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You know just in reading the letters of these scammers it would seem that they would be fairly easy to spot. From what I have seen none of these letters are of any personal nature at all with absolutely no substance to them whatsoever. Yet still expressing their undying love until the end all of eternity , of course could ya send a couple of bucks along the way. I think if any woman started saying how she just couldn't live without me after just a few letters, I would probably be taking off in the other direction REGARDLESS of if she asked me for money or not. True relationships take time to develop no matter what country you are in. There are no shortcuts AND you must actually have something to say to each other.


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June 27, 2001 - page 2

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Natasha Kuvshinova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Yea, I fell hook line and sinker. I am a divorced dad of three kids. I posted an ad on Finding no interesting American women I broadened my search to some of the other countries of the world. She contacted me first [March 2001]. I don't know what I did with her first one. I responded and left it at that. Two months later I get an email wondering why I haven't emailed her. We then began daily correspondence. Her pictures were awesome especially her first. She looked like an angel. She would never answer my direct questions about a phone number or if she had a kid. She did say that she had no brothers or sisters, but in one picture she had a bunk bed behind her. She got me for $1300. Her last email stated how her pocket was picked in the Russian underground which I took to mean subway. Needless to say she didn't know who did the deed. I have all her pics and emails saved [except the first]. I am about ready to fly to Ekaterinburg and hunt her down. As I was reading some of the postings here at the blacklist I got to thinking how similar some of the wordings are. It seems like they have a form letter of some kind or high points to hit with prospective suckers like myself. Odds are that they know about this site and are reading it just like we do. I wish I found this site sooner... Address is same as the others.


Elena - aka Natasha Kuvshinova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

I would like to update that the same person was known to me as Elena. Sorry I did not get her address or last name but her story on this site is almost identical as the one she sent me, but we only got to the $350 dollars for the visa and then I decided to come back to your site and see if I could find her, and sure enough I did. The only big difference is she found me on

Thank you
Burley Idaho

Natasha Yablokova (Volgograd, Russia) aka Elena Karaseva and Elena Lebedeva from Magadan

Ok well, my name is Jim F (I feel like I'm in AA) and I have been scammed too. Praise God for this web site, it saved me from losing $384. I had sent it, but she couldn't pick it up b/c I had not given her the control number. Didn't know I needed to. Anyway, on a lark, I put a profile on and next thing I know Natasha from Volgograd answers. After looking through this web site, I discover Natasha is also called Elena Karaseva and Elena Lebedeva from Magadan. Well her letters were very convincing and I wanted to meet her, but I told her I couldn't afford a plane ticket for her to come here. She said she could do the plane ticket because she had "privileges" because she was the daughter of a single mother. But she needed $350 for visa, insurance and miscellaneous papers. I agreed. Then I found you. Thank you and thank God. I was able to get a refund from Western Union. I should have been suspicious by her email address: Her name with me was 

Natasha Yablokova
Avenue of Heroes
house number 5
Volgograd Russia

No phone number. I'm still trying to figure out how to end it. I don't know if I should confront her now her play along a little longer. Oh well. I got my money back. Beware Natasha!

Letter 1

My name is Natasha!
Spring has come. The soul is singing, but it has a place for a man who can become a friend and, perhaps, more than a friend for me. I like a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. But sometimes when I come home I like to put my favourite tape on and listen to music- different music: ether classical or morden. It doesn't matter, it should just correspond to my mood. I like to dream. I like when my dreams come true. I am industrious both at work and at home. I am especially good at baking cakes, pies and buns and also at cooking chicken in the oven and our Russian pelmeni. I am faithful. I'm very tender and passionate. I'm a person who likes to be hand in hand with somebody and to be always by his side. I would like to spend more time with my beloved. I'm fond of quiet evenings at home, walks in the park in the moonlight and trips to the lake for the weekend or just for an evening or just to sit together in a cosy cafe. 
Write to me the letter on my E-mail:
I shall send you a photo.

We're skipping a bit here to get to the one about the money, as they suggest. This was several emails into our little tryst


Jim Hi mine by a road for heart the friend and most favorite man on all ground. It was pleasant very much to me to a photo that you have sent me. A thank. I think that I can pay for the ticket itself as I have privileges as I was brought up by(with) the mother the single. I only need 350 dollars to issue the necessary documents and then I can arrive(fly) to you. I will need to issue the visa which it is necessary 100 dollars, then to issue the insurance which there are 150 dollars and other any documents which cost(stand) 100 dollars total and 350 dollars turn out. The visa can be issued for weeks by(with) two or three mean somewhere in bmiddle of July I can be already at you. You the truth it want? I would remain until then while you bwould not need to go in Germany or while I would not bother to you. If such is possible. You ask me concerning my friends that it behind the people. I with pleasure shall write to you babout it. Most my best girlfriend is my mum. I very much love her(it). HER(IT) call Galia. She(it) the very good very kind and very fair woman. I think that you very much will grow fond her(it) too. Also I have some girlfriends but I them shall not bextol as you can me change for them. (Joke). They the very good women. One of them recently has given rise the boy and such happy goes. I am direct to it(her) I envy. I very much love children and itself very much I want them to have. And you how to this treat? My friends are very much formed(very much educated) as for me very important that the man was clever and interesting. One the doctor of medical sciences, senior lecturer. Other ballerina from monogynopaedium of the actors. Here is how I have praised them to you. Now you likely think why my girl works in a children's garden? I a once shall answer to you. Only you d not think that I to brag. I studied as the interpreter that is on the guide. I know English and German. I even some years worked on a trade me called in many places and much where work at once. Also has earned not a little. The interpretersb presently are very much appreciated. But then I have understood that it notmine. Me pulls to children as by a magnet and I have decided(solved) bto be arranged in a children's garden at bfirst with teacher of the English tongue and then to me have offered to be also their tutor and I has agreed. Know what it is the responsibility when bring up not one and at once 30 children. But it I already began to be praised. I am very glad to write to you this letter. How your businesses? What new in your life? I see that we are necessary the friend for the friend. I constantly think,n concerningn you, and I ever am more convinced, that we are built the friend for the friend. How you there without me? I here very much without you miss. You in videas always with me. You show very strong interest to me it very pleasantly. I began very much to think of us with you, whic waits for us forward. Write to me all questions, which you interest. I shall be very pleased to answer to you them, you now, the second man in this world, that to me is necessary most of all. The first man - my favorite and native mum. I have told to the mum concerning you. She(it) is very pleased for both of us, that we have met (have executed) each other. She(it) transfers you large hi and wishes to you all best. I am very grateful to you, that you trust me. You are very important for me. When I began to correspond with you, I had it, that hope, that in us with you everyone will be good. With each your letter I have understood, which I have found, that the man, that to me is necessary. I want to grasp you tenderness. I research that building of the spiritual emotional establishment of the man precisely, and this meaning the purposes vof formation of family. I want to you to inform, that my senses and words concerning you always were, I sincere also am always clear, that weput a lot of trust that our union would be, when it is real. I shall be with impatience to look forward to hearing from you today. Yours

After I sent her the money, I told her I was afraid because I'd been hurt before. This was her response.


Greetings my love. I am very glad to receive from you the letter. My lovely I do not understand why you so to worry. I to you promise I never to you I shall make badly because I very strongly love you. Lovely you have not sent me of 10 figures both the address and a surname. Without these data I can not remove{*take off*} money. So you please came to me. I can not to you while more write because to me gave the computer only for one minute. I shall write to you tomorrow more. I very much love you. Also do not miss me. Your century Natasha

Oksana Pirogova aka Svetlana Zagumenova, Elena Karaseva, Elena Lebedeva (Magadan, Russia)

In April, Oksana wrote me through She had a profile up w/o picture and said she liked my profile, asking me to write to her on her private email: I did and her first reply was from the email address: I thought this might be a friend. Now on this blacklist, I see the same letters written by Elena Karaseva aka Elena Lebedeva, of Magadan. The photos are different, the letters (to Steve) are identical, except her big, protective sheepdog, Tuzik, is now a Rottweiler named Poborol (personally, I like Tuzik better!). After a few weeks of email, and lots of photos, I offered to send $100 to help with the email and to buy a bouquet for "Mum." I thought it would be the gentlemanly thing to do. I figured out using Western Union through their website and sent it. The next email was the request for $220 for the visa to the US and her uncle the pilot will arrange discount tickets for her. I replied that she misunderstood me. The first step is for me to come meet her, and her family. That is the last I heard from her (May 27). I hope nobody lets her on American soil with a tourist visa, because they will have a large bill on their hands. Use the K-1 system and at least have it's protections for fraud (time tells all).

She either has a circle of friends who are good at "Cut and Pasting" letters together, or she is good at multiple personas. Her letters to me are all pretty much posted already, under her aliases. Attached are some photos to help fill in the gaps.

I spotted the red flags from the getgo. Just had to let it play out, in case language was the barrier. The inner voice is our best advisor in these matters. It was fun while it lasted!!


Marina Esaulova / Yutta Umangulova / Tina Dolzsenko / Marina Mikhailik

Hi ... My name is Jack Sladky, I'm 50 years old, divorced with 2 beautiful daughters. I'm so serious about finding a wonderful, nice wife that I even began to study the language on my own. I started my search in March 2000 and quickly got burnt because I was unfamiliar with the 'secrets'. I guess I was a sucker for all the money grabbers and sexy photo type women ... now a dead giveaway. So Gents, don't go after the ones that are sticking their ass out in the air or showing half their breasts. I can give you a whole list of SCAMMERS and LUGANSK and Kremenchug are full of them.

Marina Esaulova - Lugansk, Ukraine. She has ads on which vary her age from 26 - 32. She has colored her hair blond to give herself a different look now. She will come right out and tell you she needs money after the 3rd letter.

Yutta Umangulova - St Petersburg. She'll tell you how great you are and wants to meet you. Will send all sorts of photos to include some semi-nudes after 2 - 3 weeks of knowing you. I became serious about meeting her and sent her money for the train ... she stopped writing as soon as she got the money.

Tina Dolzsenko - Lugansk. She advertises repeatedly on Absolute Agency at ages 27, 28 and 29. She'll tell you she has no experience in the internet. But as you communicate further with her you'll find she is an expert. For example she wrote she never heard of Western Union (I never mentioned anything about Western Union) and asked for directions and how to get money. When I told her that EVERYONE on the internet from Lugansk knows about Western Union she wrote me back and became a VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE INTERNET EXPERT. Dead giveaway.

Marina Mikhaelik - Dnepropetrovsk, age 34. I'm not sure if she's a scammer or not ... She has blond hair and is very sexy looking. Began to ask for money after the 2nd letter about feeding her daughter and wants you to send her money DIRECT. She said post mail would be ok ... so I challenged her to write me VIA POST ... guess what ... I never heard from her again. She DID give me her phone number but a man answered when I called ...however that could mean it was a shared phone too.

Letter follows:

Dear Jack,
Thank you for the reply.
I am glad to get to know you better. You wrote a very complete, good letter about your feelings and I am so glad that some day we will have a chance to see each other. Speaking frankly, very soon I will not have money for our correspondence too, because as you know I correspond through Nataly Agency and I pay for every my letter to you and for yours to me. Sending letter is 3 grivnas, receiving letter printed 3 grivnas, translation is 5-10 grivnas, scanning photo is 7 grivnas. 1 USD is 5 grivnas, so you know my situation. Life here is very hard now, Jack, because Ukraine is surviving through huge economical crisis and people are mostly unimployed. I work two jobs but make still 60-70 USD a moth and I live for this money with my daughter with no any support. I try very hard, I am frugal, economical, persistant and patient, I sew, knitt, cook very economically, but it's still very hard to survive. That's why I would ask you about one thing. Could you please to help me with my e-mail expenses? Please, don't feel insult by this my ask, it's really up to you. If no, that's okay, then I will give you my postal address and we will correspond by regular mail, okay? It would be much cheaper for me. Here is my address
Marina Mikhailik
Naberezhnaya Pobedy 130-1-9
Dnipropetrovsk 49106

I realize that regular mail here is very slow and unreliable, but indeed, for 8 grivnas I will pay for this my letter to you, I could buy a half of kilo of meat and a pack of milk. I understand, that it's probably rude to make such comparation, but it's reality, and you can't run away from reality, and I still need to feed my Julia, and take care of her as a good mother. What kind of mother I would be if instead of buying some fruits for my little daughetr I would spend this money for correspondence? I am very sorry, Jack, if it's sound too frank, too direct, but it's truth. If you were here, you would see everything with your own eyes.
I am waiting for your reply.
Dear Jack, I wish you a very good day.
Very sincerely,

There are many more that I unfortunately through the names and letters away ... but there is a GALINA from LUGANSK (dark hair ) who is currently advertising on Absolute Agency. I think Absolute Agency has the highest number of 'gold diggers', the same ones keep advertising over and over and over again.

I think you are doing a great service for us all ... thanks much.


Svetlana Gennadievna Gavrish (formerly known as Alena Fedorovskaya) - Ekaterinburg, Russia

Svetlana Gennadievna Gavrish (formerly known as Alena Fedorovskaya) is back again this summer !!!! Be warned !!!! This time he/she uses as one of her Email addresses advertised on Love@AOL.

Part of her Email:

...... My full name is Svetlana Gennadievna Gavrish. I was born in Moscow and then I moved into Ekaterinburg. I have a birthday in 1st of september, 1978. I'm 22. My height is 175 sm. I live with my parents and with my young brother. His name is Sergey. My father is militiaman (Gennadiy Vasilevich) and my mother is a school teacher (Nina Ivanovna). My brother studys at the university. He is 17. As for me, I graduaded university two weeks ago. Now I'm an economist. I have a cat. It's name is Polly. It's summer in our city now. I have nothing to do... I have much free time. I feel so lonely... I hope that after short-term correspondence we can meet each other: if you want I can come to America. I can have visa and plane fare prepared 2-weeks after. I have already completed my physical test and review. The agency is will process rest. But it will cost 2250 dollars. Are you sincere to send for me? I want to hear your voice so much... I hope that I'll like you. I have no telephone at home. So, tomorrow I want to speak to manager of marriage agency. I hope that they'll permit me to speak to you from that agency. I think that they'll permit because that manager is a very good man. I hope that I'll hear your voice this week. My father is supposed to get a telephone soon. I use my friend's telephone when I can. It's not easy for me to get around. I have no car, and life hear does not hold many promises. Now I don't want to correspondent with another men. I hope that you'll do the same. I don't want you to correspond with another women. I hope that you'll have serious intentions because I want to marry and to have a children. ......
Your Love Svetlana

My friends and I have received the same E-mail from this scammer. Every man is her only man! There bound to be one who will fall into her trap again soon!!!! Please stop her!!!!

Tamara Repina (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia)

Although I cannot prove Tamara was a scammer, all the signs were there.

Tamara responded to me from an online singles ad. She was sweet and innocent at first. She said she was poor and didn't even have a phone. She wrote everyday. And in a week she was ready to leave Russia for a man she meet only online. And she had her mother's blessing to boot.

In one of her emails she gave me an address. I decided that I would make a gesture and send her flowers. A couple of days later I received an email from the company that the address didn't exist.

I asked several times to chat with her online. I was finally told she didn't chat. I thought that a bit odd since her letters were filled passion. She even wrote me poems.

Then the emails started talking about sex. How she longed to be naked with me. And about how pleasurable our lives would be together. It was about this same time she started talking about leaving for America. She needed money for the visa and her Uncle was looking into discount plane tickets.

She reminded me that she was poor and I needed to send money. She told me how to send money to her through Western Union. She knew the process thoroughly.

The warning bells finally started going off. I decided to do some research into visa costs. I found that the amount of money she wanted wasn't what the visa cost. I also searched Russian Bride sites hoping that I could find her in an ad. That's when I found your site.

After reading the horror stories I knew she was a scammer. I sent her a short email saying that I had discovered that she was a scammer. I haven't heard from her since.


Cupid Club - Tatyana Mochalova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

WARNING do not deal with or Cupid Club International. They took my money and blocked my e mail so that i have no communication with them. They and their clients are liars and scam artists. If you see these names - Oksana Degtyareva, Sergie Kruchinin and Yuriy Kutorgenko, do not deal with them!!! Also the woman Tatyana Mochalova. Are there any others with related stories let me know.

Tatyana Ershova (Kiev, Ukraine)

The woman who appears on the blacklist corresponds with me at present. Her name is Ekaterina Mykhailova And her address: Prospect Svobody 16 apt. 47, Kiev, Ukraine

A different name is being used at present. Now ,she use Ershova Tatyana Phone number: 38044 219-30-41, Home address: 8 Bubnova Str.ap.33, Kiev, Uklaine; Date of birth: April 24,1978; E-mail: Computer adress (I.P. Adress)

It isn't trustworthy, because she is scammer. I got the following letter from her:

I'm sorry for not writing you for so long time I had small problems with computer. I love you very much and wanna be with you. But now I have a big problem. I do not know what to do and whom I can speak to. I beg you please help me. The point is that I'm finishing my exams on May12 in 3 days and I'll need to pay for my diploma about 200$. I have not such big money and I cannot borrow it though I tried. But I hope you could help me and send me it through Western Union. I BEG YOU MY LOVE HELP ME. I need you so much and you need me. I have my hopes only at you. If you'll help me I promise that I'll give all my love to YOU and only YOU though YOU are the only one for a long time already since the beginning of our correspondence and I do not know the closest friend for me now. I believe I can count on your help. I hope I'm not alone and I have you in my life. 
Kiss you very tenderly with all my love yours forever Tatyana!!

We were exchanging letters for some time, then her attitude changed suddenly, and money had been required. I said to her No, and did not hear from her since. I didn't suffer damage thanks to the blacklist, Thank you very much. But, I don't forgive the crime!!.

Wish to remain anonymous

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