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I like your blacklist idea. I like your desire to disseminate real info. Keep up the good work!


Black List - page 1: AGENCIES

Amour agency in Odessa / Russian-lady

Amour agency in Odessa is a scam, so is Russian-lady. They send canned pre-written letters.

You may want to tell your readers what to look for:

1) mention of someone dying to develop sympathy
2) how poor they have been and how expensive anything is
3) what they are paying to send letters
4) anytime they ask for money
5) when "chocolates" are more important than the dead father, etc.
6) they do not address your letter except for a few lines at the start
7) the body of what they say is too general
8) they purposefully do not get to the point in order to string out the number of letters

Real Russian girls would never complain about money, ever. They should be more interested in you than "their poor little story" or receiving gifts.

It is my opinion that the reason there is a doubling in the number of agencies is not because there are more girls, but because there are agencies generating letters off pictures to bring in fees. The way to beat this is to request the girl address and offer to mail forward her hand written letters free to her. It separates the scammers from the real girls quickly. No interested girl would turn it down. No scammer named "Yuri" will accept it. Stop writing immediately if the "agency does not allow, etc."

Robert Armstrong, AOL

Amour of Ukraine - 1

There is absolutely no doubt that Amour of Ukraine is a total scam and everything that Robert Armstrong said earlier in this section is true by my own experience and the experience of others. It is a despicable agency and I think they are capable of anything. Please be careful. I think 'Anonymous UK' has this agency confused with other legitimate agencies in Odessa. "Amour of Ukraine" is based in Odessa and I know that there are other honest agencies with similar sounding names.

I put the following WEB site together as a warning to others:-

On 11 September 2000, Virtual Avenue responded to my complaint and informed they were removing Amour of Ukraine's accounts.  This is great news because Amore of Ukraine no longer have a WEB site. However, this is only a temporary victory.  Focus is now on another agency started by the same owner as Amour of Ukraine called Association Marriage Agencies of Ukraine. Details on my WEB Site:-

Clive Richardson

Amour of Ukraine - 2

There is no doubt that Amour of Ukraine is a scam. In the last 6 months I have repeatedly found ladies (8 to date) on the site These girls are all operated by Amour of Ukraine and are a scam. I have communicated with them using a total of 11 different names and e-mail addresses and each girl has a pre-prepared set of letters, which are sent out word for word, in the same order to each suitor. All very quickly want money, and if this is not sent the letters stop.

I have notified Absolte Agency of this and they have failed to remove the offending girls from their catalog which makes me think that they are part of the scam and should be blacklisted too. I did not receive a response from Absolute Agency at all. I have alerted them before to the fact that there are scam artistes such as Amour of Ukraine with addresses using their site and they just say they can't control it. This is clearly nonsense.

Go to Absolute Agency and send a letter to A551238, or A551223, or A551203, or A551188, or A551166 and collect a full set of prepared letters for each ofthese "girls" which will be sent from or is legit. I think you should get them to have a link through to your blacklist.

Congratulations Elena, this blacklist is a fine service.


Amour 2000

Amour 2000 is a scam.  Amour 2000 is affiliated with Amour of Ukraine, the blacklisted agency. No one should contact either site.

The following names were used:

Natalyi Romanovskaya
Zanna Kirichenko


Brides from Russia Main Page

My name is John Thomas and I live in Denver, CO. I began my search for a Russian lady 2 months ago. I made some mistakes I would not have if I had thoroughly visited your site first. As it pertains to your black lists I have 2 email letters from 2 ladies from a site Brides from Russia Main Page ( In the second letter from each they both asked for money in exactly the same words, complaining how the things are expensive etc. In each case my initial letter included all contact information and a sincere concern to cover the costs of correspondence. In your site you suggest caution about pleas of poverty. They do it in every paragraph. Also, I don't speak Russian at all - and one letter stated I did!

Thank you again, 

Bride From Russia

I want to share a short story about a particular person. Her name is Marina Gounina, and you'll find her on the "Bride From Russia" web site. She says she is 39 years old, but that supposedly was in 1999. She, like other women on this site, simply want you to send them money. Don't.


Carmen Marriage Agency (Ukraine)

I wanted to add to your list a so called Marriage Agency in Ukraine going by the name of Carmen Marriage Agency. They will promise you everything including getting your selected partner help in obtaining a visitor's visa to come to America for 6 months or more. The name from the agency is Julia Shulga. This agency is linked in with Absolute Agency. I have contacted them to let them know about the Carmen Marriage Agency. The woman involved is number A492796 and I have attached her picture.

I will be much smarter the next time and appreciate your information.


Carmen marriage agency - Julia Shulga (Ukraine)


I have just been there now and done that !! Crap !!!

So I read your page and found a pretty lady who did not have symptoms of 'scammer disease'. She was in my life for 7 months and we talked on the phone lots (2-4 times a month). Everything seemed ok, I couldn't find fault except that they needed money for visa, and then after that air fair... sounds ok right?? cept I was told everything I needed to be and now I do not get the impression my cash will return... wanna hear some of the crap?? 

1. Vera has no phone and apparently this lovely lady has no friends she would bother for us to speak at length ( the agency limits calls to 20 min or about the time you start to ask wrong questions) 
2. she will not ask or talk much about cash and leaves it up to 'Julia Shulga' the owner of 'Carmen marriage agency'.
3. letters are lost or not replied to and I'm told they were send .. 'did I not receive them??'. I got the feeling mine were maybe edited as well ( if Vera019 was actually an dupe in all this too ) 
4. I was told they never read ladies email but got replies from the 'agency' answering some questions posed by me in my so called 'private' emails.
5. once the money went that way... it seemed the reasons got them more excuses to need yet another pile... $150 for visa/paperwork, then .. oops.. we forgot to include the cost of travel for lady and manager... they use the 'manager' one lots it seems... 
5. visa went ok I'm told ... but in asking for and being told I would receive a copy .. that never happened... to this day... 
6. now I see her arriving and everything seemed bumpy but we worked things out and I spoke to them often and was made to feel it was all in my head as things are 'very different' there. so what now?? this one is great .... 
7. Vera's Mom won't let her travel alone... she can come here... but not without me paying for the manager to hold here hand on the plane. This seemed amazing .. did Mom think we were kidding for 7 months?? At the last minute i get this and cannot believe my ears.... ok ... one last thing... ready??
8. In distress... after hearing that I was NOT sending anything further.... Vera, who is 21 ( I'm told ) has suffered a 'heart attack' and is in hospital. WHOA!!!! Can they write this better in Hollywood??? So now I call there and speak to somebody I cannot even pronounce her name, and tell her this asking if it seems real and she almost can't control the laughter. She was struck by the humor slightly more than I at the time... 

So now I find the replies from Vera come short (one small paragraph) and only in conjunction with replies from Julia (owner) trying to work it out with another dupe in Canada who'll pay half if I do... are they serious??
So no friggin way.. I offer to pay what they ask the second she is here in cash personally and my next reply is good-bye.... I have not a word back other than they will return my money in the month... in the month of what?? eternal fire?? they have my money on account I'm, told but not anywhere they seem to have access to it ... wow !! So now I am looking to burn them in every way I can find... I will follow up with every agency I can to make sure they cannot do this again .. I still may travel to Ukraine to see ladies on my own ... and I might pay them a personal visit... It's how I'd do it here.... Hope this helps others... so far I ducked one or 2 bullets... just to jump in from of a third that surely hit home.... anybody know a good place to stay cheap in Ukraine?


Global Email (

I wanted to make a comment about an agency called Global Email (, which gives men free postings with their picture and then you buy tokens at $8.00 a piece to send and receive letters on one agency that they deal with in the city of Sumy. I received the same letter from two different girls; it possibly was a mistake but none of the letters I received pertained to anything I had written in my letters, which I can understand on the first letter, but when you get a second letter the same thing you know you are getting strung out for $8.00 a  letter.

Philip, USA

I had the same experience with, duplicate letters were sent from Novoryssiysk on the Black Sea and St Petersburg. When the duplicate letters didn't work, a new tactic of shuffling paragraphs was used. After the 3rd letter it was apparent paragraphs were just being shuffled around. Complaints to the service provider did result in a partial refunds though. 

Alan -

I saw a listing about on the black list and have a personal experience with them myself. As the other gentlemen did, I received numerous duplicate emails, and regular letters from new women. It was like pulling teeth to get any of the women I was writing to give definite details about their life, i.e. their family, where they lived, where they worked, etc... However, the problem may not be with After posting my profile I never got a single email for about 3 months. After that I was swamped with letters but only from one <<exact spelling may be incorrect. They would not allow sending any information such as addresses, emails address, etc through service. After a lot of time and a lot of money I finally wised up and erased my profile. Just thought I would lend my experience so that others would not be done the same way.


Globaladies / Euroladies

I'm having a similar experience as a few of the other gentlemen with and through I started about a 3 months ago and after 3 weeks of nothing I received about 20 letters in one week. I decided to open and respond to two letters from ladies whose profiles I liked  and sent one letter to my favorite ladies profile. The dialog from the one that I initiated first the contact was very vague and she did not answer any of my questions. So I sent a response back with the same questions and a few new ones and still await for a reply. (1 month so far). The other two that contacted me first and I replied to have not responded back and its been over a month now too. The other thing I noticed was that all three of the ladies that I decided to write to, their ages were exactly 2 years older than their profile stated. Currently, I'm researching different services, but am frustrated and disappointed that after three months I can't seem to get past one letter. Anyway, once I use up the balance of my tokens I'll move on and try one of your recommended services. Thanks for the guidance. You have a great website.

Scot - Euroladies

I have been using because of their (apparent?) affiliation with Euroladies. After sending out about 20 1st-approach emails in addition to posting my own ad, I can say this about the system. I would doubt seriously if any lady you write to is actually receiving your letters. The responses I would get would not even answer the most basic of my questions, and in some cases, the letter from the lady truly made no sense whatsoever to what I had sent her. The scam appears to centered around regions also. If I sent a letter to, or opened a letter from Chisinau, then BINGO - the next day I was mysteriously popular with other women from Chisinau.


John - Dallas - - Euroladies

I have seen a few negative comments on this site regarding, a company that operates out of Atlanta, Georgia through,, and I have dealt almost exclusively with this company for more than six months and I have had nothing but good results and excellent service from them. I put my listing on their site in July and I have received more than 100 good responses. Most of them were legitimate. Yes, there are some possible scams that appear in their listings. For example, I received in one day about 5 or 6 letters from a group of young 20-somethings in Sumi. It was obvious to me that they submitted their letters as a group, or one person submitted letters with different photographs hoping that I would "bite." I didn't. Guys, I am in my 50s and there is no way I would respond to a letter from someone in her early twenties, enticing as she might be. You have to be realistic about yourself, guys, and think about what type of woman would be interested in you, and why.

When I thought that I had been given some fake addresses, the folks at e700 quickly checked into it and sent me the addresses that they had on file. They also checked with the local agencies to confirm the addresses. They sent me several tokens because of the problems I was having. It turned out that none of the addresses were fake, but were simply the result of bad translations of the addresses into English, something that was done by the local agency, not by e700. They are quick about removing women from their databases who ask for money, or are obvious scams.

E700 has no control over what happens after the initial contact, nor should they. They are simply an agency that makes introductions, and they get their foreign contacts through a series of local agencies, some of which are more honest than others. The staff at e700 weeds out the bad ones, but they are only human and they miss a few. It is up to you, the client, to determine which women are frauds and which are honest. My advice is to not be desperate. Take your time selecting the person or people to whom you want to write. And if you suspect a scam, DROP her immediately and tell the staff at e700 about your experience. Sometimes the scams are so obvious that they just scream out at you to stay away, yet guys always seem to fall for them. Don't be one of the statistics.

Good luck.
Richard Welch, USA seems to be a scam. I even told them so by E-mail. I ordered a large number of addresses. Never got them. Their explanations were many and various but all of them were remarkably similar - human error, my error, computer problem, my E-mail address problem, internet problem etc. When I asked for my money back they went silent. As though that was not enough I started receiving unsolicited mail from them and from what seems their affiliate with numerous gorgeous ladies seemingly eager to love me. I ignored them all for the last 2-3 months. Today I received mail again.



Agencies themselves seem to be involved in scams; one particularly odious outfit is Ellegia, which consistently badgers me with identical form letters from different ladies demanding that I send money to contact them. I have also placed ads myself, and I suspect this might be a better avenue. While I have received some obvious fakes, I have also heard from some ladies who seem genuine (a tip from my own experience--personal thoughts, mention of and clear knowledge of things you have already talked about, and the ownership of a personal computer of her own are good signs) -- but keep your head up and nose to the wind. Personal computers seem rare; if you can establish that she has access to a work computer rather than an "Internet cafe" machine, this also seems to bode well for her genuineness.


"Luba's Club" / Lubov Baranova (Chernovtsy, Ukraine)

I am embarrassed to say that last winter I had a terrible experience with a small local agency called "Luba's Club", which is located in Chernovtsy, Ukraine. This club is headed by a local, middle-aged "love guru" named Luba Baranova. Mrs. Baranova claims that all of her girls are known personally by her and appears to have great influence over these young women.

As for my experience, after meeting a woman in her club and visiting her for three days in Chernovtsy, I was informed by the young lady and Mrs. Baranova that before getting a fiancée's visa I must first become formally engaged to this young lady, which coincidentally by their "local tradition' would require giving Mrs. Baranova $1,000 for her services and buying the young lady an engagement ring (a variety of which the lovely Mrs. Baranova actually had available for sale in her bedroom).

In my case, I refused the notion on my first visit, however, upon a  second visit to Chernovtsy, did become "engaged" to my sweetheart, as accompanied by a payment to Mrs. Baranova of $1,000 and a purchase of a $3,000 engagement necklace (my lover decided that a necklace would be preferable to a ring).

Unfortunately, the next day after buying these items, my "fiancée" informed me that she must cancel our romantic engagement trip to Prague and instead must leave town to accompany her mother to Russian to visit long lost relatives. I never saw the necklace again, and needless to say never saw my fiancée again after she supposedly left town two days later.

Of course, I am a naive idiot. But I simply hope that this letter prevents any other needy guy from making such an incredible mistake. Mrs. Baranova and her girls are crooks!! Stay Away!!! 


Lubov Baranova

Well your not alone Lubov Baranova and her stable of girls are con-artists, and do a good living on it by scamming western men. Go to this site

and find out more about what she and her girls are about.

Yes avoid her and her girls, it is a scam be sure.

A Victim

Meet Online / Victoria's Love Connection

Meet Online and Victoria's Love Connection are two agencies I have unfortunately dealt with. 

I saw a lady I particularly liked on Meet Online and as they offered an email service I paid the fee and sent a letter via email. I received a reply and was encouraged by this so I duly sent another one. At about the same time they profiled another lady I liked so again I paid the money and sent her an email, receiving a reply. I then ordered her address and sent off the money. It has now been two months since I heard from Meet Online despite numerous emails. I even now wonder if the replies I received were genuine. 

One of the same ladies was also profiled on Victoria's Love Connection and as I had no luck with Meet Online I sent off my money and ordered her information; again it has been some weeks and I have not had a reply despite their claims that all orders are processed within 24-48 hours.


Hi there, I have been corresponding with a girl from this marriage agency and 
things are seeming very fishy to me. I really think this could be a scam. 
They operate out of Ekaterinburg Russia. My girl never addresses specific 
questions I ask her and sends me rather generic responses. I get so confused because we can't really communicate. Sometimes I think she is sincere and other times I think this agency has something to do with it. I received the same letter more than once and the same pic. She can't be that scattered brained.



Russian Pearl (St. Petersburg, Russia)

I must be a magnet for scammers as I am now reporting an agency that I am 90% sure is a scam. The agency is Russian Pearl and website is I had registered with them before finding your site (big mistake) and bought 3 addresses from them. I sent some emails and got no replies. I didn't think too much of that as I thought the ladies might not have been interested. So, I sent more emails, this time with a request for confirmation of delivery (cost $10 each). The deliveries were made, but they say they were unable to reach one of the ladies. This is where my 10% doubt comes in. They did credit $10 back to my account for the undeliverable email. It is now about two months later and still no responses to my letters. (I have since subscribed to your catalogue; two letters, 2 replies so I don't think it's my letter writing ability) I sent a message to the agency asking for a cancellation to my membership. Again, no reply. I checked more into their website and discovered the same 32 profiles had been there for at least the two months I was a member. No new profiles, no responses and their latest "woman of the month" was something like November 1999. For one last test I ordered two of their online videos of the women I had written to. (Doesn't look like I'll be getting money back anyway, so I tried this test) I received the videos, they were well done, the women were the same ones featured in the profiles, but they seemed a little out of date. I don't think there would be green grass and leafy trees in December in St Petersburg. They were obviously filmed in the summer, the question is; What year? 

So. I'm out a grand total of $130. The money isn't important, but if it'll save anyone else the aggravation it is worth it.

Clinton Carey

"Valentina" (Ekaterinburg, Russia) - 1

There is one service that I think should go on your blacklist. It is "Valentina" located in Ekaterinburg. Within 10 hours of sending email to 3 ladies, I received replies from all of them at 10AM (Russia time) on a Sunday morning.  They were obviously prewritten letters requesting that I buy there address. I have since received additional unsolicited letters several months later begging me to buy their address.

Steve, USA

"Valentina" (Ekaterinburg, Russia) - 2

I have been communicating with a lady through an agency called Valentina in Ekaterinburg for quite some time, when we decided to meet. During our visit I was made aware by this lady that the flowers that I had arranged to be sent to her never arrive and that most of the letters I received from her were written by someone at that agency and most of the letter I sent to her were never delivered. You can imagine how upset I was when I learned the truth. I have asked the agency for an explanation, but they insist they did everything right and that it is my fault for the miscommunication!

Gunter Wallis*

Victoria Tours (Odessa) - 1

I would like to tell about a possible scam I have been a part of. I was writing to a girl named Alenochka from Victoria Tours agency.

We wrote to each other for about a month. I asked several times for Alenochka's full name, address, phone number, and where she worked. I was never able to get that information from her. Alenochka finally asked me if I would be willing to help her out with her fees and I agreed. I sent $100 to her agency director through Western Union. The Director told me the money would be used according to my directions.

I found a forum the next day about dating women from Russia. They were discussing scammers and what they do. Some of the early signs of a scam described by this forum related to me. Such as no full name etc... I then from a hunch went to and checked out their personals just to see if I could find an Add with Alenochka's information or picture. Sure enough, There was an add with a different picture of Alenochka, same add, different name (Odaleva). I immediately emailed them about this add. Both Alenochka and her agency director denied any knowledge of this. That add mysteriously disappeared from AOL personals. The next day however, a different add with a different picture of Alenochka showed up on AOL personals under the name Aleukr.

I again sent an email to Victoria Tours about the other add I have found. I have yet to hear back from this agency. I have sent several emails to them and they will not answer me back. I am a lucky person to hear about scams only after losing $100. Below I will put the information about the agency.

Mailing address of the agency is:

Gaidara 13 Office 302 
Odessa, Ukraine 

Tel. number of the agency is 380-482-660073


Director of the agency Lyudmila Cherepashchuk


Victoria Tours (Odessa) - 2

I wrote an e-mail to Alenochka, as did Matt, through I got a very general e-mail back from her with no specifics about herself. As a matter of fact, she ONLY spoke of how bad her English was and how she was trying to take classes for English. She did not say anything about money, but she laid the ground work for it in the future. So I came to the blacklist here and sure enough there she was. Boy was I shocked, but relieved. I too went to love@aol and there is another add with the same girl's photo with a different e-mail address which is Even the two bios were different. These guys have a lot of nerve to do what they do, and they obviously have no interest in setting people up. The business name is Victoria's Tours. Stay away! Here is the photo from and Aol:

from: Robert

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*The name was changed to protect identity


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