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All these beautiful ladies were featured in the Weekly Ladies Catalogue. You could be the one who contacted them first!

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Ladies' testimonials

Dear Elena
Thanks for your help in my search . I think you can remove my data from
your catalog. Owing to you I could find the man who understands me very well. When I sent my data to your agency I wasn't sure in success. But now I am in contact with the man, who lives very far away from me, but now is very close to me. Once more time, thank you.

Svetlana Savenko (Ukraine)

Dear Elena,

Thank you very much for your work. Your agency has helped me to find my second half on the other Continent...

Elena Makarevitch (Belarus)

Dear Elena,
Many thanks for your perfect service. I am very pleased with dialogue with your agency. I wrote the letters in some agencies, but yours agency is the best. I have many beautiful and lonely girlfriends. Five of them already asked me  to give your coordinates. I with pleasure recommend your agency for them.

Anna (St-Petersburg)

Dear Elena!
Thank You for your care for us, Russian women. Your help for us is really invaluable. Every time You help to unite two hears. It is wonderful activity! I have the deepest respect for You. My girl-friend met her "second half" thanks You and your Agency. She is happy. She told me about You and your Agency and I am here. Thank You very much. 

Natalia Ossipova

Dear Elena,

I want to ask you delete all my data and my photos from your web-site. I found a Man of my life and we are very happy. We want to thank you very much for your help to find each other.

With respect,
Olga Trunova

Dear Elena,
Thank you so much for your help in finding me match. Please, delete my profile. I've found someone to be with and I'm starting to preparing documents. It was very pleasant to work with you and if something will not work I'll return to you again. Thank you again.

Anna G. (Odessa, Ukraine)

I ask you to recall my data from your catalogue, because I have met the
Man (from Your subscribers) who I hope to marry. We (me and this Man) are going to meet each other soon, and I hope that all things will be o'key. I'm still not married, but I'm happy, and want to recall my data. I promise You to send You my wedding photos, when I will get them. If anything is wrong, I will ask You to publish my data again. Great thank You for Your care!!!

Sincerely Yours,
Helen Vasilieva (Vladivostok, Russia)

I would like to ask you please remove / exclude my profile and photos from your data bank. Because I has found my real man, in present moment we are collecting some documents for our marriage. Thank you very much for your Marriage Agency!!! I'm very grateful for your work!

Truly yours, Victoria Petrichenko (Latvia)

Hello Elena!
Thank you very much because I have found my true love! And it is really true love. Please remove my profile because I don't search anymore and don't want to search. I am married.

Oksana Shaff (USA - former from Volgograd, Russia)

Hello! Thank you to your agency. I found my second half. I'm in America now. I'll be married in June 15th. I hope all other women which use your agency will
happy as well as I. A lot of thanks.

Sincerelly yours
Anastasia Larchenko (Seversk, Russia)

I've been with your service for one year and I'm very grateful for what you have done for me, for your assistance. I want to inform you that recently I've found the man of my dreams and I'm very happy. We've already met and I think we are a good match. So I would like to call off my ad.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours

Olga Shkolnikova (Minsk, Belarus)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to cancel my membership with you, because I have already found my Man. I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide and for your help to the Russian girls in their search. 

Love you all,

Olga Filinkova (Minsk, Belarus)

Hello dear Elena!

Thank you very much that you gave me opportunity to find my true love! I have met my true love and wanted to stop to communicate with any man. We are going to meet at the end of May and I hope that we get married... I really I appreciate your help and hope that every girl will find their true love! I'll send my wedding pictures if we get married (I hope so)... if not I hope you will not refuse me to publish my add again! Thank you very much for your work!

Ella Khasanova
(Uzbekistan, Tashkent)

The weekly ladies catalogue

Dear Elena:

I just want to thank you for your service. As a frequent traveler to Russia, I have met many Russian girls and dated a number of them. I had used a couple of marriage agencies before subscribing to your site, and was more than disappointed. I subscribed to your service twice and contacted a number of girls over the first three months without any real results, but I persisted. In the fourth month, I found a girl that I really liked. I appreciated her letters and after writing to each other for about a month, we spoke on the phone. After a month of phone calls, I made plans to visit Russia in June 2003. I already had plans to study Russian at a University in August and September, but I stepped up my schedule in order to meet my fiancee. I arrived in St. Petersburg ahead of her and she came the next day by train. We met at the Moscow train station and liked each other right away. After a week in Spb, we took the train to Central Russia so that I could meet her family and see the city where she lived. It was a wonderful romantic time. She later came to Germany and traveled around Europe with me for a month, and then returned with me to live together while I studied Russian. Altogether, we spent 4 months living together, 24/7, without ever a harsh word or any significant problems. I have returned to the US and two weeks ago filed the paperwork for a fiancee visa. I plan to return to Russia for Christmas and New Year's and hopefully to another University to study for two more months before the processing of her fiancee visa is completed. I want to say that I feel very good about your website and am happy that I used your service. I feel very lucky to have met my fiancee and I look forward to living with her here in my home. In the past, I have visited Russia about ten times and have lived in St. Petersburg for as long as three months. I was frankly skeptical about the possibility of meeting a Russian girl through an agency, but almost at the point where I had given up.

I wish to thank you. I believe that your prices are reasonable and fair, especially compared to other websites. I think that you run your site ethically and I'm pleased to say that you can post my comments if you wish on your site. 


P.S. Thanks for operating an honest site. I learned a great deal from my own experiences in Russia and from reading your black list. I never saw a red flag in all the time that I spent with my fiancee, and you can be assured that I was looking for red flags. 

I did a background check. She didn't want any money from me before we met. She paid for her own train ticket to St. Petersburg. Several times during our travels, I gave her money to spend and every time she returned the cash to me, either spending very little or nothing at all. She often refused to let me buy her things, because she already had something exactly like it at home, or she didn't want to waste the money. She's a warm and loving girl, well-educated, intelligent, and eager to learn. She has no bad habits that I have seen and she is kind, careful of other people, and very gentle. I believe that traveling with someone is a true test of compatibility, and we traveled together without any difficulties. The true test of anyone's personality is how they do when things go wrong, and even in challenging situations, she handled herself very well. I knew that I could trust her and depend on her. What more could I ask in a wife?

Dear Elena,

I can not find the words to express the depth of gratitude that I owe you for changing my life. Prior to discovering your web-site I had been searching for a partner in Easter Europe for almost four years. During this time I wasted countless hours of my life communicating through dishonest agencies, wasted trips to Russia and scams amounting to thousands of dollars. I had also suffered some of the worst  heartbreaks of my life. Being completely distraught and at the point of giving up any hope I came across After spending several weeks studying the advice on your web-site and reading your anti-scam guide I found the courage to continue with my search.

Having subscribed to your weekly catalogue through I was amazed to find so many beautiful, sincere and intelligent women. Throughout my journey I have had the opportunity to communicate and meet with some of the most wonderful women in my life. As a result of my subscription to your weekly catalogue I have finally found the women of my dreams. I met Anna in January of this year and we have been in contact every day since. We have met on several occasions in Novosibirsk, Thailand and Turkey and I am just about to embark on another trip to Novosibirsk to ask her to become my wife. Anna is the most wonderful woman I have ever met in my life and is more than I could have ever imagined. We are both extremely happy together and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives in happiness.

Your web-site and additional advice has exceeded all expectations and I shall be eternally grateful. Please keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards
North-West England.


I wrote you a few months ago asking for your advice. You suggested I subscribe to the catalog for a couple of months, and I did.

After only a week or 2, I met the most wonderful woman. Her name is also Elena. From the moment I read her information, I knew I wanted to get to know her. I sent her an email, and she immediately replied. We have now exchanged over 300 letters!!! I am so in love with her, I can't even believe it. We are meeting in the Dominican Republic over the Thanksgiving holiday. Immediately upon my return, I plan to apply for her K1 visa. I feel that I have found the love of my life. I don't know how to thank you. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a serious relationship with a wonderful woman.

Thanks again,



Hi. When I first started this I honestly did not expect to succeed. I don't know what I expected, but I thought that I would exchange letters with a few women, and that the language and cultural differences would be too great, and that would be that.

Then, I found Lena. It would take me many letters to tell you how much we have in common. She speaks beautiful English and our phone conversations are wonderful. We write long letters to one another every day, over 50 so far, and we have fallen in love with each other.

I know that it is early. I am not a foolish man. But I can also tell that the love that is growing between us will continue, and that we will be together. I am going to visit her for New Years and I am as excited as a school boy.

So, I want to say thank you. I am a teacher, and although I work for a salary, my most important reward is the satisfaction I get from helping children learn. You are also in a helping profession, and I have to say, you really helped me; me and my Lena. I hope you are satisfied. You should be.

Thank you for helping me find her.

Richard Kinst


Thank you very much for your help as I am now in contact with a couple of ladies from Russia and I will be visiting St. Petersburg in about 30 days. I will keep you posted also I know that the process that I will still have to follow is going to be a little hard but I will enjoy the journey toward my goal. Again thank you for your help and I will recommend you to any and all guys that will need services like the one you offered.


I subscribed to your 3 months of profiles about 3 months ago. I met a lovely lady in Almaty Kazakhstan and on July 19, 2002 we got married. I just spent almost 4 weeks in Almaty and I have to say it is very interesting. I am 25 and she is 23.

We have filed all of our paperwork for her immigration visa with the US embassy in Almaty Kazakhstan and hopefully within the next week or so, they will advise her of her appointment date in Moscow for her physical and Visa Interview. We are really looking forward to sending you some pictures of our wedding and possibly writing a letter for the contest. So if you please would remove her profile for us, it would be wonderful.


Greg Hall and Yekaterina Naumova 

Dear Elena,

Thank you for advising me on the expiration to my subscription. 
It has been great experience. Your site is the most valued tool any man can have to his search and the correspondence.

Many thanks for your informative site, the catalogues, everything. It all made my search so much easier...........

Warren D Wheatley

Dear Elena!!!

I've received two other catalogs. Thank you very much. I am extremely impressed with the selection of candidates. 

Thanks again for sending me the catalogs. I'm very impressed with your company and the service that you provide.

Best regards,


First, I want to thank you SO MUCH for your Weekly Catalog service. After receiving several weeks of the service I found the most wonderful girl I've ever met. We started corresponding immediately, and have not stopped for several weeks. We are going to meet in Russia this summer.

Your service and the ladies you represent are top-notch. Almost all of them have email, which makes everything so much easier. I'll be recommending your service to everyone I know.

Something you may want to add to the "Why would you want to meet a Russian woman section." I see many sites list the benefits of Russian women (values, looks, etc). The biggest problem for single American men is that most American women are simply not available. A simple case of "all the best ones are taken." There is a mindset here in American women that says, "if you don't have a husband or a boyfriend, there's something wrong with you." So women here will usually stay with the first guy they find and if something goes wrong, quickly move to the next. Whereas Russian women would rather wait until they find the right man, rather than settle for second-best. I could be wrong, but I think that's why there's so many single Russian women and so few single American women.

Anyways, thanks again for your excellent service.

Jeff (CA, USA)

I have found my Svetlana. She is more than I could hope for! We meet June 22 in Moscow. We have even filled out all visa forms! I have written her 30 letters so far. It will be a long wait for us for her to get visa and we know it. I am a fairly good judge of character and know in my heart she is truthful. Tomsk is is as far away as I could pick but picked her above others for her letter. She is now a part of my life. It was just April 9th that I sent my first letter. I know that we will marry, though I haven't asked yet. I am concerned about age spread but she is not. Yet I know as I get older she might be disappointed, but maybe not. There is a 25 year span. I am 54.

I admit I've help from my Russian friend Elena who lives here. I wish we could speed up the process for visa.

Thank you for you help in finding my soul mate.

Matthew Clark (MD, USA)

I've twice subscribed to receive your weekly lists of ladies. Hopefully, I've found my future wife! I'll be going to Kiev this June to meet her. In case this meeting is not successful, I hope that you can recommend a marriage agency in Kiev to help me. So many agencies are dishonest. You seem very honest and helpful. I think that your agency is the best of its kind!

Robert Amador (USA)

I want to congratulate you for the quality of your service. The women whom you are introducing are serious and I am corresponding in a very promising way with several of them.

Very sincerely
Christian F. (France)

Hello Elena!

This is just to thank you so much for your service and to let it you know. It was back in February 2002 when I purchased your 3 month service that have now expired. It took me just 1 month to realize which woman I had to meet, a real 26 year-old girl from Krim, Ukraina. She is more than I expected, an angel fallen from heaven. She was by my side at every moment I need her during my visit to Ukraine and she was a great help for me. We liked so much each other than she's going to visit me in July and I'll visit her again in October. We have a future in common for sure. And I want to thank you eternally again for giving me such a opportunity to meet what is probably the woman of my life.

Sincerely yours.
Juan (Spain)

Dear Elena,

Nearly a year ago I subscribed to your weekly ladies catalog service. I corresponded with several very nice Russian women but it was not long before I was corresponding with only one because we found many things in common - our values, hopes, dreams, and past experiences in relationships. I am pleased to tell you as a direct result of the service you provided me and my subsequent correspondence with this beautiful and wonderful woman, we are now engaged to be married!! Thank you!!

I feel compelled to write and tell you that in spite of the attempts of many to characterize this form of meeting as "mail-order brides", nothing could be further from the truth! Successful relationships can never be a matter of choosing solely on a picture and a personal profile. The service you provided me gave me a starting point to make contact(s). The rest was up to me and those with whom I corresponded. I can assure you that I not only corresponded with my fiancee, but I took the time to get to know her and allowed her to get to know me. I travelled to Russia this spring and spent three weeks with her travelling to Moscow and from there to St. Petersburg and then to her home city. It was for me heaven on earth getting to know this fine woman in her home country of Russia and it was the trip of a lifetime!! What I found on this visit was that my fiancee was indeed who the correspondence revealed her to be and more! Nothing....and I mean NOTHING...can take the place of meeting face-to-face.

I do not think I can adequately express my thanks to you with words except to tell you the course of my life has been forever altered for the better!

Christopher Barna
North Carolina, USA


My name is John Nichols from Australia, I have nothing but praise for your site and the genuine ladies that you sent to me, I have chosen one lady Galina from Odessa and after writing for some time I visited her in June and I must say she was far more than I expected. We have a very deep love that I have never felt before and now we are going through the mountains of paper work for a fiancee visa for her to come to Australia. I will be going to visit her with my 14 year old daughter in October. One day in the future I hope to see this wonderful lady in my country. 

My advice is to any one wanting a wonderful wife to ignore all the bad publicity and follow your dreams. There are more nice woman in the former USSR than the  bad ones that the media will have you believe.

John Nichols (Australia)

Dear Elena,

How could I thank you?

I discovered Viktoriya in January in the first issue of the Weekly Catalogue you sent to me. We have been writing each other daily, and since Saint Valentine day, we have been talking on the phone daily too... At the end of March, I went to Ukraine to meet her, I had correspondence with others women, but my heart was beating for her only. I had many presents for her, particularly a fiancee ring, I put it to her finger during our first evening, why being awaiting when love is there?

She is arriving this Friday in Santo Domingo with her son, who is our son from now on. We are going to get married in June.


Hello Elena Petrova!

I am so happy with the results I have obtained so far from you weekly catalogue that I feel the overwhelming urge to send this letter telling you about my first results.

Here is my story so far. A couple of weeks ago I decided to begin corresponding with a few Russian women. I had made this decision after some reflection about my desire for a wife and family, as I now have a very successful career. One reason that I decided to explore the idea of corresponding with Russian women is that I was a Russian major in college for two years, and over time have known a handful of Russian families that have moved to the U.S. I am not one to go randomly meet women in a tavern or club, and I do not go to church. The thought of an online personals or dating service (American) does not interest me for various reasons. So I thought, "Maybe I should explore this a little more."

I started by using a search engine to find websites featuring Russian women. Of course, I found many on the web. But most of these sites made me a bit suspicious. We have all heard about various Internet scams, especially those occurring overseas. The pictures on these websites were so beautiful, so attractive! The women were so beautiful and striking. But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking that the photos were just a bit too good, if you know what I mean. And too many of these websites were too "commercialized."

But my biggest concern with these sites were the various costs involved. I make a good income and have more than enough to afford such a venture. But I work too hard for my money to just throw it away. I am not a gambler. Most sites charge $10 per address or email address. So choosing ten would be $100! And, of course, how could I be sure about the authenticity of the photos, the addresses, etc.?

I had a friend in the early 1990's who bought the "European Connections" catalogue. He purchased ten or so addresses, and sent letters to these women. He only received one response, and it quickly went nowhere. He spent months corresponding with just this one person, only to have it fail.

Among the search results for websites with Russian women, I discovered your informative website. I spent most of my day off from work engrossed in reading your website. The information you provide is invaluable! I also saw the example of your catalogue while reading your website. At first, I said to myself "These pictures are nowhere near as nice as some of the other sites!" But then it hit me. These pictures looked authentic, with authentic biographies!

I saw your price of $95 U.S. for a three month subscription with literally hundreds of women. So I decided to give your catalogue a try. After all, your price is very reasonable, and I saw from your website that you are very honest person, and your website appears to "tell it like it is."

I was so excited when I received my first issue of your catalogue! I spent two days reviewing each woman's biography and picture. Some decisions were easy, but most were not. Who to choose to write to?

Knowing that only a certain percentage of my letters will receive a response, I decided to choose about 50 or 60 to write to.

The response has been phenomenal! In fact, I find it very overwhelming! About 28 women have responded to my first letters already, and every day I receive a few more. I have had several correspondences with a few already, as some have ready access to the Internet. I need to explain that my job involves corresponding with prospective customers via email, so sending letters by email is my preferred method. At this point, I have not sent one letter by regular post.

The response has been so much more than I had ever expected! I had thought that I would only have received a few responses. Not so! Now, I have to make so many tough decisions about who to continue to correspond with! This is not as easy as it sounds, believe me. So many of these women have written such genuinely personal letters. I have been spending all of my spare time after work and during my days off just responding! In fact, I have not had my usual amount of sleep this week! And still more responses arrive in my email account. Do you have any helpful advice about this?

And then, I received my second issue of the weekly catalogue. I looked through it the next day, and even choose a few that I might want to write to. But I have not yet written these new ladies, because I am so swamped with just responding to the ladies I have written to from the first issue I received. Don't misunderstand me, but I am no longer excited about receive the next several issues of your catalogue. I might be wrong, but I really don't think that I will write to any of these upcoming women. I'm already too busy with just the first issue! And I truly believe that one of the women I am currently corresponding with now will be my future wife this year.

Let me put it in very simple terms for you. Your website is wonderful! Your catalogue is wonderful, and genuine! I am in sales, and have been taught to "under-promise and over-deliver" to have a satisfied, long term customer. You have definitely under-promised and over-delivered! You been great! I will definitely recommend your catalogue to anyone who is looking to find a Russian partner.

I don't know yet where all of this will take me. So far, it has been a very exciting experience, and I am looking forward anxiously to see where this will go (I am already leaning toward a couple of the women I have corresponded with).

There is only one sad point so far. I can only choose one woman in the end. I feel so sad about the others that I am corresponding with now. Like myself, they too have their dreams and desires. I can only hope and pray that they will find their dreams and happiness.

Again, thank you so much! Please feel free to use (and edit if you like) anything I have written in this letter, because I am truly a satisfied customer of your catalogue.

Best regards,

Tim Cushing
Woodstock (Atlanta), Georgia

I just received my first set of contacts in the 3-month program I subscribed to the other day. I wanted to tell you how uncomplicated your service is for receiving photos, addresses, phone #'s and e-mail addresses in one packet.

David Kramer
Colorado, USA

Thanks so much for the catalogue update, just too many ladies to choose from...

Glen Parryh
United Kingdom

I am very pleased with your service and I have had a remarkably high
percentage of replies.

Frank Bushman
Idaho, USA

Hello Elena;

I just wanted to give you some feedback about my experience with your catalogue.

I ordered your catalogue in the hopes of finding the special person in my life, and after I had run into numerous attempted scams from other agencies. With the first issue of catalogues, including the back issues I wrote to perhaps five women. I received replies from three of them, and one of them was kind enough to tell me she was already writing to someone, but she'd be interested in writing if their relationship didn't work after they met. To me this indicated that the ladies featured were at least honest. I corresponded with the other ladies for a short time, but for one reason or another we didn't seem to connect. After about five issues I began writing to a lovely lady from near Moscow. With her first letter she struck me as being very honest and forthright. For example, she told me she would only be able to write once a week as she was very busy, but not to worry, she would respond to any letters I did write. I decided to take a chance and send her a gift for her birthday, even though we had just begun correspondence. I can't tell you how happy she was in her next letter. We've been writing for about two months, now, and I always look forward to her weekly letters. Sometimes they take a little longer than a week, but they always arrive eventually.

To make a long story short, I have suspended my subscription for now, as I am flying out to meet her in May of this year. I will keep you advised as to how things turn out!

James (USA)

Hello Elena,

And thank you for your service - so far it seems to be going very well! I am also pleased to report that no one was offended by my reference to sending money, (as taken directly from your anti scam guide), and that everyone appreciated my offer to cover email costs, though no one took me up on it.

Thank you for what you have done so far - I am really enjoying myself!

Nick (USA)

Hi Elena! My name is Junsu Park, your customer from South Korea. I had joined your service February 23, 2001. Contract will be subject to expire soon. About 3 months has gone since I had found your wonderful services. Now I have to say to you "very helpful and thanks a lot". I had met my kind of girl as soon as I joined your services 3 months ago. I am in love with an attractive, beautiful, intellectual, highly educated, sincere woman from Russia. We are going to be ready to marry until late this year. I am very happy for your reliable services and good information about Russian women through your web. It is entirely due to your help. We are in contact almost every day through Internet and telephone. I really want to thank you for your sincere efforts for me and continuous informing about women. Good luck to your wonderful business!

Junsu Park (South Korea)

I had a terrible time filtering down the women from your first mailing of the Weekly Catalogue to find a handful to write to. I started with the typical guy thing of looking at the pictures, and that didn't eliminate very many! So after I got through the first of the 5 weeks you sent, which took forever, I came up with another tactic. I just looked at the text file, and eliminated everyone who was under 30, or who specified a man with less than 45 as the upper age limit. This got it down to a small enough number that I could focus on their descriptions of themselves and the man they wanted to meet. 

All of this is a way of complimenting you and your staff for your selection process. All of the women you forwarded would certainly be called attractive and interesting.

Dan (USA)

Dear Elena
I want to thank you for your service. I have met many nice women. Thank you!

Alan (USA)

I am a new subscriber to your catalog, and I am very happy with it.  Your site has been of great value to me in my endeavor to find the right woman.

Joe A (USA)

I have been a member and have met a few terrific ladies through your site. I am in the process of trying to figure out which one I want to meet in person.

Paul (New York, USA)

Please remove me from your mailing list. I have met an intelligent and beautiful woman from Minsk. We will be married soon. Thank you.

Mike (USA)

Dear Elena,
First off, thank you for your wonderful service. I found the love of my life in April of 2001 thanks to you. This August, I spent 3 amazing weeks in Russia with Valerya and returned a little more than a week ago. Currently, I am in the process of applying for the Fiancee Visa to bring Valerya to America. I cannot thank you enough for your terrific services and I will let you know how things go!

Mark (USA)

I want to thank you for your service... the way you deliver the women's photos and information seems more efficient than other agencies.

Rick (USA)

Thank you.... a thousand times... thank you. Perhaps you might remember an e-mail that I sent several weeks ago. I wrote after I signed up for your Weekly Catalogue with a concern that I would not receive the contact information for the lady whose profile was in one of the earlier issues, featured on the Free Bonus page. I purchased the subscription to your service with the hope that I would learn a means of contacting her. Honestly, I have written to her before (only a week and a half before subscribing to your service) but did not receive a response. I was hoping that your service might offer a more reliable e-mail address or an address to which I might send a hand written letter. I took my time writing a written letter. I did not want to repeat my earlier mistakes of hastily written e-mails. It ended up being four pages long, and I included several photos. What seemed like an eternity later (actually only two weeks) I received an e-mail response. It was over four weeks since I had sent my original sloppy e-mail. I was persistent however, and it worked. It felt like forever. We have been corresponding almost daily since. Early in the correspondence she tested my sincerity by asking if I could come to Russia to visit. I have read on your site that guys that go to visit the girls first have the best chance of keeping the girls interest, however I didn't need much encouragement. I can honestly say that I would travel to the other side of the world to meet this girl... because I am. A thousand times thank you. I am going to Moscow to meet this intelligent, beautiful girl with dreams of a fairy tale, yet maintains a firm grasp of reality. While I was waiting for a response from her, I had you translate a letter to send to other women listed with your service. Thank you very much, I received many responses. It really works (however some of the girls seem to realize that a translated letter will be sent to many others). I have enjoyed a few exchanges of e-mail with them. One of the hardest things to deal with is letting these women know that I am especially interested in someone else I met through your service and will no longer be corresponding. 

Here's a couple of things that I would like to see on your website: advice on how to overcome the anxiety of the first meeting and tips on how to endure the wait. I haven't been sleeping well!

Once again,
Thank you so much for your wonderful service. 
I might be in your debt for life.

Jeffrey (USA)

PS to the story: The couple really met each other and now both requested to be removed from our service... We love such requests!

Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT service!!! I am so impressed. Plus, I bought your anti-scam guide, and while not in your magazine, got scammed through Interglobe, and caught it IMMEDIATELY. Without your guide, I may have been in trouble. I am an attorney, but in matters of the heart, just as vulnerable as the next guy.

I have met some very nice ladies in your magazine, and believe it to be the gift of a lifetime. If the lady I am communicating with now does not work out, I will reup. Thanks again so much for this high quality, exceptional, service!! 

Greg (USA)

Hello Dear Elena!

I write to tell you that soon I will be traveling to Ukraine to meet Yuliya, the wonderful woman I met through your agency, three months ago. I never thought I could meet such woman, with so many caring and beautiful qualities. Most of all, we seem to be ideal for each other in many ways. We speak several times a week, and she sends me lovely handwritten letters by email (scanned). We have also shared many letters and photos my airmail. She surprised me today, my birthday, with pleasant phone call! I will be staying with her and her parents when I arrive :) I already feel like part of the family, and look forward to our future together! I'm not sure how you find such beautiful and honest ladies, but she was a God send....thank you!! I will keep you posted on our future :)

Best regards,
Denver, Colorado

PS Good news!

I have returned from Donetsk, Ukraine after a wonderful visit with Yuliya, who I met through your agency. I stayed with Yuliya and her parents, and was treated like family member. I first began writing and calling Yuliya back in October, and now we are engaged. She is a wonderful woman, and we are a perfect match. Her photo was the reason I joined your site, and soon we will always be together! All I can say guys, is don't give up. After five years of searching and listing my own scams on this site, Yuliya and I found each other. Your lady is waiting for you too. All the best. Tom (26 February 2002)

Let me thank you for your catalogue - it has been very helpful to me in my search. My search has progressed well, and I will be going to the Ukraine soon to meet with a select few ladies! I will keep you posted!

Robert V. (NJ, USA)

I appreciate your services and your website's advice a great deal. I returned from my first visit to Russia last week, and I cannot find enough words to describe how much I enjoyed the experience. I spent time with three wonderful ladies I met through your services, and I used many of your tips to help me understand them better.

Dan B. (USA)

I have had many responses to my letters of introduction and have made a great start. I'm sure I will look back on this and say it was the best $95 I've ever spent.

TJ Werth (Texas, USA)

Dear Elena
I have been VERY satisfied with your service and recommend you highly. I am leaving for Moscow next week. Thank you for your prompt and reliable service.

William Buse

Just for the record, I am getting a very good number of responses and I can only say that I wish I found you sooner. (I would not have needed you scam guide) lol. Great job, and thanks!

Johnny Spatz,
PS: I am going to Kiev in January to meet a couple of potentials.

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