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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

By Geetha S.

Is there a single person among us who doesn't like to be happy? The answer is of course "NO". No one likes to be sad and unhappy. Its against human nature. But still why is it that we get upset so very often for unnecessary reasons? Its very common that we get upset for no particular reason sometimes. When someone asks you why you are upset, you say "I have no idea but I am just unhappy."

In this world of ours no one ever takes the effort to change oneself. We are always trying to change the other person to suit our needs, so that we may be happy. But one thing to remember is that you can never become happy unless you change yourself. Happiness is not something we can get from outside. Its something you have to look for within yourself, and the only way we can do that is to put in a little effort to change some of our ways. Just try out these ten simple points and see how you can transform your life.


Are you satisfied with whatever you have? The answer is probably "NO". Most of us can never be satisfied with what we have. We always crib about what we don't have. In this process we fail to see what we do have and we are not able to enjoy it. This is what makes us miserable. Lets take an example here of a middle class family. They have sufficient income and a reasonably good house but when they see their rich neighbors with a huge mansion they think, "Why is it that I don't have a huge mansion and a Mercedes car and etc etc". For a change why don't you try to be contended with what you do have? In this way you will be able to enjoy whatever little you possess.


What I mean here is to stop building castles in the sky. Most of us don't live in this world. We live in our own dream world. We have all pleasant dreams of a happy and prosperous future life with loads of money and comforts. Well, its time to wake up. You dream so much and build a heaven for yourself but reality may be surprisingly different and not so pleasant. A person who lives in dreamland can never accept anything unfavorable happening to him. If you don't have any expectations you don't have any disappointments. So stop expecting and learn to take life as it comes. That's the true sport of living.


As mentioned above, we all are either living in our dreamland of how the future should be or we are always brooding over whatever happened in the past. We blame ourselves for our past mistakes day in and day out and our life becomes hell. Its OK to make mistakes. No one is perfect and there isn't a single person in this world who hasn't made mistakes. The past is dead so why do you still have to sit and brood over it? The future is uncertain. Tomorrow doesn't exist unless we step into tomorrow , so don't worry about the future. What is clear and in front of you is the present. If you don't live well in the present , how can you ever think of being happy in the future? So learn to live in the present. 


Some people are over sensitive and burst into sobs for any small reason. If a person criticizes you there is no reason to raise a storm. If you feel that there is some meaning in what he said then try to change yourself for the better. Or else don't bother. If we stand to argue and fight we are wasting our own energy and peace of mind. If you hold ill feelings against others, it doesn't affect them in any way but only you suffer from mental exertion. So why give a chance for others to make you unhappy? People can affect you only as much as you allow them to. So don't give them a chance for that.


We all know the famous saying "Failures are the stepping stones to success". You may fail in something you do but its not the end of the world. Failures are a part of life and definitely stepping stones. Unless we make mistakes we don't learn anything , we become stagnant like trees and plants. If we make mistakes we learn from it and try not to repeat it in future.


The green eyed monster is one of our greatest enemy. When you are jealous of someone you are miserable and can't tolerate even meeting that person. This affects you and only you. It doesn't harm the other person in any way. Only you suffer because of your mental state. Anger is another enemy. We gain less and lose more by anger. When we are angry we often say things which we regret later on, and once you say something you cant take it back. So try to control your temper and try not to be jealous of anyone because in both cases only you are the loser.


Being confident doesn't cost you anything. Most of us feel unconfident and consider ourselves to be good for nothing. This attitude will get you nowhere in life. Try to be confident. Just remember that you are in no way inferior to anyone so then why shouldn't you be confident? Self confidence comes from within you when you are 1. positive, 2. optimistic, and 3. never pessimistic.


Don't be lazy. Always have high spirits to work and do something creative. Be active. One who is inactive is dead. If not anything else, at least try to read some good books. Reading good books really help to change your life. Of course it also depends on what kind of books you read. But try to be engaged in some kind of work. We all know that "An idle mind is the devil's workshop."


Very often when we even think of work our blood pressure starts rising! Most of the time the feeling of burden of work is more than the work itself. Try to develop more interest and enjoy your work. Then you wont even feel there is a burden.


A mind free of fears, tensions, obsessions, cravings, etc.. is a pure mind. A pure and clean mind means mental hygiene. Physical and mental health is necessary for good health and better living. 

So lets start living life the way it should be lived. We can start right from today. We have nothing to lose and lots to gain by being happy. So DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I'm Geetha S., 23 years of age finished Bachelor of Engineering. I've always been interested in writing. This is my very first article. I aim mostly at writing articles that can help people in their day to day life. Hope its helpful to all you people out there.

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Family Matters!
Having relationships is all about making emotional commitments to people we care about. One of the ways to find your happiness involves having a healthy family, friends, partners, etc. Appreciate the people who have touched our lives in positive ways. Studies have shown that those who are truly happiest are those with strong connections to the people they love.


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