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Thanks for your help on this site! I had decided early on that I would be happy to correspond with her so long as there were no requests for money. When the last letter finally arrived this morning, I knew something was up. 
Thanks for assuring me that this was a scam after all.


Scamming†may not be a crime, but stealing money is. I am going to nail†these guys, if its the last thing I do. Thank you†for fighting the good fight.†We should all stand together to†rid the world of this scum.

Adriaan (South Africa)

I would like to thank the creators of this site and especially one contributor to the site, namely Shane, who wrote a profile on a Miheeva, Marina aka Margo. You have saved me a lot of money and a lot of grief. The thing to remember about dating site scammers, and this one in particular, is that even though they may correspond with you for weeks - they are essentially lazy. They may respond to the general gist of your e-mails but generally do not respond to specific details, such as questions, comments or photos. They also have a tendency to re-use a lot of the same material that has worked for them in the past.


I did some more digging and found this website which made my decision a no brainer. I replied back to her with an article that I found about scammers being arrested in Russia. I haven't heard back from her since. She's good...almost got me to go "all in"... Thank you to this website and whoever started it!


Anjella first contacted me through We have been emailing for about 5 weeks now. She made no mention of money until last week. Thanks to you I was wary and di not send any money. She asked for help with tickets after the visa cost her more than expected. I found her IP address and did a google search and found your site with almost identical emails. Copy and paste with some personal questions answered at the top. Thanks for saving me some grief.


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26, 2009

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Still one Eastern swindler!
Here are some mails and photos.
Good continuance in your denunciation of this type of practice.
S. Goupil


-------- Message original -------- 
Sujet : Salut 
Date : Mon, 21 Sep 2009 18:18:57 +0400 
De : Svetlana <> 
Pour : The Goupil <> 

Bonjour mon amour! Je suis heureux de recevoir de vous votre lettre! 
Mon cher, mais vous avez dit que pour m'aider a payer mes documents et il ne fais pas ca! Pourquoi ne pas vous envoyer de l'aide que vous le dit! Pour l'entreprise touristique attendre mon paiement! 
Pourquoi pensez-vous resumer! Apres tout, j'ai tout prepare pour notre rencontre avec vous et je n'ai qu'a payer! 
J'ai besoin de 310 euros pour mes documents et j'espere que vous etes sur cette semaine tu me les envoyer! (I need 310 euro for my documents and I espere that etes you over this week you to send them to me!)
Apres tout, Je suis tres fortement que vous aimez et que vous manquez et attendre notre rencontre avec vous! 
Avec l'amour de votre Svetlana!

Svetlana Bezrukova (St.Petersburg , Russia)

Masterskaya st 11
apartment 34
191121 p code
Tel-not given

Visa and ticket scammer
We met in a greek dating site
I start being worry when after I send her almost 870 usd  she asked me 2250 usd to show in the supposed  immigration office.I contact also with other sources and i was told also that is a scam.I checked also the ip  and it indicates The BAT -programm often used by scammers.


Sep 2 2009
Hello my friend Lazaros!
I am very pleased that you responded to my letter, and very pleased to know about you as well. Now I want to tell you about how I live and with whom. I live with my mother in an apartment together. And my father lives far away from us in another city. I never saw him. He left my mom when I was very small. Now even the address is not where he lives. I thought to go to it and see, but I do not know the address. So it probably is not the fate I meet with him. About my mother, her name is Nina her 46 years, we live together with my mother, sisters and brothers, I have no idea. I work as a seller of products. Now Russia has a lot of supermarkets and I am very pleased that, because it gives me the opportunity to work! Now the world crisis and it is very difficult for people to find work. I have higher education, but I have to work in a supermarket, in order to pay bills and to live! I wanted to become a lifelong doctor, I dreamed about it because I really want to do good to people. But in Russia it is very difficult to become a doctor, because to become a doctor, or you need to agree on very small salaries, or have good friends in private clinics. But I have no friends...
Still want to tell you about my data. My growth 175 sm, my weight 53 kg, I do not drink, I do not smoke and do not use drugs, but sometimes in such as a holiday, birthday or New Year, I can afford a glass of champagne or red wine. I had never been married, I had a serious relationship before. I met with a guy, about six months ago, but it is very bad for me, he could come to me drunk, and even once he hit me and then I terminated the relationship with him. I can not allow ourselves to hurt. I was born not to offend me! Now I am not looking for relationships in Russia, because men are all very serious and like to abuse alcohol. I do not need it... But now I think that this will end my letter. I hope to see a great letter from you now and I will be really very pleased if you write a lot about myself and send me new pictures. I am interested in you all:
I wonder what your favorite hobby?
I am interested in what you work?
I am interested in a lot of you!
I hope that you write me about this in the next letter.
It is very pleasant to communicate with you and I look forward to hearing from you a new answer. Your new friend Svetlana.

Sep 22 2009
Hello dear Lazaros!
It was lovely to hear from you again and to know that everything is well with you!!! How is everything with you, have you been doing anything? I had a lovely day today. You know I want to say that I cannot begin to tell you, how I feel for you and hope you fill the same whey. Please know that all you letters and communication with you gives me a happiness and Iím very grateful that I have male friend like you. On your letters I can see a very big attention to me and should tell you that is very pleasant for me. I was always dreaming when fine I will fine my male friend like you. Someone, who would understand me, encourages my efforts and shares my dreams with me and we both could be happy. When I write the message for you to me it seems that you read it at the same time, and I imagining expression of your face, your sight, your smile on that moment. My lovely friend Lazaros what you feel, when read my message? Please can you tell me. Sometimes it seems to me that we know each other a lot of time and to me it is very easy with you. You became very close to me. For me is very nice to know that I am that person which for you is necessary and that I am important to you in every minute when I am on my own I know that some one think of me and about me and this is you. Well that is some of my thought what do I really think and want to say to you Lazaros. I think that I will stop. Hope you will read this message very soon and really looking for you letter. Please take care of your self. With best regards to you, 
your Svetlana.

Sep 25 2009
Hello my sweetheart Lazaros!
You must know how I feel myself so happy, when I read your letters.  You know my birthday today and I was now 27 years! I have a very great mood ;) Lovely to hear that everything is well with you and that you donít forget about me. Do you know I even donít know from what to start to write to you mine letter to you since that moment when I have got acquit with you on correspondence there was something has been created inside of me. Ever since has lost my heart rest, but, that is interesting, to find it again in any does not want! Iím telling all this to you not because today it is necessary to tell it that is why what be silent I can not! Each my section shouts how it madly loves you!! Since this time which we correspond I understood, that I have found my person, my other half which I was searching all this time and this is you Lazaros. You know, I canít stop think of you, my heart is filled with pleasure, and on all body spreads warmly. I hardly trust, that this all has happent to me! And when I have asked myself a question that there is to me I have understood, that Is enamored in your fine eyes, in your sight, in a smile, in you such what you are. Was terribly and madly well simultaneously. Heart missed a bit in a breast, the soul sang, and ideas soared somewhere in clouds. I was happy. It is rather happy. Now I cannot imaging, how I could I leave with out you all this time?! And how to live in general without you? I have very strongly got used to you. Still never, before acquaintance to you, I could not feel heat and pleasure in a shower only that where that there far, far is someone You - the most good, light, kind, that happen with me lately. In your letters I can see so many heat and cares, that it make my heart beat faster, and my feelings to you grows every day and there is not moment when I donít think about you. Is shame that only our letters connect us, I want to see you in reality I dream, how you meet with each other, embrace each other, kiss each other and it will be lovely moments. You must know how I feel myself very happy, when I read your lovely letters. You know how much I want to tell you how strongly love you!! During this time, that we correspond with you became for me the most native little man and to relatives. All this time I rise and I fall asleep with one name on lips and with one shape in heart... My feeling will not break neither time, nor distance. My heart cries that you are far, know, I have grown fond of you at once, I cannot present the life without you, you became sense of my life! My sweetheart Lazaros, remember it always when to you hard, painfully, it is bad on a shower, that you have I, there is a person who you is loved also to which by you is very necessary, remember that everyone me belongs to you and only to you! You for the best the most favourite most desired on all light! I love you very much! Well with this lovely word to you I think that I will stop. Hope that you will read this letter and you wont reject my love to you. Canít wait to hear from you soon.
Lots of love to you.
You Svetlana.

Sep 25 2009
Hello my love Lazaros!
You know, when I have send you my last mail about my fillings to you I want shore what would be you answer? And when I got e-mail from you I had tiers of pleasure on my eyes when I reed that you have the same filling for me. You at all do not represent, as roads to me your feelings and your soul.. Since we together, my world became brighter the life has turned to flight and in a dream and in reality. I want to tell you many times that I Love you, I love you Lazaros with all my hard!!!! You even donít know, how is very important to me your feelings and your soul... Iím very grateful to my destiny that I have finely found my other half who I was searching, dreaming all this time. From your letters I can see sincere and fair from you and that the main thing for you care and attention to me. Is bit shame that we only can say about each other filling our letters. I wish that this moment we could be together and tell each about our fillings in reality. All this time I thought of you, when we shall meat and I will give you all my tenderness and all my Love because you are the person who deserve all this. I hope that you donít mind that I am telling you all of this but you know how is difficulte to hide those filling inside of myself that why I wanted to tell you know. I know that we only got with each other threw the internet but at list we can say everything to each other what we want in our letters. All you letters our communication is necessary for me! You know I havenít told to my mum and my friends about our filling to each other but I think that when I will tell them they will be very happy for both of us because they know that you a very good person. Well I think that I have to stop for now. Really looking forward to you letter and will be in touch with you very soon. Please take care of you self and remember that you are always in my mind, my hard. 
Your Svetlana.

Oct 13 2009
My love Lazaros!!!!!!!!!!
I really don't know how express everything what in my heart I'm so want us together so I cannot wait any more!!!!!!! My love and you do you want the same??????? if you ready to move on the next level of our relations I'm ready too!! I will take a vacation on my work and go to the travel agency to find out everything what we will need to be together.. What do you think??? I think that is the great idea!!!!!!! I see that you cannot wait any more!! And I can't too so let's do it!! My love I'll find out everything tomorrow ok???  I'm so want that our waiting will be over soon!!So let's do it!! Together we are strong!!!!! Love you so much my dearest Lazaros!!!
Yours Svetlana.

Oct 20 2009
Hello my love Lazaros!!!!!!!!!!
I found out in travel agency that is required for our meeting. This travel agency has helped many Russian people to go abroad without any problems. I saw letters with thanks words which were accurately exposed in this travel agency. I found out what documents to me it is necessary to make out for our meeting. It is necessary for me to issue the visa and the passport for trip to you and registrations of the visa and the passport for travel abroad I need in the following documents:
1 - The passport for travel abroad. 
2 - Medical test.
3 - Consular gathering is paid in addition.
4 - Two photos (5x5). 
5 - The insurance. 
6 - The information from a place of work.
7 - Documents on registration of a residence. 
8 - The certificate of birth.
It is a travel agency which will help to solve all problems. It  borrows week. After that I can fly to you! My dear all this package of documents will cost to me 420$ USD.. Unfortunately I can pay only 120$ USD. This is all my savings that I have. It - huge quantity for me. My love I have concluded the contract from travelling agency, I have given a part of money, and the second part to me has told, that I should pay, the ambassador will be my documents - ready. I have asked my family and relatives. They cannot help also. I do not know, who can help to arrive to me to you. I shall try to borrow from friends as I need in you!! And if I shall not be with you, I do not want to think of it even... I shall try, consider something. Yours Svetlana.

Oct 24 2009
My love Lazaros, thanks for the great letter. Now I try to come every day in an Internet cafe to check my mail. Today I finished work and immediately went to the internet cafe to write to you. And I was pleased that you wrote. Gives me great pleasure to read your letter and I was really very nice to read about how you love me. You know that I love you too! And I am happy that we found each other. Now I dream about our meeting and I am waiting with great impatience when I see you. My love Lazaros, and I am very pleased to read the line about how you treat me. You are really serious about me. I can feel it when I read your letters. They are very warm and frank and give me to understand your feelings and desires. And I understand that you do not deceive me, and I want you completely trust and believe you. I am pleased that we found a common understanding and trust. And I want to say that I completely trust you. Even though a lot to change, but I am not afraid of you and want you to trust completely. Your words and feelings to me that I feel even at a distance allows me to trust you. And I am happy that you are just such a man. All my life I was looking for a man like you who really is serious to me and I will understand. And understanding this is very important in the relationship and I am happy that we understand each other. Now we have a very serious mood that we met and I am glad of it because I really want to see you. My love Lazaros, my feelings and thoughts a little bit different, but it's only because I do not consider myself stupid. But my heart says that you are clean and open person who I love and appreciate me, values my opinion. It is very nice and it is important because most men keep his wife as a slave who does everything at his command. But I just do not need. I have no need to command only ask for good and treat me with respect and I myself will carry out all her womanly duties. I do not have my command and command me. It is my opinion about a happy family which will prevail happiness and harmony. And it is very important things in family life, and I treat them with respect. I clearly know their identity and status in the family. For me, my man is always the head of the family and I will always carry out their duties. And I will not need to say anything and make me. I'm not going to sit at home idly by and do nothing. It's not for me. And in general, Russia's women are very economic and they do not have to make power. And I also know their responsibilities in the family. And all this I think that you understand and you just kind of man who would not give orders to me and make me do something. My love Lazaros, I now told you my thoughts about the family of which I dream. I hope that you support my opinion? I think that this is the correct allocation of their responsibilities in the family? My love Lazaros, now I want to talk about what you understand me and supports me about your care.   really appreciate your willingness to help me. This is an unforgettable act of which you are willing to make for me and our prosperity. This act says a lot for me. I understand how much you really treat me even more mad and it pleases me. I believe that not everyone can do as you Lazaros! And I appreciate it! Actually a lot of people are very skeptical about the money and money ordain such persons. They are ready to do anything for money. But I believe that life is much more important than other things such as feelings and attitudes. And money is only a means of implementation. I understand that now is life, that without money can not escape and we involuntarily dependent on them. Nevertheless, I do not want to talk about it long and say that I am happy that you value more than our feelings and attitudes. My love Lazaros, and I'm glad that you want to help me. And I am pleased that you understand me, that Russia is better not to trust the postal order. I think it is better to trust in the bank than the mail. Especially if it concerns funding. And glad that you are understood and supported me in this. Yes, I believe you that you have in Greece can be trusted with money mail system, but in Russia it is better not to trust them. And glad that you understand me. Now I understand that you are well aware of the money transfer system Western Union and can send this money to my documents, I want to thank you all for your understanding and assistance. I very much appreciate this action and will never forget about it. Now that you can send this money to my documents via Western Union, then you need to know my full details so that you can send. And now I'll write them:
My full name: Bezrukova Svetlana.
Country: Russia.
City: St. Petersburg, str. Masterskaya, house 11, apartment 34.
That's all that you need to know that you could send the money without any problems. And no one but me can not get them. So I hope that everything will be fine and you can not worry about it. My love Lazaros, I very much hope that you fully understand me and help me as soon as possible. I will be hope for you. I really love you and appreciate all that you do for me. You're everything to me in this life and wait for our meeting with impatience. I want you to hug and kiss. I beg you not to pull and we will meet very soon and we will enjoy our presence. I want to see you as soon as possible. Miss you and wait... Your Svetlana.

Oct 28 209 
My love Lazaros, thank you I have written so many letters. It was very pleasant and interesting to read it. I have carefully read and I want to thank you for everything you do for me. And also for your understanding. I am very pleased that we have a mutual understanding as it is very important in our relations. My love Lazaros, now you wrote a lot of your understanding and desire to establish a marriage. I like your attitude and the seriousness of your intentions. Nice that you have a very serious attitude towards me. This made me insanely happy and I'm very grateful for all your understanding. With regard to religion and the importance of this issue, I am glad that it does not concern me because I have the Orthodox religion. Well what are you to this religion is good. Because really the religion of man is his foundation with which he was born. And to me it I think that it is not correct. In fact, it's my opinion. I hope you understand me? But it is good that everything is so beautiful and it will not be a hindrance for us. My love Lazaros, I forgot about this and I have no complaints against you in this matter. Everyone has an opinion on every issue and I respect your opinion. I like your attitude because I see your commitment and the importance of family. All this suggests that you are very serious person. And it is important to me because as I understand you that you do not play and not flirtuesh with me. Maybe if you played with me, you did not write the essence of the importance of creating a family and did not help me. So I'm glad that you are serious about me and the future life. My love Lazaros, what about the fact that I want to marry you and have children from you? That is my opinion that is now in my head because I love you and you are really a very remarkable man. I have never met before such a man as you. I'm with you, I have understanding. I am very easy and pleasant to communicate with you. In general, I feel you safe because you are very serious and reliable man. Moreover, we have common goals for the future. Well, it's difficult to explain in words my feelings that I feel to you and difficult to describe them in words. To feel that in my heart. And now when I know you so I want to be your wife. This is so, but do not want to upset then. I am an optimist and I try not to think about the bad. If you keep thinking that something might happen, and suddenly you're not the man whom I find all this time, then I do not stay one for life and never find a husband. Are you really a wonderful person and I want you to try to build a life. And why not? I love you and I feel it even at a distance and I do not hide. I'm not afraid to show their feelings to you because I really love you. Why should I hide it. My love Lazaros, I hope that you understand me, and shalt not condemn me if I wrote something wrong. But if you do something really did not like it, then please correct me. Do not be shy. We need to fully feel and understand each other even at a distance. And if there are any differences, I think that we need to discuss this issue. Do you think I'm right? I hope that you keep me? My love Lazaros, now I want to tell you many thanks for your support and help me. I am very pleased that you came into my situation and helped me. I am very grateful for all that you do for me. I love you and miss you madly. Now I go to the bank to get money that you send. Thank you. Once I get to go to a travel agency and pay for my papers. As soon as I do, I immediately write to you, well? I hope you understand me a little time and patience. I now please excuse me because now I have many things to keep up with today. I love you madly and miss you. But now very soon we will be together. I am happy and grateful to you for all you do for me. I'll write you later when it is done. Write too. 
Your forever Svetlana.

Nov 2 2009
My love Lazaros, again was pleasant to receive from you such a great letter. I just came to a cafe to write to you. Previously, I had no time, but now I was able to find some time to write you what I do with great fervor. I know that you also expect a letter from me. I want to tell you that I miss you and your letters all the time! And I was so pleased to get it from you and read. My love Lazaros, I love you very much! I am very pleased that you know about this. My love, I carefully read your letter and I want to tell you that I am very glad that you think so and share their thoughts about me and us! I am pleased that you have a great love for me because I know that there is in this vast world of people whom I really very important and very indifferent! I love you and glad that we have each other. Now the only thing left to meet and enjoy each other and love each other. My love Lazaros, I am pleased that you already consider me his half. This indicates that you want to marry me. I'm a woman and I am so happy now that there is a man who really wants me to always love and marry me. This will be a great honor to be your wife and I will try to not to fail you. I'll be a good wife because I love you and want to be her! My love Lazaros, and in general I am very pleased to read your letters because you write so many important things about which I also always think. We have a great rapport. And it can not please me. So nice that there are people in this world who understands me completely and I can not think about us and our future. I am becoming more and more love you and miss you terribly. Every time I see more and more that you really the man whom I was looking for all this time. I so badly miss you and I so want to see you, hug you and never let go. I want to feel your breathing, your pulse and your heart beats that often with my heart! My heart belongs to only you and I'll be happy if you take it forever and never break! I am insanely happy that I have you and all my thoughts only about you. I think about you always. Day, evening, morning, wherever I was. At work, at home and everywhere. In my head all my thoughts are of you and I can not think of you. Because I love you madly. My love for you has no boundaries. And I am happy that I have this love. Now I want to say that good to write about all this and you can talk a lot, but I want to say about my trip to you! My love Lazaros, now I was pleased to read about what you want to talk with his boss at work and ask for a salary to try to come to you on 5 November. It pleases me that you're doing all the attempts as soon as possible, we meet and I want to thank you for it. I appreciate all your efforts! I would not expect that you turn out to take a salary today or tomorrow to send my tickets to you on 5 November? I will hope and believe in it. Do not forget that I love you so much love and miss you. Now I need to go, please excuse me. Now I come tomorrow and will hope that my coming to you write to me and your letter will bring a lot of good news. I love you. Write to me I'll wait. 
Your forever Svetlana.

Nov 6 2009 
My love Lazaros, nice that you wrote to me again. I read your letter and I want to reply to you all that I think about your letter. But I do not have much time so I could write you more than I can. Nevertheless, I hope that you are not pleased to receive these letters are not so big on me? Do not worry, we'll let's talk a lot. All ahead! So I beg you not to worry about it. We will have a lot of time for us and spend it as we will need. Especially now, when you write that he received a salary and now you can send the money on my tickets to you. I am very pleased that you care about me and now I am very happy that we are already very soon we'll meet and be together. I am so happy this. I cheer up from your letter and good news. Now I wonder even more about our meeting and what it will be. Yes, all these pleasant dreams! And most importantly even more pleased because I know that virtually all of these dreams (maybe even all) can be put into practice! And I was very happy because these dreams are really nice. I am so happy now. I have such a good mood. You lifted my spirits. My love Lazaros, thank you! You're the best man in my life and I thank heaven that I have you. I love you! My love Lazaros, now I hope that you are sending the money for tickets today and tomorrow I can find out much about my flights for you and as soon as I can learn about them, I tell you, and we'll decide when I had better fly to you together well? Since my flight to agree with you that there was no such that you can not meet me at the airport or you will not leave. I hope that everything will be fine and we very soon will be together. I love you and miss you. But now I am happy that we will be together. My love, and still want to say about my flight, so you met me at the airport. It is very important to me because I do not know anything there. This is a new country and new people. I do not want to feel lost. If you do not meet, then I will be very worried. I am very afraid of this situation, I hope that you understand me? So I will hope that everything will be fine and we will not have problems in our meeting. My love Lazaros, now I want to say about what I will be hard to live in your country. Yes, I understand that I will be difficult in a foreign country, but I'll try to do everything that I felt comfortable. But one thing I can not cope with this and I need your help because this is your country and you know how they live and behave. I look forward to you in this because only you I'll be able to cope with this situation. It will be difficult, but I do want to try to cope with this situation because my love for you is very strong! I will try for us and our happiness and family. I am a strong girl and always fight for their happiness. What about the language, I think that there will be a particular problem. Yes, it will be really hard for me, but I think that I will be a little to help the English language? Or not? You have the country few people who speak English? Nevertheless, I will try to learn your language because it is native to your country and I can not avoid the study of it. But then again, I need your help. I think that you can help me in this, too? My love Lazaros, and generally you will also be very difficult when I come to you and I understand that. I will be a burden for you that will prevent you from normal life. But I hope and think that you realize this and are still going to take this step because you love me. And I am happy that we have such love for each other. I did not love because I love you! And I'm grateful to God that I have such love for you and your love for me. We will be happy together, I believe in it. And I know that you too believe in it. And most importantly faith in each other. If we did not have it between us, then it would have failed. And now so great that we found each other and I am glad of it. I can scream to the world as I love you. these are my thoughts and feelings that I feel at this time and ask me not to judge if something I write not so. I just try to write to you, what I feel and what's in my head. The more we open to each other the easier it is to us to find a common language and have our love. I most frank to you. But as you know there are things that can not speak to anyone. Each person should be secret about which nobody knows. So it is normal that we have their secrets. Nevertheless, I am happy that we have such thoughts and feelings to each other. My love Lazaros, but now I want to thank you for all the words about how you love me and that you feel me. I am happy and love you. Now I beg forgiveness, but I must go. Maybe try to come today, but if you fail, I will find time to come tomorrow. I hope that today you are sending money for my tickets and tomorrow (maybe today) can get them and go to a travel agency to find out about flights to you. I love you and waiting for good news. If I were always waiting, and happy with your letters. Sending you sweet kisses. All my thoughts of you. You are my joy, you are my love. Your unique Svetlana.

Nov 9 2009
My love Lazaros, very glad that you wrote. Now I just come to the cafe to check my mail. I have a bit of time to write to you. And when I received a letter from you I am so glad. I was very pleased to read it. Your letter just great because they really are to me a lot of warmth and happiness. I feel your warmth and love as if you were beside me. As if separated for some time and know each other a long time. This is all fine and happy for me so I can not but rejoice in your letter. My love Lazaros, now I want to tell you many thanks for the money that you send me a ticket for you. I am pleased to inform you that received them and have gone to a travel agency. There I learned what flights are there on my trip to you and for how long? And now I want to tell you about it. But there was only one flight to see you this weekend match my requirements! This flight will be on Sunday! As you know I can not take any flight and so I asked the agency that they were guided to find tickets to you in accordance with the cost. I've got your 550 euro that I have enough just to the ticket for the next weekend. Another is not only much more expensive, which I did not have enough money! Here is information about the flight:
Czech Airlines OK 0887. St. Petersburg 16:40, 15 November 2009 -
Prague 17:15, 15 November 2009.
Flying with one transfer. City transplantation Prague.
Czech Airlines OK 0418. Prague 23:45, 15 November 2009 -
Thessaloniki 02:50, 16 November 2009.
Now you know where to meet me!
But, my love Lazaros, there is one problem and I do not know how to tell you about it... But I have to say this to you... My love, when I went to the migration service, to put a stamp of departure to Greece, I was asked there that I have personal money to travel to Greece? I asked what kind of money to leave? Migration officials told me that I should have a personal money for customs control. To the Customs Service knew and was sure that I have the money to could pay accommodation and food in Greece. Russia's state cares about its citizens and therefore there is such a law! Since a lot of Russian citizens, especially women fall into slavery abroad. And so there is a law about that I could live abroad with some cash money! But I tried to explain to them that I do not need the money for all this. What I was greeted at the airport love of man and we will live in his house and have all the food. But they say that there are clear rules for exit from Russia to any country in the world for all. And I can not avoid these rules. I was told that I need to carry not less than 2250$ USD. Since the day you must have all the needs of 25$ USD and it is 90 days. Then I asked why so many in 90 days? I tried to explain to them that I will not now be all of 90 days in Greece! But the workers of the Migration Service told me that it does not matter how long I'll be there day stay. Migration service said that I have a tourist visa which is valid for 90 days and therefore have a need for all these 90 days to 25$ USD for each day. And it turns out 2250$ USD. Immigration Service can not be for every citizen of Russia to follow on how many days he went abroad and when coming back. Therefore, they have easier-to every person who is serving from Russia on a tourist visa had money for a full term visa. I was told that the money must be accompanied when leaving Russia. I tried to explain to them that I do not need to have so much money, but they said that I must have these personal money with me or I just could not fly. I just would not be released from the country. My love Lazaros, now I ask you to help me with this money, but this time I beg you not to worry about the money! When I went to a travel agency and inquired there about the law and the agency was told that I should just show the money when passing customs control and not waste them. But on arrival to you in Greece back to you personally in hand back all the money. My love Lazaros, I hope you understand that this is not my fault. These laws! And I can not avoid them. My love, I hope that everything will be fine and we will meet this Sunday. And I hope that you will help me before I fly to you without any problems! My love Lazaros, I beg your pardon for the inconvenience, but I'm not guilty I did not know about this law. This experience I had in the first. And I ask you one last time to help me with this money. But do not forget that the money I will not spend. I only show them when leaving the country and return you back safe and sound on arrival in Greece. I very much hope you and your understanding. And once again I beg your pardon for the inconvenience. I am very sorry that has another obstacle in our meeting, but it must overcome, and I very much hope you Lazaros! I am no longer one to turn to with this request. You're my only hope and I count on you. Now I will finish my letter and will wait impatiently for your new letter. Excuse me, that I once again asking for your help, but the more I have nobody to turn to. And let me just correct that I will not spend the money. I just show them to you on departure and on arrival to return them to you personally in hand. I love you very much ask you to help me. And do not forget that I love you very much and wait for our meeting with trepidation and excitement. I love you madly. 
Your forever Svetlana.

Nov 10 2009 
My love Lazaros, thank you wrote it. I have carefully read your letter and much understood what you write. I am very sorry that you think that about me. When you go to a travel agency in their city, they are a lot of things you have spoken about me. And how should a Russian girl to move on ES. So I want to tell you that their method of my movement is not correct. How can they know what our laws and how I should go on the ES. This is just their assumption. They say you is not right. You have one country and I have a different country. In your country, its laws and in my country their own. There are clear rules of the road on a tourist visa from my country in the ES. First, I need to come to you in Greece where I have to put a stamp on arrival in Greece, which is part of the country ES. And only then I have every right to move through the ES. And the fact that they'll slanders about me, then I was very upset. Because your people that sit easy to talk about me bad things than good wish. They are easier to say that I'm deceiving you than to wish happiness. The fact that Russia won the women on the Internet a bad reputation. I could not help them fall under the suspicion that I was deceiving you. Your people is easier to say that I was deceiving you than to wish us luck and success in life. How do they know me the way I am actually. They do not know me, but just assume because I'm Russian woman. It easier to say that you forgot about me than to wish us to share happiness. But this is not correct because they do not decide our destiny and life. They do not write to me, and you write to me and I'll write. You know me, but they do not know what I am actually. If you no longer believe them, then live with them then. They prevent us and break our future and happiness. If you believe me, then you make the right choice. It depends on you. Please Hark your heart and do as it tells you. But if you'll always listen to people who surround you, then you can be alone. All the people who surround you, no one wish you happiness but native people. Because you're not for someone you do not. In this cruel world, you are alone and no one will help you but yourself! And all the people who surround you, all you simply tell a different shit that you were wrong and you were unhappy. Kama what matters to you. You think that you care about those that say to you. No, they just want you to have failed and you had one. Do you think they will be happy when I come to you and you prove to them that I was right and true? They will be uncomfortable and they will envy you. Because all human beings to each other competitors and no one wants to each other happiness. That's my opinion and I think that this is so. Since I previously had a lot of friends, but when something I have turned out in my personal life, nobody was glad. Many of them simply do not talk about it, but deep down they envy you. But envy is a very bad feeling. And I'm sorry for those people who have black envy. I wish you happiness and because we love each other, I want you to help. Because we want to be together and have the good fortune and family. Do not need no one to watch and listen. If you really love me and trust, the trust me because I try to do as we will be better. I wish you luck and want you to make a happy man in this cruel world. And let all these people envy us, but we will be happy without their help. Now I'm actually almost no one to trust. I can only trust my mom and you. There are no more such people who could be trusted. This is my opinion because I have many times been mistaken in people. I love to tell their plans for the future, but I have never turned out to realize all my dreams come true because most people with whom I shared about his future plans and secrets do not wish me luck. So I have some secrets as any man and did not tell you about it. Because it is not the time to share them even with you. Sorry, but if that time comes, I'll certainly tell. I do not want to share all that I have in my soul, because it's just me. And when you start to talk about it all, then nothing good will come of it. There are even some secrets that I do not tell my mom. Although this is my most intimate person in this life. I am very serious about this attitude because in the past I had a sad experience. Now I think about what to say and to whom to talk. My love Lazaros, I hope you understand me now that I am writing to you? But if you do something is not clear, then write about it and I'll try to explain more intuitive, well! My love Lazaros, I understand that I love you and wish you only happiness for you. I myself want to be happy the more I know and feel your love for me. But if you listen to all the people, it can be left with nothing! Please take into this in mind. I'll talk seriously about it because what happened! But the decision for you and how would you do will depend on your future. Nevertheless, I hope that you make the right choice? Yes, I want to fight for their happiness, I want to fight for you, but I understand that I can not persuade you always. Just because now the people around you who do not wish you happiness. Did this as your heart dictates. And your mind will always be two opinions. It is to be with me because you love me, and the other is that I deceive you. I also have two opinions about you and I can not avoid it. Because the head is created in order to think and will always be differences, but I do because my heart tells because I trust my heart. I also think that suddenly you're not the man whom I seek, suddenly you're fooling me, too. Suddenly, when I come to you, you deceive me and I'll do you live as a slave? Who knows? I heard a lot about such cases. Many women from Russia go abroad and find themselves in slavery. But I did not think about it, because I trust your heart and for you! If I'm always going to suspect you of this, then I can not be happy with you because I just do not go to you. But I also do not do that because I believe you and wish us luck! I want to be your wife and be happy and have many children. Yes, maybe I'm taking that risk, but how else? I'm not afraid of this because I know that you do not deceive me, I trust you, and wish us luck! My love Lazaros, I hope that you all understand? Yes, it's difficult now to make the right decision, but believe that from this decision will depend on your future! And how do you do so be! Then the question arises: why do you then search for the woman on the internet from another country? I'm deliberately looking for a man from another country and knew what could happen? So, my love Lazaros, I hope that you understand everything now, and now everything is in your hands. If you refuse from our love and happiness, then it must be so. I will not insist and cry. It is your decision. Yes, I would be very painful, but it is your right and your choice. I will be very sorry that you have listened to those people and not me that you love. I will be sorry that you did not have his opinion and we depend on other views. If so get that people are dissuaded you, then you are weak. you do not have their opinion and I am his! And I think that we should act as prompts my inner self! I have an opinion and stick firmly to him and I will not be dissuaded from this because I am a strong man. Yes, I go through this pain, but I would be very sorry that we have not found each other. This will really hurt. I'm afraid of losing you because I love you. Nevertheless, the choice is yours and you decide what to do in this situation. I said everything I wanted on this occasion and will not look for the word justification. You see all what I write and tell you that the people who are around you. If you choose their position, then live with them and order them happiness and family! 
Your Svetlana.

Nov 12 2009
My love Lazaros, are pleased to receive from you a long letter. I have carefully read it and want to tell you a lot to say. At first I was not happy with your approach to our meeting. We agreed that will meet you in Greece and I want to see you there! I did a lot of effort to organize my trip to you and spent a lot of time. Moreover, yesterday I went to a travel agency where learned about my flight. I was told that I can change my return ticket, or only part of the money from the ticket price. I do not want to do this and do not intend to. I therefore do not have money to lose now, still. I am not so rich in order to disperse the money. So I asked when it will be possible to change the tickets and on what date. In the agency looked at the new dates for a possible flight to you and told me about them. Now I send them to you. You have not told me about that when you could find the money for my trip so I could change the tickets and reservations. My love Lazaros, so can not do because we agreed to meet with you in Greece and we have put considerable effort into this and for now, again waiting for a long time until you make a visa and so on. I do not want to wait so long and hope. If we agree, then you need to go to the end. As I understand all that is not the money that I have to ask you to pass the customs control, and all a matter of trust. I feel for your letter that you have lost confidence in me. And for the most part because you're still thinking about what you have told the agency in which you went. And please do not deceive me because it's so! I feel it in heart. You're just afraid to send money because you think that I deceive you, and you begin to offer me various versions of the possibility of our meeting. I do not like it just because I am a man of principle and do not want to retreat because of your confidence. If you want, do not trust me. I will not be crucified because of this. Now you have me very upset by this letter. And only because I understand how much you do not trust me now. And it offends me greatly. All that was before the time until you talk with the agency in his city. Everything was good, but you will find for themselves new obstacles that came up with himself, just for you a little help in this are the people who have told you all the bad things. And if you say you do not have money and can not borrow them from friends, I think that just because you did not believe and why they do not want to even ask! you hope the fact that I agree with the fact that you do not have the money and another way to meet us there. I do not believe you now as you did not believe. And it saddens me very much. You know today I woke up and had a very good mood and thought that when I come to the cafe, read your nice letter. And it is not just about money, and your trust. But now I have a bad mood because I now understand how you start to invent new ways to not send money. Let it be your opinion, what you do not send the money and not because you have none, but because you do not believe me. If you believed in and trusted me, you're not thinking about how you can enter and explore different options for our meeting. You would find the money and I do not doubt it. Please tell me the truth? Do not you trust?? True? I do not want you to deceive me! I'm writing you because I think. As we have agreed not to deceive each other and write only the truth. So I allow myself to write the truth to you. And I'm not ashamed and not afraid of what you have offended me. Because I prefer to speak the truth whatever it was! These are my thoughts about what is happening now. And I'm really not very nice what you have just started looking for options to avoid helping me. It is not pleasant. If you do not want, do not believe me. I'm not going to defend and seek to deceive you. I love you and do not intend to deceive. And your opinion, it is because you're listening to a lot of people and listen to their opinion. you depend on the views of people who surround you. You're not easy to believe him and his heart, and people from the street. What then to say if you think so? I am not very pleased that you have done. You're a weak person who prefers to believe other than me, and especially to yourself! And if you do not trust their inner voice and heart, then I will not be able to convince any way. The problem is you and not me and the reasons for which we can not meet. I write to you because we can meet in the best case and it was true. your case to believe or not. But it seems to me that you even after this letter will not be able to believe in me because it is already very difficult to change. Remember I talked about one thing! I said that people see in others and more bad things than good deeds and present. You remember how I told you about this? And you're just as there are now. Do you know enough and prefer to see in me only bad. Yes, you want to believe me, but you do not get until we meet again. I told you we should do and I'm not going to deviate from his opinion. I am very stubborn man and I have my pride too. I'm not going to sag under your opinion. I am a girl and you should understand me. I do not want to be used. I want to see your true love to me. Can you prove it deeds! I do not want your money that I ask you now, those days are needed for the formalities to go through customs control and come to you to spend a lot of happy time together. And on arrival to you, I give them back completely. But you still prefer to think differently and your opinions about the meeting spoil our happy time. Please do not spoil my mood to the distrust. Think well and evaluate any situation. If you have real feelings for me, then you make the right choices and do everything that we were together. I love you. 
Your Svetlana.

Nov 13 2009
My love Lazaros, I just came to a cafe to check my mail. I was glad that you wrote to me again. My love, I have a lot of thought about this day and now I want to share with you about this. I was thinking why so everything works and now when I read your last letter, I realize how much I have offended. Understand me correctly, that for me, this meeting is very important and I set all the last time just for her. I thought about how it will be held in your country and almost completely prepared for this. But when this morning I read your letter, I do not like your attitude to the fact that you refuse to meet with you in Greece. I was very disappointed. I did not understand that you just expect that option. I understand that you want you to come and everything. I was so tuned to meet you in Greece, and this morning I realized that you do not want this. But now I realize that I was mistaken and did not properly understand you. Now I understand that you do not have something in mind. Now I understand what you want me to come to you. This is good and pleases me. Please excuse me for my last letter. I did not want that happened. I'll just not properly understood. Sorry. My love Lazaros, now I understand that there is some problem with the money and I'm ready to wait long as it takes, unless of course you still do not mind? I hope and I pray that you are not too angry with me because of the last letter? My love Lazaros, I did not want it all happened, I thought that you just do not trust me and therefore did not want to help me with the money and himself to come to me because of this. Now I understand that this is not the case and you want that I came to you? My love Lazaros, I am sorry that we got such a strange communion in recent letters. I was not satisfied that you have refused my visit to you, but now I realize that this is not so. So there are among us some more misunderstandings and to work on this, yes? To avoid such misunderstandings continue? My love Lazaros, ask me again sorry I really do not want to lose and I want very much to meet you. I dream about it and perhaps that is why I reacted so on your letter when understood correctly that you do not want to meet me. I do not find a place now because I'm so ashamed that I have offended you my last letter. I strung and very emotional girl and I do not like when things like this happen to destroy my dreams. But now I do not suffer for it, but worry about what you can now give up my last letter. I really do not like that it happened and I apologize that I talked too you a lot of bad words about you. You're actually a very good person and I am glad that you are. Please believe me and forgive me? I can not live in peace if you do not forgive. If you go with me still very angry, then I ask that you told me about this and the possibility of forgiveness? Good! I hope that now you understand me and understand me? Sorry that offended you. I do not mean that we were not together, but when I have such strong feelings, and when all the lights inside with impatience, and suddenly I realize that you do not want to meet with me the more I realized for the money, something inside me exploded and I broke down and talked too much shit to you. Sorry. Now I'm calmer and I will hope and pray that you forgive me? I hope that everything will be fine and you answer me and we will discuss further the possibility of our meeting, well! I very much hope that you understand me and forgive me? I love you still, and my love for you, no less. Simply, there are moments when a man does not stand up and see that it happened not so long ago? I apologize for my actions. I hope that you forgive me and still love me and forgive me. I'm still a woman and can make some concessions for me? I want to be with you and I want to laugh and rejoice at your side. I so badly miss you all this time. Now I beg forgiveness, but I gotta go. I have not written today, all I wanted, but I'll write the rest tomorrow, well? I hope for your understanding. Love and many kisses. 
Your forever Svetlana.

Nov 14 2009 
My love Lazaros, I just came to write to you. It is a pity that you did not write anything except for that little letter. Yesterday when I got home, I thought about many things and much overestimated. I mused about us. And I want to say that if you'll excuse me, I'll be happy because I really very difficult now to know that you're offended by me. I do not like a pair of certain actions on your part such as the fact that you are talking to me as a friend at a bar for a beer. I am a girl and I am also very sorry to read such harsh thoughts of my actions. I am a girl and I can make mistakes. And if I offended you, I beg your forgiveness. But I ask that you also continue to think that talking to me. My love Lazaros, however, I do not want to curse and find out who is more right and who is to blame. The two of us came to this situation and allowed quarrel. Our feelings are strained because we have found some obstacle in the way of our meeting. But I am confident that we will overcome it and meet again. I still hope that we will meet you in Greece because I'm very dream to visit there and spend a lot of happy time together. My love Lazaros, I hope for your understanding of my request? Now I want to say about my unfinished thoughts about yesterday's letter. I have not had time to tell you about my ticket. The fact that I asked a travel agency that they changed my ticket to a certain date that I tell them after we agree together to meet. So now I ask you when I take the tickets to what date?? Maybe next week or later? When? But the agency told me once that I was not able several times to change his date of departure. They therefore make concessions for me to change my flight date. So I hope that you tell me about it so I could say to the agency. My love Lazaros, now I want to talk about the most painful problems in our situation. I perfectly understand now what the problem is our quarrel! I see it! The thing is your confidence to me. As I said in my last letter that the entire problem in this and now I have more understanding of this fact. The fact that you do not have confidence in me. And I was very upset. If you trust me, now would not have these disputes and disagreements between us. Every time I am writing to you, then every time you look in my letters for the words that you can catch on and say something to me in a contradiction. You own subconscious want to find some error to show me about this. The fact that you yourself want to make sure my wrongness and to find a real foothold. You think you do not know what to do because you want and trust me and want to find a mistake in my words. And that's why you do not trust me because you were not determined within himself. You're not sure you want to trust me or not want. This is not it?? My love Lazaros, please tell me the truth and not to look once again for the words that you can catch on and tell me about it that I did not correct something written. When you read my letters, then you look for the lines which will be an error in the expression of words. And you do not take into account the language barrier! Now, the whole problem is you and not me. You did not look at myself in order to understand trust me or not. You metishsya from one side to another and do not know what to do. So I ask you to understand yourself once and for all. Now you need to understand how much important to you because I did not get good if I'm forced to insist on my feelings and desires. I see what you're stubborn people and so you do not like me. Yes, I am also not so good character, but now the problem is not in me but in you. And if I again something is not correctly write, then please excuse me. And please do not mate for my words. Maybe I'm a bit not right to express, but it is because there is a language barrier and I can not fully express their thoughts with English words. It would be easier if we could talk to my or your language. But this is not and so we have to somehow express their thoughts and feelings in English. I hope that you will not blame me, but I am writing the truth as I think. And we need to decide now what to do. In principle, I know perfectly well what I want, but you do not trust me. And the whole problem with this! I beg you to excuse me if I offend you something now, but these are my thoughts. And as I said you must understand once and for all to trust me or not. If thou doubt me still, nothing will come of it. You will look for reasons that do not meet or meet as you want without thinking about my opinion. I ask you that you sorted out the himself and wrote to me as soon as possible. However, please excuse me for being so frank, but I'm not going to play with you. If we want to really be together, then we need to solve something! It is no longer because of the good it will not. Each time, we will look for words of reproach, and we will argue more and more. We do not need to show your character! We need to make concessions to each other if you really want to be together. I love you no matter what! Write to me I'll wait for your answer. 
Your Svetlana.

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