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After finding the picture on your web site I decided NOT to send the funds, and sent a final email to her letting Elena know that I knew her scam. No funds sent, no connection made with an imaginary person.

Robert ( USA)


I sent Elena Petrova an e-mail to ask her a few questions and with her help, Elena made me realize that Tatyana was a scammer. Good thing too, because I was falling for Tatyana. In the end, she did turn out to be a scammer.



Thanks for spreading the word... 

John (Vermont, USA)

Black List - page 268: UPDATES
September 03, 2004 - page 2

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Elena Vinogradova (Novosibirsk, Russia)

This one always seemed "too good to be true". I did not find her name on your Black List, but I found her photo here: She has complained about not having money for a telephone, but has never asked about money, nor did I offer. I bent over backwards to avoid that subject, even saying more than once that God had blessed me with a lot of love in my heart to make up for how poor that I was. The e-mails still kept coming. And by her sixth letter she was telling me that she loved me. Now she wants money to come be with me. She has written to me under the e-mail address: With a home address of: 630099, Russia, Novosibirsk, Sovetskaya 20-11, Vinogradova Elena.

Elena Vinogradova2 (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Hello, My name is Robert, widowed white American, 42 years old, machine shop owner. I was contracted from the Yahoo personals by Elena Vinogradova, advertising herself as a 30 year old kindergarden teacher who lived with her mother and younger sister. We emailed daily for a week before she professed her love for me, and needed to 'lean' on me for money to come to the US. I was actually willing to send the 350 USD Elena requested to go to Moscow to stay with her cousin while completing the K-1 visa for coming to America. The spooky part was the email requesting money seemed to be asking for money for either a tourist or marriage visa. Now two weeks is NOT enough time to get to know a lady to marry! Although I have to admit, from the emails I thought there was potential with this email exchange. My search showed the swimsuit picture under your sites Black Listed group. Looking back I realize my request for Russian phrases that Elena would want me to learn went unanswered. It seems most of the questions I sent went without reply. :( The short version is: after finding the picture on your web site I decided NOT to send the funds, and sent a final email to her letting Elena know that I knew her scam. No funds sent, no connection made with an imaginary person. Last of nine emails follows:


Hello my love, Robert!!! I so am glad that you to write to me and that I to find so much letters on my box. I am happy and to thank our God that he to help us and and to meet you in my life. I am happy that I can to speak it to you. I shall be the happiest girl when we can meet in the future. You a beam of light in my heart. You mine supermen and I of you so to Like!!! I have understood that you are necessary for me as air and that I want To be with you beside. While I to be sick I frequently to think of you. I represented as you enter into my room and I feel your aroma.You cautiously put me on a sofa to unbutton to me a dress and your soft hands begin to caress my breast softly. And our bodies merge in the whole and you compress me so urgently, that we hear as our hearts begin to beat in one rhythm. Then we begin to be borrowed love. About as I to want that this dream was carried out! But I test some difficulties with money to the visa. I very much to want to be with you, but I to not know what to do. I to learn that it is necessary for me to make that I could arrive to you and always to be near to you in your embrace.I would like to arrive to you under the visa of bride K-1, but it is very difficult for receiving. To receive visa K-1 it is necessary to make out very many documents and on its registration a lot of time, almost a floor of year is necessary. I to not want to wait so long. Therefore I to want to arrive to you under the visa of tourist B-2. The visa of category B-2 is given out to tourists, people leaving in USA for rest, visitings of friends or relatives. For reception of visa B-2 it is necessary for me to fill in the questionnaire - application on reception of the not immigration visa, form OF-156. Term of stay under visa B-2 is determined in limits from 3 about 6 months. If necessary it, it is possible to prolong a maximum till one year. Legally being on territory of USA, I having the not immigration visa can request in further sanctions of Service of immigration and naturalization on: Change of the status with not immigration on immigration and to receive the visa of bride K-1. Having received the visa of bride K-1 we can get married and I for ever can remain near to you. I would like to leave for you in marriage and to begin your wife. We would have fine loving family and we would be very happy together. You to want that I became your wife? On registration of the visa, all information, documents it is necessary for me about 350 US dollars. But I to not have such big sum of money as at me not the big wages and I was not capable will pay the visa. I very much ask you that you have helped me to pay cost of the visa and registration of all necessary documents that I could receive the visa and arrive to you. Your help is very necessary for me. I am very strong to love you and can not live without you any more and one day. I think that you to want that I could arrive to you more soon and we could meet. I learnthat you may to send money through the Western Union and I can receive money to the visa. I to write to you the address of bank of the Western Union where you should send money: GAZPROMBANK, 1905 GODA, 18, NOVOSIBIRSK , 630132. Vinogradova Elena. Then you to send me money please inform me of ten figures hich should give you on the Western Union (MTCN).Also inform me the data: your post address and your full name. All this to me to tell in bank, but I might forget something, therefore ask the employee of bank that else you should inform me that I to receive your money. Please write to me the name of the international airport closest to you where I should fly.If you to send, I to fly in Moscow and to go in embassy to begin to make out the visa. I to remain there at my cousines. She is always glad to me. Lovely mine, I so miss on you and very much I wait when we shall be together.I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter. For ever loving you Elena.

Evgeniya (Evgenia, Jeniya) Ribenkova (Podolsk, Russia)

Evgeniya is my second scammer. Actually, she was initially the very first one to have contacted me by answering an old Yahoo personals ad, but after only a couple of e-mails she broke off contact. Soon afterwards, another Russian girl, Tatyana Alexeevna, answered the same ad. I was beginning to wonder why I was suddenly so popular with Russian women? A few weeks later, I sent Elena Petrova an e-mail to ask her a few questions and with her help, Elena made me realize that Tatyana was a scammer. Good thing too, because I was falling for Tatyana. In the end, she did turn out to be a scammer. Elena told me to post Tatyana's story on the black list and I did. However, it bothered me that I never did find this Evgeniya in Elena's Black List as well since she used the same tactics. I was wondering how many innocent men she has been able to scam so far? I still had her last known e-mail (, so I sent her another e-mail about a month ago to see if I could get her to continue to talk to me and she did. Greed is a wonderful thing. In fact, she sent me word for word the same e-mail she sent me when she first contacted me. This started to confirm my suspicion that she was a scammer. I asked her to send me pictures of herself. Unfortunately, she only sent me one and it was actually different from the first one she sent me and I lost that one. She fell head over heels in love with me in 2 weeks and asked me for money in 4 weeks. It was hard to correspond with her knowing that she might be a scammer, but I felt it was important. She eventually told me that her travel agent told her that it would cost about $3,100 to come to the USA, which included the visa. I knew with that e-mail that she was a scammer for sure. It is virtually impossible for her to get a visa to come here. She said she managed to save up about $1,500 but couldn't come up with the rest. She asked me to send her money (she didn't specify how much) by using Western Union and gave me very specific information on how to get this done including the address of a bank near her. She requested the money to be sent in the name of Evgeniya Ribenkova. I sent her one final e-mail saying that I suspected she was a scammer and that I would black list her and gave her the website URL. I have to admit that my last e-mail to her was an angry one and non-flattering. I wrote it in a moment of weakness. However, and this is the kicker: She e-mailed me back threatening me with legal proceedings if I posted my story on the black list. Sincerely, Bruno


Dear Bruno! I am very glad to get your letter, and I have to say, that I'm happy, that I have decided to communicate via Internet, and to learn English, I speak English rather good, and I hope, that I don't make many mistakes in my letters. It is very interesting way of communication, and it is rather new for me. But I have to say, that I am not looking for pen-friend, I want to say, that my intentions are serious, and I look for my future husband (I have never been married before, and I have my own special reasons for it, may be I'll tell to you about it later). I hope you understand me, and if it is only the game for you (I don't think so... but...), tell me about it, please, and may be it will be better for us to stop our conversation, because I don't want to hurt myself. I have to say, that I am very interested in you, I want to know you better, and I want to understand you, what kind of man you are... And to decide, was I right or not, when I have written to you. So, what else I can to say... I'm 1 m 71 sm tall, my weight 59 kg. My favorite flowers are orchids, but I'd love when my man brings me flowers, which he picked up, and it doesn't matter what kind of flowers it is. I like tender colors, not red or dark blue, but pink, and pastel tones. I like to watch movies at home, some TV shows of course, and sometimes sport channel, but not often, because I have to say, that watching sport alone is not interesting for me. I work as doctor, therapist, in the hospital. If you don't know, the therapist it is a doctor, which has no one way specialization. I do primary survey of patients, and I make first diagnostics, and I appoint additional inspections, if patient need it, or I direct him on hospitalization, or to other doctor (who specialize on current patients disease). So, I am the doctor of wide structure. I am single, and I have no sisters or brothers. I have no children, but I want to feel myself as mother, and I hope, I'll feel it beautiful feeling someday. My desire is to find the man, with whom I can spend my life together, I understand, that the days go, and we getting older, and I don't want to feel loneliness, and to think, that I have had chance someday, but I have lost it... Ok, I have time only to say, that I wait for your letters, and I hope, that it will be the same pleasure for you, as for me. Sincerely, Evgenia.

In one of her more recent letters, she wrote:
P.S. I was in travel agency. There have told that for definition of full cost of trip to me I was necessary to know in what airport shall depart. Please, give me this information!

Her next one, she wrote this:
P.S. I send to you a price a sheet of agency of travel. There the prices for tickets are specified. I too shall receive the visa in agency, on this full cost of my trip makes 3.152 $.

Finally, her letter asking for money:
My dearest Bruno! How are you? I'm fine, but I had the coldest night yesterday, my sweet, because I wished we were together tonight, I imagined how we could keep together warm, when we go to bed. I wanted just lying in the bed next to you, and talking about our future, before we kiss each other and say good night, and fall asleep in each others arms. Do you know, what you do to me... Everything inside of me is wanting and needing you, Bruno. I want to be with you by your side, not to the front and not to the back of you, but by your side as your helpmate, your soulmate, your everything. I will always stand tall and proud near you, holding your hand, I'll always be beautiful near you, I'll make you proud of me, when I'm with you, I promise. I want to be with you so much! I imagine, how we are telling our future friends, how we met each other, how fell in love, how I left my home in Russia, and came to you in USA... Sometimes I try to think, how it'll be, when we are together, but I never get far in my dreams, before I break into tears of utter joy, knowing what I have you, and I need not look any. Now I have a shoulder I can cry on, and a love, I can rely on. For as long as I live, there is always be a place where you belong here, heart and soul, my dear, and I promise we won't ever be lonely. Unfortunately in our world not so simply to meet to two liking hearts. There are some complexities. I shall send you the letter - invitation, please fill in it and send me back its copy made on the scanner. I shall give it in agency of travel, and to me will start to make the visa. Her registration will occupy 4 weeks. For trip to you I have collected the sum in 1500 $. I cannot find more money for trip, I tried to take the credit in bank, but to me have given up, my friends cannot help me, they have no such money. If I had such big sum certainly would pay for trip itself. But it is expensive for me, on this I am compelled to ask you about the help. If you can help me you can send the money by bank system Western Union to my name. You need to send me your full name, address, amount of money and the control number (MTCN.) And address of bank, nearest to me: Russia, Moscow area, Podolsk, komsomolskaya str. 1, Bank " Menatep SPb ", zip: 142100 You need my full name, so here it Evgeniya Ribenkova. I miss you somuch! I wait for your letter tomorrow, bye! Your, dreaming about you, sweetheart Jeniya.

Her letter threatening me:
My love Bruno! Yesterday I all the evening long dreamed of us. Near my bed there is your photo (I have made its in the Internet of cafe) I thought of how I shall look in your liking eyes when we appear face to face. As I shall hold you for a hand, to embrace, carry out embrace, move a hand on your hair... But me it becomes very sad, that you are not present near to me during this moment, and I have allowed occurrence of tears on my eyes. It is very a pity to me, that I cannot change something, or somehow approach ours meet. I madly miss and is boundless I love you. And now I pay in the Internet of cafe. Having read your letter, I had a deep sincere wound. I was not going to deceive or harm you. You suspect me of swindle though I at all do not present what people do make it. I sincerely love you, I have opened to you soul and the heart, and have in exchange received mistrust and suspicions. I thought, that you love me, trust me, but now I see, that it not so. I do not present, as we can build our relations on mistrust and suspicion. My heart cries together with me. I do not know, how to you to prove, that all my feelings to you are sincere. I have written all that I feel. But I do not know, that to me to make! You have damaged to me heart and I am glad that have not connected with you the life. I did not deceive you, and you the LIAR!!! It not I, and you " You are a pathetic person. Have a very bad life. " YOU deceived me all this time, not I is YOU!!! You have accused me that I did not make. I shall go on a site And to search there for the photo. If I shall find there it, I shall address in court under human rights. I have kept all our correspondence. And your last letter will be the proof! I did not correspond with any man, except you and you will condemn for slander! I think it will be fair, if I so shall act to you. Farewell Bruno!!!

Anna Zareva, (Tosno, Leningrad Region), Russia)

I'm a 46-year-old single college professor and writer in Los Angeles. "Anna Zareva," - or Anuta, Annushka, or just Ann - was an early responder to an ad I placed through Elena's Models. It appeared in a number of outlets, and I don't know which specific one Ann (or whoever she is) replied to. Her first message to me was on June 23, 2004. Thereafter we e-mailed each other regularly for about a month. Early on, most of her messages included one or more attached photos showing a gorgeous blonde. These became increasingly risqué until she was sending actual nudes. But the most remarkable thing about Ann was her wonderfully dry sense of humor. She told funny little stories about her work, her daily life, her 8-year-old daughter Karina and her weekend outings. She wrote in a charming kind of broken English that sounded oddly like Natasha on "Rocky and Bullwinkle" - an American's idea of how Russians talk. It had errors, yet she also knew many idiomatically correct phrases and unusual words like "antediluvian." I suspect she may not be a Russian speaker at all. But the impression she gave was one of high intelligence and brilliant wit. She was also very affectionate, called me "honey" and "darling," and asked what seemed like genuinely probing questions about life in America. I didn't know yet about visa-and-ticket scams, and it was I who first proposed arranging to meet. Ann suggested, but also discouraged, my reimbursing her later for her travel expenses, and instead had me arrange to pay her local "travel agency" ahead of time by wire transfer to its bank account. The first warning sign to me was the travel agency's low profile - just e-mail, no web site and no listing in Leningrad's English-searchable yellow pages. When I searched the agency through Google, what came up was profile #412, Evgenia Minakova, on "Evgenia" not only used the same agency but had exactly the same e-mail address as Ann! I knew this was trouble, but Ann had an explanation for it, and since she was the most appealing of more than 250 respondents to my ad I went ahead still hoping that she was for real. Meanwhile I was subscribing to a newsletter from that explained scams and linked me to its "blacklist." Here I found Ann listed (p. 229) with a slightly English spelling - "Tsareva" instead of "Zareva" - but the identical M.O. It turned out her funny stories were different versions of messages she had sent to at least one previous victim. Finally, I ran an e-mail tracer program on her messages and her travel agent's, and this showed that they were coming from the same IP address. At this point Ann was still waiting for me to pay the 715 euros needed for our impending rendezvous, so I took the opportunity to see if I could learn anything more that might help put her out of business. Claiming that my bank was delaying the transfer, I got her to send me the "travel agent's" street address and passport number. When I then let her know what I knew, she stopped writing (July 31, 2004). Despite everything, it's still hard for me to believe that "Ann" isn't real. Whoever created her has the fiction-writing skills of a fine novelist. I hope you find this information helpful. Jeff. Here are the details I learned:

  • Anna Alexandrovna Zareva. 187000, Stanislavskogo street, 4-41, Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia. 7-8136120888. Passport number 41 00 242015. e-mail: ["Ants0441" or "Twostars"]

  • Travel Agency "Olga Bordovskaya Esta Tosno", 187000 Lenin street 90 Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia. ["Esta-Tosno"].

  • Bank account: SWIFT code of bank: SABRRU2P.
    Name of bank: Saving Bank of the Russian (Severo-Zapadny office) St-Petersburg
    Number of account: 42307978255385000011
    Account holder: Olga Bordovskaya
    Address: 187000 Lenin street 73-56, Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia
    passport number: 41 02 811755

  • "Girlfriend": Gertruda Kalugina. Lenin street,37-51, Tosno, region of Leningrad, Russia.


Hi. I saw your photo in Internet and I've read about your searches of future soul-mate. I would be happy if you'll answer my message. My name is Ann. I have one daughter, because I was married but now I'm in divorce. I am 27 years old. I live in Russian town Ushaki. I wish you all the best and I'll be waiting for answer. Ann. PS Are you writer-humorist? Very interesting. I can narrate you about my life here, in Russia. It's one big joke, you know.

Jeff, hello, honey. Thanks for your answer! I've just came back home from St-Petersburg, safe and sound. I'm alive. It's good news. So, we with my girlfriend met each other, and few hours we have pottered along the city center and Nevsky prospect, haunting thresholds of different shops and staring at show-windows. Certainly we chattered unceasingly, shaking out from ourselves all collected news of last century. After that we have very nearly fought, arguing about best cinema, and a film which we should look. The girlfriend wanted to look "Gangs of NY" ( very good historical movie, I didn't know America looked like today's Russia formerly), but I saw this movie already, and I wanted to see movie "Kill Bill-2". Finally we saw some science-fiction movie. I forgot name. A brief plot - in the London underground some blockhead have found a huge egg, and the dragon hatched out this egg (who writes all these scripts?). This dragon has bred, and all this gang of dragons began to devour the English inhabitants. And after that, when Englishmen were ended, these creatures began to eat inhabitants of the European union. I think, by then, the Russians have eaten each other already, without any participation of dragons. And when the hope for the happy end has disappeared practically, gallant inedible American guys have arrived by helicopters and have destroyed all bad dragons. Amen. :) After a film, we disputed - we should go to what restaurant? We for a long time argued about advantages of the Mexican, Japanese and Indian cuisine, and have gone to Russian restaurant eventually. We ate pancakes with different stuffings - caviar, honey, sour cream. We ate some pancakes also, which appeared in the menu as "Colombian pancakes"(?). We tried to recognize a stuffing, but alas. And we have decided together - it were pancakes with cocaine.:) We drank special old beer. It known as "Medovuha". This beer not of hop, this beer of honey. ("med" - Russian word "honey"). After this drink you'll walk like a paralytic, who get about on crutches. But with a clear head. All evening long without break we sat at girlfriend's flat and had fun, gave a neighing laugh like a horses and have played the fool. Yes. It's a report of agent KGB Ann on done yesterday's work. :) I kiss you and wait for your answer. Ann

Hello, my honey-bunny! Everything is all right. Visit to dentist was successful! He lost only 3 fingers in mouth of Karina. It's good! I was ready to worse.:) Jeff, I send you my private secret picture! :) I'm very sad :( I can't open your movie :( I get your messages with attached file "winmail.dat" but I have no idea how to open it :( Try to send me file with ".avi" ok? Listen, Jeff, I'll tell you about my young years a little in this letter, ok? And you can tell me about yours too. In two words. My childhood was probably difficult, I did not realize it. Because all of us remember the good and pleasant moments of our childhood only. I remember the sea, and a lot of jellyfishes. I remember I searched a place for swimming every time without jellyfishes. I lived in a Chukchi settlement and I remember, how hunters carved pictures on tusks of walruses. I remember how we collected cedar nuts, we had beat trees by the big sticks and selected falling cones. I remember improbable a great lot of mosquitoes. For example, we should watch open cuts and cushy wounds on our bodies, on dogs and on deers. Because, it was dangerously enough. Because of blood losses because of a great lot of these mosquitoes. I know how to dress skins, how to catch squids with luminous hooks. We ate only meat, a fish, nuts and some verdure. I have seen an apple the first time at 5 years old. In those territories the winter last the most part of year, but I remember summer basically. Winters were very monotonous and I badly remember them. I remember, how we fished in ice holes, frosts with 50-55С degrees below zero. Did you see how the birds die during flight? And when they fall down to earth, they are like a stone statuette. This life in the different countries and different cultures since the childhood, has taught me to respect any culture and style of a life. And never to compare different cultures and way of life. Because they are not comparable. I do not like when people are bragging of the values of their way of life, they subconsciously want to tell - "we go to a correct direction, means others go to opposite." But where a correct direction? It looks as end in itself - one kind of animals tries to breed and occupy other natural niches at any cost. In this connection, I realize some good features of my nature - I respect, but I do not admire the different countries and cultures. I easily adapt to different conditions of a life, but I do not become the foreigner. I respect the rules of other cultures. But these rules never become mine. I have my own, philosophical concepts of a life and a rule. Something like my own bible precepts. I am not interested in public opinion. I never did efforts in this direction. I do not want to litter my head with this senseless rubbish if people see in me something interesting, they will see it and without a colorful cover. Both career and public opinion are easily destroyed concepts, easily changeable concepts which steal a lot of time from a short life. I gamble on more firm concepts and advantages. I do not live in the world of things. It only some things live in my world. It is ridiculous - I have recollected as we, I and girlfriends were visiting a disco during our youth. It was in Northern Korea. We had no stockings, but wanted to show our legs in short skirts for guys. We drew for each other longitudinal lines from heels up to ass by black pencil, imitating fashionable nylon stockings with black seam at back of the leg. So funny! Wow! My hand was tired to write such long text. OK, honey pie, I kiss you and I look forward to your answer! Ann

Hello, my honey! Sorry, yesterday my phone connection did not work and I sat in deep silence and without Internet. Yes, it's a little demerits of Russian reality in country-side (to tell the truth in big cities too). Nobody can tell me when I'll sit without phone connection, or hot water, or electricity (or without money). :) Jeff, my address is 187000 Stanislavskogo st. 4-41 Tosno Leningrad reg. Russia 7-8136120888 Listen, I have one wonderful idea. Let's write for each other our good and bad opinion and ideas on our nationalities and countries, ok? What do we think about our society? I think it would be very interesting to hear our national self-appraisal, by our eyes. The point is that, people abroad have a lot of stereotypes and cliches concerning Russia, but my own opinion is not completely correct, because my opinion is preconceived a little bit too. Of course we should search for explanations for Russian mentality in the long period of total isolation off other society and the long stay in communistic society. I'll not analyze it, but I'll write most typical results, which we have now. 1. Russian people totally and completely do not believe any governments and rules. Average person is sure all rules were written to cheat him, all governments write rules to get own advantage, as a result - Russian person is sure he should think about himself on his own, to try to evade all rules, to try to find own advantage, cheating government and rules of society. If Russian person live abroad, he is able to find weak points and "to find the joint in the armour" very quickly. Russian person see and try to break any rule and custom of foreign society, which are constant and it is beyond doubt, but for Russian person there are no unshakable rules. 2. Russian person have specific opinion on all other foreigners. Soviet government was telling us that all another world is enemy quite long time. A lot of people didn't believe it in past years and nobody believe that now, but anyway as a rule Russian person do not think about all other foreigners as about the same people. Therefore, often Russian person have no moral and human feelings to foreigners. It's like the cats, which know that dogs are animals too, but anyway cats do not like dogs, and cats knows that dogs are not cats.:) 3. Russian people like to deride Russian style of life, Russian illogicality and we like to joke about Russian people. It's some mix of self-criticism and strange pride. Something like - "Hey, World! Look at us! We are so bad! Cool!" :) 4. Russian people are very illogical and do not like to count and to think about tomorrow's day. They are able to do very strange things only because of momentary and sudden outburst. Jeff, of course I write with exaggeration, overstating all these things. For better understanding. It were bad characteristics of Russian people. I try to recall something good but I can't. ha ha ha ha. I kiss you honey! Ann

Good evening, my dear Jeff! Thanks for your answer! Listen, I had the terrible day. Holy mackerel! I've just come back home. I wanted to take days off because of my decision to be ill a little at home during couple of days, but alas. I had a very good feeling concerning my relaxation and idleness. But I was in city today with my colleagues and we were visiting hospital. We should be helping our employee who is very sick, and doctors have asked to help with blood for surgical operation. It was so scary!!! I sat in special chair (I'm sure it was electric chair), and very frightful doctor with the very frightful looooooong needle three - four millimeter in diameter, I'm sure). Doctor transfixed my hand by this needle (all the way through, I assure you). After that I do not remember exactly...but in 5 minutes the doctor said - "OK. Everything is over." I was sure absolutely that "everything is over" and hospital nurse may drag my lifeless cold body to the mortuary. I was very surprised that I can breathe, I can stand up and I can go wherever I chooses. Well, this doctor have cheated me. He told me he'll take 200 grams of blood but he took 2-3 liters. I swear on my honor - he took not less than 3 liters. OK, it was real thriller, you know. And should condole with me, yes? So, Jeff, your information about our travel agency and their bank account is not correct information. I called to Evgenia, she told me she offered such way, but her friend never used this way, he sent money by WU-bank. But she had problems (? ha ha ha) and she had no chance to come to Helsinki. I do not want to ask you about her correspondence and problems in detail, it's not my business. First, I call call to agency again and to ask them to send you information about possible trip again. Also I send you my passport and my information for WU-bank, if you prefer such way. Well, Jeff, my full information - Full name is Anna Zareva. Address - 187000, Stanislavskogo street, 4-41, Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia. Passport number - 41 00 242015. If you want to meet in free-visa mode country - I agree. I'll need ticket only. But I have one request only - I was not expected to correspond during months without real short meeting. Therefore I search for any way of our date in August, ok? OK, I kiss you!!! Write to me soon! Ann PS Jeff, can you write me address of site when you found this information about Evgenia and our agency, I want to read it too. OK?

Irena_Mariya Matveeva (Izhevsk, Russia)

I am a white, 40 year old, divorced father of 3. Mariya Matveeva replied to my letter sent thru "ShotbyCupid" personals. We corresponded for at least 10 weeks. She asks some superficial questions about me in the first email or two, but never replied or commented on my questions for her nor my information about my life I shared. Basically her letters were always about her life for the first month. Then the last 6 weeks her emails consisted of her declaring undying love for me and an increasing sense of urgency to be with me. She then asked if I could send her $400. to assist her in her travel to Moscow to obtain "documents" she would need to come to the USA. This was the first time she asked for money. So I decided before sending anything, I would do a google search on her name and she came up on "". There she was on the site, photo and all. I sent an email to informing them of the email address she was using currently. Her profile was deleted from "shotbycupid" very shortly after we started corresponding. I intend to notify of this email address also. I haven't replied to this email yet, I just received it. Wonder what I should Hope this will help save others from possibly being pushed into sending her money. Jack.


Hi Dear Jack!!!! How are you? I am happy to recieve your letter.... How are you? I am slightly tired today at work but when I have received your letter, in me the smile, thank that has appeared so have soon answered me... :) In first I want to tell, that my English, not so good, but I each day study new words, and begin to understand more better. My mum is a lot of years back very well talked on English, but now she has forgotten it, Because she very long did not talk... I want to tell that acquaintance through the Internet new to me. I never did it earlier. I am afraid and worry, that it is possible to meet loved and serious persons through the Internet. I looked at your structure.. I in it was helped by my girlfriend. And I am very much interested in you! I have understood, that you very interesting the man and with you am always vigorous and cheerful to spend time. The person with whom we shall enjoy together all charm of destiny and I think the God will give us it! And now I frequently visit church, and I pray to the God that has helped me to find to meet my prince who will love and respect me, estimate and to admire with me that he was my second half and supplemented me. While me love and is true estimate me, I shall devote my complete life to his happiness. he would come first and foremost in my life and everything eles, secondary! Through my everyday actions and expressions, he would know without a doubt that I truely love him. I owes admit that at times I can beobstinate, but that generally fades as him wishes become more apparent. My girlfriend, for 2 weeks has arrived to visit me and the parents from Norway. 2 years back my girlfriend through the Internet has married and now they with the husband live happily. They have child and they very much love him! At my girlfriend all is good with work with family! And I am glad for her! Well all right, let's get acquainted more close! As I see your way to the letter, we are already almost familiar! My full name is Mariya Matveeva, but for friend simpleMasha. So dear, As far as I am beautiful I can not to tell,you may estimate me on a photo which I to you I send... My natural color of hair brightly fair-haired, almost but me speak, that blonde hair approach me more. You agree with me? To me very much to like.... well my growth of 173 centimeters, and my weight of 55kg.... I have brown and very sexual eyes... Now I live in very beautiful city of Russia with name Izhevsk. Russia very big country with the big opportunities and resources but while people live here not so well. Russia I to be in the transition period. My city is very rich sights and my city very big. Here live more than one million persons. The history of many wars here is concentrated. I most of all like Bauman street. It is very beautifulstreet, here there are many monuments and many any foreign restaurants. I look I am more senior than the years, but in soul still the girl. My girlfriends already for a long time married and have family and children.And I can not learn love yet. My work is possible takes away a lot of time at me.. Russian men are very rough and thoughtless, and I never can find with them general. I work in hospital as the medical worker. It is children's hospital. My working day to last from 7 o'clock in the morning till 6 o'clock in the evening. I love my work and I very good at it, have fun with the patients and treat them as though they are a part of me.I help to treat children and it is very pleasant for me. My basic work to do injections and bandagings.You probably have already got tired to read my letter?I too would want to find out about you more. It is not a pity that we may communicate with you through a chat to find out each other. Because I write from Internet - cafe. My ultimate dream and wish is to have a loving family. Nothing eles is more important than that to me. Honestly, this is what I live for. Unfortunately, I was not successful and was happy completely not long People enjoy playing games with others feeling and emotions I do not like. I hope I've givien you enough information about my character and who I am to help you dicide whether or not you want to be involved with me. Please take very good care of yourself and feel free to ask whatever question you need to. I have no the native sisters and brothers, at me is only cousin. I one in family, also live only with the mum. In the other city, it in 100 miles from my city lives my grandmother. My grandmother very old and I each week tries to visit her and to help her. I very much want to continue with you the relation and to find out you better. I hope for your sincere answers. With impatience I shall wait for the letters. Take care Sinserely your new friend - Masha.

10 weeks later, this is her email requesting money: 
I have not sustained I have come just to write to you about my feelings! How are you? When I have seen you for the first time I have understood, that you that person about which I dreamed all life. You that The knight on a white horse. Yours eyes Have pierced me up to depth of my soul. I as if the bird who has escaped from a cage . You have forced to beat my heart more often, Which lives one you. I so would like to appear with you Beside to feel your heat and to overlook With you about all on light. Everyone Night lies down to sleep I thinks only about To you also I can not fall asleep. Us divide Thousand kilometers, but I feel Your presence, you, as if The angel - keeper who preserves me. When I do not receive your answer, something Breaks at me in a breast and it seems to me, That the ground leaves at me from under legs. All my life was grey and boring, While I have not found that who have changed mine Life, has brought happy minutes of my life. I waited for you the whole eternity and at last There was this MIRACLE!!! I am grateful for this miracle You asked { I wanted to answer them. The friend of the director works in the Moscow consulate it(he) to me will help make free-of-charge documents without superfluous problems which may to arise at official registration of papers. But for this purpose my loved(liked) I should go in Moscow and is there about one week documents will not be ready yet. Moscow very dear(expensive) city and residing qdeq| costs(stands) the big money, but it is necessary for me to arrive to Moscow to make documents mine k~l{i honey. I want to ask for you the help for trip to Moscow for official registration of papers. I wrote my loved(liked) that for this purpose is required to me 500 $. But I already spoke you that I have 100 $ and still it is necessary for me 400 $. And when I will have enough money, I can leave to Moscow faster. Me already warned that I should to leave for Moscow soon already. My love if I meqlncs to leave for Moscow soon will be late and we shall lose chance free-of-charge to issue Documents. Please consider me seriously. I very much hope for you and on your help. To destiny which has helped us to find each other In this huge world. I so dream of our meeting, me most of all On light it would be desirable to meet you. For the sake of You I am ready to offer everything to be Only with you. I would like to fall asleep in yours Strong embraces and to feel sweet taste of yours Lips and each morning to wake up with. I think, that Beside that the man without which my life Simply does not represent sense.

Irina (Beautifulflower26)

I recently joined Yahoo singles. After I cancelled my subscription, the next day I got a "hello" from a girl. "Beautifulflower26". I then sent her a reply stating "I hope your not a fake!" I also told her "Irina" (or this person) She was VERY attractive. I was suspicious from the start as the photo seemed to be of extremely good quality. I told her I had family in Poland. I haven't heard from her since. To further investigate, I found your web site. Read the dialogue below and compare it with those posted on your web page…..Get the picture! You stopped a scam before it was even a scam! Her e-mail was Thanks! Steve.


Hi Steve! I am glad, that you were interested by me and have written to me e-mail. I shall be very glad if you will write to me also other letters. I for the first time have acquaintance through the Internet. It was very difficult to me to place my structure in a service of acquaintances, because I am in Russia, the service of acquaintances does not accept the members from this country. I had to specify in a structure, that I am in USA. In this letter I shall inform you a little information myself and if the dialogue with me will be interesting to you, I shall tell about myself in more detail in the following letters. I am 26 years. I have work and I am engaged in sports. I the very romantic woman also try to do my life interesting. I dream to meet in my life of the good man, which can understand me and love. I send you a photo me and I ask, that you sent me some pictures from your life. As it will be interesting to me to learn about your life, family, work and entertainments. Write to me, I shall wait your letter. Sincerely and yours faithfully. Irina.

Irina_ Naberezhnye (Chelny, Russia)

I'm a 45yo White American Male. Irina initially contacted me on a dating site, her user name was: "Strawberrylip"; I never heard from her again... Thanks for speading the word... John in Vermont, USA.


Her first letter:
Hello! I was interested with your structure and I have decided to write to you find out you better. I want find the man for long serious relations. I to search for such person which would understand me, could support me a difficult minute behind which I would feel myself as behind a stone wall, I would like that I trusted this person completely and shared with him the pleasures and problems. I hope, that you will answer me if I have interested. I feel, that you very good the man and I hope, that I have interested you and you will find time to write to me. I would like to tell a little about myself. I the charming, young, sexual girl. To me of 26 years, but I to feel myself on 18. I have not got used to praise myself, but nevertheless I can tell that I sensual, patient, understanding and hardworking. I hope that in the subsequent correspondence we learn each other better. I want to find the person for reliable and long communication, a marriage. And very much I hope, that my letter has interested you and you can answer me in the near future. I promise you interesting acquaintance and you will not regret what to get acquainted with me. If you to become interested in me, write to me on a letter box:

Her 2nd letter (Even though I had written her a note of jibberish, she still wrote back):
Greetings John!!!! That have written thanks me!!!! To me it will be more convenient if you will send to me the letter on mine email: and then I shall answer all that interests you. Yours faithfully Irina.

Her next letter:
Hi John! I am glad, that you were interested by me and have written to me e-mail. I shall be very glad if you will write to me also other letters. I for the first time have acquaintance through the Internet. It was very difficult to me to place my structure in a service of acquaintances, because I am in Russia, the service of acquaintances does not accept the members from this country. I had to specify in a structure, that I am in USA. In this letter I shall inform you a little information myself and if the dialogue with me will be interesting to you, I shall tell about myself in more detail in the following letters. My name Irina, my age 26 years. I have work and I am engaged in sports. I the very romantic woman also try to do my life interesting. I dream to meet in my life of the good man, which can understand me and love. I send you a photo me and I ask, that you sent me some pictures from your life. As it will be interesting to me to learn about your life, family, work and entertainments. Write to me, I shall wait your letter. Sincerely and yours faithfully. Irina.

And when I didn't reply fast enough I got:
I have not received the letter from you long time! I hope that all well with you! I wait with impatience of your letter!!!

Her next letter (I had asked her if she was using translation software as her English was very odd)
Hi John. Have good day. I waited your letter and was very much It is pleased, when you have written to me. Your structure and I was interesting to me It is pleased, that we start find out each other more well and to develop our acquaintance. I think, that it is an interesting thing, find out someone far through the Internet. It is unusual to me, because I a little it is familiar with the Internet. John, I want to inform you, that I have no computer at home also I go to Internet - cafe, during free time from work. That to translate my letters to you I use the electronic program the translator because for me it is faster and it is convenient to write for you in Russian, and then to translate the letter on English. I hope, that you can understand well my letters. I studied the English language earlier at school, and after that in college and I understand your letters very well. Only please do not use reductions of words. While I did not establish a computer in the house, therefore that I have no there phone. It would be interesting to me to speak with you and if you not against I could try in the future to cause you that we could chatter about different things. John, I want to tell to you it is a little about itself. I live in city Naberezhnye Chelny and I have very good family. Because of my work I remove a small apartment and I live in it separately from my family. But I very much frequently reach to them and I spend with them the weekend. we frequently we are chosen together on a camping and we have other entertainments. In my apartment it is very cosy, I always try to make a cosiness there where I am. I put on shelfs and cases different lovely things and soft toys, all this very much is pleasant to me. I to have a dog. it call Teddy. Mine the city enough big, and in it is a lot of people. Basically at us in city various factory and factories. Is present some restaurants and bars. I work as the teacher of initial classes at school, my work that I teach children to write, consider, correctly to talk. Tell to me about the work. it is pleasant to you? To me my work is pleasant. I very much like to laugh and I respect people with good humour. I like to travel. I yet was far from mine at home, but I dream in the future to visit different places. I 2-3 times in week I go to be engaged in a sports hall, to hold my body in the order. And you John, have any sports in the life? You like entertainment on the nature? Hunting? fishing? A camping? Inform me the some people things about the entertainment. It will be very interesting to me find out about it. Inform me more on itself. I to send you a photo. It is a photo was made the last year in September. I did a photo for myself, wanted to look as far as well I to turn out on a photo. You to like my image? I wait for your letters. Sincerely yours Irina.

Next letter (I had asked her if it bothered her that i was 19 years older than her)
Hi mine friend John. How you today? I am glad to receive yours e-mail. I think, that I more seriously now think of acquaintance through the Internet. Thank you to me have sent to you John for of a picture to which!!! It was very interesting to look at it! Me to not irritate, that you to be more senior than me. I to search for the mature man, which would be to wise and scientific life. I like the men which is more senior than me and can learn me to something in this short life. I to want to connect destiny with the man of such age as you! I shall send you pictures later as today I do not have it with itself! John, When you established the structure in service of acquaintances, you thought about opportunities to find the person for serious relations? Perhaps you did it to have a small entertainment? Inform me about it please. Inform me why you have decided to get acquainted on the Internet, instead of in the street. I in the life had no good acquaintances in the street. I think , that if the person specially uses service of acquaintances he has serious intentions to find the special person for itself. To me told about many games on the Internet, but I hope, that you the serious person. John, I would like, that you wrote to me small the story how the usual person in your country lives. At ours peoples different culture and a life, and I think this story will help me it is better to understand you. I think, that on TV tell not always the truth, and I never make opinion on other people from the TV. I hope, that will not tell some things about it tiresome for you. What importance of family in your country and what opinion at you concerning it. John, I heard, that the American women frivolously concern to family, that for them their career is more important. And some women leave in marriage and at once make divorce to take half of money from the husband. It is the truth?. It is very difficult for me to understand it. I think, that creation families very important in a life also cannot be played feelings of other people and to have the big purse from it. I already informed you, that at me is present work which takes away from me a lot of free time. My salary not so big, but me suffices for a life and I am helped frequently by mine parents. I plan to study in the future to raise the level for work. Earlier I already studied on special employment for reception of a trade. It was after I left school. It was quite good college, but I would like to finish university to have good education. John, what you have opinion be relative importance of education in a life? Inform me please the opinions. Dear now it is time to me to go home. I shall be to write you tomorrow. I wait for your letters. Yours Irina.

I then asked her if all this was a scam and she wrote:
There is no I to not be scam!!!! I actually did not want to write to you after your letter, but you have written that if I shall not write, you will think poorly of me!
and never heard from her again.

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