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I'd like to thank you for the quality of information contained on your website; your direct and candid discussion of issues and perceptions
was a welcome change from the plethora of sales pitches otherwise available.

Also, I just recently purchased your Anti-Scam guide (about a week ago) and found it to be very enlightening and helpful.  Easily worth the small price you charge, and you have my gratitude for providing it.  Given that my efforts are still in the exploratory phase, I can count myself lucky to have found you when I did.

Black List - page 74: UPDATES
February 28, 2002 - page 3

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Olya (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)
AKA Natalya Dementyeva, Marina

I'm a 49 year old single American man. I was contacted by Olya through a personal. Išm not an ugly man, but when a 27 year old is attracted to an 49 year old, you have to wonder a little! But I sent some e-mails just in case it was legit. Today, I started looking for information about Yoshkar-Ola in , where she (or he) supposedly lives. Instead I stumbled upon the Blacklist. I looked for a while and couldnšt find her name, but someone using the name Marina had written the identical introductory letters to another man. Similar letters were also sent by a Natalya Dementyeva, also claiming to be from Yoshkar-Ola. I was waiting for the money letter, but found the blacklist entries first. 


Hello. I am very glad so soon to receive from you the letter. To me very much to like, that you to understand my not so good English language. I want to speak, that I learned(taught) it(him) at school, then at university. I have growth of 172 centimeters and weight of 51 kgs, I have formation(education) of the doctor, I the psychologist. I work in a children's garden and I look behind behaviour of children. I live in city Yoshkar-Ola. it(he) to be approximately in 700 kilometers from cities Moscow. I want to speak you, that I very much love children. I was never married and I do not have children. I possessed experience of dialogue at myself in Russia with the men. But they were not adjusted seriously and we had to part. And they very much frequently to drink alcohol and in a plenty, and it not so is pleasant to me. I think that at you is not present such habit. I want to tell that I do not smoke and I do not drink strong spirits drinks. But sometimes I love to have a drink ! in!the good company not much vine, though it happens very seldom. I want to speak, that I am able well to play on a piano, I have finished musical school, in which I studied 6 years. I want to tell, that I live with my mum. I have grandmother, the grandfather unfortunately has died, 2 years back. I want to you to speak, that I love various music, but basically classical. I want to have the serious attitudes(relations) with you, to find with you the love and to create happy family. I shall be glad, if you it as will want as I. I want to speak, that I write you from computer firm and sometimes from my good familiar woman. I unfortunately do not have computer and telephone of a house. I think, what it will not be for us by a problem? I want more to learn(find out) about you, about your family. I would like to receive new photos from you. I think, that you can to me soon answer, I shall write soon


Hi, still my new friend Jeff. I am very glad that I to have acquaintance to you. With such good and man of honour. And you are very pleasant, that for me to me to allow to find our love. To me your family is very pleasant to study more pleased. It is pleasant, which you do not love to drink, it is very good. It is interesting to me to study concerning your work. I want to learn(find out) rather, that you love is. As I love to prepare pies with various fillings. I how love there - ice-cream and chocolate, and you love? I want to study more concerning you, because it will help us to study each other better. I want to find with you our love, but I think, that through the letters we can not find her(it). And on it we should have at the further personal meeting. I want to speak, that when I was small, my daddy, to leave me and my mum because to find younger woman. I to not see it(him) it is more, but I do not want to recollect this history. I want  o speak, that I as the romantic!woman. I very much love supper in candles, and behind of it what to dance slowly dance. I very much love to leave on walk late in evening and to look behind of movement of the moon and to look at stars. I want further to carry out(spend) time together and to learn(find out) each other better. Probably I to not answer some your questions, but I if you will set to me them still, then I shall answer them soon. I want to speak, that I now have no photos, which I can send, but soon I shall do(make) them for you. Now I shall finish the letter, and I wait from you of the letter,


Hi my dear Jeff. 
I am very glad to receive your answer. It is pleasant, that our acquaintance is a success also we have progress. I to think and very much to want to have our love together. I to search specially for such the man as you. I am very glad, that my heart me to not deceive. Why, from all I to want to choose you. I to think, that it is destiny. Because me so to tell my heart. And I was very glad when to find your letter in my box. Now I go after my work to look my box and to find your letter. Each night and day my ideas on you. I to not know, that this such. But I to feel as me 18 years. I feel myself the young girl. I to lose good to sleep. Because I long to think of you before that how to go to sleep. I very much to want soon to receive from you the answer.I still want to speak, I do not know anything about the visas or trips to other countries. I had travels only on Russia. But I shall try to learn(find out) something about it. Now I to finish my letter. Strong !em!brace you, 
yours Olya.


Hi my dearest Jeff. 
it is pleasant to me to learn(find out) about you. I want to speak you as slightly about myself and my city, because, I think, the place of life of the man can much speak about it(him). My city to be on distance of 210 kilometers from cities Kazan. our city not rich. But for that we have a very beautiful nature. Near to city on distance approximately of 20- 30 kilometers more than 6 lakes lay. I want to tell, that in translation on national language of the local population. Our city Yoschkar-Ola to be translated as " red city " through the centre of our city the river - Kokschaga. our city proceeds has approximately 200000 population. Unfortunately our city poor. Because for us practically to not work it is a lot of a factory and factories. At us to be unique(sole) in Russia the large lamps a factory. It(he) was transported from St. Petersburg. As at us by him(it) even more 4 large factories. At us by him(it) a very good factory of semi-conductor devices.! B!ut it(he) unfortunately as to not work normally. Our republic sells a tree in the next republics. At us it happens very coldly in winter and temperature reaches very seldom -42 degrees. The summer happens heat and temperature frequently costs(stands) approximately + 32 degrees. And in time the strong heat at us is forbidden to go in a wood, because frequently there are wood fires. I want to tell, that in the summer I love much to float and to lay under the sun. I as want to have an entertainment with you in water. It is very cheerful. I as love to play in games about a ball. I want to learn(find out) what to love to do(make) you in free time from work. I want to tell, that I as love to read the books and to listen music. It me to do(make) thoughtful and to give me dream. I frequently to think of you at this time. I to think, I to write about myself much. But I shall speak still something later.
I to do(make) for you you some photos. I want to answer your questions. have 2 t!he!close girlfriends and a lot of good familiar. And we together go in theatre, in cafe, sometimes on a disco or it is simple in the visitors. I have a trade and maximum formation(education) now, but I want to write work for increase of my scientific degree and I collect a material for it now at my work. But it will require(demand) some more years. I want to speak, I write the letters to you myself. Now I to finish my letter, my prince. I shall think much of you and about our future life together. 
A kiss for you,

Riva Hmara (Kherson, Ukraine)

Wow, thank you for this site. I am a 30 year old development manager from London, UK who approached a woman by the name of Riva on Her profile claimed she was also in London so I was instantly suspicious when I received a reply explaining she was from Kherson, Ukraine. Having never done this sort of thing before I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and continue the correspondence. It has now been about 4 emails and love marriage and moving to the UK seem to be the underlying theme... In the latest message Riva explained that she could not afford to use the internet but wanted to come and visit me to "see if we were compatible" (pretty forward given she has not even seen my photo yet!). Having not being born yesterday I thought "Well hold on, I would send money for the internet before flying you here after 4 emails!". Being even more skeptical (sad I know but have traveled widely and heard some quality scams) I thought I had better do a few searches on the net regarding Russian/West relationships and came across this site... Somewhat shocked but not really surprised to find her pictures here under the name Elena Stamat from Odessa, Ukraine. I have to say that this may be two different women using the same photos as the tone and nature of the letters varies somewhat but either way they are both to be avoided....
Overall a lucky escape with only dented emotions...
David H

Svetlana Glushkova (Medvedevo, Russia)

I am a 48 year old man in the United States have been divorced for 4 yrs and was tired of trusting American Woman. On 2/2/02 I received the initial contact from Svetlana I don't know what service she may have seen my add on but it was not a marriage service. The letter was an intro of herself not to much out of the ordinary. I received 6 more letters from her with photos in some and on 2/13/02 she wrote and said she was coming to US and needed money for a tourist visa @286.00 she told me she was going to come to the US on a 3 month tourist visa and needed 396.00 this she said would cover her visa, passport, and medical documents. 

She gave me her Address as: 
Svetlana Glushkova 
Republic Mari-EL 
Settlement House Three Apt #15 
as well as the name of a bank to send the money Via Western Union as she said this would be the best way to send it to her. I asked her many personal questions that were easy enough to answer like how come she was never married what did she think of the poem I wrote to her but she never responded to those questions, that should have been the clue. However I sent the money Via western union Control #8416288206 to Svetlana Glushkova as the recipient.

Her next email thanked me for trusting her and the next asked for $784 for plane tickets. Again I sent this money via western union Control#8417035436 which was picked up by Svetlana Glushkova. I then received an email from her again thanking me for the money and that soon we would be together. The email address she uses is BabyS1@yandex.RU I received another email from her on 2/21/02 asking for an additional 350.00 because she had to buy insurance to satisfy Russian officials she would be returning and for hotel costs she had incurred in Moscow. I had just been trying to pinpoint her email address and was trying to find out if she was listed on other site when I came across you site in I checked it out all night long to see if this person was listed and could not find her on your site. Enclosed find her pictures and the emails she has sent to me . Its too bad this was a scam as the young lady was very attractive and seemed so sincere. 

Hopefully this will prevent someone else from being taken by this person in the future. 
Tony M


What's that game with the gophers and mallets that kids play? I wish this sender would take me off "her" mailing list, but no such luck. I am therefore obliged to pass this information on to both of you. Current photo attached.

25 Feb 2002 

My name is Tatiana. I live in Russia. I love children and animals very much. I want to get acquainted with the man, who will be a support in my life. I am 28 years old. I agree to get acquainted with a man from 30 and older. For me age is not the main thing. The main thing is that there is love and mutual understanding! I do not notice a difference in ages. I hope only for my true love, and I hope very much that all with us will be good! I agree to answer all questions that interest you. I am anxious for your letters! Please write to me on my e-mail address is

Tatyana Zagainova (Novosibirsk, Russia)

My name is Tim. I am 35 years old and have been writing to Tatyana Zagainova from Novosibirsk, Russia, since October 2001. She contacted me from  She sent me the EXACT same letters and pictures as Albert and in the same time frame. However, in that month of not hearing from her, I had local agencies looking for her. It was reported back to me that no one by that name lives in Novosibisk. So when she started writing to me again in December, I sent her a small sum of money (she did not ask for it) I then had Western Union tell me where it was picked up at: She did not pick it up in Novosibirsk, Russia, she picked it up in Yoshkar-Ola. She never gave me as much details as she gave Albert...
She wrote to me using 2 address:

Here is a clip from email sent back and forth to "allrusian" This is an email conversation, so my original text is on the bottom:

Dear Tim,
Sorry for delay.. I've checked her and found that Tatiana Zagainova, DOB January, 27, 1973 is UNREAL person. She is NOT registered in Novosibirsk, Russia. This info is free for you. I hope that you order me next time..
Best regards,
Michael Muinov

you wrote:

TF> Thank you for the reply.
TF> I have Liliya Mayakina of "" looking for her. She equated
TF> the task with "Looking for a needle in a haystack." I'm familiar with that
TF> saying. BUT once in a while you have to stick your hand into the haystack
TF> and just hoping that the needle pokes you!
TF> This is the same as what I sent to Liliya:
TF> Her full name: Tatiana Zagainova
TF> She works as a "Medical sister" at a children's hospital/clinic.
TF> She did not give address. She said when I asked, that I couldn't send her
TF> anything anyway because of Sept. 11th events.
TF> I don't think she is even checking her email address anymore. (I have my 
TF> ways of knowing.....) But it is
TF> She is 28, birth date: January, 27, 1973
TF> That is very little to go on, I know. But obviously, check the children's
TF> clinics. and I know that she used internet cafe to write, maybe a worker
TF> there would recognize her. I still can't seem to get uploads out of my
TF> email, so if you can browse to the pictures.

I hope the men out there know that all Russians must be registered in their city of residence and that a simple check will determine a real non-scammer. I have learned much in this process, so just maybe it was worth it... By the way, here is what I spent:
$125 - To become a member at Getmarriednow I had to do this to get email address of Liliya. I had not yet learned of allrussian or I would have used him ($90).
$200 - To Liliya for services rendered. ok. that's a lot more than $90! BUT she took photo of her to internet cafe and all children's hospitals.
$100 - To Tanya for Christmas present.
$100 - After I thought up of my "trick" to find out where she was from...
$525 total spent. Not so bad, but at Christmas time? That hurt!

Thank you, and I hope no one else gets scammed by her!

Agency: Ukrainian Tours (site used to be under here - since moved) (URL no longer valid) (Still valid)
Mail Email address:

I'm a 33 year old single guy, English, white, professional (working with Enterprise size computer systems/networks/security). Contacted a woman via Excite (before it was taken over and the contacts section closed). First made contact in August 2001. Received letters quite often, though they did seem to be a little odd (the style seemed to change slightly from time to time). Came across this site back in  October, and never found any reference to this particular agency, Ukrainian Tours (starofukraine or as it was back then, when I last looked into it), nor to the woman I was corresponding with. However, barely 2 weeks or so later the agency did appear! I was horrified to say the least! However, I decided to keep quiet and try a few things....

I had flowers sent via a different agency to the address I was given - no luck there. It was reported back that there was a couple living at the address, not a single woman! I queried this with the agency, and was sent back a very pedantic reply. I grew even more suspicious when I requested a 30 minute video 'made especially for me by the lady of my choice' to then be told it would be quicker if I ordered a 45 minute video! I was told my lady had agreed to make the video, but she never mentioned it in subsequent letters. Strange that, isn't it? I'm no expert in physics, but even I know that 30 minutes of video will be quicker to produce and download than 45 minutes. What I suspect is that one had been done already, and this was a quick way out. I sent a mail specifying that I wanted her to go certain places and show me certain things - never heard back about it! I was also told that my E-Stamps had run out, when I clearly had a fair few left. I queried them about that and proved that they were wrong. Whatever they do to keep a track of what goes through their translators is pretty shoddy, because when the E-Stamps did run out, they never sent a notification to me.
My suspicions were aroused again when I was sent a letter where it was claimed she had spent all day writing to me. Funny how it contained 75% of the text from an earlier letter, bar a couple of slight adjustments.
The last letter came back in January - she claimed that she had lost her job and would try to contact me later. Never heard from her since.
I'm pretty damned annoyed about it all - I really liked this woman (trouble is I don't really know if she existed, or if she did whether she really wrote the letters). I've attached her picture, but I must stress that I don't think she is directly involved. For reference, her name is Vika.

Now, bearing in mind I work with computers for a living, I retrieved their current (and previous) domain address details, and administration/billing contact numbers for their service providers. I also contacted the company that provide their billing portal. They would be interested to hear about any complaints about this company (though I think to be fair we would have to have solid proof before much can be done). Luckily I didn't loose out too much (some English lessons, translation, and a cuddly toy). Serves me right for being a soft touch, but like so many others I guess I wanted to believe in her. Still looking for that special someone - a bit wiser now I think, but still itching to find a way to stop scammers from causing grief!

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