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Thanks for your help on this site! I had decided early on that I would be happy to correspond with her so long as there were no requests for money. When the last letter finally arrived this morning, I knew something was up. 
Thanks for assuring me that this was a scam after all.


Scamming may not be a crime, but stealing money is. I am going to nail these guys, if its the last thing I do. Thank you for fighting the good fight. We should all stand together to rid the world of this scum.

Adriaan (South Africa)

I would like to thank the creators of this site and especially one contributor to the site, namely Shane, who wrote a profile on a Miheeva, Marina aka Margo. You have saved me a lot of money and a lot of grief. The thing to remember about dating site scammers, and this one in particular, is that even though they may correspond with you for weeks - they are essentially lazy. They may respond to the general gist of your e-mails but generally do not respond to specific details, such as questions, comments or photos. They also have a tendency to re-use a lot of the same material that has worked for them in the past.


I did some more digging and found this website which made my decision a no brainer. I replied back to her with an article that I found about scammers being arrested in Russia. I haven't heard back from her since. She's good...almost got me to go "all in"... Thank you to this website and whoever started it!


Anjella first contacted me through We have been emailing for about 5 weeks now. She made no mention of money until last week. Thanks to you I was wary and di not send any money. She asked for help with tickets after the visa cost her more than expected. I found her IP address and did a google search and found your site with almost identical emails. Copy and paste with some personal questions answered at the top. Thanks for saving me some grief.


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Black List - page 581: UPDATES
21, 2008

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Anna Danilova (TOMSK, Russia)

I am a single father of one in Ottawa Canada. I was on Lavalife and started to receive emails with please contact me at included email address. Pleasant emails initially but all ending in asking money to be sent. I refused said if they are serious I will pay directly to where ever it was needed. They made up excuses as to why it should be cash.
This is the last letter with where to send the money etc.


Yes. send me 200 Canadian dollars!

Dear Anna
You do understand that it is $200 Canadian and not $200 US.

-----Original Message-----
From: Anna []
Sent: November 14, 2008 10:49 AM
To: Brian
Subject: Re[4]: I cannot write much.

Dear Anna
$200 canadian will be enough and you can do the rest.

-----Original Message-----
From: Anna []
Sent: November 14, 2008 10:28 AM
To: Brian 
Subject: Re[2]: I cannot write much.

Hi dear Brian!
I cannot write much.
I am happy to hear that you want to send me money.
You can send money through Western Union:
TOMSK, 634009, RUSSIA.
TOMSK, 634009, RUSSIA.
My full name is Anna Danilova.
my address -
Apartment 2,
Vokzalnaya street 7,
Tomsk, 634006, Russia
You can receive the information how to send money from a site - I shall wait from you the letter with MTCN.

Dear Anna
I think I will take a chance and send you some money. I will not send  the $240 US as I do not have that much. I can send $200 canadian funds. You must find the rest. If this is OK then I will send it to you.  I do not understand all your requirements but I was not financially prepared to do this at this time. I have a  daughter and she is going to school that I am paying for. She is my priority and I have to tell you that  it bothers me that you place yourself before her. That you did not before sending in your papers not ask for the costs and then talk to me about it. It seems to me like you do as you wish without the slightest  consideration towards my opinion and how you may affect me. For me  a relationship has to be based on proper communication where before  something is done or decided on that will affect the other that it  is discussed fully.  In my opinion you should have asked all the questions regarding cost and I'm sure  they would have told you this before applying. Then you should have emailed me and asked if this was OK with me to go ahead and do. That is not what you did and makes me wonder if we would be right  for each other.


-----Original Message-----
From: Anna []
Sent: November 14, 2008 7:16 AM
To: Brian 
Subject: My heart aches...

Hi dear Brian!
You do not understand! I yet have not chosen university. Washing the visa it will be valid 3 months. For this time I will   needto  choose university and to submit there documents. If I shall enter the university then to me will prolong the visa for 5 years or more. Understand, that I plan studies and to work, to pay training and residing. The university will give to me a room in campus. Or I shall rent it. I shall work and I can pay it.  I have made inquiry through our passport office in Tomsk on  reception of the Canadian visa. I am contact to embassy through them. I have  collected all the necessary documents for this purpose. Also has given them. They have sent it in embassy of Canada in Moscow.  To me have explained, that my documents will consider in this   embassy and will send me the letter on my home address with the  sanction to receive the visa or with refusal. They have already sent  all my documents. And now demand that I have paid all this! If I   shall not mourn, then to me will return documents and will give up in the visa. Now you understand?  Understand! 240 is cost of the visa, the insurance, medical examination both many other things of documents! And all this it is necessary to pay in different places! Therefore I asked you to send money to me!  I want you to understand one thing, I am not looking for money and this is not what I want. I am looking for happiness not money. I need a true man I can trust, the one I can fall in love with. I am ready to settle down and to have a  real family. And this is what I am looking for, not money at all.  You should trust me in this way. I am not going to lie to you. I understand that many russian women lied to foreigners. But not all  people are the same. I am not!!! My today pics are made yesterday. I with friend Vika played bowling. I would like to play it with you. Maybe this pic will prove you that I real? I have made it to prove you that I real and I shall not deceive you!!! I already told you that I don't need your money for the tickets. It is going to cost about 600 USD for a ticket to your country.  I already told you I was going to sell my fur coat to get the money. But it could be done late and I may not have time to pay for it.  My time is limited and that is why I ask you to send me money for visa. Only 240 USD. I promise I will have money for the ticket.  If I do not pay for visa now, then I will not have this chance again. I think that you have concerns about me real. Here I am attaching  you the copy of my russian passport. I've got it for long time now.  Every russian citizen has it. Last time (In the last letter) I  showed you the passport for going abroad. I got my russian passport when I was 20 y.o. It is to prove that I  do not lie to you. I am going to get money in WU office or MoneyGram using this passport. If I was not real, I wouldn't be able to get the money!!! Please, understand that I am real! The problem is that I have no time to wait. I have only 7 days for this.  Please, understand that next time they may not even take the documents for visa, if they refuse me now. And they will refuse me in this if  I do not pay in time. They will just tell me what for I try to get visa for the second time if you have no money. So I am just in hopeless  situation. All my thoughts are about one thing now. Then I may not have such a  chance again. Your goverment has a limited amount of student visas. And if I miss my chance now, i may not have such a chance again in the  future. It is impossible to get another kind of visa. NO one will give me a tourist visa. It is impossible for a single russian lady to get it. I asked about the work visa. It is a very difficult process. And also more expensive one. I don't have a diploma about high education in your country. And the  russian one is not valid in your country. The Fiancee visa is a very  long process and complicated process. It will take about half a year to make all the paperwork and if they don't see that we do love each other truly they will just refuse in the Embassy. I want to repeat. please, understand - I ask you to lend me money. I  understand it is too expensive for a preset. I understand that 240USD is a big some of money in your country. I don't believe in miracles as I was disappointed many times in this  life. You will not loose this money. I will come to your place and will work there. And as soon as I earn I will give you money back. I've been thinking a lot about us yesterday. I have so many feelings and they are so different.  My heart aches when I understand that you are far from me. I wish I could lessen the distance between us. I know that I have to be patient and wait.  Perhaps, you will think that I am silly but I don't want to hold it all inside and I want to share my feelings with you. I am emotional person and I want you to see my feelings.  Please, understand me. I want to share this with you. I think I am  in love with you. Of course, I have to see you in real life and talk  to you to be sure. But I have so many emotions about you and I miss you so  much. I think about you all the time. I get up with the thoughts about you and I go to bed thinking of you  too. I feel that I want to take care of you, I want to give you all my love. Please, don't think I am weird. But this is what I feel about you. And I want you to know this.  Life goes one. Nothing new happens. I go to work, do different  things at home, meet my friends. But any way I do something I think of you.  Please, tell me what you think and feel about me. It is really very  important for me and I need to know this.


Kristina Morozowa

I'm a 35 year old white male. I posted on Craigslist and the following scammer responded. I was skeptical from the beginning but continued to converse until she asked for money. I then googled her name and found identical pictures to the ones I'd been receiving. Originally she was going to be able to pay for the entire trip herself but then it became more expensive than she had anticipated so needed about $224 from me. She wanted it sent Western Union. Here are a couple sample letters including the ask and pictures.


Today I had so much work that I was afraid that I wouldn't have time to get your letter. And I have to say that it is distressed me. But now I have found free time and very glad. Thank you for your kind letter. My  last letter was sad. That's why today I will try not to write about sad things. How there were your day? Now I am smiling and have a good mood, because today we found out that in two days into Shahty will be coming big exhibition of rare breeds of cats and snakes. It is great news because at this exhibition there will be the best representatives of rare breeds, collected from all of Russia. Everybody wants to visit this exhibition because it will last only for several days. I like animals very much. Can you imagine that I never was in a zoo? It is my dream. Have you ever been in zoo? We have here several small menageries, but I dream to see giraffes and rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and bears. I never saw tigers and elephants in real life. Have you ever seen a tiger or a bear? The biggest animal I saw in my life is a horse. I like horses very much and think that these are the most beautiful animals in the planet. As matter of fact I have always dreamt to have some pets. Unfortunately a horse hardly would be placed in my apartment (smile). I dreamt to have cat or dog. But when I think that a little puppy will wait for me home, alone, I feel pity. That's why I don't have pets. I am really the only child. My parents had no opportunity to have many children. I had no other relatives, as my parents as well were only  children. After the Second World war, people in Russia hadn't many children because the period of  restoration of the country after war was accompanied by famine and poverty. What else to tell about myself? I always very much get tired on work. And though my work is not heavy physical work but like any doctor, I am in constant concentration and an internal moral strenuousness, because the health of people depends on my attention. I am always waiting weekends with impatience. Weekends are the only one possibility for me to get a rest and to get new forces. Weekends I spend variously. Sometimes I want simply to rest in my apartment. I live alone in my apartment. I have the one-room apartment with a toilet and kitchen. I like my apartment - small and cozy. On weekends I always clean apartment properly. I like purity. And though I always try to keep clean my apartment, all the same, always in the weekends I find what work to make in an apartment. But when I want really to relax I listen to music or read books. I like to read books especially historical novels about ancient Russia or other countries. I like to spend time with my female friends. I have two best lady friends. When we meet, the air is filling with laughter. We like to walk and to talk; we go to cinema and walk in the park. If you want I can tell you about my friends. I like very much to spend time in nature in the open air. I like the sea. I live not very far away from the sea, but should tell that I have been there very seldom. I like woods, mountains, lakes and the rivers more. Camping in Russia is very popular. I adore to go to the forest and to live in a tent though now I have such opportunity seldom. I like to look at night illumination and cars headlights. I like very much to look at the stars. In August our sky abound with stars. It is incredible beautifully. I like to cook on the fire. There is nothing more wonderful than when the fragrances of forest, mountain rivers and smoke mix together in the air. I am romantic undoubtedly. I really like to cook. I know that I do it well, because I started cooking from childhood. My mother taught me many things including cooking. She said: "Lady who can cook well doesn't have disadvantages and demerits, because tasty food is a way to the man's heart (smile). May be she was right. We have In Russia many national dishes, such as an okroshka, uha, borsch, golubtsy. I am not sure if you know such dishes. These are Russian national dishes. What dishes do you prefer Eric? Looking back at your life would you like to change something? I have to finish. I hope my letter was not stodgy and uninteresting. I will wait for your letter with impatience.
I wish you peace and kindness. Kristina.

I even do not know what to tell first. I simply hope that you will be happy! The most important, finest news - I did it! I got the visa! I am very happy!!!! I as well have found out that I will get vacation November, 21, 2008. I have been to the company that reserves airway tickets. I asked them how I can reach Chicago (ORD) and how much it costs. They  have offered to me the roundtrip ticket that costs $ 974 USD. I asked them to find  cheapest ticket, because this price is expensive for me. They have answered  that they have a cheaper ticket and the beginning of the flight December, 3, 2008.  It costs $ 760 USD. It was the best variant for me. I asked them to reserve a ticket.  But they refused, because they can't reserve the ticket without advance payment.  I must pay full cost. I have asked if I can pay a part of money now, and the other part later. They have told that it is possible, but I will be limited by term. And if I will not pay the full cost of the ticket within of this term, I will lose already nested money. I have agreed because it is the only chance for me, because I must give to anti-emigration committee a data about my payment. By this moment I had only the concrete sum of money which I had after all my expenses.  I paid $ 420 USD. But it was not enough for them. In a panic, all what Elena and I could do - we pawned our gold earrings and rings and I got $ 116 USD.  That is all I could do. The number of the flight on which I will get  the ticket is 229 Aeroflot-Russian International Airlines The time of departure from Moscow is 10:10 am. The time of arrival in Chicago is 5:20 pm. I will change a plan in Amsterdam, number of the flight KLM 611.  After this I will fly to Chicago, to you. I know that probably I simply must tell that I can't come to you because  I haven't the remaining sum. I know that I promised to do all by self, and  I was sure that I can. I did not want to ask you. But after I did everything I did,  I cannot simply tell that I will not come to you. I have passed through so many difficulties, and I have overcome the most difficult. But all the same I have disgusting feeling that I could not fulfill the promise. I am always ready to do all what is possible,- to fulfill my promises, but at the same time I understand that any person could get in such a situation. To get the visa I have spent much more money than I expected. But people were ready to help me only if I will pay them. I paid more than 500 dollars to get all documents, I paid in municipal committee, in the ministry. Even officers in army garrison have compelled me to pay for their help. I did not expect all this, but up to the last moment I was sure that I still can make everything. I expected that I can get a vacation payment. We get a vacation payment after ending of a vacation. I asked to give me this money now because I need this money urgently. But, at the last moment I have got the answer that I can get this money urgently  only in case of serious illness or for example in case of death of the relative. I feel so guilty. I was sure that nothing can prevent our meeting. But I must pay remaining sum. It is $ 224 USD. And I must pay money before November, 6 evening. Otherwise I will lose my nested money  and our jewelry will be sold out simply in vain. I know that I should not ask you, and I am very ashamed to do it. And maybe I really simply had to tell you that I can't meet with you because I could not provide my travel completely. But I cannot simply refuse our meeting because then all my diligence, forces, nerves, means will be spent in vain. I understand that for you it is too big sum to lend me. You are not obliged to help me. And 500 dollars which I have spent to get the visa, and 536 $ that I have given for the ticket are huge money for me. But I want you to know that I have given everything not for the sake of myself, but for the sake of us, for the sake of you and me. And I was happy all this time. If you want to meet me, to help me to make our meeting, please, send money to the help before November, 6 evening. I want you to be confident in my sincerity, that is why I send you the view of my visa. I want you to see the result of my efforts. If you can help me I will tell you what I have found out. Elena said that you  can help me with the help of remittance system. So I have addressed to the  nearest bank. I have been told that they use the system ''Western Union''. They have told that it is very convenient office for me; and this system works  always and reliably. I give you necessary elements for sending money with the help of ''Western Union'':
The name of bank:
SHAHTY ,346500 
for Kristina Morozowa. 
In bank I have been told, that to get the money, I must tell to employee of bank  your full name, your full address, exact sum which I should receive and some  confidential numbers - Money Transfer Control Number. You will get this number  in your bank if you will send your help. Only with presence of all this information I can get your help. I do not know what answer I will get from you. I very much am afraid that you   will not help me. But I want to tell, that I really need you, and I simply can't endurethe thought that I did almost everything, but I will not meet you. I understand that it is big money. I have given all my forces, but together we are stronger. I really  ask you to help me. I will give you back all your money at the earliest opportunity. I have written you honestly and sincerely. Are you with me? 
Your Kristina.

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