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Great site, Elena!

I have been corresponding with a nice Russian girl for a number of months. I seem to have done most things right on my own (I guess honesty works). This is a goldmine of information! THANK YOU!!!!


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I came to realize that wishes indeed come true!
A true-life story from Tom and Taya

Hello Elena

I have visited your site, and read many articles, and stories of couples. My story is not much different, but will allow other people to realize that wishes indeed come true.

I had divorced, and spent the first two years recovering from that disappointment. I dated women here in America, and found that what I was really looking for was rare here in the USA. Woman are much more independent, and liberal then I was looking for. I read articles on Asian and Russian women. I thought that there outlook on relationships between men and women were much closer to what I wanted.

I visited sites and contacted women from Russia. One in particular caught my eye, and interest during the correspondence. Her name was Taisia. She was younger then I initially was looking for, but her letters and pictures said she did not want a man to young. She was not bothered at all about our age difference, and I felt that we should take our relationship further and see what developed.

About 5 months of writing and telephone calling led to my visit to her. We met in Moscow, spent some time there, and then went to her home town. Right from the start we both felt we had found the person we had always been looking for. During the two weeks we were together, I observed her with her family, friends, and home environment. A few small warts appeared, but nothing that put me or her off. We saw each other in very good times, and a few differences of opinion. In all instances we both gave some ground, and compromised because we were in love, and wanted our relationship to work. We found we both wanted the same things from life. I asked her to marry me, and she agreed. I then came home, and we started on the long visa journey.

There are many times during the visa process where you question your sanity as to why you are doing this. Happily, phone calls, and emails keep you both on track.

Finally all paperwork was completed, and all the plans made for Taya`s trip to America. We are both extremely happy now, and she arrives on the 7th of December, just in time for Christmas holidays. Taya is 30 and I am 53. Her and my wishes have indeed come true. She saw beyond our age difference, and made me realize that when two people are right for each other, nothing else should stand in the way. We both are committed to making our upcoming marriage a success. The enclosed picture was taken in a restaurant in Yoshkar-Ola, a city outside her village. 

Tom and Taya

Tom and Taya


At first it seemed completely unreal, and now we are trying to sort out her visa! -  Read a story of Paul and Galina

Real life fairy-tale - One day a guy wrote to me asking if I think it's possible for him to find a partner through Internet. I said "Yes, why not?" and he started his search. Read a true-life fairy tale from Bart and Irina.

More true-life stories

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