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Winter Theme Wedding 

By  Nily Glaser

Are you planning a winter theme wedding?

Many Couples planning winter theme weddings have requested  information and A-wedding Day is up for the challenge. Most need creative ideas.  So, without much ado, lets see how to plan a dream winter  wedding.  When you close your eyes and picture winter, you associate it  with  sparkling, crisp now that is so white it sometimes looks bluish.  I bet that even if you live in an area that does not experience  real  winter this word conjures the snow scene in your mind.


Winter is best represented by white, silver, platinum and light  blue. These are the perfect color choice for a winter theme wedding.  You can incorporate these colors in the bride, groom and wedding  attendants attire. White for the bride and groom, light blue and  / or  silver for the attendants. However, you have other options too. You may have the bridesmaids dresses made of fabric with snow  flakes or stars motif that may even accented with white fur like  fabric.  Since you are planning gifts for your bridesmaids and flower  girls, present them with Swarovski crystal on silver with or without  pearls, or pearl jewelry on silver such as that offered in our discount  mall.  Tiaras should also be studded with swarovski crystals and or  pearls on silver. The Swarovski jewelry glistens like snow in the sun  while   earls offer the prism. What a wonderful yet inexpensive way to  have your bridal  arty match the winter theme of your wedding.


Whether holiday, or season related, there are many winter scene  stationeryitems and invitations motifs available to choose from,  including doit yourself - print your own stationery.


Look for a reception hall that has a fireplace.  If lighting a real fire is not permitted, use make-believe logs that  look like real lit fireplace. Many stores carry them. You may  also  check with your local theater for props. Use silver serving pieces, glass or crystal drink wear and winter  white  Dishes.  Decorate with silver, white, platinum and light blue.  Use one of the colors or coordinate these colors for your  table cloths and napkins, garlands, streamers, icicles, tinsel,   balloons, ribbons, flowers with silver ribbons in silver vases,    flickering light strings,  snow flakes or stars etc... You may wish to spray your  decorations  with sparkle or fake snow. White and blue tulle will also help  create  a winter atmosphere.  If you can afford it, hire an ice sculptor. If not, do it  yourself.  Make your own ice sculpture with kits. For information go to

Ice sculptures will be a magnificent addition.  If your wedding reception venue permits it, be sure to use  candles to depict  warmth. Either or both, icesculpture and candles make very  elegant centerpieces.


For added effect, place your centerpieces on a mirror.  White or white and light blue flowers in a silver or crystal vase  An ice sculpture surrounded by a wreath of white or white  and light blue Flowers adorned with silver ribbon, by a chain  of flickering lights or Surrounded by snow globes,  A candle (in a hurricane glass) surrounded by a wreath of white or white and light blue  flowers adorned with silver  ribbon or by snow globes,  Little standing dolls and white Styrofoam balls as children  playing with snow balls,  Snow men/women,  Glass snow flakes, Silver foil covered Hershey kisses,  Pails, crystal or glass bowl filled with clear marbles,  downy feathers fiberfill or cotton ball sprayed with glitter,  Winter motif confetti.


Gifts of crystal, silver, candles, soaps, silver or crystal  picture frames That are also place card holders.  Decorate the wedding favors with white tulle, white-light blue  or silver ribbons, silver bells, snow flakes white flowers etc.


Use white, silver, platinum and/or light blue, pew bows, flower  arrangements where white and light blue are dominant and are tied with silver ribbon. Place your unity candles in silver candle  holders which you may choose to decorate with white flowers, or leave the  silver to glisten.  Spray glitter on the petals in the flowergirl's basket.


Place a layer of cotton balls or tulle over coiled flickering  white  bulbs all around the wedding cake so it looks as if your cake is sitting on snow.  Howabout a cake decorated as a winter village or a snow scene?  Today, many bakers can actually "print" a picture on the cake  using edible food coloring, or you may have your cake look  like a star or decorated with snow flakes.


Choose a collection of matching accessories. Most collection will  include most of the accessories for your ceremony and reception.  (A unity candle set, guest book, pen, ring pillow, toasting  flutes,  cake serving set, and garter). You may choose a collection that is adorned with white flowers,
such as lilies of the valley, gerbera daisies, roses, calla  lilies,  carnations, gardenias, magnolias, alstromeria and snowball mums.  You may choose a collection that is adorned with white ribbons,  pearls, Swarowski crystal or rhinestones, Angels, holiday motifs. If you prefer non-white accessories, silver/platinum are  available.


Hot chocolate, hot cider, mulled wine, fondue, hot soup, warm  Bread or rolls, and for desert, snowman/woman, star  and/or snow flake shaped sugar cookies.


Classical collections, Seasonal songs,  solo pianist, harpist or string quartet.



Nily Glaser is the founder A-wedding Day.  A very popular Wedding Resource and Information Center, and a discount shopping mall for wedding gifts, supplies and bridal accessories. She is also the publisher of the free A-wedding Day newsletter.

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