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I would like to take the time to thank you for the service you provide, and I plan to donate to its preservation/upkeep. Although my instincts told me she wasn't genuine, your website's Black list confirmed it for me.

Dennis (Texas, USA)


Black List - page 303: UPDATES
November 14, 2004 - page 4

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Ruclanu (Kazakhstan, city Pavlodar)

Hi my name is Mark I was contacted by "Korona3" on 10/21/04. Being that I'm familiar with and I thought the name "Ruclanu" sounded somewhat odd I figured I would check the black list for her. I wasn't completely surprised when I saw her picture and multiple entries. She is the same girl from the following scammers:,,,,,,
Her profile & picture has been reported to Friendfinder and hopefully they will remove her from the website. Thanks for the help! Mark


"Hi the lovely friend. My name Ruclanu, I from Kazakhstan, city Pavlodar. I read your structure both you liked me also I has decided to write to you. On November, 25 I shall arrive in America state Michigan. I hope for a meeting with you. The photo at yours the answer. Write to me on my address:"


Anastasiya Pershutkina (Samara, Russia)

This woman contacted me thru Yahoo Personals. I found her photo on your site, but only after she had convinced me to send her $400.00 for a Visa application whoever is running this scam is very good, and very busy. They may still think they have me hooked if you want to try to catch them?


Here is the first mailing:
Hello my new friend Mark. You would know how many pleasures to me have brought that you have answered me! Now I understand, that people in your country really responsible! Today I came into computer club and have scanned some the images and with this letter I send them to you, I hope, that I to you like. I directly would like to learn more about you to learn your interests as you live as you work. I am very glad to have such friend, as you. I in life very cheerful person and at me very responsible work as I already spoke, I work to help the bookkeeper, and I not in what a case should not make a mistake, both in work and in life I not less responsible person, I think, that the person should concerns to associates as wants that to it concerned. In my life was a lot of pleasure, but besides it is pleasure always stood on a number with more sad events. I never was for the husband and I have no children, but I very much would like them to have, but from the person with whom our love would be mutual and that the child anything did not require. The main features of human character I think Sincerity, kindness, politeness and as I think, that the person it is necessary should be the respectable citizen with love to the country. I very much frequently see young pairs, I see as they are happy, I sincerely am glad for them, but thus I remain itself the person whom not loved At me when that was one friend, but it is little bit sad history, I was possible shall tell to you about it little bit later. I as like to be on a nature, there I feel quieter. As other my hobby is domestic animals and in particular as I already spoke you my cat Murka. On it I also shall finish the letter to you, and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing. Your new friend from Russia Anastasiya.

Here is the one where she asked for money for plane tickets.
Good afternoon mine dear and loved Mark! I have well arrived in Moscow where I was met by my good girlfriend at which I I shall stop. And from station we with it at once have gone to embassy. It is very unpleasant to me to speak you this news, but to me have rejected my application on issue of visa....... It is valid very bad news. All over again in embassy all went well, until then, when to me have told, that I have showed tickets, I have answered them, that at me they are not present. They have destroyed all my documents and have told me, that will not give out the visa until then while I shall not show them return tickets. Return tickets are necessary for the proof of that I independently can return to Russia as to me have told, " to us tramps in USA " they are not necessary for me have told, that will give out the visa when I shall bring tickets. They gave me the address of airline British Airways as they have assured me, this most safe airline and it will be the best to buy tickets there. Later we with my girlfriend at whom I have stopped in Moscow have gone to office of this airline, I have learned, that cost of tickets up to in one party will make 685 dollars, to me have told, that if will take return tickets the discount at a rate of 5 % is given, it turns out that 685+685=1370 dollars and will subtract 5 % these are 69 dollars that will make 1301 dollars, but still it is necessary to add to this sum of 10 % from cost for registration of tickets and meal, it will turn out 1431 dollars, is the cheapest tickets of an economic class, is cheaper a way to arrive to you I is not present. Still to me have told, that I should buy tickets and in Russia. Dear, I do not know that to me to do, I am simply broken off on pieces, I am ready to go on foot in USA if it was possible, but I so to you have become attached, that simply can not live without you and I shall do everything, that in my forces. Dear, I of you shall ask last request about which I of you I shall ask in general, you will ask the rest me, I shall ask to help me with arrival to you, I understand, that it is huge money, was the income mine for 16 months, but these prices for tickets only on very rich people. And I of you ask to help me, your loved kitten. Money I think, that it will be necessary to cable through Western Union, the address: Russia, Moskow, Menatep bank, Zueva street 15, Pershutkina Anastasiya. Dear, you my last hope also is last request to you. I hope, that you understand me, you mine love and I can not live without you! At us with you still all ahead, we a single whole. Because we like each other. Your eternal love Anastasiya!!!

Sveta Lazuto (Nikolskoe, Russia)

Hello, i am single, 48 y.o., living in Rome, Italy. Sorry for my bad english. I got an e-mail from a girl few days after I signed up on Helena's Models. I got, and I am still getting, a lot of letters, but this one striked me because I found it very unusual and witty. I avoided a lot of scammers thank your site and your advices, but this time I was completely cheated. This one is not an amateur scammer, she is a professional one, able to play a really interesting and captivating character. I found in your site another man cheated by the same girl, I am sure, even if the name reported is different.( Anna Alexandrovna Tsareva ,Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia). The letters are not literally the same, but their style and content are so similar that i have no doubt. Moreover, this Anna Tsareva used an e-mail address that also my scammer used once: And I sent money for a tourist travel to a so-called travel agent named Arthur L. Kalugin, that in the case reported in your updates page 229, referring to Anna Tsareva, was the name of her 'brother'. Also the telephone number reported is very similar, just one digit is different. These are the data of my scammer ( at least, the data she sent me): Svetlana Lazuto. Lenin Street, house 17, building 2, flat 43. Nikolskoe, Leningrad region, Russia. Tel. Number 007 813 61 20888. This is the e-mail address she used with me: And these are the data of the travel agent I sent money to: Arthur L. Kalugin. Name of the bank: Sberbank ( Severo-zapadny head office) S. Petersburg. Swift code: SABRRU2P. Number of account: 42307 978 8 5538 5000042. We exchanged letters for a couple of months, the story is very similar to the one already described by the man cheated before me. Same questionnaire already answered, the offers to meet in a 'neutral' country ( in my case the city suggested was Bruxelles), then two different ways to send money to her for the travel, a lot of photos. In my case, she had not a daughter but a niece ( she sent me also a photo of this little innocent child). Just after I sent money to her travel agent, she disappeared. After some days, I got a letter form a bogus girlfriend of her, some Alla, who wrote me that Sveta had her computer broken down and she wasn't able to write letter. Can't understand why she wrote this letter. It came from the e mail address that made me aware I had been cheated: I run a search on google, and I found immediately your page of scammers. Too late, unfortunately. I attach some of the letters, starting from the first one, and some of the photos. I think these are real photos. The prove, to me, is that in one photo you can see this girl in front of her computer, and on her computer screen there is a photo of mine, one I sent her. She sent me this photo to prove me she was for real. I don't know if she has her AD on some site. My name is Alfredo Neri. Via Paraguay, 12. 00198 - Rome - Italy. Tel 0039 06 8840955. Best regards and thank you for your service.


Hello. I write you because of your advertisement in marriage Internet site. I'm not sure how old is your ad and maybe this question is not topical for you, but I want to try to offer you correspondence. I'm very serious in my searches of future soul-mate, I'm able to write intelligent and understandable letters, I'm able to keep daily correspondence. If my picture and message have drawn your attention, I shall be glad to receive your letter. Really. Well, my name is Sveta. 27 y.o. 168/50. I live in the Leningrad region, but too far from St-Petersburg. Near to Novgorod border. In the little prehistoric town (looks like village from old American westerns about wild west). The same boring, dull and dirty. One cinema, two cafes, one club with disco, one public library, five-six shops without goods, a couple of offices. That's all. Also, my town is located in swamp land with sparse wood and with a lot of mosquitos. Little Russian town Nikolskoe. Concerning my English. I finished the prompt special rates for secretary and I can write and read on my own now not bad. My spoken language is very poor right now, but I hope I can make up for it very quickly with real practice. My job. I'm writer. I write books for little children. Love and peace, and I look forward to your answer. Sveta

Ciao Alfredo. Buona sera, caro! Thanks for your new picture. Alfredo, your letter was very interesting. Really. Your articulate writing and ideas show - we have big chance. You have read more Russian and Soviet writers than I. Good boy. OK, Alfredo, you asked picture of my face, as clear as possible. I have of course. I risky to disappoint you, but I'll send, deal. Listen, my girlfriend gave me long interesting questionnaire. I decided to fill in it and to send you (this questionnaire have about 50 questions, I can answer about 10 in this letter). OK? It would be interesting and hear your answers too. 1. What is your full name? Sveta Lazuto. 2. How BIG is your family? Only me, my brother. 3. What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working? Good question. I like to do everything, if only not to work. :) I like to watch movies (clever movies, or blockbusters), to watch TV news, to read magazines, I like travel and adventures, I like to search for my future soul mate. 4. What was your dream when you were little? When I was a little girlie, I have dreamt - a. To be an astronaut and to fly to other inhabited Worlds. b. To be famous naturalist, to live in jungle and to rescue animals. c. To create Time Machine and to learn history and dinosaurs. d. To be one of "The Beatles" and to play together with these guys from Liverpool. e. To battle and become famous on the war, ha ha ha 5. What is your dream now? The same, Alfredo, the same. 6. Favorite drink? I like specific Russian cocktail. 50% of vodka + 50% of beer. To mix in one glass. Headache is guaranteed. ha ha ha ha Ok. ok. I like kvass, milk and pineapple juice. 7. Could you live a simple, but adventurous life filled with love? I'm not sure concerning meaning "simple" or "not simple" life, but my life should be adventure with love, without doubts. 8. What material things and creature comforts do you need to have? I want to have cozy home. With ordinary set of improvements. My main goal in this life - to learn and to see this World as much as possible. I like to travel, to see another places and get rich inwardly. To sit, having surrounded itself neighbors and to compete in external well-being, being inflated as the soap bubble is not my way. 9. Where do you want to live (city, suburban, seaside, country, mountains, desert)? Where is the little isle with palm-trees, with white sand's beach and without civilization in this list? When I want to think about best place in the whole World - I close my eyes and I dream about little-little isle in the middle of wide ocean, where time have stopped. To tell without dreams - I prefer to live in country-side near big city. 10. Would you relocate for love? Yes, I would. 11. If we were married and had an argument right before bedtime, what would you do? Alfredo, I have strong Russian mentality, and it would be better if you'll not argue with me, moreover right before bedtime. OK? hahaha joke. 12. In general, how would you like to handle any disagreements? I see very easy way - to try and to want to find solution together. 13. For what reason would you break your sacred vows of marriage? I hate treason and betrayal. Any kind of betrayal. I'm very patient girl, but if man will be unfaithful to me - I can break my sacred vows of marriage and to kill him after that. 14. Do you believe in True Love? Yes. 15. Do you believe in Jesus? Most hard question, you know. I should answer this question very in detail, and I'm afraid my English is very bad to explain you my position. I'm very faithful to Russian Orthodox religion. Anyway - our religions are similar because we believe in good things. Ciao. Fervido bacio sulle labbra. I look forward to your answer. Sveta

Hello Alfredo! Good evening, honey pie! Alfredo, thank you so much for your warm words compliments about My Majesty. Your letters evolved my megalomania, and I need very good strait-jacket already. ha ha ha Alfredo, there are special offers of our tourist agency - to sell some kinds of tourist trips in credit. Such offers are limited by concrete cities and duration of trip. But such offer give me the chance to reach such big cities directly from my town, to meet with you in good conditions and not to ask you to help with money or tickets before our real meeting. There are trips to Tallinn and Helsinki directly from my town. I do not know exact price of such trip for me, I can check it out. It's weekend's trips. For example - I can book such trip, to come to one of these cities, we'll meet there, you'll help me with my travel expenses when you'll see me in real life. Also, we can spend weekend together and to return together to St-Petersburg after our meeting. My plan is just the possible plan which I have right now. Maybe you have better one, but I can't think up more realistic plan for me right now. Can you write me your opinion? If you have any other offers I can check such possibility in our tourist agency next days. Write me please about your ideas, ok? Listen, I'm really happy we found each other. I have a very big plans for future concerning our relations. Yep. Alfredo, my week has begun with penal servitude, because my niece want to be biologist now. Tonight we together with niece shall make models of different animals. Do not chuckle. Yesterday I have bought for niece the very thick book about animals from the different countries, but I did not know that my tortures will not be limited to reading of this book. It appears, there are a lot of patterns for making an animals's models inside this book. It was very pleasant surprise for niece and very unpleasant surprise for me. I expected to have a rest tonight, but she will not let off me alive till I'll not make all models of animals. It mean - she will breath down my neck and to manage this process. But I should sit with scissors, in glue from top to heels and I should try to cut out and to glue all these damned models. Kangaroos, camels, elephants, rhinoceroses and so on. Ok, wish me good luck with paper animals this evening :) I kiss you!!! I wish you a very good evening! Sveta.

Hello, my dear Alfredo! Hey! Stop to joke with all these names! :) Alfredo, sorry for my muddle with names, but I wrote my letter late at night and I was sleeping practically. You can name me "Irina" - two times, and "Olga" - three times. And we'll be quits with you. OK, tomorrow evening I should escort my niece to the dentist. Wow, you know, I foresee the real battle. She know about this unavoidable visit already, and she started to cry since this evening, 24 hours prior visit. :) She hate dentists (I too), and I have no idea how I'll drag her to clinic tomorrow. Wish me good luck. She is 8 years old. She visit school, she study in third class now. We have 10 classes in our school. I think she is real dynamite. The pirates chieftain. But pirates chieftain, who like sweets and candies, and as the result - bad tooth, awful dentist tools, whining dental drilling engine, ocean of, I think I'll sink into a faint right now. :) She likes school, I suspect. It's a very good testing area for her crazy pranks. All teachers cry by bitter tears. But, now is her turn to cry by bitter tears. :) OK, I hope everything will be OK, and she will bite dentist not so heavily. Not to death. ha ha ha. Alfredo, I haven't scanner at home to scan out my passport. I can do it at Monday in office. But I have other idea - I'll send you one picture tomorrow! Surprise! It's better than passport. OK, Alfredo, I kiss you and I'll go to watch TV. kiss kiss kiss! Old veteran of the Red Army Sveta Lazuto.

Hello Alfredo! Dear, guess what? I've come back home alive! Practically alive. To tell more correctly - half-dead. Our trip together with girlfriend to her dacha was shortened a little bit. By the way, she have own digital camera and she helped to take my pictures. You promised me to kill the person, who took my erotic pictures, right? This person is my girlfriend. I would be happy if you would kill her. Because she inveigled me into this doubtful reckless scheme with her dacha. First of all, this morning weather was the real crap. It rained to beat the band. I was happy because our "subbotnik" was canceled, and I had real hope that my girlfriend will cancel our dacha-adventure too. Yo mama! All my dreams to sleep till evening in my warm and cozy bed were knocked to pieces by uncompromising decision of girlfriend to spend this weekend in unexplored wilderness. Ok, I'll not torture you with long and detailed narration, moreover this picnic was very dull, melancholic, wet and cold. In a couple of hours of Mother Nature and the ruin of hopes, my girlfriend lost her interest to wildlife and agreed to come back to civilization. (Oh, thank you, Lord!). You know, there was one interesting moment only - when we were trying to fish. I think all fish in that river are giving a coarse laugh, as the horses, still. No, we caught nothing of course, but this process was very interesting. Especially, when we tried to pin the worms onto hooks. was real horror. The long red terrible loathsome worms, with size of good snake. I'll see this nightmare till my dying day. OK, I'm home and I'm happy. It will be better if I'll continue my wildlife adventure together with Discovery channel and my lovely sofa during the rest of weekend. Alfredo, I kiss you and I look forward to your letter! To tell the truth - the main reason of my wish to return was the wish to write you my daily evening letter and to read your answer. Kiss!!! Sveta

Hello, my older bear Alfredo!!! Hello, honey bunny! I'm happy you overcame your problems with damned Internet! Thanks you for technical descriptions, but all these terms are sounding for me as the useless scrap of paper. :) Alfredo, your letter was very interesting, informative and deep. I like it. We are worthy of each other. Alfredo, honey, I want to send you my newest pictures. First picture - if you have a magnifying glass, you'll have a chance to discern my passport. Second picture - without comments. And I hope you'll not need a magnifying glass to discern everything else. :) ha ha Alfredo, I want to press on you in question of possible meeting. I have one very good plan (without sending of money, do not worry). Are you able to listen it? Write me if it interesting for you. So, I'm going to wash my clothes tonight. Alfredo, listen, how it's customary in your place? I mean, people wash clothes at home or they visit special places - public laundry with washing machines? I saw in movies that people visits such public laundries. I think these people haven't own washing machines at home. I ask because it's unusual in my place. We haven't public laundries. All people wash clothes in own washing machines at home, or in river or street puddles. ha ha ha (joke). In my place women wash clothes only. Men are not able to do it. If man will try to wash clothes on his own, he risk to get absolutely other clothes at the end (other size and other color. At best. Or, as a rule, just the heap of funny rags.) In my place men are afraid washing machines very much. They are able to ask only - "Dang! Where is clean socks?! I perfectly remember I had two clean pair last summer!?" ha ha ha Well, new questions! 36 Ever loved somebody so much it made you cry? Yes, a couple of time when I was a little girl in school (now I drive guys to tears. Yeah. I'm so bad gal!). 37 ever been in a car accident? It's one of interesting moments of relativity in this World. Some bad things can be good and vice versa. Rate of people with own car is very low in Russia. I have no car. It's bad. But I never was in car accident. It's good. 38 Peanuts, Croutons or bacon bits? Balls. ha ha ha ha. 39 Your Preferred drink i.e. tipple? Russian cocktail "Three little pigs". You'll need one big bottle of vodka and two good sidekicks. 40 Favorite Movie (only one): "Law is law" (old Italian movie with Fernandel and Toto. Music of Nino Rotta). 41 Favorite Holiday: New Year. 42 Favorite day of the week: Friday!!! 43 Favorite word or phrase: "Tomorrow there will be new day". ("Gone with a wind"). 44 Favorite Toothpaste: ?? Toothpaste?! What is that? We do not use this thing in Russia. ha ha ha ha. 45 Favorite Restaurant: My own kitchen. Prices are not so expensive and a lot of free places. 46 Favorite Flowers: Lilly of the valley. I wish you a very good Sunday evening! Kiss kiss kiss Sveta.

Last letter:
Hello again Alfredo! Alfredo, thank you for your answer! Mark, I called to agency, they told me they have your transfer already and I'll visit them tomorrow to choose the dates of my flight and to give them some papers for arranging of my trip. Kiss you! Listen, I found pictures of my town and I want to show you a couple of most interesting photos. First photo is my church. Our church is located not directly in town, but in outskirts of town, in the wood practically. I took this photo last winter. I had pictures of church inside, but I can find it. There are a lot of gold decorations and icons inside. Very beautiful. Next photo is my firm where I work. My floor is fourth floor (last). We count floors since the ground, in Russia. First floor is the floor which is located on the ground. I write about it because I heard something that people abroad count floors somehow differently. OK, my floor is fourth and you can see big half-round window (it's my window, I look sadly through this window at the free life, when I sit in my office). Next photo is the center of my town. You can see pink building in the background, it's the building of municipality. And last photo is place right near to my house. You can see the part of my house (I showed it by arrow). Now you can imagine a little bit the place where I live. OK, I kiss you and I look forward to your answer! Sveta.

Svetlana Haldyrmina

Hello. Wanted to give you another scammer from Russia that needs to be on your list. Her name is Svetlana Haldyrmina and she is 26 years old. Here are the emails and they look alot like those typical emails listed on your website. I did not send her any money, thankfully, because I found your website! I attached the first and last emails. Let me know if you need any other emails. I also sent a couple of attached pictures. Thanks, James


Hi! I am glad, that you were interested by me and have written to me e-mail. I shall be very glad if you will write to me also other letters. I for the first time have acquaintance through the Internet. It was very difficult to me to place my structure in a service of acquaintances, because I am in Russia, the service of acquaintances does not accept the members from this country. I had to specify in a structure, that I am in USA. In this letter I shall inform you a little information myself and if the dialogue with me will be interesting to you, I shall tell about myself in more detail in the following letters. My name Svetlana, my age 26 years. I have work and I am engaged in sports. I the very romantic woman also try to do my life interesting. I dream to meet in my life of the good man, which can understand me and love. I send you a photo me and I ask, that you sent me some pictures from your life. As it will be interesting to me to learn about your life, family, work and entertainments. Write to me, I shall wait your letter. Sincerely and yours faithfully. Svetlana.

Hi mine favourite! A thank to you for your letter, it supported me.Mine lovely I to want to tell you, that I to write to whom except for you. As I to understand that, you that unique man, with whom I to want be. And whom it is not necessary except for you any more. Today I was slightly Is injured. Mine has told the mums, that she will not help me to pay for the passport, insurance and visa. She has told, that a payment for these things we should think out together. She has told, that when we shall pay it and I shall receive the passport and visa, she together with the daddy will care of my tickets to you. She has told, that the tickets very expensive and consequently they with them will help us. James, the agent of travel has told, that contract includes the price of the passport, insurance, visa and services of agency. It is possible to pay for the tickets money after I shall have all documents for travel. The price of all documents and works of a travel company, 750 $. They want so much money because now very difficultly to receive the visa in your country and them it is necessary to do for this purpose many efforts. James, lovely I have no many money and I have told them, that while I shall talk to you I shall do this contract. Favourite, I today was injured by all these things. I did attempts to borrow this money at some people, but nobody could to me help. I hope, that you can help me this money and that it is not for you a problem. I very much want to feel you beside. Favourite, I wait with impatience your answer and I hope, that at us the time together will be speed. If such money it is not so difficult for you and it does not become a barrier to us, tomorrow I shall go in a travel company and to conclude the contract. I shall wait very much and to hope, that we shall be together. I love you. Your Svetlana Haldyrmina.

Svetlana Pavlova (Kazan, Russia)

Hello I am a 36 year old male and was approached by Sveta who claimed she got my email from my yahoo personal account. It was not in use at the time but still there. She of course said she was a doctor and only getting $40 per month income. Typical visa scam I love you (after a few letters) and I am coming to see you and I will get the visa etc. Her brother has a good friend at the embassy! Of course after all this she is shocked at the cost and wants me to send her the money for the visa her brother will help with the ticket.... so sad but honestly I was expecting it. Guys beware it is the norm. Sincerely, Tim (Missouri, USA). is the email she used and Svetlana Pavlova is the name the money is to be sent too. Right! Here is the address she gave me as her own and of course latter is the western union address. Svetlana Pavlova. Timirjazeva, 4-12, Kazan, Russia, 540934.


Hi my friend Tim. I am glad that you have answered to me on my small letter. I never before correspond with anybody from other countries and in general it is my first experience сorrespondences through the internet. Now presently when are widely advanced high the technologies, much speak and write about acquaintances through the Internet. I too have decided to try to search for the happiness in the Internet. Tim, I want to tell you about volume where I live. I live in city Kazan. I am 29 years old and I am working as doctor in ours hospital. Our city is capital of republic of Tatarstan. It is the central part of Russia. Summer is warm and sometimes even hot. But unfortunately winter is cold. But we already have got used because the people which are born in north they are very habitual to sharp changes of weather. I was born and has grown in this city. My parents have arrived to this city before as I have appeared on light. Earlier they lived in city Ufa, but they have moved in Kazan because to the daddy have offered favourable work and he did not begin to refuse. My father works the engineer on one from the enterprises of a heavy industry of our city. My mother is simple the teacher. I have not wanted to be neither teacher nor engineer and consequently when I have ended school began to study at medical university and now I am working as the doctor. My growth of 167 centimeters, my weight is 57 kgs. I was born on November 14 of 1976 Year. It is very interesting for me to correspond with you. Tim, for me it is very interesting to learn about you and about your image of life. I hope you will write also it will be not that long. I shall tell to you more about myself in the following letters. Sveta. P.S. Thank you for a photo. It very much was pleasant to me. At you beautiful eyes and very kind sight.

Hi my new friend Tim. It was pleasant very much for me that you have written to me the answer-back letter. It is very interesting to learn more about you and your country. In general it is interesting because I for the first time communicate with the man from another country. Tim,I hope that for you it is interestingly to correspond with me? I am interesting did you write to someone else before? And still you now with somebody correspond? It is interesting for me because I always did not carry with the men. I do not know why but they always threw and deceive me. I think that all business in that that in my country man too much drink vodka. For me it is a common problem of Russia. For this reason I has addressed to the Internet. I know that in America there is no such problem and man concern to the women more validly than at us in the country. Tim, as I have told you that I'm writing you from Internet - cafe. It is usual library in which,except for the books still some computers stand. Unfortunately I don't have own computer because I can not afford it. I am working as the doctor and it as you know a trade which is paid from the budget of the country. And for the country it is difficult to pay work of the doctors, because as explains our government the budget Russia tests deficiency. Tim, it is interesting for me to learn what from you hospitals and as financing hospitals is arranged. It's simply my professional interest. But I love my work. Because I in childhood dreamed to treat the people. I am doctor - anaesthesiologist and my duty is that I should support viability human organism when it without consciousness. And consequently frequently in my hands is life of the patient. Certainly it would be much easier if our hospital was is better equipped on - better. But it is not present again because of bad financing. But we already have got used to this and we do all that probably with that we have. I work in various time basically certainly as day, but once per three days I work as night in night change. Sometimes there are very difficult days when much hardly patients. In such days I get tired very strongly. My mum experiences for me very much because she loves me. She always brought me up and spoke me what not looking at anything it is necessary to help the people. I completely agree with her. Tim, I want to know what relations at you with native people? Whether do you have brothers and sister, how frequently you with them meet? I have older brother his named is Edik, he is 35 years old and he has a family. He married two years ago and the year ago he got the son his named is Pasha. Pasha is such interesting. When my brother come with the wife, his wife name is Olga, and small son to us home I am glad because I love children very much. And do you love children? Besides it is interesting as you will spend the free time and whom do you work? It is very a pity, but I should finish the letter. Tim, I hope that you will answer me soon and will answer my questions. With impatience to see your letters your friend in cold Russia Sveta.

Hi my American friend Tim. I am glad that you have written to me more than usually. Today I come in the Internet-centre and I have seen the letter from you it is pleases very much. I think that you are interested about me and you want more to learn about me. Is it the truth? I think it is so. That concerning mine hobby, I can tell that my concrete hobby basically are books and billiards. Understand I read not all the book in succession. I love to read only fentezy because I like it very much, it is pleasant this genre. I began to read already for a long time Tolkien "The Lord of the Rings". Did you read this book. It is pleasant for me very much. I cinema and it was pleasant very much for me too. I think that film could be removed only when the computers and more advanced technologies have appeared. Tim, I think that you agree with me? My favourite film " Artificial intelligence ", you saw this film? It is fantastic film about the small boy - robot, which have taken on education a married couple and then they have thrown out him on a street as a unnecessary thing, because this boy was the robot. But even after that he very much loved his mum and searched the fantastic magician, that she has transformed him into the present boy... I strongly to cry, when looked it cinema. I would like to know what music do you like? I like various styles and directions, but last time is pleasant for me style New Ege because it induces on reflections and I love to listen this music before I go to sleep. It is such groups as Enya, Enigma and many others. Except for this music I like also popular American and English music. We have radio most popular Radio in Russia is radio Europe +. I constantly listen this radio. Did you hear about them? Probably not, but it is the most popular radio in Russia. Tim, probably you reflect what for I in general began to correspond with you? I can tell only one. Understand me I can not find in Russia of the man which loved me and respected. As one wise man has told "when we live we are in search, in search that who can go with you on vital ways, because to one to go very much and very much Difficultly. " I think that you agree with me? And if is concrete, that I search in the man this that he was kind and careful. Probably it only children's dream, but I count that you such. For me the purpose in life is to find the man which can cares of me and about ours children. I shall apply to this all efforts to what I am possible and there will be always with this man a leg in a leg that help and support him. Tim, recently happened so I was on funeral the classmate. Business in that that he recently has died of that he used drugs and he has died of the too much use it. He was the excellent friend, he always came to me to the aid when it was bad. He was the successful businessman. But unfortunately he has given in to drugs and unfortunately there is no more him with us. I very much regret about it, and consequently I categorically against drugs. I hope, that you understand that I write, I am possible I make many mistakes. I studied English at university and I can speak fluently. I wait for your letters and I can tell that they became for me more than simply e-mail It is much greater. Yours friend Sveta.

Hi my friend Tim. I am glad again to see your letter in the letter box. I can not write to a regret to you each day because it is necessary to work much in hospital. I worked in night change and consequently I since morning long slept. Tim, at us today good solar weather and consequently mood simply perfect. With mornings I went in a sports hall. I love to be engaged in sports because I count that it is useful for health. From kinds of sports I prefer gymnastics and swim. I love to float. In the summer on the river and winter in pool. I love to watch myself and I love when I look beautiful. And for this purpose I apply not small efforts. Many our people are not engaged in sports. They speak that they on it do not have time. But I count that for sports always it is possible to find time. I weekly attend sports hall and pool. I was accustomed to sports in childhood. The father always spoke me that it is necessary for me and I completely agree with him especially now. I remember that time when I studied at university. It were the cheerful times. Certainly to study was difficultly, but after study was always cheerful. At us were cheerful the company and we each day off went in various clubs and bars. This tradition has remained till now and when we meet that we are going in any bar and we recollect our student's time. Many from us already have left and work in other cities. But majority still in our city. When I studied in university we studied set of sciences, but basically it is natural sciences. We 6 years studied so much in time it is required to receive maximum education and to become the doctor. I love different kinds of the foodstuffs. But basically that I can prepare. I love to prepare food because it very much interestingly. Especially when prepare something new. My favourite dish it Golubzi. I love them. Tim, do you know what is Golubzi? This meat cut wrapped up in a sheet cabbage. Did ate you sometime Golubzi? Still you are interesting what food to me love? how the food in your city is various? You are able to prepare itself? Tim, I still want to ask you to write to me your telephone number. Simply I want to hear yours vote and I think that you probably too not against to hear my vote. I can not to give you my telephone number because I live in an apartment in which is not present the telephone. And the neighbours do not allow me to use their telephone. I shall call to you from telegraph. I wait for your letters yours Sveta.

Hi my dear friend Tim. I recently begin to understand that I get to used your letters and they become for me more than simply letters. I'm always with impatience wait for your letters. I shall learn a lot of interesting about you, about your country. For me they became the important part of my life. Tim, I hope that you so treat to my letters. I have written to you that I live not with my parents. I live in an one-room apartment in several quarters from my parents. But each day I go to them and I visit them, I shall learn as at them businesses as at them health. When I have moved on a new apartment, the neighbours concerned to me unfriendly. And now many too concern to me not so well. But there are good people. They frequently come in the visitors and ask of advice. I always than can I help them and they answer me by gratitude. I believe in the god because at my work frequently have to address to it. But it only behind moral support because when see that the people die on your hands, all the same can not is quiet to look at it. Therefore I some times in month find time to go in church. I the orthodox christian. But for me there is no division on racial attribute on religious belief. I count that in all races and in anyone people is both good and bad people. In hospital for me to have to collide with the people of the different peoples and different creed, but I do not do among them of distinction. For me all people identical. I gave an oath Gippokrat and therefore I help all people not looking on anything. And as I treat to them in life. Unfortunately not all people count as I and consequently in the world occur any collisions and terrorist acts. And recently and your country has touched it. As well as at us in Moscow and others cities of Russia it has resulted in multiple human victims. But I am sure that people will think again and will make so that us doctors was not necessary to rescue from death of the people. Because only doctors and those who directly has suffered completely understand size of all tragedies. Fortunately now all is quiet and not it is a lot of work at the doctors. But each day there are failures, unfortunate the cases after which are necessary us is amplified to work to rescue life to victims all these failures. But to happiness while who has not died also to our brigade it is possible to carry ve you tout the work it is good. Tim, I can gihe address that you knew where I live precisely. But I ask you do not send me by mail that. For me it is not necessary. Do not send me something on this address as everyone steal a letter box, especially from for border and I am the modest girl and consequently simply I can not accept your gifts and I am afraid if you will send the letter I do not gonna get it becouse someone will steal it and I shall not receive your lettel. You better write to me more warm and kind better words and for me it will be the best support in life. My address Svetlana Pavlova. Timirjazeva, 4-12, Kazan, Russia, 540934. I wait for the answer as a nightingale of a summer, so speak at us in Russia. Your russian friend Sveta.

Hi my kind friend Tim. I want to tell directly I long waited for that moment that To see your letter and I again I can see your kind words. At me There was yesterday tragedy therefore I at once I am sorry my letter will be shorter Than usually. To us in hospital the patient the patient has acted hardly. It has got in failure On the automobile. We tried to rescue to it life, but unfortunately it has died. We tried to extend it from hands of death during seven hours. But at him was Extensive blood current in internal bodies and it has lost a lot of blood. Tim, for me it not the first fatal outcome, but I as to this can not get used. After work I long sat in the apartment and long not could will calm down. Hands Were shaked and from my eyes the tears in themselves flew. I wanted to write you more Today, but I can not forgive me. Well that you at me are also I can write To you about the feelings and experiences. Sveta with love.

Hi my favourite man Tim. Thank you for your kind, gentle letters. In my place came my brother with the son Pasha. I was glad very much. My brother has taken an interest about you and as at you of business and asked me that I have transferred to you hi. His son such interesting he already goes and speaks much. Yesterday we Went to go for a walk on city. I love city and I always is pleasant to go for a walk in warm weather. We went for a walk on streets of our city. I love very much our parkways iп Green. I have told to the parents about ours with you to correspondence. The mum is very happy, that I have found the happiness and wishes to us good luck. The father does not approve it, but also with us will not interfere, he has told that if it that I want in life, he will be happy for me. I know that they are concerned by it because do not know you as I know. I has written in the end of the letter that I love you. Tim, I want to tell that is the truth. I not at once have understood, But when has read last your letter, looked at your photos and I have understood that I love you. You can will count that it can not be, but believe me it The truth. On it I shall be finish the letter to you. I wait for the answers from you on all my reflections. I love You, yours Sveta.

Hi my love Tim. What all the same is pleasure to receive from you the letter. Only it is not a pity that I can write to you each day. It occurs not on my fault and because I or work or the Internet - cafe on holiday close. Believe me that I, if I had such opportunity, would write to you daily and large the letters. But unfortunately it not so. In America the doctor-anaesthesiologist receives not bad money. If it is honour to me sometimes it becomes very a pity that I was born in Russia. There is no I love the native land. but that that is now it simply nightmare. Tim, imagine to us yesterday have given wages, but it is simply ridiculous. I has received 80 dollars and it for last two months. You imagine as the doctors should work when the state does not estimate their work as they that deserve. At such moments there is no what a desire to work. Many from mine the colleagues in our hospital are engaged in illegal business. But I can not go on the bargain with conscience. One doctor with which I work has told me that is favourable business, but it unlawful. I have refused when has learned about what he spoke. I am in charge of various soothing substances in hospital and it has offered that I sold to their young teenagers which use drugs, but can not to itself to allow dear drugs. I have refused because I can not by it be engaged, because I can not sell drugs and by that push to death young people. I love children and they love me always bring pleasure not looking on that that they at all mine. I do not have children but I always wanted them to have and I hope that mine the dreams will be carried out and I will have children. And can be at us? I think that present family, and in general relation between two people should be based on trust and goods the relation to each other. Tim, you agree with me? At our life when do not know that there will be tomorrow I cann't tell that with me will be through two or five years. But as it will seems it is monotonous and boring life. On work from houses and from work home. Certainly it is a shame, but I ask you if you can I shall change my life to you I am simply grateful also when I shall not forget it. Tim, I love you and I want to carry out the rest of the life with you. But I we still even did not meet you by the person to the person and we do not know as our relations will be to develop further. And consequently I can not hope for that you can to change in my life though something. But that that we with you are copied also I can to write to the man from other country and from other continent it very much has changed mine the life because I am in love with man which we did not see in alive to time. I think that we all the same should meet, but I do not know when it will take place. Such small letter has turned out, I think that you will write to me on it the answer. There can be I something not that has written that could you or offend or to offend, but it simply my opinion on our relations. I love you Tim. Yours Sveta.

Hi my love Tim. Me is not very a pity that I can write you very much frequently, but for me always in pleasure your letters. And when I again attend Internet - cafe, I with pleasure I can find such letters, dear for me. Recently I constantly there was at work because my girlfriend and the colleague which works in that time when at me day off was ill also I was compelled to replace her and to work practically each day. But not looking on that that I worked I also has tried to learn that it is necessary to arrive to you in America. Tim, I have made it because, and probably you too, I count that all of us equally owe will meet and to see each other. Because the relation between two people not can is under construction on correspondence and calls. All of them equally should see each other and to look each other in eyes. I think that we with you owe to do the utmost to meet. I called in American Embassy also tried to learn what requirements to get in USA. As me have told I should receive the passport and visa. All this I can make in itself Embassy in Moscow as in other cities of embassy is not present. Only in Vladivostok, and it very much far. Therefore arrive in America I owes at first to go in Moscow and there in embassy to issue the visa and foreign passport. At my brother in Moscow is good friend with which they together studied in university. He works in Moscow and is engaged in tourist business. My brother has called him and he promised to help me with registration of the visa. Tim, it is interesting to me to learn yours opinion on my actions. I think that you will agree and to approve my actions because we with you like each other and our hearts should incorporate, to feel each other. I think that the first touch to each other we let's remember on all our life because we with you are on different continents and we are divided by ocean. It seems that it is God has allowed us to find the each other. Tim, you think itself, we are on the different ends of ground and when did not hear about each other. And at us with you huge chance in life. We have found each other not looking on distances. I am grateful to the god that I was born in such time time when the technologies connect the people from the different ends of light. Also allow the people to communicate on huge distances. But we too should make efforts to meet and that all this time, time which we know each other not has passed for nothing and we were together. I love you and for me by the maximum award would be that that I was with you. Greater I also do not dream to wish. I hope that you will treat seriously my words because they go from the heart. I wait your letters. Yours and only your girl also can be in the future the wife Sveta.

Hi my love Tim. Not has passed much time and I can write to you the answer. As I wrote to you earlier tried to learn about that as I can arrive to you. I called in the American embassy and they have informed me that for me and my situation I can to receive the tourist visa because its registration occupies not a lot of time and it cheapest. Besides the friend of my brother too has considered my request very much seriously and as well as I have lead researches on this theme. He has told that in embassy to me have picked up most favourable for us with you variant. As it to me I have explained I can arrive to you under this visa and I can be with you in America 90 days. Certainly this very small time for us with you, but I think that for this time that we shall together we with you can discuss all variants as to us with you to live further. The friend of my brother, by the way him call Andrey, has told that he can help to me in registration of the visa, because it is very difficult process and not everyone give the visa. And he in embassy has connection as he is engaged in it already a little years. Results of my researches. The tourist visa which is still known as the visa B-2, its registration costs 190 US dollars, the foreign passport costs 90 dollars. Also I will need to pay for medical exams too, it will be 70 dollars. Therefore I need in $ 350 now. When I has learned that so dearly costs reception of the visa I very much was upset, because for me it is simply mad money. You know my financial position therefore I do not know as me to be and I do not know when we can meet you. I can make only one it to ask you to send me money. My brother promised me to help with money to the ticket. If you can send me money, as to me has advised Andrey, it is better to do it through system Western Union. I when before did not collide with this system, but as has told Andrey it is the best system remittances. He so spoke because he with it works and uses practically all time that he works in tourist business. As speaks mine brother is possible to trust to his words. Money needs to be sent on this address. Svetlana Pavlova. And the address ofpoint Western union in our city. The country - Russia. City - Kazan. Street - Yamasheva. The house - 92. Index 563928. It is the address of bank in our city where there is a branch Western Union. There I can receive money from you. Tim, if you will send me money that necessarily send to me E-mail that you have sent to me money and write Money Transfer Control Number and yours the exact address and complete name. Without these data I can not receive money. To me certainly is not very a shame for country that it can pay me even trip to to my favourite man. I think that you too will not leave my efforts and in general all that between us it was simple and to undertake to meet. I so speak because I is sure in you and me is nobody more to rely except for as on you. We like each other and we should be together. Tim, I think you agree with by it. I wait from you of the letter with impatience because I want to learn that you think about it. Your Russian love Sveta.

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