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I'm presently communicating with a Russian woman whose name is Olga in Kemerovo! We have corresponded with each other 4 times and am receiving photos from her! I've received 2 so far! I thought she was genuine; until I got lucky enough to stumble onto your Website! It seems that she is one of the scammers I read about on your site! They have a lot in common! I will continue to communicate with her and see where it goes! I've become very careful since viewing your site and wish to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for having the site available for suckers like me! I've got copies of sent emails & received ones too! No she won't get any of MY money and I'll keep you informed as to what goes on! 

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Black List - page 58: UPDATES
January 17, 2002 - page 1

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Nataly- Agency of Alexandra Kasianenco (Ukraine)

Thank-you for the wonderful site you have. It has helped me get out of some possible scams!

I came across the Agency of Alexandra Kasianenco listed in your Scammers list. I noticed that it was the same as the agency I am now using to correspond with a lady. I have been corresponding with this lady Nataly for 1 month. I contacted her via under profile number : V5002466 n_klochak77. After about 20 e-mails over the last month she requested in her last few emails that I help her pay the cost of correspondence (with a sob story). During my correspondence I have noticed that some questions I asked directly haven't been answered or any of my requests been followed through. I decided to tests this agency and this girl after reading you web site.

Here's the first email I received from this lady and a few others please notice the same information cut and pasted to the false (fake name of Daniel) e-mail I sent to test the girl and agency. Notice it came the same day as she said she couldn't afford to write to me anymore. The e-mail to Daniel contains the same paragraphs as pasted in a few of my emails.

Here is a copy of the web site that Alexandra Kasianenco operates from:
Please note she has posted her profiles on usualy containing the lady's first initial and last name followed by 77.


Letter from Agency

Dear Mr. ***,
The detailed information about our client Nataly Klochak you can easily find on the pages of our web site
We wish you all the best.
Best regards,
Alexandra Kasianenco


Hi dear ******,
Thank you for writing back to me. My name is Nataly. I'll try to return a favor in some way, at least in this letter. If you want to meet a unpredictable person with whom you'll go to the hottest point of the globe, maybe with whom you will step under the downpour and accomplish a lot of unconsidered actions then you ... found me!!!!! I'm so romantic. I like holidays with great number of candles, Lily of the valley in May and strawberries with cream. And I very want to meet my love: biggest and for Life. My dream is to go with my dearly-loved man to the desert island, where we can enjoy tropical nature, sea surf and in the company of each other!!!!!! I love children very much, they are flowers of life (and I will have my irresistible flower bed)! Maybe that's why I am working as a teacher in the school. I'm very happy and every day I want to present everyone with Love, tenderness and cordiality. If you want to become close friend with me, I'll wait impatiently for your letter. I look forward to hearing from you again.
 *******,send me your photo, please!
Dear sir, please, send your messages to the direct e-mail address: 


Hello dear *****,
I was very glad to get your letter, I' very happy you are interested in me! I liked your photo I was shown in the agency, too and your story. You have a very good figure, probably you have success among women?:)I understood we have same ideas about family and life, we both want to love and to be loved I like very much to bring an optimism and hope to the people's souls. It seems to me that a happy is not a life without cares and griefs but happy is a state of a soul. From my point of view, a real love to a person- is a wish him a lot of happy. I want outside world would be more kind. It seems to me that a main thing in the life- to do good, because evil, envy, intrigues, indifference to the people's pain will not allow us to achieve the success, to find happiness. It is very difficult but the world needs in it. People can warrant their existence by means of only one thing- it is LOVE!!! You asked me about my character, I think I'm kind, tender, caring, faithful, sexy, romantic. I like that live in Australia but it is very far, it's a very exotic country for me, and I'd like to meet sunrise with you on the beach of the ocean. I hope one day we will scuba diving together and have a ride on your bike, do you like high speed? I'm also interested in many things and have a lot of hobbies, I go to movies often, the latest one I saw was Pearl Harbour and I enjoyed it a lot! I like to listen to different music especially classical and modern. Especially Bethoven and Mozart. Dear ******, I'm also interested to know why you decided to find a girlfriend in Interne and did you get acquainted like this before? And do you enjoy your job as technician for an international manufacturing company? Dear *****,I want to finish my letter, because some thoughts and dreams must be kept for the next letters. Thank you for appearing in my life. It will be a pleasure or me to answer all your questions about me.

Dear sir, please, send your messages to the direct e-mail address: 

Final Letter

My dear ********,
I feel sorry about talking to you but I lost my second job and I don't have an opportunity to pay for the correspondence. I was embarrassed to tell you I work additionally in a night shop to pay for the agency's service. The shop won't work for 2 months and I'm without additional work now. It's a pity to tell you this, but I don't have another way out. I'm very happy that I met you and I don't want our relations to stop. You are a man, *******, with whom I'd like to create a family and I'm very afraid to lose you. If I'm important to you as well, if your heart feels something towards me, then don't let our relations to abort. Could you pay for our correspondence, ****** Is it hard for you? I will try to find a second job to free you from these expenses. Sorry that my letter isn't romantic as usually. 
With all my love and tenderness, 
your Nataly.

Dear sir, please, send your messages to the direct e-mail address:

Then I sent a fake e-mail to test Nataly and the agency. And she replied on the same day she asked me for money.

Reply to fake e-mail:

Hello dear Daniel

It was so pleasant to get your letter, I liked it very much. Thank you for sending your lovely photos. You must have a great success among women:)I think you are a very interesting person and I'd like to know more about you. I never before got acquainted on Internet and that's why I'm a worried a little. I'd like to meet a man whom I can fully trust. I treasure a lot honesty, decency and sincerity. Hope, our correspondence will help us to know more about each other and such a special feeling will appear that we'll won't to overcome the thousands of kilometres and to meet each other. But because we don't know each other at all I'll tell you a bit about myself. I live in the Ukraine and I am 24 years old. I graduated from The Pedagogical University and work as a psychologist at school. I like kids very much and enjoy communicating with them in different situations. I feel very happy because very day I get good emotions, kindness, and open hearts from my pupils. I am fond of cooking, can knit and sew. I do not smoke and drink socially. I very want to have my own family: children and dearly loved husband. I like to draw and I with great pleasure draw colours all over the walls in my house. Late at evening, seating near the fire place I shall be surprised my Dearly loved people with blackberries cake and telling fairy -tales. I want very much that this day will come soon. And what do you think about my dream? And what is family for you, Daniel ?
I look forward to hearing from you again.

Dear sir, please, send your messages to the direct e-mail address: 

Valusha28, Valentino Mironenko, Fortuneteller (Lugansk, Ukraine)

OK, here was a quick scam in progress from a girl posing as username Valusha28 on the site. I just tried to look her up again and her profile was apparently removed already. I began contact a week ago, e-mailed her a letter. In her first letter she "warned" me that she was using this dating agency called "Fortuneteller" for interpretation and so forth because she doesn't know English. That was fine, so I replied and answered her questions. The very next letter I get from her address is from the "dating service" telling me they need money after 2-3 letters. Well, she had only sent me one, so I immediately got suspicious. The girl also appears as Valentino Mironenko on this site, so she's a known scammer.

Fortunately, I got to see her picture before I started agreeing to pay for the translation service, which at $65 didn't seem like too bad a rip-off, but now I KNOW it's a complete rip-off so - no way! 

Letter 1

Hi, dear ,
How are you there? I hope this letter finds you doing well. First of all I should say that my English is not so good as you read in my letter, because I use the interpretation service of the agency "Fortuneteller" , I want you to know about it, I am very interested in our further relations and so it will be a great pity for me if we lose the connection. I want you to know more about me, so I will tell you about my interests. I like open space, as fresh air of mountains and sea. I like very much to see stars, especially the moon, when is great and brightly, in warm nights of summer, and to think that everybody desire it can see in the same moon in every part of the world. But it is so sad to have this romantic moments without a person close to me,who is agree about this simply but nice feelings. I am open minded, and able to understand a different culture, because I am motivated about this. I have a dream to be able to come home from work, give my husband a big kiss a hug and tell him I missed him during the day. To be able to sit down at the dinner table together as a family and talk about the events of the day and our plans for some future outing or something we would like to do. To be able to call my sweetheart during the day and take him out to lunch and maybe shopping or have him just show up at the office and take me out if he wanted to. To be able to bring home a small gift (maybe not so small) to let him know I was thinking of him during the day. For I have always believes that there is no "me" in family only a whole lot of "us". I dream of quiet evenings together by the fire in the winter and long walks on warm moonlit nights in the summer. I have been called a bit old fashioned at times but I would like to think I am just a hopeless romantic at heart. I would like to believe that in a relationship a man and a woman should be as equal as possible. They should both give and take, listen and voice their opinion be able to share their thoughts, feelings and Love for each other without expecting anything in return. By both husband and wife giving to each other then neither should feel they are always giving and never receiving anything in return. I would very much like my future man to be my best friend and confidant then my lover and last but not least my husband. I put them in this order because you can be friends without being lovers, husband and wife without being friends and lovers without being either. But to have your mate be your best friend first your lover then your husband or wife seems to me to be the best of all worlds. I would very much like to learn so much more about you, your dreams for yourself, I am interested in your feelings on family, how you see your roll in the family? Are you interested in pursuing a career? What are your favorite colors and what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Here I go asking far too many questions, well I hope you know I am just interested in learning about you. I invite you to ask me anything at all about me, I will try to be as open an honest as possible, please do not worry about offending me as I have pretty thick skin and I do not offend easily. ha-ha-ha Now I am a student, I am finishing my last year in the University, and at the same time I work as an accountant part-time. It is not very well-paid job, but I hope that in the future I will have a chance to find more paid job.
Close up for now, 
Kiss you, 
Have a nice day, 

Very romantic, isn't it?
Here's letter 2, already begging for money

Letter 2

Dear Sir,
In our agency there is a letter for you from your lady Valentina. Unfortunately,we can't translate and send it to you,because we don't know about your intention as to further correspondence with Valentina. We help Valentina with the translation of her correspondence, and we also provide the Internet service for your lady. The translation of 2-3 letters are for free, but further translation is must be paid by you or by your lady. Before we offer Valentina to pay for our further service, we decided to propose it to you. Could you be so kind, to inform us what should we do in that case. Are you going to pay for our further service or should we give her letter back to her? Are you interested in this correspondence? The price for our further service is rather reasonable. You pay 65$ and this sum covers all your further unlimited correspondence with Valentina, we will also provide you with all necessary information about your lady: her postal address, her full name , her phone, where you can contact her, and we will send some of Valentina's recent pictures. Also we will arrange free English lessons for your lady during 1 month.
If you decide to send the money , you should send them via Western Union on the address: Ukraine, Lugansk, on the name of Lubov Guzeva.
What do you think about it? Please, inform us.
We are looking forward to your reply.
Lubov Guzeva,
Account manager.

Also was skeptical of above where it says English lessons for 1 month, that's got to cost more than $65, right? 


Elena Ivanova (Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia)

I am a 32-year old American, divorced, with no children. I work as an
electrical engineer.

I was contacted by "Elena Ivanova" via FriendFinder ( Her alias there is "elena1978". Her email address is I had not previously had any experience with Russian women, and was not aware of such scams. I started corresponding with her via e-mail, and naturally, became interested to learn more about Russia in general, and Russian women in particular. In the course of my research, I stumbled across several sites pertaining to introduction agencies, and then of course the related scams. By this time, we had each sent 7 messages to each other, and were developing what I thought was a good rapport. However, I did notice several "red flags", as pointed out on this site and elsewhere (she contacted me, things were going a little too well too quickly, etc.). But I was still able to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Then WHAM! - I read some messages here that were EXACT copies of what I had received from her. Specifically, there are three letters from her in which the main part of the body of was exactly identical to the letters posted here from "Victoria" (also from Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia). See Black list page 51 (December 13, 2001 - page 3) for details of Victoria. All letters there are the same as ones sent to me by Elena Ivanova, with some small changes to the first and last few sentences to "personalize" them. So there's no point in reposting them here. Also on this site, I found a letter from Elena Shurygina / Elena Volodina that has a long passage in the body that is not word-for-word identical to Elena's, but so similar in concept that they could not have been written this way by accident. So, I believe Elena Ivanova is somehow "related" to these other known scammers.

As a point of order, Elena did not ever actually ask me for any money. But that is only because, in letter 8, I busted her outright, and told here exactly what I had discovered. There was, of course, no further correspondence from her side after that...

I hope no one else gets scammed by this person. Thanks to all involved in maintaining this site. It may have saved me a serious heartbreak and a lot of money.

Good luck,

Elena Shurygina/Volodina/Yambaeva/Maltceva/Maltseva (Tyumen,Russia)

My name is Russell, I am 48 yrs young. I registered with NEO-DATES.COM and to my surprise received letter from ELENA SHURYGIN of Tyumen,Russia. She says that she is 27 with birthday forthcoming. I come to find out thanks to your WEB SITE, all the pictures I have of her are listed on this site and that she has many names and e-mail address, but always uses same bank for WESTERN UNION delivery. 
Names used are as follows: first name is always ELENA. She has many last names; Shurygin, Volodina, Yambaeva, Maltceva, Maltseva.
E-mail address are as follows:,,,
Also has different birthdays;Nov.27,1973 and Jan.14,1973.
The bank used for WESTERN UNION;
Also uses two different address;
31-73 TYUMEN
She fell in love by 3rd letter and asked me for 315US for VISA and US dollars to fly to St.Louis MO. She is very convincing and plays your emotions. Beware of this thief. Have forwarded her information to the RUSSIAN TAX POLICE. 
Thank you for your web site and GOD BLESS all the good women in Russia that are looking for a man like me.

Inter_Chance (Odessa, Ukraine) aka Amour of Ukraine

Amour of Ukraine has disguised itself!

I have checked out this website several times in the recent past and I was aware of the scam agency known as Amour from your input. However; and I think this is funny, I came across the agency Inter_Chance in Odessa. They are advertising heavily on the dating site Well, I imagine the site looks the same as the Amour used to and of course some of the ladies have exceptionally good pictures. I paid $70 for unlimited one month subscribtion for corresponding with Mila #251. I received painfully obvious pre-written letters from Mila #251 and I made some complaints to the Manager, guessed Natali Romanovski. She of course did not answer me. Then by accident I noticed when I access the Inter_Chance website at and go to the Correspondence page the website URL identifier lists the current page as Amour of Ukraine. Now that's funny, well maybe not $70 funny. It just goes to show you that the crooks are updating their scam as we catch on to them. Its not personal, so don't take it as such.


Mila251 and Interchance (Odessa, Ukraine)

My name is David Siegel. I contacted Mila251 at and she immediately began sending me very affectionate emails. I had suspicions so I asked questions and most of them came back with reasonable answers. Several times the exact same paragraph would come back to me, prompting me to wonder about her translator. Everything went through the Agency and translator as "Mila" had no phone and no access to the Internet. After several weeks of emails, I decided to wire money for her translation services, passport, visa, and airfare. As soon as I sent the money, she sent a very nice email thanking me and saying how excited she was to come see me. In the next email, her mother became suddenly very sick and she had no one to ask for help except me. I was the only person in the world who could save her poor dying mother. She was very upset and needed money urgently. I told her that if she came to see me personally, I would be happy to give her more money. I heard nothing after that.

They are currently operating at
Their current email addresses are:

Here are the photos of "Mila". I believe every woman on this web site is there to help these scammers trap men into sending money. They aren't there, just the photos and the scammers emailing asking for money on their behalf. Beware -- they will probably come back with another name, but watch for the same girls: #1: Inessa, #2: Natasha, #3: Lena, #4: Anna, #249: Sveta, #251: Milla, #252: Natasha

The woman who seems to be behind this scam is Nataly Romanovskaya
Danger! -- do not send money to Ms Romanovskaya!!

There is a web site about this scam agency here:

Feel free to contact me if you have more information. 
David Siegel

Lyubov 'Luba'  Bajenova, (Ninhevartovsk, Russia)

I am a recently divorced 44 year old father of 3 grown children.
Contact originated through
Person said they were an individual who got tired of all the men drinking in Russia and went to an internet service to 'find her man in another country'. It lasted 6 weeks. It followed what I now know is the classic scammer guidelines...
First emails were clear about wanting to find 'her man', liked my profile, stated she was a 27 yr old virgin, father had died, single child, rapidly progressed
to declarations of love & trust with statements of sexual dreams of us together. (Almost identical to another letter I read from Ninhevarrtovsk publeshed here by 'Brian' - it must be the same person). The letters started getting fewer once money was sent. 

I sent $260 for application for b2 visa. Sent by western union to:
Country: Russia
 City: Nizhnevartovsk
 My name: Lyubov Bajenova
 the  address  of  my  branch western union:

I started looking for more information about Russian culture and came across this site. Started checking out the scams and found Brian's story. Same city, same address for Western union funds, almost identical letters. I am now sending in my story and emailed a copy of Brians letter to 'Luba' letting he/she know, "yep, ya scammed me". Plan on following thru on all other recommendations to help prosecute this individual.

Letter 1

I am glad that you answered to my email. It's interesting to receive the email from man of another country. I want to tell you about me and my life. I am cheerful woman, I think that the people don't must be gloomy. I like camping, fishing (there are many men in my country who love fishing. I like to see movies Usualy it's romantic movies, comedies. Now I want to tell you where I live. So, I live in NNizhnevartovsk , it's not small town in our country. There are many beautiful places here. Maybe you saw this places on the pictures in internet. Do you saw? Please tell me about your live place, your town. I want to know where you live. I have the purpose: I want to find my soulmate, I'm looking for companion of life with which I want to be. Of course I don't want to make mistake. My intentions are serious. You may think: why am I looking for man in other country? I think: Our country is beautiful of course, but there are some problems. There are financial problems in our country. It derivates drunkenness among the men, growth of number of criminal elements. I had two men, they are liked to drink alcohol. So, I decided to find my man in internet from other country, I choose the america because I think it's more successfull country. In future, if I shall have a children I want that they must live in normal society. I badly know the computer, I ask the internet center consultant from internet service for help to find the nominee, he show me 'match' service, I saw the profiles and I decide to write you. I decide that you quite worthy man. So what you think? You may ask about my english. You must know, our people learn english in school during five years. Then it learns in universities or college. By the way I finished the college of culinary. You know, I like to cook very much. My favourite dishes are italian and russian. I know english not bad. I can read and write english, I speak a little. Sometimes I use the dictionary to translate some words. I am 26 years old. I live in small flat which I rented. I have a mother. My father dead five years ago. He was taxi driver and he has got in failure (auto accident). I am very missed him. I havn't any brothers and sisters. My mother work in food-processing industries, she is casher of food store. I am work as bookkeeper in office of public catering. I make the receipts, checks and other. I think that you understand my english. Do you understand? I hope yes. I write you from work, we have two computers here for accounts department  I work five days per week. Sometimes I work in weekend. Please tell me about your life. What are you doing in weekends and free time? What do you do for a living? Do you work? I want to know more about you, and you? Sorry, I havn't pictures of me now, I shall try to scan it and send it to you in next email. If you will answer me, I shall write to you more about me and send my picture. So, please send me your pictures. I shall wait your email.
Luba from Russia. 
Take care.

Letter requesting money:

Hi my love Mike!
Today I asked about visit america of my girlfriend. She visit USA last year and she said that I must buy the visa first. She said that I must go  to representation of United States and ask about receiving visa. I went  to it and asked about visa. They said that I must wait about six month and I was very confused, I asked about faster way to receive it, they  said  that  it's  difficult  to  do  because many people want to receive  it and I must wait but they said that if I want to receive it during  two  weeks  I  must pay for it two hundred eighty two american dollars.  I  was  very confused and surprised. I went to my mother and asked  for  help, she said that she have only six hundred roubles it's her  last  savings, I have only three hundred sixty roubles, and I can have  only  about  thirty american dollars. I want to meet you Mike all my heart and I believe you want it too. I trust you completely and you  must  understand that I have share of risk too, but I feel that I love  you  all my heart. You show the large interest to me and I think we  can  have the future I think it's more than real, it really!!! The visa  type is b2 or k1 and it works for ninety days and we must decide how  much  time  we  can be together. So, I need two hundred sixty two american  dollars for visa, it's the step to our meeting, the big step which  helps us to meet faster. I really want to see you soon Mike, I  dream  about  our meeting, I wrote you about it. I went to bank and asked about the most reliable way to sending money, they said that the most  fast  and  reliable  way is western union. I've asked about this system.  They  say  that  the  sender  must  know  name and surname of receiver,  the  country,  the  city,  and maybe the address of western union  where  the  receiver will receive it. I've asked about reliable they  said  that it's simply and reliably: when sender send it, sender receive  the  secret  ten  digits  code  which  he  must  to inform to receiver.  The  receiver must have identification of person, so I have it.  I  sure  it  works. I asked your help about our meeting because I love  you Mike, I think you want to see me too Mike and I'm very happy.  You  must  go to the western union office and help us. Here is the data  you need:
 Country: Russia
 City: Nizhnevartovsk
 My name: Lyubov Bajenova
 the  address  of  my  branch western union:

When  you  will  send  money, tell me of MTCN - money transfer control number. It will help me to receive money. I hope we'll meet in nearest future.  Yesterday  I have a sexual dream about you Mike. I saw you and me, we walk on street then we come to home and speak a lot. Then I told  you  that I love you and we have appeared in a sleeping room, we kiss  each  other and I heard your pleasant voice and you say that you love me too. I heard the beat of your heart, our bodies were together. It  was  a  great evening. I kissed your neck, your lips your body and you  do  it  too with me. It was so beautiful, but then I waked up and understand that it was a great dream, I was warm and breathed often. I want  that  it will be real and soon Mike! I LOVE YOU!!! I love you all  my heart and my heart says that I love you Mike! I know that I have  problem with money and I ask you help. I think that the money is only  paper,  which was thought up by people for economic relations. I think  that  tometimes  the  mohe money is not applicable for personal relatives,  sney  brings  evil  to  people,  at our country very often people  kill other for money, it's awfully! The money is not important to me much,  I  want  only happy life with my love. I never had much money  in  my  life  and  my mom too, and you can trust me: we did not worried about it, we live and were pleased to each happy moment of our life.  I  think we have the future, so I asked your help, please write me  as  soon as you can Mike and don't forget that you are the most loved man for me now, I love you Mike.

  p.s.I  shall have holiday 2 months. It it is a lot of! I think, that I  should  visit  you  at this time! I already dream of it. Your words warm me, your words make me quiet and happy. It is very pleasant to me to  read  your  letters!  I  really  enjoy  by it. I shall call to you soon!!! 

Mike Stewart,

Natalia Gorbunova ( Perm, Russia)

I am from the southeastern U. S. I am 50 years old and recently divorced. I put an ad in looking to find someone locally. On Dec. 2, I received the first of 15 letters. This was from This lasted from Dec. to Jan. 13, 2002 I am still waiting for the reply. Hot off the press. I asked her to explain why her picture is on the black list. When I started receiving these letters I sent a photo of myself to a girl who is 25 and didn't care what I looked like or how old I was. In a weak moment I sent 300.00 USD. It was Christmas. One time. Then I found this site because it wasn't "right". There, she/him/they, were on page 29 as , Marina Svetlova (Ekaterina Ershov), Murmansk, Russia on page 29 she is 27.  Thanks Brian. And he referrs to Mark and an Identical letter they both received Page 27, Raisa aka Ekaterina Ershov, Murmansk, Russia here she is 27.


HI!!! I very much to become interseted in your structure. I very much to want to get aquainted with the person which to begin my satellite on all my life. The main thing that I want, this that that it(he) to be responsible (crucial), close (attentive) to it(him). If you to understand me and to want to write to me you may write on my electronic mail: In the turn I shall try be that woman which you to want all life, that is loving(liking), careful, understanding, advanced and responsible(crucial) the woman.

Five letters later love had been declared. She is coming right away she goes to travel agency. Very expensive. Her letters now have a format with the message inserted in the middle.


Greetings, my tender Dave
I am glad to read your letter. Today at me to be fine day. At us all the day to shine the sun and to be cold. But it is so fine, when goes along the street. Under legs to crackle snow. I to inhale cold air and to feel like very vigorously. My children to be with me very affable today. They to pleasure me with gift. They to present me of the small fluffy bear cub. I am very glad.Still I am very glad, that you to present me the letter. I am boundless to thank you for it. I today to learn(find out) in embassy, the visa will cost how many. There is such a visa which is valid 90 days. She(it) to cost approximately 300 dollars. I to think and decide, that I can not collect such a sum. My familiar have no the big income. And they do not give me such sum even if they are at them are. I to think earlier, that the visa to not cost such money. It to anger me. Why people may not meet if they like each other? Everywhere all to solve money. These peices of paper which nothing to cost in compairson with the most pleasant feeling on the Earth-love. But neverthe less I to become beforrs the fact, that these pieces of paper are necessary for me. And as they may not arise at me, I to address you for the help. Perfectly if you will not give up to me. Certainly is very inconvenient for me to ask your money. But if to kook on the other hand this fact my become check of our! attitudes(relations). We to learn(find out) to trust we each other whether or not. You may think of me everything. but what i may make? At us in Russia it is good to live only fat officials and stupid(blunt) gangsters. If you trust and believe me, you may send me money on the Western Union. The address of branch in our city:
Bank Dzenjinskiy
Street of kirov 43
Natalia Gorbunova
I to learn(find out) to recieve money to me it is necessary to tell a code. The code consists of ten marks (figures) These figures should give you in bank. It is number money transfert. If I to tell these figures only then me to give money. If you decide to make it I shall be very grateful to you. I to test now vey much strong feeling of shame. I have not got used to ask money somebody. I to earn money itself am usual. But it is other case. I can not earn such money in short terms. I should work and save money 1,5 years. I to not sustain so much. I to promise you that I to pay back you with their love and caress. I to think, that money to not become an obstacle in our vital way. Once again excuse me, butt to me any more whom to ask for the help. To reach to you I should know where to be the closest international airport  from you. I to not want, that we to stop the attitude(relation). I to not  want to see near to myself anybody except for you. At me tears to occure on  eyes because of my powerlessness before this world. You are necessary for me as never. I to want to embrace and kiss you. I may not write this letter more. It became very hurt me suddenly. I may not collect the thoughts. Up to a meeting in the following letter. I to want, that you to know, that I to love you. Up to a meeting, my love!.
Best regards,

The end of the story I think will be that I never hear from them again. I sent an extra e-mail to this address to see if it would be returned. It was not, so this site is still open. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this site. 

Natiliya Sedulova (Russia)

I have seen stories about this girl with the name "Natiliya Sedulova" from Russia. I knew I had seen her photo before somewhere else. I found her at Her name is Marina(contestant #119) from Kiev, Ukraine. As far as I know this is a legitimate site. It appears that someone has stolen her photos and is using them for their own gain. I don't know anything about this girl except that she appears at the modeling contest site. If she is really looking for a husband through a dating site I thought that it should be clear that "Natiliya Sedulova" and this girl are not the same person.

Svetlana Antonova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

I'm a 34 divorced father of two. I first received a letter from Ms. Antonova on October 11, 2001, asking me if I wanted to get acquainted with a lonely Russian
woman. I replied to her letter. Within a few days Ms. Antonova, wrote and asked me to wire her through Westeren Union a fee of $350,so that she could get herself a visa to come visit me. I wrote back and told her that I thought it was best that we first got to know each other somewhat better. And over the next several months, we did. I did some research and I found out that a B-2 visa did cost $350. I wrote Ms. Antonova on January 6th asking her where I should send the funds to her. She replied with the required information. And on January 7, 2002, I wired her the funds that she had requested. A few days later she wrote back asking me to send her yet another $860 for an airline ticket. I told her that I had found a better deal here in the states and that I could wire her, her ticket to Moscow. She wrote back and said no, because she had already made a deal. She gave me a chat room address and told me that she needed to chat with me. So we did. The next day while in this chat room, I found someone who was scammed by Ms. Antonova, he gave me the blacklist address and told me to check it our for myself, which I did. And I can say that Ms. Antonova, may have gotten $350 from me, but she didn't get the other money she had asked for. To this day I am thankful to my new friend in this Russian chat room.

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