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I know that many scams are out there and everyone needs to be very careful! Just never send money. But.........I met and married a beautiful Russian lady that is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I went to Vladivostok last October after emailing and talking on the telephone for several months.  She came here on 12/23/01 and we were married on 2/27/02. She is  intelligent, hard working, sexy, gorgeous and we are very happy together. 


Black List - page 136: UPDATES
October 31, 2002 - page 1

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Ekaterina/Katya Bazavluk (Kremenchug, Ukriane)

Hello, I am a 49 year old South African from european descent, divorced with one son who lives with me. I have not been successfully scammed, thanks to your website!

I responded to an ad on a few weeks ago. It was placed under the name Katya117 from Kremenchug, Ukriane. In the second letter, she started with "darling" and requested help for paying for internet and e-mail services. From the tone of the letter I could guess that it is a scam and my search on your website confirmed my suspicion. I received excactly the same letters and photos that appear on your website so I don't send you them again. I send you however the photo that appeared on I have not yet informed the webmaster about the scammer but intend to do so. Chris

PS. I responded to 4 ads on and two of them were scammers, listed on this website. Be careful out there!!

Ekaterina Smirnova (Irkutsk, Russia)

Hi, I'm one of the many scammed by the same sick person/s. Her name is all over and I'm shocked that this is allowed!!!

Same thing:  27years old, lives with mother, big love after 4 emails, no phone, never answers questions ect... 350 US for visa, her name: EKATERINA SMIRNOVA
56-4900 RUSSIA

Looks like a new address guys, be careful. This one is all over. Sends photos which look like each other from different people, uses friends computer, talks about trust, love and religion, left by Russian man just before the wedding ect... 

Looks like they changed the story a little. Andy

Elena Panshina (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Hello, My name is Doug. I am 45 years old, divorced white American male, with no  children. I am a marketing manager with a major telecommunications company.

About 2 months after completing a profile with Absolute Agency I received an  e-mail from Elena Panshina. I had a correspondence with a scammer just one  month prior to this, so I was aware of her possible intentions. Just like  the scammer before, I was her "Love" within 2 weeks. I played along to see  where she was going with this scam. Within 2 weeks she was coming to  America, and she needed $1400 from me to make it possible. I knew it was a scam, so I sent her a letter saying the money was sent, but did not give any specifics. I heard from her once more saying she was waiting for the money transfer information at the Internet café.

The letters:

----- Original Message -----
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 09:01:23 GMT

Hi, My name is Elena, I liked your profile and if you want start correspondence with me, please write me your email, or you can write to me. Elena


Hi my new friend Doug!!! I`m very happy to write you now. I want to tell you some facts about myself. Your Elena.


My Dear Doug!!! Today 16 August, its the and of summer, but weather very bad +8C Degrees. But now its not so cold, because I received a letter from you!! . Now I send you many kisses!!! Your Elena


Hello my sweet Doug! You can't imagine how happy I am to have a correspondence with you. I read your letters very attentive and my heart began to beat very fast... I talked with my parents yesyterday , they permit me give you my phone  number, Please,check out the time difference. I can tell you that when  Moscow has 7.00 am Ekaterinburg has 9.00 am. Can you call me on Monday???  Now I`ll write you phone and on Monday I`ll wait a call from you, ok??? You must dial: +7 - 3434-825748, my full name Elena Panshina !!! I need hear  your voice and talk with you!!! Tomorrow I`ll leave with my parents to  village, we will return very late. My kiss and hugs Your Elena

From: "SexyLady" <> [Save Address]
Subject: My Love!!!
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 21:37:52 +0600

Hello my love Doug! How are you today? You see I can already call you "My Love". You are my love... It's so pleasant to repeate these words. I Thought  about you the whole last night. I want to get acquented with your relatives. Are your friends or your  relatives know something about me and about our correspondence? I want to  come friends with your friends and with your relatives. It's so strange but I feel that I want to be with you. With every day I realise that I want to be your woman, that I want to be your wife. I want  to give my soul to you. And... I know it's a tradition when a man ask a  woman about marrige. I want to break that tradition and I want... I want to  ask you: do you want to be my husband? Oh... you see I did you a proposion.  I love you so much and I miss you so much. Do you want to buy flowers for  me when we meet? I have a little present for you, I want to give it to you  when we meet. I hope our language border will be not a problem for us. I'm  shure our firt dinner together will be very special. I would like to have a  dinner with candlelights with you. My heart belong only to you... Your Elena


Hello my dear Doug! Sorry for not writting you. I had been lived with my  granny in the village. We had very warm weather, I had very good time there! I miss you so much! Today I have a surprise for you, I'm sending you my sexy  photos. They was taken about 2 months ago, I hope you will like them. Let me  know what do you think about them. Do you have any plans about our meeting? I would like to meet you someday.  What's the name of your International Airport? The name of our Airport in  Ekaterinburg is Kolzovo. I would be happy if you decide to visit me. Let me  know what do you think about our meeting, I don`t want have more  correspondence with you, I want meet with you!!!  Your Elena

Friday, August 23, 2002 4:38 AM

Doug I`ll be very happy fly to you, I talked with travel agent today again,  he told me that he ready start registration documents for me!!! 180USD cost  visa on 6 months, I`ll have student or tourist visa, 240USD cost tickets  Ekaterinburg - Moscow, 700 - 750USD cost tickets Moscow - to you, I`ll have  change plane. 100USD other papers. Doug I need 1400USD for my trip to you,  I`m ready fly to you, my father permit me fly to you. Doug you can help me  with money? Agent told me that if he will start registration tomorrow or  aftertomorrow I`ll fly to you 1 or 2 September!!! Doug Please write me your answer!!! Your Elena

Saturday, August 24, 2002 10:25 PM

Doug I`m very glad that you send me moeny, now morning I`m very happy received email from you, please write me information about WesternUnion: You need write me sender name and transfer number. Doug I`m waiting your  email in Internet cafe, when I`ll receive money I`ll goto travel agency and will  make payments for my flight to you, after payments I`ll write you  information about my flight to you. Doug I love you very much, please write me soon!!! Only Your Elena

There are plenty of people out there ready to take your money! Good luck in your search, Doug in Texas

Irina Kamaeva/Natalia Arsibekov (Syktyvkar, Russia)

Hello, My name is Steve from Pennsylvania, I am in the cable tv industry. This one is a slick lady now so be careful of her. She uses the name of Irina Kamaeva. Same letters as the rest of the guys. I originally got an initial contact at under the user of Tender_Woman. I am currently on the letter where she asks for the money for her via and a plane ticket. I have attached all requested information as asked for by the blacklist site. Luckily I wanted to know where the hell Syktyvkar, Russia was otheriwse I would have never found out in time who this lady was at this site. Steve

Olga Viktorovna Vlasova / Ulan-Ude/ Russia

I am a single father of 1, white Australian and 32 years old. This person first Contacted me from about 2 weeks ago. After the 2nd Email she started to talk about Love and relationships, I went along for the ride to see where it would lead. then she started saying how she would like to come to Australia to live with me as my Wife. She stated that she only had US$600 but needed $1950 to get here, the following day she mentioned how she has this Powerful Aunty that has lent her US900 to help her get here. she then requested that I try and find the remaining US$450 to pay for her ticket, and that her Aunty has arranged the Visa. I'm not stupid I know how Visa's work and to get an Australian Visa, no powerful Russian Aunt can influence the Australian Government into giving out Visa's. anyway, I continued to play along with it while asking crucial questions about her, and her Family, her work, and about her internet access, she claimed she was in an Internet Cafe, but when tracing her connection back it came from a dial up account. over the period of time she became very pushy about getting the money, trying to hurry me up. I have not and will not send money to this scammer, she deserves to be put in Prison and I will do my best to help her get there. I will be contacting all the appropriate authorities and giving them all the Information I can. the address she was using is 413402 Russia, Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Komsomolskaya str. 23 apt. 12 Olga Viktorovna Vlasova. and you guessed it she wanted the money sent by Western Union, I mentioned other forms of payment, but she always came back to the Western Union. the following are emails sent to me from her. 

Attached is her Photo


Hello my dear friend. My name is Olga. I'm for the first time in this site and I like your profile very much. I would like to get acquainted closer to you. You could see my profile and if you like it I'll wait for your answer with great impatience. Always yours Olga 

Hi my new friend. I'm so happy to get your letter! I like your profile very much and I like to get acquainted closer to you. So let me introduce myself. My name is Olga. I was born on the 12th of June and I'm Gemini(astrological sign). I was born in the Ulan-Ude. It is a capital of Buryatiya republic in Russia. It is a very beautiful city and not far from Ulan-Ude there is a Baikal sea. I love nature very much and I'm so lucky that I live here because we have rather good biological conditions. And nature is really beatiful. I have a very friendly family: my mother, father and little sister Tanya. I love them very much. My father is a lorry driver so drive his big car all over the huge country and he is at home very seldom. I miss him very much. My mom is a assistent in the hospital. As for me I work as a teacher in the school. I teach little children to different science such as math, russian language, russian literature, painting and many other. I love children and I love my work. I've finished Pedagogical University. As for my hobbies I have a lot of them. I like nature first of all and I like to go to the different kind of picnics and trips. I enjoy going on kayaks down the mountain rivers. I like hiking and skiing. I like different kind of sports and I try to keep my fit. Do you like sport? I like to dance. When I was a teen I went in for classical dancing. It is really wonderful. I like different kind of music such as classical, jazz, blues and sometimes folk music. I would like to tell you a lot of things in one time but they are confused in my head. Please ask any questions you like to know. And please tell me about yourself, your hobbies, about your family. I would like to know everything about you. I'll bewaiting for your answer with great impatience! Your Olga 

P.S. Please excuse me for my english. I hope we won't have big problems in our dialogs. I'll try to improve my english in future and I work on it right now. 

My dear Jason. Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. You know I'm very serious in my intension. I would like to create a strong and happy family with my loveling man. I couldn't write you a letter by myself, it is too difficult for me. I have a lot things to say you and I don't know what I could start with. Please ask me what do you want to know about me? I'll ask all your questions. The beginning is very important when we need to to understand if we are a good match, if we have common in interests and views on life and decide if we want to develop our relationship. I just want to continue our correspondents. I don't know why. I feel again the excitement in my blood that I thought I have forgotten already. I am afraid to lose my excitement, my admiration of you, I am glad with your sincerity, ingenuousness and honesty. I appreciate this features of character very much. Your admiration, compliments, your feelings warm me so much that I am ready to close my eyes on some misses and weaknesses. I like you very much. I'll be waiting for your answer soon! And I would like to get your pictures. I like it very much!  Your Olga

Hi my dear Jason! I'm very glad to receive your letter! I appreciate your honesty very much. Of course you're right and I would like to have children. I love them very much. But first of all I'm looking for my match. I'm looking for my man. Intelligent, tender, kind-hearted and of course honest. That is why I like you and I see you're a very decent man and I could believe you and rely on your honesty. I would like to know you better, wouldn't you? I hope yes. So I'll be waiting for oyur answer. Please tell me more about yourself. And please ask me any questions you want to know. I'll answer all of them. I promise I'll be honest with you. Thank you. Your Olga from Russia

Hi my dear Jason! I understand your question. I'll try to answer it with all my honesty. I'd like to answer as we say here in Russia: if I find my man I'll go after them to the end of the world. Is it understandable? I hope yes. Another words you I find him in the Antarctic Continent I'll go there. And now I'll try to answer all of your questions. As for food I like national russian dishes such as "pelmeni" and "pirogi". Also I like to cook myself and I hope you'll have a chance to test it sometime. I don't know how to answer your question about my favourite clolour. Actually I have three favourite colours: green, blue and yellow. It depends on my mood if I try to choose one of them. I think that my favourite flower is may be white roses. Also I like field flowers. It is very intresting and rather hard to answer your question about what makes me sad and happy. I'm an optimistical and cheerful person and a lot of thing can make me happy. Such as sunrise, first snowfall, smiles of close people and really million and one reaon in this wonderful world! What about sadness I think that may be deceit, insincerity, death of the close people or something else unpleasant And you know I would like to know your opinion on the same question. What is your attitude to the life? I would like to know all about you my dear Jason! Please write me soon! I'll be waiting for your answer with great impatience! With love from Russia your Olga

Hi my darling! Dear Jason! I miss you very much my love! Please excuse me for the silence! I was in the village visiting my grandparents. I've told them about you my love and they are very happy for us and wishing us such happy life as they had. They are really happy now. They were together for 40 years and they really love each other now! What about the visa I think that I'll not have any problems with getting it because my aunt in Moscow have a great influence and powerful friends. She'll help me to come to Australia to you my love! As for the money I don't know what is the best way to wire the money: all money in one time or part by part. Anyway you could send it. Here is my full data: 413402 Russia, Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Komsomolskaya str. 23 apt. 12 Olga Viktorovna Vlasova. I don't know for sure if it is all the information you'll be need in. If you need anything else please ask it. I'll answer you as soon as I could. My love! I miss you very much and if only I could be with you this moment! Kiss you! With love from Russia your Olga

Jason, I'm so sorry but I have no possibility to install any programs on the computer. Internet cafe had some troubles yesterday(all their systems have been crushed). So this time we could communicate only with e-mails. As for the visa i could get it in two days. I began to get it 2 weeks ago and now it is ready to receive. But I have to go to the Moscow to receive it and then to fly to you my love. I should be sure that I'll be able to buy ticket in Moscow to come to you because I couldn't stay in Moscow for long period of time. I hope you understand me my darling? So if you're ready to send me the rest of the money I need to buy the ticket I'll fly to Moscow tomorrow and in 2-3 days I'll be with you my loev! I couldn't believe that it is true! It is my greatest wish!

My love! Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. Could you tell me the exact date you'll send me the money? I think I could stay with my aunt for a week or so. Is it possible to wire money in a week? Everytday without you makes me very sad! And only one thing I wish best of all for now. I wish to be with you my darling! I could come to you as soon as you'll help me. Love you! Kiss you! Your bride Olga


I am a single 49 y/o mail from upstate NY. I met this lady on who clamed her name was Tanya. She used the profile Fatewithyou67258. It only took two letters before she started asking for money. After the second letter, I told her that I was always cautious about sending any money and that I always check the scam list on the internet. Never heard from her again. 



Hello my Dear Friend! I'm very glad that among many ads you chose just mine! That you are  interested in me Jim! I'm 28 years . I'm 170 cm in height. My weight is 53 kg. My small  Angel is 2.5 years and his name is Nikita. Now I really live only by hope.  Though many years I suffered from loneliness, I know that I'll find my  wayout. Only Love can give peacefulness and joy. I do not look for pen- pal.  I dream and family coziness. Honey, I want to share all  kindness I have in my soul. I want to find my Only One and to be the only  for him. In this uneasy and at once nice life we so much need the one  who will believe in us and the main thing is to understand. To create   own unique world without unsincere and empty - what can be more  important?  My family life unfortunately isn't happy, my Nice Jim. But I have nice child. Since I stayed lonely, much in life turned to me  the other way. I learned to value  simple human joys and stopped to take hurting trifles close to me.  I look at future with hope for you, Nice. Surely it's very hard to be lonely.  But I can't feel despair for my child's sake. The most happy time for me is when I   spend it with my child.  On the whole I like children. And they love me too as I can see. So I  value my work much. I work as a tutor of children in kindergarten. I  like my job very much and each day come to work with pleasure. I'll tell  of my work in details in my next letter Jim. I wait for your letters. Send me please you photos my Dear! I want to look at your eyes! I kiss you All the best. Tanya 


Hello my Dear Jim! I'm so glad that you have received my letter. Thank you very much Darling for the chance you give to me, chance to love and be loved and for the  hope you put into my heart. I read a little bit more about you, Jim, with a great interest. It seems for us both it wasn't always so as we wanted. But now we have each other and we both can value the most important things in life. Love  and simple human happiness.  Thanks for your picture. But, unfortunately I can't open it. So, it will be really pleasure for me, if you try to send it one more time. About your question about children. Now it's very hard for me to grow up the child by myself. And I just don't think to have many of them. Of course I like children very  much. But I'm sure all decisions must be taken together in a really happy, friendly, and loving family. And no matter what the decision is, it'll always be common,  desired and thought out. I want to tell you of my job. It's my second family . As the Love of these small Angels is so real and doesn't demand  anything .I like to walk and play different games with them. I seem to find myself in another  dimension. They have their own world - bright, joy and kind. It's filled with loud child's  laughter . I'm grateful to them without limit that they took me to them and let to be the  part of their world.  Jim, I'll tell you a little bit about my city. It's called Kremenchug. The city is industrial. But not looking at this the city is beautiful. There are a lot of parks here. We with my angel especially like to  go to the river. The Dnieper river flaws through our city. When it's warm outside we can stay for a  long time and admire how it's waves clamor. There is a lake not far from our house. In winter when  it's frozen a lot of children go there to skate. In summer when the water in it is warm a lot of people come to swim and get brown or just have good rest. We with Nikita also like to go to the lake.  But sometimes I feel very sad that during our walking with him alone I see a lot of parents play with  their children. And I know that Nikita will lack man's father's attention with time. And if honestly  I'm afraid very much of the time when hi would ask me why hi doesn't have father and I would have nothing to say. But now when you my Sweetheart appeared in my life I believe that everything will change and I will never hear the answer from my Angel and we'll be the happiest family in the world. Will we?  It's very hard for me as I can't be always with my Child as I have to work much. Dear Jim! I value your letters very high. I want to continue our correspondence as I see much in common. It's very inconvenient to ask you of it but I do not have other choice.  I'll be very grateful to you can help me with paying our correspondence. I didn't get my salary for 3 months and live only on my additional work. I can't pay for Internet-cafe services. I have to pay for translator, for number of incoming and coming letters and  for hiring the box. All it is extremely expensive for me. If my letters are necessary for you as well as yours for me and if you value our association, I hope you'll not deny me in help.  In my next letters I want to send you more of my with Nikita photos, tell you of my life and to know of yours, Jim. I wait for your letters impatiently Say "Hello" from us to your children. You must be proud with them. I hope we'll become friends. With Love to you Tanya PS Nikita kisses you too.

Tatyana Lebedeva/Natalia Bahtina (Syktyvkar, Russia)

Hello, I like other men I am seeing am embarrassed to say I have been had by this woman , Tatyana Lebedeva, only, to me she is Natalia Bahtina, of Syktyvkar Russia, I am 46 years old,and I am still not sure as to where she found me in the first place, Anyway she took me for $2100.00 cdn after 8 months of writing to me, she continued to write 6 letters after I sent her the money. This woman is not only a thief and a great actress, she is a definite heart breaker that has to be stopped. What can say... We learn everyday... 

After finding the Russian embassy in Canada on the net. I find none of the url's can be displayed. Anyway I thought I would give you the address she sent me for the Western Union pickup This address probably belongs to someone ?? Natalia Bahtina 167017 Russia, Syktyvkar UL. Pervomaiskaia, 53-12. If this is helpful to anyone.. See ya. 

Wind Of Love Agency / Olga (Olenka) Kurchinskaya

I started writing with Olenka Kurchinskaya having initially made contact via a free dating site, her initial letter to me was so interesting and well written I found myself interested by her. Her letter came from 'Wind Of love' agency in Kiev however at this stage there was nothing to arouse my suspicions although each letter would finish with the following:

This message was translated and forwarded to you by Wind of  Love Travel Company.Please visit us at to know more about  Translation Services and Flowers/Gifts Delivery. We also  specialize on all travel services in Ukraine.

Olenka's 2nd letter arrived, whilst she wasn't asking for money she did say: 

And the last thing for this letter. I think you should know  that my letters are translated to you. Though I've got the  University degree it's in economics. I didn't pay much  attention on languages at school or University. I never  thought I'd need it. As I don't know English I found the  agency that helps me with translation for some payment.

Olenka's 3rd letter included the following lines, why should she say such a thing? I hadn't said anything in my letters to prompt such a statement: 

I feel that I'm getting used to your letters more and more, that is why it is important to me that you realize that I do  exist, I'm real.  

We exchanged 4th letters, Olenka still seemed amazingly interesting, saying the right things in her letters, telling me about her life, interests etc. Being constantly reminded by the agency I had visited and for as little as $20 I could assist with correspondence, $20 would cover the expense of 8 letters (4 each), I could afford to lose $20.00 so I decided to show a gentlemanly gesture. By now we had been writing for some weeks, letters continued however I was becoming more and more suspicious these letters were 'canned' with a few lines added to each to personalise them. My questions were now going unanswered despite reminders and in her letters Olenka would write excessively about something relatively trivial such as a movie she had seen, this is just an example, each of her letters now would include such 'canned' writings:

I also remembered the movie that impressed me a lot  recently. The movie is called "Unfaithful" .Richard Gere is  starring in it. Well, I love the movie "Pretty woman", but  Richard Gere wasn't really the reason for my decision to  watch the "Unfaithful". :-) The advertisement as well as the name describes the plot of it a little bit. And I like to  watch love stories, melodramas. So we decided to go to see it with Sveta, one of my girlfriends. If you don't mind I'd  like to write you a little bit about it.There is a happy American family. There are three of them: a  father, a mother and their nine-year old son. They live in one of the suburbs of New York city. As for a couple, they love each other and seem to form a successful marriage and  family. It's their regular day, they have breakfast, make  jokes at each other. Father (Richard Gere) goes to work, son  goes to school and mother who is a housewife needs to do  some shopping. It's very windy outside. She goes to  Manhatten and while she walks along the street in the search  of a taxi she ran into a young man. They both fell down, she  hurt herself, and went up to his apartment to get some help  with her injured knee. He turned out to be a book-seller, a  very attractive one. At first, this meeting didn't mean  anything to her. But then she realized that she was  attracted to this man (whose name is Paul) more and more.  They became lovers. Finally her husband found out about  that. He more felt that than found proofs of her  unfaithfulness. He met the lover of his wife and killed him.  You know, dear Martin, now when I try to describe this movie  to you, it's really hard to explain everything. The problem  is much deeper than it seems to be. And the creators of the  movie have made a great job to show the feelings of those  three people. While watching you can't really say who is guilty. Well, the woman is because she is the one to cheat. But she does love her husband, they don't have problems in bed. And this another one…he is a fresh breeze in her life, who drives her crazy, who makes her suffer because she is not kind of a person who can cheat and pretend. That is why  her husband has figured out that she was unfaithful, and also because he loves her and he knows just everything about her, and, of course, he notices that she is not the same any  more. I'm not saying that it was right of her to cheat, and of him to kill her lover, but what they did just destroyed their life forever. Police didn't arrest him, as he cleaned everything and didn't leave any proofs and the end of the  movie is they sit in the car with their son and decide what they should do. Their life is supposedly going on after everything that have happened but it's only an image of a happy life but not the life itself. Even if they leave the  country, change the names as they plan in the end I'm sure they won't be able to continue their regular life, and the day when he goes to the police and tells everything will  come soon. They say "I love you", they really mean it, but their love is fulfilled with despair and grieve.

I was becoming more and more suspicious with each letter and after an exchange of 9 letters over a 6 week period they eventually 'slipped up' sending a letter to me that was intended for another man. This letter was dated 16 October however it was the same letter that was sent to me on 24 September. Furthermore, the agency had written to me asking for more money, I wrote a short but polite note to Olenka: 

Hello Olenka, I think either yourself or your agency have made a mistake !  This (attached) letter received by me last evening was addressed  to someone named 'Mike'. The letter is familiar to me though  because you wrote this very same letter to me on 24 September. I'm very sorry Olenka, I was hoping to meet a serious lady !  A short while later I received the following response, e-mail addresses have been 'doctored' to protect identity, I would have thought a more apologetic response would have been appropriate to a customer, obviously disappointed to have recently learnt his lady was writing to other men: 

Hello M xxxxxxx <> or or  whatever - you lost the girl who was sincerely interested in you.

Please bear in mind that my letter was addressed to Olenka, as Wind Of Love were to subsequently state they merely translate and forward. If this were the case they should have forwarded my letter to Olenka, who are they to involve themselves in the personal communications of 2 of their customers? Why should I have lost the girl? Who are Wind of Love to decide on Olenka's behalf that I have lost her? They didn't translate and forward, they reacted to it, they do not just merely translate and forward, they write letters also:

Dear Sir, if you have the problem with the lady, if does  not mean that the agency did something wrong - we has been  doing our work , people pay us for - translation and  forwarding of the letters.  They subsequently tried to explain:

If necessary we can scan all the letters from Olenka to  you and send them to you - so you will see that she wrote  all her letters to you.

However these duplicate letters include the same typing discrepancies, punctuations, the same everything, it is clear they are stored on computer with lines added to personalise or answer question(s), Olenka had told me she didn't have a computer thus it can only be the agency's computer, examples:  Martin, there is one more thing I wanted to write to you. I  like our correspondence a lot, I feel that I'm getting used  to your letters more and more, that is why it's important to  me that you realize that I do exist, I'm real. I care about learning more about you, knowing you better, and I want  everything is to be clear between us. May be I'm too  straight but I've mentioned that I appreciate honesty a lot.  Please, if you have any doubts, share them with me. I will  be sending you my pictures, not only the ones made in the studio (by the way, today I send you a picture of me with my girlfriends that was taken several months ago when we celebrated the birthday of one of them). And I wanted to thank you for sending me your picture. I get  all your letters but if you want to make sure you may write my name in the subject. As for English, I don't speak any and I totally agree with you and know that it's necessary for me to start learning it. I was thinking about that myself. I did check the prices, and unfortunately right now I can't afford paying  for the classes. I hope to meet your understanding and patience. I do care about our correspondence and it inspires me a lot to start studying and I will as soon as it's possible. Let me send you a small butterfly kiss with this letter…Let's see how good the internet is in transmitting kisses. :-) With growing affection, Olenka 


Mike, there is one more thing I wanted to write to you. I like our correspondence a lot, I feel that I'm getting used to your letters more and more, that is why it's important to me that you realize that I do exist, I'm real. I care about learning more about you, knowing you better, and I want everything is to be clear between us. May be I'm too  straight but I've mentioned that I appreciate honesty a lot. Please, if you have any doubts, share them with me. I will be sending you my pictures, not only the ones made in the studio (by the way, today I send you a picture of me with my girlfriends that was taken several months ago when we  celebrated the birthday of one of them). Let me send you a small butterfly kiss with this letter…Let's see how good the internet is in transmitting kisses. :-) With growing affection, Olenka

There is absolutely no doubt 'Wind Of Love' are persuading men to pay for the translation etc. of these 'canned' letters that are already stored on their computer in English. Wind Of Love advertises their offices in several Ukrainian cities, their site offers no address for their Kiev office yet invites you to visit them in person:

Still have questions? Wind of Love Travel Company encourages you to call us at working hours Monday - Saturday. And of course, you are welcome to visit us in person when you are in Ukraine. Furthermore and bearing in mind they are closed on Sunday I still have no explanation regarding the following e-mail received (note the transmission date and time):

Date:Sun, 06 Oct 2002 22:08:02 +0300
From:"Wind of Love" <

I wonder how many other men may be paying Wind Of Love for correspondence to ladies such as Olenka? Martin

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