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Thanks for your help on this site! I had decided early on that I would be happy to correspond with her so long as there were no requests for money. When the last letter finally arrived this morning, I knew something was up. 
Thanks for assuring me that this was a scam after all.


Scamming may not be a crime, but stealing money is. I am going to nail these guys, if its the last thing I do. Thank you for fighting the good fight. We should all stand together to rid the world of this scum.

Adriaan (South Africa)

I would like to thank the creators of this site and especially one contributor to the site, namely Shane, who wrote a profile on a Miheeva, Marina aka Margo. You have saved me a lot of money and a lot of grief. The thing to remember about dating site scammers, and this one in particular, is that even though they may correspond with you for weeks - they are essentially lazy. They may respond to the general gist of your e-mails but generally do not respond to specific details, such as questions, comments or photos. They also have a tendency to re-use a lot of the same material that has worked for them in the past.


I did some more digging and found this website which made my decision a no brainer. I replied back to her with an article that I found about scammers being arrested in Russia. I haven't heard back from her since. She's good...almost got me to go "all in"... Thank you to this website and whoever started it!


Anjella first contacted me through We have been emailing for about 5 weeks now. She made no mention of money until last week. Thanks to you I was wary and di not send any money. She asked for help with tickets after the visa cost her more than expected. I found her IP address and did a google search and found your site with almost identical emails. Copy and paste with some personal questions answered at the top. Thanks for saving me some grief.


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16, 2008

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Anastasiya Vasenina (Moscow, Russia)

Good Morning. I am a 54 year old divorced male living in Broken Hill  N.S.W Australia. I received contact with this person on the 28th of Feb  2008 on the RSVP Website also, and have been corresponding with  a person calling herself Anastasiya Vasenina right up the present time. As our cyber relationship had moved into what appeared a serious  relationship via email with photographs and other information exchanged,  you can imagine my surprise to find her name details and other  information detailed on the web as a Russian money Scammer. While she has been unable to get money from me this has previously been  requested by her to help repair the fire that damaged her apartment and  as I write she is expecting a Western Union money transfer from me so  she can travel to Australia. I know she is definitely a scammer as you only need compare her first  letter to me and that published on this site by another Australian man  from Perth who has lost a significant sum of money to this sleazy criminal. Compare for yourself his and my introductory letters ! I am attaching a  recent photo. Be warned this person is just waiting to exploit your  vulnarability as a mature single. My advice is don't do it !! Best Wishes and my aplogies to the really sincere beauties of Russia.


Hello, it is very pleasant for me to get acquainted with you, but all over again I shall again be presented to you, my name is Anastasiya, me of 30 years, I live in Russia, the city of Moscow, it is the big and beautiful city, with set of sights and interesting places, I think that you heard about my city!!!! Probably I at once shall pass to the main thing, I at once want to tell that my intentions very strong and I play in what games, I done not interested with flirtation, or is simple dialogue, I want to get acquainted with the man for creation of strong family, except for it me more interests nothing. In relations I appreciate honesty, trust, an openness, and to respect to each other, I think that without these qualities, it is impossible true relations between two people!!! I would want that I the man could reckon with my opinion, that he would be valid to my sights and the most important that he would store fidelity to me one, and in replacements I shall answer him same!!!! The trust, probably the most important components of relations and without it all will not have sense, I think that you agree with me!!!! I shall try to tell a little about the hobbies, I like to leave on the nature, to walk in a wood, being far from city, I relax soul and a body, I bring to the order the ideas, and simply I enjoy the nature!!! I love cinema and music, from films I prefer easy comedies and dramas, from music I like classics and a jazz, but I can sometimes listen to popular music, it should seems to me that to depend on mood as well as in clothes, today I can be dressed jeans and a sweater, and tomorrow to me will want to be elegant and to put on evening a dress, all depends on mood and a condition of soul during the certain moment, I think you agree with me!!! One more of my hobbies, preparation peep, I shall allow to tell to myself, that I was very good and is tasty I prepare, but the most important for me for this variety in meal, I love kitchen of any nations of the world, but most of all I love dishes from seafoods!!!! I believe in the god, but it differs from belief of other people a little, I do not visit church because it seems to me that has no value where also what words we address to the god, probably the most important that it would be sincere and proceeded in all sincerity!!! I understand that it can seem strange but so I am arranged also nothing to change. To tell the truth it is difficult for me to speak about myself a little, but I think that if our dialogue will proceed, I can tell much more about myself, with this letter I send you the photo, I hope it to you it is pleasant, but in due course if ours I can prepare for many other photos and I shall necessarily show them to you, certainly if you will want it!!!! I hope that I have not seemed to you silly and my letter is pleasant to you, I shall look forward to hearing from you and I promise to tell in following time much more about myself, with best regards Anastasiya.

Good afternoon my love, I could not write to you earlier because since  the morning we with my chief have gone to look that happened with my  apartment, he understands me in construction better and to tell the  truth I did not think that he will accept such participation provided  that I soon leave from work!!! I shall speak about all under the order,  with me all is good also I has not suffered, I was in the street when  all this has taken place also I has come in an apartment only when it  was is put out!!! Unique that this my condition I probably has suffered  and now very strongly I suffer and I do not know that to me to make,  because it really a problem it has happened during the most improper  moment!!! Yesterday I spent the night in hotel, but today I can not  allow myself it any more, but I shall speak about all under the order!!!  We have arrived with my chief and he took the sizes of a window frame  which was spoiled, and now it make to me in our firm under the order of  director and probably already tomorrow to me will establish a new window  frame and will glaze it, on manufacture there is all necessary equipment  and they will make it very quickly!!! I am very grateful to him because  I did not expect that though who that will help here to me!!! Besides it  tomorrow will come a little working from firm which will take out all  damaged furniture and dust from an apartment!!! I need to change  completely all plaster in a hall, in other rooms it will be necessary to  change simply wall-paper and to bleach again a ceiling, but in a hall,  it will be necessary to change completely all of a plinth both on a  ceiling and on a floor, to change wall-paper, to change electroposting,  sockets and to make some other works, approximately to me have  considered that it will cost 18, a maximum of 20 thousand roubles  approximately 700 - 800 American dollars and to make all this it is  possible approximately for two weeks, but unfortunately I do not have  this money and the most terrible, that to me is necessary to live with  it, because I cannot afford to remove habitation, and so close people,  which can borrow me to themselves at me is not present and would be very  good if you now was with me, me would be much easier!!! But if to speak  fairly, I want to address to you for the help, I understand that you in  the right to give up to me and probably it is not difficult for making,  that you have suspicions about me, but to me is valid more to anybody to  not address, I want to ask for you 800 dollars for repair of my  apartment, that I can offer all to you, this that that I can return only  small parts it, probably it will be necessary for me of more than 6  months what to give this money, to all this I can add gratitude and  love, probably it not most favourable offer, but all this that I can  give, you my hope!!!! The most insulting in it that qualify it as  accident, ignition of the electric system and nobody to us will  indemnify, my apartment is not insured, but the most terrible that  people at which the apartment under me has burned down, two children and  it have lost it completely, at them what to repair many money and a lot  of time would be necessary, I do not present that they will make now!!!  Probably now I should try to find to myself cheap habitation for this  day, and tomorrow I hope that already I can come back in an apartment,  but I should live on kitchen, this room has suffered less everything, it  is a pity that I do not have good news to you!!!! Anastasiya P.S. As to  the camera it was valid on a television curbstone, near to a window and  unfortunately it is completely spoiled!!!!

Anna (Minusinsk, Russia)

I am attaching correspondence from her, along with photos/passport, etc. I merely googled her University in one of her early letters and read a sample letter there practically identical to the ones that she was emailing me! 

ps. I will be forwarding another letter with her passport I.D., actual flight itinerary too!


Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 23:06:34 +0400
Subject: I wait for your answer!

Hello!!! It was very nice to receive a message from you it is my first time I try to correspondence with man in internet world. I do hope you will be enough patient to understand my writing. I want you to know that I have only good intentions and I don`t have big secrets. The thing is that I will work abroad for three months or so and I would like to meet a nice man to be my guideor just be good friend to spend time with.I think that it is hard enough to live in foreign town without friends and also I have never been abroad. I am from so small town here in Rusian Federation,I am afraid to be lost. I want to see real life and it is impossible to see without person who knows all sides of the life. It doesn`t matter what age is he or what is his eyes color, I just want to know that he is kind and open-hearted inside. I don't want to live in Rusian Federation because I have not any chances here,it is hardly possible to explain it by the first time but I want you to know my plans. In Ru ssia many young girls also want to start a new life abroad, so many of them used a special program "W ork and travel" for young people who wants to work abroad. I also decided to do so and to use it. This program just helps to register documents and gives suitable work in any state(town)of USA, Canada or Europa (or other big country) . I just need to choose.I already started to register documents and now I need to decide in which city I want to work. I`m 26 years old and I`m not afraid of work (I shall work as the seller in shop or cafe of a fast food). I think it is the right way for me, I am lost here, and I think that I look pretty enough to find a better place. I never been abroad so I decided to find a friend abroad and make his city to be my destination. I want to repeat the same way,it is my only chance to change my life. I am full of plans and different dreams. I have long black hair and gray-blue eyes. I think I look very good, but first of all I want to be beautiful inside. I do hope that you will be not disappointed to meet me in the real life if we will meet. Well,I will close this letter and I do hope to get your reply. I will leave my town in a few days or so (I can't tell you everything exactly right now) and I would like to be sure that I have a man who waits for me there. I will work all day and I would like to find a man to spend all free time together to get to know each other better. if you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy to meet you too. My be it sounds silly but I just don't want to be alone in the evenings,and I want to be sure in advance that somebody waits for me! I think that my e-mail starts to be too long so I will tell you all details about me and my life that you would like to know in next e-mails if you will like my pictures and will want to meet me! I send my loved photos With best regards Anna! (this is my real name) P.S I hope it's OK with you and I will receive an answer from you! I'm responding from my private email address. I hope I'm your type of girl, I'm not sure you like Slavic appearance!! I hope so! OK, I will wait for your answer. When I hear back from you I will write more things about myself and send more pics!

Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 19:05:01 +0400

Hello my Tiger! I can so you to name? Thank's for your reply so much!!! I'm OK about your age! Have you heard a saying The older the violin the sweeter the music?! I hope soon I will be able to come to your area and we will meet each other! This time I will write you more about myself. I think you should know more about my life and my hobbies so you will know if we have any common interests. I'm 26 years old, not too young I think? My birthday is 26 Aug. I'm 177 cm tall (5.7) and 56 kg weight.. I don't know exactly my bust-waist-hips measurements, I don't have a reason to measure it because I think it's OK and my body is proportionate )) I take care of my body, I do aerobics three times a week and I go to the swimming pool twice a week. I have a younger sister, she is 23 years old. Her name is Nadya. I live with the father and mother. We all live in two-rooms flat. As I wrote you I live in Russia. The name of my city is Minusinsk, it's near Krasnoyarsk city. Minusinsk is very small and Krasnoyarsk is a large city, the main city in our district. I graduated from Krasnoyarsk Humanitarian University two years ago. As I wrote you I`m a menager of the big shop, my city is small but we have a big shop here. Sometimes I attend courses in Krasnoyarsk so I have several diplomas, but you know in russia we don`t have good work opportunities. But this work help me to take care about myself. When I come to your city I think it won`t be a problem to find work on my specialization (I shall work as the simple seller). My father is 58 years old now, my mom is 46. You see my mom is much younger then my father and they are very happy together. My mother is a teacher of music in the school. I also could play a piano a little. I like classic music, jazz, rock, lounge. I like all kinds of music! A little about my father: he is in a good shape because we usually make exercises together, he doesn`t work now, because he is retired already. I love both my parents and I'm happy my parents will be not alone when I leave them and will go to another country. Of course I will miss everybody but I want to have my own happiness!  Do you have an International Airport in your city? Please write me it's name an code. Or write me the name of the nearest INTERNATIONAL Airport to you.  I write you my emails from Internet cafe, I don't have my own computer. If you want I can call you when I will be in Moscow, it would be nice to talk to you. We don't have international calls here. I suppose in few days I will fly to Moscow and start my trip! Today I will tell my parents about you, I'm sure they will be happy that someone is waiting for me over there! There is no any messenger in this Cafe so we can only keep emailing each other. I hope you are not getting bored to read my emails? My address here is Russia, Minusinsk,Komarova st. 11, flat 5, post code(zip) - 662610. So now you have a representation of who I am.... I just can tell you that I enjoy life and I try to live to the fullest, I like to try new things. I'm not that smart.. I was not that good in mathematics, physics, biology and so on! I don't like to be smart! But I'm very tender, caring, artistic, faithful, decent person. Sometimes I can be not well organized, I think everybody had it's own minuses and pluses. I don't look any special qualities in a man. I just hope he will be faithful to me and ready to create a happy family with me and I will do everything to make him happy. I'm looking for a soulmate!

OK... it's time to finish my email. I'm sending a kiss by the wind to you and if I sent it to the right destination you should receive it by evening )))) I hope you will catch my kiss somehow )))


Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 16:50:28 +0400

Tim, hello my darling!!!
I'm writing to you as soon as I can!!!!!! I was busy with many arrangements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I had to repeat some words for my English test and I finally passed my test today morning!!! Today I was in the travel agency and I received an information about my trip!  I will be very thankful to you if you can meet me at the Airport! I will arrive to you on Friday, 9 !!!!!! I hope so much it's a good day for you to meet me! Please look at my flight schedule! Here is the info, about my flight, that I was given in agency: 
Information for Anna Maewa.
"Global Travel", Diana. 109316, Moscow, Volgograd prospectus, 4 "?", office 306.
Price: USD 1295.00+ Round trip tickets.Eco.class.
SU 127 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation 
Terminal 2 08:35 
Dusseldorf (DUS), Dusseldorf, Germany 09:45 
LH 807 Dusseldorf (DUS), Dusseldorf, Germany 10:20 
Frankfurt Int'l (FRA), Frankfurt, Germany 
Terminal 1 11:15 
LH 446 Frankfurt Int'l (FRA), Frankfurt, Germany 
Terminal 1 12:50 
Denver International (DEN), Denver, Colorado, USA 15:25 
Please use our service . Best regards. 
Manager Diana.

I passed all tests and everything and all papers are ready.  I will pass my final interview at the embassy this week and they will put all stamps in my documents and I will come to see you! I can't say I'm too much nervous. I know you are waiting for me and I hope you will tell me everything about your country and show me some nice places over there. I will travel eco class,  I hope my flight will be OK.  I will be able to stay over there during six months and then I can prolong my visa or change my status. I'm happy I have a job lined up and I hope everything will works out! I want to meet you and talk to you and get to know you better. I feel we will like each other, at least I hope so. If you decide you know me not well enough and want to be only friends with me I shall rent a room. But I hope you will like me!!!!!!!!!! I have a good feeling about it! I've learnt how to make international calls.  I've been told not all public phones and suitable to do this  and I've been told which one I can use not far from the place where I'm staying. As I wrote you I will come later this week and I will stay here for several days. So now I have to make final arrangements with my documents. I told you I passed all tests, I have all documents I need to get a job and everything. Please try to help me to finish my arrangements. And I need to pay for this flight.  People from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay illegally, so I need to buy roundtrip tickets (with returning date).  I wanted to ask you about electronic tickets but they tell that I can't use because it is their businees to arrange all travel details and they have some extra money from all the things, you see it is just business.I think that you will be able to help me because I don't know anybody here and only you are my hope now, I think everything in your hands and I believe that you will not leave me here alone.please borrow some money. I am sure I will be able to return all your money back after a few weeks, I will get salary and I will collect the sum I own from you. To be fair I am not sure I know what to say because I hate to ask but now I have no different way, you see.Please help me it is only money  and much more important if we will meet in person I will do my best, you won`t be disappoined. I see that it sounds a little crazy  but I can't believe that in the worst case I have to return home,they all will laugh at me.I think it rests with you to decide and I feel that  you will help me because you are kind. I have about 300 US dollars yet and I think  I need about 995 US dollars from your side with all travel needs and living here till my flight! (I had 1180 dollars, but flight from Krasnoyarsk, opening visa, medical insurance and all travel needs costed about 800 dollars).  For truth I didn`t expect I will need to buy roundtrip tickets, but now I see that its a very strict rule. 
Please send it today by Western Union or Money Gram
I will write you details:
Send it to
Russia, Anna Maewa !!!! This is my full name!
This is my full name used in all official documents. They said this is all info you need. But please for any case write down more info. The address where I'm staying Talalihina st. 33 - 64, post code (zip) 109029. I rent a small room In an apartment of an old policeman here, it's cheaper then hotel. When you're filling Western Union form it is not necessary to write down the destination city because i don't have a permanent address over here. Also I've got an advice to send you a scan copy of my passport  in case you need to confirm my details.

The address of the closest Western Union (or MoneyGram) here is:

109029, Talalihina street, 31, a structure 1

I have some money but it's not enough to complete my trip. Please send me 995 US dollars and I will complete my trip! After it please write me all details about the transfer -

your FULL NAME and Money Transfer Control Number!!
I will call you as soon as I receive it.
When I receive the money I will pay for my trip and only then the embassy will put all final stamps on my documents. I've bought you few souvenirs with Russian attributes!!! I'm sure you will like them! If you need something more please let me know, they are not expensive. Also I bought two boxes of Russian chocolate! I hope so much when I come to you we will like each other! You are already very special to me!  Please when I come to you tell me more about you and your country!  I will listen to everything you tell me and I will do everything you tell me! I trust you really much! I hope you will not do something to hurt my feelings.... I think you are really good man. I will never do anything to hurt yours!!! By statistics Moscow is the second most expensive city in the world after Tokyo... everything is so expensive here... and I have to pay for my rent and food and buy tickets.. please help me.. Sorry if I missed something or didn't comment please let me know I was so busy with with all preparations!!!!

Your Girlfriend, Anna

Evgeniya Nizgireva (Marievka, Russia)

I am a single 30 yr old working professional with no kids and never been married.
I posted a very brief and simple personals ad on 2 months ago in beginning of March 2008. Aka - "Evgeniya Nizgireva" was the only person who replied to my ad. She started with a letter commenting of how lonely she is living in Russia, working as a Gynecologist and making very little income in a small village. All her letters insinuated feelings of making me feel sorry for her parents death, living in a poor village and being so lonely. She stated she didnt want to live under the rules of Russian men because they treat women very poorly there. Letters from her spanned for From march until beginning of May when she 'suddenly' was able to take a vacation and must go now 'or else she may never know when she can go again...' She sent me the exact letter that I found online through your website. It completely amazed and blew me away of how identical my letter was to the example letter. She wanted me to send her under name Evgeniya Nizgireva a money wire of $298, which is the remaining "amount" owed for the plane ticket... On May 9th, being very suspicous and using common sense, I researched online and was so lucky to find your website which opened door to the TRUTH about her. I too felt very decieved but also very fortunate to have caught it and prevented myself from making a huge mistake.

p.s. please dont post my email address. I only want my testimonial letter posted please. 
Here, I have 3 pictures that was sent to me. She even sent me a picture with a sign saying, "hello to me". Wow, that was a classic picture, hahaha...



Hi, my Quincy.
I even do not know what to tell first. I simply hope that you will be happy! The most important, finest news - I did it! I got the visa! I am very happy!!!! I as well have found out that I will get vacation May, 17, 2008. I have been to the company that reserves airway tickets. I asked them how I can reach Houston (IAH) and how much it costs. They  have offered to me the roundtrip ticket that costs $1374 USD.  I have told him that my friend found the ticket in cost 450 euros. But they have told that they have no such tickets. I asked them to find  cheapest ticket, because this price is expensive for me. They have answered  that they have a cheaper ticket and the beginning of the flight May, 21, 2008.  It costs $ 1092 USD. It was the best variant for me. I asked them to reserve a ticket.  But they refused, because they can't reserve the ticket without advance payment.  I must pay full cost. I have asked if I can pay a part of money now, and the other part later. They have told that it is possible, but I will be limited by term. And if I will not pay the full cost of the ticket within of this term, I will lose already nested money. I have agreed because it is the only chance for me, because I must give to anti-emigration committee a data about my payment. By this moment I had only the concrete sum of money which I had after all my expenses. I paid $ 700 USD.  But it was not enough for them. In a panic, all what Aleksandra and I could do - we pawned our gold earrings and rings and I got $ 99 USD.  That is all I could do. The number of the flight on which I will get  the ticket is 3105 KLM. The time of departure from Moscow is 10:40 am. The time of arrival in Houston is 9:11 pm. I will change a plan in Amsterdam, number of the flight 6035 KLM.  Then I will change a plan in Detroit, number of the flight 4627 KLM.  After this I will fly to Houston, to you. I know that probably I simply must tell that I can't come to you because  I haven't the remaining sum. I know that I promised to do all by self, and  I was sure that I can. I did not want to ask you. But after I did everything I did,  I cannot simply tell that I will not come to you. I have passed through so many difficulties, and I have overcome the most difficult. But all the same I have disgusting feeling that I could not fulfill the promise. I am always ready to do all what is possible,- to fulfill my promises, but at the same time I understand that any person could get in such a situation. To get the visa I have spent much more money than I expected. But people were ready to help me only if I will pay them. I paid more than 500 dollars to get all documents, I paid in municipal committee, in the ministry. Even officers in army garrison have compelled me to pay for their help. I did not expect all this, but up to the last moment I was sure that I still can make everything. I expected that I can get a vacation payment. We get a vacation payment after ending of a vacation. I asked to give me this money now because I need this money urgently. But, at the last moment I have got the answer that I can get this money urgently  only in case of serious illness or for example in case of death of the relative. I feel so guilty. I was sure that nothing can prevent our meeting. But I must pay remaining sum. It is $ 293 USD. And I must pay money before May, 13 evening. Otherwise I will lose my nested money  and our jewelry will be sold out simply in vain. I know that I should not ask you, and I am very ashamed to do it. And maybe I really simply had to tell you that I can't meet with you because I could not provide my travel completely. But I cannot simply refuse our meeting because then all my diligence, forces, nerves, means will be spent in vain. I understand that for you it is too big sum to lend me. You are not obliged to help me. And 500 dollars which I have spent to get the visa, and 799 $ that I have given for the ticket are huge money for me. But I want you to know that I have given everything not for the sake of myself, but for the sake of us, for the sake of you and me. And I was happy all this time. If you want to meet me, to help me to make our meeting, please, send money to the help before May, 13 evening. I want you to be confident in my sincerity, that is why I send you the view of my visa. I want you to see the result of my efforts. I do not know if you want to help me or already not. But you have told that I should let you know if there is anything you can do to help me. I believe you even though I am afraid to ask. But I have no other exit. I need you. If you can help me I will tell you what I have found out. Aleksandra said that you  can help me with the help of remittance system. So I have addressed to the  nearest bank. I have been told that they use the system ''Western Union''. They have told that it is very convenient office for me; and this system works  always and reliably. I give you necessary elements for sending money with the help of ''Western Union'': 
The name of bank - GAZPROMBANK
HOUSE - 15
ZIP - 347922
for Evgeniya Nizgireva
In bank I have been told, that to get the money, I must tell to employee of bank  your full name, your full address, exact sum which I should receive and some  confidential numbers - Money Transfer Control Number. You will get this number  in your bank if you will send your help. Only with presence of all this information I can get your help. I do not know what answer I will get from you. I very much am afraid that you  will not help me. But I want to tell, that I really need you, and I simply can't endure the thought that I did almost everything, but I will not meet you. I understand that it is big money. I have given all my forces, but together we are stronger. I really  ask you to help me. I will give you back all your money at the earliest opportunity. I have written you honestly and sincerely. Are you with me?
Your Evgeniya

Kristina Nagorova (Kazan, Russia)


Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 20:36:25 +0400
Subject: Hi

Hello my dearest love man Emilio!!!
I again also am again glad to read your letter. You for me very dear person and I each time pleased to receive your letter. You are very expensive for me and I every day like to read your letter. Both my day becomes brighter also happy at me there is a smile on the person when I only read your letter and I am pleased with it you that person for me which dear and about which I worry. My dear Emilio Today at your desire, I to go to the big shop and once again all to learn about a cellular telephone. I to take big consultation about a cellular telephone. The manager to me to tell now in shop to operate very good guarantee coupon and if the cellular telephone at me breaks me to replace on new or repairing. This cellular telephone in Russian, and me will be easier to own and use it. To me it is very pleasant that you wish to help me with purchase of a cellular telephone for me. If I have a cellular telephone we can speak more often with each other, and every day to send each other telephone messages. I very much wish to speak on the phone with you often. The cellular telephone to cost 400 US dollar. I went today to bank and I was spoken by two systems through which you Could send yours money it moneygram and western union. So you could To see how to do and where to find it here their sites which is in The Internet and So as soon as You can find and send all to me it: So I will wait for yours The answer and when you nevertheless can send me yours money. I wait Your answer and MTCN without which I cannot receive yours money. And I will need to know yours a full name and a surname, and the full address of a city of the sender. Here my full address and a name and a surname which it to be necessary for you at a parcel of money me:

My full name Kristina Nagorova.
street: Calinina 122
Apartment 85
city Kazan
postal index 420000
Country Russia.

As soon as money will be at me on the hands, the first call it will be to you Emilio. I very much wish to speak on the phone with you. Today at me such difficult day was and there were very much not which cultural patients I treated did all that only I could also they to me only spoke that I am not able to treat that I the bad doctor that at me not enough honey agarics in work as the doctor. But why people do not understand that I do all that only I can but we do not have such equipment to cure the certain illness and they blame in it me I not guilty that at us the government will be allocated with few money resources on maintenance of public health services of citizens but people do not understand that not my fault they speak it that I the bad doctor. I so am tired from it our state and our government  allocates very few means. At us only the good equipment in individual clinic where treatment paid and in the state hospital pay a payment on work to employees a little and the equipment to treat simply suffices it my fault it only our government. I wanted you to ask as you at you the government allocates enough means to provide clinics and hospitals? What people at you as they concern to strangers. At us people began as animals they have simply run wild and concern to each other as animals because all this only from the government so it awfully and Russia not so good country to live here again it is necessary to adapt simply well to live on another impossible simply people will knock down you. Very difficultly to fair people. All right it is simple me so this patient that it today upset so responded about me. And I only suffered that it named me so poorly and has decided to share with you as you the close person for me and support for me. Well now I very much upset and tired shall go home and to and you wanted to speak only how many to me you are dear and how many much support for me and I know that in the person  you also never leave me and alwayshelp me and speak to me by tender and gentle words. I know you  that person which for me and I shall always wait for you. You and only your woman which waits for you for ever yours Kristina!!!!

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