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I wish to thank you for your VERY good web site! I have asked questions in the past, but now, this is why I'm glad your site is here. At DATE.COM guess who is there, alive and well doing "business?" She is now going under the name Elena Kulishova, and the "agency" is now called "Compik"...of course they offer everything from translation service to home delivery of gifts. The reason I see the scam BEFORE it starts is due to your BLACKLIST section. While the names may have changed, the photo has not. Again, thank you and I'm enclosing her picture and first letter to me in another email. Thanx, 

Jeff Michalowski

Black List - page 156: UPDATES
January 30, 2003 - page 1

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Anna (Anya) Zhuravleva (Kirov, Russia)

I am 42, single from Australia. I was contacted by Anna (Anya) Zhuravleva on lovetown.com under the id. Anyamiss. From her third letter I ran a google search using the sentence where she used the word visa and found the letter on your site posted by Irina Sergeeva also of Kirov. Both contained enough significant similarities that I can only conlude they are the same person. I've included the first and third letters as the only ones of any significance. Thank you for your service, it is greatly appreciated. Steve

First Letter

Hi I looked a site of meeting and has chosen you. I very much liked your profile. I write you because I would like to find to myself the man for the serious relations. I shall write about myself a little. My name is Anna I`m 29 years old. I live in Russia. My city is Kirov. He is 700 km from cities of Moscow. My occupation as hairdresser. I do not have husband. I do not have children. I would like with you to meet more close. For me will be pleasant if you will answer my letter. About myself more in detail I shall write in the following letters. Write me your e-mail address I shall send you the photo. I shall be glad to begin with you correspondence. And I would like in the future with you the serious relations. Write me. Your friend from Russia Anna Excuse for my English , I know English poorly. But I go to courses of English and I shall seems that to me to know him very well. I think what it is not a handicap for the beginning of our perfect and serious relations. My e-mail : anyazhuravleva@mail.ru

Third Letter

Hello my friend Steve!!! I am very glad that you have written to me the letter! In your letter you have told to me about yourselves very much! It was interesting to me to read your letter and to learn about your life! Steve, in your life was a lot of interesting. Now I want to tell to you more about myself!!! I still with anybody never to correspond through the Internet! My girlfriend to advise me to find the man through the Internet! I write you from my girlfriend, she live near me, she has computer and enter to the Internet! She has helped me to find you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall try too to write about my life all. My surname is Zhuravleva, my name is Anna. Now to me 29 years were executed. And I meet you with serious intentions. I search to myself the man, which can me grow fond on the present. Steve, I was born and I live inlled Kirov. Our city large and very beautiful. Kirov it is considered as very ancient city and ancient. To me the city very much to like, I to be proud of the city. At us very perfect monuments, parks, squares. I like in the summer to go for a walk on parks. In our city there are a lot of trees, and who to us comes speak that city all green. Once per one week I go with the girlfriends in cinema. I very much like films about love. At school I began studies since 6 years. I very much liked to study at school, the school years were very perfect. All of us together each time went in cinema, theatres, to discos. I have ceased to go to discos when to me 18 years were executed. For me the disco began to not like. I think that I began to become not small. Per 19 years I had first love, but she was at me very sad. I very strongly to suffer. I work as the hairdresser, I can make very many beautiful hairdresses. Steve, me very much to like my job! Still I have very many girlfriends. My character very quiet, gentle, I the modern girl. I like to listen to music, gifts. I like when me very strongly respect. I hate when me deceive, I it very strongly do not like. For me main it when the man speaks to me all time the truth. Also can always inform the suffering.I shall listen him, if he wants to be uttered. And then I to advise him what to make. I think that I am respected by many. You probably to ask me, why I search for love abroad??? Steve, I answer you We here in Russia do not have good men, which could care and like the women beautifully. When they to marry us, they then begin to deceive, to beat us, to drink a lot of spirits drink. I to be convinced of it when my girlfriends to leave behind the husband for Russian men. And consequently I have decide that to me is not necessary the man from Russia. Each woman wants to find to itself love, but it not at all it to turn out. Very seldom, who finds the present love here in Russia. And consequently I would like to meet you in the future. I hope, will be what is it very speed. I want to see in you the man, which can look after the girl. Can guess her wishes, know that she likes. I think that you such. I am to be believed that at us with you all will turn out. And it will be pleasant if I shall visit you, to be in your city. But I think to visit you very many problems are necessary. Problem with the visa to arrive to you. I very much hope that you will understand me why I want to leave from Russia. I think, that if you will want that I have arrived to you you to make all that from you depends. You do not think, that I need from you of money or that that still I need from you, only your love. And I promise you, that I shall like you if you to me to like. But I to you at once to speak, that you very much to like to me. Main it that here cannot be found love. Still I like very much children, I simply to be mad when them I see. Because children are pleasure in life. And children need very strongly be to be liked and to be had But I do not have children. I want to have children from liked the man, which liked very strongly children. Here I live with the mum, her name is Nadya. She the very perfect man. Still I live with the younger brother, his name is Denis, to him there will be on February 21 , 18 years. My daddy has died in automobile accident 2 years back, to me very does not suffice the daddy. I go very much often to his tomb where he is buried, and to bring to him a bouquet of roses. Because he at me very strongly liked a bouquet of roses. If want, write to me the home address, send to me the photos still. I strongly to become interested in you. And at me on you very serious intentions. Because I would like in the future to be with you near. And if you want to be with me in the future, write to me the letters. And if you want only correspondence, do not write to me please. To me because 29 years and me are to be found to itself the husband. I want to leave behind the husband for the liked man. To put on a white wedding dress, beautiful wedding. And I am ready strongly to like liked, and I like strongly to like. And I shall not play with you, the games in love are not necessary to me. And if you will write to me that we are very poorly familiar with you. That you should know, that in this letter all my life is written. I write you the letter from ideas, that we shall be with you together. Steve, I hope, that the letter very much was pleasant to you. With love from Anna.  

Nadezhda Vyacheslavovna Lomakina (Kazan, Russia)

I am a well-educated single man, 44, and unemployed. I placed several on-line personals advertisements including one at "One and Only Internet Personals" (oneandonly.com). On January 12th I received an e-mail through oneandonly.com from nadya1100@yandex.ru:

Here is Nadya's initial e-mail to me:

Hello I - Nadya from Russia. I -27 years, 170 sm, 58 kg. My trade the dentist, and I work to City hospital.I the cheerful and sociable girl who loves a nature and sports, Russian classics and kitchen. I want to get acquainted with the person than 36 years for creation of strong family are more senior. For me not important appearance, growth and age of the future husband. The main thing that I and he understood and trusted each other. I hope, that my elect will be you. Write to me to the address and I shall send you my photo: nadya1100@yandex.ru
With hope for fast reple Nadya" 

I wrote Nadya back and sent my photo, to which she responded with a nice 
e-mail and her photo.

We have corresponded every day since the 12th and it appeared that we were heading into a very serious relationship. She has sent 4 photos. Our  e-mails became more and more romantic and involved, when on the 21st of  January, in her 9th e-mail she said: 

"hELLO MY LOVE , I want to capture you tenderness. I examine that the creation of the spiritual emotional basis of the man is exact and it is meaningful the purposes of formation of family. I want to you to inform that my feelings and words concerning you always were, I am sincere also always understood, that we put a lot of trust that our union would be, when it is real. Now I am sure concerning all 100 %, that I can to you to trust. And you, that the man, that to me is necessary. When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made of your letter for me the directly large conclusion, which is possible is to expressed in three words " by I LOVE YOU ". Today I even felt so highly, in me by all was going so easily, because my ideas were directed concerning you. I as knew, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it to heat up my soul and body . You probably think, that I examine such not modern, but I that at first time I should have affinity with the favourite man. Now in me the large propensity to you, I do not know, why but it - truth. Sometimes such dreams dream me, that it is a shame to me to you to speak concerning it. This dream dreamed me today at night. " We have supper with you in you, at home and then we go to you in dream, and we begin to be engaged with you love. " But in life I know of rather very small floor , only on television films and would like to study maximal with you concerning it. The justification, that I speak with you so sincerely, but I think, that you should know concerning me only. I would be happy to visit you - limit of my desires. My favourite time of reception of the foodstuffs, which I do not know on any other business, I love everything, that is made with a fruit. I very much love you, and completely you I trust. Kiss yours nadya." 

The following day I received from Nadya a letter requesting money: 

"Hello my love, After your last letter I was convinced, that you the person for whom I waited all life and with you I would like to create family. You want that we always were together? I very much want it.. It should seems to me It only with you, I am happy also, we may Create the strongest family. I shall give you all tenderness and love, we Always will entrust each other. Together We may overcome all barrier and difficulties, we shall support each other Difficult minutes and we shall be very happy together. I was very happy to receive your last letter. For advantage From you I am ready on what, that you like, even To arrive to you, despite of the big distances. Today I have gone to embassy Also has learned it all over again I should do documents. To me have told, that the visa will be difficult for receiving, but it will be easy for me to make the visa because I am the medical worker and I can receive the visa without problems. Expenses of the visa 65 $ and 100 $ Necessary on the passport. Also money to the ticket to Moscow because the visa is done in Moscow and money on ???????? in Moscow while the visa is done will be necessary for me. On all this it is necessary to me 400-500 $. It is very expensive For me because I receive in hospital only 90 $ in one month. It Inconvenient For me to ask you, but you might help me? If you may send me money, I shall be Have the visa in 10-15 days. You represent, We may meet in one half moon! I shall be very happy so soon to see you. In one half moon all our dreams will come true And we may start new life together and never leave. If you may send me Money will send him in bank through monetary and credit The system the Western Union because so will be faster, so, and we may meet faster. About, I so am happy! I send you the address From bank to Kazan with system the Western Union where you may send money: Kazan, The Kremlin 18. To send money to my name , my full Name Lomakina Nadezhda. My address: Russia, Tatarstan, 420101, Kazan, Amirhana street, 11-9 

To write please to me full your name, the address, the name The airport where you will meet me. And also do not pass to send me Number of the control of the account on which you will be Send to me money. I shall dream always of you and our meeting. nadya." 

I responded this way:

"My sweet girl. But we still need airfare! I am not yet working! Even if  I send you the money--which will be difficult right now, but not  impossible--it will take one to three months to save airfare AFTER I AM  WORKING. That depends upon how much of a salary I can get and how much  plane tickets cost. I learned from a travel agent today that until the end  of March airfare is about $1000-$1400. Airline ticket prices become much more expensive in April (they increase $500-$600) and increase again in June. They don't go back down until the winter season. I will send you the money, but not until I am working and have also saved  airfare. Once I have airfare saved, then I will send you the $400-$500  (for your visa and passport) and a plane ticket. Okay? Love" I thought about her last e-mail for several hours, and was uncomfortable  about it because I had read two areas of http://www.womenrussia.com  concerning the absolute necessity to get a fiancee visa. So I wrote a  followup e-mail to Nadya: 

"My Dearest Nadya, On January 17th I was trying to find information about flying to Kazan (using the "google" search engine). One of the links that the search  engine returned was for http://www.womenrussia.com/, an Internet site maintained by a Russian woman who successfully entered the U.S. to marry an American man. She maintains the site to help Russian women and U.S. men get together. I want you to know that I ACCIDENTALLY found this site. I did not go looking for information about Russian women. Anyway, in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) there is a section about visas and Russian women coming to the U.S. It is the reason that I thought I would have to visit you first and why I did not think you could get a visa, other than a Fiancee Visa.The following is from http://www.womenrussia.com/faq.htm#woman_visit:"

Here, I quoted to her that whole section of the web page. I also wrote this: "I hope you can wait for me to do this the right way. A Fiancee visa takes  3-4 months according to  http://www.womenrussia.com/fiancee_visas.htm. Please read that page. I want you more than anything. I am your man. Please say you won't give up on me. I am a real, flesh and blood man. I will visit you as soon as I can afford the plane ticket. I will find work soon and we'll be together in less than half a year. Can you wait that long for your true love? I love you'

She wrote me back this morning and said:

"Hello my love. I am very glad that you can to help me with arrival to you.  I can not wait this moment, I want that it happened as soon as possible... To me it is lonely without you in this city, you are necessary for me, your words, your tenderness and kisses are necessary for me. I believe in that that I soon shall arrive to you and in our life all will change for the better. That day when I shall see you will be the happiest in my life. I miss on you. I ask, that you have sent me money on visa faster, that I not had any troubles with reception of the visa. Nadya."

This is my final e-mail I wrote to her today, January 23. I said:

"And your plane ticket? If I sent money for your visa right away, I could not afford airfare for 1-3 months after I am working. We must still wait to see each other. You will not wait for me? Love, 

I see now that I have been foolish and will not continue to correspond with her.

Svetlana from Cheboksary, Russia -- sv03@smtp.ru

Howdy folks-- Been there, done that 1 1/2 years ago with Oksana Pirogova etal, and have read Elena's Anti-Scam Guide, so it was easy to spot this one coming. An unsolicited email came to my Yahoo email address, and I was bored so I answered to test out Elena's guide (it works!). I didn't say anything about her Father killed in Afghanistan and she replied with gratitude for my sympathy. The basic psychological conditioning they use is the same as the Oksana letters, but the stories are not as wild. I kept my eye on the Black List and now find the same sequence of letters under Ekaterina Zevenigovo - January 23, 2003. Now I don't have to write back to find out what "Svetlana" will say next!! No solicitation for money yet, but thought I'd post the photos to save any rookies a few bucks---Check-out the phoney horsetail used to look like long flowing hair (wrong color). Well here they are...


Hi my new friend ______!!!I am very glad, that you have answered to me. I would like to begin concerning you more very much.Just for you to know…I really want to find the right personHello my dear friend ________. I am very happy each time when I receive the letter from you. I like when you show your sympathy to me. I begin to feel that we have a lot of common. Today I have read to my mum some words from you

Tatyana Opviso/Tender Hearts Club

Alena Feorovskaya from Ekaterinburg Russia has more aliases than we will ever know...Yes she is real lady, very articulate and well spoken, and very convincing. Her current name is Tatyana Opviso and says she is aquainted with agency called "TenderHeartsClub" that provides computer and phone services. She sent me the same for letter...I from Ukraine...that ok with you?..I 25 not much experience with men... I saw this letter and several others she has sent me. She also called me 8 times in 2 days to "convince" me of her undying love for me and that she will be here in less than 2 weeks!... Be aware! Her accomplice is using name Irina Filipova, supposed owner of TenderHearts club. Thank you for saving me and my pocket book $1790 is what they were trying to get from me! Thanks, but no thanks. Jack in Portland, Oregon. I am 38 and still looking...

Lada (Kostroma, Russia)

This is another message from the scammer that used the name the name Tatiana. This was in responce to an yahoo personal ad I had posted. I was told about the blacklist before and this is the second time the same spammer trying to pull the wool over my eyes, but did not. Thank for your help.


Hi. It is very pleasant, that you have answered my letter. I want to know more about you. I am not good with Internet and computer. And I am sorry if anything were wrong.  My name is Lada. I am 28 years old. I live in Kostroma, Russia. It is the town in central part of Russia. I work as a teacher in a secondary school. I am very cheerful woman and very much love children. I was born at May 29, 1974. I am 5ft 5in (172 cm) height and 119lbs (54 kg) weight. I have blue eyes. I keep health life, and engaged in sports, I go on dancing. I love to listen to music and to read books. Also I take a great interest in cookery and knitting. I want to find the partner of life. It will be kind, sympathetic, tender and clever man. I would like, that such man will become my husband and live with me all my life. As for children, I don't have any. But I am not against them. I want to have strong, amicable family. I has never been married. I live with my parents. I very much love them, but I should start my personal family. May be, I am naive, but it seems to me, that with the help of Internet I can find the worthy man who is ready to share all my pleasures and problems. At school I studied English. And now I study English independently. But my knowledge of language is not yet enough to talk now. I think I can improve my knowleges with your help. Can you understand me? I want to arrange my personal life. I want to find the man, who can become my husband. I want, that it was the kind, sympathetic, decent and honest man. I am really tired from loneliness. The reliable support in life is necessary to me. As for me I am ready to become the fond and tender wife, good housewife for this man.  I would like to learn your thoughts and intentions. I think they are serious. I can't promise you anything, let's be the friends. If you want to have fun, to play heart games do not write me any longer, I will finaly learn about it. I need the man with serious intentions. You know, it seems to me, that you are respectable and honest man. I think, that we can understand each other. I hope for your answer. Yours faithfully Lada.

P.S. I have written enough frank letter. I hope you are not confused. People must trust in each other.


Lada (Kostroma, Russia)


Thanks for your web site.  I was written an email by "Lada" <vlared@mail.ru> that sounded good but I was skeptical.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Sure enough, there was almost an exact duplicate email on your site from Tatiana Shishkina (<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /> Kazan Russia )

Here is a copy for your site:

Hi. It is very pleasant, that you have answered my letter. I want to know more about
 you. I am not good with Internet and computer. And I am sorry if anything were wrong.
My name is Lada. I am 28 years old. I live in 


. It is

the town in central part of 


. I  work as a teacher in a

secondary school. I am very cheerful woman and very much love


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