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Feedback about Russian Brides Cyber Guide's Black List

Thanks for your help on this site! I had decided early on that I would be happy to correspond with her so long as there were no requests for money. When the last letter finally arrived this morning, I knew something was up. 
Thanks for assuring me that this was a scam after all.


Scamming may not be a crime, but stealing money is. I am going to nail these guys, if its the last thing I do. Thank you for fighting the good fight. We should all stand together to rid the world of this scum.

Adriaan (South Africa)

I would like to thank the creators of this site and especially one contributor to the site, namely Shane, who wrote a profile on a Miheeva, Marina aka Margo. You have saved me a lot of money and a lot of grief. The thing to remember about dating site scammers, and this one in particular, is that even though they may correspond with you for weeks - they are essentially lazy. They may respond to the general gist of your e-mails but generally do not respond to specific details, such as questions, comments or photos. They also have a tendency to re-use a lot of the same material that has worked for them in the past.


I did some more digging and found this website which made my decision a no brainer. I replied back to her with an article that I found about scammers being arrested in Russia. I haven't heard back from her since. She's good...almost got me to go "all in"... Thank you to this website and whoever started it!


Anjella first contacted me through We have been emailing for about 5 weeks now. She made no mention of money until last week. Thanks to you I was wary and di not send any money. She asked for help with tickets after the visa cost her more than expected. I found her IP address and did a google search and found your site with almost identical emails. Copy and paste with some personal questions answered at the top. Thanks for saving me some grief.


Russian women black list - names and photos of reported scammers, scams from Russia, dating fraud

Black List - page 654: UPDATES
06, 2011

DISCLAIMER: This page is compiled from visitors' comments only. All messages posted tell about personal experiences of their authors, and not necessarily reflect the position of Russian Brides Cyber Guide

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    My name is John. I was contacted in early Feb, 2011 by e-mail left on a popular American dating website called Lavalife. The first mail was left in the web mailbox for my account. The mail included a photo of a beautiful woman and her username was casualgirl85. The location was listed as a Virginia address. I responded to the mail and gave my real e-mail address. I was then contacted regularly for over two months. I recieved mails every day from the woman with the username This person seemed very interested in talking to me as a person about everything, including her religion and claimed to be a churchgoing believer who became interested in meeting me in person. She told me after a few mails that she lived in Russia and gave her location as Zelenodolsk. I soon had her address and talked with her by mail every day. At first she invited me to come to Russia, and very innocently she planned to find a way to meet me. The plan she had seemed to evolve in a very innocent way and she told me she could come to America to meet me. She had detailed plans to come and they all sounded consistent and detailed in such a way as they were not suspicions raised about the plan she had. When I told her that I could not travel there her plan evolved in a way that both made sense and was a very convincing and thoughtful way. She sent pictures, many of them and had in context stories about each. they were not professionally produced or glitzy photos but everyday shots of her in her career and in transit, on vacation, etc. The photos I sent her were all commented upon in context and all her stories were consistent and in context. Her plan evolved in such an innocent way I was not suspicious when she eventually asked if I could help her buy her tickets with a loan that could be repaid when she arrived here to work with a "work permit". Only after a lot of questioning and careful, (I thought), consideration and having her send me a reference who I also corresponded with did I consider it. With careful gentle pleading and love talk I was convinced to send her the money she needed to "arrive to me", (her words). This person used loving words, stories and events in a very careful and decieving way that was totally convincing to me. I knew it was a risk I was taking but had been convinced that she was for real, and that she really was coming to America, she had sent flight dates times and specifics about her trip after I sent the money and she recieved it. So after hearing from her multiple times after sending the money I was doubly convinced that she was for real. Her name was Margarita Yusupova and I had specific information such as her address and her friends e-mail who I was also in contact with. About a week after she recieved the money she had a new problem, her expatriate travel health insurance had expired and she needed to purchase a new policy again. Again she innocently evolved the story that she was shopping for a policy, then had news that the policy had to be provided by a Russian company due to new laws. At this point I started doing more research about it and started questioning things she claimed such as the work visa and the Russian policy requirement. I contacted professionals in the insurance and immigration fields and soon rrealized it was a scam which I had been duped with. She was not on the manifest of the flights she claimed to be booked on and I knew it was a scam by then. I realize I could have been more careful and circumspect in my thought process about this affair but there were other aspects that I won't go into that were also convincing in a genuine way to me. I now know there were ways to verify the things she said that I should have demanded and should have done so, but honestly I was taken by this person on an emotional level and psychic level as well, and did not take the precautions I should have and should have taken the advice not to send monies to persons I don't know personally. I have contacted Western Union and issued a fraud alert there and am following up with further actions to identify this person and this scam. I have further documentation as well as the reciepts and documents of the transaction when I sent her the money for tickets. I spoke to this person by phone and had looked for her on the watchlist site and thought she was genuine in her affections for me. This was done in a very thoughtful way and this scam was done with professional deceit. It was heartbreaking to find out she was not for real and I don't understand the effort of professional criminals operation in such a fashion, but that is what is apparently the case. If contacted I can provide more details but the woman was totally convincing to me as she seemed to be genuine in every aspect. I know I was stupid for sending the money, but I was professionally duped so there it is.  John


Hello my lovely John!!! Thank you for the letter. I am glad to receive it. How are you today? Honey I had so busy day today, it was made me tired. I visited few banks, who gives the loans. I was asked about the income, education and about my property. It was took a lot of time, all of that routine. But I didn't got the loan. All banks, that I visited today, declined my loan request because it is not safe for banks. They think I will can't to returned it in time and I haven't property for the mortgage. It was mad me. I thought it will be easier to get the loan. I think you are right, it is good that I didn't get a loan from bank. But my savings is not enough for pay for tickets. When I traveled last time. I visited Turkey on summer vacation. I worked and saved all year for this trip. I don't earn a lot of money, I spend it on the food things, on the wear and for life, for pay for rends one room apartment where I live. And I have just a little for save. Last time I saved about 50 dollars at month. And my Turkey trip was cost a 520 dollars for me. But right now it is another story. John, honey I am glad you want to help to pay for tickets. It is good news, but I don't sure if you can to pay for tickets by credit card. I have a $220 dollars after paying for visa. So $220 dollars it all my savings right now. But I need to pay for tickets to travel agency $1,240. I need to buy tickets with travel agency. My travel agency guaranty that I will haven't troubles with receiving work visa if I will follow all contract duties, or travel agency will return me all funds that I spend plus 100% compensation. Therefor I need to buy tickets with travel agency. My travel agent told me that all documents are ready, and they was connected with a Embassy and I should to have the Interview on 30 of March. But I should to pay for the tickets before the Interview. I should to buy the tickets with my travel agency by the contract. I want to get the work visa with this agency. And travel agency gives the guaranty that I will get it without problems and will get the job when I will arrive to you. John, honey I want to meet you for so bad, but I don't know what to do. Our meeting is so important for me. I think we can to be the great couple. Are you agree with me? I love you and want to be with you. I will wait your letter with impatience. I send to you a lot of my kisses.
Forever your Rita

My lovely John hi!!! Thank you for the letters. How are you today? I hope you are fine. I am fine too. Just had a good day. Nothing really special, just usual work day. It was quiet and good, so I fell not tired, have a energy. I visited the travel agency after work. Honey don't worry, if I will don't get the visa, travel agent will return money for visa and tickets and will repay 100% compensation. I think there will not be problems with getting visa. The main thing is to pay for tickets. My travel agent told me that you can't to pay to the tickets by credit card. They can't accept payment from you. I should to pay for tickets by itself, because I was concluded contract with them. So my travel agent can accept payment from me. But I have just a $220, but I need to pay $1240, so I need a $1000 more. Travel agent told me that you can to send funds for tickets on my name by money transfer service. And I will pay for tickets after I will get it. Travel agent told me that we have a Western Union in our city. I can to find out more about it tomorrow. Do you think it is good way for help me to pay for tickets? I hope so. I plan to go at swimming pool this evening with Elya. I like swimming. And I swim good, I feel very comfortable in water, like a dolphin. lol Do you like dolphins? I saw dolphins just by TV. Would be great visit dolphin center. I hope you understand what I try to say, don't sure if I have got a correct word for it. It would be great to visit dolphin center with you. Do you have such thing, may be in Zoo? It would be great to swim together too. Would you like it? To play in water, giving a kisses and hugs, feel each other bodies in water... m-m-m Sounds just great. But this evening I will swim without you. So sad. I will tell hello to Elya from you. John, honey I should to go right now, I need to go at home at the first to get the swim suit and to meet with Elya after it for going in the pool. I will write more tomorrow. Send you a lot of my kisses.
Forever your Rita.

My lovely angel John hi!!! Thank you for the letters. How are you today? I hope you are fine. I am fine too. I had a good day today. Just a little tired. I had a busy work day. And I went at the Internet cafe after work to read your letter. After I was got the information about the transfer I went at the bank to pick up it. So I successfully picked up it and paid for the tickets. The weather is warm and there is a lot of water on the streets. It was a snow winter and we had a lot of snow still and it's transforms in water. My foots are wet right now. Honey I visited travel agency and asked to schedule the date of the Interview in the Embassy for get visa and the date of flight to you. My travel agent told me that they can to schedule the date of Interview on 20 of April, it is free date right now. And I agreed. So I will go for get the visa on 20 of April and will fly to you 21 of April. Honey I will go tomorrow at the travel agency again to know the details of the flight to you. Today was so busy day, I was hurried to go in Internet cafe to write you this letter. So I didn't wrote the information about the flight. I knew you worry about me, so I hurried to go back to Internet cafe to write you good news. So after this long day I went at the Internet cafe to write you this letter. I didn't tried to call you today. Just was so busy. When I will return at home I will make a hot tea with raspberry jam, that was made by my grandma. Raspberry jam is good to prevent the flu. So I will not be sick. Anyway I don't think it is good to stay with a wet foots for long time. John, honey I should to go right now, to get my shoe off, make a hot tea with raspberry jam and don't get a flu. I will write you more tomorrow, will write you the details of the flight. Love You so much. Send you a lot of my kisses.
Forever your Rita.

Hello my lovely angel John!!! Thank you for the lovely letters. How are you today? I hope you are fine. I am fine too. Today I had a busy day again. The weather is warm, but very wet because of water on streets. Some of streets looks like a mini rivers or lakes. I try to walk carefully, but it is hard keeps foots dry with such weather. But don't worry I will keep healthy. I use the vitamins and drink a hot tea with lemon and with raspberry jam, so it helps to keep healthy. It seems when the weather makes warmer, more women want to looks better and they use our beauty shop for it. So today we had a lot of clients and I feel a little tired after it. I went at the travel agency after work. I asked my travel agent about the details of flight. My travel agent told me that they check my documents for getting visa. And my travel agent found that my travel insurance was expired 3 days ago. And I need to make the new travel insurance before the Interview. I should to have the medical insurance for get the Visa. I have been made last insurance 5 years ago. And it was expired just 3 days ago. John, honey I was upset. I should to go at insurance company for make insurance. Travel agency doesn't make it. The insurance company provides all charges within the limits of the insurance sum. The insurance guarantees rendering the first help, treatment and transportation at hospital. I haven't time today to visit insurance company I will visit it tomorrow. Honey my travel agent booked the tickets for me. So I was recorded the details of the flight and now writing to you:

Departing 2:40 PM, Thu 21 Apr, Arrives 11:26 PM (Total travel time: 16h 46m)

Aeroflot Russian Airlines SU SU315 AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A330-300
2:40 PM Moscow Sheremetyevo, Russia (SVO)
5:00 PM New York John F. Kennedy International, New York (JFK)

9:10 PM New York La Guardia, New York (LGA)
11:26 PM Cincinnati (CVG)

So You have the flight information now. I went at Internet cafe right after travel agency to write you this letter. It is late right now. I should to go. Send you my kisses. Love you so much. Will write you more tomorrow.
Forever your Rita.

My lovely angel John hi!!! Thank you for the letters. And I am sorry for this troubles with insurance. I have a workable plan to arrive to you. But my last travel insurance was expired. I travel before in Turkey with travel insurance too. The having travel insurance is not a getting visa requirement. The having travel insurance is requirement of going outside country. I will can't to fly to you next day after Interview and getting visa, if I will have the travel insurance. John, honey I had a short work day today. I was worried about you and our meeting. So I leave work earlier and when I read your letters the first time I went at the travel agency and asked if it will work if you will buy travel insurance for me. I hoped that it will work. But my travel agent told me that by Russian law I have to get the travel insurance with Russian insurance company. So if Russian citizen will have problems with health outside country, Russian insurance company will pay for medical treatment by insurance. I think this law was made the corrupted ministers who lobbied the Russian insurance companies. And therefor there is a so high prices. The 5 years ago, when I bought my last travel insurance, it was cheap. The cost of travel insurance was just a 360 dollars for 5 years. But right now the law was changed and prices was grew. So it will not work if you will buy my travel insurance. I will need to have a one more travel insurance with Russian insurance company. Honey when I went back from travel agency to Internet cafe I was met Elya and told to her about our problems. She told me that she can to give me her savings. She was made a savings for weeding. She plan with her fiance to get married in August. So she saved a 400 dollars and she can to give me it for travel insurance. I told to her that I will work hard when I will arrive to you and will give this funds back to her. Elya told me that she feel sorry that she haven't more to give me. Her fiance still have a hard times with his business. We went together in the Internet cafe. She told me you wrote the letter to her too. So she writing you the answer right now too. Honey I am sorry for this troubles. I don't want to break your heart, and don't be heartbroken too. Because to be with you all I want. And if you write me that we can't to meet in will break my heart too. I want to be with you so bad. May be I should to tell to travel agent to change the date of Interview in Embassy and date of the flight. So we have a more time for get the funds for buy travel insurance at Russian insurance company for me? I need to 2268 dollars to buy travel insurance. And if I will get 400 dollars from Elya, I will need a 1868 dollars more. Honey please think about it. I know we will find the way in this situation. I love You so much and want to be with you.
Send you my kisses. Forever your Rita.

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