?? Mine as I also promised to learn on the account of trip, I have learned that is the travel company, which can give me services of stay to you for 3 weeks, uses the company of airflights lufthandsa and me have informed in this transport agency that I should pay 830 $ U.S. Into this cost enter: the visa by duration 21 days, tickets in both parties, medical insurance and also tax payment. Me also have informed there that I can arrive to you on June 08, 2002, and I shall depart from you on June 29, 2002. They have told that together me the exact information during 2 weeks after payment of trip, also me have informed that I should pay my stay to you till March 22, 2002, as the documents mine trip to you will prepare not quickly, and ask to pay that has not arisen what problems with it. Mine lovely I with impatience shall wait your answer, write to me directly now, as I at the given moment am in the Internet the centre and I shall wait for your letter, about love and hope, yours Elena P.S. My dear my surname is Abramova. Mine, my patronymic is Alekseevna. You can send me money today if can, and I then tomorrow shall be directed in tourist agency for to pay of my trip to you, write to me what you think in this occasion??   

Letter 8:

Hi mine dear!!!! Excuse that I so long to not write to you!!! At me to happen to the large mountain, at me to die the aunt. I her very strongly to love, I all time with her to consult, she me in all always to help. I can believe that her began!!! But I to think that I to go through this loss, because you near to me, strongly to love mine favourite, I you!!! I to think that our meeting soon to be carried out. I so strongly to dream of it!! I to think what you too it strongly to want??? I to learn about the ticket and the visa is all will cost 830 $. When I to receive money I to order the tourist visa, she will be an extent 3 weeks. I to think that this time will suffice us better to get acquainted and to learn each other better. How you to think?? When I to pay for the ticket to me to tell at the airport date of a start and number of flight. Both I to inform you and you should take away me from the airport, I to time to be in the large country and can there be lost. You to ask me my address once again??? I to send you it: Name:Elena Surname:Abramova Patronymic:Alekseevna Address:Volkov street 84 ap.31 City: Cheboksary  P.S. I so to want be in it minute near to you, mine favourite, I to cry for pleasure that I have you, and I to cry from burning that at me to not become favourite the aunt!!! I to want to carry out with you passionate night, I to love you, mine favourite!!!!!! Write to me please, it is very bad without your letters!!!! I strongly to wait for the letter from you, am very strong!!!!!  Your Elena.

Letter 9:

Hi mine!!!! I am very glad to receive the letter from you!! I to not have the computer, and on this I to use the Internet the centre, and it costs at us of money, I to pay for one month 65 $, but unfortunately I sometimes had term and I to not have the finance at the given moment to pay correspondence, and on this I to ask you, it is very not convenient!!! Excuse that so leaves, but I to want be with you in Boston the near future and to communicate with you, I to want to leave such the country, as Russia, because at us in Russia the man to not respect Russian women, they much drink and beat the wives, but I to want happy family and to want that children were happy, I never to have of the serious relations, but my girlfriends to tell to me, about Russian family (my girlfriend had of the husband, but has left him, because he began much to drink and she to remain one with two children, and she speak that all Russian men such!!!! I like you also by it there can be all is have an effect, because I to believe in love on distance, and when we shall be together that she to increase in 100 times, and you will feel it!!!!!!!:)When I to arrive to you, we shall spend together evenings, we shall have romantic suppers at candles, and you will speak me that I very well to prepare, because supper for romantic evening I to make with great pleasure, and then you to take me for a hand and messages me in a bedroom... In the morning I to rise in your embraces, and to go to prepare breakfast, and you to be going to on job, before that how to leave at job you strong to kiss me, and then I will be cleaned on the house!!! But there can be these all my dreams?! I specially have come in the Internet the centre to write to you the letter, and now I to want to wait of your answer, I shall wait, and then I to set off home to sleep, if you to not answer to me now, I to set off tomorrow to look my mail box and to wait for the letter!!! My home address: My address Cheboksary,Volkov Street84 ap. 31, I live on 3 floor (not so highly), I live with the parents. I with impatience to look forward to hearing, and to send set of kisses!!!! With love always yours Elena!!!!! P.S. You can send me money on western union in bank in city Cheboksary.On my full data which I send you:Name:Elena Surname:Abramova Patronymic:Alekseevna Address:Volkov street 84 ap.31 City: Cheboksary

Letter 10:

Hi mine sweet!!!! I am very glad to receive your letter and that that you agree to the serious relations!!!!! Unfortunately we can not with you correspond because i can not pay for my internet center, but I to want be with you on a line, I to have financial Problems with payment for the Internet, it to cost to me $ 47 U.S. per one month, me very much It is not convenient to ask, but please inform me, whether you can help me? Your letters heat to me soul. Today since morning bad weather, blows a strong cold wind, Mood bad and only idea about that that I shallsee your letter warms me in this day. I live in very beautiful city, I like to go for a walk with the girlfriends on park, to go in cinema and theatres. I like your letters, I see that you are adjusted to the serious relations!!! I represented you with you, we with you sit at a table at candles, we drink a delicious cognac, I to prepare supper for this purpose, you to speak me that I am tasty to prepare...  Then we pass in a bedroom and... In the morning we rise together you go on job, and I am tidied up in the house!!!! But there can be it of dream?? You to want it??? I to want it!!! Write to me soon, Gentle kiss for you!!!Elena 

Natalia, Omsk, Siberia, Russia

First letter. Received a letter from Natalia on June 3, 2002 and I could not remember ever writing her. The letter - I'm a doctor-cardiologist. 10-year old son. Age 31. Blond. Divorced. She and son speak very good English. What are you looking for in a woman? Sends a beautiful black night gown full body photo (see letter and photo below). Please send her a small picture, as the internet is so expensive here. Second letter. Doctors only make $100 a month and she has not been paid for three months, but loves her work. Another photo attached, more revealing that the first (see letter and photo below). Third letter. Only 5 minutes lef on internet. The post doesn't work. I don't know what to do. Natalia from Omsk. After this letter, I send her letter that we should not send money, she asks me who to trust, I demand that I have a bank, her phone number and address, and surprisingly, get them all (fourth letter). I almost sent her the money, but visited the black list of names, and there she was. Thankyou so much for publishing the black list, as it saved me at least $120.00 

Ist Letter 

Dear David, Thank you for your nice letter. I am very interesting about you and I would like to know more about you. As you know already, my name is Natalia, I am 31 years old, I am very attractive, with blond long hair, green eyes, I am working as a doctor-cardiologist now and I am living in Omsk, it's center of Siberia, Russia. It's very big city, our population here is more, than 2 millions people. I am divorced and I have wonderful son, he is 11 years old, we are both speak very good English. By my character I am very kind, gentle, caring person, with good sense of humor, without bad habits, I am looking only for serious relations. Please, tell me, have you ever been married ? Have you children ? What are you looking for ? What is your education, job ? I will be waiting your letter very much. Take care, Natalia.  P.S: I will be glad to have your photo ( this computer take photo in JPEG less than 50 kBT, please, send me only 1 small photo, because Internet here is very expensive).  

2nd Letter

Dear David, I was very glad to get your photo, I can see by your answers, that you are very clever man and I will be glad to see you in person in future, especially, that it will be no problem with our communication, I speak English very good. I will tell you more about my job in this letter. Maybe you don't know, that Russia is only country in the world with low salary for doctors, my salary in month is only 100$ and I didn't get my salary during 3 months already. But I like my job in any case, I like to help people, because by my character I am very caring person. I am sure, that I can make happy that man, which I will love. I have question to you again. Please, tell me, how you imagine for yourself woman, with whom you would like to be together ? I send you my other photo today and I look forward to get your answer. I am very interesting about you, my darling and I am thinking about you all the time. Take care, Natalia.  

3rd Letter

Dear David, I like your letter very much, but I have bad news today, I got message from my Internet company, that it's left only 5 minutes for me in Internet and I can't pay for it any more. As for post , it's not work in Russia, I prefer only e-mail communication, I don't know, what to do, our communication was possible only because of Internet, but I haven't such possibility now. Take care, Natalia. 

4th Letter

Dear David, Thank you for your desire to help me and keep our correspondence, but my Internet is more expensive, than your, I should pay 60$ in month and I didn't pay for two months already. But if you really serious to help me, we can use Western Union System. As for my address for that system, it's Natalia Pervykh, 644042 Russia, Omsk, Markca Str, 22-54. My phone is 7 -(3812)-30-10-24. My time is ahead on 3 hours than Moscow time, you can call me only if you really will be able to help me. Address of ,, Omsk-bank'' is Russia, Omsk, Gazetny str, 6. Take care, Natalia. 

Nataliya Shustova (Cheboksary,Russia)

I am a single man of 46, never married. I received an email from "Natasha," who later referred to herself as "Nataliya." I think she got my email address somehow from linking with  Anyway, I responded to her emails, and we established a correspondence. She was very sweet in her letters, and she really had me falling for her. But she asked me for $360 to help with her visa. In my current position, I can do no such thing. I was a little leery when I first saw that, but I guess I wanted to believe she was real. I didn't send her anything - I couldn't! As of this posting she sent me an email about three days ago, and I sent another to her. Tonight, I was checking out your website, and the more stories I read, the more curious I became. Then I read the story from Tony M about Svetlana Glushkova, and I saw her pictures. Such a sad shock to see "my Nataliya" on the blacklist site. The name and address she sent me are as follows: Russia, Chuvashiya republic, Cheboksari City, Street Gagarina, The house 10 Apartment 62 Nataliya Shustova

Be advised of this new scam. The pictures she sent are below.I am thankful, and blessed lucky, to have found and checked your site. Thank you for having this service available. My regards to Tony M. 

Letter 1

Hi Steve.I to live in city Cheboksari. I to want I speak, which I could not to write to you at once. I to have a problem with my health, but now I to feel well. I to have it is a lot of happiness when to receive yours the letter. I to want to speak, that I to search for the man, which I could love and have with it family. I to want to speak, which I to study I to the English language at school, then at university. I now to continue special norms . I think, that we can to understand each other. I to want to speak, that I to have growth of 173 centimeters, and weight of 52 kg. I to be engaged in childhood in gymnastics. I to have the maximal formation I to finish university, I to have formation of  the teacher. I to want to speak, that I to love children, and to dream that, when it in me there will be children. I to not have children, I was not behind of the husband. I very much to love to be engaged on sports competitions. I to love various music. I be capable to play on a piano. I to want to speak, that I to not drink spirits drinks of alcohol . I to not smoke. I to consider, that for the girl to smoke, it is very much not beautiful. I to want to speak that I to live with my mum. Mine the daddy to leave from us with the mum, when to me to be 12 years. I to want, that you to send me to a photo. I shall do photos and to send you. I you shall think what to love my photos. I to want to speak, that I very much to love to prepare tasty dishes. I to wait yours after the letter. I we shall think what to continue to write each other. I, that I shall want to speak that I to write to you soon. Natasha 

Letter 4

Hi my dear Steve. I am very glad to receive your answer. It is pleasant, that our acquaintance is a success also we have progress. I to think and very much to want what to have our love together. I to search specially for such the man as you. I am very glad, that my heart me to not deceive. Why, from all I to want to choose you. I to think, that it is destiny. Because me so to tell my heart. And I was very glad when to find your letter in the box. Now I go the ambassador my work what to look my box and to find your letter. Each night and day my ideas on you. I to not know, that this such. But I to feel as me 18 years. I to feel the young and young girl. I to lose good dream. Because I long to think of you before that how to lie down to sleep. It to not give me to sleep. I to think, that tomorrow I can receive from you the answer. Now I to finish the letter. Strong I embrace you, yours Natasha. 

Letter 13 (first one to ask for money)

My happiness Steve. I am very glad to receive your letter. Unfortunately I could not write to you soon and me it to do to a mountain. I yesterday could not open mine a box. On this I to write to you only today. Me to afflict, that I can not write to you the letters 2, 3 or even 4 times per day. Because I very much want it. I am very glad, you to want our meeting as. I to think, that she will be speed. I to speak with the man which to work in firm and to learn, that I should pay behind the tourist visa and documents 346 $ US. I to try to find this money, but it is difficult for me because it is the large money for me. I to ask my mum to sell our garden, but she does not want it to do. I to not know, what to me to do? Whether I want learn can you to help me with payment of my documents and visa. Because I can not find such money soon. And my holiday will be speed and if we to not do our meeting soon, then we can not have our meeting. And I to want to you to come and to carry out! with you a lot of time. We can together much go for a walk, talk and have entertainment. I want with you supper at candles, and behind that dance slow in your hands. I to think, that you as to want it my love. I want to tell, that I to feel, that as though I to know you long and for a long time. I do not want to seem you ridiculous, but with each your letter I to feel, that I to know you. I want to see you when to lie down to sleep and to wake up in the morning. But more I want to meet you, my love. I shall be very glad to live near to you and to help you to do harvest in your apartment and to eat.I think that we can to live in one room with you. I to think that your relatives will not prevent us. Now I to go to sleep and to think of you. I to want to send you a photo. I think, you to love this photo. Now I to go to sleep and to think of you, my prince. A kiss and love, yours Natasha. 

Letter 19

Hi my prince Steve. I today to have it is a lot of happiness. I today to go with my work and to see as two men, the man and woman to go together holding each other behind a hand. I to represent as we with you we shall go till a street and you will hold me behind a waist. I to think that it soon to occur. My love I to think of you each second. I can not quietly sleep at the night. I to dream of that day when I can see you. I today to come home and to prepare tasty supper. I have prepared the fried hen about a potatoes. My mum to speak that I it is very good to prepare. My mum to speak that, I should prepare for you pies with various fillings. My mum speaks that I to prepare very tasty pies. I to think that you liked as I to prepare.I to want speak that I should to pay money behind mine visa on this week, if I to want to have time to receive mine visa to my vacation. I think that you can to find money on this week. If I to not pay money behind mine visa, I can not come to you and we can lose our love. I very much to love you and to not want to lose you. I to want to find with you our love and to create happy family. My birthday of July 25. My love I very much to miss without you!!! To finish the letter. Always yours Natasha.


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