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Thank you, I saw the woman I was writing on your site, and you saved me from sending that scammer money! Her name is Lidiya, and she sent me the exact letters sent to a guy named Kevin. It was on you page 174 updates 23 April 2003 page 2. When she was so brazen to ask for so much money, I thought I would check it out! I am glad I did! Thank you so much, I hope this person is put behind bars and soon!  Thanks again, Les 

Black List - page 194: UPDATES
August 21, 2003 - page 1

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Natalia Smorkalova

Natalia Smorkalova and Svetlana Lubimova appear to be the same person. They  both have the same address: Russia, 607635, Nuzhegorodskaia area,  Bogorodskii raion, Novinki, Centralnaya Street, 17-18 Natalia Smorkalova has three profiles listed on American Singles. com as of this day. The profile names are: Natashka439A, natkaE40D, and nnataly. I am a single American male age 45. I was contacted and started  corresponding with this lady about two weeks ago through American Singles  .com. Being a subscriber to the anti-scam guide, I checked the black list  but did not find her listed untill now. She has yet to give me her hard luck  story or ask for any money. Knowing what I do now, she will not get the  chance to do so. For those of you who have not subscribed to the anti-scam guide, it is well  worth the modest amount. It will save you lots of heart aches and money. This black list is an invaluable tool for anyone who is serious about  meeting women from the FSR (Former Soviet Union).

Elena Shelepoon

About six Russian women have contacted me through an on-line dating service in the last four months. At first I thought that a coworker had submitted my address to a Russian mail-order bride sight as a joke. Three of them were using such horrible English that I didn't even try to contact them, the other three I did. This morning, I received my 4th letter from Elena Shelepoon. In it, she mentioned a Russian word, Skosobochilasi, which I did a web search on the only sight that turned up was the blacklist sight. It was almost the exact same letter that I'd just received only it was addressed to Randy and was from Anastasia Smirnova (see for full contents). From other letters that Randy had posted, I found that Anastasia had the same occupation and parents as Elena. Going through the blacklist archives, I found that she was also named Natasha Kiseleva (see I have yet to reply to "Elena".

Also, while scrolling through the archives I saw several pictures of Tatyana. I never wrote to her lone enough to get her last name, but apparently she has several of them as well as different first names. Darya/Dasha Miheeva (, Ekaterina (, Elena Volohina (, Tatyana Solovyova Eremeevna (, and Tatyana Eremeevna Solovyova ( are all the same person. Unlike Elena, she does use fresh material from time to time, but the snowman story that Tatyana Solovyoka Eremeevna tells was also told to me. When Tatyana sent me a picture of her in her underwear I quit replying (that was moving a little too fast for the short amount of time we'd been writing and I really couldn't think of delicate way to call it quits); oddly enough, she never tried to contact me to see why haven't written to her.

Natallia Kisialevich is the only one that I corresponded with long enough for her to ask for money. I think I've found four other letters by her on the blacklist. Natalia/Natasha Abramova (, Nataly Khartman (, Natasha Litvinova (, and Aliona ( She is by far the most clever of the ones I've come across so far as writing original background stories for herself, and as you can see from those I've listed on the blacklist, different pitures. Nataly Khartman and Aliona gave themselves away by using the same story when they requested money. The other trait that gives her away is signing off using 'kissing you' or 'kisses to you' or other such phrases. It is also interesting that one of the women who I didn't respond to was named Natasha which seems to be one of ! her aliases; it makes me wonder how she would have handled it if I was e-mailing her under two different names.  Anyhow, when she asked for the money to get her visa, she didn't consider that I've dealt with enough student visas to start asking questions. Some of the suspected 9/11 hijackers were here on student visas, and the government is looking at them more closely so I thought it would be wise to see if her visa would allow her to leave the student group she said she was coming with in order to visit me. She kept insisting that all I needed to know was that it was a student visa (there are more than one type of student visa), and that the deadline was getting too close to waste time (to paraphrase, send me the money - NOW). I told her we were rushing things to quickly find another way to meet and she sent the following letter:


"Hello Will! You can't imagine how I am sad, I so planed to visit you. But it's the life. I am not angry with you...I all understand. It is simply a pity that we can't meet. I know that you are a nice man and I'd like to share all my life with you, but the distance interrupts us very much. In any case, know, that I want to see you happy. It's a pity that I can't be with you. But it was a real pleasure to talk to you. Now I feel like a small silly girl which built a lot of plans about the future in her head. I really dreamt too much... But now I fall to the earth. It's necessary to live in a real world and enjoy what is near by you. You are a wonderful man, but you are too far. It's nice that we correspond, but how long will we talk... ? I don't know what to tell you more right now. I need the time to think about everything. Bye. I kiss you. Natallia"

Still not suspecting it was a scam, I suggested that we meet somewhere in Europe. I had vacation time coming up, it would be cheaper for her, and we could make sure that all the travel papers were in order without rushing through. She never responded. It was then that I started suspecting that this one was a scam. 

What I learned from Natallia... I started checking up on some of the information that Natallia gave me. For the most part she kept things generic, but she left a few ways to check for potential scams. For one thing, she gave me her father's name and told me he was a history professor at a local university. I checked on-line for faculty lists of the universities in the Minsk area and couldn't find his name listed; I also did a general web search for his name. I checked with the university that her aunt worked at to see if their English language program was having tours to Detroit like she said they were. She told me what airline she'd be flying on, so I cheked their flight schedules for the dates she had listed. Also, use the U.S. heightened security as an excuse to ask them about their visas; if they are serious about wanting to meet you they'll get you as much information as possible. Other signs of potential scams: Some of these keep cropping up in the various letters that I've received and have read on the blacklist sight. A homelife that they can't live without but are ready to leave it to be with you. Do they say that their job means everything to them? Do they realize that they probably won't be qualified for a job in the same field if they come to the U.S.? Is their family everything to them? Do they realize that they'll have to leave their family behind? (Tatyana told me she was an only child and great stories about how she missed her mother when she died, but there was an elderly woman in the next apartment that filled the void). Do they act like you're already married but don't want to discuss marriage? (I told Natallia that we should consider things like her being separated from her family if we got married and she said that it was too early to consider such things, but still kept referring to me as her one and only, her soul mate, her love, as being in her dreams, etc.). There seems to be a tendency for them to be semi-professionals (teachers, medical assistants, etc.) who love their job. There's an emphasis on religious devotion without a lot of substance to it. They've told their friends and relatives about the correspondence and they are all very happy about it (though the parents were concerned for about five minutes at first). What can we do about it? For one thing, keep writing to them. Get their information, learn their patterns, and waste their time. Share it with as many men as possible. I don't have any pictures with me right now, but still have some on disk at home and will try to remember to bring them in to add to the archives. 

Kseniya Shamova (Kazan, Russia)

I'm a single white male, in the U.S..30 years old and self employed. I received an email from Kseniya through Matchclick, an internet dating service. I replied, and we started corresponding everyday for three months. She is very deceptive in the fact that she covers her bases well, with facts like her parents are dead and she has no one else to "live for, but you". I thought for sure that it couldn't be my Kseniya, I couldn't find any pictures of her, but when I read the letter that (Don C.) wrote I knew it was her. I'm sending pictures with my letter so everyone will know what she looks like. She asked for $390.00 for the B-2 visa, I suggested a K-1 which is for fiancée's but she responded with that takes to long and I need you in my life. Rob M.

Anna Yarovikova (Volgograd, Russia)

I am a single father of one , Electrician near Buffalo, NY. She first contacted my through my personal add on Yahoo, we sent leters back and forthe for about 18 days. There where many letters exchanged before she asked for money for a visa. I was a fool but I sent her 200 dollars a few days later. 


Hello, Me name is Anna. After birthday of my girlfriend after all my  girlfriends have left to meet with the  husbands and guys I has decided, that the  friend with whom I might connect all further  life too is necessary for me, but such  person with whom I would not be happy is not  necessary for me. I shall tell to you slightly about myself,  e 29 years, I live in city of Volgograd in   pite of the fact  that it is very beautiful  city, here very difficultly to find the good  person with which it is possible would be to  connect the life, the purposes of people in  our city very much low, and the girlfriend  has advised me to look same people as well  as I in the Internet, I and have made I have  gone to the Internet of cafe and have found  a site which to me the girlfriend has  advised, at her mum as has got acquainted  with the person from Germany. From all  countries which were offered me on a choice,  I have decided to choose , on films and  under stories I know, that people for which  his personal honour and decency is  appreciated more than any petty interests  live in this country. After short viewing  structures I have seen yours which most  approaches me, and have decided to write to  you in hope that I shall receive from you  the answer. Excuse I has distracted from the  story about itself slightly. As I to you already spoke me 29 years I live in Russia, city of Volgograd, my weight makes 54 kgs at  growth of 172 centimeter. At me higher  education on a speciality the ecologist, but  on the trade I do not work, as on it it is  very difficult to find work. I work to help  the bookkeeper in the company which is  engaged in sale of home appliances. I live  one without parents, my parents were lost at  a fire of 6 years back, my grandmothers and  grandfathers communists, my relatives were  noblemen when Russia king corrected earlier,  but there was it for a long time. I never  supported ideas communists, they have  resulted the country which once was great  power, in full route. But about it I shall not continue to me this subject not so it is  pleasant have shot.  I live together with mine cat Murka, she my  best friend! She also likes to ask to have  a meal black color at me, in exchange on it  she may sit next hours me and purr.  Unfortunately I badly know the English  language so I the first time shall be to use  the translator, but I go on rates, on  studying language. With impatience I wait  from you for the answer. Your new friend  Anna. Please write me in e-mail :

Hello my new friend Brad You would know how many pleasures to me have brought that you have answered me! Now I understand, that people in your country really responsible ! Today I came into computer club and have scanned some the images and with this letter I send them to you, I hope, that I to you like. I directly would like to learn more about you to learn your interests as you live as you work. I am very glad to have such friend, as you. I in life very cheerful person and at me very responsible work as I already spoke, I work to help the bookkeeper, and I not in what a case should not make a mistake, both in work and in life I not less responsible person, I think, that the person should concerns to associates as wants that to it concerned. In my life was a lot of pleasure, but besides it is pleasure always stood on a number with more sad events. I never was for the husband and I have no children, but I very much would like them to have, but from the person with whom our love would be mutual and that the child anything did not require. The main features of human character I think Sincerity, kindness, politeness and as I think, that the person it is necessary should be the respectable citizen with love to the country. I very much frequently see young pairs, I see as they are happy, I sincerely am glad for them, but thus I remain itself the person whom not loved At me when that was one friend, but it is little bit sad history, I was possible shall tell to you about it little bit later. I as like to be on a nature, there I feel quieter. As other my hobby is domestic animals and in particular as I already spoke you my cat Murka. On it I also shall finish the letter to you, and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing. Your new friend from Russia Anna.

Hi my beautiful friend Brad I am sincerely glad, to that you have answered me again. Yes I believe in the god. Your letters give me a charge of energy for all day! I read them with the great pleasure. In the letters you may ask me about everything, that interests you about me. But if I on them do not answer you, do not take offence, I simply can not understand it , set to me it slightly on another and I it is indispensable on him shall answer you. It is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, but this way has very much liked me as I was answered at once with the person who has liked me. I write the letters from the Internet of cafe so be not upset if I shall not answer you the letter at once, simply the Internet of cafe may be closed. Today I went to church, today for me little bit sad date, this day my parents were lost. I orthodox christian, at us very beautiful churches, at that moment when I am in church I feel quietly, me already cease, that or to disturb. It is very interesting to me what weather at you today, I think, that at you should be warm. Spring my liked season, I likes to look, how the nature comes to life after winter. As the first kidneys on trees are dismissed. Birds who an autumn departed on the south arrive , but they again will return. The first grows a grass, many children leave on street and are pleased to this season. Children it future our planet and on them all our hope, does a pleasure me the big pleasure to observe of them. My parents educated me good formation as you know I has finished the Volgograd state university on a speciality the ecologist. But nevertheless I do not work on this speciality. Sometimes at me in life there come such times, that I seem to me, that already for whom it is not necessary, that I shall stay one, but nevertheless I calm myself and I believe that the main love in my life still will come, the GOD will help me with it. Tell to me more about itself, you like to listen to what your liked dish, what your liked film, what else music. My liked dish it pelmeni, this very tasty dish from Russian kitchen which consists of forcemeat of a beef and pork with an onions and spices wrapped up in a dough and are cooked. This really excellent dish. There may be sometime I of you him shall feed. My liked films it Gladiator and Angel city, is film about the big love when it was finished I very strongly cried if you of it did not look, look necessarily, it is pleasant to you. As to music, she is pleasant to me! different on mood, I as like Russian classics Tchaykovskiy, Rohmaninov, Rimskiy-Korsakov as it is pleasant to me Madonna, Enya, Kylie Minogue. I think, that after that you will know letters more about me. I very much like your letters. On it I shall finish the letter. Your friend Anna.

My great friend Brad Again I receive from you the letter and I am very glad to this event! I hope, that to you about what I write is clear. You know, for the small period of correspondence with you and have already understood, that to you have become attached, without your letter at me day any not such but as I receive from you the answer at once my life is filled with pleasure. And you attachment to me? I think what yes if it so that it is healthy! I shall give you my home address so we can correspond letters by usual mail, but nevertheless it is not so convenient, as it seems to me, in the first letters will go very long, and there is an every prospect, that the letter will be stolen, at us in Russia of it it is possible to expect... From many steal letters simply from there is nothing to do , but nevertheless I shall give you the address: Russia Volgograd 435056 street Karla-Marksa 58 flat 25 Yarovikova Anna But it seems to me, that all oaee is easier to communicate through the Internet, in general I think, that the Internet this big achievement as people from two different ends of a planet may communicate with each other freely that I have got acquainted with such person as you already because of it only I shall tell to the Internet many thanks!  Much to our regret I do not have phone, in Russia it is the whole problem, not enough at whom in Russia there is a phone of a house so we might speak by the phone, but it is possible if such opportunity I necessarily shall call you will be presented me. You Believe, when I sit at work, I constantly think of you, I wait for that moment when I after work shall go to the Internet of cafe and I shall find out the letter from you, it does a pleasure me huge pleasure. With this letter I send my image. Whether my images like you, only is fair? Unfortunately my time in the Internet of cafe comes to an end. Write to me necessarily! I shall wait!  Your friend Anna. 

Greetings my best friend Brad I hope you not against, that I name you the best friend. I do successes in training the English language. I do not think, that the gift or flowers really can fall me into hands from you, it many thanks is possible will be simply stolen, but in any case. Yes I have the bible. I have received huge quantity of your images, many thanks, I want to notice, that at you very beautiful house and beautiful automobiles. You have asked me about services the Internet of cafe, yes really services cost some money. Simply I very much to you attachment, and I think, that you my best friend! At us with you as I understand the new feeling arises, I tested such feeling at school when studied in 8 class, I then have fallen in love with one, the boy, but at present it drinks alcohol very much, in general in Russia very big quantity people drink vodka do not understand why. I very big opponent of the use of alcohol, and I in life of it shall never use! As not the supporter of smoking, I! think, that this superfluous. It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter, I start to be pleased lifes, and this pleasure is connected by that we have found each other. What all of you the remarkable person! With such person as you I would agree to lead all life, I know, that it is possible to rely on you, I completely trust you and I know, that such person, as you never me deceive. The deceit is the most bad character trait of the person, it at all does not decorate the person!  Today with girlfriends I went to park and I have noticed there one pair, there were two and embraced, their persons looked the happiest which it would be possible only will present, and I represented, that it is possible we when-ieaoau as we shall go together and we shall be happiest people, such, that everyone will look at us and everyone will be to admire.  Still I very much love the order, am inadmissible, that at me houses were are scattered things or there was a dirty utensils, I done not complicated at all by to clean all these things, it does a pleasure me only pleasure. With impatience I shall wait from you for the answer. Your Anna 

Hello my kitten Brad t me, as always it was cheered up at reception of your letter! On the image both of you simply charm!!! I think, you not against, that I have named you a kitten, do not take offence, it I am tender so you I name.  Girlfriends at work speak, that I became absent-minded, speak, that I have fallen in love, I do not know, that to them it and to answer, because I do not want them to deceive, even it seems to me, that I have already found, that person whom searched, and this person you! So it seems to me, what I too to like you, or it not so? Tell me please, it may be not mutual at us these feelings, and I very much would like, that the our love was mutual! Yes though I and hesitate slightly, but I should you tell all: I LOVE YOU BRAD! It is very interesting to me to learn, whether this feeling so, try to me is mutual at us to answer it as soon as possible! I very much ask you!  Your kitten Anna. 

Hello my lovely Brad I simply can not find words of the pleasure. I have received all your images. Excuse me, that I could not write to you yesterday, the Internet of cafe was closed. I so am happy that I have found you in this huge world. You the unique person to which I can tell all ideas and dreams. When I write you the letter, I in soul have something such that it is impossible to explain, it  It is necessary to feel. Some days I simply sit at the computer and I look at your photo, And all time I think of that to see you.  I present as you drive me for a hand on a coast as you embrace me, and I feel Loved by the expensive person for me. The grandmother looks at me with a kind smile and speaks that she is happy to see me such what I now. I and itself am happy, that again I write you the letter. It is filled with all my love and  Tenderness to you. I very strongly want you to see near to me, but much to our regret  I can not yet. Now I constantly look news hoping to learn something about your country. With big Interest I study English. Besides that it is very interesting to me, it to me now also  It is necessary. To me in general interestingly to study in all that is not known to me. In total certainly to not learn, but it seems to me That it is better to know about all slightly than all about the little. And consequently each dialogue with the person For me a lesson. But the most important dialogue for me when I communicate with you. You see you most  The main teacher for me, and I want you to listen. To listen to your ideas, reasonings, to know about you  It is as much as possible. I think you not against. On it I want to finish the letter my lovely.  I wait with impatience of your letters. Yours Anna.

Hi my love Brad. I was very glad to receive from you the letter. You have asked me about my incomes. I have no big earnings, but to me suffices to live and pay for municipal services. I have per one month approximately 70 dollars. As I am helped by little bit my grandmother. I am very glad to receive from you each day beautiful images. When I read your letter, at me even have appeared on eyes of tear of pleasure. I see that we are necessary each other. Not seldom I visit church, and I am asked for you and ours with you meeting. How you there without me? I here very much without you men. You in ideas always with me. You show very strong interest to me it very pleasantly to feel. I began very much to think of us with you that waits for us ahead. Write to me all questions which you interest. I shall be very glad to answer to you them.. You now are, by the second man in this world which to me is necessary most of all. The first man is my mum . I very much hope for that that our meeting the speed future is held. I am very grateful to you that you trust me. Through the Internet it is as that not naturally, we should take each other in hands and look each other in eyes and speak about that as the world is perfect. At me very good mood. I want to know all. To me you are very important. When I began to correspond with you I had what that hope that at us with you all will be good. With each your letter I understood that I have found that man which to me is necessary. I as well as you want to see you believe to me very faster it it would be desirable. I want to embrace you caress. I consider what exactly creation of a spiritual emotional basis of the man and there is a purpose sense of family education. I want to you to tell one that my feelings and the words in relation to you always were sincerely and I always understood that we put a lot of trust, that our union would be when that real. Now I am sure on all 100 that I can to you to trust. And you that man which to me are necessary. When I read your letter I has seen in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made of your letter for myself the large conclusion which it is possible to express in three words " I LOVE YOU ". Today I even felt so highly, at me all turned out so easily, because my ideas were directed about you. I as knew when I think of you and you think of me and it ! warmed my soul and body. . But we should trust each other, without it we simply can not exist. Today when I went on a road home, I thought of that as much to me to admit to you about it. You see between us there should be a complete trust and we should know about each other all. You probably think that I such not modern, but I consider that first time I should have affinity with the favourite man. At present at me the large inclination to you, I do not know why but it is the truth. Sometimes such dreams dream me, that it is a shame to me to you to speak about it. This dream has dreamed me today at night. " We have supper with you at you at home and then we go to you in sleeping and we begin to be engaged with you love. Excuse that I speak with you so frankly, but I think that you should know about me all. I would be happy to visit you is a limit of my desires. Your love Anna.

Hi my love Brad I am very happy to read your letter, as always. You - mine beloved, my love, my palpation! (Desire) Also, as you urgently require me, I too urgently need in you, to want be close to you, and to feel you, your breath. I want to hold you by my party, my lips in your lips and will kiss you, I feel your language, I feel your breath. Yesterday night, I had this remarkable sexual dream concerning you and me. I can not hold it to me directly. I should express it to you, divide it with you. I should find out, whether you also have dream of similar nature, or is only me. You and me, anybody still. We - near to the friend by the friend on a bed. We cover each other, we press our body against each other, our lips meet each other and synchronize in operation knowledge. I feel your body , you feel my body . You undress me, I undress you. I feel your sensitive body. You feel my basis. I lay at top of your sensitive body , listening your heart beat in double speed. We lay near to the friend by the friend to speak love to each other, caress each other. I study your beautiful eyes, you study my eyes both see love in the friend the friend. I will kiss you a breast, necks, everywhere. You also pay with your sensitive gentle lips. I love you very much. I want to hear your beautiful vote.( opinion) I want to speak love to you. We now have a rain. The rain brings love. The love prospers in this weather. It - very romantic atmosphere. Please write the long letters to me. Inform me concerning your ideas. Inform me concerning work and friends. Love Anna.

Hi mine love Brad I have understood for myself, that I any more do not present the life not only without your letters, but also without you! Yes I have the passport. Now for me life without you is not meaningful. I can not live without you and on this want to ask you: whether you Want mine love that I to arrive to you. That I was Ms. OBrian that we two had one bed that at us the general pleasures and general to mountain that we were the best pair in the world that all people looked at us and were surprised to that we the happiest pair in the world full with love and trust! That your friends looked at us and envied, to that what at you the remarkable wife that my girlfriends looked at you and envied that at me the best and beautiful husband all over the world! I of you ask to think of it as it is possible more seriously, but I think, that these feelings at us are mutual also we like each other.  On it I shall finish the letter, and very much I wait for your answer, it is necessary for me to know your opinion of that I have told you. For ever yours Anna.

Good afternoon mine love Brad In your letter I have seen a lot of your love to me! I very much appreciate it! But you would know, how hardly to me to write this letter. I today called in the American embassy in Moscow and learned there how I can arrive to you, to me there gave such answer, that the best variant of arrival to you it will be registration of visa B-2, its validity of 90 days from the date of arrival in USA, and registration in very short term, only one or two days, but I am very strong frustration when I have learned its price, a total cost of the visa of 350 American dollars, the visa costs only 65 dollars, but plus to this it is necessary to pay 150 dollars on consular gathering and as on medical insurance and all this together makes about 350 dollars when to me have told this price, at me on cheeks flew tears... I explained them, that Brad, he is that person without which I I can not to live, and I very much would like it to see, they have answered me, that anything do they may not, all of them understand, but rules are rules, on another in any way it is impossible, but they have told me, that I might ask this money to the visa for you, they me have told, that loving person should pay for the loved, I in him has told, that it slightly is not polite, but they to me have explained, that all of you will understand, I very much hope for your understanding. In embassy to me have told, that it will be the best to send me money through system of translations Western Union, it is very reliable system of remittances and she is in each bank that I have received them, I should inform you the address of bank in which I of them to receive, and you should inform me of 10 figures of a remittance. I have learned the address of the bank nearest to me, the address: Russia, Volgograd, Volgodon Bank Kovrovskaya 24, for name Yarovikova Anna, please, send to me money today, I really do not present the further life without you! And I ask you, do not take offence at my request, to me so have told, that you should understand it. But as soon as I to you to arrive, I shall be arranged to work and necessarily return your money, it will be for me a point of honour, I hope, that you understand me. Very much I wait from you the answer and as I wait for your translation, you are necessary for me! You mine LOVE! Your eternal love Anna.

Greetings my love Brad. I am very glad that have received from you the letter. I am very glad that between us exists Trust, I am simply happy to realize that my loved trusts me. Except for that I become more sure that we soon shall meet you, because love May overcome any distances. Certainly there are difficulties which prevent To us to reunite, but we together should overcome them, because all in ours Hands. We should meet you because we may not live the friend without The friend, you agree with me? Write to me that you think of that that we with you in Fast time we shall meet. Whether to me you are necessary to know enough to me trust Or there may be all that about what we with you write each other only words? Love Develops of three components: understanding, trust and patience. You agree with Me? I wait for your answer, eternally loving you Anna .

Greetings my love Brad. I am happy to read your letter. I so to want to be your lady and yours princess in life. I so strongly to miss on you, my love, that I to not represent life without you. Today I to go on the exhibition French the artist. I to see there a picture where the girl kiss with the man. I long to stand and look on this picture and to present us with you. I to close eyes and to present, that we to be on a coast the river only two. The breeze blows, the years sun, water in the river very quiet shines. The herb easily shakes and the cane rustles. We sit two on a coast the river and we are happy. You to hold me in the hands and to us so it is good, that more than nothing it is necessary to us also we are ready to sit so all life. Then we to lay in a herb and long long kiss. Ours kiss to dement us and we may not constrain our desires and we to engage love. I was so am excited my ideas, that I might not look a picture any more and I at once to write to you. It is very a pity to me, that it only my dreams. I to want to be with you and to carry out them. You to want it? You to want to see me? I love you also I can not without you. I very much to ask you, that we to be together fast. I am very strong to want to be with you. I to trust, that you to want me and to make everything that we to be together. I shall wait your letter, my love. I love you my Prince. Your Anna.

Greetings my love Brad. I am happy to receive your letter. My dear, all not as you think. My point of view on ours with you a situation, I SPEAK YOU FRANKLY, THAT NOTHING CAN PREVENT TO BE to US TOGETHER!!! I want, that you did not pay any attention that your friends do, most important it that you have followed for a true way and I am sure, that to us with you it will be simply wonderful!!! Still I want to inform you, that money which you have sent me I have received. The only thing about what I want to ask you it that you did not become angry about me. The matter is that on this money I want to get the visa to arrive to you. I think what to enjoy the person in a natural kind better, than to do it of photos. I already spoke you, that cost the visa makes 350 dollars and having thought I have borrowed the rest of money from the girlfriend. I have promised to her, that when I shall arrive to you, I necessarily shall earn the necessary quantity of money and at once I shall send it to her back, and I am glad that shehas agreed. Tomorrow I leave in Moscow for registration the visa!!! I to love you to love that you me to write. I to think, when we shall be together you will speak me these words each day. I am very strong to want to be with you. I to love you and may not without you, my love. When I to think of you my heart come to life, I wait yours kiss, your love, your touches. You my destiny, my life. Know, that I wait only for you and your love. I to want to be with you. Write to me when we shall be together. I shall wait for your answer. Know I to love you and only you. I love you my Prince. Your for ever Anna.

Hello mine love Brad I was very glad, that I have found for myself such person, all present person, you the person from my dream means to me have correctly told in embassy, you, and this dream has come true, I am very glad! Today I went to bank and have received money which you cabled me. Later I descended on station and have bought the ticket on a train up to Moscow. Already tomorrow in the morning I shall be in Moscow and at once I shall go to embassy. About my God as I am happy, you would know...  Dear, excuse, that I can not write to you longer letters because in 30 minutes a train, and me I was necessary to drive off hurry.  Ur! Soon we shall together for ever!  Eternally loving you Anna.

In all she sent me 21 letters and 13 photos

Elena Pismena (Poltava, Ukraine)

I am afraid that I was not particularly surprised to read about the activities of my former fiancee on your Blacklist and I can add some more details to your story about Elena Pismena from Poltava, Ukraine. I am an Englishman, 41 years old (now happily married to a wonderful Ukrainian lady). I first started to correspond with Olena (her name at that time) in December 1997 from an advert I saw on We got on very well by email and phone calls and our first meeting took place in Kiev and Poltava, Ukraine in June 1998. Our relationship looked very promising and I thought that we could have a future together. She wanted to see how I lived first so I invited her to the UK on a tourist visa. In September I made a 1500 USD money transfer to her for her visa and all travel expenses. She came over to the UK in November 1998. We travelled around the ountry, and I introduced her  to my parents and many of my friends. There was no doubt at all that she was very happy whilst in the UK. We were considering our next meeting in the UK on her fiancee visa. I gave her a diamond engagement ring which she accepted, and she agreed to spend the remainder of the 1500 USD I had sent for getting her fiancee visa. However, after she left the UK I saw neither Olena nor any of this money again.  When she returned to the Ukraine the tone of her letters changed dramatically. It got cooler and more distant and she tried to find reasons to accuse me of my inappropriate attitude to her. She was making excuses about not applying for the fiancee visa and in February 1999 I therefore decided to check the Internet marriage web sites. I was shocked to find her new adverts, which had been sent soon after we had developed a very serious relationship in the UK!!!! I confronted her about this, and only then has she told me that our affair is over and she just didn't know how to tell me. Not something one would expect from somebody who claims to be an "generous", "honest", "faithful", "genuinely caring" lady "with good upbringing from an enlightened family"! I know that she is still on the Internet, sometimes on the same web site with different names, photos, towns and even countries (Russia and Ukraine). Her name can be Lena, Eileen, Evelina, Honeybee, OneWarmHeart, etc. Towns she is from include Kiev, City-of-Ukraine, Saint Petersburg, Slinkov Yar, Poltavskaya Oblast, Kievskaya obl. She is represented by many photos, some of them are very old indeed. She can  give different dates of birth and actual age. Her occupation varies from a Senior Manager in a bank to a Business Owner. If she is really looking for a husband, her soulmate, then why does she give false information about herself at the very start of the relationship? Well, I can confirm that she is capable of telling different lies and our communications terminated when I accused her of this. I now clearly see, especially after reading the letter of the unfortunate Norwegian man, that her activities nowadays are much more corrupt and damaging to her "friends" than I experienced. Best regards, Tim Shaw, UK.

Inna Biryukova (Kiev, Ukraine)

Hi, My name is Steve and I am 42. I began a corresondence with an Inna Biryukova of Kiev. Aka: Masha Bogatyreva of Yoshkar Ola. Nice pics. She suggested an email & translation company then known as in Kiev. Now aka: Starofukraine, ukrainestar, Redrosetrip...the names keep changing. We wrote for 6 months using them. I then had them checked out using friends in Kiev. The whole show is a scam. They claim to have offices in Odessa, Nikolaev and Kiev. Not really. These offices (apartments) are where the emails are written. ( 8 Boychenko St.) A little potboiler operation. Andre Margait and his partner (Sergi?) oversee the writing of all the fictious emails to unwary guys. They keep a string of girls photos on the personals sites and wait for the guys to bite on the bait. They do.  Of course 10 guys are all getting the same letters and and buying email "stamps" and English lessons and candy for these fictious girls. There are even a few real girls and although the gifts are paid for, the girls never receive them. This is profit. Its all just a take your money game. Don't send any. I included a couple photos of "Inna Biryukova". Best, Steve 

Natalia Smorkalova (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

Hi, I have an update on Natalia Smorkalova. I am a single white male, self-employed, living in the USA, interested in finding someone special. I have become tired of the dating scene and decided to try something different. I didn't know how different it would become. I was contacted by a Russian woman on the popular site . And after corresponding for about two weeks, I have found that she is a scammer. You can find her by entering her name in also. She has three profiles posted on as nnataly (31830020) - natkaE40D (31738274) - natashka439A (31734873) . I am including the photos she sent to me. The last three photos appear to be a different girl. The letters are very naturally written and they seemed sincere... but don't be fooled. THIS IS A REAL SCAMMER! I never lost any money to her thanks to the russian brides black list, but my feelings took a hit. Here is the mailing address she gave to me: Russia, 607635 Nuzhegorodskaia area, Bogorodskii raion, Novinki, Centralnaya Street, 17-18 Smorkalova Natalia.  I hope this saves others some money and heartache. Thanks

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