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Hi Elena,

Thanks for giving me space on your site,

Oliver (Canada)

Dear Elena ,

I've looked at your blacklist. THANK YOU for providing this list .



Black List - page 437: UPDATES
December 22, 2005 Page 3

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Anna (


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From: Anna <>
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Subject: Hello my nice stranger! i will wait your answer!
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 18:07:44 +0500
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Hello my stranger I am so happy to see that you have decided to reply,I see it is very short letter. It is all right because you are astonished to get my letter. I want you to know that I have only good intentions and I have not any secrets. The thing is that I will work in your country for three months or so and I would like to meet a nice man to fall in love  or just be closest friends.  I don't want to live in Russia because I have not any chances  here,it is hardly possible to explain from first time but  I want you to know my plans.I will work in  any shop, bar or restaurant the agency that i am going through will suggest me some locations. It will be my choice in the end as to what option to go for. So I will have a simple work till I improve my English. And I can  choose any town of your area,agency will only help me to get a visa and all travel documents + some suggested placed to work in. My best friend last year met the man from  the USA when she worked there for three months, too.  She had two jobs. From morning till 4 pm  she worked in amusement park and after it she worked as a waitress in some bar till midnight.  She was very  tired of course but made very good money there.  It is special programm for young people who wants to work abroad and I  think it is the right way for me ,I am lost here,and I think that I look pretty enough to find a better place .I want to repeat the same  way,it is only my chance to meet a nice man.I want to work in USA or in Europe or any nice country. I am full of plans and different dreams and I want to share my life with good man because I'm also full of love  and tenderness,I know that I am not so beautiful like Hollywood Princess but I do hope to meet my Prince and I am sure he will be not be disappoined to meet me in the real life! This is why I am going to go through the same way. Well,I will close this letter and I do hope to get your reply. I will leave russia in two weeks or so (I can't tell you everything  exactly right now) and I would like to be sure that I have the man who waits for me there. I will work all day and I want to  find a man to spend all free time together to get to know each other better.if you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy to meet you too. I will tell you all details about me and my life if you like my pictures and want to meet me!  please send picture of you too!!! Now I write you from my personal mailbox (, please write me back here and here only. I will be checking it often. Kiss you Anna (this is my name)!

Anna Abramova (Cheboksary Russia)

Hi Elena, I live in Toronto, Canada. IT professional, single, 35 years. I have been scammed from member of She used name Anna Abramova, e-mail: from Cheboksary. Everything seemed fine, we were getting to know more about each other. After 2 months she said she wanted to see me. I couldn’t fly to her because of my work, so offered her to pay me visit here in Toronto. She said she couldn’t afford it so I offered to help. I’ve already been under other scammers attack. But they were either to easy to spot, and the others who wait longer did some other mistakes so I didn’t send any money so far. This was different, patient, wait 2 months for gaining my trust. She answered every question I asked, in very logical way. Her photos are very modest, not professional at all. She didn’t mailed me too frequently, so I thought this is not a scammer. How wrong I was! She explained the tourist visa procedure precisely and prices for visa and tickets very true. She told me she doesn’t has phone so she called me 2-3 times from her “friends” cell phone. She did send me her home address: My address: Republic Chuvashia, The city of Cheboksary. The lenin prospectus, the house 18, apartment 6 I tried to search on Internet and got some similar addresses. I asked her for her passport, and she send me copy of her domestic passport. So after getting this I thought she was honest and send her money thru Western Union. 1st 350USD for International passport, Canadian visa and Internet 2nd 150USD for medical insurance and finally 1050USD for airfare. Total is 1550USD. She said she’ll go to Moscow and inform me about the flight. She was supposed to fly with Aeroflot on 5th, December. The flight number was correct and so were the flight times. Than on Dec 4th, she gave me a phone call, and told me that Russian customs wont let her go, and than she needs to show 2500USD, as guarantee. She said this was necessary as she got tourist visa. At this point it become very alarming. Some members from confirmed it’s fake – and it seems to be from person from Yoshkar Ola not Cheboksary. After been told that her passport is fake, I called Western Union, they checked the transactions and confirmed that money was withdrawn in Yoskhar Ola not Cheboksary. When I confronted her with my findings, she told me that someone is trying to break our “love”. Finnaly I managed to call the Canadian consulate in Moscow and they couldn’t find that visa was issued to person with this name. I haven’t got any further response from her. Her profile is removed from the web site, and I already reported to Canadian police. My next step is reporting to Russian authorities. Its not so much about my money, I just want this criminal to be stopped scamming other people. Thanks for giving me space on your site, Oliver.


October 21, 2005
Hi fine Oliver I am madly glad, that when I have come to Internet - cafe and have seen your letter At me fine mood. In the street it is cold, but for some reason this cold is not noticed almost, and this cold only invigorates, air fresh. I very much grieve without you and your letters. Pass days, weeks, October will already soon end, soon there will come cold winter, then and New Year. It is considered, that how to enter New Year, and this year will be lived. In this occasion I very much would like, that we could meet New Year together, giving each other pleasure, love, tenderness and all best. What do you think my dear Oliver??? The day before yesterday, after I have written you the letter, I have gone on foot up to a house because I very much would like to pass and think. I have very strongly frozen, but I have noticed it only when I have come home to a warm room. I about 1 hour walked. On road I have seen travel agency, and I have gone to it even I do not know why. I have asked there about that is necessary to arrive to you. While to me explained everything, that is necessary for this purpose I mentally have already imagined that moment when I leave from the plane and I search eyes of you my for loved Oliver, my heart is ready to jump out for excitement of a forthcoming meeting and I find you on a smile on your person, on your kind and gentle sight. I go down on steps and at last you road Oliver is absolutely close, I in your embraces and kisses, on my eyes of tear of pleasure and happiness. I so vividly have presented it to myself, what hardly really have not burst into tears in this agency. To a reality of me the girl who time explained all this to me about trip has returned and has noticed, that I have reflected, she has affably smiled to me and has anew repeated everything, that spoke before. Having come, home I have made all work on the house and have gone to bed with ideas on you Oliver, I have again recollected my visit to agency and my sensations which I there have tested, which are very difficult for transferring me, but as which I very much want to feel really. Excuse my gentle Oliver, but I cannot come in Internet - cafe tomorrow. I very much shall try to come the day after tomorrow, and I very much want to see your letter impregnated with love. Forgive, but I do not have phone. I wanted to leave to you a phone number in my hospital, but there it is forbidden to call on personal questions. Excuse. With the tender feelings to you loved Oliver. Infinite kisses With love Yours Anya

November 7, 2005
Hi my loved Oliver. I am very glad to your letter. How are you doing??? I’m fine, but I very much miss on you dear Oliver. Excuse, that I so for a long time did not write, because at me now small difficulties. In these days off at us the holiday – Day of a unification was and in these days off I went home to the daddy. I have well lead these holidays at the daddy, it is a pity, that you were not a near. I have baked many pancakes, pies, different dishes. I saw some friends with whom I grew since the childhood, but the majority of my old friends could not arrive.
1. It is very good, if we can meet New Year together. I can already take holiday for 1 month within New Year I asked about it at job. And how much days you want to see me at yourselves????
2. The price of the ticket of $521 in one party (return tickets are necessary) – the Company: BA (BRITISH AIRWAYS) + gathering of the airport. Tickets are necessary at registration of the visa.
3. To take off it is necessary from Moscow and consequently it will be necessary for me of a few money that I could live couple of days in Moscow – to remove íŕ1-2 day hotel.
4. Yes the agency gives a guarantee and if the visa will not be received that agency promises to return money, but I think that with the visa there will be no problems as to me have said.
5. As I already spoke you the passport will borrow about 1 month, but it is possible to make the urgent passport. The visa will borrow 21 day, but on the visa it is necessary to do term of granting of documents 30-35 days prior to trip, i.e. the best way to make it this week or a deadline next week.
By my calculations that I have had time to arrive to you that it is necessary to start to do documents in the best way from this week. 6. I do not know how in the best way to pay. In the best way, probably, if you will send to me this money through the Western Union. Though as to you it will be more convenient. You can send me of money the Western Union on my surname and a name. My full a surname and a name under the passport – Abramova Anna. Then you should write to me your full name and a surname, your address, the sum of translation and a confidential code. 7. My dear Oliver most likely it will be better if I shall sit at you at home and to wait for you from job because I cannot go anywhere because I not so well I understand in English and I never was in your city. And after your job I shall meet you with the covered table and with warm heart (if you let me to manage for a while on kitchen!!!). Certainly, it would be the best way, that you could take some holiday, but I think, that your colleagues will go to you on a meeting and you can exchange with them. Liked Oliver please write to me your number of a cellular telephone and I shall call you. I cannot leave to you number because at me, it no and consequently that it will be the best way, if I shall call you, as I shall find phone. Here in Internet – café I have slightly met the girl who too comes here and I already talked to her about phone. I have said to her, that I shall pay to her the spent money, and she has said to me, that she will give me to call. I think, what is it should not cost dearly. Dear I it would be very grateful, if you could help me some small sum. Yes I too heard about deceits in the Internet, but, please, much do not worry concerning me. I understand, that honesty and trust the most important and consequently that you did not think of me poorly in the following letter I shall send you a copy of my passport. I do not find words for pleasure that you are at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, why people are not able to fly!?! At me now in soul such fine feelings which till now I did not know. My heart is ready to jump out with happiness. All my ideas about you. With impatience I wait for that moment when your heart will warm mine. Excuse my dear on it I shall finish my letter and I shall go home with ideas on you. Houses of me wait household chores. The most sweet dreams and infinite kisses. Tomorrow I again ghble here in Internet – café to write to you the letter. See you tomorrow dear Oliver. With all love yours Anya.

November 14
Hi my dear Oliver. I am very glad to see your letter. It for me as a charge energy and positive emotions. I’m fine. I hope, that at you also. Weather at us changes every day in the worse party – all becomes colder and colder and also do not stop to go rains. And consequently I do not have not enough your heat and care. At job at me it’s OK. Jobs suffice, even it is possible to say is a charge energy much and consequently very much you get tired after job but as I already spoke your letters. But I on former very much miss on you and every day my boredom all grows and grows, only my ideas about you road Oliver rescue one and support me. The Internet – I is not so far from my house. My job is far from a house. No, I can do tickets later when I shall receive the visa. I can buy tickets, then when I will have passport for travel abroad and the visa. In agency to me will say precisely day of a start. It is necessary for me 1050 $ - this sum to me have said in agency and the agency 3 days prior to the moment of a start will say to me exact date of flight and will give the ticket up to Moscow and hotel for 1-2 days, all these services are included into this sum. To me have said what to buy tickets it is necessary for 1 day directly at the airport before a start. To me have said, that it is not necessary to reserve now because probably the visa will borrow more or less days, than 21 day, and it can turn out, so tickets can be delayed. Money for tickets for me will be necessary only the start. As I already spoke you – I remove this apartment I (rent) also is not registered in her. My girlfriend has somehow tried to write to me the letter per day a birth, but her letter has returned to her back and on the letter there was a stamp – there is no addressee with such name. It is a pity certainly. With all love and heat from your very much missing and loving you Anya

December 1, 2005
Hi my dear Oliver I am very glad to see your letters which are filled with love and care. How you??? I’m fine, my mood is in an excellent status, but I do not have not enough you and your care. Weather at us became very cold and for 2 days has dropped out a lot of snow, yesterday even the hailstones was. Today 1 day of winter. I very much miss on you my dear. Every day I only also think of you, about our first meeting. I very much want to be with you and to feel you. I today again was in travel agency and to me have said, that my documents will be ready to tomorrow’s day and I shall receive these documents in Moscow because the visa is done through your consulate. What to receive the visa it is necessary to have the passport for travel abroad, to fill in questionnaires, to give an obligatory medical expense insurance, the information from job. When I shall arrive to Moscow to me will give out available documents, and I can fly to you. Dear Oliver I already tomorrow can leave to Moscow and 3-4 numbers to fly to you. It is necessary for me to have tomorrow money for purchase of tickets. As I have already said, that documents will wait for me in Moscow, therefore I cannot send you a copy of the passport for travel abroad and the visa. I today have made a copy of my Russian passport, and I send it to you, I hope, she can replace these documents. In agency to me have said, that there will be a direct flight. I at all do not know about what you to ask, because now all my ideas only about you dear Oliver and about our meeting. At me the head from dea starts to be turned, that in some days I shall stand near to you and I can touch you, kiss, embrace, … ah, this day somewhat quicker would come. I want to ask you about that – what gift from Russia you want that I have brought, and what you want to receive for New Year’s holidays??? It certainly little bit silly questions, but now at me in a head only ideas about you,delight, pleasure, admiration, all has got mixed up and at me such feeling that I the happiest woman on the ground because very soon I shall with you loved Oliver!!! I send you infinite quantity of the most sweet and gentle kisses. With love yours Anya

December 4
Hi again my loved Oliver Unfortunately, our conversation has interrupted, because my time of conversation has ended. As I have already said, that I could not pass the customs control and to me do not allow to leave to you road. When I passed the customs control to me have said that it is impossible to leave in other country without money, necessary to have on hands the sum 2500 $ dollars. It is necessary for me to show this money and everything after that I can fly to you. I at once shall give this money to you when I to arrive to you loved Oliver. Till this day I did not know about the customs control. I today have bought tickets in the morning.
Direct flight Moscow - Toronto
On December, 5 at 14.40 a start from Moscow, the airport of the Sheremetyevo
On December, 5 17.00 (on your local time) an arrival in Toronto.
The plane - AEROFLOT SU 303.
First I wanted to buy tickets in Domodedovo, but there there were no direct flights, were only with change in London. And these tickets cost more dearly and consequently I have bought tickets in the Sheremetyevo. It is necessary for me to pass again tomorrow the customs control over my flying away. It is necessary for me these 2500 $ dollars to show them before my flying away. My loved I now very much need in you, because I one in this big city where I never was. I now very much do not have you, your care. Please, help to me as soon as possible because I now very much want to leave my country and at last to be with you my loved, to appear with you a near and to feel the happiest woman on the ground. I very much do not have you, and I cannot constrain my tears of that now I not with you beside. Remained absolutely slightly but this most difficult. When I shall arrive to you my dear Oliver that I shall be pressed to you and very for a long time I shall not release because for me now there is nothing more important you and our love. I very much love you and more lovely I want to be with you. Tomorrow early I again shall come to Internet - cafe, please write to me as soon as possible. Sincerely yours Anya.

Elena Shamova (Ufa, Russia)

My name is Justin, I am a 24 your old white male from Massachusetts, USA. I am a police officer; I have no kids and have never been married. I joined the Yahoo personals, where I contacted a member who claimed to be 24 years old and from Boston, MA. She gave me her personal email address (, and we began daily communications through email. After a few emails, she informed me that she was really 26 years old, and living in Ufa, Russia. I was starting to develop feelings for Elena at this point, so I continued talking with her over the next month. After a few weeks, she proclaimed her love and deep feelings for me, and I felt the same in return. We decided we would meet, and I suggest she should come here to the United States. Elena agreed, but requested $1,000 for visa and travel expenses. Like a fool, I sent the money via Western Union, and it was picked up by Elena Shamova! the next day. At the time, I was relieved when she continued to talk to me, I figured if it was a scam, then she would have stopped talking to me after she got the money. So we continued to finalize plans for her to come here, and everything was going great. We finalized a date that she would arrive; she even sent me the correct flight numbers and times. I began to realize it was a scam two days before we were supposed to meet. The first sign was when I was able to get a hold of the passenger flight list for the flight she was due to arrive on, and her name was not on it. Right after I realized this, Elena sent me an email claiming she was in tears because the Russian Customs House required that she have $700 dollars per week of staying in a foreign country, and asked me for another $2600 in total. This was strike two; because I was quite certain that such a rule did not exist. I got the final proof I needed when I tracked her IP address from her emails. She claimed tha! t she had travelled to Moscow to catch her plane there, and therefore her last couple of emails were supposed to be form an Internet café in Moscow. When I tracked her IP address, I realized that her last 18 messages had come from the same place, and she had never travelled to Moscow. I also noticed that one of IP address came from the Mari El republic, which I now know to be a hive of Internet fraud. After I realized I had been scammed, I made a report with, notified Yahoo about the scammer, and now in the process of posting her data on sights like this in hopes she will not be able to scam anyone else. Her profile on the Yahoo personals had been deleted sometime ago, and I expect Yahoo will suspend her email account as well, but I have not heard back from them yet. I also joined the Yahoo group romancescams (, it is a great group, and they have good information and tools to help anyone who thinks they are dealing with a scammer, or has already been scammed.


Here some of the pertinent emails that I received from Elena Shamova: To: Justin, From: Elena, Message: 1, Subject: Hi
Hi!. Have good day! The computer on my inquiry in a service of acquaintances found to me some structures of the people, with which I would like to get acquainted. I studied slightly them and has decided to send you to the first message because your structure seems to me more interesting. I hope, that you have time to send me some messages. We can get acquainted and learn each other. I shall tell about myself; mine 26 years old, my name is Elena. I was not is married and I live with my parents. I work as the insurance agent, in medical insurance.. To me to like sports and active rest. I love to travel and to be in different places, but my work does not allow me to make it frequently. I have many friends, we sometimes together spend time, we play in billiards and we attend a training hall. Also I send you the picture, that you knew my person. I want to ask you also to send me a picture you, and inform me please some information you: What you love an entertainment? What your character? What qualities you love in the women? Whether you had the wife? I too shall inform you more myself in the following E-mail! I shall wait for the messages from you. Your friend Elena.

To: Justin, From: Elena, Message: 19, Subject: Hi my love
Hi my love Justin! It is pleasant to me to read your letter, I am very happy, that you will help me with arrival to you. I cannot wait of that day, when we shall be together, I miss on you and I love very strongly. I am very happy, that you have appeared in my life, you have presented me new feelings and new love. Now I not can without you live, I would like, that our meeting would be held as it is possible more quickly, I want to embrace you and to kiss your gentle lips, I want to concern your body, I want to see your perfect eyes. With happiness I am ready to shout at all world, that I love you. You the most perfect and remarkable man all over the world, I yet did not meet such people, as you. Me very much was lucky, that I have met you and I do not want to lose you. You my prince on the white horse and for the sake of you I are ready on everything, that you will tell, if only you were with me. Lovely today I talked to the agent concerning that that you will be to send money. he asked to transfer you what! you after you send money did not forget to write to me the complete name, surname and complete home address. As lovely do not forget to send me control number of translation of money (MTCN). Lovely I hope that all will be good. Lovely I send you my complete data: Elena Shamova, Russia, zip: 450025, city: Ufa, kirova str. 4. Lovely I wait from you of the letter very soon. I shall stop this letter and I wait from you of perfect messages. Always yours Elena.

To: Justin, From: Elena, Message: 20, Subject: I love YOU!!!
Hi my love! It is pleasant to me to read your letter, I am very happy, that you will help me with arrival to you. I can not wait of that day, when we shall be together, I miss on you and I love very strongly. I learned in agency concerning payment and me have told that it is necessary 1450 $. But I have 420 $ and now to me does not suffice 1030 $. I am very happy, that you have appeared in my life, you have presented me new feelings and new love. Now I not can without you live, I would like, that our meeting would be held as it is possible more quickly, I want to embrace you and to kiss your gentle lips, I want to
concern your body, I want to see your perfect eyes. With happiness I am ready to shout at all world, that I love you. You the most perfect and remarkable man all over the world, I yet did not meet such people, as you. Me very much was lucky, that I have met you and I do not want to lose you. You my prince on the white horse and for the sake of you I are ready on everything, that you will tell, if only you were with me. I shall stop this letter and I wait from you of perfect messages. Always yours Elena.

To: Justin, From: Elena, Message: 26, Subject: love from across the world!!!
Hi mine dear! Have good day favourite! Today I reached in agency to finish with them all affairs for travel. Justin, tomorrow in the evening I go to Moscow, my train will arrive there the day after tomorrow. There I shall be three days, up to my plane. I to you already informed, that I want to attend there some shops, also I need to select beforehand my ticket of the plane. As I promised, I at once I shall find there the Internet to hold with you communication Justin. Favourite, my plane will be 08 dec in 8:45 a.m. , from the airport “ Sheremetevo “. To you I shall arrive 8 dec in 7 p.m. in the airport Dukes County. Number of my flight 9K323. Favourite, necessarily meet me personally!!! In front of my plane, I shall write to you and to inform about I shall dress what clothes for travel, that you at once could learn me. Justin, if to speak frankly, I yet I can believe, that all preparation in the past and now us divide only a few days. I am happy, that we have made it!!!!! Inform to me, favourite, the ideas about it. That you feel, when think about these things? Tell, how you love me? To me will be very much it is pleasant to hear about it! I hope, that our days together, will be for us happy! Now it is time to me to go, it is necessary to get enough sleep well before train. I shall write To you tomorrow Justin. I LOVE YOU! My kisses and love!!! I wait for yours messages! Yours Elena.

To: Justin, From: Elena, Message: 29, Subject: Customs house
Hi my love Justin. lovely, I very much is afflicted also had today tears in my eyes. I went in the airport to know where it is and to ask for how many of time to me it is necessary be at the airport to have time to pass the customs control and check of the documents. Me have said at the airport that I can not take off for other country if I shall not have with myself money, they speak that was happen when the girl from Russia left in other country with small quantity of money and became there prostitute and tramp and after that in the airport have entered a new rule in him to be spoken that if I want leave in other country I should to show them 700 dollars for one week of residing and they have said a little that if I shall arrive at you 30 days by that me is necessary to have with self 2800 dollars of USA. Lovely, when I leaved for Moscow my mum has given me 200 dollars on the charges in Moscow, but I have not spent this money. Therefore I need 2600 dollars to show the customs control. Lovely please not be annoyed on me, I did not know about it, to me have said that this money is spent it it should not be necessary that they saw that I have money and I can ensure myself in USA during 30 days, I shall give this money to you when I shall arrive in the airport. Justin I have not enough time and if you have 2600 dollars please visit western union and send it on my name Elena Shamova, I very much wish to see you and! me not pleasantly that there was a problem of our meeting, I hope you can understand me. I shall wait for your letter in Internet - cafe, because I do not know that to me to do. I love you Elena. This is the final email I received from Elena after I accused her of being a scammer:

To: Justin, From: Elena, Message: 31, Subject: fukk YOU!!!!!!!
You very strongly have offended me. Absence yours not the trust in me shows that that you the fool. You have destroyed all that that I so long tried to construct with you. Now I see that! you from yourselves represent. You a heap of dust not of worthy my attention. Can not write any more to me. I shall put your photo in the Internet as the man unworthy girl. Your life ňĺďđü belongs to your hand with which you will have a good time in a toilet. The mum son. Fukk YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that is how a girl named Elena Shamova scammed me. I consider this an expensive but valuable lesson learned, and I know I will never make the same mistake again. The bottom line: NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE! Thank you for your time, Justin F.


Dear Elena , i've looked at your blacklist , please be aware that NATALIA EDELEVA just tried to scam me under the name of DIANA IVANOVA , THANK YOU for providing this list . regards R.

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Dating Russian women

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