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Russian Brides scam freeRussian brides are popular among western men due to their natural beauty, strong attachment to traditional family values and high standards of education. 

However, like with everything in high demand, there can be some people trying to take advantage of your interest in Russian brides, commonly known as Russian brides scams.

It is not the purpose of this article to talk about these scams, but to concentrate on scam free Russian brides and how you can meet them.

Many Russian brides find a partner in the west and get married. If you come across a Russian woman in your country, chances are, she was a former “Russian bride”. So, you can see in real life that it is possible to meet someone real and form a genuine relationship.

What is important to know when you search for a Russian bride is that there are legitimate services presenting Eastern European women for marriage, and many of these services have been in business for more than 10 years. They are well established and know everything about dating Russian women and what are the keys to success. Finding a good established dating agency that specializes in introductions of women from Eastern Europe to western men and has a good track record is probably the most important component of your search.

The second important component is the ability to get in direct contact, including instant and free contact with your future Russian bride over Internet, such as Skype, MSN etc. Modern Russian brides have mobile phones and Internet access at home, and can speak English, so you are not locked by “agencies” imposing mandatory translations at the cost of $8 per paragraph. You need to find an agency that allows exchange of direct contact details, which would guarantee you have your future bride’s email address, phone number, and can talk to her for free online using whichever means you wish (as opposed to constantly paying for contact through the agency’s website).

Being able to have a free direct contact not only saves you money but is also an important component of scam-free search, because you know for sure the woman is talking to you because she likes you and not because you are paying money for that.

And here you should think from the point of view of efficiency: a real woman would want to meet you as soon as she feels there can be a chance for two of you, which is usually after you two have spent 3-4 full days together. In the terms of Internet dating, it is about 72-96 hours. It is quite easy to spend this time talking over Skype over a couple of weeks for 2-3 hours a day (kind of like real-life dating) but imagine paying-per-minute for this get-to-know-each-other (at the cost of $50 for 10 minutes), and you can see how this becomes a total impossibility to establish a relationship. Direct contact is everything in finding a scam free Russian bride, because you can only “get a feel” for a person when you spend some time with them.

Realistically, if someone is spending 2-3 hours a day talking to you over phone or Skype, do you think it is a great investment for them? It certainly is, time-wise and emotion-wise; if you are having a great time talking to each other online, you are likely to have fun spending time together in real life. And if someone is spending on you 2-3 hours of her life day after day, you can be pretty confident it is for real and not a scam. (And if she has no time for you when you are dating over Internet, sorry to disappoint you but she probably will not be that keen on you in real life either.)

Really, there is not much to it - good communication is the key and certainly you want to be sure 100% in your "gut feeling" that the person on the other side is genuinely interested in you. Thinking you will meet in person and things are going to be better is a wishful thinking and you know better than this. Remember, a real woman who is interested in you will want you just as much as you want her, and will put effort and time in your relationship.

Once you have established a great (not just good but GREAT) contact with your prospective Russian bride online, go and see her in person as soon as you can (but not before you have established a great contact; this would be a recipe for disaster). You can visit her at her home country or meet at a holiday resort in Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt or Thailand, where Russian people can visit easily. If you were having fun together online and are having fun together in real life, you have probably found your very own scam free Russian bride!



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