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Dear Elena, 
I would like to thank you for the wonderful way in which you've set out the valuable information on your web site. It has been very useful to me. I am a Canadian, living in Vancouver, and I am in love with a wonderful Russian Woman, from the Stavropol region. I happen to be in a different position from most of the men who are searching, in that I've found my ideal Russian woman already (actually she found me). I have been telephoning, web video conferencing, and emailing with her on a daily basis, for two months now. I received a note from her on a free personals web site I had just joined, and the rest was in the hands of fate (which was on our side). 
I had not intended to seek a partner overseas, but it seemed to happen that way. If I was just now, going to start a search for a Russian wife, I would certainly use your agency. I have been surfing like mad, for the past two months, on Russia, it's geography, it's people, it's economy, it's very special women, how to get a visa, what kind to get, how to bring a wife to Canada (tough one), how to get married in Moscow, quickly (do-able but tricky), and Russian Customs of Culture (among other issues).

I have learned a lot, yes, but your pages were some of the most insightful that I have come across. I am 50 years old, and the wonderful Russian Lady that I am engaged to is 42. We are both widowed, and we (so far) meet every expectation the other has for a happy married life. It's incredible. I did not think that it would be possible to meet such a lovely (inside as well as outside) woman, at my age. I know that fifty is not old, but it sure isn't young! (lol)

You were completely correct in your statement about the availability of wonderful women for any serious and genuine gentleman, who would be willing to look in the right direction. For me, that meant staying away from the young ladies, and looking for someone closer to my own age, because after collecting the immense background of life experience that I've been blessed with having, a young girl just would not be enough of an intellectual partner, and this is an important part of what I was seeking. A 'Connection', on many levels. I just did not know that it was a Russian woman that I needed. Fortunately for me, my Irina had an idea of what it was that I needed (trust a Russian woman to understand you, and she will), and our chance meeting on the net turned into an opportunity for something that we will talk about together, and laugh about, when we are old and grey.

Your site information has helped me to understand the full depth of my new love's character, personality, desires, hopes and wishes. For this help, I truly thank you.

Two months and 3 days ago, I had never given Russia any more thought than the average Canadian We think of Russia occasionally because of the shared 'True North' territory (arctic). Now I know about Lake Baikal, how the mongols were stopped in 1380, the current ethnological breakdown of the Caucasus region (Stavropol), and on and on. This, of course is not even one drop in the full bucket, but I'm learning. I applaud your courage to make the changes you have made in your life, and to come out a winner, is an added bonus. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and keep up the good work. :-) 


John R. Thomas 
Vancouver B.C. 

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Irina, 38
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Raisa , 26
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Ekaterina, 28
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Olga, 27
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Kseniya, 27

Wedding Favor Creator - Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

By Heather Diodati, DDesign

Wedding favors have always been a nice, personal gesture to include in your wedding preparations. Unfortunately, there are too many "cookie-cutter" type favors out there, which portray the couple's lack of interest in providing something unique.

Here is a Wedding Favor Creator for you to use for your upcoming wedding or one that you're planning for your best friend. You can mix and match to your heart's content and according to the budget you have.

Small containers to use for candies, chocolates, small floating candles, decorative soaps, etc. (many of them can be purchased at
your local dollar store)

- Tiny wicker baskets or straw hats
- Egg cups
- Candle holders
- Flat shells (scallops)
- Small filigree metal boxes
- Decorated wooden boxes
- Coffee mugs
- Wine glasses
- Small decorative dish
- Tiny flower pots
- Little tin watering cans
- Small jars
- Ceramic spoon rest

Fillings to add to your favor containers

- Heart-shaped candies or chocolates
- Hershey's kisses and hugs
- Small floating candles
- Gourmet or flavored coffee - enough for one pot
- Little decorative soaps
- Wild flower seed packets or small quantity of seeds with planting 
  instructions, wrapped in colored cellophane
- Flower bulbs
- Bath oil beads
- Bath salts
- Small bag of mixed spice (cinnamon/nutmeg) and your favorite apple pie 
- Packets of specialty tea
- Hot chocolate and cinnamon mix - enough for one mug

Sample sayings and poems to write or print onto a small note card along with your names and wedding date (punch a hole in the card and attach a ribbon to tie to your favors)

- Please plant these to celebrate our growing love (for bulbs, seeds)
- All things grow with love (for bulbs, seeds)
- Our flame of love will always be bright (for candles)
- Hugs and Kisses from the new Mr. And Mrs! (for Hershey's kisses 
  and/or hugs)
- Heart-felt wishes from the new Mr. And Mrs. (for anything 
- Love lives in happy hearts (anything heart-shaped)
- The best gifts are tied with heartstrings (anything heart-shaped)
- May there always be spice in your life! (for apple pie recipe and spice; 
  for hot chocolate/cinnamon mix)
- We're suited to a 'T'
(for specialty teas)
- Nothing can wash away the love we feel!
(bath oil, bath salts, soaps)
- Thanks for sharing this special day with us
- Thank you for sharing in the celebration of our love
(or union, etc.)
- Thanks for joining us on our wedding day
- Thanks for sharing in our special day

Other Unique Ideas

- Personalized coasters made from CD's (see
- Personalized CD mix of your favorite music - print out a liner for the 
  CD case with your names, wedding date and a nice background or a 
  photo of the happy bride and groom-to-be!
- Fortune cookies to make with printed fortunes that you create on your 
  computer - or add your names and wedding date (see for fortune cookie recipe)
- Small picture frames that can double as place cards
- Heart-shaped cookie cutters with your favorite sugar cookie recipe
- Homemade bell-shaped or heart-shaped cookies decorated with your 
and wedding date in hard icing

Finishing Details

- Wrap each filled favor in colored netting or tulle to match your wedding 
  colors or line white or glitter netting with colored tissue paper before 
  wrapping your favors.
- Wrap the favor bag with ribbon or lace and add your note card
  (hole-punched). Tie into bow and add a sprig of dried or silk flowers and 
  it's ready for your special day!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heather Diodati is the owner of Whimsies! By DDesign featuring Personalized Cartoon Designs for all occasions. See our unique Wedding Cartoon Design personalized with your names and wedding date! 8" x 10" size with free mat, they make a truly special souvenir for the new Mr. And Mrs! Wedding favor magnets are also offered in four different designs, fully personalized; something really special for your favor bags! Sign up for our free ezine, On A Whim, for your free time management gifts; and if you looooove ballroom dancing be sure to subscribe to Dancing On Air ezine, for your free gift, The Dancer's Notebook! Find more great ideas, resources and articles at:

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Family Matters!
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Wedding Planning I (Scheduling)
"A-wedding Day" had many requests for information about the chronology of steps for both the wedding ceremony and reception. The steps will help you schedule the details involved with your wedding ceremony and reception. It is important that you note that these are general and the actual procedure for your personal wedding may vary according to your preference and these of your officiant as you incorporate your religion, heritage and customs. Steps for incorporating kids in re-marriages and blending families are included. Your Russian girlfriend will be most curious to learn about this! 

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