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I posted a message on here recently about how I managed to avoid being scammed. I have read many stories of men being scammed, it must be a way of making easy money in the former Soviet Union. Who can blame them when men (particularly in the US it seems) are prepared to wire large amounts of cash to total strangers - not knowing if the women on the photos are models, or whether they are writing to women or men!
I think we need to take a reality pill. Someone in Canada wrote that $50 a month was not much to spend. If so, why not give it to charity instead of wasting it on someone who may be conning 20 men into sending her $50 each month?

This website deserves great credit for warning men of the pitfalls associated with so-called Russian brides. To send money up front is a risk approaching extreme folly, and the old saying about some people having "more money than sense" rings true.
Perhaps the lesson from all this is to look closer to home for love!

Steven, England


Black List - page 28: UPDATES
September 22, 2001

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Anasatasia Vetrova (Irkutsk, Russia)

This is my story about falling in love with the non-existent. And paying for it. Anastasia Vetrova contacted me on June 13, 2001. We have many conversations, and many emails. Then on July 26 I proposed marriage. She accepts. I went out to look at her profile, and it was erased. I thought this a message of a dedicated spirit. So I closed my profile, too. Ironically this was the same day she was blacklisted at this website, and I had no idea at the time that this site existed. Turned out, that was why the profile was closed. Bad carma, huh ? Murphy's perfect timing. Also, you might notice that at that same time the green solid base line dissappears from the email text. And although the emails are pasted, and you can't see the subject field, it was this same time her subject field changed "Hi my liked friend John", or "Hi my love John" to simply "anastasia" from then on. The English suddenly improved, too. Like coming from a different person using different software. I noticed these changes, but didn't take them as warning signs. My heart was like a butterfly.

Another warning signal I ignored is that Anastasia's profile never had a picture posted. I wasn't thinking fraud, I figured she just never got around to it. Now I've suspected it was so that the criminals could respond to different respondents with modified letters, and different pics. Another warning sign I recall, she said in profile her hair was black. All women are proud of and careful to describe themselves personally, and i should have been suspicious. Anastasia said she loves animals. I got the idea that she could bring her dog, Poboral, with her to remind her of Russia. When looking on the US customs website, I discovered that if Poboral had anything wrong with him they didn't like, they would either export or destroy Poboral. So I sent Anastasia, the animal lover, the news and told her we must decide to leave Poboral in Russia. And Anastasia, the animal lover, made no mention of the subject in her next email. Another warning signal missed. And the big one, the zinger that was right in my face.

Anastasia originally told me her Uncle operated a travel agency in Vladivostok, and would sell her the normally $1200 ticket for $890 (very convenient, as Western Union only allows max $899 wire transfers every 30 days to Russia) I didn't pick that up either. Here is the zinger. Anastasia, in Irkutsk. Uncle in Vladivostok. I email Anastasia, ask her to give me the name of her uncle and the name of his travel agency so I could wire the plane ticket directly to him. Her reply, "Mine the Uncle lives at us now". Now why would a man operating a probably prosperous travel agency throw all his stuff in a suitcase travel thousands of miles to live with poor relatives in Irkutsk ??? Guess what guys, in a lonely heart, love is an overpowering emotion. I think I now understand why battered women stay with abusive husbands. It's not all fear, it's a matter of not wanting to give up hope. You look past the beating in hopes the future will be brighter. You don't see what you're looking at, because love is blind. I never even worried about all of Anastasia's "terminological inexactitudes" In mid August I wired $250 for the visa. On August 23, I wired $600 toward the ticket to Anastasia. Now I'm up to $850, near the limit. I don't want to wait for Anastasia. her visa may be active now, and the clock is ticking. I enlisted my friend Tammy, our purchasing agent to wire the remaining $290 on August 29. She agreed. Thursday morning, Anastasia emailed, confused she hadn't been able to pick up the wire. But I had emailed Wednesday noon that the wire would be coming from Tammy. Thursday afternoon Tammy and I both emailed Anastasia, and gave Tammy's full name and address . At this time, we suspect nothing. I work 10 hour 4 day weeks, so sometimes I shoot the bull with Tammy from home to the shop on Friday afternoon, if she isn't busy. Tammy , interested in Russian cuisine, suggested I jump out into my search engine to look for a cookbook, a welcoming gift for Anastasia. I found one, ordered it. Then a brainstorm. A Russian-English translation dictionary. She can't run home from shopping to use the online translators every time she doesn't understand a word. So I searched. That's when I noticed Elena's site here. So I went in , looked around. Saw the positive and negative myths, that Russian women aren't super-woman nor are they dumpster-divers. I liked her attitude, so decided to email her, thank her for such a fine site, and relay my success story Not 20 minutes later, "John it is a fraud" and she pointed to the blacklist. Although the villains had cashed $850 of my money, they didn't receive the email about Tammy's data to pick up the wire for $290, until about 7:30 PM Friday Irkutsk time. After banks closed. We stopped the wire transfer. Elena's warning saved the last part of a terrible fraud.

Remember, guys, I wasn't taken in by a Russian woman.  I was taken in by criminals. About the pictures, I can't prove one way or another, but I feel that the girl who's pics these villains sent me, is an innocent and kind lady, who has no idea her pics are being used in such a way. Indeed, she may be just as much a victim of this fraud as I am. Even after I found out it was all a scam, her pics are still displayed with pride on my toolbox at the machine shop where I work. I will not remove them. Maybe you know how I feel. 

My wish for the scoundrels who perpetrated this scandal, is that they take my money, buy 100 cases of Vodka, go on such a major bender that they all die of alcohol poisoning.  John C. Richardson

A letter

Hi my love John!

I am very glad to your letter!!! How your day? At me all is good! I constantly think of you! I love your letters! I dream concerning ours Meetings!!!! I called in agency , they have advised me to take the visa of the tourist, This visa B-2, it is valid during 90 days. Visa costs 240 The American dollars, But I now do not have such money. I am sad, because it is for me By serious obstacle. I have found the man capable to love me - and I I can not To see it, because I have no money necessary to arrive to you. Unless It not a sad history?? Lovely, If you want to help us to meet, send them to me through Western Union, it is very reliable and fast system. I send you the data : The address of branch: Russia, INKASBANK , 58 SOVETSKAYA STREET, IRKUTSK, Anastasia Vetrova 

When you will send money you necessarily write ten figures of a remittance.(MTCN- money transfer control number) I Is very glad that you want to see me, unfortunately, to meet Are necessary money, but money it only paper, main that we shall meet with By you. Why in the world all depends on money? I think that money is most Main in life. I think, main are the people, which you love, and people, Which love you. Money is a paper, and the human relations remain For ever! We should trust each other because we like each other and we soon Let's meet. I called to a uncle in Vladivostok and he has told that can make to me The ticket with the discount, but for this purpose is necessary to know where nearest to you The international airport. Still I talked to my girlfriend which works in travel agency and She has told me that the visa B-2 the best variant that to us with you to meet. She speaks that when we shall meet we can discuss that as we shall live Further. Yesterday I  saw sexual dream about us with you, it very much has liked me also I want To tell him to you. Me has dreamed as we with you we meet, as you take Me on hands, we go to you home. At you at home we go at once in a bedroom and you Begin to undress me, our hearts are beaten synchronously, we are passionately kissed and You begin to teach me to all pleasures of sex. I need in you, I want To feel your breath. I want to feel your kiss on my lips. We lay close to the friend The friend to speak love to each other, caress each other. I study yours Beautiful Eyes, you study my eyes both see love in the friend the friend. I shall kiss You Breast, neck, everywhere. You also pay with your sensitive gentle lips. I Love you very much. I want to hear your beautiful vote. I want to speak love to You. We now have a rain. The rain brings love. The love prospers in it Weather. It - very romantic atmosphere I to love you and I begin to understand that love this such Strong feeling, I am glad That I could test it due to you. 

About love always yours Anastasia 

Letter for request for money 

Hi my love John!!!! 

I am very glad to your letter!!! How your day? I have good day, because I Has received your letter!!! I can not tell by words as I want to see you!! I I want to touch you!!! I dream of it! Your dream concerning ours Meetings very good!! You the very romantic man, I always dreamed that mine The favourite man will be romantic. Me a little is a pity that we still so far friend from The friend, but I know that we soon shall meet. I saw dream about that as you meet Me at the airport. I also see descent downwards on a gangway you. You stand with colours. With By huge bouquet of roses! You take me on hands and kiss me!!! Unfortunately in this The moment I have woken up...I do not think, that the trip to you will be such road. The visa costs240 $, mine a uncle has told, that he can help me. he to agree and me the ticket will sell with the discount. The ticket costs 1200 $, but me will sell it for 890 $, the uncle speaks, that it is the good price. I shall wait for your answer


Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia) - 1

My name is Dan, single father of 2 boys, 37 years old, engineer/singer/songwriter. I met Anna through She emailed me first, usually a dead giveaway. Here is her first letter after the initial "write to me at on my kiss account mailbox.


Hi my american friend!

I am very glad that you have answered to me. I liked your profile and I have decide to write to you. I was attracted with that that you have written about yourselves. I live in Russia in city of Omsk. It very much far from Moscow. It's about 2500kms. I shall tell to you about myself. I was born in my city 16 september 1973 year. My growth 165 centimeters, weight 54 kgs. To me 27 years old. I was never married. I have education of barber and higher education on a speciality marketing. But now I work in firm and I sell cosmetics. I earn about 2300 roubles per one month. It approximately 80 American dollars. It not so it is a lot of for life. I have no children. At me expressive green eyes, I think that you will estimate my sight on a photo. I love to be engaged in sports. I frequently go in hall and play in volleyball and I like pool. I love to hold myself in the healthy form. I do not smoke and not I drink alcohol. I consider that it gives youth beauty and health. Do you agree With me? I very much love to prepare meal. Mine favourite meal - salads. My favourite colors are blue and white. I like many kinds of music, rock'n'roll, country, dance music, classic, jazz. I am very Cheerful women, I like jokes and smiles. I search for the man with which I could lead(carry out) all life. My intentions very much Serious. I very much hope to meet the good man to lead(carry out) with his Life. I very much want to create strong family. In the future I want to have children. I think one or two. I want to find the kind honour and favourite man. I hope that my photo was pleasant to you. I very much ask you to send me your photos. I think that appearance not most important, but it is very interesting to me to see yours Photo. I now live with the mom. I has told her, that today me has come letter from The man from america. She has told that it well, but It is impossible to trust the people at once. We should know each other better. We should pass Long way that in the end we shall understand together whether or not. But I think that we Let's shall well. I shall help you to study about me. I do not have native brothers And sisters. I have the grandfather and grandmother in village 'Senkino' and aunt in Moscow. I not so well speak on English. But I now learn English on rates preparations. I can talk English. I think that you can understand all mine The letters. If something to you will not be understandable, write to me about it. I sometimes shall be To use the program of translation for translation of some word collocations. Your letters will help me to learn your language better. I have no the home computer Because it is very expensive for me. I shall write to you from my work. I shall tell to you about the city. I was born and has grown here. I shall ask to send you a map of an arrangement of my city. I never was outside my country but I had girlfriend from university She has got acquainted through agency with the man from northern America 3 years ago and has married in America. I now precisely do not know where she lives. Life in Russia little bit heavy. The population of our city about 1300000 people. The winter here very coldly happens even -35?. Duration of the shortest day about 6 hours. I like the city. To me to like to go for a walk on its streets, To visit museums. We in city have theatres, museums, house of culture. We with the girlfriends Frequently we visit cinemas and we look various films. I love lyrical films and Comedies. Most of all to me to like when there comes spring. On streets water flows and children play in the street, sing birds, the sun shines and Heats. A nature anew born and I feel that begin new life. My girlfriend from my work has advised me to look for the man through Internet. I badly understand the computer but my girlfriend has helped me to find liked to me The man. And I have written to you. I did not expect that you will answer to me because I have written one letter. I thought that it simply joke. I find map of our city. You can see it in attachment of my letter. I hope that we with you well learn each other and the computer can will help us To learn each other it is better. I want to know more concerning you. Tell me about Your habits, friends. Tell to me where you live. That you love is. I love Russian kitchen, Mexican Italian. Sometimes with the girlfriends we go Is in McDonalds. Tell to me that you think of Russia. I shall wait for your answer.

Your friend from Russia Anna. 

Then we wrote back and forth, the same old story, a few lines in the beginning or end that addressed my letters and the usual canned letter for the main body. I had also been almost scammed by Natasha Kushinova (she is all over this blacklist) but I caught on to her game when she asked for $350 for a visa and I know they are $60 at the US Consulate in Ekaterinburg. Anyway, the letters sounded so familiar so I went to look for Natasha's to compare, but I had deleted them. So I decided to search for Russian dating agencies and found your site and the letters are all the same. She did not get around to asking for money, I didn't wait long enough before calling her on her game. Here is a copy of my last letter to her that compares her letter to one taken off this site:

Hi Anna,

Thank you for your letter and picture. I really enjoyed it. However I couldn't help but feel I had read it before. I went to check if it was similar to what Natasha had sent and realized I had deleted her mail. But I did find the letter. It was posted on an internet site which exposes scam artists. Written by someone else to another man. I wonder, is there a package you buy that gets you started in this business?  One with links to dating services and canned letters? Oh well, like I said thank you for the pics, they will be posted on the blacklist. :o) Have a nice day! 


PS. here is a copy of the other letter. You guys really should try a little originality, it might help in the scam. 

Hi my frend Michael.

I very much love to read your letters, and they deliver me many pleasures. ... ... You probably think, that I the most serious man, but it not so, I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the future husband and man of sympathy. At the given moment my feelings to YOU already, that it is more than friendly.... ...Today I have received from us for wages of work. To you it will be probable ridiculous, but I have made forty dollars. Well good we shall not speak concerning problems, which raise on our way. ... ...Today I shall visit church, and about me will ask about us. Be healthy and in the good arrangement of spirit, know that you always in my heart.... ...Recently has found east treatise of love and would like it (it)((him)) to you to read - Three sources have propensities of the man: the reason of soul a body. The propensity of souls receives friendship. The propensity of opinion receives respect (attitude)((relation)). The propensity of a body (body) receives desire. The communication (connection) of three propensities receives love. I shall wait your letter. A kiss Natalia. - Scary isn't it? lol.


Her letter:

Hi Dan! 

(Here is the original part -> I had week-end in my house where I cleaned it. I can not write to you in days off because I write from place of job. Sometimes I have no access to the Internet even from a place of job therefore I shall come now in Internet - cafe and I'll write to you every day. The attack of the terrorists has carried away life of the peace people. I think that these people will answer before the god for evil which they have caused. I bring the sincere condolences to all American people. I sympathize all people which now try to help. It is very a pity, I nothing can make, but I shall go today to church to put a candle for all people who has suffered from this evil attack of f...ed (sorry I can't said another) terrorists. (then canned -> I like to read yours letters and they deliver to me a lot of pleasures. Your letters heat my soul. .... You probably think that I the very serious woman, but it not so, I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the maybe future husband and loving man. At the given moment my feelings to you Dan already more than friendly.... ...Today I have received from us at job wages. To you probably will be  ridiculous but I had made forty dollars per 3 weeks. Well good we shall not speak about problems which rise on our way.......Today I shall visit church and I shall be asked for us. Be healthy and in a good arrangement of spirit, know that you always in my heart... ... Recently has found east love treatise and would like to you to read - three sources have inclinations of the man: soul reason and body. An inclination of souls derive friendship. Aninclination of mind derive respect. An inclination of a body derive desire. The connection of three inclinations derives love. I shall wait for your letter.

P.S. I want to ask you to write me your address (sorry if I missed it).  My address is 644077,russia,Omsk,Kirov str.,18-7. 

A kiss


I thought it was at least a nice touch that she had acknowledged the tragedy in New York. She then responded to my letter with this:

Responding letter 

My dear Dan.

Just wanted to say that I'm joke with you. I'm so sorry it was not serious. I find the letter in internet and send you. I badly know english, and I just wanted to know about life in other country. You must know that the name I said you not real, I write it myself. 

Please forgive me. 

Here are the pics she sent. I haven't seen her on this blacklist or any of the sites I've linked to from here so maybe we are catching this one early and can put an end to her career quick. Viva le Resistance! lol Let's put these scam artists out of business. I am not sure I will pursue any other Russian women after these two but I do like a friend that I have from Russia. Maybe there are more sincere girls like her out there. Incidentally, she came here as a political refugee a few years ago and unfortunately is already taken by my friends brother. Hope this helps someone, Dan

Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia) -2

I am a Divorce Financial advisor, White American, 31 Years old. This woman first contacted me through We started very simply, but the correspondence turned into "love " very quick. Within two weeks she was asking for me to send her money for a visa that she could get it in 10 days if I hurried. The one thing that saved me was in her letter she told me her birthday, I being the nice guy sent her flowers to be delivered on the day she wanted the money. I received a call from the delivery company telling me that there was no such address in Omsk. I had to pay for the flowers but that was the only money I lost. Also about a week after we started writing she called me and we spoke for one minute. She kept repeating that she only had one minute and  that she loved me and wanted to be with me. Before the flowers were ever delivered I ran across this web site, My first thought was I cannot believe this has happened to me. I have not seen her picture here but 

The address she gave was Kirov str. 18-7, Omsk, Russia 644077 

Any one want info can contact me.

I hope this helps someone out. 

Anna Avdeenko (Omsk, Russia) - 3

I'm a single guy 32....Anna's letters just seemed to good to be true and felt like a scam. She found me on and like all of the other stories on here.  She fell in love too fast... (3 weeks) and was asking for money for a visa to see me way too soon. She seems to know a lot about Western Union. I didn't send any money and wont. BEWARE!!! Darn...and she seemed so nice.


Ekaterina Vladimirorvna Neznaiko ( Katya ) (Chisinau, Moldova)  

My name is Kenneth, I'm a white male/ 43 years old from America and I met a women from Chisinau, Moldova on the web site called "" around the end  of March 2001. ( through e-mail only ) Her and I hit it off from my first e-mail to her.... the same day I joined Anyway, after I started writing to her-Katya, she asked me for money to help out with the e-mails, pictures & translations so I sent her $100 dollars because we were already talking about meeting with talks of marriage. Well, we were in a serious relationship. She said I could stay in her apartment with her during my 2-1/2 week visit. A month went by and she ask me for more money, I sent her another $100 dollars, month after month. By now, I had bought my airline tickets (for Sept 29, 2001 ) and was getting all the paper work together for my visit and she was very happy. We both couldn't wait until we were into each other arms. Everyday, I received e-mail about her love and loyalty to me and she would wait forever. About 6 weeks before I'm to travel to see her, I spoke with her on the phone about love but the next day, she sent me a 'dear john' letter. She told me about a old boyfriend she ran into from Israel that she hadn't seen in 13 years and they wanted to get married now. She told me that they didn't have the money back then but now, she wants to marry him. Smells like a scam too me. [Some fishy tell-tells about our relationship:]

1. She liked me before I sent her my picture.

2. It took about 3-1/2 months before I could get her on the phone.

3. She called me darling on the phone but would never say my name.

4. Repeating herself many times in her e-mails too me. (looked like copies) 

5. Every time I would send her $100 dollars, she would talk about remodeling her mother's place, next time It would be her apartment and outside hallway. So the place would look good for me. 

6. I sent her flowers, and I paid the service to send a photographer to take photos. I received the photos and she was standing with 2 older gentlemen which was Ok but they were looking at the camera and she was looking towards another camera man and not at mine. 

Afterwards, I found her on the web site called, "Absolute Agency" which she posted herself in March of 2001. I thought this was OK because I met her in March 2001 on "" but she up-dated her profile at the end of June 2001. We were already in a serious relationship during this time when I was sending her $100 dollars a month so why was she up-dating her profile on another web site? [ Web sites she is on: ] 


2. Absolute Agency Dating 

3. Beautiful Russian Women Agency 

4. American No telling how many web sites she is posted on, I only found 4 while trying to find me someone else.

Let's look at it like this guys, if you walk into a bar with a beautiful looking women. Every male in the place is going to spot her plus, the band, the DJ, the bartender...even the women know how good she looks so why would you put yourself in a lot of web sites while you could do It in one? Is she looking for love or money? I have copies of all the letters.... Ekaterina Vladimirorvna Neznaiko (Katya ), Moskovsky Pr. 14/1 apt. # 185 Chisinau, Moldova 

I also wanted to mention this unusual event during our correspondence. While I was receiving e-mails with photos, one time, I went to open up Katya's photo's with e-mail and a virus tried to inter my computer and wipe out my files. About a month before this happened, my computer froze up so I went and had my anti-protection beefed up because I lost all her photo's. Anyway, when I tried to open up her mail, a flashing "VIRUS ALERT" popped up on my screen warning me about a virus. I then isolated the virus and destroyed the files which was puzzling too me. After confronting her about this virus, she said that the company was sorry and that some guy most of sent them a virus and they didn't catch it before It was sent to me so please except our apology. 

I asked her to please re-send me the 2 photo's that I lost when my computer froze up and she couldn't remember what pictures she sent to me.( She sent me two photo's I never seen before ) We were already talking about marriage and It wasn't like I had these 2 pictures along time yet so why couldn't she remember? One time, I open up her e-mail with pictures and she said, "here's my swimsuit photo's you asked me to send you." Wow!! I liked them a lot but I never asked her  to send them too me. 

Please guys, make sure that you have a good "anti-protection" program installed on your computer so that you don't receive a virus that could wipe out your computer files. Someone just might be trying to erase her letters and pictures on your computer so that you can't prove your being scammed. Make sure that you make copies of your letter's right when you receive them. 

Elena Volodina

I have more to add to this. I received a response in on 8/23/2001. 

Thank God you had this page in time before I seriously mangled myself up further. She kept adding new accounts to, and I accidentally stumbled on them. It was funny that she would continue logging into (it tells me when they were last online), and yet she didn't E-mail me. She wouldn't answer a lot of direct questions, such as tell me about your dad, how did you pay for udate, do you have a phone, how long have you been looking around, etc. When I sent accidentally message from a different E-mail account, she only slightly modified the words at the start of her script. What tipped me off was why was she still looking on the site, when she was so "close" to me already, as I was already the "one" for her. A picture of her grandmother and her kitty cat were also sent, but obviously not relevant. 

Ethan Utah, USA 

First Letter

Hello, my dear friend Ethan. 

Thank you for your photos. I like it. I'm so happy to receive another letter from you. Your letter is very warm. With every your letter I feel that you are more and more interesting to me. And every time I wish to learn more and more about you. I have not understood, your this letter, or not. It was interesting to me. And I have decided to send a copy. I did not trust, in concurrence, that I have written about  10 letters on Udate, and to me have answered 2 with an identical name. But I am happy, that it were you. I can not use other ways of correspondence. No, we have many mushrooms now. My grandmother called me at my mother's place of work today from her village. I talked to her long time ago. Lots of things have changed form that time. Unfortunately, we cannot visit each other very often. But I miss her sauna. Do you know anything about Russian saunas? They are usually totally made of wood. There is a heating device inside where one should put the wood and to burn it. There are several middle size stones on the upper level of the heating. When they are hot you should put there small quantity of hot water. Hot steam will cover the air. Traditionally we use switches of green birch twigs in sauna. You hit another person with such switches. It is good for health. I like to go to sauna especially in winter when you may jump into the snow from sauna. The feelings after that are unimaginable. You may stay thereafter on the cold for a few minutes and you feel very warm. Please, tell me more about your mode of life. I'll be waiting for your letter.

Yours Elena 

Second Letter

Dear Ethan.

I like to read your letters very much. They give me a lot of pleasure. Every time when I receive a mes-sage from you I begin to understand that you are very nice person. Day by day I take our communica-tion more serious. I consider that the most important thing between a man and a woman is complete trust. I hate when people deceive each other. One of the most important parts of the relationship be-tween a man and a woman is the moment when one of them has to express his/her consent to a greater relationship. Probably you think that I'm very serious person. However it is not so. Simply I do not want to be mislead in a choice of a future husband and a lovely man. My feelings to YOU already are more than friendship. From your speech I begin to understand that you are the man of honor. Your words, which you write me, touch my heart and warm my soul. It is very wonderful that there is a man in this world to whom I'm not indifferent. It's a pleasure to me to receive letters from you and feelings that I get are difficult to describe with the words. You are a great man who was sent to me from the high. With a big pleasure I note that there is a mutual understanding between us what is a very important fact in our relationship. If we want to establish a strong union we should trust and understand each other in everything. You should not worry about me with this respect. I wrote, that has received the letter from other address. But the name was yours. I was not sure, that it is your letter. Therefore has sent on this address a copy of the letter. The mum's name is Anna. She works the tutor in a children's garden. I think, that in my age the woman should think of the future. And I am sure, that I want to be married. The family - is happiness of my life. I want to have the husband, and children. Thank you for beautiful picture. I have received your hand-written letter. But it is slightly difficultly for reading. I have brown eyes. Now I'd like to tell you about my work. I get up at 6.30 am. I prepare breakfast to me and my Mama. My working day begins at 7.45am. I work as bookkeeper. I make balance of a few schools. It's a hard work with many papers and accounts. I should not mistake because through my hands go many money. I have break at 12 o'clock for half an hour. My work is boring. Yes, sometimes I work on Saturday. I write at work, or sometimes at the girlfriend. I have received a salary today. You will laugh but it is forty dollars per one month. However I do not want to disturb you with these small problems. Please write me as often as it is possible. I like to read your letters very much. They inspire me to greater actions and thoughts. It raises immediately the mood when I remember that there is a lovely man somewhere away from me. And the feeling that we may probably meet one day makes stronger desire to live. I will be waiting for your answer and send you many kisses and hugs from the bottom of my heart. You are every minute in my heart. I have even such feeling that I receive a large charge of energy for the whole day. Write me about your work. I would like to know everything about you. What is your the most favorite dish? What do you like to do at your free hours? What kind of dreams do you see? Honey, I want to tell you that I have chosen love, mercy and happiness as the most superior values in our relationship. I just want to ask you to be honest with me. You know that deceit crashes huge amount of families. I'm going to Church today and will pray for us. Please be healthy and in good spirit and remember that you are always in my heart. To say true the love is blind. And it is often referred as a bad thing. On the one hand I'm blind because I do not see you, I cannot touch you and talk to you. But in our case I'm sure that I met a very good and reliable man. I desire to see us together. evenings in a house. dinners. we would talk being alone. I found recently one book about love. I want to cite you something from it: There are three sources which define a person - soul, mind and body. Soul derivates friendship. Mind derivates respect. Body derivates desire. The connection of all three sources derivates love. I shall be waiting for your letter.

Elena Volodina

Third Letter

Hello, my love Ethan! 

I was very glad to receive your letter. When I was reading it by the end my eyes were full of tears of happiness. I start to believe that we need each other. I visit Christian Church often and dream inside about our relationships and future meeting. How are you there without me? My longing about you increased very much. I do not know what's happening. You are always in my dreams. You show a strong interest in me, which is a pleasure to realize. Excuse me that I seem to be direct but I cannot stop my thoughts to run and I often imagine now the moment when we will probably meet soon. Nevertheless I won't fasten things. I'm used to be patient. I work about 4 years. And yes, we have many schools. When I have rest I have dinner, and I had bring lunch from home. I should not say about the money. I always say to myself that money is not the first thing in the life. Those $40 per month is enough to me to support my life (simple food, a little of dress). I cannot allow myself a lot of things but I'm sure that this is not the purpose of my life. I always remember a story about one american who decided to make a proof about how much a person needs in her life. He went to the forest and made a simple dwelling. Growed plants and held a small economy. For the three years of such a life he spent only about $35. Write me please any questions you are interested in. I will answer them with a big pleasure and inspiration. You are the second person in this world after my mother who became dearest to me. I strongly hope that our meeting will be sooner. I'm so much grateful to you that you trust me. E-mailing is not a natural way of communication. We are unable here to keep our hands and look into eyes of each other and talk about the beauties of the world. I'm in a very good mood every day now because of you. I think about you all day long and cannot concentrate at my duties. I wish to know about you more and more. You are very important to me. When we started to correspond I hoped internally in success of our relationship. With every your letter I understand that I found that man who is necessary to me. Thank you for you trust! I want to embrace you with caress.  I want to tell you that my feelings and the words in relation to you were always sincere and I always believed in our trust as a basis of a real union. Today I'm assured at 100 percent that I can trust you. And you are the man whom I need because I see sincerity in your words when I read your letters. I do not know what force governs me. I wanted. want. to say. that. I love you! My life from the last days became much easier because I think only about you. When I receive your letters when you say that you think about me it warms my soul and my heart. For the sake of interest I asked my colleague who visited Australia in past about the prices for visa abroad. She showed me advertisement of a travel firm. I was impressed very much by the prices they set for visas to Canada. It was around three hundred fifteen US dollars. I thought at that moment that I will never be able to visit you at least during the nearest two years. I was sad. When I was on the way from home today I thought how to say you. I told you that there should be a complete trust between us and we should know each other enough. I'm a virgin. You probably think that I'm not modern enough and do not follow the pace of time. However I decided for myself, influenced by precepts of my mother and old Russian traditions, that I will have affinity only with a beloved. Sometimes I dream about you, however, it is probably shame on me to talk about this. I was dreaming about this all last night: we had dinner with candles and roses with you and then we went to a sleeping room. and began to love each other. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with sexual relationships. I watched only few movies. But now I have an unimaginable desire to open my heart to a Beloved. Excuse me that I'm so frankly with you, but I feel that you have to know everything about me before I would be able to visit you. My feelings to you are reflected in this poem. My love is like a burning flame Dying out until I know your name In my heart I'm crying out for you Unwrap my love, this you can only do Give me all your love and  I'll give you mine And forever the two of us will combine I want to please your mind, body, and soul I want to be the only love you know I may be young, but my love is pure We both have lonely hearts, Together we're the cure I hold so many secrets I can only tell you But where is my soulmate, God just give me a clue For love we both know just what it takes We have to love, honor, trust, and communicate With you I must be united My mind will be at ease, My heart will be dilighted When I find you, into one we will be grown But remember, We all enter and leave this world alone I shall wait for your answer. 

Yours Elena.

Addition: I think I scared her away when I wrote her this: I am curious to hear your voice and just talk to you, even if it is for a brief period of time. The cost for me is .63 per minute, and I find these reasonable rates for the phone charges. I don't want you to feel pressured, as I am very nervous about asking, even though you know what my voice sounds like. Let me know if this is something that could be possible, knowing the time of day would not be a problem for me. She normally would have written back by now, and it hasn't even been 48 hours yet. I haven't told her I knew she was a scammer yet. In fact, I wrote her a masterful love poem about 2 hours ago, so who knows if this person can be creative enough how to handle me now.

I did contact Udate, here's their reply:

Hi PLASTICWRAP Although I understand your  frustration and anger at this woman, unfortunately it is out of Udates hands. If she had used Udate mail to initiate the payments you made to her we may be able to do something, unfortunately once it goes to private email addresses it leaves the jurisdiction of the site as she has not actually broken any of our terms and conditions. 

Kenneth, USA

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