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Russian Brides a ClicheRussian brides” is a cliche name for Eastern European women wanting to meet men from USA, Canada, Australia and European Union. 

All women from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union, and even women from Bulgaria and Romania (which are now part of the European Union and never been a part of Soviet Union, although located in Eastern Europe) are often being referred to as “Russian brides”.

The women may be Ukrainians, or Belorussians, or Kazakh (remember Borat? That was Kazakhstan in the movie), however, the popular cliché name is “Russian brides”. 

Another popular cliche is that men seeking Russian brides are all old, unattractive and unable to get a woman at their home country. Truth is, most men seeking contacts with foreign women are capable and as research shows, more educated than the average population. They are looking for brides in Russia and Eastern Europe because they find them more attractive, more feminine, more stylish, and in many cases, more educated.

In Russia and the former Soviet Union, more than 60% of the population has a college or university degree, thanks to free tertiary education being still available. Research by the dating agency Elena’s Models shows that more than 90% of their female clients – “Russian brides” – have a college or university degree or are current college students, and 6% are doctors of medicine, science or arts.

Research shows that more than 90% of Russian brides have a college or university degree or are current college students, and 6% are doctors.

Combined with natural genetics giving Russian brides their specific look, which is considered “beautiful” in the west but is ordinary in Russia, these are the factors that make thousands of men seek women in Eastern Europe.

But what about women? How do they feel knowing they are known (collectively) as Russian brides? 

Most Russian and Eastern European women seeking men for marriage are actually not aware of this name and they consider themselves simply using an introduction service for people looking for a serious relationship and don’t call themselves “brides”. It is certainly a cliché thinking that these women are “selling themselves” or trying to escape poor conditions in their countries, as this is certainly not the case with many women being in professional jobs, accountants, lawyers and engineers. These women are looking for good men and Russian men are known for their hard drinking and all that goes with it, inappropriate behaviors etc. This is why some Russian women (a very low percentage nation-wise) look abroad to find different social standards and habits, and men who will treat them better.

So, all in all, Russian brides are seeking good men (don’t all women, of any nation?) and men are seeking beautiful, smart women (nothing wrong with that either). If it is OK to move to find a better job, then I do not see any problem with moving to find a better partner. Many people are moving countries those days, Americans move to New Zealand, English move to Australia (and the other way around), and generally any western country today is a mix of cultures and nations, all of whom contribute to the country's wealth and diversity.

Women of all nations seek good men, and men seek beautiful, smart women.

It is about time that we forgot about the Russian brides cliché and simply saw the phenomenon, as it is, men and women wanting to find love and happiness in this big world.


Elena Petrova is the founder of Russian Brides Cyber Guide - the informational source about Russian women seeking men for marriage, online since 1999. Learn more about Russian brides and how to meet them


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