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I am so thankful for your sight. The info you posted on this "romance predator" has saved my family a lot of heartache. I am especially grateful that you post the pictures of these vixens, for if it weren't for her picture, it may have been hard to believe this was the same girl. Although the pattern of her letters and seductive dialogue is so duplicated. So I again am thankful and want to express my appreciation to you.  

Black List - page 176: UPDATES
May 08, 2003 - page 1

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Daria Romanova (Agency Amazing Brides)

Hello, I received this letter and after researching the internet, I believe that it is an attempt to scam me (I read the stories concerning Ludmila Donashneva and this sounds like she is at it again). Larry 


Hello Larry Welcome to Amazing Bride - International Dating Club Today one of our girls Daria Romanova ID:522 have brought a letter and photos for you. We are sending photos with this note. Please, read this message to continue correspondence with this lady. Amazing Bride - International Dating Club is new service dedicated to introducing you to the alluring and captivating women of Russia. Only the most beautiful and educated girls become our clients. All of our clients - girls - have expressed interest in meeting foreign men for friendship and hopefully establishing long lasting relationships. Each applicant has been carefully screened to insure her sincerity. New girls join us each day. Not long ago we have begun cooperation with several International dating agencies. In each agency there is a database of the men interested in acquaintance to girls from Russia. The data of these men were sent to us so that our girls can choose to whom they want to correspond with. We have been working as a travel agency for 2 years but we are now expanding our business with a new branch - Elite Dating Agency. At this time we do not have a web site but we are working on establishing one. In the future we will be able to assist you in organizing a visit to Russia. Since we have just started our new branch the - Elite Dating Agency, we are continuously adding on new features as to serve you better. Here is what we can offer you today: $50 (USA dollars or equivalent in any currency) for 1 month membership Correspond with Daria Romanova - unlimited quantity of messages, photos and you will receive her street address and phone number free of charge. Or $20 for her street address and phone number only. Our manager will keep you informed of your account status. The amount transferred is refundable for other services - correspondence with another lady, tour, gift delivery in the case that the girl or you should choose to stop the correspondence. In such an event you have the right to correspond free-of-charge with any other girl in our agency we have now about 150 very beautiful ladies registered with us. In addition your girl will not pay anything for our services. If you agree with our offer, please inform us and we will send you information about how you can make a payment. As soon as we have received payment we will establish an individual email address for your girl and inform you about this. Then we will send Daria's letter to you as soon as possible. After that you can send another letter to her individual address. It will be more convenient and confidential. Only Daria will have access to this email address. At this time she does not have an email address because she recently joined our agency. Best Wishes Amazing Bride - International Dating Club  164900, Russia, Novodvinsk, Novaya street 16. PS: Daria is one of our most beautiful girls and she recently joined our agency, she is very sincere. We apologize for that the information about how our agency works was not sent to you with the first letter from Daria. It has taken place because of our inattention. 

Ekaterina Ivanova Kurgan, Russia

I am a 34yo male form Washington state. This scammer contacted me through This felt like a scam from the begining. My friends and I were betting on the number of E-mails it would take before she asked for Money.   lost the bet as I thought she would have asked sooner. I just found your site and saw the same letters to Doug. I think you have a great site to help people from the scammers. Jim


Hello my love Jim. Dear , today I had serious conversation with mum. She does not have any objections if I would go to USA. She wishes happiness to me. I had long conversations with her about you. She says that if you write such letters you are a good person. But she is still a bit prejudiced about the possibility of deceit. But I love you and completely believe you.  There is a firm in our city, which deals with visa registration. They charge 315 USD. It is unbelievably high for me. But it is so! Visa is arranged during 1 month. I know also that there is governmental visa department. They charge a bit less money, however such visa is prepared from 0,5 to 1 year and it is not yet known how it will work.  My girlfriend recentlyvisited Australia and she told me everythinghow to receive visa and to prepare for the flight. I'll tell you everything about this. You just have to listen me carefully. I am very glad that you want to see me. I also dream about this. I want to be with you!!! I understand that a lot of money is necessary to travel to you. And once again I'll tell you that the visa to refer to is B-2.  I do not know why I became so crazy about you. I think that it is the man about which I dreamed all my life. I'm so inspired with our future meeting that I cannot find a place for myself anywhere. 315 dollars are necessary to buy visa. This visa is valid for 90 days. We after all will have to come back to the issue of visa. Believe me now I collected all information. I am very grateful to you that you help so much to our meeting. I want to tell you that money is better to send on system Western Union. This system is very reliable and money transaction is carried out within 15 minutes. Here is information how to send money here: ALFA BANK  GOGOLYA, 61  KURGAN , 640000  My full name is Ekaterina Ivanova.After you will send money here the bank will tell you ten figures and you should inform me about them. I know that our relationship is under construction for trust. But we should trust each other without trust we simply cannot exist. My mother's sister works in Moscow in an airport. Mum called her today and spoke to her. Write me please what airport you will come to and then I'll tell you about the air tickets. The ticket for me will be with the discount due to my aunt. Many times I asked a question to myself: Why in this world everything depends on money? I consider that money is not the basis. The most important is when people understand each other. I can live without money. But I strongly want to arrive to you and money here is necessary. So it is obvious that money were separating us. I have a big desire to meet you, to embrace you and to kiss you. If I would have money I'll immediately arrive to you. Money is just a temporary paper. But human relationships are built forever. Now I understand that love is a strong feeling. I am glad that I have found this feeling. When I open the mailbox and see there your letter it is becoming easily on my soul. When I read it my heart blossoms. I want to sing with happiness. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!! Your Ekaterina.

Jim, I'm blessed to have you in my life! About that toy- I win it on one dance competition. Your make me crazy and I'm dreaming only about you, my dear! I'm so happy to know you, you even cannot imagine! I did talk yesterday with my father. He was very curious about the relationship between us. I said that the ties between you and me were getting stronger day by day. Then they were talking with my mom together. I did not hear what they discussed. But I feel their appreciation if what I'm doing and how I'm changing the route of my life. You know last night I felt that you are next to me lying on my bed. I felt your warm body, your gentle hands and your soft breath... I felt you everywhere around me. It was a very sweet feeling I cannot even describe it... You know what did we do...? I had a desire to eat whole of you, to embrace whole of you... I did not want to let you leave me... I just wanted you to be everytime next to me. I want to say you THANK YOU for your existence. For everything you did for me to light the dreams and sweet emotions go on. Look what a beautiful words I have for you: There's a sea between us, love, and I wish that it weren't true, for every day when I awake, I yearn to be with you. There are many miles between us, love, though you're always here in my heart, and every night, beneath the silver starlight, I pray for the day we'll never part.I love you and will love all my life!  Ekaterina.

Good morning, dearest Jim! I believe it's morning in the area you live. I am sorry but I can not use chat because my internet access is limited. It's already seventh or eight's letter I write you. Don't you see that we have become much closer than ever before. You even cannot imagine what you mean for me. You mean a lot. You can ask maybe: why. I don't know. What I really know is that I love you. It is not hard for me to say it again - I love you. I have never known such a beautiful soul like yours. You opened it once for me and never did close. Now I open my soul for you. I give you my heart and my tender. I was thinking of you last night. I did not eat dinner. My mom was surprised very much. I did not tell her about my feelings to you yet. I'm afraid she won't understand. Her generation didn't know about fast means of communication such as e-mail. But I know that Internet did bind many souls and hearts together already. However, maybe I'm too prejudiced about my parents. I'm just afraid because I have never told my parents that I loved anybody, and because I didn't love anybody that much. You are so nice, you are so gentle. Sometimes you are humorous and sometimes delicate. You are open-minded and honest to me. I love to read letters from you. My heart's always jumping when I see when I see a message from you in my mailbox. Then I eat it as a whole running across the lines and only after that I read it carefully several times. See, I'm becoming crazy of you. I don't want you to be pushed with my sentiments. Excuse me if I'm too expressive. Maybe you did not expect this from me. But something has changed the way of my life recently and I believe it's you. I'm thinking of you every hour and every minute. I wish we were friends for a long long time. Wish you a wonderful day! Ekaterina.

Good day, dearest Jim! You are my inspiration of every day and night. Only thoughts about you govern me now. You are always on my mind. How is your day? I had really started worrying about you. I was very glad to learn a lot about you. You are very interesting to me. Did you tell your family or friends about me? What do they find about all this? My parents are very curious about you. I have already got acquainted them with some information about you. They are very positive of what is happening between us. Did I tell you about my active side of life? I mean sports and so on. I like jogging. When I was a student I was a good runner and took part in several local competitions. I did swimming as well. However, work takes a lot of time now and I do only jogging in evenings along the closest boulevard. It takes usually 20 or 30 minutes but I feel then refreshed very much. Unfortunately I do not like jogging in the rain. When it is raining or there is strong and cold wind I do not go out. Winter also closes up me at home. But sometimes I like skiing. I do not sky often because a lot of preparations follow the sky exercise. Do you like jogging or skiing? You know my dream is to sky down the hill. We have only a cross-country skiing here. We have no high hills around. What are your dreams? I have never thought before that I'll get acquainted with a man from another country. This seemed to me unbelievable. Sometimes I cannot still perceive all this. But when I do I have a great feeling inside. Wish I could offer you more than just an Internet communication. Wishing you all the best Ekaterina.

Hello, Jim. Thank you for being a good friend. You know it would be great if we could meet. To answer your question- for fun I like have camping with my friends, drawing and horse ride. I like you very much. I like your delicate sense of a partner - you were always interested in me. And I like the way you write me. Your e-mails is the source of joy for me. Yesterday I went to our local theatre with my old friends. We watched a drama. However, I did not enjoy it that much because my mood was not for dramas yesterday evening, internally I needed anything vivid and humorous. So I persuaded friends next time to watch anything adventurous and breath-taking. Yesterday it was snowing all day long and it was windy very much. I'll be thinking of you today. Wish you luck and happiness. Always yours Ekaterina. PS This is my mum ,dad and my aunt on the photo.

Hi, Jim! You are one of the best persons I have ever communicated with in my life. Though we communicate via e-mail I believe this is not much different from a real talk tete-a-tete. In past I did ignore Internet connections with somebody and did not realize that it could be so vivid and delightful. Before writing you something had changed in my mind that said me to try ("why not"). And now I'm happy that it has occurred. The weather today is nasty. Only a few days ago we had the sunshine  and the light breeze. What is the weather like where you live? Dear, I wanted you to tell me a little bit about your past. Did you have women? What life experience have you got? If you find my questions a kind of rough do not answer them, alright? I understand that it is a private sphere which is inviolable and untouchable. But I think you want to hear about me. And I decided to tell you about myself. I had a friendship with one guy from the same course of the Institute. We got acquainted on the third year of our study. I would not say now that I loved him. I just liked him. We spent some time together. We walked, went to movies, theatre, exhibitions - were kind of happy. We were together for about 4 years but we did not have a common housekeeping. One day I thought to ask him to be my husband. And he agreed. But he agreed an a way which says that "I'll see... or maybe". I just felt it... Later I saw him together with another woman. You know what did I feel. I just was so happy - I was off the hook. We could marry and what would wait for me - the same what waits a lot of newly married couples - divorce. But at the same time I was sad. And I had understood that all our previous relationships was an illusion of love. Actually he was not even interesting for me- I understood this later. The time cures. Several years gone. I did not have anybody else in my life. Now I feel lonely. I would be happy if you share with me also a secret from your past. Well I need to go now! I'll be waiting for your letter! Wish you all the best today! Ekaterina.

Good morning, dear Jim! I believe it's morning where you are. Thank you for a wonderful letter with photo! I have realized that you are great and it is very interesting for me to talk to you. The way you write says that you are sensitive to me and you understand me pretty well. You know I like you too. Maybe we can be friends? Maybe we could meet one day and talk somewhere in a small restaurant. The rush order we did execute prematurely. I work in the office of engineering and planning. Our shop produces metal bars and and other steel framework very necessary for building. And the task of our office is to project new varieties of framework, to test it with different methods (chemical, electric, physical, etc.) and to improve and to rationalize the process of production. Write me please also more about what you do. At this moment I'm a kind of free and I was reading Victor Souvorov's book. He was a secret service man in Soviet Era. And he writes about the Soviet system of intelligence. The book is called "The Aquarium". I believe it first was published in Great Britain in English where he run from the Soviet regime. This book is about himself and his past work and has a documentary style. Do you read anything? What kind of books do you read? But honestly I do not read that often. Only about a book a month. The rest of the time I have to spend for scientific literature necessary for my development as a specialist. I read books and articles both in Russian and in English. Well, enough about that. Did you really like my pictures I sent you? Do you have the most recent pictures of yours? I'm anxious to see them. Could you tell me more about the place where you live in? Are there mountains? I like mountains very much though have never seen them. I did not have enough of chance to travel in my life. Have you travelled anywhere? Was it great? Have you been to Russia? By the way what do you think of Russia and Russians? I heard anecdotes that some of the western people really believed that when you visited a small city in Russia you would be able to see a real bear walking on the streets. Is it funny? I hope you are alright. Wish you another successful day! Ask me anything what you are interested in. Your friend Ekaterina.

Hello, Jim! Thank you for your reply with photos. It made by day really brighter. I read your letter with a great interest to you as a person and as a man. I have never felt so closely a spirit of another life style which you represent living on a very far point of the Globe. But I believe that we are the same as human beings. We love and smile, we hope for the best and pray the God feeling something irreparable. How is your day today? Mine is great. Our department received a rush order. This means a lot of work. Maybe I'll have to stay at work till midnight for the next couple of days. But I hope that it won't be reflected on my ability to communicate to you. This is another side of my life and I never let it be mixed with my job. Do you smoke or drink? I do not smoke. But I never resist when offered a glass of a good wine. I like basically Moldova's or Georgia's wines. These are the two former Soviet Republics. Political background has changed but the wine produced there has not. I'm not sure whether you have ever tried these kinds of wine but I strongly recommend. What are your hobbies? I like to draw sometimes. I draw nature, trees, forests, the sky, the sun, lakes and flowers. Unfortunately I don't usually keep the pictures I draw. I present them to my friends. The recent one was a beautiful butterfly I saw in August when our family traveled to our summer cottage near a beautiful lake. Mother, father and me had vacations and we stayed there for a week. I can send it to you if you'd like. I'm sure you'll like it. I usually draw in summer. I like the yellow colors of fall and light colors of spring as well. But the winter when everything is only black and white is boring. It is boring to draw, of course, but it was never boring to go skating or to hear the crunch of snow-flakes when walking. What kind of movies do you like to watch? I like adventures like Indiana Jones, or detectives about James Bond or Puarou. But I like elements of romance and drama as well. The recent movie I was watching was the Fight Club. Yes, you are right, it is not on the list of my preferences. However, I was recommended to watch it. And the idea behind the movie was great. Among the music and songs I prefer to listen to E. Morricone, Fr. Garsia, Santana and Chi Mai. I can work listening music. However, the music disturbs the others here. Therefore, I usually listen to it at home laying in the bath or drawing anything. I'm going to wish you now to be purposeful today and to step closer to your aim or a dream. Write me more about yourself, alright? I have a great interest. So long! Ekaterina.

Hi, Jim, again! This is great to find a letter with photo from you in my mailbox. Though I know a little about you now but I feel that you are an interesting man and it will be a great pleasure for me to communicate with you. I'm wondering what is the time difference between us. E-mail is so good - it delivers messages in seconds. Many kilometers are between us, on the other hand, we are no longer so far away to each other. I promised you to write about myself. I was born in Lipetsk - quite large Russian city. My father is a colonel and he had to travel around all Russia during his military service in past. My mom told that they had changed a lot of places from the Eastern coast of Russia to the Western borders with Ukraine and Belorussia. I did not have that opportunity to travel with my family because when I was born my father's service was ending up. I was six when we moved to Kurgan. This was the last move of our family and my father retired. Now he is on pension. I went to school in Kurgan. In ten years I entered the Pedagogical Institute - an institution where you get high education, like college or university. Then I became an engineer in physics. I had a chance to be a teacher after graduation. But I went the other way. Teaching is not popular nowadays here. Teachers are poor. I'm not saying that I'm reach. I can survive being an engineer. But I decided to go study further as a post-graduate (you call it Master Study). Knowledge is never useless - the more you get it the less you worry about your future. Now I work at a plant of machinery. Quite depressing because the plant is staggering. Soviet time ran away like Forrest Gump, consequently, there are no governmental contracts with our board. Nocontracts -  no work. The plant was basically reconstructed for the needs of local businesses. They produce metallic doors and other staff of whatever nature. I work as a specialist in metals. Unfortunately I live with my mother and father. No sisters and brothers also unfortunately. We occupy a three room apartment in the center of the city. I have my single room. My father loves my mother very much and our family is happy. But I, growing and becoming a real lady, want to find my love also. I would surrender to him all my tender and talent. I do not want to bother you with my long letters. I just hope we will continue to talk. I'm anxious to know more about you. Write me also about yourself - work, family, dreams. Please send me also your photo if possible. I check my e-mail often here in the office. I'll respond you immediately. Have a sunny day! Ekaterina. 

Irina Shirshova (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

I am a white American who is divorced and who is 53 years old. I am on and I received an e-mail allegedly from the above-referenced woman. We exchanged about five e-mails over two weeks, and, curiously, she allegedly fell deeply in love with me! In her last e-mail to me, she requested $2000.00 to fly to America. This was her first (and will be the last) request for money. Of course, following this request, I just blocked her e-mail. Her e-mail address is: Irinchik379@yandex. ru. The following is her final letter to me. Keep in mind there were only five e-mail exchanges:


"Hi my love Steven. I was very glad to get letter from you. When I read your letter, on my eyes even have appeared teares of pleasure. I see that we are necessary to each other. Not seldom I visit church, and Im asking god for our meeting. How you there without me? I miss you very much. You are in my heart. I know that you need me very much and it is very pleasantly to feel. I always think about you about our meeting about our feature. Now i feel that you are my second half. And i want to be with you most of all on this planet. Im lonley in this huge world and now i found you. I wish that my mom would be alife now she will be very happy for me...... I hope that we will meet one day. I am very grateful to you that you trust me. Through the Internet it is as that not naturally, we should take each other in hands and look each other in eyes and speak about that as the world is perfect. To are with me all day long,you are in my mind. I hope that you fell the same... With each your letter I understood that I have found that man which is very necessary to me. I as well as you want to see you believe to me very faster it it would be desirable. I want to embrace you caress. I consider what exactly creation of a spiritual emotional basis of the man and there is a purpose sense of family education. I want to you to tell one that my feelings and the words in relation to you always were sincerely and I always understood that we put a lot of trust, that our union would be real. Now I am sure on all 100 that I can to you to trust. And you are that man which is necessary to me. When I read your letter I has seen in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made of your letter for myself the large conclusion which it is possible to express in three words I LOVE YOU . Today I even felt so highly, at me all turned out so easily! , because my ideas were directed about you. I as knew when I think of you and you think of me and it warmed my soul and body. . But we should trust each other, without it we simply can not exist. Today when I went on a road home, I thought of that as much to me to admit to you about it. You see between us there should be a complete trust and we should know about each other all. You probably think that I such not modern, but I consider that first time I should have affinity with the favourite man. At present at me the large inclination to you, I do not know why but it is the truth. Sometimes such dreams dream me, that it is a shame to me to you to speak about it. This dream has dreamed me today at night. We have supper with you at you at home and then we go to you in sleeping and we begin to be engaged with you love. Excuse that I speak with you so frankly, but I think that you should know about me all. I would be happy to visit you is a limit of my desires. Can you send me the necessary sum that I could buy tickets. It is necessary for me about 2000 $. I have counted up all. Me does not suffice somuch. If it is fair, I itself would like to pay tickets, but unfortunately it  s expensive for me. Dear, i dont need your money, I never asked how many you earn. It is not interesting to me. I love you not for your money!!! That money which I ask are simply necessary for me to be with you! Loved. I hope and I ask the god that you have wanted the same way as I. On it I shall finish the letter to you." 

Steven Spiro

Karina (Lugansk, Ukraine)

Money scammer, falls in love immediately, great letters but not real. Will hit you up for money by the 3rd or 4th letter. Her profile is on the Absolute Agency web site. Best Daniel L. Walker


Hello,Daniel! I was very glad when I saw a letter from you again! You see it is my first experience in internet. I've never done it before. So when I got your e.mail I thought this is exactly the man I was looking for!  It was interesting for me to read about your life activity. I think we have much in common. By the way do you read ? And what books are your favourite one? I like detective stories and as for the musik- I admire romantic songs and I also like contemporary melodies. In general I can say I'm not difficult person. At least my friends think so. They say I'm optimist and kind by nature. I like everything I do in my life..communicating with friends, studying..just being here. I decided to find the man who will be my husband in future.Of course till that moment we should communicate as much as possible- e.mails and meeting some day. If you wouldn't mind of course?! We must take some time together and realize how we get on. Most of our men are not tender and they are not interested in a family. As for my address it is Ukraine, Lugansk 91055,Titova street7-1. Well, I have a lot to tell you and I also want to know more and more about your life! Let's communicate and we'll see what we have!! I'm looking forward to hear from you Karina 

Hi,Daniel! You know I'm getting accustomed to your e.mails and I want to thank you for your attentionand interest. From my side I can say that I like your letters very much  because a lot of your views are very close to me. I think we have a real chance to make each other happy. I mean that if our intentions are the same we will feel how to act next.I can tell you that I'm very trustful girl by nature and I feel myself bad if I can't feel the same from my partnter's side. I prefer us to be honest and  share everything we have with each other. I'd like to hear any your news. For me the most important thing in the relationships is to be sure of honesty and true serious intentions. I was dating only one time seriously and this was a bad experience. He cheated me and I broke up with him. Now we have nothing to each other. And I woudn't talk much about it. Well, I'm saying bye to you now but I'll be waiting for your answer! Be smile.. Karina

Hello,Daniel! I have been thinking about you so much lately. I try to picture out what your beautiful smile and eyes look like when you are full of joy. My day has been pretty good. I worked from sun up to sun down, and then some of my friends and me went swimming. I love swimming. I believe that I could do it everyday. Maybe someday in the near future, you and me will be able to go swimming or something close to it. Please, will you go with me?  I wish the best for you with everything that you face in life; just remember, I will be there for you every step of the way. I am going to go for now, I really have to get into the bed so I can get a little rest for work tomorrow. I really need the rest for tomorrow . I miss you and hope to hear from you soon Sweet Dreams Karina

Katya (Katay) Maksimova (Omsk, Russia)

My name is Timm, age 46 and divorced with 2 kids. I started corresponding with Katya ( or Katay.....her name was spelled both ways) in early March of  2003 after i recieved an email from her through After a  couple weeks of exchanging emails and photos i decided to send her some  flowers through a Russian gift service. Shortly afterward i recieved an  email from the service saying no one by that name lived at the address she  gave me. That's when my suspicions started. The gift service had a link to  this site so i decided to take a look. I haven't seen her photo on here but  some of the letters that other people sent in sounded remarkably familiar. I  decided to keep up with the correspondance to see what would develop. She  started saying she was in love with me and wanted to meet me and needed  money for a visa .....yadda yadda i just stopped writing. I've included some letters and photos from her.

First Letter:

Hi my friend!!! I am 30 years . I am loving, devoted , responsible woman. I to look a lot of profile on Friendsearch and to choose from them yours, it is simple you me  very much to interest and you to me very much to like. I to hope for success in  our further relations, as I too to want to connect the life for a long time with the favourite man and to see, that you to want too most. If you are interested in it, you can learn about me more, if will write on only this my e-mail: I very much to hope for your fast answer!!!!   

Ninth letter: 

Hi my loved(liked) Timm! I am glad to receive your new letter. It to fill my soul wit  heat and  pleasure. In my opinion for that time that we write each other We is very strong to become attached to each other. I if fairly to not  represent any more the life without you and your letters. In my opinion I to fall in love with you. Probably, I to find that that I to search in this life. And it you - my loved(liked) and unique. And It seems to me that I fall in love with you with each letter more and more  and more. I to be afraid of this feeling slightly. You see you so Whether it is far also one God knows it is fated to us to meet you. What you think of all it? I love you and to want to prove it to you. I to require you and to want to  be with you. We to write each other so much and to know It is a lot of about us, but all of us still far apart and it to do(make) me  it is very bad. You too so to think? My ideas only about you and About us with you together. My parents are glad that I have found love. But  they too are disturbed with distance between us slightly. They want That we have reunited with you. Whether they yesterday to ask me I am sure  that we can to overcome this distance. And I to not know That to me to answer. I and whether actually can know we it(him) to  overcome. How you to think? But we are far apart. I to not know that to me to do(make), I very much to  want to be with you. Write to me. Your letters to warm me as the sun to warm the ground. Weather at us opposite goes snow with a rain. And only yours The letter to heat to me soul. I wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas. Forever yours Katya. P.S: my post address: Russia Index 127025City of Omsk Charles Marksa's street The house 85 Apartment 7 Maksimova Katya.  Letter with bank address and names spelled differently (mostly spelled Katay):

Hello my fine beloved Timm. I was happy to read your letter. It to please me as the small girl. I am very strong you I like. I called in the American embassy and have learned(found out) all. They have advised me to take the visa of the tourist. This visa B-2. She(it) is made  out 14-21 days also it is valid during 90 days. She(it) costs (stands) 320 $  dollars (it together with registration of the passport for travel abroad). My girlfriend has told that all will help me to make faster. Still she(it)  has told me, that visa B-2 the best variant, that to us with You to meet. She(it) speaks, that when we shall meet, we may discuss, how we shall live further. Still to me in Embassy have told that to receive the visa, it is necessary for them to give return tickets. Still I called in international The airport in city of Moscow and to learn(find out) about cost of tickets. Tickets cost(stand) 1140 $. I earn very few money, my money to me Will not suffice to arrive to you. When I to think of it to me begin on soul very sadly. But I to want you to tell, that If you can help me with money we can be together very fast with you. I hope, that you can help me with Money. I to think, that you too to want, that we with you were together. If you can send me money that bett make it through the Western Union. The address of branch: OMSKPROMSTROYBANK MARXA PROSPEKT, 20 OMSK, 644042 RUSSIA Maksimova Katya. My life depends on you, my love. We shall be happy only together. I to want  to make that happy in the world. But I to understand, that we far apart and that we to incorporate it cost(stands) money. I to not know what to do(make). Without money I not May be with you. This paper prevents me to embrace you, a kiss and to love you all life. I to cry when to think about it. But I To trust, that I we with you to be together fast, my love. When I to think of you my heart come to life, I wait yours kiss, yours Love, your touches. You my destiny, my life. Know, that I wait only for you and your love. I to want to be with you. I shall wait for your answer. Know, I to love you and only you. I love you my Prince. Yours for ever Katay. 

Well i never sent any money and haven't heard from her since 4/17/03. I hope  i have been some help. Feel free to contact me at Timm


I am Brad from United States. You have a scammer listed by Kevin in England and want to add I have been scammed by the same sweet girl. I also received mail from her via and sent her $100.00 from my heart. Shedid not ask for it but felt bad because she told me she only makes $65.00 per week. She is also using another e-mail address. It is Please beware! She is a beutiful woman but a snake if her scamming is to be true!


This woman was on your website as "Tanya from" I didn't join, I don't know where she got my address from. but you'll notice her letter matches ~exactly~ word for word the letter sent David, even down to the same e-mail address... I'm sending it to you, so you'll have her latest picture to add to the collection. Dan


Hello my Dear Friend! I'm very glad that among many ads you chose just mine! That you are interested in me, Dan! I'm 28 years . I'm 170 cm in height. My weight is 53 kg. My small Angel is 2.5 years and his name is Nikita. Now I really live only by hope. Though many years I suffered from loneliness, I know that I'll find my wayout. Only Love can give peacefulness and joy. I do not look for pen- pal. I dream and family coziness. Dan, I want to share all kindness I have in my soul. I want to find my Only One and to be the only for him. In this uneasy and at once nice life we so much need the one who will believe in us and the main thing is to understand. To create own unique world without unsincere and empty - what can be more important? My family life unfortunately isn't happy, Dan. But I have nice child. Since I stayed lonely, much in life turned to me the other way. I learned to value simple human joys and stopped to take hurting trifles close to me. I look at future with hope for you, Nice. Surely it's very hard to be lonely.  But I can't feel despair for my child's sake. The most happy time for me is when I  spend it with my child. On the whole I like children. And they love me too as I can see. So I value my work much. I work as a tutor of children in kindergarten. I  like my job very much and each day come to work with pleasure. I'll tell of my work in details in my next letter. I wait for your letters. Send me please you photos my Dear! I want to look at your eyes, Dan! I kiss you All the best. Tanya P.S. Write me only to my e-mail :

Natalia Butakova 

To whom it may concern: I am glad your website is out there to warn people about the deceit that is being played on well intended people. I am not out any money, but this woman did everything in her power to convince me to send her some.

My Story I am a single 46 year old self-employed consulting engineer living in the Oklahoma City area. I received an e-mail from an e-mail from Natalia Butakova through the adultfriendfinder dating service on 21 March 03 .. A service I forgot I was even a member of and one without a picture. This set up concerns about her authenticity immediately. But she sent a picture and first letter was very down to earth. I decided to e-mail and see if she was for real. First few letters were cordial, sending pictures of her life there and seeming to go down the track of a normal growth. But within a week and half she was saying she wanted to come to the US and marry me. I requested I come to Russia first, but that was ignored. I asked many questions about her family and life, she ignored all questions. I believe most or her letters are boiler plate. By 4 April she was asking for money for a VISA, then an airline ticket, proclaiming her love for me and that she couldn't live without me. I refused because of everything I had previously read about the difficulty for Russian citizens to get VISA's to the U.S. Basic approach is to ask for money to get the VISA. If you decline, she says she found the money through friends. Natalia will then come back asking for airline money, (not the ticket), the money to be sent western union to her address. Again, if money is declined, she says she found the money and will be on her way. But then, she will e-mail you saying that there is an insurance requirement before she can leave the country. I checked this out, no such thing exists. After declining that, you will not hear from her again. Albeit, I was not truly scammed, because no money was exchanged; it is obvious this girl is on the take and will scam as many men as possible. It is truly sad these women believe they have to or just want to make a living this way.  Natalia Butakova. 13-17.Motornaya Str., Omsk, 644109, Russia 

Nina Todorova

Thank GOD for your website!! I am a single man 30 years old living in Southern California with no kids. The contact originated from and she made first contact. It went on for about a week, she said that she couldn't afford the agency fees to translate my e-mails anymore and wanted me to either pay for her English classes or pay for more time at the agency named "Compik". See below.


Dear Sir, Thank you for your interest to our client Nina Todorova. We offer you our service to make your communication more convenient, pleasant and enjoyable. Home delivery: * a big cake (with the subscription you would like)* a bunch of flowers (any kind, up to 15 items) * a bottle of champagne or other wine * a box of chocolate or other candies * personal congratulations with a postcard  * so on... Translation service: * to translate letters * scan. photo If you wish we can to arrange English language courses for your lady: * basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 2 months. * basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 1 month. If you wish to visit our city, we can: * meet you at the airport and transfer to the hotel * book the hotel or find a private apartments * offer an entertainment program for you and your lady Respectfully, Director "Compik" Vlada Gorohova 

She requested that I send a money order to her agency, when I told her about all of the free translation services on the net and that I need her home address and phone number, she never wrote back. Here is a pic of her. Jonny Fortune

(Picture was removed because it was stolen from a real woman whose reputation could be damaged)

Oksana Ryabokonehko

Dear Sirs, While I am smart enough to have not been scammed by the afore mentioned woman, I thought you should know that she has ventured beyond attempts to steal from men, and is now preying upon the sensibilities of women. I believe she got my name etc. from a pen pal list where I was seeking international friendship from women like myself (wife, mother...) I have pasted the letter from Ms. Ryabokonehko below. 


Hi. Me call Oksana Ryabokonenko. To me 30 years. I live in Russia, in city Moscow.Also excuse that I to address to you, but it from necessity and with despair. I very long reflected. Though an example another, but I to trust in cleanliness of your feelings. So 1,5 years back I to get acquainted through the Internet with the American will turn out that. With which the hot correspondence was fastened. It liked me in the letter and shape. It to me to write that it the true American, that respects the truth, sincerity and decency. We wrote each other each day. Were explained in love. I was happy that has found such man. It to me has arrived in three months and five days. It were the happiest days in my life. And I to feel by the woman necessary and favourite. We had sex. It is categorical to insist, it has taken advantage of my naivety, and I wanted to understand and to not hurry up. It is so much memoirs in these words. It has left to me has told that wait for me I shall come. I very much to wait for it and to trust that it will return. And in 1,5 months I to understand that is pregnant from him. Me to expel for it from work. So I to remain one without work and with the child in this greedy and angry megalopolis. From native I still had aunt in a settlement on Far East about Khabarovsks. Which to me to tell to not disturb her. I to write to you and at me the tears will be rolled. The child has given rise, the boy I was born to name it Nik. One pleasure to look at him, but the reality forces to tear on itself a hair. Help, the people to arrive in America. I should find this man. I reflected on life much. I much have understood, but I can not understand one, unless in the world there are no decent and kind people? I many times set to myself this question. I loved this man, it seemed that it too loves me. But actually has appeared that it simply has taken advantage of me. It has left me without means of existence. I in complete despair. It is nobody hopes. I to want that my son would begin the citizen of America. I to want what my son has grown in the strong country. America is the strong and safe country. I simply care of well-being of the son. I am compelled to ask you of the help. Please I to you I shall be very grateful if you will help me though by any sum of money. Beforehand to you is grateful. Here I to write as to send money. The addressee. Oksana Ryabokonenko Account " Do vostrebovania " D-6362 Number of the settlement account -  in favour of acc.47422 840 2 00000000 446 Bank of the Addressee OAO "Alfa-Bank" Moscow Russia Additional office " Savings branch " Kutuzovsky prospekt ", I here is lower to list a network of large banks in your country. Through these banks and their branches you can help me. The bank - correspondent:1. HSBC Bank USA acc.000303402 Alfa Bank Moscow Russia SWIFT:MRMDUS33 2.JP MORGAN CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, NEW YORK 4 NEW YORK PLAZA, NEW YIRK, N.Y 10004, USA ACC.400927098 ALFA-BANK MOSCOW RUSSIA SWIFT:CHAS US 33 3.DEUTSCHE BANK Trust Company AMERICAS, New York N 04415617 SWIFT Code:BKTR US 33 4. ABN-AMRO Bank, New York acc.5740 751 952 41 SWIFT Code:ABNAUS33 

I hope this letter helps somebody save themselves. Kristin Carr

Tatiana Botvinkina (Poltava, Ukraine)

Additional photos and garbage from this one. Daniel L. Walker


My Dear Daniel! I'm very glad to get your letter. I'm happy to think that we have the same points of view. Thanks for your pictures. I liked it very much. May be I'll tell a little of my inner world, which is very important for me as against appearance. My philosophy is that I live my life the best I possibly can and take care of those for whom  I care.I treat all people with consideration except those who hurt the ones I love,these  people I never forgive as I consider it my duty to protect those I  love.When I love someone I do it with all my heart and soul.I am a very  passionate person and I gain much happiness from loving  and pleasing the man who shares my life.Now I look for the one special  person to spend the rest of my life,loving and caring for. I wish I could think of more to tell you, Daniel, and I am sure there is much you would like to know so please ask me and I will tell  you anything. Honey, when is your birthday? What colour are your eyes as I cannot see in the photo. Tell me all the things you enjoy and would  like to do with the woman you find. You know I'm afraid it will make you upset, Daniel. But the matter is that I know English enough for speaking to you. I know about 1000 English words. I even can write you short letter, but my grammar isn't well enough. I want to learn English as I know how important is it for our future. I know that it's language you speak and I want to understand you deeper and better.I go to Internet-cafe to send you letters, Daniel, here I use computer, Internet and translator. These services cost much and it's not easy to pay it. I'd be grateful to you if you'd help me pay our correspondence. It'd be very pleasant and important for me to feel your care. Sometimes I and Liza walk in park after taking him from kindergarten. We walk together and speak of our affairs. But it's sometimes dull that there's no the third person, whom Liza could call Father". I hope much that it'll change somewhere and we'll be together with our Father. I want to hope that you'll be this person. What do you think of it, Daniel? I and Liza kiss you We wait for your letter much Tanya and Liza

Darling Dan! I'm glad to get your letter. Now I feel that we with Liza are not alone. Thank you for your understanding and willing to help me to pay correspondence. I'm very grateful to you for it. I don't know what to tell you, I want about pleasant and good so that it'd raise you mood and help to live. Your letters help me much and I read them every day with great pleasure. There's much dullness in our life. But I hope that all will change to the better, As you appeared in our life. You mean much for me, Dan. And you're the best I with Liza have. I want to love you both and to live only for you. It's my greatest wish and striving. Honey ! It doesn't matter for me that your older than I am. I always liked men Older than me. Because they are more clever, reliable and careful then the men of my age. I'm looking in the life just it, the stability and the reliability. I lack it my life. I'm tired of lie and betrays. If a man is sincere and honest to me, and will  take care of me and my little angel, I'll love him for that and will appreciate it for all  my life. I'm a very serious, responsible person. And man of my age cannot understand  it. Only older man can understand and appreciate it. And I can find much in common  with them. I think that it's more important when the people have the common thoughts  about the life. Because everybody now are looking for the soul partner. And I also  know that as older a man is the more stable views on life he has. That is I know if he chooses me, he won't leave me in some time. He is not so easy changing his mind as  younger men. With older man I'm always sure about tomorrow. That he will not  betray me. I want us to be together, to be glad each each other every day and ther'd be nothing more beautiful in the world! I want it so much! I think once it'll happen. We deserved it and waited for it so long time. Dear! If you really want to help me with a payment of our  correspondence, I will be thankful to you. Dan, I asked from the girl who also goes to the internet club and is in correspondence with a man for a long time.  I asked her if she knew how to make a transfer. The fact is that I have never faced this.  And I don't know if there are any companies who make money transfers from abroad to Ukraine.  And she explained me that there is a system called "Western Union".She told me that to make a transfer  with this system you have to know my full name and address. She also told that when you make a transfer they'll tell you a code with 10 numbers. And if everything ok and you'll really be able to help me try not to forget to send me the code and your full name in your next letter. Because another way I won't get the money.  My full name - Tatiana Botvinkina,  town of Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine.My adddress - 50 Let SSR str., 1-51. Our correspondence cost about 100$ in month. Next letter you must sent me  cod transfer, your full name and sum. Darling! I sincerely hope that we with Liza will be so important in your life as you're in ours. That we'll be together once and forever and you'll need it forever as we. I want us to make you happy as well as you. Let it be just letters now only. But they mean so mush for me and keep me warm. I want you to know that I need nobody except you. and I'm not interested in other men. Now it's important that it'll be OK with us, Dan. I kiss you and wish all the best With Love Tanya P.S. Dear I want that you call my just right now!!! I want to hear you voice, to feel your nearest and speak with you!!!! But unfortunately I do not have my own phone. It's a pity but I do not  know what to do. To speak with you through phone station is very  expensive. I'll try to find out something. 

Viki And Lena

These are the same girls. Three months ago I found Lena on the Absolute Agency site. On her 3rd email she was hitting me up for money. Now she has a different name and is back again. Beware guys, this one is worth letting go immediately if not sooner. Best Daniel Walker


Hello my dear Daniel, Thank you very much for your letter and your tender words. I am very  glad to have a news from you and find a person who want the strong relationship. I hope our friendship ( and not only it ), will grow day  by day! I really want it!!! Hope you feel the same. So, I want to tell you that there is a light in my heart and its burning flame embraced my heart and my soul! But there is a little  cloud in it... My dear Daniel, I went to the agency today with a best mood, with highest emotions in my soul, I wanted to write you a letter which was full of my dreams and my thoughts and I brought my photo (for the opportunity to see me), but it was like a storm under my head, the photo and the letter were too large and I have no opportunity to pay for  them. The prices are too high for me. It is a shame on me to tell about this, but I have to do this. I would like to continue our lettering so much. I want to know you better, but I don't have a lot of money and that is why I can not pay for correspondence's expenses. Daniel, I want to tell you so many things about me and I want to know all about you, because I feel that you are that man for all my life. It is my sweetest dream to have a letters from you and enjoy your words!! If you want I will send you my home address, but I think the Internet is the fastest way in a communication and we will be able to know each other as soon as it would be possible. Dear Daniel, I am so sorry, because I am a modest girl, but it would be nice if you can help me to pay for correspondence because I think that the special relations are growing between us. I will be waiting for your letter impatiently.Yours Lena.

Hello dear Stranger, Thank you very much for your letter. Pleased to meet you very much. I am very glad to meet someone, whose heart is alone too.  Let me introduce myself at first. My name is Lena, I am 22 years old. I am single woman with a great sense of humor. I want to find a man who is tired without a such deep feeling as a love, like myself. I was seeking him for a long time, but I have no results. My heart is full of different emotions, but I have no one to give it. I hope it will be in future. May be it is you, who knows.  I have no bad habits, I think they are not important for a human being. As a proverb says: "A good health in a strong body". I like to go in for sports: to play tennis, to go for a walk by foot, to swim, to do different exercises. Sometimes I go to a disco clubs with my friends to dance a little.  As for the music, I like all kinds of music. I think in all variety of music there is something special for everyone. Hope, you are agree with me. In my free time I read the books, I have read books by foreign authors, but they were translated into Russian ( I don't know English well and  have to use a translator service now. Is it a big problem? Let me know, please. Ok?). Also I like to watch TV and help to my mother in the kitchen. By the way, I like to cook very much. I think that you are a nice person on the inside. I also would like to have your photo. Can you send me one? I am interested in finding out all about you, and I will tell you anything you would like  to know about me, all you have to do is ask. I know it can  be difficult learning about someone through letters, being far away, but I believe that love can conquer all, so a few thousand kilometers cannot stand in it's way.  I would like to know about your dreams, and to know a little of what  you want. Maybe, we have much in common, I think, and our dreams  are the same. Well, I feel that I am going on and on, so perhaps  I shall end for now. I look forward to your reply, ask anything  that you would like to know, I promise I will answer. I hope this  letter finds you and your family in good health, and that you stay  warm and safe. I will be waiting for your letter impatiently. Lena

Dear Sir, Thank you for your interest to our client Lena Zaiko. We would like to inform you she uses services of translation agency "Redspark". We send you an information which includes our services:
- translation correspondence 
- scan pictures 
- basic course: 1 month 
- basic course: 2 months 
- basic course: 3 months
- flowers 
- greeting cards 
- chocolate 
- cosmetics
- etc
- international passport
- visa
- invitation
Hope for our future cooperation.
With best regards 
Diana Fletchenko

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