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I was looking for a web site to meet a Russian woman and came upon your site. Thank you, this site has probably saved me money, hart break.


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June 27, 2001 - page 1

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Alena Fedorovskaya/ Kathy/ Kissska

Alena has a web page at using the name of Kathy/Kissska with photos and videos looking for money. She didn't get anything from me but saw your warning.

W.P. Shaffer

Introglobe + Ludmila Domashneva / North West Club

Wish I had found this website last month. 

Introglobe, scammed me out of $96 dollars, and the notorious Ludmila Domashneva of North West Club conned me for $50 with Natalya 247 scam. Would hope the attorney general's office in Georgia would go after this Introglobe outfit, or remove their website. Hard to trust anybody anymore!

Tom from Denver

Elena Kuzurina, Nizhnekamsk


My name is Jan and I am a 38 year old single man from Holland. I reacted to a profile on Absolutagency in September 2000. Her name was Elena Kuzurina from Nizhnelamsk in Tatarstan. After the initial letters we had a very good contact. As with the usual scams she complained about how expensive everything is but never asked for money. After a while I invited her over to Holland and then the requests for money started. To make a long story short, I (the fool that I am) fell for it. After she received the money she kept on writing with an excuse why she could not come and that she had put the money in the bank to a later date. If you come up with another plan to meet she suddenly can travel again but not get access to the money. Thank god I did not send her more. To make a long story short, gentleman beware. She will answer to your questions and she completely fooled me. DO NOT SEND THIS WOMAN ANY MONEY!

She is using the name: Elena Anatolevna Kuzurina
Himikov 78V-37

To my surprise I saw her profile again on Absolutagency on June 24th 2001. Here is a copy of the letter with the deadline for sending the money.


Hi my lovely and sole man in the world!!!!!

I ask many times pardon, that long did not write. In Russia there were holidays, and all people had days off, therefore I could not write to you the answer. You know, that I have no a house the computer. Today I have come on job and at once began to write to you the letter. I once again repeat, that for me our attitudes are very important, and I can not and I do not want to lose you. I hope, you have not forgotten me for these days. For me the day off lasted very long, because I could not write to you. When I write you the letters I think, that I speak with you, therefore I very much missed. In Russia the last holiday was female day. I already spoke, that Russian people very much like to think out holidays to not work. Russian people have a holiday man's day and female day. In these holidays everyone have a rest and to job do not go. I all holidays was at home. I very much wanted faster to go on job to write and to send to you the letter. Now I am active undergo a cure. If you knew, how I was bothered by the doctors. Me each day feed with medicines. I am already tired. To me called from travel agency and have informed, that there are permits on April 24. I have reserved the permit in Holland on April 24. Me have informed, that the plane takes off from our airport of April 24 for 6 hours 40 minutes in the morning. I asked to leave this permit for me. Till April 20 I should pay money for the permit. I ask you say to me correctly I act? It is convenient, that I shall come at this time. Probably, I shall come later, I do not want, that you had problems with money. It seems, that I to you deliver many problems. I think if I shall come later, you can postpone some money and for you it will be better. I shall do, as you will say to me. How it will be convenient for you? In rest at me that's all right. I like you and mine I shall kiss only for you.
Yours Elena.

Inna Birukova (Kiev, Ukraine)

Look out for this one, she's hard to resist! Found her at Love@AOL with screen name Thereafter her email address is I am 45, and a single parent, have traveled to Russia, and searching for same things you are. Inna Birukova is 23 years old, and lives in Kiev. She writes a very endearing letter, sometimes 2-3 pages long with a sexy picture every time. We wrote for almost a month, and she responded to my letters very genuinely. She talked about everything in her letters from mundane chores to how she would like to have sex with her man. I asked and received from her an address. Although I stopped writing her a month ago, my letters are now coming back as "no such street". It wasn't until the end she wrote me a very lengthy letter about old boyfriend with drinking problem, and how he would steal her money, and then one day coming home to her apartment to find it was empty. He had stolen everything, and sold it for himself. She asks me to send some money, because now she cannot afford the agency and translation services, and I must help her.....$40 to start, and not much for me in America. Of course, she sugar coats everything with love and her wanting me. I did not comply, and that was end of her letters and now the return of mine via post. I only have copies of her very lengthy and sensual letters. This is definitely her business, according to the amount of time she puts into it. Watch out, she writes very seductive letters!!

RT from Colorado

Irina Jasko (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

I sent an email to Irina, handle FINDLOVE8 on She responded with the following introductory email. We wrote to each other for about a month. I responded to her first email and didn't hear from her. I sent several letters and finally she sent her second letter saying that she was having financial problems and would try to handle it better. Again she didn't respond for a while and wrote me the second letter asking for help with her situation, promising to chat and communicate "all night" after she received the money. I sent her $100.

Several days later she said she had an offer to buy a computer and with money from her brother-in-law, another $100 would get a computer for her so we could have "wider communications." I was beginning to feel that she was being dishonest with me and so I asked her intentions and why I hadn't received more emails from her. She responded and assured me that she wouldn't betray me and that she only wanted to communicate with me. I again sent her another $100. After several days she finally responded again and said thanks, but seemed less friendly. Finally after several weeks of not hearing from her any more I set up another email account and emailed her. Sure enough she responded with almost the identical introduction letter as I had received previously.

Her email address is

Introduction Email

Hello Clark!
I was pleased to have a short letter from you. Actually it is a new experience for me and I can not stop wondering if it is really possible to meet a friend from abroad through Internet. Tell me more about yourself. I am really interested. My name is Irina. I am from Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. Actually it is an Asian country but I am russian. I am looking for a friend who I can rely on during whole my life. I hope it is possible. I've decided that my ideal person lives somewhere and seeks love as I do. I like your photo. Write me more and ask me more if you are interested.

Second Email, Financial Problems

Hello Clark!
I thank you very much for all your letters. I have to ask for excuse for not sending you any letters for a long time. I wish I could, but now I face serious financial problems and mail are too expensive for me. I will try to manage this problem better I swear. I am happy that you are going to visit Russia - that means we can be closer :) I never been to anywhere exept my country. This is my dream. May be it will come true and together with another dream - to meet LOVE. My country is very mountainous, comparatively small and full of different problems. But still I feel happy here and I think that human should always rember tha happynes comes from inside and no problems can make one fel sad :) I do enjoy my work as well. It is very rewarding in terms of good emotions when we manage to save life of a child. Please tell me wht are your idea about a family? What do you see it like? Describe your ideal day of a family? Have you been a noughty boy when you were young? What sports do you like to play or watch or to do? I like swiiming and tennis most. also play good table tennis :) If we decide to meet? how do you imagine this? Do you believe in love from the forst sight?

She's falling for me

I like you very very much. Your letter are full of magic energy which gives me a hind. He may become... I will wait for your letters with all my heart. Please forgive me is I seem to be too open or pushy. I just wanted you to know what I feel.

The Request

Hello my dearest Clark!
I am very sorry that I didn't answer you for so long period of time. i really have financial problems with writing to you. I recieved all your letters. But I can afford only a short letter now. If you were so kind to help me a bit to pay for longer letter i would be very thankfull and I would write everythunk you ask me about. I look forward to meet you in Moskow. If you decide to help me please use Western Union: 
Irina Jasko
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

and than send your full requisites: adress, full name, phone and money transfer nomber. Sorry for this but Ihave to do it to write you.

Several days after money was sent, we can talk all night, another request:

Hello Dearest Clark!!!
Thank youe very very much for the money. I was imediately offered to buy a computer. My sister's husband gave me 100 dollars more and I payed 200. If I pay 100 more in a week I will have it with 6month free internet. Do you undertand? We'll have a chance to talk all nights throu paying nothing. Would you please help me with that ?

I did not receive more communications with her, as she promised, so I asked her intentions:

.........The only intontion of buying computer is to make our communication less expensive and wider. I don't want to communicate with anybody else. I don't betray those who help me. And I also want to mett my only one. 

After many days she sent one more email saying that she was busy with work and would write soon. How long is soon? I have not heard from her since. I have seen her picture on another website with a totally different name. During the month that we communicated I did ask her about her picture on a different website and she said that she would tell me about it later, when we could communicate more. Watch out for this one!


Marta (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)

This is yet another scammer. She listed Moscow on her personal ad, then wrote to tell me she was really from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The scenario is right out of the scammers guide. The upside to this report is that because of the guide, I was able to avoid actually getting ripped off. She starts with the "it's really expensive to use the Internet cafe and I have no money HINT, HINT, HINT". When I didn't bite, but instead wrote back with an sympathetic "Yes, I now it's rough there, but I'm willing to be patient for your responses due to your lack of Internet access", she writes back with the "Suddenly-my-mother-was-hit-by-a-car-and-I-need-$230-for-the-operation" ploy. I reply with a firm "I-have-an-ironclad-policy-of-not-sending-money" answer, and she disappears. She is a freelancer, not connected with any agency. I'm attaching several excellent pictures of her. Of course, she's gorgeous! Her email address is

Hope this helps someone.
Peter Jordan

Natalya Jitinkina (Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia)

I got burned for $340. Her handle was Lana75, She went by Natalya Jitinkina with the nickname Deva used Natasha also got sloppy and signed Sventlana on one letter. She didn't get me for airfare. Thank God I found your site !!!!


First letter

To Me very much to similar, that you to understand mine not so good English language Language. I want to speak, that I has learned(found out) it in school, and behind of it in College. I have growth of 172 centimeters and weights of 51 kg, I have Formation(education) of the doctor, I'm a psychologist. I work in children's hospital And I look behind of behaviour of children. I live in city Yoshkar-Ola. It to Be approximately in 850 kilometers from cities Moscow. I want to speak you, That I very much love of children. I had experience of dialogue in me directly in Russia with the people. But they were not adjusted (are adapted), is serious also we owed Part. And they very much frequently to drink alcohol and in set, and It not so is pleasant to me. I think, that in you - not a gift (present) such habit. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink strong spirits drinks of spirit. But sometimes I love to drink in the good company not a lot of grape vine, Though it happens very seldom. I want to speak, which I am capable well to play On a piano, I have finished musical school, in which I studied 6 years. I Want to inform, that I live with my mum. I have the Father, grandfather Unfortunately has died, 2 years back. I want to you to speak, which I love Various music, but basically classical. I want to have serious. The attitudes(relation) with you to find with you love and to create happy family. I Will be pleased, if you it as will want as I. I want to speak, which I write You from firm of the computer. I Unfortunately have no the computer and telephone of a house. I think, with what It will not be for us by a problem? . My box (e-mail address) is I want more to study (find out) rather You, concerning your family. I think, that you can to me, soon answer, I shall be 
Write soon Natasha. 

This is a copy of my profile: 
Hi, my name is Natasha. I live in Russia. I work as a tutor in a childrens day nursery. I love children and animals very much. I want to get acquainted with the man, who will be a support in my life. I am 26 years old. I agree to get acquainted with a man from 30 and older. For me age is not the main thing. The main thing is that there is love and mutual understanding! I do not notice a difference in ages. I hope only for my true love, and I hope very much that all with us will be good! I agree to answer all questions that interest you. I am anxious for your letters! Please write to me on my home electronic box (computer?). Only on it can I receive your letters.

This is my second to the last letter from her; I was so upset I deleted the very last one until realized I needed to do something.

Hi my love Charles! I have sent you the letter with the information yesterday. You to not receive it? Well, I shall write to you once again. I to study I (find (from) all concerning my arrival (achievement) in you by mine love. I - necessary need (requirement) visa and passport, and also document concerning insurance and hospital. It costs 340 $ USA. I am written down on reception in the transport company on Monday. I shall give back back return documents concerning registration. To me to require(demand) by Monday the next week to pay my documents in embassy. You will send to me this sum of money by Monday? If it is possible, by Friday of this week, then I will not need excitement about payment in time! My documents will be registration in time 10 days. It is good? I shall take the tourist visa. For arrival for 90 days. It I to think very well for us with you mine love! I have given you the address, on which you through branch bank Western Union should send me money! I very much to want as soon as possible to arrive in you my love. I to give you the address of my bank, where there is a system of remittances Western Union. Mine a complete name Natalya Jitinkina. My home address. Russia, Republic MARI-El, city YOSHCAR-OLA, street Chkalova, house 32 an apartment 78. I give you the address of bank! Guta Bank, Street Vashskaya 8, city Yoshkar-Ola. I also need your exact complete name without mistakes and address of the nearest urban airport. It is very important! I very much to wait on your fast answer! We have not enough of time. Your future wife Natasha.

Natalya Novikova (Irkutsk, Russia)

I am not absolutely sure that Ms. Novikova tried to scam me because I never sent her money, but it had all of the signs. 

Natalya Novikova of Irkutsk, Russia, email, responded to my profile on the day after I had posted it. I was not looking to meet someone from Russia. I live in New England and I was looking to meet someone within 100 miles from me. But we began to correspond and I quickly fell in love with her. It has only been a few weeks since that first email.

As I said, the signs were there, she was a cook who lived with her mom, she told me her dog protected her when she walked the dangerous streets of the city. Of course she said she was a virgin who was never married and an Orthodox Christian. She did not have a phone, but always responded to my emails the next day. However, she did not respond to the direct questions that I asked in my emails. She also seemed disinterested in my son who she knows lives with me and is very important to me. She sent me a love poem that she claimed she wrote, but the English was much different than in her letters. Once she realized that I had fallen in love with her, she became more open with her purported sexual desires for me. I had done research regarding her visa and I realized that she couldn't get a tourist visa, but she insisted that she could. She had attached a picture of her in a bikini with this most recent letter. I also noticed that the language was different in this letter, almost as if it was written by a different person.


Hi my love!
I am very glad to your letter!!! How your day? At me all is good! I constantly think of you! I love your letters! I dream concerning ours Meetings!!!! I called in agency , they have advised me to take the visa of the tourist, it is valid during 90 days. Visa costs 240 The American dollars, But I now do not have such money. I am sad, because it is for me By serious obstacle. I have found the man capable to love me - and I I can not To see it, because I have no money necessary to arrive to you. Unless It not a sad history?? Lovely, If you want to help us to meet, send them to me through Western Union, it is very reliable and fast system. I send you the data: 

The address of branch:
31, K. MARXA STR. 
Natalya Novikova

When you will send money you necessarily write ten figures of a remittance. I Is very glad that you want to see me, unfortunately, to meet Are necessary money, but money it only paper, main that we shall meet with By you. Why in the world all depends on money? I think that money is most Main in life. I think, main are the people, which you love, and people, Which love you. Money is a paper, and the human relations remain For ever! We should trust each other because we like each other and we soon Let's meet. I called to a uncle in Vladivostok and he has told that can make to me The ticket with the discount, but for this purpose is necessary to know where nearest to you The international airport. Still I talked to my girlfriend which works in travel agency and She has told me that the visa B-2 the best variant that to us with you to meet. She speaks that when we shall meet we can discuss that as we shall live Further. Yesterday I saw sexual dream about us with you, it very much has liked me also I want To tell him to you. Me has dreamed as we with you we meet, as you take Me on hands, we go to you home. At you at home we go at once in a bedroom and you Begin to undress me, our hearts are beaten synchronously, we are passionately kissed and You begin to teach me to all pleasures of sex. I need in you, I want To feel your breath. I want to feel your kiss on my lips. We lay close to the friend The friend to speak love to each other, caress each other. I study yours Beautiful Eyes, you study my eyes both see love in the friend the friend. I shall kiss You Breast, neck, everywhere. You also pay with your sensitive gentle lips. I Love you very much. I want to hear your beautiful vote. I want to speak love to You. We now have a rain. The rain brings love. The love prospers in it Weather. It - very romantic atmosphere I to love you and I begin to understand that love this such Strong feeling, I am glad That I could test it due to you. About love always yours Natalya
p.s.On a photo I by the Black Sea, Water very warm!

Again I reiterate that I am not absolutely sure that she was pulling a scam because I never sent her any money (although I had planned to wire her a birthday present next week). After I became suspicious, though, I checked the blacklist and I realized that she fit the profile.


Natalya Tipikina (Kremenchug, Ukraine)

I am sending you another name, the same story - she needs $80 for Internet monthly, has a son she must feed, wants to correspond only with me etc. Email


My Dear Todd!
Thank you for your understanding me and wish to change something to the better in my life. I and Sioma (boy) are grateful to you for it. I'm waiting for your letters much . I'm so happy to get them! They bring me warmth and help to live. You mean much in our with Sioma life and I want you to know it always. I'd like much us to be together as one friendly family, to Love and take care of each other. It's pleasant to feel care and warmth from close and native person. Dear! I know that it's hard to find the person whom you need and with whom you'll be really happy. But I hope that you are this person and we can make each other happy. And it'll not be for short period of time. I want much it to be forever. That some time later we may sit on the bench in the park, being old and funny and nursing our grandchildren. It'd very great to watch them growing up. Darling Todd! If you really want to help me with a payment of our correspondence, I will thankful to you. Transfer is better to do with system Western Union to my full name - Tipikina Natalya, town of Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine. My adddress - Sumskay str. 40b-3 Our correspondence cost about 80$ in month. Next letter you must sent me cod transfer, your full name and sum. I also want you to know that I'm very constant person, so I look for constancy in life. I want to keep correspondence only with you and want you to wish the same. I'll answer all your questions you'll ask me. I want us to have something particular and to cherish each other. Let it be now only in letters, but it's very important. I kiss you and wish all the best

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