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I know that many scams are out there and everyone needs to be very careful! Just never send money. But.........I met and married a beautiful Russian lady that is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I went to Vladivostok last October after emailing and talking on the telephone for several months.  She came here on 12/23/01 and we were married on 2/27/02. She is  intelligent, hard working, sexy, gorgeous and we are very happy together. 


Black List - page 105: UPDATES
June 27, 2002 - page 1

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Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia)

I am a single white male from the USA and I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Anastasia Sekerina (Nastya).Her address is Street Sovetskaya 38-100, Jaroslavl, Russia, 424015. Her e-mail address is and she has a profile listed at Matchdoctor under the profile of "Nastya425" . She of course is in love with me after only a few letters and wants me to send her money ($500) by Western Union for her foreign passport and visa to come visit me in the USA. She is an obvious scammer as I never even sent her my photo during the two months of correspondence and she never even once asked for my photo. Some of her photos that she has sent to me appear to be cut and pasted as they do not look real at all and also look like a different person is some of them.


Letter 1:

Hi Favourite I so am glad that now in the street spring and that we have got acquainted  With you In such perfect season To be with you so it is perfect, You are best on light. My dream now is to be with you, To divide with you all ups and downs of life, To cry and to be pleased together with you. To live with you, to prepare to you breakfast, dinner and supper, To be cleaned at home, And evening we with you shall go for a walk on night city, Having undertaken for hands and to be kissed, And the night probably will be for me very perfect, I dream to be with you always, you most perfect, kindest, Most careful all over the world. I wait for your letter with impatience, Your love  I shall look forward to hearing from you. Nastya. Best regards, Nastya

Letter 2:

Hi my dear friend. The large thank for your letter. It is very interesting to me to read your letters. I to thank you for your answer and for photos. You very much to like to me. I very much would like with you to get acquainted more close. You the very interesting man and with you are interesting to communicate. I to want more to learn about you and about your country. It is very interesting to me. I never to be in other countries and очеь would like to visit in any country. I yesterday talked to the mum and has told to her about you and to show your photo. You very have liked my mum.  I never to be married, but very much I want to find the man which  Me will love and to respect. With him I am ready to leave.  But at first I to want to learn about him maximal. I to expect for the serious attitudes. To me the age is not important, main that the man would be good. The man which me to love is important that for me  еше I also understood me therefore to consider, that love  It is more reliable than the adult man and more honourly. Still I very strongly to want to have children from the favourite man.  On a photo, which I have sent to you there was my daddy and younger brother.  I travelled on very much to Russia, but never was behind its limits, though always very much wanted. But for me the travel abroad is expensive. I dream to visit by the sea. My address: Russia Jaroslavl Street Sovetskaya 38-100 424015 I with impatience wait for your answer. Nastya.

Letter 3:

Hi my dear friend. So it is pleasant, that you send such large and perfect letters. When I read your letters, I become really happy. With each your letter it seems, that I fall in love in you ever more. I think, that you the most perfect and honour man, which I met. I very much want to arrive to you. I already wrote to you, that never was outside Russia. It is my dream to visit in other country and the more so to be there with the liked man. With the man, with which I want to lead all life, to get strong and amicable family and children. My dream is to be with you together. I too to dream be with you together. And that you to rise from warm beams of the sun, From perfect singing of birds, from a rustle of water.  To rise by a gentle kiss of my lips to yours. And to feed you in a bed by which meal I to prepare. And to do your mood by it is even more perfect. Then when you shall come with job I you to meet in  Doors to remove from you the top clothes. And we to pass in a room where to stand a table with meal  Which I to prepare. And to play romantic music. Then we slowly to dance. I to like you. Yesterday I to go to go for a walk in city centre in park. To me very much there to like and I to represent  Us in a place as  We to go for a walk with you.  Yes I too to trust you the life and heart. I to like you. Still I in the evening to listen quiet, slow music and to represent as we with you in a place To dance  Under this music. Then I to lie down to sleep with perfect ideas on you. And more that it also to like you.I you will think that it to like. Yes when we to be together that we shall look together how to leave the sun how to rise  The sun  And it is perfect. And we shall open our new places of a nature where you to not be yet. And when we to be together that these places where you to be before will be even more perfect And beautiful as I shall be with you and for me it too will deliver a lot of happiness. I shall wait for your letter. Yours liked Nastya.

Letter 4:

Hi my dear friend. Large thanks for your letter and really delivers to me great pleasure to read it. I talked to my parents. They agree, that I went to you. Now I really see, that you are seriously adjusted and for me it very important. I can not believe, that my old dream to visit in other country begins to come true due to you. But without your help I can not arrive to you. You wrote, that will help me and I hope for your help. I learned about registration of the foreign passport and visa. The documents are made out 15 days. Their registration costs 500 $. I have part of this sum, but it is enough her not. If you agree to meet, I shall begin to make out the documents. Your complete address and your complete name is necessary for registration of the documents to me. I have the large hopes concerning you. With impatience I wait for your letter. I embrace also whole. Nastya.  

Letter 5:

Hi my dear friend. Large thanks for your letter. I thought, that have written to me. I already thought, that never you I shall hear. I hope, that you had wonderful time in LasVegas. I very much want to visit you and it does me happy, that you want to see me. I already have made the foreign passport. He at me on hands. I needed to make only visa. But it is expensive, and I yet have no money. But I shall work much and I hope, that shortly I can arrive to you. Unfortunately, I have no the telephone of a house, but I shall search for an opportunity to call to you if you me will give number of the telephone. My complete name Sekerina Anastasia.  I with the large impatience wait for your answer. Nastya

Letter 6:

Hi mine dear  Large thanks for your letter. I with the large impatience waited for your letter and when I have received it, very much обрадовалась.:)))))) I very much miss without your letters and when you long do not write to me, I to think, that you have forgotten me and very much to worry in this occasion. Well, I shall send you a copy of my passport in the following letter. I now am at job, and my passport lays at me at home. Tomorrow I shall do its copy and I shall send you.  Also I shall learn today all features of registration of the documents for trip to you and I shall speak about them in the following letter. I think, that the registration of the documents will borrow some time, therefore I shall learn the schedule of planes a little bit later, when my documents will be ready. I very much want to be with you and your letter gives me huge hope for speed meeting with you. With the large impatience I wait for your fast reply.You always in my dreams. Love. Nastya.

Letter 7:

Hello Ёй my love to gratitude to you for your of the letter. I to want - with you and to be your wife. As I shall know that me with you to feel well and close to you me  I shall feel perfect. As I you to similar and you for me are necessary, I to similar you. I can not describe to you this perfect feeling which me to check up to you, And when we to be together, that I to you it to show it I am even more than now through the letters. As through the letters to not declare all and for the people the close attitudes and I is necessary  To want - with you  You are necessary for me, and you to come nearer (satisfy) for creation ours general family. As you offer, care, gentle, liked unique (unique)((sole)) on all white light  The man, with which I to want - with you. And if not you I in life can no more with any to be close, as you for me It is very necessary also I to be absent without you. It is a lot of the people to search for love all life and and to not find but in us - ours  Love And I to not want to lose our love I by it to estimate and to estimate  Concerning other people to speak lay concerning dialogue through the Internet  It, if, whom it to deceive, it does not mean, that all people should do such and always we do.  Correct choice  Then not to be broken concerning this choice of a road of life. And I to choose a road and I to want - with you. Also that other people speak, it is not necessary to look at them, it is necessary to believe itself, to believe To heart  And to listen to opinion concerning your heart and then all this it will be good. But the love without trust can not be, I to you to entrust and me you to similar. Nastya

Letter 8:

Hello, I was so pleased, when I have received you the letter. It as was always filled large Heat and tenderness. When I have found out, that there is a letter from you I Felt That I - happiest man in the World. I read your letter and mine firm  Start fragile often. I am so pleased, that I have found YOU. You are in other part of the world. But when I read your letters, which I feel as If we - together and I feel desire to be with You, The study of your eye to be in your intense embrace, concerns your hair..., I feel You become a plenty close For me. Each day, when I пробуждаюсь, I think: " What you do now? Do you To go To sleep. Can Be, is direct now you think of me ". Each night I go to Dream with dreams of our meeting and long life together. I feel, what is it - our destiny to meet each other. We should take a Step, which can change our life. We can spend long and happy life together. I Want to like you, I want to care and to support you. I think, that you - man, which I can be devoted, and like for other part My life. You so are kind and You have brought light and prosperity To my heart. I only want to study your eyes and to remain with you For ever. I can not find word to Inform you, as happy I only know you. I so am filled with the offer Feeling To you, mine liked and expecting so is impatient, to meet you and to be with You for ever. I has said my family concerning you, because you become great person in My life. They wish you and me together all happiness in the world. I Are so Expectation you. You with the one whom I know my passion, becomes more than I Have ever Know it to be. You will force my heart to beat and my race of opinion with thoguhts and Feelings you and I being together. I can not wait for us to lead some time, one together. I so am exited it I almost do not know what to speak. Every time, when we - separately, every time, when I feel need to be with you for ever. I a picture you in my opinion and do it me so happy, that you are in my life. I It is long to wrap up mine around of you and to spend you never close desire allowed you go. And Only Then I shall be definitely happy, because you mean so much to me. I grieve without you So it is a lot of. It is a pity, that I can not be with you each minute. You are in my heart and ideas. All my love and tenderness for you. With the large impatience I wait for your answer. Nastya.

Letter 9:

Hello, Hi my dear friend.  I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I very much worried concerning our correspondence. You so long did not write. As soon as I saw your letter, at me at once have passed all excitement and грусть. I to think, that I the happiest man on light.  You can send money through western union? I think, what is it most convenient variant. What to send money to you it would will be necessary to specify a name of the addressee (mine): Sekerina Anastasiya.  And me what to receive this money it would be necessary: - Your complete address; - Your complete name; - What sum you have sent; You there will give a code from 10 figures he to me too is necessary for reception of money.  I very much miss without your letters.  Please do not vanish more on such large time and do not force me to worry concerning you. With impatience I wait for your answer. Nastya.

Letter 10:

Hi my dear friend. Large thanks for your letter. It is very pleasant to me to receive it. Why you so long did not write to me? I very much to worry concerning it. I already to think, that you have forgotten about me or do not want with me more to communicate. I am very glad, that all these my ideas have appeared a lie and it does me really happy. I am grateful to you, that you will pay my trip. I try too to save money for our meeting. I have small gift for you, when we shall meet, ено up to this moment I while shall hold it in a secret. I hope, what you are intrigued? Unfortunately I have no any bank experience and I do not know how to open the personal bill and as by it to use. And in western union I went together with my girlfriend and even received from her money there and consequently to me much more conveniently to accept money through western union. In him I am much more sure, than in any other banks. Simply I to be afraid, that me can deceive in real bank and I can not receive your money. Please send me money through western union. It is the variant, most convenient for me. C by impatience I wait for your answer. I to you have large request. Please do not vanish on such large time and do not force me to worry. Nastya.

Letter 11:

Hi mine liked. At me the free minute has appeared and I at once have decided to write to you the letter. I now have a lot of job and I have of poorly free time. I very much miss without your letters. How are you doing? I hope, that that's all right. At me very well. My parents pass you hi. To the mum I tell about each your letter and she worries for me even more than I. We with her spoke, concerning much, if I shall leave to you. I think, that my relatives will miss very much without me. The mum speaks, that with you it will be much better, because she sees what I happy, when from you there comes the letter.  For her main, that to me would be good. My daddy too worries, but he tries to not show it. But I all the same notice it. For me and my family this trip is very important, you see I hope to create family. For me it never was by game and never will be. I very much want to be with you, to embrace and to kiss your person and lips. You seem, that to me the perfect man with good character and large soul. It also is pleasant to me in you. I am grateful to the god and destiny, that he has presented me meeting with such perfect man as you. Without you my life will lose sense.  It is nothing will live. And I consider days before our meeting, 1,2,3,4,5, week. And me believe from it not more easy, in empty short twilight of June. I believe, that you to wait for me as well as I you. In the ideas I present all time your image, he constantly is in my dreams. All seems to me. That the world once will change and suddenly will turn in the house, where there come dreams, where all occurs as it is necessary and it is possible to hope, that there will be with you I and there will be with me you. I without you to vanish, I without you live not loving, I without you do not fly and I do not love. Certainly love my history not new, all this was hundreds time and even without us. For thousand miles from each other, us does not suffice with you each other. I know, you remember me. For me you exist only one, you my slave and mister. I so want to embrace you as anybody on light. What occurs to me? I feel in soul the love. I present as I to sink in your gentle and warm hands. I dream only of you. Just now I began to understand as me you does not suffice. I can not differently. I givell to you all my love and always shall be with you, if only you it want. My heart and love belongs only to you and anybody more. Though between us I am a lot of miles very much I miss on you. For me this distance as does not exist.  At me only one dream, that you would be with me. With the large impatience I wait for your answer. Please write to me as soon as possible. Kiss!!! Nastya.

Letter 12:

Hi my love. It is pleasant to me certainly to receive from you the letters, but it is not necessary to send me one and too letter two times. I have not answered to you at once that letter, because I learned from mine familiar, whether they have the personal bank bills. To my large regret anybody from mine familiar never had businesses with the bank bills and anybody them has no. Anybody at all does not know as them to make out. Excuse, but it seems, that you trust western union, and personally to me. If you do not want to send to me money to trip to you that so directly and say to me about it. Excuse, me непри€чтно to think so of you, but so there are circumstances.  With impatience I wait for your answer.  Nastya. 

Letter 13:

Hi mine by a road. Large thanks for your letter. I at all have no representation how to open the personal bill in bank. And besides I would have not enough time what to make it. Almost all day I spend at my job. You know, if you do not want to send me money, I shall work much and I think, that in 6 months I can arrive to you at own expense. I do not want to deliver to you all these inconveniences connected with переправкой of money to me. Well, I shall take all charges on myself. It probably strongly will please you. I wish to you successful day. Kiss. Nastya.

Letter 14:

Hi my dear friend. Large thanks to you for your fast answer. Please excuse me, that has not written to you the answer at once. I was a little engaged with my job. I already have asked all mine familiar, but anybody does not have personal bank bill. I not much work and I do not have time to go in bank and to open the personal bill. To me have said, what is it will borrow a lot of time. I do not know, that to me to do. If you will not send me money, I can much work and we with you shall necessarily be seen, only much later. I expected, that I can arrive to you this week. You see my documents already for a long time are ready also I even has paid a part of their cost. There can be all of you таки reconsider the decision rather western union? I very much hope and I want it.  I already so am tired to wait for our meeting.  I some times received translations from my girlfriend in Canada and never was of any problems about western union. All money reached in an integrity and safeties. I always quickly received her translation. Why you have decided, what your money will not reach me? What troubles you had with this bank in the past? I think, that you should not worry concerning it. I think, that all will be in the order and we can meet you shortly. I shall wait for this meeting how much it is required. I wish to you successful day. Nastya.

Letter 15:

Hello, What problems you had about western union? I shall come to you only if you send me money through western union. Otherwise I shall earn money to trip if you do not want to me to help. I shall not open the personal bill in bank. I on it do not have time. I already some times wrote to you, that I familiar do not have personal bill. You read my letters? You send me whole week the letter with the same contents. You seriously concern to the our attitudes, or only play with me? I am already tired to receive from you the same letter. You can write something new in the messages to me?  With impatience I wait for your answer. Nastya 

"Katya" Ekaterina Smirnova (Saratov, Russia)

410009 Saratov Street Plehanova 8-35.Hello out there! I am a 47 year old divorced man for the Northwest Part of the United States. I am an Electronics Engineer and I have four children. I have been on the internet for the first time to try and meet someone from Russia. I am really looking for someone to marry and to enjoy life with. I have a friend that has married a woman from Russia and they are very happy. At his suggestion, I had put my profile on the Absolute Agency site. About 3 weeks ago I received and email from a woman in Saratov, Russia calling herself Katya. She seemed very nice and very pleasant. She too, supposedly, was looking for her one and only. I answered her letter and the correspondence began. We had been writing for about 3 weeks when she decided she was in love with me. I was already a bit leery at this point because she had avoided many questions I had asked specifically in my letters. her letters began to sound kind of like generic love letters. I even asked here if she read everything that I wrote and got no response to this comment. At one point I asked here if she was writing to others at which time she became insulted and told me so. I asked her for her phone number and was told she had no phone. I asked for her address in several letters before I got one. I mentioned in several letters of my intentions to visit Russia and asked if we could meet. Each time no response. Finally she started to talk about a visa, then began to ask for money, then sent the address for the money to be sent to. All this without me agreeing to anything. Anyway, already being suspicious and knowing of this site, I decided to investigate her. Lo and behold, there she was, in the updates section for last month (Black List page 96: UPDATES, May 23, 2002 page 1.) She had been writing to Steven in Chicago. Apparently she had started with him a bit earlier and when he quit she jumped on me. Anyway guys, be careful. Luckily I have not sent any money or anything to her. 

I have written a letter to the Agency and have not heard back, but it was only a day ago. I intend to contact the legal authorities to inform them. I have not told her I know about her yet. I am trying to decide what to do. I have considered contacting the authorities and trying to set up a sting operation of sorts. Perhaps give them the bank and her info. and then send a small amount of money to the bank with the authorities waiting there for her. We will see. I am sending the letter photos she sent me.  

I would like to say that all are not like her. I have met someone that is very real and very nice. We have been writing on yahoo messenger daily and talking on the phone daily. She gave me her address quickly when asked and things have been delivered successfully. She gave me her work address and her work number. All is correct. She does exist and she is real. I have been corresponding with her for 2 months and she has never mentioned money to me. And in fact at one point I offered to send her money to help with the cost of email and she told me that it was not to bad and she could handle it on her own. I am planning a trip to meet her in Russia in September. So do not be discouraged, just be cautious. The Scammer's Guide was a big help to me and is what tipped me off originally. Good luck out there and remember, good people do exist. 

Ekatrina Anreevna Zharkova/Kate77 / kate777 (Kazan, Russia)

Hello, My name is Paul. I have encountered another scam. I had read other similar letters of the same making. The woman goes by the name of Kate/Katrina/Katerinka. Her areas are Kate77 and Katrinka777 of which both are identical profiles. I was corresponding with Elena_m29 for 3 days. Elena stopped writting all at once. Kate emailed me out of the clear blue the same day of Elena's last letter. We corresponded for about a week and then she hit me for money ($640.00 worth). Of course I did not send her any. I requsted the background check with her not knowing. As time went on she slowed down on her letters but when she did write and asked for money in lesser amounts ($350.00).

Letter 1 

Hello my dear, Do you hear my heart beating together with yours, my Dear? It's because ofyour letters. They help me to feel your breath, your heart's beating, every movement of your body. Can you send me more pictures? Do you know what I do with them? I have them printed and now they are hanging on the wall in my bedroom. I go to bed every day with a happy smile - because I see you. I get up every day like a flower - because I see you. I can do nothing with myself: I want to see you every minute, I want to hear you every moment, I want to feel you by my side. You know, my mum like to read your letters with me. She worries very much. I'm the only daughter of hers and besides I'm her family. She wants me to be happy and to marry an honor man. Of course I want the same. I've been waiting for the right man for so long!!! You may not believe but ( I'm feeling very nervous talking about it ) I've never had serious relations with anybody, I don't know what a real woman feels because I'm a virgin. I don't want to have any misunderstanding with my future husband to make our family life (spiritual and physical) just perfect. I won't let any problems (spiritual or financial) break our family. By the way, do you want to laugh a bit? I've got my wages today - forty dollars:) Nobody all over the world (except Russian people of course:)) will work for forty dollars a month! Well,  I don't want to talk about problems with you. You brought warmth and happiness into my life and all the problems seam to be so small that they are not worth noting. Well, bye for now. I'll come to the internet cafe once more today. I know I'll be lucky today and receive one more letter from you:) Have a nice day. Close your eyes, keep your breath and you will feel my kiss on your lips. Yours forever. Katerina. 

Letter 2 

Hello, let's get acquainted. I am a pretty lonely girl from Russia. My name is Katerina or Katya for short. I adore children, nature  and everything alive that surrounds me. I work as a tutor in a children's day nursery. I like my work very much because it gives me a chance to communicate with those little innocent creatures. I have everything in my life, but I can't be really happy without you - my true love and support. Though I am only 24 years old I will not mind if you are much older - age is not the main thing. If there is true love and mutual understanding age cannot be an obstacle. Be free to ask any questions that interest you. I'll answer all of them with great pleasure. I am looking forward to hearing from you.  My best regards and good luck! Can't wait to hear from you. Katerina. 

Letter 3

Hi my Dear! I was very pleased to get your letter. I am terribly sorry for having no opportunity to write yesterday,I was very busy at work. I would like to tell you more about myself! My work consists of treating and preventing of children's diseases. It's a very necessary job,isn't it? My schedule is very complicated: one day I work in the afternoon, the next day at night and so on. But in spite of it I like my job very much. I have a cat at home. Its name is Rizhik, it means "Red". He is very kind and has many girl-friends [:)] He is fond of music. When I play the piano he sits on my knees listening to the music. I can play different music. My favourite composers are Bah, Shopen, Mozart and others. What concerns food I like sea products, and, also various fruit Salads. By the way I can cook myself, they say I'm not a bad cooker [:)] I try to spend my spare time out-of-doors. I can go for a walk to the wood(there is a small one nearby)or to some lake. In winter evenings I prefer to lie in bed reading romantic books, and also Knitting something ( I do it rather well). I also like different kinds of sports. I was doing gymnastics for several years. I also like to watch football, hockey, basketball on TV. You know now I realize how happy I am: I have found you and now I don't feel lonely, thank you. I'm waiting for your new pictures, if you don't mind of course. My grandmother asked me to tell you "Hi". Today I am going to the park. I hope, you are not against it. And what will you do today? Every second of your life is interesting for me. Okay, I will write to you tomorrow. I am waiting to hear from you with impatience. Many kisses and hugs to you. Yours Katerina. P.S. I'm missing you very much.

Letter 10 

Hi my beloved! How are you getting along? I miss you. And what about you. You are in my heart forever. I feel set because you are not with me now. I always thing only about you. You are my firts and the only the only love. My love drows and begins stronger with every day I hope that these words are not the hollow sound for you and you love me as much as I do. You are the best for me and I promise to love you forever.  Kissing you.Katerina.

Galimat Janbueva (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

I am a white male, living here in Australia. I was just going through the contact for free ads in the Soulmates partner site Justmates AND Austar when I saw her ad. She sounded very nice as they all do, so I thought, what the heck, I will give it a try. I got a reply from her (if it even is a female) the next is the first reply:


Letter 1:

Hello Michael! I saw your profile and got interested in you at once. I think you are a very interesting person. I hope the Internet will help me to meet my future husband and who knows maybe I've already found him. I should tell you something about myself in order for you to know me better. I'll do it with pleasure  cause it's very nice to write you. I feel you are very serious and I can trust you. My name is Galimat and I live in Ekaterinburg in Russia. I live with my parents and younger brother. We love each other very much and we are a great support for one another. I think the same situation  should be in your family, because I feel you are a very loving person. I graduated from the college and got my degree not long ago. Now I am seriously thinking about getting married 'cause I feel that I can be a good mother, caring wife. I like home comfort and cleaning the house. I feel happiness when my home is cozy. I love cooking and can make different delicious dishes. I love to keep active  life stile. I adore swimming and sun bathing. I like outdoors going and go in for sports regularly. Especially I love tennis and aerobics Sometimes I go to the night club to dance with my friends or just stay inside and enjoy the silence. It's very nice to sit in a comfortable armchair reading a nice book and listening to the calm relaxing music, especially when it's raining outside. I adore fast driving as well. Unfortunately I have no car of my own so far but on weekends I like to go to the  country with my parents or friends to make barbecue or something. And what do you like to do when you have your spare time? I am interested in everything concerning you. I like to speak English though I do not speak well enough.  I send you my picture and hope to get yours.  I am looking forward to your soonest reply. see you, Galimat

Letter 2:

My Dear, Every day I am happy to hear from you, my dear sweet heart!. I have to tell you that although things seem too good to be true, their not. But I see it as just good and true. And I am thankful. I feel it goes to show that some times we have to search the world over to find what we need to make us happy in life. You make me happy. You make me more than happy. There are so many bad things happening in the world today and it makes me sad but I am happy to know some one like you, with love and happiness, hopes and dreams in your heart. Also today I went to the agency and got the information how you can bring me there. I was told that first of all I will need the foreign passport as I"ve never been abroad and I should have one. You know, my dear sweet heart, it;s a difficult procedure to get this passport in Russia as I"ll have to run about many offices to get all necessary papers and besides it will take much time but this very agency can get me free from these problems: they can draw my passport for 4 days and they also can give the guarantee that my visa will be approved. They have a support from the Ministry of Foreign Department... So I hope that everything will be fine soon and we'll meet without any problems. I know that they draw visas for 2 weeks after getting the passport but if we draw them together everything will be done in 10 days! All we'll have to do is to buy the tickets but they did not tell me about the tickets details as it is individually and they will book them after getting my visa and passport. As for prices, the passport costs $200 US and visa $500.  I know that it is great fund of money but you know of course that one cannot get a visa to your country easily. As far as I know to buy a tourist visa and to go with a group one should pay about $3000 US. So you see we'll save much money. I do not believe my happiness. And it is so nice you want me to stay with you. This visa will let me stay in your country up to 1year and I think it is enough time to get to know each other better and hopefully fall in love. And if we do meet I'll be the happiest woman on earth and I'll do my best you could feel good with me. And then we'll be able to apply to your government and ask for the fiancee visa as I hear it is very tough to get it in Russia. I hope we'll get married and I will not have to return to Russia. I think I am in love with you so much and you make me feel loved as well.You have brought hope back to me , that there IS someone for me, and it's you.... I know this in my heart. you give me reason to be proud again. You Give me reason to make plans for our hopes and dreams. I Love everything about you, even if you get mad or impatient. I would look at you and smile and make you smile once again.  Love, hugs and Kisses, Your Galimat.

Letter 3:

Hello my love Michael!!!  I am happy to read your letter again. It warms my heart and gives for me hope for the happy future with you. Thanks for your words for me and your care of me. I think, the fur-trees we were together, I would not have cold, because I would be to warm by your words and your embraces. I feel, that when we shall be together for us any illness will not be terrible. For me so it is a pity, that we far apart and can not see one another now, but I hope, that our occurring will be speed. I do not want to seem for you hasty, but for me so is high-gravity to wait our occurring. My darling, I already wrote for you, that I have no a capability to take money here, I do not know anybody, who could give them for me. We with my mum caught in bank to take a loan for my trip to you, but for us there was a failure(refusal), because a loan here give only to legal persons. My darling, I know you are doing your best to bring me to you soon. I am looking forward to the moment I can be able to find myself in your arms. I love you so much. It's getting more difficult to wait for my trip with every passing day. I would be happy if we started at least with my passport. I would feel much at ease then. I know that everything will be fine as soon as I come to you as I love you so much now and believe you have the same feelings. I want that we have made a first step forward for our happiness. I already spoke for you, that if to make the visa and passport  together, it will be off-the shelf in 10 days, but we can make it separately. Then the passport will be off-the shelf in 4 days, and visa in two weeks. For me there are $ 45 US to write the applications in agency. It is the applications it is necessary, for design of my papers.  I shall miss for you.  I love you!!! Hope everything will be started soon.  I adore you.  KIsses,Kisses, Kisses, Your Galimat.

Letter 4:

Hello my love Michael! I am very happy to receive the letter from you again. I shall not cease to speak for you, what is it pleasure for me always, because it gives for us a capability to communicate and to know that with us these days, while we far apart. I have large pleasure, that you it is good there and your activity well. I shall cross my pins, that for us there was a good luck and we could be together speed. I want to say, that you can not contact agency here. Because if they learn(find out), that I meal to you, in the visa to me can be failure(refusal). I already spoke for you, that I young and single, therefore to receive the visa here not easily. They should not learn(find out), that I want to remain with you there on always and I shall leave from Russia, if they learn(find out) it, will not manufacture(issue) me from my country. I think you perceive me in it. Therefore we should act through a system Western Union. As for sending the money I hear the best way is through the Western Union system as it is the quickest and safest way in Russia. People here do not use bank accounts or something except for some large companies or very rich people. We have several offices over there. I wish I were able to afford my trip or make it some how easier for you my dearest but I am sorry. I love you and want to be with you so much! When you send me this money in USD I will be able to get it in roubles as I pay for my papers in roubles but it is a bank and they'll exchange it.I was told that when one sends money through this system you will need to fill my full name in the form and the name of my city- Ekaterinburg My full name is Galimat Janbueva and when you send it you should send me an email and write down a ten digital control number. Only I will be able to retrieve this money as I will show the office people my personal identification- Russian passport. You can send this money to our local bank which is the closest one to my place. Here is an address: Ekaterinburg ul. Generalskaya,7 I really need to be with you soon. I love you so much and dream about you every single minute of my life. I do not want to show for you not patient, but I can not constrain my feelings to you. I want to speak for you everything, that I feel and to look in your beautiful eye. I want to feel your heat, your embraces. I want to hear your voice. I want to make for you everything, that in my forces and to satisfy all your desires. My love to you forever, Kisses,

Letter 5: 

Hello my love Michael ! I am very happy to read your letter again and to know that you well there. I like to receive the letters and photo from you. I each day look at your photo and I represent, when I shall see you personally, to embrace you and to kiss you in your beautiful scarlet labiums. I like to look at your photo, but for me it is a pity, that one for me. I like you and I believe when we shall meet personally I shall like you still very much hardly. I very much want, that you were the husband for me and father of our children. For me very large desires to shout with happiness, that I have learned you, I very much want to tell about you by everything, all. But I it shall not do(make) now to not lose you. I shall do(make) it when we shall be together. I like you very much, very much. Can for someone it be ridiculous, that we have fallen in love on the Internet, but for me it is not important now. For us main, that there are we and our love. My darling, I wanted to say for you, that address of bank I have said about which one for you conveniently for me, because it is closer to my activity and this bank has the good character. As to $ 45 US it is indispensable for me to write the application in agensy to begin activity with my documents and I have this money and I can write this application. But for my passport for me it is necessary $200US, as I wrote to you earlier. Probably we do not perceive one another in it because of mine English. Ask me when something not understandably for you please. I shall finish here. I hope very well there with you. I wish good day for you. Successes for you in all. I dispatch other photo me and I hope you like it. I love you my the future husband Michael! I hope our occurring I will be speed also I can say for you it personally. I believe in us and in our feelings to each other.   Many kisses for you,  Your future wife Galimat. 

Letter 6:

Hello John ! I saw your profile and got interested in you at once. I think you are a very interesting person. I hope the Internet will help me to meet my future husband and who knows maybe I've already found him. I should tell you something about myself in order for you to know me better. I'll do it with pleasure  cause it's very nice to write you. I feel you are very serious and I can trust you. My name is Galimat and I live in Ekaterinburg in Russia. I live with my parents and younger brother.  We love each other very much and we are a great support for one another. I think the same situation  should be in your family, because I feel you are a very loving person. I graduated from the college  and got my degree not long ago. Now I am seriously thinking about getting married 'cause I feel that I can be a good mother, caring wife. I like home comfort and cleaning the house. I feel happiness  when my home is cozy. I love cooking and can make different delicious dishes. I love to keep active  life stile. I adore swimming and sun bathing. I like outdoors going and go in for sports regularly.  Especially I love tennis and aerobics Sometimes I go to the night club to dance with my friends or  just stay inside and enjoy the silence. It's very nice to sit in a comfortable armchair reading a nice book and listening to the calm relaxing music, especially when it's raining outside. I adore fast driving as well. Unfortunately I have no car of my own so far but on weekends I like to go to the  country with my parents or friends to make barbecue or something. And what do you like to do when  you have your spare time? I am interested in everything concerning you. I like to speak English though I do not speak well enough.   I send you my picture and hope to get yours.  I am looking forward to your soonest reply. see you, Galimat 

Hmmm, looks very familiar to me...oh yes, my first letter was EXACTLY the same.....So, even though it has left me down, due to if it had been real it would have been great, at least I am not heading for both a financial rip-off and a broken heart..... I hope this helps someone else from making the mistake, I saw this great website just in time and have put a cancel order through to Western Union to stop the transfer.... I will also be getting in touch with the singles site to advise them of the scam so she and the 2 others there with almost the same wording can be withdrawn, and I will pass the details on to interpol and leave it up to them.... I will also enclose the pictures I was sent..... Michael 

Liliya Kasylnikova/liliya777

A girl with the name of liliya777 at matchdoctor is clearly a scammer who do not do anything else than exchange prewritten letter without any special personal content. Obviously she has no intent to knowing people, why is she when here? HAs she/he a hobby sending prewritten mail all the time. No! They will soner or later ask about money, i most ask you to inform people before they are being scammed. 

This letter down here is typical of here, with no answers to my many questions or telling me anything at all. Please set her on scamlist before she really commite a real crime..  Best regards TOM


Letter 1:

Liliya Kasylnikova <> wrote: Hi again!!! How are you getting on? I hope everything is Okay with you. Your letters make me feel happy. And what do you feel reading my letters? I live now with my mother because my father left us for good when I was about six years. And one more sad fact: I have no brothers or sisters. I don't know why my mother never had serious relations with some other man. Maybe she didn't want to hurt me or perhaps she still loves my father. I think we are very much alike with her. Once I fall in love with a man I will never be able to have any relations with somebody else.Unfortunately I have no telephone at home. I want to hear your voice so much that I 'm sure I will recognize it. I wish we could be together right now. Just think about what we could do!!! I've been reflecting on our relations, and came to the conclusion that we are not only friends. At least my attitude to you is very serious. I don't know why I feel so - we know each other not for a long time. But I have a strong feeling that I have found in you everything that I missed the whole life. I may seam to you very serious. Yes, I am. Because I don't want to be mistaken in my life like my mother. I'm sure you understand what I mean. You are warming my soul, there is nobody who could do it except my mother. It is very meaningful for me. Well, I finishing for now. Be happy and don't forget about your Liliya. Have a great day!!! Sincerely yours. Liliya.  

Lubov Smolenceva (Russia,Cheboksary)

Hello, This the name and adress and photos of a girl? who was trying to scam me. We spent two months emailing one another when she started making money requests which I thankfully never fell for. She has quite alot of pictures, which are not all of the same girl. That is what made me supicious. I did some research and found one of the photos on your website under the name of  Larisa Karpova  I knew her as Smolenceva Lubov and her address was: Zip code 428014 Russia Cheboksary Gagarin street, 28 - 10 Smolenceva Lubov. I am also sending you all the photos she sent me so she will not be able to use them again on someone hopefully. Thankyou for your site!!! Greg 

Masha/Maria Kuklina (Surgut, Russia)

I am reporting to you about a scammer who is already on your blacklist that has tried to scam me,too:  Masha(Maria)Kuklina/e-mail address: (Street address given: 628400,MIRA,28,Surgut,Russia)Father's name Sergey Ivanovich, Mother Aleftina Petrovna. I am a single divorced  man of 47 years old,living alone,with a grown daughter with 3 girls of her  own,Caucasion American,employed and financially self-sufficient. The contact originated with her responding to my profile that is posted on,starting on April 7,2002,and continuing up to the present,her  last writing me on June 21,to which I wrote back to-I am now awaiting her  letter,unless she has given up,because I last reiterated to her why I was not  sending her the $300 for the Visa to arrive here.On April 23,she discovered  that she was in Love with me,without yet viewing my Photo,and a week later  came the money request-to which I said no,and was going to end it there,but  she wrote back some words that made me give her another chance.She hinted  after that,and not until June 4 did she strongly request the money again,to  which I again refused.In her most recent letters,she seems to have come around to my view I why I won't send it-instead of just trying to make me feel that I do not trust her. The money was requested of me was a Western Union branch near her  work:Akkobank,MIRA,40,Surgut,628400,RU,Maria Kuklina(her official name as  written on her passport,and Masha tenderly.--She mentioned about the money  several times woven into her romantic prose,but not  forcefully again until  June 4th.And since then,has seemed to come around to why I can't(won't)send it,but still writes to me,as of June 21st.I am thinking that maybe if she  keeps writing me,to go along with it for now,so as not to tip her off that I  am on to her,that she will change to another screenname and try to victimize  another guy-I am sure that she is doing that right now-simultaneously trying  to scam other men.And just see how long she milks it out with me.You  agree-you already have her blacklisted,and I just wrote to you to inform you of her Screenname that she is using for me (,which  is different than the one used for the previous man that is on Your Blacklist  Site.( the way,is 3 letters submitted are verbatim  word-for-word,as mine were,like a form letter.And the Photos she sent me are  of a different woman!  I found out about your site just last night,and have written to,and I am sending them all her info,and they wrote back that  they need a copy of my original letter from her,because they can not get  anything up on her.So I will do that and see what happens.Also,I sent an  e-mail to the previous man she wrote,who you resulted in you blacklisting  her-I have yet to hear back from him.I also sent my story and info to her  Internet Server in Russia( I am sending 4 close up photos of her as attachments to this letter, ThankYou.Sincerely Jerry

Nadejda The Best Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan

I have found another scam thanks to your site it is the exact same initial letter that came from the angel agency "best marriage agency in Kyrgizstan" but now they changed their name to Nadejda the best marriage ag,etcMy name is Brian,I am 34 years old and I found the add in the website named I wantu . the girl that I was in contact with is FatimaFedotova,or I thought it was, I was responding up to the point where they gave me a quote of 1280us$ for the process to begin,not giving any other details on anything else.The agent that they wanted me to wire the money to was Kuznecov Egeniy Sankt-Peterburg Russia postal code:193167 Thank you so very much you have saved me a bundle. great site!!!  Ps where are the real russian women? Brian

Nata/Natali (Lugansk, Ukraine)

First letter:

Hello my dear Mika! Thank you for answering my letter. I am so much happy to know you. First of all let me tell you some words about myself. Also here a picture of me for you. My name is Matvievskaya Natalia, I am 24 years old. I was born in small town Rubeznoe Lugansk region, Ukraine. Although all my life I spend living in Ukraine, it was always different. I am a kind of fatal woman, people say. I am a Scorpio by horoscope and according to Chinese horoscope I was born in Snake year. 2001 - is my year. All my life was filled with unexpectedness. I am a sort of unpredictable  person. As for my childhood, I was happy child in my family, parents loved and  patted me very much. I was rather talented child with excellent memory. I wrote verses as I  do it now. In my childhood I knew many poems by heart and declared them to enjoy my  parents. At school my favorite subjects were physics and mathematics. Most of all  I loved astrology and nuclear physics and hated chemistry. I finished special Lyceum in  mathematics and physics when I was 16. Soon after that I entered East Ukrainian  State University in Lugansk. My specialty is International Economic Relations. I worked as an  economist for two years, but finally I understood that it was not my favorite profession and I failed and was fired.Best of all in my life I like journalism. It was my dream to become a  journalist since the very childhood. I published several articles in a local papers and some of my verses as well. I am a kind of social person like of social person, like to communicate  with different people, like go outside with friends to have cook-out, to swim, to walk in the  forest or simply to have a fun. I like to travel very much, but unfortunately I have no possibility to  do it very often. I like everything new: new relations, meet new people, new acquaintances, I like spontaneous things very much. For example I like water, I enjoy felicity swimming in the sea. I am fond of sport very much. In my childhood I went in for swimming, later being a student -  athletics, tennis and now light bodybuilding in a local sport gym. I have a lot of hobbies in my life. I like to listen music, especially classical music. I read different  books, my favorite writers are Russian: Dostoevskiy, Bulgakov, Ilf and Petrov; American : Theodore  Draiser; Chase; English: London; German: Remark and many other famous writers. In my free time  usually I go for a walk with my friends or watch some comic programs on TV with my younger  brother. My friends say I am very purposeful person who can reach desired goals in life. I appreciate  generosity, respect, friendship, justice, trustfulness and real love. I hope to create real strong loving family in my close future with  someone who will understand me and love my children. I am sure It will be the most happy family in the World. I am look forward to hear from you soon. Write me dear!  Kind regards and many kisses from Natali.

2nd letter:

Ups, its me again? Hello honey Mika! Thank you very much for answering my letter. I am so happy to receive it. I like what you have told me about yourself in your letter and I like  you more and more. You seem to be very interesting person and I am really really happy to know you. I agree that we have a lot things in common and I feel like I know you for a long time and are the right person for me, honey. I think it is time to tell you more about myself. Very important, I am very serious girl in my intention to find my sole mate, my prince, my beloved, and my future husband. If you think and want the same, we could get along very well. I hope we will understand each other. As  you know from my previous letter, I am 24 years old, now I am not married, and thus I want to create a family and possibly to find my future husband through  the Internet. I have grown up in the very decent and intelligent, but poor family. My mother is engineer, father is an officer, and my younger brother study at school. All my  childhood I spend in small place Rubezhnoe, Lugansk region. It is one hundred and thirty km  from Lugansk. From the very childhood people said that I am very special baby. I was  so beautiful innocent little girl, that everyone wanted to touch and kiss me  tenderly. I was very sociable child, who loved to talk and communicate with children of our  yard. I have blue eyes and fear hear, red chubby lips and pretty face. My skin is  very soft and smooth, athletic body, so I like to keep fit. Since I was seven years  old, father schooled me to take cold baths and swim in the swimming pool in the  winter. When I was thirteen I began to go in for sport seriously. I attended sport  gym almost every day after school, I liked it very much. That's why I fell myself  cheerful and healthy all my life. I like to go out, to cook out somewhere in the  forest near the  river with friends and close relatives. People say I very easily  contacted person, I like to communicate with people, to meet new friends, new ideas, and  built new relations. I like to read interesting books very much, and I consider every new  person in my life is a new unique book, which I can read an think about. I am a philosopher by  nature, my friends say. I like to discuss something and to find the truth, which is always born  from the argues. After finishing secondary school, I entered in the Lyceum specialized in physics and mathematics (two years).After graduation, I entered East  Ukrainian State University in Lugansk . I was very active student in the University, liked to take  a word on the conferences and other public activities. My specialty was Economic International  relations, I studied there for fife years, till 1999, and was graduated with degree of specialist in  Economics. After that I was unemployed for about a half a year , and than I found a job in one  private firm, which was specialized in the wholesale of food products and drinks. I worked their for about  two years and than I was fired, because, this company was closed suddenly. They just didn't pay taxes or  have big debts, and also realized that to sell food products and drinks is non-profitable for  them. As for me, I have just realized that Economics is not my favorite profession. And now I am  looking for a job and live very poor. And although , I even want to write a book about it, in  particular about Ukraine's current economic situation, my dream Is to become a real journalist, and write  articles and make interviews with some unordinary people. It is true that I want to see a World, to  travel a lot, to find more information about sense of life of different people.  Dear, Please send me more pictures of yourself and your country. I want  to know your better. Please write me as soon as possible. I am waiting for your letter impatiently. Kiss you, Nata. 

3nd letter: Dear Mika!!! Thank you for your fast reply. I really appreciate it,honey. I AM VERY INTERESTED IN YOU,DARLING.  as for your important question, I would like to move to Finland AND HAVE MY OWN FAMILY AND HAPPY LIFE, FOR SURE as soon as we both want it. YES, I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND MY TIME WITH YOU IN Finland WITH PLEASURE. You became very dear to me and I want to be always sincere with you and also want to know you better. But I want to ask you some questions if you do not mind, ok? What is your purpose of life? How do you see your future?  Do you believe in eternal life? Are you religious person? What's your plans for future? What is your most important for you desire? Where are you going to go for summer to have a rest?Please answer my questions, if its not difficult for you, it will help  us to know each other better. As for me, now I will answer these questions myself. My purpose of life is to find someone special for me, to share my life  with this person. Then I am going to leave a trace on Earth somehow, I do not know. May be will write  interesting book of life, may be do something important for humanity.  My greatest desire is to travel around the world with my sole mate, my  friend and my lover. My future I see having a wonderful family, leaving on the ocean shoe, in  big cottage, having 2 or 3 children, big fireplace and cozy sofa. We will live peaceful and humble life. Yes I believe in eternal life. I am not very religious person, although  I trust in God, which lives in my mind. My plans for future to be happy. Dear, what do you think about it? I want to know your thoughts. I look forward to hear from you soon. I  kiss you my prince, I feel can understand me. I am waiting for your reply impatiently. I wish you have good day. I miss you, darling. Love Nata. 

4nd letter: 

Hello darling Mika!!!! Thank you for your letter and for wonderful answers very much,honey. It  is true that I think you are my man and I think I like you very much and need you very much also. I think you are very kind, loving, understanding and wisw man. I am very happy to meet you in my life. I know you need my letter as much as I do, so I can not leave you without you! I miss you darling so much! Yes, my love is true, I feel it deep inside, I think about you always, my love! I trust you totally, I can not live without you a day!!! I dream about having you next to me, to kiss you tenderly with all my passion and desire, to be with you forever!!! You asking about how I think I am beautiful, I do think I am, but I am not very proud of it, I am modest girl.  You know my love? when I see couples kissing on the bus, or at the park I wish they would be you and me, how much I desire to kiss you with passion my love!!! I keep listening a very romantic Radio Station in English everyday and I listen to it ,  close my eyes and dream of having you beside me!!!  Once that you stay with me I would never let you go, because my real love for you, and your love for me will be like a chain that will keep us together forever!!! I dream of touching your soft skin, of kissing all your body tenderly, of holding you tight at nights, of taking care of you all my life, of getting married and have beautiful children with you my precious Rick! I would like you to kiss me on the top of my head and comb though my hair with your soft and tender fingers... I dream about it. I am waiting for your next letter, my love, Kiss you with passion, Natali

Natasha Maltakova (Magadan, Russia)

I am a 43 yr old single man, living in USA. I am new to meeting ladies from abroad through agencies, and was a bit skeptical to begin the process. After reading some of these stories, I was very lucky I stopped this soon, with little damage done. Beware, gentlemen, beware. Her email is: This is very recent!! I may follow-up with other agencies to protect other guys from this scammer. 

I was contacted "first" from a Russian lady named Natasha, through an agency, Absolute Angency. It did not take long for the scammer to make contact, less than 24hrs, on 6/12/02, after I joined the service on 6/11/02. She did not leave a member ID#, which was a concern, but I wrote to her, along with other ladies, just to see if I would get a response back. I did hear back a few days later, and then we exchanged letters daily for about 8 letters. Contact has been made for slightly more than a week, and it is still underway as of today. I expect it to stop very soon after my recent emails questioning her identity today, assuming they are read. This is as of Friday, 6/21/02.  In the most recent letter, she asked for money for a Visa to the US, even though I stated that we should talk on the phone before this, and I would rather come to Russia to see how she lived, meet her family, etc. In each letter, should we not acknowledge my questions, another key concern. She always had a new issue or day tragedy event, a boss blowing up at her, being hassled in the city by strangers, remembering the death of strangers on the beach, etc. Obviously, this was to envoke sympathy, and it worked pretty well. But, thankfully, I am a cautious type. Watch out guys, this one is very dangerous, very sly, subtle, and cunning. The model here is pretty amazing, assuming this is not the real person corresponding. Compare these letters to ones already on the blacklist website, I noticed at least one or more are nearly exactly the same. 

Letter 1

Hi!!!. I very much to become interested your frame.  I would like to get acquainted with the man,  Who could estimate my care (caution),  Tenderness and love. I would like, that it(he) was kind, responsible,  Capable to extend an arm(hand) of help in any problems.  If you to hear me and to understand me, that you can write to me, that you can write in me, I to ask you what you to write to me on the address: In my queue I shall try be sentence,  Love devoted (devoted), responsible woman   Next letter matches one I saw on blacklist site, almost word for word!

Letter 2

Hi David! I very much of rad that you have answered to me. I very much liked yours The profile on this site and I have decided to write to you. I to ask you what you to write to me to the address: I search for the man with which I could  To conduct all life. My intents very serious. I live in Russia in city of Magadan. It very much far from Moscow. Our city very small and I already have despaired to search The man for life. I shall tell to you about myself. My body height of 175 centimeters, weight of 68 kilogrammes. To me 30 years. I was never married. I have derivation of the cook And higher education on a speciality economy and marketing. But in the present Time I work By the cook in a restaurant. I have no children. For me very beautiful eyes, I think that you will estimate My view on a photo. I love to be engaged in sports. I frequently go in a training hall and in club I I love to hold Itself in the form. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol. I consider(count) that it is the deposit of youth, Beauty and health. I think that you with me will agree. I hope that my photos to you to like. I I ask you to send me your photos. I think that appearance not most important, but it is very interesting to me to see yours Photo. I live with the mum. I has told it(her), that today me has come letter from man from America. She(it) has told that it well, but it is impossible to trust at once. We should understand the friend It is better than the friend. We should pass Long path that in the extremity we shall understand together whether or not. But I think that we Let's shall well. I shall help you to study about me. I not so well speak on English. To write to you the letters I while I shall use the program of translation. I think that You can understand all My letters. If something to you will not be understandable, tell me about it. Your letters Will help me To teach(learn) your language it is better. I have no the home computer, because it very much Dearly for me. I shall write to you >From the Internet of centre.  I shall tell to you about the city. I in a nem was born and has grown. Of Magadan is posed at coast Ohotskoe of the sea on an isthmus between continent and By peninsula Starizkyi. From two sides is washed by waters of bays Nagaev and Gertner. The common square of city constitutes about 18 000 hectares. Max height above By sea level up to 700 meters. The population of city about 14000 men. Year Derivations 1939, and since 1954 - regional centre of the Magadan area Average temperature in the winter -18, summer +13. A climate wet, maritime. Duration of the most short day approximately 6 hours Territory in thousand square kilometers 1199,1. Distance from Moscow up to Magadans - 7110 kms. An odds in time with Moscow +8 hours.  I to love the city. To me to like to go for a walk on his(its) streets, to visit museums. For us in City is of theatres, museums, houses of culture. We with the girlfriends frequently visit cinemas and we look different films. It is more In total to me to like when to occur spring. On streets the water flows and the kids start up The ships, sing birds, the sun shines and heats. The nature anew to be born and I I feel what to start new life, ? of Russia. My girlfriend has advised me To look for his(its) unique(sole) In Internet. I did not expect that you will answer to me. I thought that it simply joke. I hope that we with you Well we learn(find out) each other and the computer can, it is simply impossible, will help us To find each other. I want to know more concerning you. Tell to me about your habits, The friends. Tell to me where you live. That you love is. I shall wait for your answer. Your friend from Russia Natasha

Letter 5

Hi mine dear(expensive) David! It shall be possible I to name you so? I already for a long time to not speak such words anybody. I am ever more and more began to be convinced, that I to have already affection to you and already to wait your letters about impatience. Your letters heat to me to douche. I to not think, that such can take place. But for me it is very pleasant, I to think, that to you too. It is very important, that you to understand me and to listen to me. The comprehension is very important between the people, when they want to have the ratioes. Today since morning poor weather, blows a strong cold wind, Mood poor and only thought about that that I shall see your letter warms me in This day. I want slightly to tell to you about childhood. I was born on November 26, 1971. The mother and The father me very much loved and brought up me rather strictly. But I is grateful them(him,it) for It. I had many friends and we with them played in a court yard of our house. It were The carefree years, we lived and we did not have those problems which have appeared when I Has grown. I studied at school on good(well) and perfectly. I always remember mine first The teacher, she(it) has unclosed for us a door in knowledge and due to it(her) I can is free To communicate with the people. I am indefinitely grateful to it(her) for that feeling of human kindness That she(it) to all of us has imparted. There were also tragical moments in my childhood. Once we with the parents were on a beach And I saw as the boy has sunk. It(he) bathed at major waves, major wave Has fallen on him(it) and it(he) could not come up, has choked and has gone on bottom. My father Has rushed in the sea behind it(him), has pulled out it(him), but it(he) already than could not be helped, it(he) Was already dead. It was produced on me by(with) such impression and I some days Cried. It was very a pity it(him). Even now, after there are years, it(he) to dream a lot of me And for me from eyes the tears flow. Our boys were cheerful, they sometimes offended us, but did(made) it Not from evil and we with the girlfriends on them not strongly took offence. But in due course ours The boys, as well as all man's population of Russia, have begun to drink, to smoke, many have begun To steal and then have hitted in prison. But I them do not condemn because the realities are those Our Russian life. And we till now are friends of the girlfriends and sometimes we meet We talk, we listen to music. Me to like different music sometimes, when for To me good mood I listen dancing music, and when to me I am sad I love to listen to slow music. To me to seem that with each letter between us there is something greater than Friendship. We start more to trust each other, we become more frank, you Agree with me? I think that our douches approach. But while I one and to search for the satellite of life. I to want to prolong with you the ratioes and I to trust, that all can be very well. I shall dispatch to you all my photos, which are on the computer. Them I not have a lot of, but you should see them all. You to want it? I to do(make) them the last year. I to wish to you good mood these days and do not overlook(forget) me (Smile!!!). I shall wait about impatience your letter and to miss for you!!!! On it all I should go home and lie down to sleep. Your close friend Natasha

Letter 8 

Congratulations my love David! I have received your character, it is complete emotional of a heat and Sympathies to me. I begin To understand that my life it is not meaningful without you, because I love you, I think, that during that time, that we with you are copied we very much It is a lot of transferred together and between us, the feeling has appeared, I we think that Are necessary the friend the friend. I permanently think of you, you have received a place My bottom(basis). I Spoke with my parents about that that probably I shall leave for America, they only Were glad for me, mother blessed me, she(it) thinks that it and there is mine Happiness. Today I all day thought only of you, about that as we with you Let's meet. I represented it to yourselves, as you meet me at the airport as we We search each other by eyes, we discover and we rush in embraces each other. I have learned(found out) about cost of the visa, she(it) costs(stands) 350 bucks. I about it was told by(with) mine The girlfriend, she(it) works in a travel company. Today perfect spring day, but me is sad because we with you so Far apart. Between us huge ocean, but in the thoughts I by itself. I To love you and for ever in your thoughts. I wait yours The character, whether - is important for me, For ever yours Natasha.

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