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I know that many scams are out there and everyone needs to be very careful! Just never send money. But.........I met and married a beautiful Russian lady that is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I went to Vladivostok last October after emailing and talking on the telephone for several months.  She came here on 12/23/01 and we were married on 2/27/02. She is  intelligent, hard working, sexy, gorgeous and we are very happy together. 


Black List - page 111: UPDATES
July 18, 2002 - page 1

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Angelika Filippova (Ternopil, Ukraine) 

Thanks to your website and the valuable information there, I am contacting you to alert your readers to what may be another scam attempt. My name is Dave and I am a divorced male 48, from the eastern US, and retired from the US military. I recently received a reply to an ad I had once posted to an Internet dating site (Russian Mail Order Brides) from a person representing themselves as Angelika Filippova, from Ternopil, Ukraine. She stated in the the initial contact that she could not recall where she had seen my ad. She is using the e-mail address of and professes to be a dentist in Ternopil as is her father. It only took 5 e-mails for the "money" letter to arrive. Here are the texts of her letters to me in succession as I received them:


Letter 1:

Hello dear Dave, I am glad to hear from you again. Today I was thinking a lot about our acquaintance and I came to idea that the Internet is great - it helps people to find brother's soul even so far away - on different corner of the worrld!  It's so pitty that I don't have Internet access at home, but thanks God there is one Internet-cafe not far from my house. I have my own PC but there is no phone at our flat. Here in Ukraine the phone access is of big rarity in the private apartments. I live in small Ukrainian town of Ternopil, it is located in Western part of the country. Nearest big city to us is Lviv, the other beautiful cities near Ternopil are Rivne, Lutsk, Khmelnitsky. Although my home town is small, it is the regional center (Ternopil oblast). Oblast means "province" in your language.  I live with my parents yet. My father is a dentist, as I told you already and my mother works as manager in "Galichina" hotel placed on the coast of beautiful lake in the old city center of Ternopil.She speaks good English, German, Polish and a bit of French and Spanish. So she got this job thanks her talents to foreign languages. Sometimes she is even able to visit other countries on hotel business exchange basis. She was already in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia. Good for her. I've never been abroad yet. I hope to see the world a bit too. I can speak English, Slovakian and Polish. And of course I speak Russian and Ukrainian. This part of Ukraine I live in was added to the USSR after World War II only. That's why our local people still keep the tradition to speak several European languages of our neighbours - Poland for example was always present here in the past. But English I studied during my secondary and university education - other languages I learned "in the streets" and can speak them since my childhood. I have a sister Oksana. She is married and lives in Lutsk with her husband. Both of them are scientists and work at the Volyn State University (faculty of History and Etnography). They have daughter - 6 years old Dasha. As for me, I was never married and I don't have any children. My sister comes to visit us sometimes, but not often, because she is very busy with their scientific researches and has many etnographic trips all over Ukraine. After Ukraine became independent in 1991 our state donates such researches because Soviet power always tried that people forget their traditions and nacional attitudes. They proclaimed new nation - Soviet people. Now it is different and Ukrainians slowly come back to their national pride. I'm not sure is it interesting for you everything I'm writing. As for me, I'm really interesting in everything about you, your nationality and your country. Our friendship meens a lot for me and I want to understand and feel you like myself - like my second half - to be correct. Yours Angelika 

I responded by explaining the basic details about my backgrounds and reasons for pursuing meeting someone this way. Her reply, much shorter than before was: 

Letter 2:

Dear Dave! I read your letter with interest and pleasure. Please continue to write me often, because I became addicted to your letters! Well, now more about me - I am a Gemini. I am very well-balanced realistic and open-minded sign. But I am also very loveable, loyal and need only one beloved person in my life. I work in private clinic as dentist, my father helped me to get this job thanks his connections. Because after my graduation in Kiev I had to work in public healthcare system for three years. I wasn't free with my choice of working place - the state planned to send me to one village in Poltava oblast. Here it is always so - if you get university degree in state education system you must work 3 years long for state (because state education is free of charge and even the state pays small grants to students every month in these universities). There are many private academies now, but their diplomas are less valuable, because everybody can buy such diploma of private academy without any studies. That's why all serious employers accept only state diplomas and certificates. In compare with majority of Ukrainian people my living standard is not bad, but of course it is impossible to compare with income of dentists in Western countries. Well, what else? I do not smoke and I do not drink totally. I love pets but I don't have them. I want to get a small dog, may be, but later, after I decide my own  private life questions and only if my future husband will not have anything against. What is your oppinion, dear? Would you like your future wife have a small brown or black dog, for example? I hope to hear from you soon, and please do not stop writing to me. Give me, please, your mailing address, I'll send you a small souvenir from me I've prepared specially for you today. Don't ask me what it is. You'll see. Yours very big friend Angelika. 

It was a nice response, a little more endearing. I immediately wrote her back, and she replied again within 30 minutes, which I thought was strange for a person who claimed to work such extended hours in a clinic. Allowing for time zone differences, it was around midnight in Ternopil as this occurred, and she professed to being in an Internet Cafe which is plausible. The following day, after approximately one week of correspondence, the "money" letter arrived.

Letter 3:

My darling, Thank you very much for warm words. I'm happy that we are on the same wave in our thinking, aims and dreams. It became important for me to feel your presence in my life. It brought me a kind of insight to review my ordinary everyday life here in Ternopil. As I need you so much, and you need me the same way strong, I believe, we should not lose any minute staying divided anymore. We just have to meet each other in person and start our relationship in real life. Earlier I have found out how we could meet. But now I believe, the right time has came for us to become more than virtual partners. I can fly to you with the help of travel agency. Several agencies offer tourist trips to America. The fastest and most reliable service is at "Intertours" - they can prepare my travel documents, flight tickets and travel insuarance in one week. My mother told me they are very reliable, because several her friends used this service to come to America.  They charge 3700 dollars for complete service including opening an international travel passport and three-months US visa plus tickets and hotel reservation in America (which I do not need but it is impossible to obtain US tourist visa without hotel reservation). And they are fast because it will take only one week till we'll be together. I could spend for this trip 1500 US$, that I have. Do you think you could find the rest 2200 US$? That is my proposition. Actually, it is more normal for my country that the man pays for everything himself. But I'm not agree with that. I have some money myself and my profession is also very usefull and popular in any country. I'm not rich but I'm able to earn the money and I'd like to spend them as I want. We don't need to be in hurry. We have time to get know each other better. But as for me, I'm sure that one minute of real meeting gives us much correct impression that one year writing each other. Any how, I think I know you enough via letters and I'm ready to meet. Let me know what do you think about my proposition. I guess we are enough grown up and persons to do what we feel to do. If you feel the same as I do, of course. But if no, I don't think we should meet at all. Yours Angelika You may send the money using Western Union Their Internet site is at and their phone number in the States is 800-325-6000. You will need my street address and probably the address of Western Union office in Ternopil. These data are:  NADRA BANK  MEDOVA, 2  TERNOPIL, 46000  My postal address is: Angelika Filippova O.Koshevogo str. 27/35, app 43 46000 Ternopil,  Ukraine  P.S. Any how, I want you to keep my new foto,  which I've done specially for you, dear Dave. 

This warm letter ended so coldly with the "all or nothing" that even if the money angle hadn't set off alarms, I would have been concerned. The real triggers to my concerns were the following, which may be of interest to your readers: 

1) Her comments to me about herself, although informative, were rather generic and did not respond to particular questions I had asked her in my replies.

2) Her desire to be in the US within a week to meet someone she's corresponded with only 5 times or so. Regardless of her intelligence, she insults mine to think I would send that sum of money to an unknown person.  

3) The ready availabilily of the complete information for international monetary transfer. 

4) Her decline of my invitation to come to Termopil to meet her.  

I am attaching the photo she e-mailed to me, and although I did not recognize it from any posted on your Blacklist pages, the entire text and tone of her mailings were too similar for me to risk such a gamble. If anyone desires to contact me concerning this person, they may e-mail me directly at  Thank you for your time and the valuable service you render to the online community. Dave 

Angelinna Pavlova (Kiev, Ukraine)

I am a french man 42 years old and I work as teacher in scientific university in France and I am in contacts with many universities in Kiev and in Ukraine in general. I have travelled many times in this country and I like ukrainian peoples, but sometime you find scammers on your road. One of them is PAVLOVA Angelinna in Kiev . Never given any address Phone : 8-050-550-03-93 mob site address : 

Our first email contact was on 22th January 2002 and on her 5th email (22th February) she asked me 300 Euros (around (300 $)) to come in Paris with a tour operator 


28th February 2002 : Dear Michel. The matter is that I plan to arrive to Paris in March. At me business trip. I want to cooperate with the Parisian marriage agency. Only I am afraid that by March I shall not type(collect) the necessary sum of money for trip to me there is no 300 euros .???? you can help me this sum I shall to you is very grateful also we with you in March we shall meet. I very much wanted to see as you live. Your house. To take a walk with you over Paris. ?????? I now do(make) studio photos. Soon to you I shall send. While. Write

17th March 2002 : TRANSLATION : Greetings Michel. At me all delay with money. Me does not suffice 300 $. If тыхочешь that is fast to see me помоги to me please on Western Union went 300. On mine пасспорт: Peresun'ko Valentine Mihajlovna (this my name on пасспорту) .И write please a code from 10 figures. Which there to you will tell. I hope you soon to see. I wait the answer. 

I met her in May during one of my travel in Kiev. She explained me, that she wanted to come in Paris to create a marriage agency (but she doesn't speak french and she speaks a bad english); We have exchanged new emails after my come back in France and new requests of money immediatly (but she didn't want to give any address in Kiev). And she said me that to come in France, she didn't need any visa !

16th June 2002 Hello Michel. My pics you.Give me money in( western union )in traveling. 

This is my answer to her :hello thank for pictures i didn't remember that you were so pretty !! but even if you are pretty girl, i need some garanties about money !! Imagine just a moment ! I send money to a girl that I have met in Kiev during 15 mn (on first time) and 30 mn on the second time. I know her name and first name only !! and a mobile phone !! No address, no number of passport !! and she don't want to give me more information !! She asks me money to do a toursim travel in Paris, without any certitude to come near me in my city , just to do a trip in Paris with an tour agency !!! When I propose to this girl to send her a private invitation, she said me: "" no no no, to travel in france with agency , I don't need a visa !!!!!!!!!!"" so , Angelinna , I love your body and your face , but I am not so stupid to send 300 $ or more just because you ask me this !! Be reasonnable !!! give me some garanties (and real garantie) !! and after we can begin to discuss !!!! 

Her answer on 28th June : Good by my love.Good by....

I hope that no other men, will have a bad contacts with her ! And thank you your site !! Michel

Diana Marriage Agency/ Galina Shuliko

I am jeffrey from Holland and I was also contacting an agency from the Ukraine called Diana Marriage Agency the women in charge called herself Shuliko Galina and they are fake because I send them money for a trip, the amount of the reservation cost $ 250,00 and suddently the girl who was coming to Holland was ill and she dissapeared and I still have heard nothing from them. So I would like to ask if you can send a warning about the Diana marriage agency. Because it is false and they hurt normal people feelings and they cheat a lot of people out of their money. I hope there will be a solution for these kind of internet sites. Because I still hope to find someone but not this way anymore. Greetings & success with your site


Ella/Elvira (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

In just 3 weeks, this "lady" who contacted me from, has just asked for US $ 400 for a visa. I add the complete messages because I'm sure that she is going to use the same next time she tries to scam someone. She hasn't answered any of my questions in the last 6 messages, is just like talking alone......her email is 

Words of advise: If the subject line is always empty,  If she never answers the questions, If she says she loves you too fast, If the photos are numberer 01.jpg, 32.jpg, 12.jpg ( it's from a database of pictures and she's just borrowing those.


Letter 1:

My name is Ella! I saw your announcement and has decided to write to you. The soul is singing, but it has a place for a man who can become a friend and, perhaps, more than a friend for me. I like a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. But sometimes when I come home I like to put my favourite tape on and listen to music- different music: ether classical or morden. It doesn't matter, it should just correspond to my mood. I like to dream. I like when my dreams come true. I am industrious both at work and at home. I am especially good at baking cakes, pies and buns and also at cooking chicken in the oven and our Russian pelmeni. I am faithful. I'm very tender and passionate. I'm a person who likes to be hand in hand with somebody and to be always by his side. I would like to spend more time with my beloved. I'm fond of quiet evenings at home, walks in the park in the moonlight and trips to the lake for the weekend or just for an evening or just to sit together in a cosy cafe. I not a lot of story about myself,  

member since: June 1, 2002 
Last activity: July 14, 2002 
I am a: Woman seeking a man 
Country or Region: Russia 
State/Province: Sankt-Peterburg 
City: Aleksandrovskiy 
Acceptable distance in miles: I would travel anywhere to meet someone 
Horoscope: Aries 
Chinese Horoscope: DRAGON 
Age: 26 
By using I expect: to find a serious relationship--marriage can come later 
Height: 5 ft 11 in - 180 cm 
Weight: 123 lb - 56 kg 
Hair: Blonde 
Eyes: Brown 
Religion: Christian 
Ethnic background: Other 
Level of education: College degree 
Current career/job: Sales 
Income: $50,000-$75,000 
Smoking preference: I do not smoke. Smokers do not bother me 
Body build: Large and lovely 
Other information: unknown 

Letter 2:

Hi my friend xxxxx. I am pleased to read your letter, thanks, which you write to me! I very much would be Like to study (find out) concerning you more. Now it is a little concerning me: I live in Ekaterinburg, Russia, My birthday of April 1 1976. I have no any of the sisters or brothers, I the unique(sole) child in Family. My urban Ekaterinburg Posed about the Ural Mountains, my city - main city in Sverdlovskaya oblast (Sverdlovsk Range). You perceive me? Well, my body height of 170 centimeters and weight of 54 kg, in Me a chestnut hair and brown eye. Now in me length of a hair is long, I think you, all this sees on My photos. I shall send certainly you even a lot of my photos. Please, send to me your photos, WELL? I shall be very pleased to see them. I am single, and I have no children. My favorite The colour is red. You know, unfortunately, that I have no the telephone of a house, for this reason you could To not invoke(produce) (to name) me. And nevertheles  

Letter 3:

Hi my dear friend xxxxx. I was very glad to receive from you the letter. Excuse, that has forced you to wait with the answer, I was very much engaged on a Summer residence. At us warm weather only was adjusted.  I live in an average strip of Russia, from Moscow approximately 1000 kms. I not so for a long time rest on a coast Volga, there very beautiful places, was very many people, but I was one with the mum, on this was not so cheerfully. I hope, that when be we could together lead(carry out) remarkable target(day off). What you think in this occasion? It is a little about itself. I love to prepare food, I like home businesses, is especial if I shall do(make) this all for favourite the man. My favourite colour red. In&nb    

Eugenia Timofeeva (Odessa, Ukraine )

I'm a 36 year old man from the US who had posted a personal ad on Yahoo. This scammer contacted me initially through their email service. The scammer wrote once per week for about 6 weeks. Then the scammer requested money for airfare to visit me in the US. The scammer did not respond to questions about obtaining a visa (although would respond to other questions). The scammer stopped writing after I suggested meeting in Eastern Europe (as a test). I never could get the scammer's phone number, but eventually I did manage to get the scammer's "passport." I sent no money.  Scammer's Contact Info:  email:  

Letter 1  

Hello XXXX,  My name is Eugenia. I found your profile at Personals Yahoo and decided  to respond.  I live in Odessa, Ukraine, but would be willing to relocate if I find a  right man to marry. I could also had a desire to visit him in his  country. My Height Is 5'8'', weight is 125 lbs. My birthday is on  September 14 1982. I was never married and do not have children. In fact I  live alone in a city apartment, if not to count a cat Dusya. I have my  own computer at home.   I teach English at school, so my English is not that bad. I like to be  on nature, out of city trips or being at beach at summer. I have some  friends whom I meet from time to time. I dream of visiting different  countries, and see some other corners of the world.   I also enjoy cooking, and sometimes I try something new, most of times  I succeed, but sometimes not. :-)  Well, I will not bore you with my writing, as I do not know if you are  interested in a woman from another country or not, or you might already  found someone and forgot to take off your ad. I will send you my photo  with this letter. I will wait for your reply.   Take care,  Eugenia 

Letter 2 

Hello XXXX,  I'm glad you responded back. And thanks for a photo! I am sending you  anther photo of me with this letter. You asked me to tell you more  about Odessa. I've always lived here. Odessa is a large city and a port  on the Black Sea on the South of Ukraine. Odessa occupies the territory about  160 square kilometers. The Odessa population consists of more than 100  nationalities and is about 1.2 million people. There are about 1400  streets, prospects, lanes, boulevards, squares. Odessa is the  industrial, scientific and resort center of Ukraine. There are many  wonderful architectural sites in the downtown. The famous Opera and  Ballet Theater is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The city is  very green, there are many parks, public gardens, there are many sandy  beaches. But the most important is the special spiritual atmosphere  created by its inhabitants. Odessians - are very cheerful, intelligent people, very friendly, with a special sense of humor. There are many  Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Greek etc. Traditions, which form that  special spirit of Odessa. Summers are usually hot and pleasant for swimming in the Sea, sunbathing and other outdoor activities. Winters  are usually not very cold, but windy with an average temperature about  0*C. There are many cafes, restaurants, stores and markets in the  city. Odessians and guests of Odessa usually like to walk in the central area, the most popular is Deribasovskaya, there is no traffic  there. There is plenty of stores, cafes, a nice city garden where you  are welcome to buy some souvenirs to remember your stay in our  wonderful city. Many people say our city is smiling!  My eyes are brown. As for my family, I live alone since my parents died  in car accident two years ago. I don't have brothers or sisters. I haven't  met a right man in my life yet, but when I meet him I'll give him all  my love, and will love him with all my heart. I like men older than  me, yes, even 16 years older, as guys of my age in Ukraine are still  children by the way of their thinking and behavior. When we write some  more I will give you my phone number and address. I am an honest and quiet person. It is now almost summer, so I enjoy going to a beach. But it is cold to swim in the sea yet. In general I enjoy living life to it's fullest. I graduated from a pedagogical college and I am currently working in secondary school, teaching English to children ages 8-10. They will go to summer holidays, so I will have a vacation from June 1st till September 1st. I hope to visit your country during this period. Well... I won't take up all of your time. Write me  back when you get a chance. Take care!  Eugenia 

Letter 3  

Hello XXXX,  I am very glad to hear from you. I greet you with the first days of  summer! I'm on my vacation already. I will have a vacation till  September 1st as it is school summer holidays time. Hopefully we can  meet sometime soon. I would miss Odessa, but my love  to husband would overcome missing a place where I was born and lived  the beginning of my life. And streets here remind me of my parents too  much and I am sad living here. I would definitely like to be your  friend if you like, for a long long time, and possibly more than that. I  pledge to be totally sincere and honest with you. It is much easier to do  that than it is to try and cover up something later. In relations I can  offer my love, affection, friendship, total fidelity, caring,  communication, honesty, openness, romance and trustworthiness. In short I truly  believe I can bring into a relationship everything a man would want. I hope to hear from you very soon. Eugenia 

Letter 5 (invited herself for a visit, at my expense)  

Good afternoon, my dear,  How are you today? It is an afternoon for you now. Do you have a nice mood this afternoon? As for me, I'm not in a good mood, I am really tired of sitting in Odessa. sorry that I didn't write to you sooner.  It is a mid of summer now, and I began to lose a hope to meet you. Please give me an answer to this question: will we meet this summer or  not? I am really not into being pen-pals, I want a real meeting. Yes, I do have plans to visit you this summer, but do not have money to pay for the tickets… I start to think maybe I responded to your ad in vain, if you do not have money to buy me tickets for the last week of August. Yesterday my friends Natasha and Vitalik dropped at my place and in a short while we all went out to Deribasovskaya Street. This is the main and one of the most magnificent streets of our city. We went to McDonald's and there we ran into five of my friends and co-workers in the same time. By the way, did you know that sandwich was a last name of a person who finally decided to cut roll in two pieces and put beef cutlet inside? Before that Americans had to bite rolls and then cutlet separately. After a cup of coffee we all decided that we needed some active kind of rest. A disco is the best place for it, we concluded. There is an excellent disco in Odessa that is called "Amsterdam" So we all had a  splendid time there till very late in the night! And today I wasn't left alone either. In the evening Alena came to me and she invited me to go to Men In Black-II tonight. We sat to drink coffee and remembered our common acquaintances and friends. Well, I am sorry my letters is short, but I need to get ready to go to a movie hall.By the way, is "Men In Black-II" is on screens in your area from July 5th also? Please respond to my question about a meeting.  If we can't meet this summer, you may not respond, I do not see the sense in these writings. I want real relations. Tender kisses to you, Your Eugenia 

Letter #6 (money request) 

Hello dear XXXX, I was glad to see you being serious about our meeting. I, of course, have no problem sending you my passport page and my address. I am 16  years old on that passport photo. But you should to sent money in the mail, you will need my address just for filling in the form at Western Union. Sending money in the mail is very unreliable. Two way tickets to you cost $780 US. If we meet you will see I'm the woman that likes to experience all sorts of fun things that life has to offer. We are only here for a short time that and we need to make the most of it. You sound like a good person to spend my vacation with, I know I will overcome these 1000's miles to be with you in your country. I believe that a woman should be a friend and a monogamous lover to her man. A man should be the same to a woman. It's an outdated practice here as people tend to want convenience over a real relationship. I'm still of the old school and I believe that I am to be there in every way for my man. We have hot days in Odessa now, and I get to spend much time at a beach and swim in the Black sea. Well, have a good day and I hope to email you some more soon. Eugenia 

Julia/Yulia Bagriy (Odessa, Ukraine)

Postal address:4-Prigorodnaya st. h-2 Phone number:380-482-641-460 I am a single, white american, 47 yr and self-employed. I want to start this out by saying I should have purchased the anti-scam guide as this woman fits everything Elena stated in the category Gold Digger. Julia is a very intelligent woman and she does use the Internet, and many agencies, she also has a new computer that I purchased for her so that when she arrived in America she can correspond with her mother. Along with her new computer came a $300 digital line as she could not stay on the Internet with her old telephone line. Most of the money was sent through western union, as I was supposedly engaged to this woman, after spending $3200 and just before it was time to sign all the forms from my attorney for the INS, I was told that she would not come to America. I asked her specifically how long she had known about this and she told me for many months. Her bio indicates she is Christian, smokes only sometimes, is a normal woman looking for a father for her son. I can tell you for a fact, Julia smokes on the average of two packs of cigarettes a day. She has had four lesbian relationships, one with a sailor's wife for three and one half years, one with the school friend for a lengthy time, two more encounters at those specific clubs and many man to numerous to mention, but when I demanded to know she told me over 50. I will send copies of paragraphs where she has asked me for money rather than sending the entire letter as it would be boring. Julia's main tactic is not to ask for money through correspondence of letters, but over the phone as she speaks English well. I have documented everything so I can back up everything that I have said and all money that I sent. She now wears a new hairstyle as she had her hair corn rowed and much hair added in to lengthen her hair. Another gift from me. 


Except for pleasant news I have as well unpleasant news. My grandmother is sick.She does not rise from a bed two days. She was sick of a flu and after that a flu has received complication - at her the chronic bronchitis was activated. For the old woman it is very bad, she very much is weakened because of it and if she wants to rise, she needs assistance. She accepts many medicines and injections. Her it is very a pity to me, as she has got used to be the active and mobile person and all to do independently.

And now the second unpleasant news - I need in money, because I now in club with last from them. Probably, I have made you very happy because of it? ( joke!)

I not so would like you to speak about it, but at me all money were finished. And I need to pay a kindergarten for Nikita. And so on, you understand... And that for me money was already finished, which one I have earned on the previous activity, because I had heavy expenses on "Kindergarten" and on trip to ???? in a country house (basically, on products). Besides, I need to purchase Nikita of a thing for an autumnal season, because almost all his things are small for him. I too need something from clothes(clothing). And my parents can not help me, because they has large charges of a house and on completion of its construction (they do(make) in the house repair). About my attitudes(relations) with the husband, - yes, I with him in divorce. I have divorced, when to my son was 9 months from birth. I at all do not answer on phone calls if I am called by my former husband.

(this is Julia's so-called second husband when actually she was never married to him, only lived with him and had his child) All of these were copied directly from letters except for last portion in parentheses which I typed for explanation. I will also send how Julia finishes her letters just to let you know how she shows integrity.

So, My Dear, I shall have tomorrow very much loaded day because I want also to go to shop. You see, how I try! It I try just FOR YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH And I MISS YOU VERY MUCH!!!  So long! I shall wait your phone call today in 10.30.  999999999999999999999 KISSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y O U R J U L I A. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH And I MISS YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I SEND YOU FULL OCEAN of KISSES!!!! Y O U R J U L I A. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH And I MISS YOU VERY MUCH! I CAN NOT WAIT, WHEN I AGAIN SHALL SEE YOU!!!!! And I can not wait, when I already can show you this new hairdress. I have in a kind, when it will be completed completely, instead of how I look now as any strange punk! (a smile!) I send you MUCH KISSES, the SEA And OCEAN of HOT And GENTLE KISSES!!!!!!  Y O U R J U L I A.  

I found Julia in many agencies and the most reputable one I contacted, they informed me that my experience was horrible and that I should contact Russian scam and blacklist which I am doing now. 

Katya Manakova (Lugansk, Ukraine)

I am a white male in the U.S. and would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Katya Manakova from Lugansk ( DOB 8/22/82). She has a profile listed at Matchdoctor under Katusha721. Her e-mail is and her mailing address is Katya Manakova, 395 Shahterskoy divisii street 12/47, Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000. How unusual for a scammer to be coming from Lugansk!


Letter 1:

Dear my friend whom i trust have a bank account and you can transfer money to her and she will tell me ,it is my friend form the very childhood. In sputnik said if i will make a passport with them them then they will give you their e-mail address and even can send a letter to you so you can be sure that i make passport.  Beneficiary Prominvestbank Lugansk branch,MFO 304308 account of beneficiary account 39015901304308/840  bank of beneficiary Prominvestbank Kiev acc.890-0060-077 SWIFT UPIB UA UX Bank- correspondent Bank of New York ,New York S.W.I.F.T. IRVT US 3N  Transfer for 290909031/840 Mozhaeva Olga EK855086 Ukraine Lugansk Dalya 11/10  Waiting for your letter. yours Katya.

Letter 2:

Dear to the pity i have no bank account it is very expensive in our country only rich people has it. Please try to use Western Union it is very safe and my friend has a fiancee in England and he always use this system ,please i don't want to loose our connection. I feel so alone now, I feel I need to hug you right now, I want you here now, I want you to live with me, wake up beside you every morning watching you when you wake up beside me, meet your eyes when you open them, meet your smile when you see me in the morning, I will be there only for you my dear. I love you so much so I do not know what to do, I can only tell you that I love you and I can only try to give you proof that I telling you the true, that I am seriously in love with you, that I really want to marry you. I did not want to be your girlfriend only, I want to be your woman, your wife, the father of your children. I know what I feel for you and I know what I have asking you, I know I will be happy with you, we will both support and be beside each other for the rest of our life, I hope that will be true, I want that. I try to write you something every day, something that you can feel that I thinking of you, thinking of you like we already are a family, a family who love each other, I want us to be a real family , I want you to be the king and I will be the queen in our family .Now i am only a princess in my home, and you are a lonely king without your queen. I want to be your queen. Make it true, let us start our family, I love you and I know it is possible, my heart belong to you only. Take care of you Kiss you Your woman... yours Katya. 

Letter 3:

Thank you very much for your understanding. Thank you very much for your intention to help . I heard about Western Union on the TV they say it is very safe and fast way to transfer the money , it is all over the world. For this you need my full name Manakova Katya ,my address is Ukraine Lugansk 395Shahterskoy divisii 12/47 Manakova Katya and then you will send me the number of transfer and as soon as i get money i will reply to you.  I will use firm Sputnik to make a passport. they will make digital photo of me at once and put it in to the passport ,then i can send you the copy of my passport . Katya.

I need 150 $for International passport ,for visa 800$ ,and for tickets. so after i will have money i can write you the number of my flight. sorry for short message i have no money to write. yours Katya. 

Letter 4:

Thank you very much for your letter i was so glad to hear from you and i am glad that you wish to meet me ,i think it is good idea thank you for your invitation . We can meet when you wish i will be happy to meet you in my country any time you can come ,to the pity i can't come to yours because I have no International passport and i have no money for it and here we can meet any time you think we are ready for meeting but if it is not a problem for you my passport and money for my trip then i can meet you where you wish or we can meet in my country. I would like to know more about your life, your likes and dislikes.  My address is : Ukraine Lugansk 91000 395 shahterskoy divisii street 12/47 Manakova Katya You are the man for me - the only one. I found you and I found love. You explained it very well that each person has different strength and weakness that together create one undeniable partnership. I have always known this but never met anyone that truly believes as you do. This romantic soul binds us from the inside and I believe you may be the only man on earth for me at all. Some people live with a close match but not their perfect match. We could be the perfect match for the other... we will see. I lay awake at night thinking how you will feel, smell, how you will tease me playful and also many serious things we will live through. As lovers and friends. I have spoken only truth to you, only real thoughts and feelings. I make up no story or talk to make you like me better. If you love me than you do love ME. You said before that it is easy to fall in love but the work is to keep the love. I understand this by example of both types of relations. My parents work to keep the love and young couples now just marry and divorce without even try to understand what is wrong. Usually just to talk to the other at all times to explain the thoughts. Never think your lover will know what is wrong...they may have no idea but when they know now they can adjust to make things better, or maybe not. At least they will know what is going on. This talking also avoids any quarreling to become serious. With people that are calm and kind in nature it has a good chance that everything can be discussed and agreement can be made. If love is there, then sacrifice can be made as well to keep the other happy and loving. But neither should demand too much change from a lover or they should have not joined at all. You and I MUST join!!!! You are so reasonable and kind and so am I. When two people are EXACTLY alike usually they will not get along well. The differences are what makes love fun and unique to each person. Just the fact that we are from different countries will interest us for a long time. And we will always have this uniting through love letters and blind faith in the other to remember!!! I want to grow together, doing little things as one. Travel, relax, chores, exercise, work and especially learn to make love:) Dear i must to tell you one thing because i want to be honest and if you are serious then you must to understand me ,i pay for all my letters and for me it is rare expensive ,and it will be good if you can help us with our correspondence if you are really interesting to know each other better and to give us a chance for a future happiness. I rely on your understanding and support. Love takes time, and I wish to spend all of my time with you. a lot of kisses and hugs.Yours Katya.

Letter 5:

Thank you very much for your letter i was so glad to hear from you and i like your photo very much,thank you. I was thinking the other day how nice it would be to spend the day outdoors enjoying skiing or snowmobile and then returning home or to lodge where a  nice warm fireplace is. To end the day like this would be great. How nice  it would be to share this with you: a quite evening cuddled by the fireplace  enjoying the moment. We would not have to say anything; we would just look  into each others eyes, hold each other, kiss and make love. Perhaps there  would be some romantic music in the background or the crackling of the  burning fire. The night would seem like forever knowing this is where each  other wants to be; I would know I was happy to enjoy another great moment  with my best friend and lover. Even from so far away I can close my eyes and imagine you were here right now. Please know how much I wish I was  holding you right now and we could hear each others heart. I look forward to  your next letter and await your thoughts! Sincerely yours Katya.

Letter 6:

Thank you so much for your letter i am so glad that you wrote to me and now i think it will be interesting for your to know about myself.I am single never married no kids. I am raised by loving parents . They loved, provided and set the perfect example for me. The marriage was without exposed anger or raised voice . I am an average woman but I am considerate of others and easy to reach agreement. I am flexible yet consistent in my reasoning. In a relationship I desire my mate to forget the world while we are together. As will I. He is my world. I stare in amazement at him beauty as he smiles shyly. He knows that I am for real. As we walk through the park we stop to hold each other. Embracing in silence from head to toe for minutes that feel like life is in our arms. Nothing is better until our love brings us further. Now i study at Medical college and i want to be a doctor i like to help to people. As to the place i live it is not very big city named Lugank ,Ukraine , there are a lot historical places and museums , cinemas, theatres,etc. I live with my parents .  I am ready to give my heart to a man. Quite possibly you. But only you will know your heart for now, so please absorb my words and reply with your honest reaction. Trust is the foundation of love. Love commands truth and sincerity as well as commitment to open communication. I will be await your response and respect and accept your wishes. Hope to hear from you very soon. Yours Katya . P.S. I want to be honest with you dear . My English isn't well I study it at school and to my shame I didn't do this very well and now I am very regret about this . That's why I use the interpret , and I have no my own computer and I use it in the Internet cafe .I hope this is not change your mind about me and I hope you still want to know each other better .

I believe that she should be placed on your scammer list, as I think she will fit rather nicely along with all of her other scammer friends. Hopefully someday the Ukraine authorities will also be interested in her strange and peculiar business activities of scamming men around the world to support her lavish lifestyle.   Sincerely, S. H. ( Scam Hunter )

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