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Thank goodness I found your site just in the nick of time and found a picture of the alleged scammer on your site under the name "Olga". 

Jack A.

I was so curious to get facts about her so I searched in Google for the town and the address she gave me in her last letter. And here I found her on your blacklist. Thanks and best regards, 

Thomas W. (Germany)


Black List - page 393: UPDATES
May 22, 2005 - page 2

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Anna Reshetnikova and Darya Kukareva (Novocheboksarsk Russia)

My name is alain i'm 44 yo divorced living in the UK i meet anna rashenikova(her name on tha screen was sunshine735c59) the 09/28/2004 via (american single) she ask me for my E-mail i gave it to her the next morning i had a letter we started to comunicate at 1st i thougth it was friendly but she change the story telling she told me that she was n english teacher and her wages was just only 75$ a month after she started to tell me that she was in love with and wanted to come in england UK and she was ready to quit russia and ask me if i could help her with the agency fees passport visa and trip to england i wanted to stop the relation but amswer that we couldn't sop nd she crying about my letter so i accepted and i send her 4000$ in 6times via WU the 1st time she cashed the money under anna reshetnikova, lenina st 30-15, novocheboksarsk but after she used the name of her friends because her passport was in moscow waiting for her darya kukareva, prohorova st36-17novocheboksarsk. we have been tlking til 1/17/2005 date she was supose to come in england but did not turn up now she uses diferent name and e-mail: natasha cheroy, lenina st 13-12, saratov 660765. svetlana kiselyova, soviet st 71-5, novocheboksarsk, alena demidova - krasnoarmeysha 19-27, 413100 engels, russian federation.,,,, alain L


From: <>, To: <>, Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 5:36 PM
Hello my sweet dear Alan. I am so sorry if I made you worry about anything, I really didn\'t want to make that. I love you with all my heart, and want you to be all the time fine! I was busy with all that wok very much! I was at the agency today, and I gave them the money for they could start their job to prepare my documents. Sweety, I can not even believe that my dream is coming true, first, I met the man of my dream-YOU darling, and now I will be by your side in about a week. And this makes me feel very excited and happy my love! I can not imagine that all this really happening! I know, probably I sound like a ten-year old girl, but I didn\'t feel so good for a very long time, and you only make me feel so great! I truly happy that I have found you! Sweety, I also got another news, I didn\'t know about it myself. I was told about it in the agency today. Before I go to you, I need to go to Moscow for about 2 days. And there I will need to have the conversation in your Embassy for they could let me have a visa. I never heard about it before. But I was told that without it I will not be able to go. I was at the railway station today, to find out the prices of the tickets to Moscow, and also I found out the prices at the Moscow\'s hotels, food and so on... For all I will need to have 520 dollars, and the sooner I will go there the better. I hope you can help me with that. As you send me 1000 dollars instead of 1200$, I had to spend all the money I had. So if you will be able to send me the money tomorrow, then I will buy the tickets right away and the day after tomorrow I will be in Moscow. By the way, I also gave my passport to the agency for they could make the abroad passport for me, so I talked to my best friend today, her name is Darya, and she agreed to help me. You should send the money on her name, as I don\'t have my passport for now. In other case we will waste too much time. I really want to be with you as soon as it possible. Even people at the agency told me that I will have my documents prepared very soon, and I need to go to Moscow during next two days. I really hope you will make it in time. I got to go now sweety. And know that I love you so much, and think about 24 hours a day and 7 days per week!!!! Your Ann.
P.S. Here is the data of Darya for you could send the money on her name:, city: Novocheboksarsk
street Prohorova 36 flat 17, Kukareva Darya.

Ekaterina Klementieva (Kozmodimiansk, Russia)

Dear Madam/Sir, Thank goodness I found your site just in the nick of time and found a picture of the alleged scammer on your site under the name "Olga". (I attach a picture of her) I am a divorced man of 48 years old. The WEBSITE SHE POSTED HER PROFILE ON WAS: Your matches from I will advise the website accordingly and have already emailed the alleged scammer and told her that I had her game and caught her redhanded. Regards, Jack Abroms..


Hi my dear stranger Jack! I have more recently learned to work on the Internet and have casually gone on a site where has found your profile. I very modest girl, but I nevertheless have dared to write to you as I think that communication with the person from other country is very unusual! I never communicated with people from other countries and I simply dream to find in your person of the friend with whom it is simply interesting to communicate and share news! You the first to whom I write and I hope, that our correspondence will have the good beginning! Now I sit in Internet - cafe and I write to you this letter! I think, that time has come to get acquainted! My name is Ekaterina. I from Russia, live in the city Kozmodemiansk. I'm 26 years old. My growth 175 Centimeters. My Birthday is July,8. On a horoscope Cancer. Nationalities I am Russian. My religion: the Christian. On character I the sanguine person: very cheerful, kind, vigorous and in a measure modest. I easily find common language with strangers and simply I like to communicate on interesting themes! My job: the teacher of biology. I work at school and I'm teaching children of biology about plants and animals. I very much love animals. When I was a child, I studied at musical school during 4 years where I learned playing on a piano. I was the winner of many festivals and competitions on music. All spoke about me as about talented the pupil. But I am engaged in playing on a piano just a little now, but frequently I sing in karaoke and always I get the highest results! When I have free time i like walk in the parks which are a lot of in my town. I am absorbed in books as well. Pushkin, Esenin are the great poets deserving to be read by everyone. I take pleasure in reading poems about which I can tell a bit more. In my 16-17 I delighted visiting my granny and grandpa in the small city of Zelenograd in 50 km from Moscow in Russia. They reside in a small house but have a big orchard. This is an astonishing place like paradise especially it is beautiful in spring and summer when there flower apple-trees, cherry-trees and apricots. I rollick in waking up early in the morning and listening to birds singing and looking at trees aflower. It is a beautiful nature like nothing else on earth. It is gorgeous and marvelous in coloring. A trifle later our orchard treated us with fruits tasting deliciously. I still remember this flavor. Closing my eyes I see the picture of my orchard. My grandpa comes to my mind catching fish on the lake and we waited for him with impatience. Granny cooked a very tasteful fish soup. What is more? My granny had small goats. She milked them and gave me fresh milk. In evenings I with my friends, get together to read poems. Oh! I am just lost in warm memories of my childhood. I think one can write about them endlessly. It is much pleasant for me to correspond with you about my memories. All this takes me deeply. I enjoy swimming and from time to time I attend swimming-pool. I like going on foot. Active life is generally my cup of tea. I can write about it long and long. If you take some interest in this point of my life, I will talk to you about it in my next letters. I hope, that my letter was pleasant to you! I too wait from you for interesting letters! I hope, we shall soon make friendship and we become the best friends! With hope your Ekaterina

Hello my Dear Jack! It always great pleasure for me to receive letters from you. I am grateful to you for your warm letters to me. Do you have some new? If you have, I shall be happy to see it. Today we have rainy weather. It always gives me a condition to think a little of my life. I still have no any partner for my life while all my girlfriends have already found husbands and live happily with them. Probably I simply missed my time because at that time when my girlfriends searched for acquaintances, I gave all my time to study and work. Just now I began to reflect on my future and that I should find my second half. I tried to search for the partner here, but I did not find anybody. My girlfriends are surprised, that I could not find anybody here:) I am probably too exacting, and I wait for prince on a white horse... Anyhow my relations were never for a long time. I was always irritated guys who care only of itself and about the work. It will be ideal for me if the guy would consider me as a queen! Then he would be my king and would receive all my attention, tenderness, caress and love to him! Probably I have some too overestimated ideals but if to understand, it is so natural, if the guy respects the girl. I do not know... Tell to me your ideas. What relations should be between the guy and the girl? I was always met with men which is a little bit more senior than me. I believe, that the age should associate not with an old age, but with wisdom and experience. To affliction I do not have phone but I too very much would like with you may talk you can give me the number and I shall call you only I do not know when I can make it. Well, I should go to my work now and consequently I finish this letter. I hope soon to speak with you again. You are in my mind. Have a nice day! Yours Ekaterina.

Hello my dear Jack. I want to ask you you trust in love at first sight? Up to a meeting with you I not when did not think about it but now I why that am sure hat she exists. I test the big attachment to you and in the whole days I only about you I you see you practically do not know my ideas but all the same I think only of you to me not who am not necessary except for you. I want to be with you. To see you your country. That you would show me all to charm of your life. I test strong passion to you and I can not stop in the desires. As to a meeting that of what problem will make documents at me there is a girlfriend which works in travel agency and she it is necessary for me will help. Only it is very expensive to buy the ticket and to make documents.If it is necessary that I can how many at it will ask all this to cost. You have asked my address I shall give it to you Russiacity Kozmodimiansk, street ubileunaya 22 house 13, mail 432000. My full name Ekaterina Klementieva yours Katya,

Hi Jack! I write this letter late at night. Now the beginning of the third hour. My night lamp softly shines in darkness, and I think of one very special person. It you. I saw your face thousands times after our absolutely short mailing. I invented ridiculous histories with your participation and represented us together. You have completely fascinated me! Certainly I wanted to tell to you it in my last letters, but besides I would not like to seem too rectilinear. But sometimes the woman should gather spirit to make a responsible step. Such time has come. Let me explain. Probably I look similarly to the mad girl, but I have so become attached to you for this time. Now I do not present my life without you. I never had this feeling... I LOVE YOU! Probably these three words are capable to describe my condition... Called to the girlfriend to and she has told me that price trips will cost 1450 dollars us. It is included with tourist visa B1 which are given for the term of in 3 months. The passport for travels abroad. The medical information for travels. And certainly the return Ticket. Registration of all documents will borrow week. What you think of it you can help me with this money? For me it is very big sum. If you want to help me I have learned that I was possible to send money through WesternUnion think that it is in your city. I have learned details of a parcel for this purpose to you I was necessary to know my city both my full name and a surname which to you spoke in the former letter. Then you tell me ten-character number mtcn on mine E-mail. And in one week we can meet. What you think it is feasible for you?? I with impatience wait from you for the answer. Your Ekaterina, 

Ekaterina Solovjyova (Slavianka, Russia)

I have been communicating with a Russian girl for since April 14th 2005, it is now May 14th 2005. I had put a personal ad on the Yahoo Personals site. I had not received any responses. One day I found a response however, asking me to email them. I sent them a short hello email. A day or two went by, and she sent me another longer email. At the time, my father was very sick with lung cancer, and as I have no friends of either male or female variety, I was glad for someone to talk to even if they lived in Russia. I suspected nothing. She looked pretty in her pictures, but not model pretty, and in my mind she looked Russian - nothing to suspect there. Her English was pretty poor - which I could imagine a lot of Russian girls are - nothing to suspect there. She described herself as being very lonely, and made Russian men sound like demons - which for all I know they are, so I still suspected nothing. I was annoyed with her avoidance of answering my questions, but as you will see, she answered some of my questions eventually. She even offered condolences when my Dad died and seemed very sympathetic and understanding. It is terrible that in such a horrible time as a parent dieing, someone, somewhere is still trying to screw you. She fell in love with me very fast, but me, being lonely and miserable, was not really going to complain about that too much. Then in one email she wrote: "I have made a new photo. I hope that it is pleasant to you. I heard about that that there are not real girls in Interntet.I have thought that probably this photo will show you that I real. Certainly I understand that you always trusted me and did not ask this proof of my reality.But I have decided to make this photo just in case." I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I had never heard of anything about Russian girls not being real on the internet. I thought that was odd, and she really gave herself/himself away with that. Of course, in her next email came the request for money. My heart sank, as I knew what it meant really. My only friend in the world was a fake! I knew it was a scam, and I also knew even if it wasn't a scam I could not send her the money, because I am poor. I did some googling, and it didnt take me much time to realize that this was very common. Then I googled "Ekaterina Lukoil PRIMORSKIY", and her exact same first email to me was sent to someone else. I think this person did a very convincing job with their emails. They seem quite genuine, especially the one about Easter, which seems really pretty innocent. In my last email to her, I had already realized what was going on, and I was asking her if it is OK if I send her $20,000 USD so she can come over here to meet me. Of course, I cannot do this, but I am interested to see what she will say. In the next email, I will probably tell her I know she is a scammer. My guess is she is probably suspicious that I know she is a fake. I got 13 emails from her in total, in her tenth email she declares her love for me (May 5th 05). That gives you an idea how fast it was. The amount of money she tries to hit me up for is on the low side (only 370 or 420 USD). Her name is Ekaterina Solovjyova - she lives in Slavianka, PRIMORSKIY REGION Address: RUSSIA SLAVIANKA, PRIMORSKIY REGION, FAR-EASTERN OVK 64, LENINA STR, S/R 74233141036.


Letter 1
hi my friend, I am glad to receive your letter. I am VERY glad to receive your letter. Now I have not enough time because I go for work. I shall write to you little bit later when I shall finish work. I live in Russia and consequently at us the big difference in time. Now is dinner. ok, I shall write to you later. I shall try to write the big letter and in detail to tell about myself. I wish you successful day. Wait my letter. Ekaterina

Letter 2
Hi my dear friend [MY NAME HERE], As I promised I have tried to write as soon as possible. I am very glad that you have answered my letter to you. I looked announcements and have casually seen your profile. I have decided to write to you and I was pleasantly surprised when you have answered me. I used the Internet for the first time to search for happiness. Therefore I did not know whether you write to me or not. So it has turned out that I have not found the man of the dream yet. Men in Russia drink a lot of alcohol. Many Russian men do not respect women, Count women silly. I do not love it. I heard that in your country men are very good and decent, it is not enough to drink alcohol to respect women. Probably all this forces me to search for the man in internet. BRWhere do you live? I live in ussia in Slavianka town, PRIMORSKIY REGION. It is very beautiful there,clean air you know. Well, probably you want to find out about me more. My growth 5,6, weight 105 lgs. Color of my hair dark brown, eyes green. I am 27 years. I was born in August,28 1977 in Sevastopol city on Ukraine. My name Ekaterina, but my friends and parents name me Katya. My mum the Ukrainian girl. father Russian. My father was the militarian and in 1985 my family have gone to serve to the Far East in Russia in a small city Slavyanka. There I live now. After Disintegration of the USSR we wanted to come back on Ukraine but then we have decided that we shall live better in Russia. The big tragedy has happened at us recently. Daddy has died in 2002 of a heart attack. It was irreplaceable loss for us.:-(( We have remained alone: my mum and me. Unfortunately all relatives live on Ukraine. I do not have brothers and sisters of mine. I am the only child in family. At school I studied very well. At school I wanted to be an economist. Therefore after school I have entered and finished The Economic state university. After university I have entered a postgraduate study. Now I work as the financial manager in affiliated company Lukoil. I do not know what to tell. I love east dances, classical music, prepare tasty meals, play the piano. Very often at leisure time I read History of Russia and Foreign countries. Yes by the way I write you from Internet cafe. So it has turned out that in our small city not everyone has a computer. Girlfriends have advised to search for the man in internet to me. I search for happiness. I want to have loving husband and children. I have never been married and I do not have children. Many men are afraid to tell the woman that they have got children. I love children very much and I would be a good stepmother. Children are not guilty that they do not have mother. I think that lonely father who has children is obliged to find the wife and mother for children. Children can not live without mum. Therefore I would be a good mum and a stepmother. I worry about your attitude to the women from Russia. It is far enough. Some problems probably can arise. I would like to find out whether you could become interested and fall in love with the Russian woman? Certainly not at once, gradually. Are you interested in correspondence with the Russian woman? What relations you expect from our acquaintance? I would like to find out you better. I hope that you will like my photo. Probably you are interested with my English. I know well colloquial English language. But to write the text in English I am at a loss. Therefore I use the computer program of the translator. I hope that this English is clear to you. Though certainly it is not ideal translation. I think it is good enough for the first time. I send you my photo. To the right of me a gas cooker on which I prepare a dinners. It is our kitchen. ok, I think that it is necessary to finish. I have written big enough letter. I wish you successful day and that everything would fine today. Please tell me about itself. What are you searching for and what are your dreams? What has forced you to search for the girl in internet? I shall wait your letter. Please answer my questions. Ekaterina

letter 3
Hi dear friend [MY NAME HERE], I am very glad to receive your letter. And at once I want to say you that it was very pity to hear about your father, I know it is very hard for in this moment. I very often go on business trips in other branches of our company Lukoil. Therefore I am not in city very frequently. But now I have asked not to send Me on business trips. It is very difficultly to go somewhere constantly. I have very interesting work. Basically, while I a low meneger, And I have no very impotant attitude to global projects . Though in collective Discussion of projects I participate. My work consists in calculation Various parameters, their comparison with base and finding out the reasons rejections if those are present. A lot of figures, conclusions and reports. It is a lot of responsibility. I want to promote on work, But I still have not enough experience for this purpose. Ok,what more can I tell you? I have a lot of girlfriends. Beginning since kindergarten, then at school, then at university and on work. Everywhere I found new girlfriends. As a result now I have a lot of friends. But of course friends of the childhood are the most "expensive" dearest and favourite:) My favourite girlfriends are Elena and Karina. I have told them about you. I hope you do not take offence? They are my best girlfriends. And I do not have secrets from them. We are friends since the 2nd class. At that time we have moved to live to Russia. Unfortunately friends from the childhood have remained in Ukraine and I see them very seldom. Very sadly that all my relatives have remained in Ukraine. It is very difficult to live when there are no native people near you. After death of my father we srayed with my mother alone. There are no more relatives in Russia except mother.:-(( Elena and Karina have become interested in you very much. They speak that I should continue correspondence With you. I showed them your photo on yahoopersonals. They liked you very much!!! One of my best girlfriends lives in the other city. I do not meet her very often. I would like to speak with her on the phone but unfortunately I do not have phone at home. I have to go to Vladivostok to call from there. But it takes me a lot of time and effots, it is very difficult for me. well, my ideas come to an end. And what to tell? My favourite meal is the fried chicken, meat with potato and pelmenis. Favourite kind of sports are track and field athletics, tennis and ski. My favourite color pink, the favourite cinema Ocean's 11, favourite actor Bred Pitt, Favourite ice-cream vanilla, the favourite singer the Madonna, favourite song Frozen, Favourite flowers tulips and red carnations, Favourite drink Jin-Tonic but I drink very rare, favourite perfum "the Spring lily of the valley", My favourite season is spring. At this time evrything blossoms. Spring is time of love. Now I am in the internet cafe and I have to go home. Internet cafe is far from my work at a distance of 2 hours and from my house also several hours. Unfortunately it is not convenient very much. But I shall try to go in Internet cafe as it is possible to write letters to you more often. I shall do it because it is very important for me. My dream is to have children and loving husband. I want to have happy family and consequently I have decided to search for the worthy man in internet. It is very difficult to live alone when you wake up in empty bed. It is very difficultly when in the morning your beloved does not embrace you. It is very difficult to live when there is no man with you which support calm you in difficult minutes of your life. I want him awake me with a sweet kiss in the morning. I want to be loved. I think that you understand me because you are lonely too. Write, I shall wait your letter very much. Yours Ekaterina

Letter 4
Hello I have no time to write to you the big letter. But now dinner and I wanted to tell to you GOOD DAY MY DEAR FRIEND!!! I know that you now sleep, but I think that to you will be pleasant to see and read my letter. I should go to work, but I shall write to you later. Take care and I hope that you will write to me the letter. Ekaterina. I had no time to write the answer, but I hope that you will answer my letter.

Letter 5
Hi dear [MY NAME HERE], I am very glad to receive your letter. Can you send me more photographs of you, and also of where you live? Right now, I can't to send you some photos, but I shall try to send to you more. And I told, where I am living, once again, Russia, Slavianka town, It is most eastern of Russia. It is near of Japan. You know we so are poorly familiar with each other but I have already get used to you. It is very pleasant for me to read your letters. I would be glad if you send me a lot of the photos. They should be small on the size, or my computer will not be able to receive a mail. I want to learn through these photos you and your way of life. I search my beloved for the man on the Internet because there I can find the man to which I really dear and necessary, the man which will love me as the happiness and hope for the happiness, the man which will want to meet the old age with me. I want that around my favourite husband and me our grandsons and great-grandsons run by in old age. The majority of men in Russia are egoists and do not respect women. They love only themselves and alcohol. I want the only,who - will love me and respect. That i would be wanted not only as the beautiful woman, and as the beloved. I want that my man likes and wants only me, that when I go to bed of mine my beloved is waiting for me there. He would embrace me and we would fall asleep in embraces. When i wake up he kisses me and say "Good morning my dear, i love you." It is my dream I want it and i aspire to it. I want such a man which would like to be only mine. That we spend all free time with him. I would like such a man to which I will trust and would not be afraid that he will leave to other woman. I think that if the man and the woman have concluded a matrimony in church that they should be true the promises before the god and people. In internet I have chosen you because I think that you are a man of this kind. It is difficult to explain it, this female sixth feeling or an internal voice is possible. Probably it is destiny or the god wants that we have got acquainted. In our life everytning occurs not casually. If it has taken place it means that it was predicted by destiny. There is a legend that once God created the creature, but one day that creature decided that it was stronger, better and wiser. For such fault God divided it into two parts into woman and man. Since that time people looking for their own halves which belong only them. I believe in my happy destiny and I believe that I will find happiness and I will have family. Otherwise life is meaningless. It is very difficult to be the lonely person. At such person all life turns in a small monotonous way of life. You spend all time for work and do not aspire home. Because nobody waits for you there in the house. In the morning you hurry for work because it is boringly at home. Nobody waits for you at him and after work you sit to watch TV till the late evening. Then you go to sleep and so it Repeats day after day. Sometimes you try to change something in the life but not always it turns out. With each year of loneliness it is more difficult and more difficult to find a loved person. Slowly you you turn into the homebody or hardworking person. And already anybody is not necessary for you. With each year of loneliness you become the self-sufficient person and the egoist. I do not want to turn into such person. I want to have love, fun, pleasure and happiness. I want to love and to be loved. I want to know you better. It seems to me that we are similar with you. Both of us aspire to become happy. Both of us use the best efforts to find the love and to find composure with the loved person. Probably we can have serious relations, but for the present it is early to speak about it. I need in my husband not only as in the partner in sex, but also as whom i can talk to as the close friend, the partner of my life, and to the beloved person. For this reason tell me about your life. Tell me as your usual day passes. Please tell to me more in detail about a place, where you live. I want to find the man which would love me as the woman, as the person, but not as a beautiful doll, Which he can show everyone and be proud of it. I am the woman who wants to love and be loved, and I do not want to be played with. The wife should be proud of the husband. Wise wives should tell to the husbands the most confidential and personal ideas and nothing to hide from the husband. I think, that the husband should support the woman in it, respect her, not criticize her in the companies of the friends thus keeping self-respect of the favourite wife. I think that the good husband always pays a compliment to the wife on the occasion of the new dress, a new hairdress, will be grateful for dinner which she cooks for him. And it is necessary to kiss her when she leaves for work. I think, that home life should consist of mutual respect and understanding between the husband and the wife. Both the husband and the wife are resposible for happy life of the family. I think, that the good wife should create a cosiness in the house with maximal tenderness and beauty, care and fidelity. I shall respect, I shall like and I shall caress my future husband. Probably you have already got tired to read my letter. well, let me finish the letter just for now, I should go. I shall wait your letter very much. I wish you successful day. Yours Ekaterina

Letter 6
Hi my dear friend [MY NAME HERE], So pity to hear about your father, will accept my condolences. I am with you, because I know what is it to lose somebody from your family person. It is pleasant for me to read your letters. It makes me think a lot. Are you interested in politics? By the way recently I watched news and have heard that Condolisa Rise became the State Secretary of USA. She is a very good woman and she likes Russia. She is pleasant to me very much. What are your attitudes to Condaleezza Rice? Do not think that I am such an admirer of politics. It is sometimes interesting to know the opinion of good person and to compare it with my one. Well, I want to tell you about my usual day. I wake up very early in the morning. Usually I get up at 6:00. I wash, clean my teeth,and have a shower. At 6:30 I dry my hair and I do my morning exercises. I spend about 20 minutes for sports in the morning. During this time I run along the street or lift very small dumbbells about 0,5 Kg or move on one place and do usual limbering up for all body. At 7:00 I begin to prepare breakfast. My breakfast consists of a sandwich: butter - bread - a piece of cheese, and tea with a lemon. I spend for it 10 - 15 minutes. Sometimes I make fried eggs for breakfast. Sometimes i would like to eat something very tasty and to eat much!!!, but it is impossible. It is harmful to my figure. I try to keep my figure in sport condition. At 7:15 I go to put on make-up. It takes me about 30 minutes to do it. At 7:45 I go to the street and go to the work. It takes me about 2 hours of driving to get to my work. It is not convenient at all, but I do not have any choice. I should be at work at 10:00. But depending on the day of week or quantity of the work of today's I can come to the work later or a little bit earlier. As I have already told you internet cafe are at a distance of 2 hours from my work and up to a house also some hours. It is very inconvenient and consequently I can not always come and write a letter to you. I try to write as much as possible and more often. If I have chance to write a letter to you I go and I write you this letter. Therefore please wait for my letters and do not worry that I do not think of you. Ok, I shall continue. When I come to work I drink a cup of coffee with milk and I start to work. I have already told you what I do at work. Earlier I went on business trips very often. But now I have asked not to send me on business trips. It is very difficultly and does not remain a free time at all. Besides now I have got acquainted with you and I want to spend all my free time for dialogue with you. At 13:00 I have a break for dinner. I go to have dinner in the local dining room. Sometimes I take a meal with myself from my house. Usually I have soup for dinner, or potato with meat and tea. But sometimes for dinner I eat various pies. I finish at 20:00 and I go home. I come home at 22:00. As you can see the free time is very little. I get home by bus or by trolley bus. I do not have a car. In Russia not everyone has a car. Towns are small, about 14 thousand inhabitants. But it is located in the big territory. I live at one edge of city. My work is on the other end of city. Therefore i spend a lot of time for the trip to get my work. On the Far East a climate at us unfortunately not good. We have very sharp continental climate. When it is cold in the morning, and then an hour later it is already a scortching heat. It is not pleasant a little, but I got used to it. ok, I should finish my letter. I shall wait very much your letter. Yours Ekaterina

Letter 8
hi my dear friend [MY NAME HERE], I am sorry that all happened so, with your father, I know how to you is bad now, I am understanding you... And I hope my letter will help you with something... Today it is very cold in the street. I have put on in very warm clothes, but I have got cold and they did not help me. Today mum has made fried eggs and a glass of coffee for breakfast for me. Today I am not in good mood. Something like melancholy. I lack love and caress of loving man very much. I feel loneliness and that is why i am very sad. I try to change something in my life, but it turns nothing out for me. Because of my unsuccessful private life I have a depression every day. I want to love and to be loved. I want somebody who love me very much has embraced me and has kissed me. I am so sad now. I am sitting and read your letter now and tears have appeared on my eyes. I do not know why. Simply it is very sad for me just now. When you know that nobody waits for you and to live begins very difficultly. vThe blue sky turns to gloomy clouds, singing of birds irritates you, cheerful faces of people cause something like envy. Why not I? Why not, why am I not smiling and have fun now? Only your letters force me to smile. I feel support in your letters. I can tell you all that I can not tell others. I have not got used to show the emotions. I tell you about my asdness and it become easier for me. As though you take a part of my bad mood and pull out it from my soul. It becomes easier. Thank you that you exist. I got used to you very much. It frightens me a little. It seems to me that you are very good and decent man. I do not understand why women of your country do not see what a good man you are. They are silly women. They do not see that they lose. I think that i am lucky that I have got acquainted with you. I think that you would be very good husband and father. The only thing i regret about very much that I have not got acquainted with you earlier. I did not know that through the Internet it is possible to get acquainted with men. And I did not know that in the Internet there are such good men as you are. Please excuse me that I do not write you every day. I try to write to you as much as possible more often, due to my opportunities. Please wait for my letters and do not take offence that I do not write you every day. My dear [MY NAME HERE] unfortunately I SHOULD GO. I finish the letter. And about your questions/ Do you want to leave Russia and live in England or the USA? It would be wonderful one day with loving male... What kind of life do you plan to lead once you have found the man of your dreams? Do you want to have a career or be a mother? How many children do you want to have? I want to be with my man near during all life. And to be a honest wife. And to have children. It is or one or two. My dear friend I shall be very glad to see your letter. Please write to me. Your letters give me additional energy which helps me to live. I wish you successful day and that at you all was good today and always. I shall wait your letter, [MY NAME HERE] Yours Ekaterina

Letter 9
Hello my dear [MY NAME HERE]!!! It is so pity for me, I couldn't write you this time. But in Russia was holiday Easter. I congratulate you with day of easter. I have found out, that you celebrate easter for some week earlier. Easter was in this Sunday. We painted eggs with my mum. And we spoke each other: " Jesus has revived! " To whom spoke these words they answered: " Jesus has revived for true! "It is the greatest holiday of spring. And we feel approximation of a summer. The nature wakes up around of us from winter. Sometimes I transform morning of easter in a small joke. I approach with an egg to my mum and I speak: " Jesus have revived! " And I break an egg-shell about her forehead with unexpectedness for her (but not so strong how you could to think). She speaks from unexpectedness to me in the answer " Jesus has revived for true! " And later I and mum go in church. And for evening I and mum are make a lot of tasty: pies, salads and many other things. Because we know, that visitors will come go in the evening to us. It a pity to me that you not was not was near with my family. My dearest, all this time, I thought about you, how you was? I hope you all right, and my letters are helping you. Your Ekaterina

Letter 10
hi my dear [MY NAME HERE], I waited your letter and was very glad, when you have written to me again!!! BRDo you like to cook? I like to cook, I am cooking very well, And I so much want to cook something for you, I would be happy to be with you in such hard situation, and to help you with something, what I can to do for you... BRDo you believe in ghosts? My dear [MY NAME HERE], when my father died, I had also as your things, it was also very mysterious... But I think, so and should to be... It is all for sometime, while he in your hearts. All right, I shall write you about me. Thank God, today my mood is very good. Spring has come!!!!!!! The time of love!!!!!!!!! I feel that this spring will be very good for me!!! It seems to me that I will be told I love you this spring. I sincerely hope for it.:-)) Certainly this spring is dull a bit because it is still many snow in the street. But I sincerely hope that will be fast warmly and snow will thaw. Spring birds will sing, people will say each other tender words, all nature recover from winter dream. In Russia people say that the time of spring is the time of love. But I am afflicted that I do not have a beloved person. I feel loneliness in this wonderful day.:-(( It seems to me that I have found the man of my dream. But he is far from me. This man is you. You are the most good and decent man I have ever met. In the first day of our acquaintance in my soul there was a spark of hope that you are my prince. I did not want to believe this!!! But with every day of our acquaintance my heart spoke to me YOU YOU YOU only YOU are my unique man. You are the man with whom I want to meet old age!! YOU that are unique and loved, you are the man promised me mine angel the keeper. You are the man with which I want to have family and children. I shall kiss you in the mornings and speak to you i love you!!! I hope that you are not frightened by such fast development of relations. But you can not order to the heart. Love is like a big explosion. The love arises unexpectedly when you do not wait for it. It is as hot fire covers all my body and I do not own my soul any more . You own my soul and my body. I love you. I am not afraid to speak these words. I know that it sincerely feeling. I know that day will come and you will tell me the same. I shall wait, I shall wait each minute of the life when you will tell me: I love you. After these your words I shall be the happiest woman in the world!!! I believe that this spring becomes for us the most unforgettable!!! I had a dream that this spring I will find my loved man. In my dream we worked together on a beautiful field where many flowers grew. You have collected for me a bouquet of field flowers and we embraced on a soft field herb. And the sun shined and gave heat of the beams only for us two, And birds sang only for us and angels sang only for us and the blue cloudless sky was reflected in yours beautiful eyes. I hope that this dream will turn in reality. I have found sense of my life. I know that we are from each other very far. Thousand kilometers between us of land and thousand kilometers of ocean!!!:-(( Never probably we shall meet. It very much oppress me.:-(( I shout from idea that we never meet. I want to be a free bird and to arrive to you through the countries and oceans!!! But unfortunately I am not a bird and I do not have wings.:-(( I shall pray to the god that we sometime meet. My dear I should finish the letter. I sincerely hope that my feelings do not offend you. I like you, [MY NAME HERE] Yours Ekaterina

Letter 11
hi my love [MY NAME HERE]!!!!!! I am very very glad to see your letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really would be wonderful to meet, and not important where!!! Please write me about your dreams. I every day dream of our meeting!!!! I can not wait for the day when we shall meet. The first thing I shall make when I shall see you I shall embrace you and kiss you!!! I feel to you something unusual, unusual feeling. I have never had such feeling. I think of you every minute, I want to see you, I can not sleep, eat... In my head ideas only about you. My heart is broken off from idea that we are now not together!!!! my dear [MY NAME HERE] I can not live without you!!! It seems to me that you are the angel gone down with heavens and inhaling in me forces to life . You are as a spark which fired in my soul, fire of love!!! Without you I did not live, I existed. Earlier I did not have pleasure in life, I simply lived the life. You, when you have appeared,my life has changed!!! I began to think of that the god has given me hope fortunately!!! The god has given me chance to be happy and I am not going to miss this chance. I am grateful to destiny that we have got acquainted. my love you are my unique man!!! I do not understand why such good man is still lonely?!!! Women in your country are silly. They do not see invaluable riches of your kind soul. I am very lucky that I have got acquainted with you. I also shall thank people which have thought up this Internet. Due to this internet we have got acquainted with you. I do want to meet you. I will find out what is necessary for me for our meeting. My feelings and words in relation to you always were fair and sincere. I never told lies to you and I shall never tell lies to you. I absolutely trust you. I know that such a man as you are never will deceive a woman. I already present myself as I have arrived to you, at the airport I look around for you. When I shall see you I shall run up to you and I shall embrace you!!! It will be the happiest day in my life. My mum and my best girlfriends are very glad for us. They wish that our relations develope and nothing prevente us to be happy. I will find out what is necessary for my trip to you. I never went abroad and that is why I do not know what documents are necessary for me for our meeting. But I shall find out all and in the nearest letters I shall write to you. I very much want to get acquainted and to make friends with your relatives and friends. I do not want to hide the feelings to you. I want all the world know how you are necessary for me. I very much regret that now between us thousand kilometers of water and a land. And our dialogue is limited only to letters. But I believe that the day will come when we shall meet. This fine day we shall talk about all!!! I every day learn the English language and that is why we will not have problems in dialogue. Therefore not worry we shall understand each other very well. Unfortunately I should finish the letter. I with impatience wait news from you. I wish you'll the most good and successful day to you. I LOVE YOU MY DEAR [MY NAME HERE]!!!, XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Yours Ekaterina

Letter 12
Hi my darling [MY NAME HERE], Today weather became warmer. It will be really fast warmly!!!! It will be possible to dress spring clothes!!! I am already tired to go in the fur coat. You said in your country was Day of Mothers!!! Wow, I think from your words it is a nice days!!! In our country there is the Day of Parents!!! I think it is also as yours Holiday!!! Today I dreamed of us. We have met at the airport. At first i did not recognized you. I with excitement looked and looked back around. Suddenly for a moment my sight has passed by what that a prompt sight. I for one instant have stopped and have returned the sight on that a sight. When I have turned, I have seen your eyes which steadfastly looked at me. Your sight shined with love and tenderness!!! When I have seen you tears on my eyes have appeared. I have gone down from a gangway of the plane and have run to you. When I have run up to you I have embraced you and have strong pressed to myself. I could not keep tears of happiness!!!! I felt like the happiest woman in the world!!!! I could not keep the emotions. I kissed and kissed you. I wanted that this moment lasts forever!!! I was afraid to release you from the embraces. It seemed to me that if I weaken the embraces of you you will disappear!!! Please promise to me not leave me if I will arrive to you. Please promise to me it. I very much want our meeting. I have made a new photo. I hope that it is pleasant to you. I heard about that that there are not real girls in Interntet. I have thought that probably this photo will show you that I real. Certainly I understand that you always trusted me and did not ask this proof of my reality. But I have decided to make this photo just in case. I trust you and your feelings. I am very glad that our hearts beat in a unison with music of love. I have found out what documents are necessary for me. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will go will find out how many all this cost and as all this to do. I will write to you later and to inform all that I have found out. And I also wanted to answer at your questions. BRWhat would you like to do if you come to the USA? I think, if I would arrive to you, we shall have a fun time together! We shall be able to visit Your Disney, I heard about it from TV, but I never been there, and I can't imagine what is there. And it really would be so fine to travel with you, You can to show me a lot of things!!! BRWhat d o they think about me living so far away from you? My friends and my mum are very happy for me, I found such wonderful male through Internet. Because I said you, I was so lonely during long time, and now all changed, we found each other!!! BRDo you have a lot of friends where you live now, or do they all live elsewhere? No, and here and there where I lived before, I hadn't so much friends, the people as me, are naming as not communicable. But Internet are helping me very much!!! BRHopefully, sooner or later we can meet and begin our happy lives together. It is so beautiful WORDS!!! My dear [MY NAME HERE]!!! Now I should go home. Mum was going very tasty soup and I very much want to eat.:-) I will waiting for your letter. I love you, [MY NAME HERE] Yours Ekaterina

Letter 13
Hi my darling [MY NAME HERE], My dear [MY NAME HERE], I know your all situation, and how to you hard now... I want to say you, I am with you [MY NAME HERE]!!! But all right, I am glad to receive your letter!!! I have a nice mood today!!! In the street it became a little bit warmer. Today I went to find out what documents are necessary for our meeting. Appeared that I need many free-of-charge and paid documents. I already began to make out some free-of-charge documents. I constantly think of our meeting and I spoke with mum about it. She wish us happiness and good luck in our joint life She is sad a little that I leave, but she is very happy that I has found a kind gentle tender and decent man. She will pray for our future. Mum speaks that we should meet and even better learn each other. My mum trusts you and thanks the god that he has acquainted me with you. We should not prove that ours feelings are real. I know, that the god has blessed our relations. Every time when I think of you my heart starts to beat more strongly. Inside me fire of passion which lit my soul, and opens a reality of our relations. This light of my soul conducts me to you. It is similar to the light of a star which shows a way to the seamen. I simply love you and I want to be with you. All my life I searched YOU. But I could not meet the real man in any way. Then the god has regretted me and I have got acquainted with you. You have come in my life and have chang ed everything. Now the sense in my life has appeared. Now I should not keep my love in depth of my heart any more. I am now very happy and I give all the love tenderness and caress to the only man - to you. So I prayed once at night and thanked the god for it. WELL, now I want to tell that I have found out about trip to you. I was told that I can go to you when I issue all documents. It will take about 2 - 5 weeks. For registration of the visa I need the following documents:
1. The passport for travel abroad.
2. Medical test.
3. Consular gathering is paid in addition.
4. Two photos (5x5).
5. The insurance.
6. The information from a place the slave.
7. Documents about the real estate. (a maximum of docks).
8. The certificate of birth.
9. Consultation before submission of documents in embassy and before interview. 
10. After submission of documents by us - interview. IN the sum all these documents cost 370 usd if my visa will last 1 month. 
All documents for the visa which lasts three months and more will cost 420 USD. Whether I should know you are capable help me with the finance for the visa? The majority of people of Russia are compelled to wait approval of the visa a lot of time, from 6 months about one year If you really seriously concern to that that I have visited you, I can settle these formalities I have found out, that it will be better for us, if I will have the visa of a tourist. This tourist visa B-2, the visitor visa will valid during six months. On this type of visa I'll can travel till USA without any restrictions. I also has taken an interest about other kinds of the visas too, for example, visa of a bride. I thought, that it is the best variant for us, but in Embassy have said that this visa costs more expensively and visa's registration costs a lot of money. It's around 650 US dollars and the registration of the visa will during seven months, it is very long and expensive! From it because the tourist visa B-2 is the best variant than visa of bride now for us my love [MY NAME HERE]! My love, I want to ask you one thing, I will need to ask your help with a financial charges for the getting all necessary documents for my coming to you. As probably, may be you know an economic situation in our country, it's simply awful. Our government explains it to those that simply they don't have a money, it's a difficult financial situation, and they don't have a recourses on the salary for the any kind of the job in total. My dearest, my love [MY NAME HERE], I have a great desire to come to you, to see you at last and only recourses separate usfrom each another. My dearest [MY NAME HERE], in general, I'll need for 370 or 420 US dollars. I went to the bank to find out how you can send me this money. In the bank I was told that for a remittance you should know about me some information. The information for a remittance through Western Union: Country - Russia, City - Slavianka, Name - Ekaterina, Lastname - Solovjyova. The information of bank: DALNEVOSTOCHNIY BANK, MOLODEZHNAYA, 9, SLAVIANKA , 692730, (7 ) (423) 3144279. My dear in the bank I was told that there is one more way of a remittance. It is Money Gram. The necessary information for this way of a remittance: RUSSIA SLAVIANKA, PRIMORSKIY REGION, FAR-EASTERN OVK 64, LENINA STR, S/R 74233141036. My love [MY NAME HERE], when you will sent this remittance, it will be necessary for me, that you send me an important information which required at a parcel of money. The receiver must know ten digits for receiving money (Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)), your full name and full home address My love, I understand completely that it's a large money, but to me any more on whom I can to rely and on this I ask you about your help with this expense. My lovely prince, we love each other very much and we will together, I sure in it!!! I'm waiting and I'm dreaming for a moment of our meeting in your airport my [MY NAME HERE]. I will cry in this moment, when I will leave from an air gangway and when I will see you my angel, because it will from our happiness. I close my eyes and I am imagining about this so happy picture. I want to be with you very much and I miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it is time to go, I will think about you so much, I love you, and I want to be with you as soon as possible!!!!! More kisses and hugs.

               xoxox        oxox
             oxoxxox   xoxoxxox

I LOVE YOU MY DEAR [MY NAME HERE]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours Ekaterina!

Elena Koulikova (Novosibirsk Russia)

Dear scamreport team, Scammers name: Elena Koulikova, Str. Sovetskaya 11-75, 630099 Russia, e-mail: My name is Thomas from Germany, 38 years old, sales man. I received the following letters (as e-mail) from Elena Koulikova, already noticed in the blacklist. She answered to my ad in a Russian newspaper I put there over a German newspaper named “Sperrmüll”. The first letter seemed to be ok, just introduction. But letter after letter I got doubts because how can you tell somebody he’s your dream man when you don’t know him? The 1st 2 photos looked like model but then she sent me photos that seemed to be serious. I also asked for opportunity to talk over phone because she had no phone. She said she’ll try to borrow one 3 weeks long. But somebody must have phone so my doubts and suspects started growing. In the latest letter it began that she asked for support for her travel expenses. I told her that I’ll not send any money to her but when she arrives I can give it to her, I asked her to borrow it from somebody. At the same day I was so curious to get facts about her so I searched in Google for the town and the address she gave me in her last letter. And here I found her on your blacklist. At present time I’ve no feedback from her. I hope all this information will help you and all the other people to prevent scamming..... If you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks and best regards, Thomas W.


Letter 1:
Dear Thomas!!! I did find your announcement in newspaper and I very much have become interested in you and have decided to write to you. I will tell you about myself. My name is Elena. I am 25 years old, height 168, weight 50. I am girl enough clever. I have higher education. My speciality is book-keeper. Now I am working in library. I like to read books very much. I am intelligent, independent, honest, calm, careful, kind, tender, sensitive with good sense of humour. I was never married, have no children, non-smoker, non-drinking, take no drugs. I am very domestic woman, I like home's cosy, tidy and decorate my flat, and very like cook. Best of all things I like cook, of course except one... ;-) I can cook a lot of meals and can do it very good. Especially I like to cook meat, fish and pizza and of course every Russian meals. All my relatives and friends very like when I cooking dinner for them. I hope one day I will cook dinner for you! I am very romantic person. I very like nature, sea, mountains, flowers. I like sport, I do gymnastic two-three times a week and therefore I have good, beautiful and slim figure. Else I like to swim and go in basin, but I dream swim in the sea. I very like travel, but I have not possibility (because it is very expensive). I had hear many good and interesting things about your fantastic country, hospitable people, beautiful nature, romantic music, rich culture, and will be very happy to come to you in one day and to see your country together with you. I live in city Novosibirsk. It is the very poor and deserted city. The majority of the population are very poor, and most part of the man's population drinking alcohol very much. I do not like to live in this place, but I have no an opportunity to change a residence. Region in which I live is most cold place in Russia. We have very short summer and very severe winters. Frosts is constant during all winter -40 - 50 degrees. It is usual temperature for our region. We have a lot of snows and the snow lays at us till June. In an apartment in the winter it is very cold as there is no heating. Very heavy life. All winter we go in an apartment in very much warm clothes, boots and cap. I very much do not like it. As I very much like warmth, flowers, beautiful nature. I too like animals. In my flat live cat. I am interesting in music, movies. I very good dance (if we will meet I will dance for you)! And one more problem. I do not have home telephone number. But to the large happiness at my work we have one computer and we have an exit in the Internet, so we can correspond with you on electronic mail. I hope that you too can use the Internet. I with the large impatience shall wait for news from you. I want to meet a good, honest man and have long, strong and happy relationship. I want to have relationship full of love, understanding and respect. I send you my photo. I hope you will like it! If you are interesting in me, please send me your answer to: I am really very interesting in you. I hope I am woman what you need. Give me chance and you will be very happy with me. Good-bye! Your Elena.

Letter 2:
Dear Thomas!!! I have received your letter and your photos and I am very happy!!! Thank you very much!!! I very much liked your answer and I like you on your photos! I very much interesting in you and in our further relations!!! I am very glad that we have found one another!!! I very much liked to know more about you, your life and your plans. I shall tell to you more about me. I live together with my mother, I have no the native brothers and sisters. My father was lost in automobile failure when I was small girl. After that we lived together with my mother, she had no other men more and has devoted all life to me. I work now in library and I very much like my work, though I have the very small salary, but money in life not important for me. I work in children's library, so I work with children, I very much love children, they are very amusing and cheerful. I work 5 days per one week. The days off I spend in home efforts and cares, I very much like to do something home. I very much like to prepare various tasty dishes and in my days off I can with the large pleasure be engaged in it. I dream to prepare tasty dishes for you!!! I hope that you will like it. So my daily life is monotonous. But you came into my life and now I am very happy!!! My too largest desire to speak with you on the phone. As I already wrote to you I have no telephone at home and I have not Mobile, and on my workplace I too can not use telephone, it is present only at ours chief in cabinet. But we can well communicate with you on electronic mail. I am very happy that you want our meeting. It is wonderful! I too want our meeting, I live from Moscow far, but it not a problem. We have transport up to Moscow, trains and planes. By the plane 3,5 hours up to Moscow. So we can organize our meeting in the summer. I shall be very happy. While we can write more one to another and know better one another. I send to you my another photo. It from sport club where I go in swiming pool. I hope you will like it! I very waiting for your answer!!! Your Elena!

Letter 3:
Dear Thomas!!! I received your long and interesting letter and your photos and I am very happy! Thank you very much! I very much interesting in you and in our relationship!!! I searched for man for serious relations and I am very happy what we have find one another. At the given moment I have no friend already long time. All my previous men were not serious as well as majority of Russian men. All of them wanted girl only for entertainment and for short time. The alcohol, bars, entertainments and so on was necessary to them only. But I neednot it. I want to have serious man for serious relations and for creation happy family. So I have decided to find such man in other country, not in Russia. And at my image of life now it is very difficult to get acquainted even with Russian man as all my life is work and house. I work in children's library so to get acquainted with someone at work not probably. I do not go on discos, in bars and restaurants as it is expensive for me, and in a Russian bars and on a discos it is not possible to get acquainted with decent and intelligent man. So therefore I am alone. But now I have you and I am very happy!!! I am very happy that we have found one another. I cannot believe! You are that man which I waited all my life. You are ideal man for me. We like same. I am very happy!!! We can have very happy family together. I too very much want to create family and to have children. This my biggest desire in a life - to meet my life, to create family and to have children and happy family for ever. Now I have found you and I am very happy!!! I am very much interested in you and in our the further serious in relations. I search for the man only for serious relations, and for creation family and I think that you are that man which necessary for me. I am very lonely now. I have no any relation long time with man, but I very much need in man, man's care, in man's love, in man's tenderness, and I very much want to give the same for my man. I want to have happy relations with man, and I also want to give for my man all my love, my care, my tenderness. I dream about happy family. I want to meet such man with which I can create happy family and live together for a all life and happily. The most important for me good relations, kindness, love and certainly family. I want to have it in my life very much. I hope that I shall have it with you! I am happy that your plans as well as my to find true love and to have happy family once and for ever. I have read that you had bad experience. It is very a pity to me. But it should stop. Now you have found me and your bad experience will stop. If you will choose me that we shall have only good. I am interested only in serious relations and creation family. I am serious girl. I want man only for serious relations and for family. If I wanted the man for short relations that I could have much and in Russia, but I do not want it, on this I one and I search my destiny. I think that it you. I shall expect very much the answer from you!!! I shall try to think up something with phone. I shall ask my familiar, probably someone can give me mobile phone per day and I shall write to you that you have called me. Write to me! Your Elena!

Letter 4:
Dear Thomas!!! I received your 2 e-mails and I am very happy! Thank you very much!!! I like your letters very much! It was very interesting to read about you, your life and your plans. From your letters I think what you are man what I was looking for. I like you very much! I am very glad what you are interesting in me and want continue our correspondens. I am too very interesting in our relationship. I like your letters very much and I think from your letters what you are very interesting, kind, honest, intelligent and clever man. I very need to have man like you. Long time I was looking for man for create long, strong and happy relationship, but I was unluky in this case. But I still have small hope to find man for make happy relationship together. I think that you are man that I am looking for. And I hope I am woman that you need. I like you from your letters and in your letters I saw your good sole and I think what it is most important for me. I think what love, respect and understanding are more important things beatween people in life. I really very want to create happy relationship, hope with you! I very want to meet with you, and I hope you will invite me visit you or will come visit me soon. I will have my holidays soon, from middle of June. So we can meet in June - July if you can! I will be very happy to meet you and to be together with you. I think we will have very good time together and will be very happy! I will do my best for you. What do you think about our happy meet with you? I very want to meet with you. Now I sometimes imagine our meet with you. Our romantics evenings, walk together, our tolking about life, love... our romantics suppers by the candle light. we will look into our eyes and understand each other even without words. Yes, of course to have correspondence long time is good, but i think what some days spend together will show more about each other than long years correspondence. Then more we like one another and our opinions is the same. We must to new how we will fill ourself together. I can write about myself a lot and long but I think what better you will know me when we will meet. I think what we must not put off our meet. It is my opinion. What is your? I will be waiting your answer. I am very waiting for your ansver! I send to you my another photo from winther. And waiting for your. Your Elena!

Letter 5:
My dear Thomas!!! I am very happy to receive your message and your photos. Thanks you huge!!! I very much liked your letter and photos. I am very happy that we have found one another and now we have our relationship and possible soon we shall be together. It is the big success!!! I could not dream about such happiness at all. Now I think about you much. I am very happy that you too want our meeting. I too very much want to meet you and to have happy time together and to know very well one another. I have my passport for travel. I made passport but still never used passport for travel. My travel to you will be my first travel abroad. I have no any experience in travel and I know about it a little. I shall find out in travel agency as I can receive visa to Germany. I think that we shall find a way to meet this summer. For Russia it is necessary to you too visa. If you will arrive to me that to you it is not necessary any hotel!!! Certainly hotels everywhere is expensive. We ( me and mother and cat ) live in two room apartment, so my room will be completely at your order. It is not necessary any hotel. I shall take good care of you, I shall prepare for you every day most tasty Russian dishes, I shall show you my city, you will see my work will get acquainted with my colleague and certainly will get acquainted with my mother and my cat. (you ask that such address Liska@ - it is a name my cat!!!) If I shall arrive to you that certainly I too prefer to remain in your house. I do not like hotel and it is always expensive. Still there is one good opportunity to meet in the country where not need visa. I know precisely that will not be necessary to me visa to Turkey and for Egypt!!! I think it will be very good to meet in Turkey or Egypt. These are the countries hot at the sea. We can have very romantic meeting in city at the sea. Much Russian travel there and all are very pleased. Very cheaply hotels and good feed and sea and good hotels, we can choose city at the sea and have very romantic and happy time together. I always dreamed to see Egypt and the Egyptian pyramids. You were there? That you think, where it is better in Turkey or Egypt and that you think about this idea? Write to me! I very much want our meeting!!! I imagine how it will be when we will be together... Spending time going to theather or movie together and after it go to nice and romantik cafe or restaurant. To have a nice day at sity or in park where we would walk together hand in hand, and to feel the strong connection between us, to feel very happy that we have and care for eachother. In a hot summer evening walking in nature al alone, and to hold each other tight and to watch the falling stars at night. To talk about everything we want, live, house, future. Or to have a nice evening together at home, after nice meal what I will cook for you, we sit by the candles light with good glass of wine and talking, or giving each other hugs and kisses wile you hold me in your arms very gently but strong. Sometimes I wish you where already now with me!!! I dream of everlasting love, based on respect, understandinf, trust and friendship. I am not interested in short relation, or entertainment with a man. I go for the real love ! I want my future husband to be happy when he comes home and sees me, and I will be happy too to meet my husbend from work. I will care for him and protect him, i will give him my full heart and my soul, and I hope he will give me this also. Never I will betray my husband, or not care for him. I want to be a real woman and good wife for him, now I hope it will be you, my dear Thomas! I dream of such happiness, i hope this is your dream also ? I believe in it ! You too, my dear Thomas? I too very much want to speak with you. I will find out about phone, maybe someone will give me mobile. I will ask. I will be waiting for your answer!!! Your Elena!

Letter 6:
Hello my dear Thomas!!! I received your mails and I am very happy!!! Thank you very much!!! I like your letter very much!!! I am very happy what you want our meeting!!! I too very much want to meet with you so soon as possible!!! I imagine how it will be when we will be together...
Spending time going to theather or movie together and after it go to nice and romantik cafe or restaurant. To have a nice day at sity or in park where we would walk together hand in hand, and to feel the strong connection between us, to feel very happy that we have and care for eachother. In a hot summer evening walking in nature al alone, and to hold each other tight and to watch the falling stars at night. To talk about everything we want, live, house, future. Or to have a nice evening together at home, after nice meal what I will cook for you, we sit by the candles light with good glass of wine and talking, or giving each other hugs and kisses wile you hold me in your arms very gently but strong. Sometimes I wish you where already now with me!!! I dream of everlasting love, based on respect, understandinf, trust and friendship. I am not interested in short relation, or entertainment with a man. I go for the real love ! I want my future husband to be happy when he comes home and sees me, and I will be happy too to meet my husbend from work. I will care for him and protect him, i will give him my full heart and my soul, and I hope he will give me this also. Never I will betray my husband, or not care for him. I want to be a real woman and good wife for him, now I hope it will be you, my dear Thomas!!! I dream of such happiness, i hope this is your dream also ? I believe in it ! You too, my dear Thomas!!! My dear! I have news for you!!! I was in the tourist company and found out the information on my trip to you. To arrive to you I need in the visa. They have told that can make for me the tourist visa to Germany without problems. For this purpose I do not need in some invitation or documents from you. The visa will be ready in 7-10 days after submission of my application and passport. The visa will cost 100 Euros. And I need in the tickets up to Germany. There are planes from Moscow up to Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and many other citys. It flies daily so I can arrive that day and that airport wow it will be good for you to meet me. All tickets will cost 300 Euros. It is all that it is necessary to arrive to you. I found out information about privat visa to Germany. Me have told that it will be very difficult and long to make private visa by your invitation. It to be necessary to me a lot of papers and documents from you, for exampel such as a copy of your passport, invitation certified at natarius, information from your work given for last 3 months and so forth. And will be necessary very long time to receive private visa. And any documents from you are not necessary for receive tourist visa to me. Only my passport, money and travel agency all will make , and my visa will be ready and I will go to you. So I think it will be much better and easyer for me to come to you with tourist visa. I am so dreaming about our meet! You are man of my dream! I want to be together with you so soon as possible. But I have one problem. I have very small salary at my work and I can not pay all my trip to you. Write to me please, whether you can help me to pay my trip to you? I very much hope for you!!! I dream of our meeting constantly!!! I so dream to be together with you soon! I shall be very happy when we shall be together. I very waiting for your answer! With love and kisses, your Elena! My address: Koulikova Elena, Str. Sovetskaya 11-75, Novosibirsk, 630099, RUSSIA.
P.S. My dear at the evening and weekends I can write to you from Internet cafe! I asking for phone! I too very much want to hear your voice!!!

Elena Mogish and Ohotsk-Travel, Tatiana Zherebtsova (Palana, Russia)

It appears that I was scammed. I meet Elena through Yahoo Personals. I thought I was being cautious and requested as much information as possible. She used Ohotsk-Travel for obtaining all the money. Here is the letters from them. Here is the Ohotsk Travel website and email addresses that should be aware of,, Hopefully this slows these scammers down for a while. Sincerely, Doug


1st correspondence, 25 April, 2005
Dear Sir! Due to the request of Elena Mogish we send you the information about the tour from Palana, Russia to the USA. Foreign passport - 100 USD. Tourist visa for a month , one entry- 125 USD. We can offer the next flight on 15th May. We can't provide you with the information about the exact time Elena arrives to you, we will have that information as soon as we receive full payments and start arranging the trip. If this time is ok for You and Miss Mogish you should make balance payment sooner. Roundtrip tickets with the registration of all the documents for Elena's flight costs 985USD.

1 Visa 125USD
1 Passport 100USD
1 RoundTickets 760USD
Total: 985USD

We arrange all necessary documents and tickets in 10-15 days after receiving the full payment for the trip. Our firm is legally registered as PRIVATE BUSINESSMAN, Tatiana Zherebtsova. We accept payments from our foreign clients in USD via bank systems WesternUnion or MoneyGramm on the name of the Director of our company-Tatiana Zherebtsova, Palana, Russia. It is the safest and fastest way to transfer money. Will you please send the Information about the transfer to our e-mail: and our Agency will receive funds on the next day after transfer. Payment memo: Payment for Invoice 9 13-5390-0689. To get any other information you may contact us by e-mail. It is cheaper for you and comfortable for us, we will reply in 2-3 hours after receiveing your letter in working time or by phone.
Respectfully yours,
Travel Agency "Ohotsk Travel"
Lenina street 27, Palana , Russia
tel: +7 906 8002571

From this email I told Ohotsk that I was not able to send that kind of money. Without verification. I received this email, 2nd correspondence
I understand you, I hear about scam from Russia, Maybe do you like this variant? you can make first payment 250USD for registration visa and passport and when we will finish registration all documents, you can make final payment for tickets. Sorry we don't have another method for payment. We lived in communist country and we don't have high method for payment. Respectfully yours, Travel Agency "Ohotsk Travel",

I asked for additional information and received this email, 3rd correspondence
Our Name is Ohotosk Travel Agency, we stay in Russia, Palana, Koryak Area. Number of our license is XV-569101, Our address and phone is: Lenina street 27, Palana , Russia, tel: +7 906 8002571, You can check information sending your request to the RATA. We are waiting instructions from you. Respectfully yours, Travel Agency "Ohotsk Travel".

From this I send $250 US to Ohotsk Travel under Tatiana Zherebtsova by Western Union. Ohotsk travel then sent me another email with a photo copy of Elena's Passport. 4th correspondence
We are finished registration passport for Elena Mogish. For continia registration tourist visa, we need book and buy tickets. You need make final payment today or tomorrow. Respectfully yours, Travel Agency "Ohotsk Travel". 

At this point I thought things were legitimate and sent another $783 US for the airfare to. 5th correspondence
Our account manager ill, you need make payment to Russia, Palana, Dmitri Baklykow, Lenina street 27 , zip code 660911. Payment memo: Payment for Invoice № 13-5390-0689. Respectfully yours, Travel Agency "Ohotsk Travel"

I have tried to call the phone number listed and have spoken to who may be Dmitri. Poor english and communication has made this difficult to be sure. I also have received two phone calls from Elena that made this seem a legitimate operation. Beware Ohotsk Travel is still in business now at Tigil, Russia. They are operating under two web addresses now. Elena has changed her email account. This was the last email I received from Elena.
Hello my sweetheart (name), How are you? Today I visited travel agency and travel agent told me that tomorrow in 10am I will have an interview at the Cosulate of your country to get my visa issued, i am so excited because we will be together so soon, my sweetest (name). Thank you very much for help with payment for my flight. I wish time could fly faster and could be together right now, every day is like a whole week for me. I miss you very much, my darling and I know that we shall build wonderful and happy relationhips. I knew that there is someone who is meant to be my special one with hwom I can be happy and it is so great that we have met each other. I love you very very much, my honey!!! My parents say hi to you and they wish us all the best. You have made a happy woman, I feel in lkove with you and thatis such a wonderful feeling to love and to be loved by you too... I miss you so much, (name). I send you my kisses, hugs and all myself to you only, Your Elena.

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