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Internet Thieves

The articles from my website Russian Brides Cyber Guide has been stolen so many times that I am getting tired of contacting service providers and thieves asking them to remove my copyrighted materials from their websites.

So I think it is time to make a list of Internet thieves. If somebody stole your copyrighted materials, you can place the thieves on this list. Also, if you came across a website that has copies of articles from Russian Brides Cyber Guide website, please do not hesitate to drop us a line!
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Please only inform us if the copyrighted materials are still on the offending website including the full URL's of the copyrighted article(s) and the illegitimate copy.

Thank you in advance!

List of Internet Thieves

18 Jan 2002 Thief:
Stolen: 2 articles from Russian Brides Cyber Guide:
1. Article of Anatoly Neverov Scam
2. My own article Dating Scams - The real picture of international introduction industry
Were published at: 
Comments: No mentioning of the real authors; the texts are published with minor alterations. The author of the first article Anatoly Neverov was killed 11 September 2001, and I find it disgusting to steal from the dead. 
Whois record for .tv domains:
Responsible Person: Andrey Sivtsov
Organization: DatingBeauties
17 April 2002 Thief: that calls itself CIS & RUSSIA & WORLDWIDE DETECTIVE AGENCY
Stolen: The whole page of Alphabetical Archive of Scammers
Were published at:  
Comments: Just copy and paste tactic, they even left the links leading to non-existing on their website pages! is a free service, where anyone can set up a website. Incidentally, the site offers services in locating and refunding the money that have been stolen by scammers!
Possible responsible persons: unknown, as they will not leave any contact details on the website. They however have a credit card processing account with under the name "olservice"
29 May 2002 Thief: Alena's Kiss Online
Stolen: The page Frequently Asked Questions of Russian Brides Cyber Guide
Were published at: 
Comments: Located in Riga, Latvia, this "agency" will open numerous windows with porno sites in your browser once you attempt to exit their pages.
Possible responsible persons: unknown - no contact details on the site. Whois record is also anonymous. They however have a credit card processing account with which is famous for serving xxx sites.
10 May 2005 - stealing since 2001 Thief: A Meeting Point Friends Ltd
Apartado De Correos, 572
SP-50.080 Zaragoza

Stolen: Data of women from Elena's Models 
Were published at: 
Comments: Instead of spending money on advertising for their own agency, they buy client's subscription to other sites and use addresses of women for their own database, well aware that they are violating copyrights of the rightful owners and re-selling addresses received through a client's subscription is illegal. Since 2001, buys subscription to Weekly Ladies' Catalog of Elena's Models and then sends women invitations to join their service. When approached about the fact that women from Elena's Models receive invitations from their agency, says they are buying data from several suppliers and cannot control where the suppliers get the data from. When offered help in catching the unscrupulous supplier by identifying women from Elena's Models who received letters, so could find out who sold them stolen information and give Elena's Models the name of the thief, refused to cooperate. The thieves were first reported in 2001. Women from continued receiving letters from as in May 2005. is aware of publishing stolen information on their site.
Responsible persons: Marta Perez; 


To send your own report about copyright infringement, please Contact Us

Please only send your complaint if the copyrighted materials are still on the offending website including the full URL's of the copyrighted article(s) and the illegitimate copy.

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