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Scamming may not be a crime, but stealing money is. I am going to nail these guys, if its the last thing I do. Thank you for fighting the good fight. We should all stand together to rid the world of this scum.

Adriaan (South Africa)

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August 22, 2006 - page 1

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Anna Pyatova (Samara, Russian Federation)

I am a single man living in Dallas, Texas. I received the message below through my account.
Anna was very specific in her first email to use her email of So I did. From July 2, 2006 to August 6, 2006, each letter was accompanied with a new picture of Anna. I have 14 pictures in all. It wasn't until I googled Anna's name that I came to this website. While the picture listed as Anna Pyatova was different that the ones I received, the letters were nearly the same to another guy. I wrote Anna telling her what I found and after telling me I was "throwing away her love" I never heard from her again.


Sunday, July 2, 2006
Subject: Message: Hi the new friend!!!
From: Anna_rada ( 
To: MyDogsLuvMe06 ( 
Date received: July 2, 2006 
Subject: Hi the new friend!!! 

I have seen your profile on a site, and have decided to 
write to you. There there were many good people. 
I do not know why to write to you, something is probable 
inside has induced me do it. But I am more inclined to 
write that to you. I already during long time search for 
the man of the heart on the Internet. However my searches 
were not successful, but I was interested with your 
questionnaire. You are possible 
and there is my partner in life whom I search. 
Though actually it is very uneasy to find the love 
through the Internet, but I shall hope for it up to the last.
I want to tell you a little about myself:
My name is Anna.
I the simple Russian girl who search for a serious 
the person from abroad for serious attitudes in 
the future for creations of family. 
I am very brave to write to you and have written 
in hope which you will write also to me. I hope for it, 
and I shall look forward to answer from you.
P.S. If I though have slightly interested you, please write 
to me the answer on mine E-mail:
I shall hope, and I shall wait, that you nevertheless 
will answer it soon. Please try to send your message 
on email. As I was very bad a use the Internet. 
I shall send the image in the following letter. 
With hope your new familiar Anna.

Anna_rada's profile 

29-year-old woman
Newburgh, IN, US
Active within 1 hour 


Anna tells asks lots of questions about my life and what I like and don't like. She gives me her address but then says not to send her anything because the workers at the post office steal mail. 

"My full name is Anna Pyatova,and my home address is:Lermontov's street, 35-17Samara, 426043Russian Federation"


Now Anna tells me about her friends who work in a travel agency that will help her get a visa.

"Hello my love man, my dearest Ken!How are you doing, my Ken? I'm doing fine, my honey!I have received your answer, my Ken, I’m so happy to receive your necessary love for me, your warm words, my dear Ken.My dearest Ken, also I have good news for you! Do you remember in my previous letters I told you about my teacher, Alexandra Petrovna Zimina. To cut a long story short, she has a daughter, Masha, and she can help me with finding the information about all necessary documents that I need to come to you! The point is that Masha lives in Moscow now, and her husband Petya has his own travel firm. So Masha and Petya will help me to arrange all the documents for our meeting very fast! It's so good for us that they agreed to help me with all important details of the information about all necessary documents for my future coming to you, my love Ken! I will call her today in Moscow and ask her to help me with the coming to you, my lovely Ken!I am ready to apply all my forces to our meeting. I think we should meet each other, because we should know each other better. The meeting will help us to make serious steps in our life. Do you agree with me? I was very resolutely adjusted to a meeting with you. I will find out the information as soon as possible. I will inform you immediately as soon as I will have the necessary information. I’m so excited because of our meeting!! I understand that I won’t be able to hide tears when we meet at first. Do not only pay attention if I cry when we meet. OK?Forever yours,All my kisses and hugs to you!!Very truly yours,Anna."

LETTER TEN - JULY 27, 2006

One day later, Anna now has found out what needs to take place. Just send $500. She even sends the banking information.

"Hello my love!! LOVE of all my life!! Thank you again and again for your kind letters! My angel, my fairy - tale, my sweet dream! Oh, I full of feelings to you, Ken!!I do not even know how to tell you about it. It is terrible, I just do not know what to do…I went to pieces…The point is that…do you remember, in my previous letters I told you I was about to collect all necessary information to be able to come to you? With the help of Alexandra Petrovna Zimina and her daughter, she lives in Moscow? So I did and…all this is just unbearable for me. There are no problems to collect necessary documents to come to you she said; she will help me with pleasure but all the documents and entry visa will cost 500 dollars she told me. I was shocked…I just could not find a word, You know it is an incredible sum for me. I live in Russia, in a small town. Moreover I work at the orphanage. And my salary is about 1400 rubles a month (it is about 56 dollars). It is not much, you know. It is just a bare profit!!So, of course I do not have such sum of money. I simply can not have it! So, when I heard that I have to pay this money only for paper work and visa I was…it is too hard to put it into words… I was… it was a great disaster for me. I asked Alexandra Petrovna if she can help me with money. Alexandra Petrovna broke down because of this news. She told that she does not have such money. I knew it of course, but I wanted to try. I decided to borrow money. I asked all my friends and colleagues too but I was not a success. They are poor common people and they do not have such money. Alexandra Petrovna told me that I can take a loan from our bank. At first I was glad that finally I found a way out! So I called to the bank and was said to come to bank and to talk to the manager. I hoped that they will help me. But when I did, the manager of the bank told me that it is impossible. Oh, you just can not imagine how unhappy I was. The manager told me that I can not take a loan from the bank, because I want to go abroad. And they do not accommodate people with a loan in such cases…What do you prefer?! As for me I want to be with you for ever! God gave us such a splendid opportunity tofind our happiness! To be together! To love and to be loved by each other! Can we allow this small problem to spoil our happy future life?! What is money? It is just a mean to achieve our aim, and nothing more. And our aim is to be together and be happy. That's it! I do not have any right to say the next words, but it is really so, believe me - now everything depends on you, my Ken. My dear Ken!My loved Ken I to want to tell to you, that you to send me it on reliable system monetarytranslations Western Union, from me it is required to you The address of bank through which I can receive it from you.The country: Russia, the city of Samara.KMB-bank,The post address: Antonova - Ovsienko, 44a.The postal index: 443090.And my full name in which you will require,Anna Pyatova.My loved Ken, I still want to tell you, that I learned. I should know from you number MTCN which will consist of 10 figures, in which I shall require from you to receive it.I shall wait it from you very soon, mine Ken, And I very much hope, that nevertheless you can help meWith it. So I shall wait for news from you soon. Please, do not leave me to the mercy of fate…I pray…Love You, miss You, wait for Your decision,Very truly yours,Anna." LETTER TWELVE - JULY 30, 2006 Again I tell Anna that I will not send her the money for a few months and I wanted to come to Russia to see her. This is her reply."My love Ken I so grieve without you my angel, To me so it is bad, that my second half is farFrom me, but the love does not know distances, she surrounds usThe heat always also gives pleasure on the person and briskEyes of happiness every day our life Ken...My love Ken,I hope, that you like these lines of my heart,These are my ideas about us with you my angel Ken...My love I shall try to answer your questions500 dollars include the visa, the passport, medical research, road up to Moscow and residing there while documents are made. My visa will allow to remain with you 90 days.My friend cannot make the visa of immigration.I want that I the first have arrived to you and then we have together arrived to me, I already have completely decided that I refuse all in Russia!!!I want to be with you!!!!!My love I dream of you always, you always in mineHeart and you always in my ideas on you Ken...Anna"


I'm glad I found this website. I am telling my story so that others will know. Take caution and follow the advice on this site. I did write one more email to Anna telling her that I was sending all her photos to this website. It is unlikely the perpetrator will use the pictures again, but I will bet the letters will be nearly the same.

Ken R.
Dallas, TX

Elena Devchonka (Saransk Russia)

I just found this website after some curious thoughts about a woman named Elena started talking to me. I am 31 yrs old and a divorced father of one child. Started getting letters from this woman that said she found my profile on Big about a month ago. I deleted the first message due to I figured it was a scam, after she wrote back I thought that maybe it wasn't. Till I found this website and found out that the next letter I will get I'm sure she will start requsting money. I am lucky that I seen the same letters on here that I am getting, the only difference is that my name is on it. Here is the letters that I got so far.

Letter1 (deleted)

Letter 2
Hello my new American friend Josh.
Your second letter - that it? But it was ridiculous and interesting.
First of all I thank you for that that you have answered my letter.
For you probably was unexpectedness that I have written to you from 
But I was interested with your profil. You have told that search for 
the girl for 
Creations of serious attitudes. I have the same purpose. 
I search for man with which can connect all life.
American people more approach for this purpose. As they it is more 
Concern to creation of family. American people the most cautious 
Me very much pleases, that American people very much estimate and love 
Still American people as against Russian will carry out healthy a way 
of life.
Inform me how you concern to girls from Russia?
I always loved people which are more 
The grown-up than I. As these people, cleverer, reliable and cautious, 
than people of mine 
To me of 28 years. But I want to tell you that I very serious both 
girl and the person of my age not in am capable to understand it.
I can find much in common with you. I think, that it is important, when 
people have the general
Ideas about life. Now, the partner is necessary for everyone, oppress. 
I know, that grown-up 
People - are not capable to treachery. In senior people steadier 
opinion, than in young. 
The senior person whom I shall resemble, is sure in tomorrow's day.
Inform me how you concern to that that I youngly you?
I want to inform you that I not when did not search for people in the 
Also started the search from the Internet after the recommendation of 
my girlfriend.
Its name Ekaterina. She too has got acquainted with husband David in 
the Internet.
It from Germany. Now they have got married and are happy together.
Also I want to tell you that Ekaterina my best girlfriend. We studied 
with it in one class.
I was born and I live now in city of Saransk. It approximately in 600 
kilometers from Moscow.
Our city has very rich history. It is very beautiful city.
Here I have finished school. Then I studied at university at economic 
In 1998 To year I have finished university. Now I have a trade the 
Also I work as the bookkeeper in firm on sale of food stuffs.
I have no the own computer of a house as well as many people in Russia. 
Therefore I write you from the Internet of the centre. It is not far 
from my work. 
I think that it will not be a problem for our correspondence.
Also I want to tell you that I learned the English language at 
university and now freely I speak in English.
I hope you will find my English not so bad and you will understand well 
Josh, I'll be grateful so much, if you'll write me about
yourself so much, as I did it. I would like, if you'll tell me, for
example, about your family, is your family large? About your city
where are you living, I have never been in other countries and in USA
too, and I'll be glad to know about your country.
I send you the photo. I hope you will find me attractive.
Write to me soon.
Sincerely Elena.
Your new friend from Russia

Letter 3

Hello my friend Josh.
I am glad to receive answer from you.
It is pleasant for me to read your letter. Thank for answers to my
You the interesting person. I think that we should bett learn each 
other as 
far as it probably in our letters.
To learn about our dreams and hopes. I hope you Josh agree with me?
I already informed you that I not when had no search of people in the 
Internet earlier.
As I did not think that in the Internet it is possible to find serious 
But my girlfriend Ekaterina has convinced me that it really. She has 
acquainted with David on the Internet the last year.
Ekaterina became his wife. They together the second year.
David and Ekaterina like each other and it is good them together.
They live in Germany.
Now they have arrived to Russia to parents Ekaterina. 
I hope that our attitudes too will be a success.
Probably we with you shall together in the future. 
Too I would like to consider an opportunity of a marriage if you will 
I do not want to hide this important fact. I hope you will tell me the 
opinion concerning it?
In this letter I want to speak you the greater about me and my family.
To me of 28 years. I was given birth 22 september 1977 in Russia in 
city of Saransk.
My growth of 168 centimeters, weight of 54 kg.
I very cheerful person also like to communicate with people.
I have many friends. At leisure we like to walk on city, too we visit 
Sometimes we visit a cinema. I very much like to look films.
You have many friends? What you do for an entertainment? 
Too I want speak that I have the big family. She is my mum Lyudmila, my 
daddy Nikolay and brother Kostja.
On a trade my mum the teacher at school. She teaches mathematics in the 
senior classes.
My daddy the driver. It drives a taxi in our city.
To my brother Kostja of 20 years. It studies at university on 4 rate. 
dream to become the lawyer.
Our family very amicable. We have understanding and support between us 
members of our family.
As our parents gave us good education. I am proud that I have such 
After I have finished university and I have gone to work live 
from the family.
As I think that I should be more independent. I take an apartment in 
But I frequently visit the family. Too I want to speak you that I 
with the family
About my acquaintance to you through the Internet.
They positively estimate our acquaintance. They care of my future life 
Also want that I had happy life. They would like that I have found my 
As I was no time am not married and I have what children.
Men in Russia are not interested in creation of family. As life in 
Russia is 
difficult for this purpose.
Also they conduct not a healthy way of life. Use a plenty of alcohol 
For example the husband of my girlfriend Tatjany each day uses alcohol. 
frequently beats Tatyana.
She live with it together only because they have children. She very 
woman. But it is a pity to me of her.
Certainly not all families in Russia are similar to this. But the 
of them such. I would not like to have such family.
My parents understand it.
I know about your country only from TV.
She has told that the situation in your country is various. It so?
I was no time not outside of Russia. But I would like when or to travel 
your country.
I think that it romantically. You like to travel?
Well, Josh, I must to finish my e-mail to you, I hope that we will
continue to correspond with each other and you will tell me much more
about yourself, and I will try to tell about myself as more as
possible in future e-mails. I want to ask you about more things,
Josh, and I hope that you will understand my questions and will
answer me for them. I want to learn more about your country and you.

Your friend from Russia Elena.


Greetings Josh.
How you? Mine affairs it is good!
Thank for that that you have answered my last letter.
I very much liked your photo. You very lovely and courageous the man.
I have found your structure on a site big church. Also has decided to 
write to you.
I am happy that we may to write each other. And to learn the friend the 
friend it is more.
I very much like to read your letters and to learn more about you and 
your country.
I think it important to know each other more. 
As the majority of families break up from for that that people badly 
knew each other.
Really Josh?
Certainly in the letter it is difficult to transfer all feelings and 
Because we may not see an eye and a smile each other.
But we should try to understand each other and to find out about the 
friend the friend 
as much as possible. How you consider?
I hope you agree with me and it will be interesting to you to learn 
my hobbies and about my loved things. 
About food? Ok, from the favourite food dishes, I want to allocate a
fried potatoes, various kind of the soups, also I like a meat too, I
don't want to hide it from you I like the fish and chicken very
much, do you like the chicken? It's so tasty, really? Also I like a
pizza very much. It's very tasty too, I like pizza with a cheese. I
would like to say you that I like a fruit and vegetables, especially,
an apple lemon, orange, banana, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there
are many kinds of vitamins. Josh, do you like to cook?
I cook not bad as my family and the friends said me at once
Also about my favorite kind of sports, I like to sport very much, do
you like it? In winter I like to ski, it's cool to be on the fresh
air. Also I like to play on volley too. But most of all I like to
aerobic. On my opinion, this kind of sport helps to support my
body in the good form. Also I would like to say to you that I like to
dance ball dances Have you ever danced the ball dance with any girl?
It's so attractive and beautifully, really, Josh? I'm sure,
that you would like to dance the ball dancing with me at once? 
It will be wonderful! Probably, in the future, we will dance the ball
dancing with you, it would be cool! Really?
About my hobbie? I like to collect various beautiful female magazines,
about a style, about female life for example and so on. For a small
period of the time, I have a large collection of different magazines.
Simply, I like to read the best magazines.
I as very much like to read books, I do it in free time from work. 
I very much like to read novels about love and detectives.
I read books as the Soviet and foreign authors.
What you like to read?
Music, which I listen to depends on my mood.
Basically it is Russian music. I very much like fate, pop, and other 
From the foreign executors I love Madona, Scorpions, and others.
I think, that there is no bad music.
As I like to look films.
I like various films. 
I love to look films about love, comedies, fantasy.
Most of all I love film " the Siberian Barber "
It is film about love of the young Russian cadet to the adult American 
He always addressed to her with love and respect. 
Did not leave her in bad and good times.
Cared of her and wanted to give her all love and to make her happiest 
woman on the ground.
I think that it is the most important qualities which should have the 
Josh You agree with me?
It is similar the woman should to do too most for the man.
To support him all time. To be near to him when he requires her.
I think love is the key, a very important factor in a relationship and 
only way you can make
somebody love you if you are honest, sincere, faithful to that person.
But the American woman in this film had no such qualities.
It is tragedy film about the present love. You looked this film?
If there is no I think we might look him together once.
Certainly it only dreams, but dreams sometimes come true. Whether not 
so Josh?
I want to inform you Josh about the dreams.
Most of all I dream to like and be loved.
I already spoke you that at me many friends and good family. 
But I feel lonely. 
As I would not have the special person which loved me. 
And to which I might give all love.
You understand me? 
I think that the love is similar to a garden about which it is 
necessary constantly cares.
The garden which will be lost without care and attention.
Similarly to other women I also dream to have children.
Children are similar to flowers in it to a garden. But if you ask me 
how many children I would like to have.
I can not answer this question. 
You could answer how many flowers want to have in your garden?
These are the most important dreams for me.
By the way, my parents and friends ask about you all time Especially
my parents, I have told to my parents, that you are decent and good
man, my parents are very pleased to our? orrespondence on the Internet
and our relations, Josh. My parents wish to us a good relations in
the future, and it's possible, in the future, if we will be together
in your country, they would want that we will be a magnificent pair
too But remember, Josh! We should learn each other ever more and
more! Really.? It's very important for me, Josh! The fact in
that, if you know, that on the statistics, majority of a pairs are
separated because they knew each other not enough, and I don't want to
do a mistake at once, I hope that you will can to understand me,
Josh, really? As I spoke you earlier, we must to learn about each
other more and more from our e-mails.
Dear Josh!!! Also I want to tell you, that I would like to speak
with you by the phone at once, I hope, that it's a good idea, really,
Josh? I want to hear your voice, Josh, I hope that you want to
hear my voice too. But unfortunately, I don't have the telephone in
our apartment, because it's very expensive to establish the telephone
now in this time in Saransk City, but it will be possible, that may be
through some months we will have the telephone. Also, I want to tell
you, that I have interested at our director about using of the office
telephone, but our director has told me, that the office telephone is
for working needs for our institution! The director has told us, that
the work personnel of office can not use the telephone of office for 
individual purposes.
From this, I have thought and I have come to the conclusion, I will
can to call to you from the City's Saransk Telegraph, it's the best
variant, Josh!
Dearest Josh, you can give to me the number of your phone, I can
call to you from the City's Telegraph, please give me your phone
number, ok? I have a huge desire to hear your voice, Josh, I hope
that you want to hear my voice too. Please, send me your phone number
in your next e-mail, ok??? Please, don't forget, Josh!
Josh, I can't believe, I have written to you such large e-mail. I
hope, that it will be interesting to read about me more. Really?
Josh, I would be grateful to you, if you will write to me in your
next e-mail about your enthusiasmes, about your hobbies, what kind of
music do you prefer? What kind of movies and another too? What is your
favorite color too??? My favorite color is blue, it calms so much.
Well, let me to finish my messgae. 
By the way, my parents, my brother and my friends ask me again to say 
to you a great
greetings from them! It's as usual. Josh, I will wait for your
next e-mails! Josh, please, write me as soon as possible! Ok?
Good-bye, see you soon.

Sincerely Elena.

Letter 5
Hi my dearest friend Josh!
I was glad to receive your letter. It has warmed my heart.
Pleasantly that it is interesting to you to write to me. 
Too it is interesting to me to write to you and to learn about you Josh 
in each letter more and more.
In my soul I feel that we became close with you Josh. I am happy from 
Your letters are filled with a heat. I so do not have not enough it 
this cold day.
Josh, your letters cheer up me.
Thank for your phone number. I to you shall call when I will have 
I think that it will be in one week. I shall inform you about it 
I very much liked your photo. You very good and lovely person.
And your very pretty boy. I present as you it like.
I think that the god is. And it always helps us.
It helps us difficult minutes. And when will not leave us.
Today at me difficult day at work was. 
We had the monthly report. I was very much tired.
My chief shouted at me. 
He spoke that I should do the work faster. Too he offended me.
I might not collect the ideas at work. 
Therefore I have made many mistakes in the report.
Tomorrow I should alter the report.
In the evening I at once have gone to the Internet the centre to read 
your letter.
It is good me from that that there is such person as you. 
Josh, thank for heat in your letters.
I am glad that I have got acquainted with you in the Internet. Still I 
thank my girlfriend 
Ekaterina that she has advised me to start search in the Internet.
Very pleasantly that we with you may correspond. 
I hope that to you too pleasantly to write to me. I so am interested in 
you Josh.
My life became better after I have got acquainted with you.
It is pleasant for me that you understand me. Too it seems to me that 
you trust me.
The trust is the most important a thing in friendship. Really Josh? 
It is very good me on soul when I know that there is a person which may 
listen to me. 
And to cheer up me the letter.
Too I hope that to you pleasantly to see in me the friend.
By the way I want to speak you that I believe in the god.
I the christian, I believe in the god. I sometimes go to church and I 
I am brought up what to trust in the god. At us the family trusts in 
the god, and we 
bow to him. Orthodox belief this purest, most not changed christianity. 
She learns goods, mercy, a pardon and love. 
Orthodox not only lives on precepts of Law Divine, but it too is 
in spiritual self-education. That is gradually and develops in itself 
christian qualities and gets rid of sinful habits.
I like it very much. This so calms my soul when I have a bad mood too.
But now, I want to say to you that your e-mails calms me too when I
have a bad mood, I feel it, Josh.
Too I want to speak you that some people at work know that we are 
With you in the Internet. They speak that it so well for us.
Too they ask me that I have transferred you of signs from them.
My dear friend Josh, also I want to ask you your full name and
your home address on any unforeseen case also. Please, send me it, 
Josh, I would like to send you my home address too.
In the Internet the centre frequently there are problems to computers.
May happen so I can not write to you through the Internet.
But I think that God willn't admit it, because he know that we like to
write to each other our e-mails as I feel it. Josh, I can send you
a postmails or postcards by the usual mail service also. But you must
know that will be better if you willn't send me a postmessages or
other any parcel posts, for example by our city usual pochtamt.
Josh, I want to say to you that it's so shame that we in Russia
have a peoples or some mail organizations who like steal the
postsendings of any peoples. I know many so shame, so bad cases about
it from my girlfriends. It's the shame for this peoples and
organizations, realy? I hope that in your country all ok with
postorganization. Please, don't send me anything by the our city's
pochtamt, I don't want that your postsending will stealed by any
thieves! But I will give you my home address and my full name on any
It's here:
My full name is Elena Kuznecova,
and my home address is:
Republic Mordovia
City of Saransk
Index 433032
Lermontova street
house 11 - 7
Please, write this datas on a paper on any cases, ok, Josh?
I so want to hear your voice, it will important for me to hear your 
voice, Josh. On this
note, I will finish my e-mail to you. Please, answer me soon, ok,
Josh? I will wait for your messages, Josh.

Sincerely, your dear friend,

Letter 6

Hi dearest Josh!
I am again glad to receive your letter!!! I am simply happy!!! 
Josh, today all day I thought only of you, your letters do a miracle in 
my life.
In my life the sense has appeared. I sometimes has difficulties at 
work, but having read
Your letter I hammer about bad in mood. Also I am glad lifes. Today I 
tried to finish the work more quickly
And to go in the Internet the centre to read your letter and to write 
to you. 
It is difficult for me without your letters Josh.
I would like that we learned each other more. Therefore I write you so 
much about myself. 
Also I hope that you will do the same.
From seasons I love summer more. The past summer I had a vacation at 
work. I had no a vacation at work during two years.
I have lead the vacation with the family and friends. It was very 
My vacation were in June, in the beginning of a summer. With friends we 
went to cinema and theatre.
Also we were rolled on a boat on the river.
But most of all I liked to walk in a wood with my mum. The wood is near 
our city.
There is nothing so does not calm as walk on a wood, fresh air and a 
warm wind.
In Russia very beautiful woods: birches, a pine, a fur-trees and oaks. 
In our wood it is a lot of springs, due to them in a wood there is a 
small river. It so is beautiful Josh.
At the end of my vacation we with family we went to a wood on picnic. 
We very much love it. 
And you Josh like to go on picnic?
My daddy and the brother have put tent on a glade. On a fire we with 
mum prepared for the foodstuffs.
The foodstuffs prepared on a nature is much more tasty than the 
foodstuffs prepared than a house. Really Josh.
Josh, you like to fish? I tried to fish once, 
But at me it badly turns out, may be to me there is no patience in it. 
But my daddy usually catches a lot of fish.
Then we prepare for a soup from fish. It is very tasty soup. Especially 
if it is prepared on a nature.
Josh, write to me as you carry out (spend) the vacation at work? 
It will be very interesting to me to learn about it.
Josh, you became very well-known among mine friends and my colleagues 
at work.
They constantly ask me about you. Also they are interested as at us 
there is a correspondence on a E-Mail.
I speak them that I It is glad that I have such good person as you 
Also that I am very happy that we may to write each other. 
My familiar too would like to find to itself the friend in the 
Colleagues at work envy me slightly. They ask me why I do not ask that 
you sent me any gifts.
I speak them that gifts for me not the main thing. The best gift for me 
is your letters Josh.
The most important that at me is such friend as you Josh and that that 
you brighten up my loneliness warm 
And very significant letters for me. Also I would like to remind that I 
asked you 
To not send me any parcels post services. Any post services in Russia 
are not safe.
It really a shame for our country.
When Ekaterina and David have got acquainted, David has decided to send 
a gift to Ekaterina. 
He has sent the express Train service
Beautiful dress and bracelet for Ekaterina. But Ekaterina has not 
received these gifts. 
Gifts beat are lost for the obscure reasons. David beat is very much 
afflicted with it. 
But Ekaterina was afflicted even more.
David wanted to cause court above this post service but Ekaterina has 
convinced him that in it there is no sense.
As gifts all the same to not return. When they have met David has 
presented Ekaterina precisely same gifts.
As David asked you Josh that you to not do his mistakes and to not send 
to Russia of gifts any post services.
It will be not pleasant for me if with us happen too most that happened 
with Ekaterina and David.
Also I hope, if we with you shall be together Josh, we necessarily 
shall visit on a visit At Ekaterina and David Germany.
They have told that will be for the sake of this and they invited us. A 
bit later they already to return home David to Germany.
David speaks that he very much misses on the native land. 
Ekaterina has told that will miss on Russia when they will leave for 
Still Ekaterina has told that will miss on me. 
Also David and Ekaterina trust that we with you Josh in the future 
shall live together also. 
Also that we necessarily shall meet all together.
I want to tell you Josh that I think of you more and more and more. 
And about an opportunity of my arrival to you Josh.
I feel that our attitudes much more than friendship. You feel similar 
I feel it my heart and my soul. You always with me in my ideas due to 
your letters.
On it I shall finish the letter to you. As always mine Josh, 
my family and Ekaterina with David send the regards to you.
I shall wait for your following letter so soon as far as it probably.

Thinking about you, Josh,
My warmth kisses, Elena

Letter 7
Hello my dearest Josh!
Want to tell that in my soul again pleasure from that that I have 
your letter and from that that you have answered my questions
In the last letter. You have filled in all my ideas and desires Josh. 
To me all is more difficult to wait that minute 
When I again can read your new letter and write to you. 
So strongly I grieve on you and under your letters mine Josh. 
Lines of your letters Josh are so dear and close to me.
You Josh the most fine person which are in my life. 
As well that you Josh have arisen in my lonely and empty life. 
I speak it with all sincerity and respect for you mine Josh. Trust me 
I thought of us these lonely evenings very much. I think that we are 
created the friend for the friend. 
With each your new letter I am convinced of it all more strongly mine 
Yesterday I long might not fall asleep. I thought of us Josh. 
About that as we have got acquainted in the Internet. About your warm 
I thought of you mine Josh and about that as to me it is bad without 
I want to tell you Josh that I love you!!!
Yes. Josh. Yes. I LOVE YOU 
I love you my dear Josh all soul. To me began more easy from that that 
I could tell you it.
I know that it so unexpectedly. All over again I did not think that it 
is love. 
But now I am sure that I love you Josh.
This so fine and big feeling. It is my love to you my dear Josh. 
I hope that my feeling to you Josh mutually. Josh, I hope that you feel 
to me too most?
Really Josh? 
I ask the god about us each evening mine Josh. Now I feel 
The happiest woman because I love you mine Josh.
That we could find the big happiness each other in this big world.
Be fast we can together and have good family. I so strongly want it and 
very much I dream of it mine Josh.
Josh I want to be with you. 
My girlfriends ask me why we with you do not want will meet in the 
Or if it is impossible why I do not search to myself for other person. 
I nothing them have not answered.
But you know that Josh that I can not meet here the good person. 
And I do not want to do it because I have you Josh. With you on my soul 
it became quiet.
I feel to you Josh all love.
I have told about my feelings to you to the parents and Ekaterina with 
My parents are glad for us my dear Josh.
In eyes of my mum and mine of daddy I have seen happiness and care of 
us my dear Josh. 
They have told me that hope that I have made a correct choice. 
Also that hope that we shall be happy with each other my love Josh.
My mum has asked me where we shall live when we shall be together. 
I have told that I would like to live together with you Josh in USA.
She has told me that it will not have not enough me. 
But on the other hand she understands that so it will be better for us 
with you Josh.
At us in Russia it is difficult to live as at us very difficult vital 
My parents send the regards to you from them.
They wish us Josh good family, and respect to each other. 
And also big and the main thing of mutual love mine Josh.
My girlfriend Ekaterina and its husband David have told that the love 
in even more strongly will flash from the moment of our acquaintance in 
the person.
I agree with them. And you Josh?
Still they have told that you will be the excellent husband for me mine 
They transfer you greetings and hundred we hope with you Josh too we 
shall be together as well as they.
I am madly happy. It is so good that my relatives and friends approve 
our attitudes mine Josh.
I very strongly love you Josh. I am disturbed with one question. 
It is really important for me as I very strongly love you mine Josh.
You conduct correspondence with other women on the Internet or 
Please understand me correctly, I love you and consequently I do not 
want that you wrote to other women Josh. 
I want to tell you that you Josh the unique person with which I write. 
Nobody is necessary for me except for you my love Josh. 
You are not present with me beside and I am afraid that what that other 
woman may steal you at me.
I very strongly love you my dear Josh. 
We should trust each other in that that we do not conduct 
correspondence with other people. Really Josh?
You will ask probably me Josh as to me will be without my loved work 
And without my colleagues when I shall far from Russia. I gave a lot of 
time with work. 
I had not enough time for my private life. But when you have appeared I 
has wanted to change all life.
Now I would like to come from work to love to the husband in the 
For the sake of you Josh I am ready to change all life.
I want to create family you see at the majority of my girlfriends for a 
long time already there are families. 
When I shall be with you Josh
I shall miss on the colleagues and on the work. I think that my 
colleagues too will miss on me.
But I hope that I can correspond with them through the Internet. As 
well as I write you my love Josh.
What you think of it? 
In my dreams we with you together. I very strongly grieve without you 
my dear Josh. 
You became very dear to me, 
You the most expensive that are in my lonely life. Work has departed 
for me on the second plan.
I love you Josh. It is very difficult for me without you. 
I have decided that to us is necessary to be together. Beside with each 
To feel each other. To speak with each other. To hear and see each 
It is necessary for me Josh very much. I so love you Josh.
By the way I will try to learn my dear about the necessary documents
for my future coming to you my Josh, as I know from my girlfriend 
I will need in the foreign passport and visa too, I will try
learn about it Josh in near future time my Josh. My darling, I
hope that you have a great desire of our meeting my love Josh. I
so want it my love, I love you and I miss you badly Josh. I will
wait for your mutual warmth emails, Josh. As usual, warmth
greetings from my girlfriend Ekaterina, David and my family to you.

All my warmth kisses,
Warmth hugs,
Your lady,

Letter 8
Hi my love Josh!
I was again very glad to receive your letter. 
Thank for that that as always your letter was filled with heat and care 
of me.
My loved Josh in the last letter to you I have opened to you the 
feelings. And now on my soul it became easy.
Weather in the street in the evening colder. And I am glad that in my 
heart, not looking on weather, always warmly.
It is a pity to me that I can not transfer this heat to you warm you, 
present you pleasure my love Josh.
I love you Josh. That is badly that only the E-Mail connects us. I very 
much would like to see you Josh,
To see your smile. Now in my life there is nothing better than your 
They rescue me from melancholy and loneliness.
I hope that my letters to you force to feel you Josh the same way. 
I very strongly love you my dear Josh. 
I speak each day about you to the close people, parents and Ekaterina 
with David. 
I share with them the happiness and pleasure.
You see earlier in my life beat so few such light moments. I am glad 
that they at last that have come.
I love you Josh. I am ready to speak you it constantly.
At my work all my colleagues too are very glad for me also wish good 
luck to us happiness. 
But there are also those which envy our love Josh. From one woman not 
once I heard bad statements in my address.
It beat very unpleasantly for me. If I hear that at whom that pleasure 
I too am glad for this persons.
And same does not do so. She very much does not love people, and is 
especial when they are happy. 
To her 40 years and she is still single.
May to her it is simply boring and consequently she gossips about me. 
She does not concern seriously to acquaintance through the Internet.
Speaks that I should not take the first step to acquaintance, speak 
that it not cultural . 
And the more so I should not open to you the feelings. But I disagree 
with her. 
There is no difference from whom the initiative, from the man or from 
the woman proceeds. 
But same it was brought up at Soviet Union.
She considers that was better earlier. I am upset from that that she 
speaks mine Josh. 
I disagree with her Josh.
The best proof to that that she is not right it our correspondence Josh 
and our mutual feelings.
Love this best feeling. And that the love should beat the most 
important mutual Josh. 
You agree with me mine Josh?
Whether really our feelings are mutual?
May be same one speaks so because she and somebody does not give herof 
She considers that her somebody is not worthy. What is people something 
in comparison with her.
Probably to her who that has made very badly time she so speaks. 
How you think Josh? You met such people as same?
I think that same the egoist. It will seems to me you to agree with me 
I shall not think and speak any more about this woman. Let she speaks 
and thinks that wants. 
I can not overpersuade her.
If she lives with it all life that it very boringly. I would not like 
to speak about it.
I am pleasant like about us with you my love Josh more. It is pleasant 
for my heart.
I spoke with parents about my arrival to you. Whether my mum asked me I 
am sure in it. 
I am sure in it very strongly mine Josh. I can not without you my love 
My parents speak that felt the same when have met each other.
Therefore they understand me. And I am glad that they positively 
estimate our love.
They once again transfer you Josh the congratulations and wishes of all 
most good.
I am happy that I have such good parents and you mine love Josh.
You have inhaled in me life and I am very grateful to you for it Josh. 
I very strongly love you Josh.
I think that my arrival to you from USA Josh very soon is held. 
When Ekaterina and David have met each other in the Internet 
at them too there was a big desire to meet each other in the person.
With documents necessary for arrival in Germany Ekaterina was helped by 
her familiar aunt Galja. 
Aunt Galja works in a travel company in Moscow. Due to aunt Gale 
Ekaterina and David have soon met.
Ekaterina has told that will speak with aunt Galej about my arrival to 
you Josh. 
She will ask aunt Galja to help me with registration of all necessary 
Documents for my arrival to you in USA my dear Josh.
Ekaterina and David soon will go to Germany. 
When they will be in Moscow Ekaterina will ask for aunt Gali that she 
has helped me.
Ekaterina and David are pleased for us and hope for our meeting in the 
near future. You see it so is real.
I so am glad that it mutually, and most of all I am glad that we with 
you Josh soon shall together.
I think that it so well that we with you my love Josh and Ekaterina 
with David have got acquainted in the Internet.
So well that there is a Internet. In the Internet it is a lot of 
helpful information.
And the most important in the Internet is possible to find the love. I 
think that you too so consider Josh?
Thanking we may write the Internet each other. And our letters brighten 
up our loneliness.
In our life there are such moments when to us very bad. 
And only the letter of the loved person may brighten up these sad 
I am happy that I have such person as you Josh. From your letters my 
life becomes good. 
I very strongly love you Josh. You became necessary for me Josh. I can 
not without you Josh.
I very much want to see you. I shall make utmost that it happened as 
soon as possible. 
I am ready to spend for these all forces. 
The most important that our meeting will help us to learn each other 
Our meeting will help us to believe in all gravity of our feelings. 
I think that you agree with me in it Josh?
I am very resolutely adjusted to see you as soon as possible. 
As soon as possible I shall find out all necessary information to make 
As soon as I shall find out the information I shall inform you it my 
love Josh. 
Me reduce from mind of dream of our meeting Josh. This happiness and 
pleasure for me. 
I can not constrain some tear of pleasure when I shall see you for the 
first time. 
I want will warn you Josh that for my part many emotions at our 
meeting. I very emotional person.
I think that you show the big care of me my love Josh. And this true 
happiness for me.
I shall be the happiest woman all over the world. 
And I shall try to make you the happiest the man on all ground.
Together with you my love Josh we shall forget that such loneliness and 
we learn happiness from that that beside with each other.
Give our joint life happy and long will represent that. 
That she will pass in care about each other and the big love.
My female heart I very much hope for it. 
Also I hope that on our way Josh there will be no many difficulties.
And if they will arise we shall consult together with them.
Also I want to tell that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow 
I shall go to church to thank the god for our love mine Josh.
That the god ???????????? us my love Josh.
My love Josh, on it I shall finish the letter. I hope to receive your 
following letter as soon as possible.
I shall miss and grieve very strongly without you my love Josh. But 
with me there will be our love Josh.
I very much want to be with you beside as soon as possible, my loved 
the man Josh. 

All my warmth kisses,
Warmth hugs,
Your lady, Elena

Letter 9
Hello my love man, my dearest Josh!
I am again very happy from that that my love Josh has received your 
Which I sent a photo to you was made in past year.
I very much liked your photo. You such courageous. And it is your son? 
Very lovely boy.
I am overflown with pleasure when I read lines of your letter. I love 
you mine Josh.
I very strongly miss and I grieve from that that there can not be you 
with you beside.
But I live with hope. Hope for that that we soon shall meet. Then I 
shall be the happiest woman in the world.
I shall be happy from that that can to see you in the person mine Josh. 
From that that I can see your sight and hear your voice.
It so does not suffice me now my love Josh. I am very strong you I like 
I would like that all people beat also are happy as I. Love this really 
fine feeling.
It feeling which gives force to live. But the biggest happiness it when 
the love is mutual.
I wish it all people. Let they are not afraid to search for the love in 
the Internet. 
You see in the Internet we with you have found each other and I have 
very strongly grown fond of you Josh.
I am sure that to many people may flew to be lucky as me was lucky that 
I have met you mine Josh.
Only it is necessary to trust in it and are not afraid to make it. You 
agree with me Josh?
I very much grieve and I miss you Josh. My heart aspires to you. I 
always want to be near to you,
To love you, cares of you. I want to look at you and to speak with you 
my love Josh.
Josh Today I want to tell you that Ekaterina called today and Moscow to 
the aunt Gale.
But was not on a place at this moment and they might not speak aunt 
Ekaterina called to aunt Gale to learn all necessary information for my 
arrival to you my love Josh.
I very much was upset from that that to Ekaterina was not possible to 
talk to aunt Galej.
But Ekaterina has told me that she still will try to call to aunt Gale.
I so hope that Ekaterina will inform me this information. 
Ekaterina has told that necessarily will phone up to aunt Gali.
I very much love you Josh and very much I grieve without you. I live 
only dream of our meeting Josh. 
I hope that she is held soon. I very much hope for it my dear Josh.
Today as well as always I long can not fall asleep because I shall 
think of you. 
To think of that as well that you at me is Josh.
My love Josh, my parents as well as always transfer you greetings. They 
are very glad for us.
So it is pleasant for me to see as they are pleased. They always ask 
about you, ask as you affairs.
They hope that we soon shall meet and always we shall be together. I 
too hope for it very much.
My parents speak me that I very much have changed after my acquaintance 
to you mine Josh.
They speak that I began to look better and that I always very happy. I 
too feel that my life has changed.
It because at me is you mine Josh.
I again want to inform you about my problems at work. 
I already spoke you about the bad woman at my work which to speak 
poorly about me.
Same call Valentine. She again and again gossips about me. She shouts 
at me.
Also I speak that the silly and naive woman because I have believed in 
love through letters.
She speaks that such does not happen. Speaks that all men identical and 
you not exception.
All men it is a lot of and very beautifully speak about love but they 
do not hold from a word.
Valentine speaks that in letters of the man very much like and grieve. 
But should that that will meet.
What is the letters are filled only with a deceit. She speaks that you 
the same as well as all men.
She constantly tries to offend you and me. Why she so speaks Josh?
She you see at all does not know you. All that she speaks it lie. She 
simply envies us Josh.
At Valentine there is not loved person. I think that she suffers from 
that that she one.
Valentine very badly concerns to me. WHY? I you see on have made to her 
there is nothing bad.
It became very difficult for me to work at this work. 
As our chief accountant and she does not give Valentine to me normally 
to work. She constantly carps at me.
Also Valentine the distant relative of the director of our firm. And 
she incites our director against me.
Tries me to humiliate before it. Our chief already caused me to itself 
on conversation.
He has told that if I am not pleasant like here I can to proceed in 
other office of our firm.
He does not accept Valentine's word seriously as I the good worker. 
But he understands that to me hardly to work together with her. 
Understands that Valentine presses on me the insults and humiliations.
My darling, I don't want that
Valentine offended me by her silly statements!!! I don't want to work 
this with this so bad woman Valentine my darling, I don't want to hear
her of the insult never! I want to say to you that my mom and my dad,
and also Ekaterina and David calmed me after Valentine ' s words. I 
cried on
the shoulders of Ekaterina. David and Ekaterina said me that all will 
because we with you love each other, and any Valentine willn't to 
us when we will together with you my love Josh, they said also
that it will be better that I will leave from my job and I
will prepare to my coming to you my dear Josh, my parents and
Ekaterina and David said me that they are indignant by the bad words of
Valentine, is especial my dad. He don't want that her daughter as me
willn't offend anybody. By the way my parents and Ekaterina and David
sure that you will a good husband for me, and also that you willn't
offend me never, I said to my parents and Ekaterina and David that you
are not capable on bad things with me as do it Valentine. My dear
Josh, please, promise to me that you willn't offend me, please,
promise me about it my dear, please, I trust you so much, and I don't
want that you will break my heart at once! I love you so much my dear
Josh, I so trust to your love feelings to me my darling, I cann't
without you my Josh, I cann't! I want to be with you for ever my
Josh, I love you and I miss you badly, darling, I hope that we
will find all our life forces for that we will together soon my love
Josh. I love you and I miss you very much my Josh! Ok, on this
note, let me finish my letter to you my Josh, I want to say to you
that I will wait for you messages with a great pleasure. Ok, see you
soon my love Josh. Ok, again and again
warmth greetings from my mother, my father, my brother, and Ekaterina
with David to you my dearest love man Josh!!!

Thinking about you so much, Josh,
My aspiration to be with you as soon as possible,
Truly, your love Elena

Elena Levanova (Revda, Sverdlovskaya obl, Russia)

I am a single white male in Garner, North Carolina, United States, 35 years old. Originally heard from head from said she was from another town in North carolina. Didn't save her profile, but has ben deleted from their server for breach of contract, ie out of country. After a few weeks, I switched from sending from yahoo account to my primary account. At least got no spam from her. 

--- Elena <> wrote:

> Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:57:30 +0400
> From: Elena <>
> Subject: Re: drdobby2 from friendfinder

> Dear David!

> I'm very happy get letter from you! Thank you for responce. As I had to promise - I'm sending my pictures today. I hope
> you have received it. Please send me more of your pictures. I dont know why but I cannot put it in my profile.

> First of all please let me know can you understand me or not? I don't sure in my English. I speak on English little bit
> worse, than I write. But I think, that it only lack of practice. I hope you will understand me and may be help me to study English more.

> So, something about me: I'm not from America as in my profile. When I created it I tried to put my zip but it does no
> worked. I am from Russia, I live in town Revda. It's very small town with the population about 10000. He is located about 2500 kilometers
> from Moscow. There are no much big cities near it. The largest is Ekaterinburg. My town Revda is located on a coast of river Chusovaya, 75
> kilometers the West of Ekaterinburg. It is very beautiful and picturesque river! Tell to me about your city. Do you like place where you
> life? What have you a big cities beside?

> My birthday is 22 January, 1976. When is your birthday? I'm 30 years old, I'm single and I never have been married and I have no kids. I am
> 5'8'' and weigh about 60 kg. My eyes is green. My hair is lightbrown. I like flowers very much, especially tulips. My favorite color is red.
> I do not drive a car, but I like cars and motorcycles. I graduated from our States University, which is situated in Ekaterinburg. It is
> very well-known University in Russia. My specialty is economical management. It is very popular speciality in Russia now.

> I'm seriously looking for the right one man for me with who I can spend rest of my life, but first we should become
> good friends. I search for my soulmate, to share with him all my happyness and troubles. And love. I dont like to play in any soul
> games. I need to find real man for love and I hope its you.

> Please write me and say what you think about this all. Its will be so pleasant for me to get answer from you! I will be waiting it with
> impatience!
> Elena

Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 12:12:59 +0400
> From: Elena <>
> To: David Brown <>
> Subject: Re[2]: Hello

> My dear Dave!!!!
> Is recieving mail from you, really makes my day so much better. I feel so unusual urself cause of know some one so far from me. I like read
> you letter, I like wait when your letter download, I'll be feel sad if no letter from you, from this time. I am so happy that I have you as
> my friend!

> The weather, OK, the last two days it warm and sunshine. I like summer best of all, but winter is pleasant too. There is a lot more to do
> outside too. I like come back from cold street in warm home, and watch TV with hot tea. Most I like skied and it is so beautiful when all
> looking white. But summer it can swim and to become tanned walk in forest, work in garden. I like camping in childhood it happened often
> now no good company for. I like rain in the Summer. 
> Dave do you have hobby? Music? Home animal? Maybe better say pets? I like very much American music. I like Elvis Presley, Phil Colins,
> Brian Adams, Madonna, Russian music is no my favorite, I like watch movie, I can watch all type of movie drama love story comedy thriller
> action, but film must very good, I no like spend time on bad movie. I like "roman with stone" I like Forest Gamp, and I like Al Pachino, and
> Tom Hanks, and television series "Friends". What kinds of sport do you like more? Best of all I like volleyball, water pool, swimming, ice
> skiing. I love sports. At free time I visit a sports hall. It's helps me to support the excellent physical form and to strengthen my health. I'm
> sending you some my personal photos which have been taken by the last year. I hope it is pleasant to you. I would like to see more than your
> personal photos.

> I have a male cat called Pushok. When I got home from work, he at the door waiting me or running to it. I had him from when he was 3 weeks
> old. To grow him was no easy is so bad eater, cannot eat much but always like to play. I like cats and also I like dogs and horses.

> At all my life I had only two boyfriends. I am very attached person and if I becoming love someone I am ready to be with him for all my
> life. I always thinking that if people love each other they have to fogive another's mistakes. My first boyfriend was at school till therd
> year of univercity. Then he had to leave with his parents to Byelorussia, and we left. We was a good friends, and he wrote me
> couple of letters but now he is married. We lived like a brother and sister. Then I met another boy, but after three months of
> communicating he became to drink a lot and became very ungry for anyone. He leaves from univercity and he lies me a lot. I did not
> imagine what happened with him. Then they take him to army and after last talk with him, I understood, that its not my choice. I dont think
> that he loved me. Anyway I would not like to continue any relations with him and to say a true, I would not like to have any relations
> with any Russian man. And I am so happy that I met you and its mean so much for me!

> Dear Dave now every day when I go to bed I reading your letters before sleep and I am always thinking about you when I waking up. It's my
> first thoughts! Please write me more about you, about your mood, about what are you doing these days!

> Your russian friend, Elena

> Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 11:53:38 +0400
> From: Elena <>
> To: David Brown <>
> Subject: Re[2]: My loving friend

> Hi my sweetheart Dave!
> I was very glad to receive your photos. I like it very much and it has made me happy! I hope you doing well, please take care about yourself
> till I come, when I come I will care about you, I have no work today, and just come back from city, and met my dad. Today we have another
> seriously talking about us (you and me) more precisely to tell about my coming to America. He can't understand, why I found my soulmate so
> far from me, but he understands that if I love someone, nothing can stop me. Its seems he like you. He is very glad for me that I met a
> man who I seeked for a long time. He believes in you and he trusts you. I asked him a lot about our future how it can be. He told me that
> we have to meet first and then to decide what to do. He hopes all will be fine in our relations. When I come to you I will have no much money, and
> this is problem for me now. How do you think? Can I find job in your country? I can do many things, I know that I cannot be citizen of your
> country soon and even maybe never, I know if you no citizen of America than job seek will be no easy, can you help me with a job?

> Another news: I went in Ekaterinburg Visa Agency and have found out about possible get visa for me or not, I take with
> me my personals information , they ask me to take care about this befor, they check my personals information and Manager of Agency get stay
> me on queue of registration. Yes, he told me that I have chance to make a visa and to get it approved. Visa process still no begin cause
> of need to chose type of visa and pay for it.

> So, here is information about visas that work out, here is only three type, Business visa to no bad but need "business" reason for travel.

> 1). Guest visa: B1\B2. It allows me to come to your country for period from 1 day till 1 year, after expiration of date I must get back in
> Russia. It cost 150 US dollars for Visa Agency service and plus 110 dollars for Consular gathering (for American Embassy). To get this
> visa will take 2 - 3 weeks.

> 2). Tourist visa, status B1\B2. Allow to stay in America no more 3 month. It cost 110 dollars to Consular gathering (Embassy) 100 dollars
> for Agency service and must have the medical insurance it as. Guest visa no immigration visa, to get this visa will take maximum three week too.

> 3). Visa of the Bride, K1 visa. This visa is immigration, I can stay in America forever, but it is cost much money to get such visa I need think about cost ticket too.

> I'm able all type of visa by my self except visa of the bride. Dave, how do you think, which visa is better for us? Tomorrow I have
> also most important day for I will try to get news about a cost of the ticket. Cross fingers on luck, I hope I have enough
> money.

> When we shall have all information we shall decide how to do I hope you will have nice day there, I must go home get
> warm bath and dream about you!
> Only Yours, Elena

and here is where she asks for money

> Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 15:10:26 +0400
> From: Elena <>
> Subject: Re[3]: My loving friend

> My dear love Dave!!!
> I am so happy to get your letter and I am so happy that we becoming closer to each other. All night I thinking about you and about us, I
> turned on few times the light to read and reread your letters. Its very great that people can meet each other throught Internet and write
> letters to each other just every day which can let them know more about each other, to make feelings and empathies. I am so glad to meet
> you in my life and I am planning to meet you in person. I am very serious in my choice. I don't think that long-term correspondence will
> help us as much as personal meeting. I don't like to speak about financial, it does not good in Russia, I don't brought up such, and my
> parents teach me to consult with it only by myself, and if I ask someone about something, it mean that I thought a lot about wheather
> to do it or not. So, I thought a lot about is this good or not to ask you about help, but I hope for your understanding because I do it only
> for both of us and for our happiness. My dear, during the time of our communicating, I understood that we have feeling to each other that I
> can call LOVE. Such feelings between people become not only from nothing and from lots of thought, analyses of relations, understanding
> and mutual help. With every day I am becoming surer in my choise and in you. And I sure those if I do some mistake you will understand me
> and forgive me and I can say it about myself too. Looking for our relations I understood that only destiny of my heart is to meet you in
> person. And I believe in mutual feelings. I was at cash of airport department today asking about cost of the tickets. I don't think that tickets can 
> cost so much! I don't sure in choice of date, but I asked about cheapest tickets that exists. Its costs about 832.26 US dollars. So, here is
> information about ticket:
> Depart Ekaterinburg (SVX) 6:05 am
> Arrive Raleigh (RDU) 5:55 pm 23 August
> Airlines Lufthansa 3205
> Air Canada 873 / 7976 
> Connect in Frankfurt (Frankfurt Intl.), Toronto
> (YYZ) 
> Unfortunately for that moment its really big money for me. As you know, I saved up some money, its about 130 US dollars for the ticket
> and all money for the visa. So I need about 700 US dollars more. Its really hard for me to find now such money by myself, it will take
> about half of year more. Will you help me with it? What do you think about a date of our meeting? Which is the best? The easiest for me is
> to take vacation in next month. Please write me your opinion. I don't know a lots about how to send money but I will ask it from bank in
> Ekaterinburg tomorrow. I am waiting your response with impatience and I hope for soon meeting. I am sure that meeting in person will be
> better then thouthands of letters. But it big money for me and if you cannot help that I can understand you. Everything is Allright.
> Yours, Elena

On 30 Jul 06, Elena Wrote: via bellsouth. 

My dear love Dave! I love you more than you know.
I miss you more than you know.
I want to be with you more than you know. 
I want to hold and kiss you more than you know.
I have been waiting for you more than you know.
and I will be waiting here for you more than you know. 

Yes, I am lonely without you. The days are longer and longer. I have
to tell you all this because I want you to know me well. I want you to
know exactly how I feel for you. That is the way it ought to be. You
must get to know me and feel me. I must learn to know you and be yours
at every minute. My love tonight again I will dream about you. I have
never dreamed about anyone like I dream about you. I have never been
able to dream what I want to dream until now. It is strange. I go to
bed wanting to dream about you and I do. Dave I love you. Write
back a soon as you can. Hope to see you soon. Hugs and kisses.
ps Unique way to receive money here is western union.

I was in bank and learned about transfer of money from America
to Russia. I ask clerk in the bank about transferring money, he said
that the best way is to use western union system and he said, that
everybody in America know how does it works. I did not hear much about
this system of money transferring and I just searched Internet for
this to read something about it. And I found this site, where anybody
can get nearest bank, which included to western union system. Here it
is: . You can visit it and look how does it

Then the clerk has told to me is necessary to use control number in
transfer of money (MTCN) . You will receive this number at bank and
you have to give it to me. I need this code, your name, your address
and your zip code to get money. The clerk has told that without MTCN
it is practically impossible to receive money.

Closest bank where is western union is:
Address of the bank: 8 MARTA, 13
zip: 620014
Phone: 73433776615

Its seems all information that you need to send me money is my name
and my surname. You know my name, it is Elena and my surname is

16 Aug 06, Elena wrote:

My love Dave!
Thank you for the money!!! I have received it!!! Our dream will be real!!
I glad to received your letters! For me this true pleasure to read
your letters! Your words about love force to beat my heart more
strongly. With each your letter I love you very very much! I feel you
beside. You all become closer to me. It becomes fast our dream a
reality. I too feel the happiest the woman in the world.
Today there was very good weather. I went along the street and thought
of you. The sun heated me but my ideas about you heated me more
strongly. I dreamed of that day when we shall walk together. I want to
go with you on your city. I want to embrace you and to kiss. My dear
when we can meet soon!
I am so happy right now that I could jump and touch the
moon. And I will tell you, when our eyes meet, you will only see my
love for you flowing with unimaginable fury. Like I have said before I
feel like a child waiting for Christmas. I feel so full of life and I
have you to thank for that. I am so glad that I returned your first
message to me and we have been able to grow together as a couple would
do if they were seeing each other daily ! This is what is special
between us is that we have gotten close through email and the rest
will fall into place. You are a special, attractive, and Loved person.
I hope you realize that by now.

Elena (Shukshina) Uvarova from Irkutskalso Tatyana (also Svetlana) Scheglova from Cheboksary

I am in Cape Town, South Africa.I met this "girl" on as Elena. (I recently discovered her on another anti-scammimg website as Tatyana).
It is a South African based website with many subscribers who are pretty young girls from Eastern Europe who are dying to meet men much older than themselves.
This girl really got to me, I have to say. I sent her money as requested by her "travel agent". The money was wired by my bank to the Vnestorbank Retail Financial Services in Yoshkar-Ola and the beneficiary was Mr Aleksandr Byzov, who, the agency got me to believe, is their financial manager. Everybody disappeared as soon as the money was transferred. The travel agency is obviously instrumental in the scam, but very organized. They emailed me their business license.
I have been in contact with Interpol and on their advice have laid a charge with the South African Police Service's Commercial Branch and supplied them with all the relevant  documents. These documents were also sent to the Russian Consulate in Pretoria as well as the South African Embassy in Moscow. I will also contact the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Scamming may not be a crime, but stealing money is. I am going to nail these guys, if its the last thing I do.
Thank you for fighting the good fight. We should all stand together to rid the world of this scum.
Letter 1
This letter made be believe in this "girl". What I did not know then was something I have now learned from reading the info on your website: My name was used only in the first part of the letter, but not in the nice stories which characterized her letters! 
Hello Dear Adriaan
I am happy again to write to you the letter. When I see your letter that my heart starts to beat
strongly. I feel that I am dear to the man which while far from me and too waits for my letters. And it
warms my heart. I always wanted will meet the man which not only my beloved, but also the friend. I want
to tell to the man about all secrets and dreams. And it will be only our dreams. Des in this week-end of
Internet - cafe did not work. Something has broken at computers and them repaired. Therefore I cannot
write to you. How you have spent? Adriaan it is awful that you tell. It is very a shame to me with Russian
girls which so act. Probably that I so was brought up by mum. It is impossible to play feelings of other
people. Especially if they are dear to you. I understand your agreement. I shall try to go in agency that
they have sent you all details. I now shall go to agency and I shall learn your variant. I so am happy
that we soon shall to meet each other.
When in our city there comes a cold at our school director gives children a small gift. But this gift and
for teachers too. Once a month director removes pool that children could float. But teachers everyone is
dared and speaks that it to not forget summer))). Therefore today we have gone with my class to pool. It
is the big entertainment. The pool to be in the closed and warm building. This pool not so big. But for
children of it suffices. Usually we play any games that it was not sad. You know game "dogonyalki"? It is
very cheerful game. Somebody one begins game and catches up with all. Everyone should departure from it.
If starting catches up with that he pass on the baton. But today one my schoolgirl has brought with itself
balloon. And we played to water in volleyball. It was game new to us. All children were very happy. On
from persons I saw pleasure and a smile. But then balloon has bursted and has sunk. All children have
started to dive under water and to get the rests balloon. Even more interesting game here began. I too
have dived under water to get balloon. I already was close to balloon but one pupil too was floating also
I has thought that will be pleasant for him if he will win. I very much love water and to me to like to
visit pool. I would like to go to bathe every day. I love a beach and sand. This more romantic place for
the man and girls. To me to like to feel heat sand when to leave cool water and you fall on sand. There is
a feeling that you are in embraces passionate men. So has passed one more day.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter. You Elena.

Letter 2
I should have woken up with this letter, in which she states why she has to deal with only this specific travel agency! And also why her surname suddenly changed on her passport. God, was I a sucker!
Hello Dear Adriaan
I am happy to read your letter. It always to like me, but today at me very cheerful mood. I today would like to laugh and
joke. You probably think that I have gone mad. I want to tell to you seriously, that was not present))). Adriaan thanks
that you have found agency. I shall explain to you why I do not want to use other agency. At us in city the travel agency
which legalized papers for girls half-year ago has been closed and sold them abroad. Many girls then found in other
countries. Which I went to agency to me familiarly because my girlfriend there works. I am sure in this agency that nothing
to happen. This agency well works. I do not know as us now to be. Probably you can move funds through system MoneyGram. I
went to bank and to me have told that you can use this system. To me have explained that you will move funds for my name.
And I shall go to bank to receive them. I think that so it will be safe. I can go with my mum or the brother. What do you
think of this system? I very much want to meet you. I do not want to trust our travel to this agency. I want that all has
taken place well and our meeting was unforgettable for us.
Adriaan in one of letters I have told to you that my surname of the Shukshina. This surname at me from mum. My other
surname from daddy Uvarova. In the passport my full name Elena Uvarova. When mine the daddy was alive, my name was Elena
Shukshina Uvarova. After death of mine of the daddy I have left surname Uvarova.   
Simply at us today at school the small holiday was. I think that at you do not do such holiday. You heard sometime about
KVN. It is club cheerful and resourceful. We have such program on the TV. I shall a little tell that to you it was clear.
In this program there is a leader and some commands participate. All these commands act by turns. They joke. Then the jury
chooses the best. All in Russia very much like to look this program. Therefore we at school with teachers have thought up
the same game that to children it was not boring. Only we have made artfully (it has thought up I). We were divided into
two commands. One is teachers, another is pupils. This evening at us to be carried out once in half-year. Therefore each
command has six months to prepare the performance. This game has passed superb. Children very well acted. But children have
this time won nevertheless. You probably think, that we have conceded to children, but it not so. They have fairly deserved
a victory. I thought that my stomach will become torn on a part. I so strongly for a long time did not laugh. Some jokes
were very good. But it not the most important in a holiday. All most cheerful began then. The command which will lose
should prepare for something. I have decided to bake cookies. But I have thought that if a holiday of laughter and jokes it
is necessary to joke somehow. I have thought up!!! I began to bake cookies with a stuffing jam. But I have put pepper in
some "happy" cookies. When I have brought it in school very much it was pleasant to all. It was not pleasant only to those
to whom pepper has got. But they have understood my joke. It at me was such mood disobedient. One girl has casually smeared
me cream. I was very disobedient and have smeared her too. All children have seen it and became cheerful. They have started
to play and spread all teachers. Teachers too spread children. It was awful and cheerful. At the end of evening I was
similar to a pie. I all in cream and chocolate. I thought, that director will abuse me for such. But she has told nothing.
Therefore my mood has not deteriorated. To me to like when I become disobedient. During this moment I would like that me
spoilt and indulged. It would be very ridiculous if I have smeared you cream, and then all this have cleaned. It would be
very cheerful and interesting to us. I would escape from you that you did not spread me cream. But I would like it.
I with impatience shall wait for your prompt reply.
Disobedient Elena.     
Letter 3
This is the letter from the travel agency. I then asked them for some proof of their right to be in business and lo and behold, they sent me their certificate. How could I doubt them?
Good afternoon Mr. Adriaan

I the tourist agent, my name is D Krinisy. We are glad, that YOU have addressed in "IrkutskAgency" agency. Registration of all corresponding documents for arrival to your country for Elena. We do a full package of documents:
The visa, medical board, the passport, the insurance and all tickets (there and back).
The passport for travel abroad is made out 10 days cost of passport 250 USD.
Visa - 150 USD.
Medical inspection - 105 USD.
Medical insurance-15 USD

Cost of tickets from Irkutsk up to Moscow 407 USD. (there and back).
Airline: Aeroflot                    Flight: S7 777
Departure: August, 14, 09:15,        Irkutsk
Arrival: August, 14, 10:15,          Sheremetyevo airport

Cost of tickets from Moscow up to Johannesburg
We offer you on a choice some airlines.
Сompany Emirates  743  USD. (there and back)
Airline: Emirates                    Flight: EK 134
Departure: August, 14, 18:25,        Sheremetyevo airport
Arrival: August, 30, 23:30,          Dubai
Airline: Emirates                    Flight: EK 761
Departure: August, 15, 04:10,        Dubai
Arrival: August, 15, 10:30,          Johannesburg International

Airline: British Airways             Flight: BA 54
Departure: September, 2, 21:25,      Johannesburg International
Arrival: September, 3, 07:30,        London
Airline: British Airways             Flight: BA 872
Departure: September, 3, 08:55,      London
Arrival: September, 3, 10:30,        Sheremetyevo airport

Company KLM 754 USD (there and back)
Company Alitalia 1050 USD (there and back)

We offer the clients 2 ways of transfer of money:
1. Transfer of money to our bank account.
The account of our agency in bank:
Vneshtorbank  Retail Financial Services
ACCOUNT NUMBER  47422840400090000009
Bank - correspondent:
2. Transfer of money MoneyGram addressed to our agent of travel.

Yours faithfully tourist agent D Krinisy
This is my darling Elena. I wonder who and where she is and if she's THE scammer/criminal or just an accomplice or also a victim and an innocent little student who posed for this nice guy. Any which way, it makes me sad.

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